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Job Chapter 36:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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December 25, 2021 12:00 am

Job Chapter 36:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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December 25, 2021 12:00 am

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Welcome to force the bridge with David McGee, Pastor David McGee is internationally recognized for his unique conversational verse by verse and chapter by chapter teaching through the word of God. Hundreds of his teachings through many books of the Bible are now online had crossed the for you to listen to and study the Scriptures along with us before we get started with today's teaching pastor David wants to remind you of Hebrews 610 which says for God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you've shown your love to him in caring for other believers as you still do remember we thank God for you every day. So now open your Bible to the book of Job and follow along for today's teaching chapter 36 is Joe Joe and a lot of troubles. These and his children killed his crops ruined his last two buildings destroyed as well just evaporate and it was a good man in the new lower that all this happened and there's three people that are supposed to be friends for not really. And they judge them and they condemn and they slam them or make them social.

Be very careful of anyone in your life is constantly slamming somebody just like you feel better in acts chapter 10 dances don't call unclean. What I've got going and every time we talk about the sins of another believer or sins we think they might have.

Remember these three guys for the first 20 some chapters are some of the things they say are true, which is not the right time not the right place and they say some very judgment on harsh things and Joe is affected by because when you hear things are affected by that's on the display starts dogging somebody else out a friend of yours are a leader here. You gotta shut it down because once you hear it, it's in their symptoms when I'm coaching or counseling to let you know I don't want to hear all the details because I want to be able to minister Sue Kelly here comes LSU is a is a man of God from the get-go.

The first thing he dies.

That was not really give compassion to Job because Job is really he's begun to see you can see it and now it has to do with that first before he can pour the compassion and the love he's got a deal of this self-deception. As believers were directed by the word of God, not our feelings and emotions are what we just read on the Internet about the word of God, let us jump in question. Let's read the chapter through they will come back and comment chapter 36 to June 1 one in English, you also proceeded and said bear with me a little and I'll show you that there are yet words to speak on his behalf will fetch my knowledge from afar. I will ascribe righteousness to run since I got more to share more share is interesting is talking to the brothers and that the marriage conference to have an interesting thing happened weekend.

These times ascribe to each person that was sharing and every person went well, really, personally, that really bothers me some ideas. I'm kidding why they do because I have such a heart to communicate the word of God.

Thursday nights during the week I have to remind myself.

Sometimes I get up here and have such a passion and desire to give it at the time to got kids in all and then on Sunday we get the second service. Plus you get to a point where you're in a full and some can receive more than others, but it's interesting aminos. One of the troubling things it's going on is services are going along because there's a passion to communicate the word of God. Worse things could be happening. A man verse three. I will fetch my knowledge from afar. I will ascribe righteousness to my maker for truly my words and outfalls one who is perfect in knowledge is with you the whole God's mighty spies is no one he is mighty in strength of understanding verse six. He does not preserve the life of the wicked gives justice to the oppressed. He does not withdraw his eyes from the righteous their own throne with King for he is seated them for effort and they are exalted and if they are found in fetters held in the cords of affliction that he tells them they're working their transgressions that they have acted defiantly.

He also opens their ear to instruction and commands that they turn from iniquity if they obey and serve him, they shall spend days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures, but if they do not obey. They shall perish by the sword, for they shall not die without knowledge to hypocrites and heart store up wrath. They do not cry for help when he finds they die is in the life ends among the perverted persons he delivers the poor in their affliction, and opens their ears and oppression. Indeed, he would've brought you direct stress into a broad place where there is no restraint, which is set on your table would be full of richness of nuclear translation or you are filled with the judgment in the wicked judgment and justice take hold of you because there's wrath, beware lest he take you away with one below from our grandson, with that help you avoid it, all your money will get you verse 19. Will your riches are all the mighty forces keep you from distress. Do not desire the night when people are cut off in their place.

Take he did not turn to iniquity, for you've chosen this rather than affliction telling about what's happened to Joe you have chosen this iniquity, your righteousness, blaming God rather than affliction.

The whole God is exalted by his power teaches like the sound of his waiter, who is you've done wrong, remember to magnify his work of which man of some everyone is seen at. Man looks on it from afar, the whole God is great and we do not know and lurk in the number of his years be discovered for Johnson drops of water which distillers grain from which the clouds drop down and put her abundantly own man indeed can anyone understand the spreading of clouds that hear from this canopy looking scatters his light upon it covers the depths of the sea. These he judges the people speaking of food and abundance he covers his hands with lightning and commands it to strike is vendor declares it. The capital also concerning the Verizon store interesting.

Later in the chapter concerning the rising star.

There's a storm rather than out there. No doubt some of it is scary stuff.

We see the Bible being in Seville. We read the book of Revelation the people get beheaded, but somehow we thought that that was entered via an analogy for something you didn't dream it is actually headings two tracks of people in the book of Revelation. There's an interesting call those who dwell on the earth when the King James leakage and those of the ones who are on earth during the seven year tribulation, but all the while what you see is another group is in for hello seven years.

What group is it.

It's people who been born again. It's a whole lot of is probably on special people who will be saved during the tribulation leave the rest of Europe. Now I don't know how bad it will get before that happens, the rising storm utilizing still probably look for is Isis or Al Qaeda or something like that to attack Rome differently.

Number one on the list, not us.

Honestly, you probably won't hear that because that doesn't help by the census task. But if you think about it. Who is the one person who is responsible for the Crusades to the belief with one of the softest targets out there.

The enclave there was Saint Peter strict their country to country within a country, but where the Vatican is at the country to itself and they have 100 Swiss guards but they don't have like a standing army is another reason third reason is that they have the largest collection of pages from Bibles and all sorts of cool archaeology stored there stuff they don't show people and it would all be blown up with a nuclear device can actually be there for a measurable picture for that because after that happened.

You see the 10 nations submitting to the beast within an hour sentence of nuclear I got to get back here. The rising storm.

We we went off on those words is that we have to do course corrections in your life you living the life living life. Of course corrections because well before we didn't know God.

We were we were deceived about God who he was what he wanted. We didn't think you love this.force wanted for the receipt of at the time we were deceived about what the church as we were deceived about one pastors are about the money.

When you become a Christian, you have to tear down those dissections and let them there so dissections you can have you spiritually can survive, you'll be okay. So you can be to see that something is not really affect you that much like if you were deceived into thinking that like the Denver Broncos wrote best all team deception goes even the well-known Carolina Panthers team in the land. To think in our lives to pick a point and go toward and everybody has to decide what that point.

At that point he will be moving to be a fixed point. That reminds me that I was alive for restructuring. We would sail and I get to talking in you had to pick up and move toward teaching me how to say what I can only imagine as a teenager I remember is he a pig point.

Okay will just like the heavenly father dies. I were going somewhere. Remember the good point. Look at your destination. You're going to have in your account to God.

Remember that and so will I make these little corrections in the song constantly are making these corrections are for.

But if you start to think you don't need to make any corrections.

The problems with the other person careful you're going off course is the first wife must remind yourself often as your eternal destination in due course corrections often to be sure you stay going in the right direction. Remind yourself often of your eternal destination in due course corrections often to be sure you stay going in the right direction asked all of us this to anybody as a pastor I need to do this and if I find you find yourself, you've made a mistake. Ask God to forgive any will no clue to the iniquity, clean your Savior Joe begin ascribing righteousness to him and not the God we saw some of that in the last chapter last week, but I didn't like when you start coming into the presence of God, you begin to realize you don't have writers, Jesus would do some in the New Testament and then Peter would cite the part for me, I'm a sinful man what happened to knowing who the Holy Spirit came in and Peter was connected they look to what Jesus did not to simply watch this wasn't righteous and we have to remind our righteousness is there's an ex-wife, but you cannot come into the presence of God hold on to your self-righteousness, you cannot come to the presence of God know about yourself might argue that certain estimates of a self-righteous semi that is self-righteous start messing with their self-righteousness. In her rock concert cleaning that they don't want to put their righteousness in Christ where it safest. As we read it when things were different were arraigned by the battle read us reading this, but Ross is okay apply to me. And again, if you read the Bible. Think about how it applies to somebody else. Be careful now. You may get a nugget and think I can't wait to share with my friends that's awesome.

I do have thousands of about wait to share it with the guest list. Remember, as we do this and it may seem oversimplistic to expose, remember God is right I'm wrong, wrong. God is in what situation every situation, another when the remember the Bible to try, either comes to an issue with the bow takes one stance and I'm taken another adjustment stance. Pastor David will be back in less than a minute as he continues teaching in Job chapter 36 this week we reflect on the birth of Christ. How thankful we are for Jesus and always done for us as a ministry we want to thank each one of you who continue to listen to the radio program were praying for others. Listing at the same time as you and who have open your heart to receive the word of God to make a difference in your life. Please remember to continue to pray daily across the bridge and Pastor David McGee and now back to the teaching now verse, verse eight. They are bound in fetters held in the corners of affliction would have them bound up. Then he tells them.

This is God tells them they're working their transgressions at the back.

Finally, they can be healed.

He opens their ears to instructions and commands that they turn from iniquity. Verse 11, and they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasure all well, that's not right on to say that spend their days in prosperity. Prosperity their years in pleasures pleasures is bad by nurse Christians should have no pleasures.

They went.

I'm glad out in a manner? Does a man when you and you seemed so be it. As you say it being on me. God will put spend their days in prosperity their years in pleasures. Praise the way you stop before your Christian if you would've thought that now you someone who questions their miserable as I've seen don't be miserable, frowning, yellow opening and ugly in the same God told him to do it and everybody knows Christians not have anything that anything is a believer's own things, but don't let things you a man of your work in tithing and giving tenant/whatever that is. As different things for different treatment is also efficient. Maybe it's an awesome motorcycle means an awesome car, maybe work on the houses are nice and is a work of fiction, Lord, open the door for me to do that a few years ago stepped right in. When we sell that house. I guarantee it will take whatever we make from it has to the church and me wants us to believe that that does not describe the life of the believer.

First John three a part of the verses for this purpose, the son of God was manifested, that he might destroy only the works of the devil. What works of the devil works the devil in you and me is not about him going out in the world is about him working on unbelievers.

First is Tom I am working on this clearing out the cobwebs in one of the things he wants to clear how is this line from the pit. I Christian can't be blessed pleasures pleasures to your life. You want to just live life seeking after pleasures that you you put God first, you seek first the kingdom of God and all these things unto you is life lesson. It is a lot to think or believe that living as a Christian is worse than living as a non-Christian. It is a lot to think or believe that living as a Christian is worse than living as a non-Christian television show today and I was hostess I interviewed differently from one of the interviews. It was fascinating as a pastor and is passed in the church and it was football. Pastor have to work on Sunday also get the football games is like an appointment. He's plowing so in the wording in his life.

Blessing and sensing to the playoffs to obscure and then they will. And she don't me know what happened, they were pulling the church relationship which you want to go to the Super Bowl. They set out like it during the week can't we can do it again so she takes her own learning and sins into the playoffs Panthers went to church he pastors follows the lead of his wine in glass and at 500 notches like seed money because then the people of the church that full NGOs so him and his wife can go to San Francisco and related bug is about. But then he could go.

This is not some bleach seeks either became a big fan package. He was down on the lower level right goalpost. It was it was a sales about 10,000 were not doing. I don't not mean I'm not late.

Not, I think it's cool that the body desired to blessed the pastor may not think that was that was really cool and I know if you're sitting there thinking is a lot of other things you could've done without incurring I think. I didn't tell us to go. This is little and he didn't tell us to give them the money to go so okay with saying you got from and he is blessed and shares the gospel is you guys and he comes back refreshed way and he's a pastor, East Coast beast: the Super Bowl smiled and laughed and went. Obviously that was a big lesson praised Lucian Super Bowl is if you serve God in the interview will be inserted got to the door and the bopper talked about saving you know. Even Jesus how to invest in about and if you listen to and apply it.

If you obey and serve God will bless, protect and guide you. The Bible says these trees we say, if you obey and serve God will bless, protect and guide you. The bopper says these trees. If you think or believe something else change it because this is what the Bible says verse 11 read every day for the next two days of any interview, obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasures. So yes and pleasures in this, but the big payoff is not here the big payoff is common.

Will he go into his presence and anything that we could have our do in this life hails compared to that of common into the presence of Jesus and experiences I meet face-to-face is present because there's a couple things to look for sake jotting things down. I would encourage it in even reading this even gives a due tab back to this chapter, but just can get out a report to a Proverbs chapter 3 speaks about their son remember my commandments. And if you do that you will be blessed. He says let not mercy and truth, for sake you love the way the new living translation fits that let kindness and loyalty always be with the new living translation into its duties. Got to go to flash if you acknowledge him in all your ways and even his honor the Lord with your possessions with the firstfruits given. Be sure your time is when you do that God opens the windows of heaven and Malachi sizzled and protect you from the does our which is really important.

And with that also encourage it tonight early in the morning read Psalm 16 versus the law also talks about how we need to stay in the word and not be pulled into the world stand were we see in chapter 36.

Job is still, he hasn't responded yet. He's listening along this way. Think about this Job there. These three friends go to he probably should have listened to him at all, but he did and made things worse and he was lost he was confused and I think it's interesting that when he was lost and confused. God said when he was lost and confused God sent over to him during times when your God will send somebody to smile about other if you wander off California leverage ratio. You start to run some of us that have tried to run in the past from God in everything you do it when you run, you get tired God doesn't get tired and Jason, you at some point you will wear Mangano behind their God is not a fair weather friend.

And when you or any of us mess on all we need to do is come see him stop the behavior asked God for strength to do that if it doesn't have to get something else about become accountable. Remember this Jesus came to seek and save the lost and you and I were lost at one time and if you wander else.

Now Jesus will seek to bring you back in. We may come looking for you Dave to enemies. I always believe anything the anime and this protection in God is blessing them. He hates that Cindy and I want you to walk in deception that the Christian enjoy in life that all they should enjoy life want you to believe a statement like Christians don't enjoy life. You think God would want you to believe that they know it, kindness again. This life does not. The next life in heaven as early just flat also get blessed in this life begin and wish you was minister Joe deal with some of his misconceptions.

God was doing with Joe over his deception. A we can use at work. We know the enemy is involved. We know Joe started thinking his righteousness was more than God's self of self-righteousness in me loves to get in on that number. The first square in the and self-seeking are all things exist when you engage in self-seeking want everything to be just right for you to get everybody else that self-seeking when you know it will hurt somebody to say something. Say it anyway, so if you tear down people, especially Christian leaders. Self-seeking and, where self-seeking, MDR, every evil thing exist. That means all all this bad spiritual stuff and all all these fallen Angels just love to get involved and stuff like that and if I got the carefully setting initiate things that you can beat fuzzy about or even deceived and spiritually be okay. He may miss on people with no think God he knows anymore.

Sad to me but still good. Heaven don't miss out on some healings probably miss out on healing. Some people you've been listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge is not able to make it to your home church Sunday doing us file. I think that 10 AM Eastern time.

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