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Job Chapter 32:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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November 28, 2021 12:00 am

Job Chapter 32:ALL

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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November 28, 2021 12:00 am

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Welcome to cross the bridge with David Magee weekend edition Pastor David McGee is internationally recognized for his unique conversational verse by verse and chapter by chapter teaching through the word of God. We encourage you to visit, cross the to study the Scriptures along with Pastor David right now open your Bible to the Old Testament book of Job and follow along for today's teaching in this series of special weekend edition programs. Pastor David has been teaching lessons from the life of Job. Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible we are finding out that what needed to be learned.

Back then, still needs to be learned by us today as we continue studying chapter 32.

Now here's Pastor David.

Turn with me to Job 32 first months of these three men ceased answering Joe because he was righteous, and is allowed in the wrath is Ella who the son of their design of the family and Frank was aroused against Job's wrath was aroused because he justified himself rather than God. Also against his three friends.

His wrath was aroused because they had found no answer. And yet had come around Job because first floor because they were years old Brittany Allen who had waited to speak to Joe by Ellen who saw that there was no answer and amounts of these three men. His wrath was aroused to the SunAmerica of the site answered said I am young in years and you are very old.

Therefore, I was afraid and dared not declare my opinion, to first seven I said a should speak in multitude of years should teach wisdom. There is a spirit in man and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding look at this verse the was the leader. Great men are not always wise, nor does aged always understand justice. Life lesson where no one gets every decision right no one gets every decision right somewhere along the line you to make them stay and if you picture God be a great God just for you to make mistakes.

He zaps you. You build an idol. The Bible describes.

Father God is begin merciful "racist dowels, that his mercy endures forever. Therefore I say listen to me. I also declare my opinion. Indeed, I waited for your words.

I listened to your reasonings while you search out what to say. I paid close attention to you and surely not one of you convinced you are answer is words, lest you think we have found wisdom from God, vanquish, and not man. Now he is directed his words against me, so I will not answer him with your words, they are displayed and answered no more words escape them and I have waited because they did not state because they stood still and answered no more. I also answer my part to declare my opinion, for I am full of words, the spirit within me helps me that I can relate to is an amazing thing.

Honestly, sometimes I get up here tired and beat up but I get up here so I could go for our now though that's not an idle threat, and it really is of the Lord is pouring into me in reviewing all kinds of stuff and I just have such a desire around 1000 of bless you and help you understand the word verse 19.

Indeed, my Bentley is like wind that have no was it it is ready to first like new wineskins. I will speak that I may find relief must open my lips and answered. Let me not pray show partiality to anyone.

Let me flatter any man. Verse 22. I do not know how to flatter else my maker would soon take me away.

Chapter 31 of Job the minute share some verses through this part of Job and on to the next start, time together. I would encourage you go ahead and read this point to the end of Joe Job 3130 set this all that I had one to hear me. Here is my mark all that the Almighty would answer me that my prosecutor had written a book or in the new living translation. If only someone could listen to the look will sign my name to my defense.

What the Almighty answer make up my accuser write out the charges against me. There's an interesting parallel first in the check this out. Hebrews 22 in the new living translation though you have come to Mount Zion to the city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem, and countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering. This is where work on this is the end of the story you've come to the assembly of God's firstborn children whose names are written in heaven. If you've asked Jesus to forgive you your name is written. You've come to God himself who is the judge over all things.

You've come to the spirits of the righteous ones in heaven who have now been made perfect. They were perfect. They were made perfect.

That's how do we make per verse 25. You've come to Jesus, the one who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of forgiveness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of Abel is good stuff and a couple chapters Job 34 it reads what man is like Job, who drinks corn like water goes in company with the workers of iniquity and walks with me. Men, when you go to someone you see that were encouraged to hang out with people following God part of Job's problem was these guys Accused me in a should is just a trial, but he started to defend himself when he should have been defending God, Job 34 later.

Verse 35 Job speaks without knowledge is words are without wisdom, only you were trying to the utmost, because his answers are like those of wicked men react rebellion to his sin. He clapped his hand among his eyes and multiplies his words against God registered his client. Then in verse 38, going from here to the end to connect Titus to get a Job 38 verse one then the Lord answered Job out of a lot when and said to is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge begins to speak to Joe and he says in chapter 30 verse six now prepare yourself like a man.

I will question you and you will answer me as you when I laid the foundations of the earth. Tell me if you have understanding who determined its measurements. Surely you know or who stretched the line upon its foundations fast related to cornerstones when the MorningStar sing together and all the sons of God shouted for joy. The new living translation the same verses.

Verses 3 to 7. Brace yourself like a man because I have some questions for you, and you must answer the group were you when I laid the foundations of the earth.

Tell me if you know so much.

Who determines dimensions stretched out the surveying line let support to its foundations and who laid its cornerstone is the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy and in chapter 40 verse 20. Moreover, the Lord answered Job and said she wanted content of the Almighty corrective. He pukes God let him answer. It's amazing how some of our heroes of the faith did exactly that they review God Joe in the middle of the nested Peter in the middle his life nested he got offended and denied Jesus. It was interesting that a couple times, Jesus would say I'm going to Jerusalem, I got to be crucified, and Peter, no, no, no, and it says, and he rebuked Jesus, Peter Qubec first.

Then Job answered the Lord and said, behold, I am file Job is now admitting his what shall I answer you. I lay my hand over my mouth. Once I have spoken, but I will that answer yes twice, but I will proceed no further.

Job 42 verse one into the Job answered the Lord and said I know that you can do everything and that no purpose of yours can be withheld from you later all and that have gone through and how come you got in Job 42 verse seven.

So was after the Lord spoke these words to Joe that the Lord said to Eliphaz a timid night. My wrath is aroused against you and your two friends for you have not spoken to me what is right is my servant Job see that as my servant Job, what happened God confronted Joe Job repented and God forgave Joe and the new scheme is an example to these guys in that beautiful is Job asked for forgiveness conscious want to be more like you. Job, who'd been missing that God exists and what were these words without wisdom, educate the Job turned to me with their much, Billy Joe versus God is amazing. Verse eight now therefore take for yourself seven bulls and seven rams go to Montessori Joe and offer up yourselves a burnt offering, and myself.

Job will pray for you, he's humble, Joe, and now he's elevating Joe for I will accept and list the deal with you. According to your folly, because you have not spoken to me what is right and my servant Job has Job 42 verse nine to Eliphaz a timid night billed at issue-so for them in if I did as the Lord commanded them for the Lord had accepted Joe and the Lord restored Job's losses when he prayed for his friends.

It's interesting he did not restore the losses when Job repented your store.

Job 20.

Pray for his friends and his enemies and pray for your enemies.

That's what Jesus says the Hebrew Scriptures is love God, love your neighbor Jesus cranks it all about above and you love your enemies to it says in the Lord restored Job's losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.

People forget this part of the story they talk like Job started tell me what you did. You remember the part where he got twice as much. As he began with an opportunity was in a much better spiritual place, then all his brothers always sisters and all those who been his acquaintances before, came to him and ate food with him in his house and they consoled him and comforted him for all the adversity that the Lord brought upon each one gave him a piece of silver and each a ring of gold that the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning 314 hours and she 6000 camels, 1000 yoke of oxen. One thousand female donkeys.

He also had seven sons and three daughters here in the middle of your story. I firmly believe and put forward in the new book about the end times strong of the preacher elation ranch. If you read it. There's an argument you can't refute. That's not to say that we will not go through some test and some trials we can have perfect peace when when our mind is stayed on him. Imagine no more tears. No more emotional pain. No more physical pain filled with incredible supernatural love and joy and peace are arms and hands. It clung to the sword as we follow God at that moment can finally let down the sewer and business assessment maybe shut your analysis, you have come to Mount Zion to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering you've come to the assembly of God's firstborn children names are written and has a doesn't have any grandchildren.

He's just got children whose names are written in heaven. You've come to God himself who is the judge over all things. You've come to the spiritual, the righteous ones in heaven who have now been made perfect, you will come to Jesus: who mediates the new covenant between God and people, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks of deadness instead of crying out for vengeance like the blood of a and there's only one way and one place to get this it's only the plot of the son of God Jesus came from heaven to earth to get the bride of Christ the church. Here's a life lesson.

We're made righteous.

Only by the blood of Jesus, not by what we do only by the blood of Jesus.

Now I would really encourage you to jot these next things Dale because her incredibly meaningful and they put together freely. The whole Bible just a few Hebrew words. Pastor David will be back in less than one minute. As he continues teaching in the book of Job. A great way to start out each day is with a practical email devotional every morning from Pastor David visit crossed the to start receiving yours for free. If you have a cell phone.

You can also text the word encourage 294253 that's 94253 to receive a short encouraging text from us each day, and now back to the teaching I mentioned that the first man was named after Manheim or maybe mankind is named after Adam is not just the first man's name. It's the Hebrew that means me man, talk before that then means son. I have a son whose name is Benjamin and Ben means son his right hand.

So Benjamin means son of my right and his son Ben means son so Bennett literally means son of man, when excess son of man in the Old Testament. It's been out the bending son.

So Bennett domains.

It also means person or human being a Dom would be mankind in the town would be people repeating beings. Now here's the interesting thing. The word for earth. You simply add another eight item means ground Earth. When we understand the Hebrew it completely distills evolution because when God created Adam from the ground he created a Dom item. It's interesting that man was created from the ground and we have many minerals in our bodies are in the soul, but it doesn't stop there. All these words may mankind Adam Son of Man.

They all tied together with another word. As we drop the eight off-site we get all which means blood in the when we changed it a and Adam to his home in the middle. We get a down which means red when it says that Esau was born and it was red.

It's a Dom salute got all these words are tied together, spoke tears in the book of Hebrews.

Here's a very poetic thing again with these NAND words Dean my means tears to shed tears. It is gone with the I literally picture the not so it's blood with the eye tears literally mean the blood of the eyes, you should blood when your body is injured you should tears or the blood of your eyes are so overworked when you been set free is precious to see somebody's been covered by the blood of Jesus because they can forward and asked for God to forgive him and then there shedding the blood of the eyes to shedding tears as a form and a covenant with God when an awesome picture. One last thing is we can now add H a and it changes everything.

Bennett is Son of Man but we had HA ha which is the. Then I means the Son of Man, Jesus didn't say I am a Son of Man. He said I am the Son of Man, the son of man is a messianic term and Jesus used it for himself over and over and over and over saying I have been done. I am the Son of Man, not a Son of Man but the Son of Man in Matthew only give you two places. He uses Matthew 946 and seven, but that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins. He said to the paralytic, arise, take up the bed and go to your house and he arose and departed to his house so that you may know that the Son of Man has power to forgive sin was a quadriplegic that they lowered into the house, Jesus looked at him and said, your sins are forgiven you the religious people around her appointment appointment.

They started thinking, who are you to forgive him and it says Jesus knowing their thoughts says that you may know the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins.

Matthew 1811 says for the Son of Man is come to save that which was lost. Aren't you glad that's what Jesus came. That's why we celebrate Christmas as he came for us. It was the plan from the beginning. He came to earth, but he existed long before he was there to be getting in Genesis 11 the off the top and he came here for what the father grabbed that could be the most religious.

Now he came to seek and save that which was lost. He looked at us and wanted us to be unburdened from sin. He wanted to set us free, so that we could follow him deny Grady. Once again Don Byrd is out there, maybe did something wrong. Maybe you listen to some nonsense. It's like you and God who is righteous who is holy, who is perfect because you innocent and forgiven in his trial. In his masterpiece in his pro-IMA next time somebody out there who is an admin perfect following human being because you in a remember what he calls an orderly matter with the so we have the picture of the red blood ground human beings son Ben and been hot top the Son of Man, which is the title that Jesus is more than idiotic. I am the son of Adam come to be your Messiah and remember that is the blood that sets us free. It's his body which was broken by which we can be healed if you didn't create them. Lately he wants to see you walking in freedom, not feeling condemn walking, is this child knowing that you're headed towards the heavenly Jerusalem, and that Jesus the mediator died for your sin will for your arrival. If you're not sure that you ever been forgiven helping your time. For those who want to be forgiven be set free by the blood of the son of man such as this is your night now.

Wish don't carry sins and trespasses out with you leaving me here, given the God I know here in Jesus name was we were thank you Lord for your blood, your shedding of the blood and the forgiveness is in God, we come to you tonight admitting that we've done wrong asking for your forgiveness, not because we deserve because you live near a merciful God in your good God and you make this offer from the shed line of the Son of Man will resent you for that sets us free and let me say Jesus wasn't born as a baby year eternal being that was here at the beginning and you will be there at the end. And thank you God that were in the middle of the story were not acting in and is much sweeter than this, you will be there to welcome us. It's all evaluating entrance cigar please. Thank you for your Internet shed blood, which can be broken broke bread and you gave thanks, Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe brings forth grad from the earth. Jesus said I am the bread of life. Jesus is the bread that comes down from heaven and the Jewish prayer pronounces his resurrection. God is the God who brings Brad from the earth. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, date and house of bread is the perfect Brad. I'm staying east here bread. Thank you for your reply breaks every chain.

Thank you for your blood covers every sin, thank you for your blood, which is more powerful in the arrangement agreement or covenant we have for now let any association. Anybody's ever had with bad stuff. It witchcraft Ouija board work that is by your blood. In Jesus, we thank you for your blood poured out for us. He loves you. Glad for you. No more tears. The more paying of the soul or pain of the body. No doubt #all things will become the think about the end of the story.

Think about Jesus, who will be there to welcome us. The mediator makes us righteous thing about Jesus my Lord bless you and may his face shine upon you.

May God be gracious to you and may use as this on his face when he looks at his job and may you know his peace from the Prince of peace shall all his protection his profession is healing his prosperity is wholeness is peace and not tell me I should mainly Jesus thereby said amen and amen God loves you I love you man.

This blood is for you. Raising children love you been listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge weekend addition tuning again next Saturday afternoon at 430 Eastern at 130 Pacific time as Pastor David continues teaching lessons from the life of Job. On most radio stations friends.

God loves you and wants you to experience his peace, forgiveness, and life.

The Bible says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. How do you receive this gift of everlasting life from God first acknowledge you are a sinner in need of forgiveness believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and died for you on the cross, taking your sin upon himself to provide forgiveness for you, then ask for him to enter your heart and life turned away from your sins as your own selfish desires and then open your heart to follow God's plan for your life. You can start your new life by praying something like this from your heart.

Dear Jesus, I believe that you died for me that I could be forgiven. I believe you are resurrected that I could have a new life Lord, I have done wrong things and I'm sorry. Please forgive me for all of those things and please give me the power to live for you.

The rest of my life in Jesus name, amen. My friend, if you prayed that prayer today for the first time or are coming back to God. After wandering away. Please let us know. Email Pastor and share your good news. That's a great first step to growing in your new faith. We'd love to email you back some more ways to continue in this wonderful adventure of faith. Remember that you are not alone and you are loved. Also don't forget to visit, cross the to discover more resources provided at no charge to help you learn more about the Bible. If you'd like to help us your God word with others.

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God bless you and have a great day

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