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1 Samuel Chapter 23:1-12

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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May 18, 2020 1:00 pm

1 Samuel Chapter 23:1-12

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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May 18, 2020 1:00 pm

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Yes, I really like job changes of my demos. LOL pray about that in the Bible to pray about everything.

Not everything in one place pulses to pray without ceasing. Does that mean that you know your Swiss just wake up all day and not do anything else. That means you should live a life that is in constant contact constant communication with a warm welcome to close the bridge with David McGee Senior Pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina today. David McGee will be teaching through first single chapter 23 in studio. We have one of David's assisting pastors deal with this welcome you. Hey Bob, great to be here with you. Great is always to be here with our listeners as we start chapter 23 under one of the things that Pastor David is talking about today is prayer rain.

When making this decision you been, pray about everything in life, not just the big things. It will take care of yeah I think Bob that we can get into just making decisions every day and forgetting to seek the Lord.

Praying about everything. Let's get right to teaching verse by verse Samuel chapter.

Turn with me to first Samuel chapter 23, so we thought herself looking to live the life of David and at this point David has been anointed as King Saul is still the acting King and Saul has continued to reveal serious flaws in his character, serious flaws in his leadership and he's trying to kill David and David has never done anything but serve sauce faithfully since interesting as we look at David's response to these things that are going on and last chapter, we saw that one of the towns that David hit out with and Saul found out about it. Went and killed all the trees that were in that town so Saul is really really beginning to lose it. And that brings us to first Samuel chapter 23 verse one says they told David St. what the Philistines are fighting against keylock and they are robbing the threshing floors robbing the threshing floors of me me explain that phrase obviously was a very agricultural society and they would grow crops including weed and then they would go to harvest the wheat so it was a long process.

The wheat was drying.

It could be that they can catch on fire.

They could burn the crops and then what the Israelites would do is collect the wheat and then they would take it. Let it dry little bit more than they would take it to the threshing floor and they would usually run something over.

The donkey pulls up behind it to separate the wheat and the chaff and they would throw it up in the air so that the wind would blow away the part of the week that wasn't usable in the grains would fall back to the ground during this time what would happen is the enemies of the Israelites would come in and they would still grain after they had brought complainant grown it. Let it dry harvested it and then you took care to do all these things the enemy would come in and take their food. Now this was kind of a twofold military strategy in the sense that they got food that they had not labored for, but also they left their enemy hungry and so this is I think it's interesting that to look at this because the wheat we don't see this. Here we remember we see it we saw in the book of Gideon, me, not the book of getting in the life of getting it's a sacred book that I have in my Bible we saw in the life of Gideon.

The same concept of the going and ripping off the threshing floor. I think we need to understand that spiritually there's an analogy here that our enemies want to steal our food now spiritually speaking, what is our food, spiritually speaking, our food is the Bible's word of God, and ever since the beginning of time. The enemy has been work trying to get us out this book. Remember back to the garden of the serpent said to Eve that did God really say they cannot really say that.

And I talked to many people nowadays and sick all well you know how can you really trust about the translation of a translation of a translation of a translation and I informed him while actually on my computer I go back to the original languages when I'm old you are told about the Dead Sea Scrolls that were found that were book of Isaiah intact, verbatim, word for word, the book of Isaiah that you have in your Bible now there's proof that people are still running around all the got really say this will this book, the Bible has more literary, archaeological proof than any other book in history. You can count on it. You can believe it and it is our spiritual food and I think we need to understand that as a church we need to be in the spot verse two. Therefore David inquired of the Lord, saying, shall I go and attack these Philistines. I want you to notice and really see a pattern in this chapter starts with this verse, the Philistines are fighting against keylock others are Israelites and they are stealing their food. Now you would think David would look at the situation okay was a no-brainer. I need to go and me in my 600 guys and we need to attack the Philistines that ripping off the Israelites or keylock, but that's not what he did since he inquired of the Lord.

He stopped and asked didn't assume anything. I think the I think we need to be more like David, I think that I should be more like David, I think a lot of times we look at some situation. No-brainer.

Knowing that you still need to pause and ask the Lord nor what he want me do the situation. The understand that God wants to be intricately and intimately involved in your life and you should always give pause, especially at those major crosswords but also to minor things were going.

When we do with this what you want me to do that and we constantly pray to what the Lord wants to do. We wait to hear from the Lord and in the Lord says go for we go for my move forward. A lot of times, especially as believers we running the flights that we are necessarily called to run into. Just because we no-brainer I got running here and fight.

Maybe God called you to fight and maybe maybe he didn't know that I ran into spiritual flights that God did necessarily called me into an undiscovered that let that later.

But here's the lifeless praying about your decisions in life. Even the obvious ones praying about your decisions in life. Even the obvious. Maybe we should put the especially the obvious things like job changes of my garbage. LOL pray about that. But even obvious when you should pray about what are told in the Bible to pray about everything.

Pray about everything in one place pulses to pray without ceasing down that mean that you know your Swiss just wake up pray all day and not do anything else.

It means you should live a life that is in constant contact constant communication with the Lord. I was shocked at looking at the life of Charles Spurgeon, one of his close associates that he never prayed more than five minutes but he never went more than five minutes without pray he was there was a constant communication. Philippians chapter 4 verse six is don't worry about anything instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done is convicting in don't worry about anything. Pray about everything your eyes when you slip in the worry you flipped out a faith when you slip into anxiety. You flipped out a faith lot because you're not really trust in the Lord that the Lord is aware of your situation and that he's leaving in your situation.

Verse three David's men said to him, look, we are afraid here in Judah. How much more then we go to kill against the armies of the Philistines were afraid here were hiding out from saw here and now you want to go find another Army while not from a different arm they were allowing their fear to make their faith in active again. And if you're afraid a lot of times that will make your faith in active. Here's the thing though because we think of people that are brave people who are courageous.

We think they don't experience fear. They don't have food that's not true. It's that they don't let their fear dictate their actions. You know, when I sometimes when I'm in a restaurant.

I want to share the Lord was somebody there still and let you know that little nervous thing in the pit of my stomach, Jesus. But I do it anyway why I'm not really my fear control my life friend I hope you're not let your fear control your life. That's no way to live and that was part of what the Lord came to set us free from that we work controlled by our fears because it will make you faith in active or sports. Then David inquired of the Lord once again and the Lord answered him and said, arise, go down the clock for I will deliver the Philistines into your hand as is interesting. Are you in the first four verses seen something very interesting. I made the statement before that David goes through just about everything if not everything every challenge that somebody in the ministry can go through. Here we see a concept that we we don't want to just blast past.

David says he asked the Lord or to go to law fight these people in David's men said were afraid when we got now.

Had this been a committee decision.

They want to go. David's men was in the day we took a boat while you're up there paren now may not want to go. They would not have gone see that God was leading David and David was to lead the people.

That's a scriptural spiritual thing and so David didn't say it would be doesn't want to go and you your vote not to go. Then in I want less less less. Not in the reason this is important is I think there is a biblical principle of ministry here in the sense far too often in our churches. We elevate other men love the role of the pastor and when we do that we pretty much disable the pastor and his ministry here I mean by that and a lot of churches. They are controlled and ruled by the elders, not by the pastor. The pastor doesn't lead the flock.

The elders do. Here's a problem with that once a year, sometimes once 1/4. The pastor has to stand before the elders who decide whether he gets to stay or not.

Here's a weird dynamic that pastor is supposed to be ministering to the elders. What if there's an issue in that elders life that needs confronting there's an area of sin or weakness that pastor really need to speak to. But guess what that pastor realizes sometime later that year, this guy's going to vote whether he gets to keep his job Twisted and but that's the way why churches are set up. I was in church for long time. It was set up like that.

It was interesting because a man that was dear dear raised me up in the ministry when it enough happen and was a the head elder accused him of financial wrongdoing. Now you know when you hear that financial wrongdoing immediately start thinking, embezzlement, and all the sorts of things. It was hush-hush, whisperers, were and it only came out much later that he was being fiscally irresponsible by giving about 20% commissions. They thought he needed to be paying down the debt of the building that was his financial responsibility. But, the Internet, making them step down frankly made them step down and inside something that he would start another church and account man started the church had been there 26 years and then surprise, surprise the head elder became the pastor now can can the pastor and give in being overseen the church cannot cause problems all yet any enemies thing that man can come up with is can get messed up. But we are a God led church that follow the Lord in an roosters. We have elders and we have a postal board and those are important because what you see something else. He that when these guys said hey were not sure about this David notice what David didn't do they think of you know I prayed about this. You just shut up following David's okay they got a concern. You know what I need to go back to Lord any talk the Lord before this about this and make sure that I am hearing from there's another important biblical principle.

You better believe I sent with the elders and I say hey guys I'm praying about this or I sit with the board and they say hey were concerned about this or were not sure about that is going to give me Paul so you know I'm I need to pray about this.

I need to go before the Lord and see what the Lord says and this is what David does. David goes back to the Lord and asked Lord, Lord, what he wanted and there's a there's a verse Proverbs 24 64 by wise counsel you will wage your own war, and in a multitude of counselors there is safety in a multitude of counselors there is safety. I think there is a really really good thing.

It is here, you know, at some sort of juncture in your life you try to make decision pray about it and also asked people that are spiritually mature that you know are spiritually mature and slick.

This is what I'm going through. This is what I'm looking at what he thing and then listen to their counsel, listen to their license.

The Bible says is there is safety in that you know in this it shows it shows David's humility as a leader that he was willing to go back to the Lord again, but it also shows the strength of his leadership that he didn't buckle under the pressure of these guys will know we don't think we should go.

David was an awesome leader verse five and David and his men went to collage and follow the Philistines struck them with a mighty blow and took away their livestock. So David say the inhabitants of clock. So we see right there. The fruit of David's decision understand even when you have to make a decision and you feel like you've heard from the Lord about this decision. When you step out there still here and every one of our lives where they go. Okay here we go. Hope this goes well and that was probably some of that David what happens is you establish a pattern your life of prayer, hearing, and in doing and then as God blesses those decisions as more and more face to step out in those decisions but again we see the David goes to the Lord also talks to the people goes back to the Lord. So there's a real and will see this several times in this chapter David communing with the Lord inquiring of the Lord. Verse six not happen. Habits are the son of Ahimelech fled the David accolade that he went down with and e-filed in his hand.

Now the reason this is important. E-filed was the breastplate that the high priest war and and it wasn't just an e-filed that he came down with it was VE five and part of the important thing about VE five is it contained the Roman theme and now Megan get off completely on that because it's really not in here but alluded to. These were things that were used to come to discern the will of the Lord, but the high priest would use in community fellowship with the Lord to answer people when they said hey what you think the will of the Lord, for this is, or will of the for that is the clothing that nowadays you don't need is a you can go directly to the Lord and the Lord will answer your question and again you can check with other people look safety of the multitude of counselors you can go directly to that's an awesome thing again.

Yet income to staff or elders or deacons in and say hey you know this is what I'm praying about them. Again, their safety and that you can go directly to Lord. Verse seven and Saul was told that David had gone the colossus so salsa God has delivered him into my hand, for he has shut himself in by entering the town as gates, and bars. Not all towns back then had gates, and bars, obviously in that type of hand-to-hand combat and whatnot have a town that was somewhat fortified was very important. But as Saul's point out here that it could also trap you but listen to what Saul says God has delivered him into my now you read ahead.

This chapter you is not necessarily so, but still saw saying that Saul is actually saying that to the guys or gals around interstate every time somebody invokes the name of God.

That doesn't mean the right fact, sometimes the more they say God told them the tell you something, the more you should wonder because sometimes people go around the go all you know what God told me to tell you to go do this he said to get really got gotten never said that the me before is coming here is that he's never said that he sent you to tell me that any you seem different. You know you seem different versions of this of you been a long been around for very long Christianity church entity level happens on television all the time right many goes over the Lord's only to do this or so me to do that and I guess one of the classics I guess is ligament ligament. There are five people in here tonight that are supposed to give $10,000 each and if you do this God will bless you now why would God tell me what was in your pocket.

What you get. I guys never known that with me. I don't know to be honest I don't remember anybody because what he would do as he would speak to you and say hey you know you need to give the church you need to give this and he and he will convict you to to his word about giving. Be careful, be careful in this one.

And be careful. So many companies it the Lord, the Lord out of the be careful, be careful, because I think people really get her like that in verse eight, Saul called all the people together for to go down the collapse of the siege. David and his men went to see some worms. Saul and the Philistines were attacking a lot in care going to know anything. It was in protecting the people. This man was supposed to be the king. This man was supposed to be the leader but he was let people get attacked. He was let their food get ripped off was doing anything until he discovers David is down there in the Nelson is on the run down seeking Saul has gotten distracted from what he was supposed to be doing well because he's got this person that can eat he perceives to be as enemy Lovins be careful about. And a lot of times we start getting upset with somebody we perceive somebody doesn't like us. We don't like them or we perceive them to be our enemy. We become so focused on. We forget what were really supposed to be doing, we can lose track of stuff you can begin to think all he and I really don't like so-and-so. I'm going to church and so-and-so to be there and I really don't like so-and-so and then he began to really miss what supposed to be happen, and that you worshiping God in your learning about God.

Instead, your thing about such a such insulin so that you're upset with.

Be careful of. We certainly see that Saul is not is no longer leading the people in verse nine, when David knew that Saul plotted evil against me said that before the priest bring the e-file here and then David said, oh Lord God of Israel, your servant has certainly heard that Saul seeks to come to Kalama to destroy the city for my sake will the men of God deliver me into his hand. Will Saul come down as your servant is heard.

Lord God of Israel, pray tell, your servant, and the Lord said he will come down. Then David said, will the men of God delivered me and my man into the hands of Saul, the Lord said they will deliver you see again with David is a man of prayer. He goes to Lawrence as Lord. This is what's going on what's can happen & prayer is not supposed to be a monologue to be a dialogue, but you have to sit still long enough in your prayer time with the Lord to hear from. I would encourage you to do that, to sit still before the Lord. Now I've never heard the audible voice of the Lord, but I hear that still small voice the Lord all the time all the time and sometimes when I'm reading I'll be read in a verse of just pop out like all there's the answer to my prayer. Thank you Lord now occasionally understand there's there's about at least four answers to prayer. There's yes there's no there's not yet. Sometimes the Lord just waits to respond doesn't answer right away and those are times that the really tough when you don't feel like you have that answer floored but there also very much building your faith building your faith now David ASCII says hey you know these people and I rescued turned me over to saw God's as yet sure as you read that you this is this a bomber meeting went down there is one name in this fight.

He took his men down there to fight against the Philistines and then when Saul's good head down there. He realizes these people, attorney men over the Saul.

You remember I said in the life of David see a lot of stuff that applies to anybody serving the Lord. There's no see. Because what happens very often in ministry is somebody that you help semi that you pour into pray for turns around and will speak ill of you.

That's just part of ministry, and I know I can't even count on my hands and fingers and my toes.

How many people that's happened to me what they know I don't count anymore. It really doesn't matter what because I'm doing it as under the Lord. And Jesus knew this was going to happen before he ever came near, he realized that the very people that he was coming to say would betray him depict Judith even though he knew it was created the universe. He grew the tree that he would be crucified. He knew but still it went through with friends. You know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now own Legion. A short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him.

Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now. Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things.

Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name, amen friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible you've been forgiven you've been born again. Jesus said he would not turn anybody away who comes to him and he came for those people who knew they needed forgiveness. Those who were sick, not the righteous to congratulations bring you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make. God bless you, if you prayed that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit crossed the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ. You can also write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working in your life before we go. Have you been listening to the teachings to the book of first Samuel we can pick some of these teachings, it will encourage your prayer life. Pastor Neal can you tell us more about we all hunger for a deeper connection with the Lord and pastor David shares through past living examples how to have that deeper connection. So when you give a gift today we are going to send you for your generosity praying through first Samuel. It's a four CD series that will encourage you in a deeper relationship with the Lord as you step out on faith and give a gift to cross the bridge today will send this in appreciation for your generosity. Again, please visit crossed the to give today and get your copy of praying through first Samuel we would also like to encourage you to grab Pastor David daily devotional.

Each day you wake up perfectly past world of God's life lessons to consider a daily reading plan and a fault to meditate on your day heart.

And it's easy.

It's free to sign up today on crossed the folks.

Thanks for listening into the next time. As David McKee continues teaching verse by verse. First Samuel

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