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20: Interview with Missions Thrift Store Manager Mark Dalton

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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July 4, 2020 11:00 am

20: Interview with Missions Thrift Store Manager Mark Dalton

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Looking across its connection to the show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry and culture is a quick thinking our friends the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining us and listening. Today I am Tyler, I'm joined by Jamie and Andy Jamie how you doing are you man great man it's always good to talk to Jamie and Tyler and Tyler got tell you my intro for Jamie last gone to Road Town was money under Jamie. Why talk to you about that when you're not here he gives me like nominal introduction yeah yeah yes yes it does but yes welcome there who are listening right now. We would love the opportunity to get together and chat with one another and also will encourage you while you're out driving or do whatever you're doing here on the process can actually love this opportunity on Truth Network so and it's another day ready to go. As you guys now we can talk about greatness.

Your transformation here cost threads and any each disarming recently called hearts.

Can we chat. Yeah, absolutely. So we've been reading the Bible is, says Jamie just wonderfully said and what I love about the fact that were reading to the Bible is that even know like this is phase of this last year has been interesting.

You keep talking about because it's still really happening as it only crosses the church we had a church fire that were coming out of and as well as coven will we have all the coronavirus things in the course of overseeing a full width of the racial tension and racism, violence and hate.

Top of all the other stuff that we we all have our own stuff to write so is not just the stuff that's happening in the world around us. I've got things going on in my life and Jamie doing tell you doing and everybody listening has something I will have stuff and as were praying through it. What I love about the transformation. Reading through the Bible together the church and preaching out of it. Is it just seems like every week will read something that's so relevant for today. In today's context and so you're right. The certain titles create me a clean heart and the reason why I wrote that sermon and felt that God gave us that message was really because look, so here's overseeing or seeing a lot of fighting happening right now… Beyond see a lot of fighting happening through social media on the news media sources were seeing it happen.

I mean unfortunately singing within churches and amongst Christians and you know people are just really heightened right now and because there was so heightened right now people are getting offended and there's issues happening in and everyone succumb to point the finger and blame everybody else and it just seems like were just in this mode works every else's fault in and everybody else is the reason why our country the way it is and why things are happening the way her happening and I just started to think, I wonder how many people including myself are just really looking inward first asking the good questions to God first about God, how's my heart doing so. The context of Psalm 51 is that the Psalm that David wrote after Nathan the prophet came to him because you know David Hudson pretty badly when he took the sheep as his wife and had you rider has been killed and David has been living with that sin and shame and guilt for maybe nine months to a year they say. And after all that time he still living and never dealt with that sin and then finally Nathan comes and says hey you got to do with the sin so well in Dukes and we got an interview here. Surely I want to go to Psalm 5551 verse 1 to 3, he says, have mercy on me.

Oh God, according to your steadfast love. According your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly for my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin, for I know my transgressions and my sin is ever before me and I just feel that right now it would do well for people to look inward and just ask another question got a look at my heart and create in me a clean heart, that's awesome. Thanks for taking us back to you that any will listen. We have a fantastic conversation with Mark Dalton from crossroads fellowships missions thrift store. We need to get to. So let's take a quick minute and hear word from our sponsor and will jump into our conversation with Mark.perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running you.

How might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three all right were back from the break with a very special guest Mark don't missions thrift store at a crossroads fellowship. Mark, thank you so much for the entire day and being with us on the program.

Thanks for having me absolutely. So Mark, first of all you been around Raleigh are you from Raleigh. Yes, one of the three people right now that are either listening to the program or around that are actually from Raleigh absolutely objective.

Very few of us yeah it seems like a red talk to you. It's from somewhere else. And so, where would you high school Enloe high school okay with the state as well, like, really. Raleigh Varner is excellent so talk a little bit.

You are a manager of a missions thrift store where it crosses holes in our church as well as the manager for the missions department, but you been around crosses fellowship. I want to say from the beginning absolutely had Judy and I my wife are real charter members of crossroads are very first date was to the first organizational meeting for church for the church.

So yeah, I really need show girl time back so I have not been here since you so did you. You was a legit day to go to the actual meeting or did you meet there and start dating then.

Now it was an actual date of the first date. First, Jamie was your first date with Christie yeah okay we went to Blockbuster video RANK. The wedding Singer. We watched it with his eye. Tyler you Megan. Your first date we had dinner at over the falls and down to Lake Forest. Yeah, back when it was on White Street okay and I think you and I think we went back to her house and hung out some friends we had kind of a dinner date and who happens after that nice press it all.

You remember that that's very good at sales. Husbands will forget it's it's been some trouble if you forget something like that.

So I think I'm right Megan. My current Megan's calling into the program right now incorrect incorrect Ron what was your first date with yeah.

Ours was Valentines and that there was 1993 I think and we went and saw first went to dinner to Bening's restaurant and then when I saw the movie Groundhog Day just come out yet Bening's restaurant Groundhog Day and that was our first date.

Absolutely. So Stephen around for a long time crossroads is 30 years old so 30 years long time was very impressive is what you been to the same church for 30 years, Which is pretty awesome and and unfortunately you don't hear that much anymore. People church often bounce around, but how you been on staff at crossroads you tended how events after right you have been on staff. Little of.

12 years now absolutely is in the missions support always in the store. But your role, Mrs. Mark, first of what you're what your role in the Mrs. apartment yeah I my title is missions manager and I have the responsibility for oversight of the budget, staff and volunteers. I also have oversight of the thrift store as well as the coffee café and also sit on the city reaching foundation absolute and are Mrs. apartment is pretty complex is not your typical churches missions department got a lot of love moving parts, not only with formations but also local and you just said something that was very special about crosses, fellowship, and that is our city reaching partners so talk is real quickly but with that as our city reaching and we we established a foundation. I guess been eight or nine years ago. That money can go out to local partners out into the into the community. They submit grants three times a year and we partner with them in providing funding funding for particular ministries and it's a great way for us to be a part to do things that we can't do as a church, but to partner with folks that do that kind of thing that we believe in you can come alongside them and do that. That's a very it's it's an easy way to communicate to our store church about why giving is so important to the generosity of our church allows us to a lot of things and like is that we have is 50,000 a year. Yeah, I think over the last eight or so years it's been over 2 million things. Almost 3 million almost 3 million almost $3 million back to the city just on the one church. It's fascinating.

And so you are big part of that as well and of course the missions through store, which is really what I want to talk to you because as you know as well as I do. Our church was on fire almost a year ago, so July 31 a year ago. This building was on fire and flooded other smoke damage everywhere and are through store, which is in the heart of our building.

Boy, that that's a big shot right so let's start start their market before we jump into that. There once talk about with the mission and vision of the thrift stores will you just to give you little background we started back in July 2011 and we prior to that we used to hold to yard sales three times a year with the funding going towards our short-term teams, a ministry, we have 12,000 ft.² were located inside the middle of crossroads fellowship and where your open Tuesday through Saturdays 9 to 6 and so that the purpose was several fold.

We benefit the net proceeds benefit three things they go to benefit door international, which is a ministry to the death of both local and and overseas also help support our short-term team ministry when we sin, short-term teams, both within the US and overseas.

It helps to to fund those then are also just helps us in the church in our local ministries around the community so I'm our our vision is what we try to do is to provide high quality materials product at low prices which will allow our ministries and and with our proceeds allowing that our ministry partners to helps minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those not only our community but folks around the world. It's pretty fascinating that we have a store set up were really, truly, it all goes towards missions and you mentioned door which is a phenomenal ministry, a deaf ministry in India and Africa as well as in other places that that's impacting us of those proceeds go there as well as the missions café as well.

He said that earlier to so missions café which is on Sunday mornings, such as giving free coffee way the charger was a dollar, I think it is very cheap with all those proceeds also go back towards missions as well is very fascinating and so so that the vision and mission of the superstores really give money away right to give money back out and submissions and so why is having that so important.

The thrift store itself well and I think it's it's important for our local community because we do provide high quality clothing, housewares, furniture, and so many other types of items at really low prices. It allows many folks in our community that might not be able to afford to purchase at else where they can get those things here and then our funding is just a big part of our short-term teams admit that is the. The only way that we find our short-term teams is through our our thrift store and then it also with what doors doing and the exciting things that they're doing around the world and then just gives us the opportunity to find other ministries that are in the community that we believe band and that we want support.

Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about this last year so as last year was very interesting for us as a church, it still very interesting for us as a church in many ways but about a year ago I was on sabbatical got a phone call at 1130 at night think it was actually July 31 I think was the actual day. And sure enough we had a fire that started in the warehouse not the thrift store but in the warehouse, but the entire thrift store got destroyed. Basically, so what was that like what was Lincoln that phone call and then in that it's been a long journey to get back to where we are. Yeah it has been a really strange 11 months for us because when the fire happened August 1 from August 1 we were closed all the way up through middle of January and then we reopened a lot of excitement going on and we were open for about seven or eight weeks and then we had to close again because of covert and so we have now been open for the last seven weeks. So in the course of 11 months we been open 15 weeks or something that you never January. It seems like it was so ghetto yeah you look at pictures back in like January oh it was amazing to me is up things will pop up on social media and you'll see pictures of like normal life and you're like I cannot remember that you can actually handshake somebody in go to like a restaurant. There are a lot of people there, or go to movie movies of supporting your your Wolfpack family and the due.

It's in Kaysville I so hopeful that this be Wolfpack football this year. I'm hoping yeah keeping my fingers crossed but yet I've been one of the biggest things I have missed is that just been on a watch me of some kind of sports on TV and yeah not be a recording from the 2010 some event that happened that Dr. care nothing about EA's are watching replays of all the support that they're going, it's pretty crazy.

So yes you all experience the images like we were were tested for solace. Let's make this clear emissions thrift store hose get this wrong.

It's a 501(c)(3). So it's a separate 501(c)(3) under the umbrella crosses fellowships current, which is very fast. Think you can donate and do all those things there and have that covering as well. So the thrift store looks amazing. No cutting a lot of people generally hear the word thrift store comes your mind. Typically when you think of the people we think of the People's Mountaineer thrift store. I mean like it will probably you know you know I don't know if you know things. Thank you for your honesty but not just lost the sponsor he will think is loss at sponsor. Thank you Tyler.

How impressed are you with our thrift store here. I mean seriously is is a Napoli. I love it yeah it's it's really clean the clothes Eileen. I know that Mark and his team in the volunteer and staff are very particular so alike they they don't take everything that people donate steering lows and everything you see it's all really good quality yeah and it's being is a one a is it one of the biggest thrift stores in the area answer is probably ranks right up there and in unit two was Tyler's point. One of the blessings we have we received so many donations from the community as well as our church body can be picky and we can put out only the best and that's not true of other all other thrift stores. When you go when you, see that there is a distinct difference in the quality level, but the other thing that's I think interesting about our store is because where inside of the warehouse meeting where were different to him that I will have the storefront. Like many other thrift stores to we have character. It seemed like so many of the stores you go into it's a big white box and just nothing different about it, but we were really blessed due to the fire. We were able to renovate and restore in and make some changes to where you have really made it look in the field like a place that people want to be in soda. It really is a great it's clean it's it's shut tells her story of missions is asked is very impressive.

A minute really is the wedding so he will think all your church is a thrift store they think probably all you got some closet where people can come and get a few things with great it's great if you have that you walk in hours, and the like are you kidding me it's like like wow this thing is really impressive and and honestly the fire. I say this with much trepidation is was probably one of the best things that were the best things that happened to our church because not only were we able to redo our church that were otherwise we never would build that and the three store got a full makeover as well.

It looks it looks great and so you came back and came back pretty strong for couple weeks we did. We had a grand opening grand reopening. Now that first Saturday and I that we were open in January and did you know more sales than we've ever done it in one day it was back people were backed up and waiting for 45 minutes to an hour to check out. So really exciting that you we had a lot of momentum into everybody was excited about how the new look that we had and then eight weeks later we shut down again. But as soon so the second time you shut down the hall home you close for the COBIT from three months here from mid-March to the interest in math. So that your back where back back doing well. We are we are waiting for your loss, and folks that I think are still sure uncomfortable getting getting out that were slowly building those backup is a film one more comfortable coming back so it dents really gets what when were expected as a church right we reopened couple weeks ago as a church and you know we weren't foolish enough to think that all sudden thousands of people are coming back to the building. It's couple hundred people going back to the building which we come anew, but it's different rights is different. This is a different time. So Mark Cuban, I realize, I guess it and realize you see 2011.

So it's nine years old while at that time Islam by pretty quick. From the outside looking in, maybe not for you. Your manager of all your other things for nine years, but Mark what is something that is is really really awesome that stuck out to you. Maybe a story or customers leave notice. That just makes it feel like, yet this is worth it while I nothing.

One of the things it makes us a little different than maybe some other thrift stores is that people command that you know are going through something or just upset or whatever that are staff and volunteers will pull them aside and take time away with them. And so, and we've had Emily Haddix noted that, done at Walmart right now but we we had one story of a guy who came in who want at a job interview that afternoon and needed clothing and couldn't afford it.

So we were able to give him some really nice clothes into he went to the interviewing and got the job. So that was kind of cool and we had only to the came in that was to got married young was on earth was elopement or what, but she didn't wear wedding dress and so she and her husband wanted to celebrate another 20 or 30 years of being married and they wanted to have the ceremony done again and she wanted her wedding dress there again.

You know that wasn't high on their your financial listing.

She came in and we were able to to get her a wedding dress that was beautiful fitter just right thing at something she could afford, so she could have experience that time so yeah it's just it's a great opportunity like that. We are able to minister to a lot of people community in the community and Emperor help.

Let them unit progress things they might not otherwise sets up San I love you I love that it truly is omissions thrift store not just missions like door and foreign trips are its missions as an people see that you are ministering to people as are coming in that store, which is so aptly amazing. So what's next, omissions, thrift store, and I guess I guess tie with that, Mark. What is the work of the big needs.

I know you guys always have a kind of a rhetoric of of what you need so so what is that how can people actually start doing that was much safer. Any thrift store to be successful you need three things you need shoppers need donors and you need volunteers right and so if anyone is interested in has a new or gently used items that they would like to donate. I like I say that, used or was a new or gently used numbers don't give us all the stuff that's been stuck likens somebody else they just want to get rid of that RIF.

We don't want to be your run to the dump.

But let's try things so yeah donations and we accept donations Monday through Saturday from 10 until four. You can stop by word. They are, or you can drop it off. We have a yeah a dropbox outside that if you are after hours and their non-breakable items you have to come and there are things you don't take. We don't take computers okay we don't take anything flammable or anything like that. We don't please don't take any flammable right next to got click we don't take computers or printers or anything like that sick and there's actually a list on our website if you stripped that you can find out what we take and when were open and the website #yeah its missions thrift in so so shoppers shoppers, yet shoppers look forward come out like ship had opened Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 6. We have all kinds of sales all the time for good or a website you actually sign up and be receive our newsletter Exxon that'll let you know of for upcoming sales and things it only those that I get the newsletter will note, so yeah.

And I think you'll find if you've never been. We have a boutique area so some things are little bit more upscale, but we also have a lot of items that are very low price you can afford noting when I seen a lot of in your thrift store Dallas Cowboys stuff. I see a lot of cowboys flyers yeah yeah I feel a lot of things that you would just be a existences jump know so well one of the things we we also will sell items on eBay that those items that are tend to be a more more high scale kinds of things.

You can also that's right it's up on eBay and in the last thing we need and we can really use volunteers. It's really it's a it's fun it's easy it's a great way to get to know people. You can do it with your family with your small group and we do volunteers that that same days that were open and we can also do it in the evening. If there's a special group that wants to do. We can work around that arthritis.

Let us know what I've seen a lot, especially schools and other groups that will come in here and and do all that so that's me really good. My guy, I love the thrift store Lucia's are doing there. I tell you what upset by the way that that little comment about the Cowboys as that was just for Tyler because a huge Cowboys fan but II wonder how many cam Newton things you can see now is canyons gone the patriots and you help even we dump their cam Newton stuff of the present here in my we were somewhat marked on thanks so much for Gary time thinkers he do for us here at the church seriously are you been a longtime stakeholder of the church and you do a fantastic job in this department and the threads that mean you're running a massive thrift store so thank you for doing that and for missions behind it. Really appreciate it. Thanks for having me Mark key for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit scholarship crossroad stomach. If this show has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at info CrossFit stop work thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shall, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit Thank you again for this new crossroads connection right here on the Truth Network also very special thank you to our guests.

Mark Dalton from the missions thrift store across its fellowship. For more information about Crossroads Fellowship and the ministries there. Please visit crossroads.4 finally has knowledge know that my staff and I are praying for you during this unprecedented time as we are all navigating a new sense of normal during the season. Be blessed and we look forward to having you on our next episode

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