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Job Chapter 37:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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January 2, 2022 12:00 am

Job Chapter 37:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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January 2, 2022 12:00 am

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Welcome to cross the bridge with David Magee weekend edition Pastor David McGee is internationally recognized for his unique conversational verse by verse and chapter by chapter teaching through the word of God. We encourage you to visit, cross the to study the Scriptures along with Pastor David right now open your Bible to the Old Testament book of Job and follow along for today's teaching in this series of special weekend edition programs. Pastor David has been teaching lessons from the life of Job. Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible we are finding out that what needed to be learned. Back then, still needs to be learned by us today as we continue studying chapter 37.

Now here's Pastor David terminated Job, chapter 37 working towards the meat of the matter. After chapter 37 verse five chapters left in the book of Job within the next chapter.

Chapter 38 and for the remaining five chapters.

It's got Joe so in your Bible reading. I would encourage you to go ahead and read from where we are up to the end of Job, and maybe read it a couple of times, Job, chapter 37 verse one at this. Also Mark trembles and leaps from its place here attempted to flee the thunder of his voice, and the rumbling that comes from his mouth. He sends it forth under the whole heaven is lightning to the ends of the earth after voice roars defenders with his majestic voice and he does not restrain them when his voices earth.

God thunders marvelously with his voice. He does great things which we cannot comprehend. First, he says to the snow fall on the earth.

Likewise to the gentle rain and the heavy rain of his strength. He seals the hand of every man that all men may know his work. The beast going to Dan's and remain in their layers from the chamber of the South, the world planning cold from the scattering winds of the North can estimate terms of coal, I crossed snow are included in this chapter, percent in the chamber. The South comes a whirlwind and cold from the scattering winds of the North by the breath of God. Ice is given in the broad waters of frozen also with moisture. He saturates the thick clouds scattered his bright clouds and they spoke about being turned by his guidance that they may do whatever he commands them on the face of the whole earth because of the calm weather for correction, for his Leander for mercy listener. This will Job stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. Do you know when God dispatches them and causes the light of this cloud the shot did you know how the clouds are balance those wondrous works of him who is perfect in knowledge wire your garments. When he quiets the earth by the self meant with him. Have you spread out the skies strong is a cast metal mirror teach us what we should say to him, for we can prepare nothing because of the darkness. Should he be told that I wish to speak is a man were to speak, surely he would be swallowed up even now men cannot look at the light when it is bright in the skies. When the wind has passed and clear them. He comes from the Doris's golden splendor, with God's awesome majesty is for the Almighty. We cannot find he is excellent in power and judgment and abundant justice. He does not oppress. Therefore, men fear him. He shows no partiality to any who are wise of heart is much truth is he sharing in verse 23, he says. As for the Almighty. We cannot find so he's spiritual and yet there still even in our here are some missing.

It will is interesting chapter mentions voice in verse two.

Here, attentively, the thunderous voice verse four after a voice for us and he does not restrain them when his voice is heard.

God thunders marvelously with his voice class because we get to hear the voice of the Lord in the Hebrew Scriptures the Old Testament it was a very rare thing for semi to hear from God that you and I we can talk to God.

It any time because what Jesus did. John chapter 10 Jesus sank you know my voice my sheep know my voice so if you've been born again. You know the voice of the Lord, the more you listen and respond to more finally change you are here for the next lifeless.

The more we listen the more we can hear the voice of the Lord. The converse restricted unless we listen less we hear in the Lord doesn't at all something on a regular basis at the end of the service. He begins to live and we sent our need for him our need for forgiveness, our need for a fresh focus or course correction. There are some who respond in it every time there's people who don't respond to the Holy Spirit actually struggle against it and I can see it. Sometimes somebody and I can tell they think they should be done here, but there pictured in its programming rep in the chair twiddling with her fellow and anything that lists anything the company God because we think well of homelessness weight but naturally listening and maybe I'll be more of in the mood to respond. Maybe the one I found is that if you resist the voice of God, you hear a little less next time and a little less next time little less next May we all heard it all. So any time the Lord did you consider it an honor privilege. Thank you for speaking. Thank you for drawing me to yourself. When I worry what people think if I go forward if anybody is thinking about you there hoping that you go forward. Actually may be praying that you cover for 400 instead of all know therefore what is wrong with them with the mature ones in this group understand there something wrong with all of us so they're not condoned with Tillotson went forward that you used to do.

In doing so and so such and such.

No, you wouldn't like symptoms and it's like before you come to the author come for insight.

A cloudy day, but if you listen to the Lord respond. It's like above the clouds and now you can see the sun on a cloudy day. The sun is still there. You're just not aware of it when you get above the clouds warm and bright. She got fly above the clouds and verse seven of chapter 37.

AE says he seals the hand of every man that all men may know this work. It's an all something to interact with God to serve God and watch him do what he does to draw all people to himself is just awesome and part of this is concept here that people are watching the storm and aware that God's doing that it actually invited me when I was working for Pastor Greg and Rita were doing the harvest Crusade in Winston 2000 to believe two guys came from California during a thunderstorm.

One day I went thinking anything about it. I mean it was a means of both the regular stuff that I had stuff to do selected two guys from California were standing at the window looking out the window and then one of them turns to me after underfunctioning church because we will be okay in the immediate picture was you guys are okay when the ground shakes of those that rainstorm is going to freak you how to. That was a lawyers know whether to complete thing they want a barbecue three meals a day because it was about things. Every time somebody flew in grabbers among you when dancing with my just a regular regular tea which, if you don't miss out Mississippi record to you sweetie if you're on the west side of Mississippi. Regular tea is unsweetened take so he wanted apparently to have this discussion with the HS I get you regular tape that's unsweetened over no regular swing while the regular unsweetened hunting unsweetened is not regular. So then she sits the flight down the severe get the plate so she sits the plate that he looks at the Hush Puppies because literally those are Hush Puppies. You're not from around here are he's not California for them that evening doing barbecue again go to prison because we'd hit Clarksville with Chris probably spaces what I do not get a sandwich on gutter barbecue executives in our parking exam which she says are you also be set on what you barbecue sandwich on top of.

She said yes from around here are these people keep asking me, but I do and it was Julie see God work overridden over and over. I mean I could just go on to know about… God when we set the office up in Winston.

I loaded the truck up at the farm with Nora – chairs and stuff down and she still when you get down town.

Winston hi how are you going on this fighters office. I'm not sure God's got a plan. What conservative you got a plan view you get some furniture and districts. Just get your office so that your got a plan.

So I get over there back the truck up to the door and start on time the ropes in the literally while I'm still on time.

The works hear a voice from behind me… Looks like you need help yet. Turns out this guy was selling newspapers was a missionary that it can also feel for law and really needed some prayers and encouragement and needed furniture and other drugs are.

We made a swap but over and over, hanging from the meeting they were praying about housing the crusade went to the meeting. I just closed the business down and so reject asking printers and they had a list of stuff they needed. We had stuff on the list so we got to Stephanie, so what part of the last set of what you do so on in ministry.

I got about studying teachable guitar and stuff picked up when the guys came up and he said you really familiar and I said that silly churches and slip in your church from them with the heart, discusses the harvest to civilian to in this conversation is what you have any sort of strong letter of reference. I got one from your pastors Pastor Pastor John Angelo Atwood that would do so. The Lord opened the door and having all it was so and I to with three nights.

I think one of the high points was when an elder from the Presbyterian Church came forward and was born again. That was awesome. He did not let stand in the way. I'm sure he's out what Elder wanted people to think I'm a leader in our church and I don't even know God. What are people going to say, but he didn't let that stop we let it stop you prance a killer spiritual killer and I think Joe picked up a little bit along the way. When God called you put it down because he could either hold onto his spiritual pride program hold of God that he kidnapped us. Interestingly, they hunt monkeys.

In Africa they sit out a coconut and little trinket and and they change the coconut victory monkey comes God grabs the trinket and tries to run off but he can't pull his hand out placeholder trinket. He won't let go. As the hunter walks up to kill to bash his brain and he won't let go and he sacrifices his life because he will let go that you are you #is keeping you from God.

Pastor David will be back in less than one minute. As he continues teaching in the book of Job. A great way to start out each day is with a practical email devotional every morning from Pastor David visit across the to start receiving yours for free. If you have a cell phone. You can also text the word encourage 29453 that's 94253 to receive a short encouraging text from us each day, and now back to the teaching is keeping you from God. Whatever it is to stop or think you got confusing some good family or ministry or kit of God, but even good things become idols over God. Look at verse 11 actually want a point discusses. Also with moisture.

He saturates the thick clouds he scatters his brain class and they swirl about being turned by his guidance. This is 2000+ years ago. 2225 and they're talking about the science of their beginning water or rain in the clouds, which was scientific knowledge that we would ascertain or be sure of another 2000 years, and they talk about in verse 12.

The cyclonic direction of the clouds in the Scripture uses these whether to talk about documents get the feeling there's a storm coming in as he's talking about the clouds and when one commentator said he thought that storing came in and everybody walked away was just Jehovah God talking in the store that's a great tool to use the weather to talk about God or to talk about current events to talk about God talk about the Middle East to talk about God is lifeless and use the no to introduce the on there in the natural to introduce the supernatural use the known to introduce the unknown in the natural to introduce the supernatural in John chapter 4 Jesus used the water at the well was walloped to use the natural to introduce a supernatural endowment introduce you to great evangelistic tool. The Lord will show you something I just run with her smile, say something as you pray for opportunities. Look at verse 17. He talked about the garments are hot beginners, clouds, there's ice.

It's interesting in the book of Job. Snow is in there five times. Frost is in there twice. Cold is in there twice. Ice is in there three times and I read a thing. We were at the creation Museum in San Diego that they talk about this, that perhaps the writer of Job was recording the end of the Ice Age thought it was interesting. Interesting theory. Misunderstand that from Job one is important that Job was a good man. He was a godly man, the writer of Job records that God himself does. Why, because God wanted us to be costlier and not to assume that because something bad happens means the person that is something we all assume it really is something we have to pull out about the root.

When we hear something bad happens to supply what's the first thing that I wanted and maybe center stage. And I think I was just in the sand in Job's life or didn't really prove to you that bad things happen.

People painful things. Injuries happen to good people and prove one word Jesus was Jesus back now.

What happened to Scripture who would he do wrong that our factors are erroneously punished for what you have assumed that Jesus did some you assume somebody else's doesn't know when something goes and what did he do what they do.

Be careful, you know, it pops up about this will be judged by the judgment you need out here for that carefulness is assuming is again Joe visit is a good guy, lifeless Nick Job was beyond just a good man. He was a godly man, the writer of Joe and the Lord himself called Joe blameless and upright surrogate Job was beyond just a good man. He was a godly man, the writer of Job in the Lord himself called Joe blameless and upright. Now verse 22 skies apart and talking to Joe verse 22. Kennedy comes from the door is gold splintered with God's awesome majesty. As for the Almighty. We cannot find Ellie. He begins this thing of God is so powerful and so far off switch so hard to know him because he so powerful and so far off the arguably agnostic problem with knowing God is not because he so powerful and it's not because he so far off because he's not so far.

Problem in the late God has nothing to do with him being far off, or his power it has to do with our sin. That's what keeps us from knowing God, not because God's not available. Aren't you glad God is always available just freshly so appreciative the other day I got all of the trees you know the press line of said press to have this really weird… I have so glad God does not have a phone tree can imagine you where they talk to the press one if this is a salvation prayer press to a prayer for healing, press three if you want to know something from the word press for to set up an appointment next week voice mouthful is not like that is, he is God of the universe created everything powerful and list he wants to talk to you more than you want to talk.

I was thinking yesterday it's it's almost tragically, people will post the thought of her picture on Facebook and just some people are almost just like the Jasper decided to like and when somebody you know puts a nasty comment. Usually somebody just shoots down in flames and I thought man that is so sad. People were please like me. Jesus love. Not only can they have like I can have God's love and wordplay intently weeks with these blanks, and ignoring God's love. Our days are full in our lives are empty. That's not the way God designed us not to wait for spring Lord, we thank you thank you that your soul available. Thank you that right now were not listen to a recording thank you that you want to talk to us more than we want to talk to you God you love us more than we could possibly love you Lord you want to bless us more than we can begin to understand the Lord you want us to come to you first. You don't want us just to see the blessings you want us to seek he who blesses God. You don't want us to seek in the healing to seek the healer. Thank you for realizing that we are but the hospice with the words as Lord you there created us, created in your match for this world, and even through all efforts which distort we destroy that habit the Lord. We need you to restore damage.

We need you to fill us with your spirit will fill us with love, because the world is hurt for law the world needs the Lord of were empty.

We have nothing to give. Lord help us to be filled. Help us to draw closer to God when you pull your hearts to come to help us understand how precious that is how precious it is for the Holy Spirit did help us not to resist. Help us to not think of all, I got to go somewhere to be something else to do I worry what people the if God is inviting you to draw closer more concerned with what he thinks and what the people around you are saying grieve the Holy Spirit.

What you declined or turned away the conviction, the convincing the Holy Spirit will ruling you once you refuse the conviction turns in the condemnation which is paralyzing spiritually. So Lord, we thank you for tonight. Thank you for we thank you for how you blessed Joe got gas you would help us to see in our lives. If there's any way God that we are blaming you for something somebody else did blaming you for something that happened but help us to bring that to the surface and ask for your forgiveness is God's love that was taken out drunk driver.

You somebody has health problems from things like daughters things they need. That's you either God when we mess up because of her own sin.

That's not you either give us clarity and help us to be here for anything that were laying at your feet are blaming you for the death of a loved an accident that happened the failed marriage. Somebody had bad things happen and you ask where was God. Where was God when I was being heard you standing right beside you weeping and coming up with a plan on how he was going to heal you of those hurts.

Not only was he not distant. He was right there in the line that your Jesus that your Savior that's your Messiah. When you have problems reach out to your Messiah. When you got issues. Reach out to your Messiah. You need healing reach out to your Messiah.

You need forgiveness, reach out to your Messiah, the Lord, we thank you for this evening. And now God is your spoken to us that you will share your world with us Lord is you have initiated. Now it's our chance to respond to you in your word in your holdings you been listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge weekend addition tuning again next Saturday afternoon at 430 Eastern at 130 Pacific time as Pastor David continues teaching lessons from the life of Job. On most radio stations friends. God loves you and wants you to experience his peace, forgiveness, and life. The Bible says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. How do you receive this gift of everlasting life from God first acknowledge you are a sinner in need of forgiveness believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and died for you on the cross, taking your sin upon himself to provide forgiveness for you, then ask for him to enter your heart and life. Turning away from your sins, that is your own selfish desires and then open your heart to follow God's plan for your life. You can start your new life by praying something like this from your heart. Dear Jesus, I believe that you died for me that I could be forgiven. I believe you are resurrected that I could have a new life Lord, I have done wrong things and I'm sorry. Please forgive me for all of those things and please give me the power to live for you. The rest of my life in Jesus name, amen. My friend, if you pray that prayer today for the first time or are coming back to God. After wandering away. Please let us know. Email Pastor and share your good news. That's a great first step to growing in your new faith. We'd love to email you back more ways to continue in this wonderful adventure of faith.

Remember that you are not alone and you are loved. Also don't forget to visit, cross the to discover more resources provided at no charge to help you learn more about the Bible. If you'd like to help us share God's word with others. Please click on the donate button and support this program with your regular gifts and tune into cross the bridge. Weekend editions each Saturday and Sunday on this station for on the cross the website.

God bless you and have a great day

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