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24: Interview with John Amanchuckwu the City Ambassador for Love Life Raleigh

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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August 3, 2020 10:00 am

24: Interview with John Amanchuckwu the City Ambassador for Love Life Raleigh

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Look at the crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life ministry in culture on is a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for listening. I am Tyler I am joined as always by Andy and Jamie, are you guys doing dangling yet, so I'm doing great as well and as always we want to thank everybody for taking time out of your Saturday to listen.

I thoroughly feel blessed Tyler for blessed, blessed to do this and not only to encourage people who might be listening today but also just to spend some time with Jamie and Tyler. It's always a good thing I stopped I was going to his word is blessed and think that it does that sound, just so yeah and I am also excited one that we get to talk and share a little bit about what God is doing in and through us the crossroads, which I always loved Bill share some of that we cut a dynamic dynamic today that I have no way to passionate in a ministry that is so critical importance of your listening right now. Every listening from do not turn this off right doesn't it. It's been a challenge.

You can inspire you your you fired up and an ugly little snake's name is John John and he's with his with love life and while it's incredible chrome girl.

So let's say there's a great episode to show this episode always on those that don't know this. We also turn these in the podcast as well so he listening on the radio. If you want to go back and listen, you can go to we got real creative with that name crosses that works less radio and nothing will have links to Truth Network, but also each one of these episodes of the we been doing is also podcast and wearily were in the 20s May 20 Jamie yes were almost half the year with 20+ episodes we have going and one is getting better and better toes like really really any account is a home run yeah and and you know we are in it's hot outside.

Summer is winding down and there was figure out what to do for school and everything else going on in this very chaotic world and so hopefully we can bring a little encouragement in the little biblical wisdom and knowledge and encouragements and of course an interview today that's gonna be awesome were all excited. You know, and so for those you that are part of crossroads. Thank you for that and for those that are looking for a home church encouraged to check out crossroads because we allow the great things going on, especially into the summer, leading to the fall so the cross for all the information there but were back in the building and were about to open our workforce campus as well. That's a pretty good have to also say that you know now, but but nope you listen this program you get your priorities are deserved. Yes, we are in the next couple weeks out of said that when the next few weeks of the week fourth campus will actually be open for in person in the building worship and Millbrook you are doing it first heard it here first. Yeah, some of our staff that was in this are going.

We were we doing. Yes, we are opening of the building. Eventually, here a few weeks, but at Millbrook. We've Artie been open and I just love that we can both be in person and online.

And this is another way to get the word out right.

The whole goal of this episode is that conversations as house in the beginning about about life ministry in culture and today were to hit all three of those weeks working at were around one life in the name love life, powerful ministry and and John talks a lot about culture right now yes can be great. Yes, absolutely because we as a church or continuing through our transformation series are working through the Bible together and he's preaching out of whatever we are weekly in the Bible it says right this most recent sermon was called practical wisdom.

When you want to tell us about it. Today the series that were in now call transmission is Jamie just said and for the last several weeks we've been in the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, song of Solomon and one of the most recent sermons that I preach.

I gave the title practical wisdom because a preset Ecclesiastes chapter 12 and for those that listening right now. Ecclesiastes again a phenomenal book to read if you got started a Bible reading club program or given read your Bible a while how to recommend just jump in the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes read those together and it's phenomenal.

The, the Proverbs 900 Proverbs in the book of Proverbs that are practical for every purpose and the book of Ecclesiastes is wonderful. It's a great book that compares what is vanity and what is not. How do we live life for ourselves versus how we live life for God, and it's written by Solomon, who at the time the richest wise ruler that Israel had and probably ever has had anything I've tried everything I've done everything and at the end of the day is all meaningless apart from God and I love that because he's not saying he's not saying that every is meaningless is not saying that all your stuff is meaningless. What you do is meaningless, it's that things are meaningless against Ghana. I read a statement as I was studying for the sermon and said something like this is said that that things are not the problem. It's when things have you. That's the problem. In other words, God is not against things he's against things, having you and I think that's a great summary for the book of Ecclesiastes got out against you. Enjoy life.

Jamie wants to enjoy life right to enjoy life.

Tyler is not against you enjoying life is not against Tyler heaven things are you having things he's against things, having you and so Ecclesiastes chapter 12 of his close with this year. It's a great great little passage chapter 12 or 13 or 14. He says for the end of the matter last chapter, Ecclesiastes's final thoughts all has been heard. Everything's been said, this can be said, he says fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring every deed in the judgment with every secret thing, whether good or evil, and I love just how we summarize that whole book he just summarized by sin. At the end of everything working to do today in our life. At the end of it all.

The most important thing we can do is fear God and keep his commandments, and I tied it into Galatians clip of is a good time. Galatians 1 said this way am I now seeking the approval of Manor God. And I think that's kind of the summary of it at the end of the day, whom I trying to please them attentively myself and my trying to please you, Jamie, are you Tyler and I trying to please people that only meet there.

Listen to this radio program or my trying to please God, because anything apart from God meaningless vanity so that's what that's what it's about, especially with where we are in culture right now we cannot wrap our heads around that matters by the end of the day what matters the most is are we fearing God and keeping his commandments. That's right yeah well guys if we haven't set it yet. We didn't make it clear we have the nominal testing we need to get to it because he has so much to say and it's that's really exciting conversation that we had with John is the city ambassador for love life rally so let's hear a word from our sponsor and jumped into our conversation with John. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running.

You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results.

Visit at sea number three and we are back from the break with our very special guest John a month to move from city ambassador with love life. John, thanks so much for taking time out of your day to join is really good for to talking about love life and just talk with you to get to know you little bit. So thank you for joining us and the program. I hope you said the last name right and practice in.

I think I got it. I know no problem at all.

Thank you for having me. You did perfectly and you are an unnatural value to my name is John on the cheek when the city ambassador love life join forces with love life about three years ago, our local church which is room Church of God in Christ, where the youth pastor and the first assistant bishop wouldn't nice. We worked at the abortion clinic Drake circle there for several years for about eight years and then we join forces with love life love my nominal work around this country in conjunction with other ministers, yeah, let's also your youth pastor so that you and I did youth ministry for 15 years, 15 years, while the holy value have been here yeah I love that I loved every minute of youth ministry. I knew it was time to go. The last four years, each high school grade consecutively just get on my nerves a little bit more so by selling off fresh around ending with freshman then it was sophomores and juniors that I was seen as I was like, I think I'm kind of done with the with this right now.

What can I do that for a long time. So how did you want to talk about, you're calling to love life. What was it about love life and the convictional a little bit of the mission and vision of it as well but not really agree to this to be part of it was already on the front lines working with happy warriors of the upper room, but joining forces with love life. They have a focus toward spreading out throughout the country so that was a major thing that attracted me to want to join forces with them mission of love like the simple love life is uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life that will bring an to abortion, and the orphan crisis and so we want to mobilize and unite the church right. We can wait on politicians to end abortion, but we know what it's like to vote people into office only for them to get into Congress or get into it all and then they don't do what we voted and do so we need the church.

The church to engage in the act of God is called the church to shape the culture the politicians and legislation will follow up. I love you.

The word mobilize. I heard a great same at the other day that I think it's so accurate that the church is not the hope of the world, mobilize churches, the hope of the world that they felt that we think that the church for that account sometimes is about growing your church again people in the building but it's the mobilize church of getting out to the community that's actually the hope of the world taken that message out there, so gives a few examples. John of how do you actually mobilize churches to begin the change in sea change specifically when it comes to edges that abortion specifically to operate a 40 week cycle. We start in February this year are and will be November 21 be our last prayer walk. So we have 40 prayer walk to the schedule got the course of the year we just go to local churches and asked them to join forces with them and to with us and to adopt a week and then also we message the tragic truth of abortion to them as well.

You know, abortion is the leading cause of death in the US it's not strokes is not heart attacks is not cancerous.heart disease.

It's abortion now many people don't know that there are 17,000 babies killed weekly in our country. Abortions are allowed up to Bert in many states. One in four women and men will have an abortion in their lifetime and 54% of those who have abortions identify as Christian, while African-American youth pastor and city ambassador would love life there so much talk right now about the BLM organization right right right black lives matters right. We've all heard about it we were seeing it now on the basketball courts here with when it comes to the failure to see it on the jerseys people were allowed to select different phrases and slogans know we see it everywhere. We see it painted on the streets in many cities when you go to the BLM website you will find anything about. But God also seen of abortion right there's nothing there that talks about. And since Robie Roe versus Wade 19 million black babies have been fortunate in our country illegally while right, but when you go to the BLM site yet the black lives matter site you don't see anything… I have many theological differences with the black lives matters.

I agree with the statement that is true black lives matters. But when you go and say that they are against the traditional families when you say that the BLM organization was founded by three lesbians when you say that there are against the nuclear family and the outbuilding of man. You know it was founded upon trave on Martin you know when George Zimmerman murdered him. But when you go to the site you don't see anything about building black man right or mean in general ill and so we want to get this message out about what's really going on as relates to the tragic truth of abortion in our country yeah you look at New York. There are more black babies aborted. They are given birth to all my goodness while yes you know I so you see nowadays people are going and marching and some people are protesting the right way in the interoceptive looting and an vandalizing property were tearing down monuments when are we going to say you know what, less unite and tear down the mind map of Planned Parenthood yeah right, let's let let's tear down the structure in the culture of death that has been released in our country.

No, we all heard about the George Ford situation right now that officer that that evil cop writing that isolated situation that evil, Derek's job in high places his knee on the back of George Lloyd's neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds right that's a travesty. We do know you know that there is systemic racism in our country, but officers only account for 2% of the deaths in the black community amongst black men who were sent to percent but I'll tell you again. Since 1973, 19 million black babies have been aboard where is the outrage yeah while that, John. It's amazing that is such amazing statement and I think you're right.

We like incense conversation last night was some of the elders of our church that we as a church very much in line of everything you just said and it came across last night being multicultural diverse church in our elder board is that listen all that. That's a distraction you know going towards the oat getting getting A conversation about black lives matter and have that focus there. It's a it's a distraction let's get back to you what's actually really happening and I think he I think he saw too well that was all going on. Also, you start to see that something get passed through Congress and legislation just like to go smoke and mirrors every look over here be distracted with this. In the meantime we can keep doing this over here so they'll get married. It was probably well stated, John, haven't I, have our team listen to what you just said again and again to that was powerful. And that's true, you know, lost life is horrible it's it's tragic in any way, shape, and fashion. But how may people listen right now have stopped for a moment and thought of 19 million black babies being aborted and are doing anything about that. You know that's right. But when arguing about this over here and that's that's I getting us anywhere right right in and I do believe we need to find ways to bed. The best training our police officers. We need to do that, but now you see what people are saying let's define the police listed. I will my barber to be a bark right yet. I want the lawnchair got to be the launcher right. I want the person who goes and sales made goods at Publix. I walked out of the store to store when it comes to police the communities we don't want to now transfer that our to our friendly neighbors to police communities right.

We want the police have been placed out of believe we should be fun to play Saturday was retrained a better chair should at least fund them more right to take part in the way we need to pay them more money for what they do their midweek when you considered the number of people best in our country, you know, 300 million people in comparison to maybe 700,000 police officers will define the place right yet you write about that we can do so telling you back a little bit to the love life. If you sent a couple great things here. You talked about 40 days. I think he said 40 prayer walks a 40 day prayer walks in the adopting a week and can you swing a little bit more for your people are listening. Our churches are going to hear this program of this episode. What is that actually look like.

So you mobilize the church now my understanding is that if our church was doing this effect. I think were supposed to until the covert thing, interfered, and I think bunch people pie pulled back a little bit the ones that look like to adopt a week and you begin this despair journey yes, so a church can adopt one of the 40 weeks that we offer, and that's on 40 Saturdays where we go out to a local abortion clinic so this is what it looks like we will come to a local church on a Sunday and will provide a presentation and talk about love life and what we do. That's the education, awareness and commitment portion and then on that at Wednesday the church will unite in prayer and in fasting were turned on our plate.

What we've seen is that when the church prays abortion is dropped nearly 7% while we expect coming with rent and then we should be amazed by that right purse powerful so that's where me and I while that actually worked.

What's supposed to work. It's what it is its prayer and the prayers of the righteous. That's right, with absolutely no so that's the here portion on Sunday and that we pray on Wednesday and then we go we go to the abortion clinic on Saturday. The church will work for a walk in the abortion clinic. We started in Charlotte in 2016.

Okay. And then we moved to Greensboro and now were in Raleigh and were also in New York and guess what stone we will be in Israel.

How well right really ready all throughout the country and all throughout the world this past week we were on the love life.ort Facebook live site and we had over eight states participate in out in 18 locations and over 25 churches were on with us on this past Saturday while that's amazing. So on that Saturday. What is a church do when they get you said they going abortion clinic and so worthy of doing on that Saturday, the abortion clinic? So we get there we arrived we will will prayer walk up to the abortion clinic will get there. Since we are under the COBIT, 19 restrictions were social distance right but then will have a time of worship and prayer. There are several prayer points to lead the congregation through it.

We want to pray for the doctors you know you want to pray for the receptionist know we we believe that at the end of the date those who are working in the abortion movement. They are lost they are sinners right there for whom Christ has died for cattle. We want to start off bombarding him and praying for the doctor who takes lavish vacations off of blood yeah right – who pads his accountant and bilges resources also manipulating women.

We want to pray for that individual and him will play a general prayers praying for the church pray for pastors praying for ministries to mobilize and to unite with love life where there for about an hour and then we discursively only go back home yet so John give a story is there. So your testimony that you can share share option you seen God do some amazing things for this is one particular thing that stands out to you. Yes, I wish to review your story about a young lady chosen by about three weekends ago we were in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at the Planned Parenthood clinic. There and she drove up. Her mom was in the driver seat and she was in the passenger seat and they saw a sign that we had showed up. That said, let the baby lady and you know on their way to the clinic.

They were looking for for a sign from God for them to make the right decision to keep their baby. There was just looking for something almost like getting note Californians moving go do something just want to sign from God, where their sign was an actual sign that said let the baby lay rather that they drove over to the clinic in the park they contemplated the decision of going again in the boarding that baby and ultimately they left the abortion clinic drove back over to where we work is that you know what we prayed and asked for God to stand us a sign and you are our sign this morning. They rejoice with us. The young lady gave me her phone number and that day we message this throughout our network.

She received over $1000 that day to help her and support her throw her a first-class COBIT 19 Peyton Manning data Solano and so she was able to lead with the support and lifted up and build up on her most holy faith. Encourage knowing that the church was there for her at her lowest yeah that's powerful some fairly powerful so John, what is next for love life.

You Artie mentioned head over to Israel. But what's on the horizon.

As you look at this organization and then a question that ties with that is, how can people support, love life. Yes, if you want to support love life go to love life.ward use the various ways where you can connect with floodlights and supporters. There are several ways you can do that you can become most supporter of restored lights you know we don't look at moms as being post orders.

We look at them as being a restored life. Now the Bible says of the sign is set free is free indeed become a prayer walk Mass someone who comes out during the 40 week cycle, even when your church is adopting that week. You can become a mentor or sidewalk counselor and you can also become a culture pioneer in SOAP to be able to give support and funding towards love life only share this with you since the love life started 18,000 families have been saved while 1880 was seen but not limited to direct 1800 1500 units.

The family have been saved and that that's all right that is wonderful 1800 families have been saved 65,000 people at prayer walk in over 300 churches have partnered with love life and lastly 25 abortion workers felt compelled to leave this industry and join love life yet. We've seen triumphs we had owing to enemy's camp. We pulled 25 people over to us about that. I love that John, thank you so much for being on the show today in and sharing your passion that we all should share that passion right and I love I love the impact that you are making and well, about two is that it's not just about going out and standing protesting is going out and praying over these places and seeing the head of God move in powerful ways because of that. So John, thank you for the passion.

Thank you again for being on the show and I will pray for you and if you listen right now Mashita love for more information and get involved key for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit scholarship CrossFit stomach.

If this shell has impacted you.

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