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Acts Chapter 5:12-21

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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April 26, 2021 1:00 am

Acts Chapter 5:12-21

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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As you look over the history of the church, not just sister telling the church in general over the last 2000 years a lot of stuff happened a lot of weird things happen. A lot of bad things that happened but notice something that Happened God Working with people. God Working through people. God Growing the church at large. Now the only thing we see here is that since they were all in one accord in Solomon they were in unit welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is the senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina as a special guest. We have the program today, DA Brown was one of David Mickey's associate pastors at the bridge welcome to hey Bob we can all think of times in our life and to rough taxes. We can also think of times in our life. Things are going really well. Look back, grown from both of those situations and scenarios.

The same with the church. The church is at seasons Bob was talking tough time and there's also been times of the church was very impactful. But during all those seasons God is been doing something glorious today were to look and listen. Special David shares in excess of five. God is in charge of doing something church even today allow that. So encouraging.

So now let's listen to David McGee with his teaching the work of God continues to ask chapter 5 in the book of acts we were talking about last week I was a fairly difficult passage to be honest we have. We were talking about an alliance and so far, and we spoke there was some hypocrisy going on and and the Lord dealt with a really severe manner. That's what's been going on and that leads us into verse 12 and it says and through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were done among the people and they were all with one accord in Solomon's. This is interesting since they were all with one accord to people just to review again to people. I just fall over dead as a pretty significant thing in the life of the church and and yet there wasn't this court. Nobody evidently came to Peter wanted him to explain what happened. Ananias and Safari.

They just have unity and noticed something. The work of God continue on with this church and with these people is important for us to understand because sometimes things will happen. Unforeseen events people doing things and and and it can derail us.

I think that can happen to us in and that did not happen here. They were not distracted lately. They Were the Work of God Because God Was Continuing to Work in the Sad Thing Is It Happens Sometimes People Will Common People Will Leave Here Occasionally Will Have a Staff Member That Is No Longer with Us. But You Know What God Continues the Work.

I Never Get Years Ago. It Was Interesting When We Stood in a Small Build, and in the Sky Came to Me When Probably like 4050 People Knocking the Many Said, and Then I Had Some Problems Were Eliminated to Confront Them on Some Issues and He Shows and He Says I Got a Word from God for Ask.

I Was Could Be Interesting. And He Said You Know What God Is Finished with This Work in the Holy Spirit Is Leaving This Work Because of This That and I Knew That Wasn't True. And As I Look Back over the Last Three Years Evidently Didn't Leave When This Guy Did so You Know, Praise the Lord God Still Here. The Work Continues As You Look over the History of the Church Not Not Just This Church. I Mean the Church in General over the Last 2000 Years A Lot Of Stuff Is Happening A Lot Of Weird Things Happen. A Lot Of Bad Things That Happen but Notice Something That Happened God Working with People. God Working through People. God Growing the Church at Large. Now Everything We See Here Is That since They Were All in One Accord in Solomon's Porch. Notice Any Menu for Very Long Year. We Talked about. We've Noticed the Unity of the Early Church since They Were with One Accord. We Talked about the Fact That They Were All Put in Unit 1100 Car It Was Not on the Record It Meant They Were in Unity.

They Were in Unit Know What Is. Unity Does Unity Mean That You Agree on Everything, Absolutely Not. Absolutely Nazi Because If You're You Know Your 20 You Know That You're Never Going to Find Anybody Else That You Will Agree with on Everything in Order to Get the More You Realize This and That's Okay. You Never Got Agree Completely with Your Boss. You Never Can Agree Completely, Spouse, You're Never Going Agree Completely with Your Pastor, but We Can Agree on the Main Things 90%, 95, and Maybe Even 98%. You Know What We Can Walk the Road Together.

We May Disagree on Some Smaller Issues but As Long As We Agree on the Main Issues If You're If You're Here This Morning and You Don't Believe That Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven.

Well You and I Got a Little Problem Because That Is What I Believe and That Is What I Teach in Your You're Welcome Here to Stay As Long As You Would like Because I Want to Talk to You Present the Scripture to You.

I Want to Convince You of the Truth That Jesus Is the Only Way to Have, but Sooner or Later You and I Have To Agree on That One.

Are You Probably This Is Probably Not the Place for You Long-Term. But the Other Things We Can Agree If You Will to Disagree Now Does God Think That Unity Is a Good Thing. Absolutely in One Place. In Psalm 133 Verse One It Says How Good and How Pleasant It Is for Brother to Dwell Together in Unity. That's Not Agreeing on Everything but Is Walking the Road Together Was the Opposite of Unity Is the Vision What Does God Think of Division I Again You Look to the Bible Says This Tightest Three Chapter 10 Verse 1011 Says If Anyone Is Causing Divisions among You, Give a First and Second Morning after That Have Nothing More to Do with That Person for People like That of Turned Away from the Truth. They Are Sending and They Condemn Themselves. Another Passage in Romans 1617 Says Now Make One More Appeal, My Dear Brothers and Sisters. Watch out for People Who Cause Divisions and Upset People Teach Them Things That Are Contrary to What You've Been Taught. Stay Away from Now. Why Does the Bible Take Divisions so Seriously and You May Be Sitting a Pastor While You Talk about Unity in the Vision Again While I'm Teaching the Bible Verse by Verse. This Verse Talks about Unity so You Know What Were Talking about Unity in the Vision Again and Also I Know That at Some Point in Your Life in Your Church Life in Your Church Expressed You Will Be Sitting with Somebody This Speaking Divisively and You Need to Understand What You Need to Do. Sometimes You Have To Start One Person When They Did in This Person Is a You Know Soon so That You Probably Got. I Say You Got That Deer in the Headlights. See If You Listen Your Partaking in That Said, If You Listen to the Vision Your Partaking in That Sense, and Sooner or Later Happen Got or You Yourself Will Have a Divided Heart Will Be Questioned Something in and You Know What I Have Seen More Damage Done to the Body of Christ over Division Than Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll.

Combine so We Have To Understand This Concept and What the Expectations Are and and Here in This Work in This Body.

The One and Ask You See a Lack of Division You See Unity and You See a Commitment to One and I Think That We Need to Understand That and We Should Attempt to Imitate or Emulate That Now Verse 13 Says, yet None of the Rest Dared Join Them, but the People Esteemed Them Highly and Believers Were Increasingly Added to the Lord, Multitudes of Both Men and Women. Again, You Know You Read This and Such an Awesome Thing to to Look around on Sunday Morning and See What God's Doing.

Now Let Me Explain and Start the Fellowship See a Big Church to Start a Fellowship to Be Christian, and End the Thing That Charges Me Most about the Growth of This Church Is Not the Numerical Growth. The Kind of Growth. I Get Really Charged on Is the Kind of Growth. The Song Is Video Testament. The Personal Growth As People Figure out As People Come to the Lord and Then They Realize It's Not about Them It's All about the Lord.

It's All about Serving Others Imitate Nuts Following Jesus. And That Gets Exciting but Understand Living Things Grow in This Church Was a Living Thing and It Was Continuing to Grow and More People Were Coming and He Was Doing an Awesome Work in and I'm Sure These People Were Humbled and They Were Excited Just like We Are Here. You're Listening to Pastor David McGee on Cross the Bridge Will Be Right Back with More Just a Moment, but I Want to Remind You of the Free Resources Available to You on Cross the There's a Team of Hundreds of People That Will Pray for Somebody to Be Saved.

You Have a Loved One That Needs to Know Jesus As Savior. You Need People to Pray for You Need Someone to Present God's Word to Them Every Day Were Present in God's Word to Appear on Cross the Bridge with Pastor David McGee.

We Can Pray for Them As Well.

Just by Simply Going to Cross the and Click on the Pray for the Lost Button.

All You Need to Do Is Put in the First Names of the People You Love, That Need to Know Jesus As Savior. Click on Submit and Immediately Hundreds of People Begin Praying for Your Lost Loved Ones.

What an Awesome Way to Bring Your Loved Ones to Jesus. Here's a Word from Associate Pastor DA Brown Hey Guys Want to Take Just a Minute to Pray for Some Cities in Our Listening Audience. Specifically, Ashland Oregon and Baker City Brookings Canyon Ville Cave Junction, Cloverdale, and Colton Lowy. Thank You for the Cities and Everyone Listening. We Pray That You Would Pour out Your Spirit on These Broadcast Audiences. Father We Pray That Pastors Would Have Wisdom in the Cities and How to Love Their Communities.

Lord I Pray That People Would Put Their Trust in You Got. I Pray That You Would Give the Governmental Leaders Wisdom and Discernment That You Would Protect the City's Father There Be Peace in the Cities and Lord, That Your Word Would Be High and Lifted up in Jesus Name, Amen, Amen. Thank You Brother Now Get Back to David McGee As He Continues Teaching Verse by Verse Three All Verse 15 so That They Call Those Set out into the Streets and Laying Them on Beds and Couches That At Least the Shadow of Peter Passing by Might Follow Some of Them Also Multitudes Gathered from the Surrounding Cities to Jerusalem, Bringing Sick People and Those Who Were Tormented by Unclean Spirits and They Were All Healed… Is Pretty Wild Stuff and We Talk about the Shadow of Peter Phone on Them, They Might Be Healed. It Doesn't Say They Were Necessarily Healed by Then. But There Was Miraculous Healing Going on Only Doing One Thing before, Due To the Good Stuff. It Talks about Tormented by Unclean Spirit. When the World That Are Timeout Demons Gate Demons Are Fallen Angels, One Third of the Angels Rebelled against God, and Were Cast out from Heaven This Is a Biblical Concept and the Bible Presents That People Can Be Influenced Even Controlled by Demonic Presence. Now That's Not Something That You Know Was It William Blair That Is Not Something That the Exorcist Brought up Our Theological Thing That's Consistent with the Bible. Well, Yeah, That Used To Happen but You Know Satan Then Act like That Anymore. We Show in This Book Were You Get This Book Warns Us about Such Things. And We Need to Be Careful and Certainly As We Do Certain Things We Can Open Ourselves. Now I'm Talking about Unbelievers.

Okay a Believer Somebody That Is Asked Jesus to Forgive the Mother Sent and He Lives in Their Heart.

You Cannot Be Possessed by Demons. You Can Be Influenced.

You Can Be Tempted. You Can Be Things like That but You Can't Be Possessed Anymore, but Doesn't This Answer A Lot Of Questions When You Read the Newspaper. Once Those That Understand That Some of the Craziness That You Hear about Is Demonically Influenced and Perhaps Even Demonically Control Doesn't Escape These People's Accountability, but Should Answers Part of the Reason It's Part of the Verse. But Notice the Healing That Was Going to Understand God Still Heals People God Still Heals People Well Pastor, I Have a Problem with Healing. I Was Watching Television Other Night and They Were Slapping People Knocking Them over. Yeah I Just Don't Know about All That Well I Don't Know about All I Need, but I Know That God Still Heals People Well the Write Stuff off Just Because I See Some Zaniness Not to Be Honest I Wonder If God the Reason God Doesn't Hear More People Because We Ask so Crazy When Things Happen and Also You Gotta Use a Man or Woman They Also Might LAI Also I Got This International Healing Mastering at the Coliseum in Overcharging You for Prayer Call Snow so You Know I Don't Know. But the Fact Is God Still Heals People and You Know That You Meet Me Even Say That I Know Some of the Stories We Hear Are Suspect. Some Are Legitimate and the Crazy Thing Is, You Have, God Will Work through a Zany Person Just Because You See Surrounding the Good Guys and Not Using God Will Use Anybody Made a Beer This Morning. It Looks Fairly and Sometimes We Have Problems with the Way Got His People Understand. I Mean, It's Interesting That Occasionally I'll Be Times When We Got Is Anybody, and I Wonder Do They Know They Are Clueless. They Have No on the Other Saying That the Definite Somebody Was Born and Deftly I Was Born 95% Death, My Tongue Was Attached to My Front Lip to Get the Nine Different Operations in God Uses Operations. The Only You Make Some of You Will Know That God Heal You or Did You Have Operations God Heals People through Operations. God Heals People through Medication Heals People over Time and God Still Heals People Miraculously and Instantly.

Yet How He Heals People Is up to Him.

He's Gone. I'm Not.

And Sometimes in This Book You Will See God Heal Some People in Some Weird Way and We Need to Recognize That and Be Okay with It If You Know You Go Back to That Passage in John or Jesus You Spit in My Field. Somebody That We Have To Be Honest I like That Passage.

Are You Aware I Mean You Eat and You Have To Be on Me Think of What Life Was like As a Disciple You Know You Look at Me about Well Will See What Happens. They Yesterday Was Certainly Interesting What People Owning Men and Maybe Will Send People Away in That Way. Ministry Will Go Better and They Know Jesus over There. He's Not Doing Things Were Okay Will Just Keep It out and Keep People Away from Especially the Kids.

Just Keep Them Away Keep Them Waking Away and Lays Playing in the Mud.

I Think Were Okay with That Looks Innocent and Is Mixing up the Spit That's That's a Little Weird in That but We Just Keep an Eye on It Maybe Will Be up His Wife and It Only Got Spaceman I'm Not Going to Talk to Mr. Peter You Talk to and Jesus Don't Do That. It Makes the Ministry Look Bad, but You Have To Answer All Three Questions and Jesus Healed Him like Now I Know You Know You Say That Some People Here Go from Real What Is What You Wanted Prayer This Morning That As You Came Forward. While These Folks There Folks Appear on the Periphery of Myself. So Pray for You When You Got Infection or Something Going on. All You Pray for Me, Is There Number on Call Turning and Resentment, but That's What Jesus Did, but See As the Guy Went Away When He Things a Praise Be the Most Know He Should Pray for God. I Was Blind, Now I Can See Started One of the Greatest Hands Ever Written in, Say, Praise Be the Mud Wing. Be Thankful You Have like the First Church of Mud Right to Make a Minute. All Right, Come on, Another We've Always Been like This You Gotta Do This to Go. God Heals People. He Does It on His Timetable and He Doesn't His Way and He Still Does, He Still Does God Still Heals People That's a Lifeless God Still Heals People Remember That.

Remember That Now, Maybe Even Walking with the Lord for Will Only Think I've Never Seen Never Seen God Heal Somebody You Know, It Often Happened so Quietly and Not with the Flamboyance That You See on Television Sometime You Never Seen Anything Weird Happened Here up Front and You Know People Doing All Kinds of Zaniness. But You Know I Can't Tell You the Number of People That Come to Me and Said I've Had a Degenerative Back for Years and Years. I Was Just Sitting There Listening Message and I Don't Have Any More Praise God Praise God I Don't Understand That I Don't Even Understand. I Don't Need to Understand That, but If You Scenario I Never Seen Anybody Healed Whole Greatest Healing That God Ever Dies in Our Greatest Need Is to Heal Our Soul for Us to Be Forgiven Somebody Line on the Bed, Died of Cancer. Their Greatest Need Is Not to Be Healed. The Greatest Need Is to Know Jesus As Their Savior and Week after Week. We See People Coming to the Lord and That Healing of the Soul.

At Last the Longest and Meets the Greatest Need and to Be Honest, the Cost God the Most of Any Healing Customers so Understand That When You Look at Healing and the Angels in Heaven. Rejoice We Should Rejoice We Should Be Happy As We Watch That Video As We See People Come for. We Should Be Happy and If You're Here This Morning before the Morning If You're Here and You Don't Know If You Know Jesus As Your Savior Babysit Here You Go. I Don't Know What I Gotta Do to Fill out Form. Do I Gotta Be Good for so Long to Have To Join the Church Then and It You Asked Jesus to Forgive You of Your Son through the Cross.

Tell Him You're Sorry and He'll Give You the Power Delivery God Will Do That.

He'll Do That for You This Very Morning. If You'll Ask This Real. Verse 17 Says in the High Priest Rose up, and All Those Who Are Willing, Which Is the Sect of the Sadducees and They Were Filled with Indignation, Their Management and Laid Hands Their Hands on the Apostles, and Put Them in the Common Prison and This Can Become a Common Theme to the Book of Acts Is Got a Continuing Theme from the Gospels Member in the Gospels. The Pharisees Were Primarily the Ones That Were Attacking Jesus. They Were Always Upset on Rocks. Gotta Kill Him and You Know All These Different Things Are Being Mad Now We Do in the Book of Acts Is More, the Sadducees, When You Go into the Book of Acts That Are Attacking the Early Church As We Look at the Bible. Some I Was Always Mad and You Know Zama Church Life. There's Always a Reason My It's Not the Majority of People Looking for Love and You Know but Somebody Is Always Mad and That's Okay.

I Mean I've Had Experiences Where You Know I'm I'm Talking to Some Item Confront Them Only Issue I Can't.

I Can't Predict the I Can't. I Mean, I Said That Was Someone Thought Minuscule Blowup. This Is Going to Get Ugly. You Know I Don't Say Brother You This Is an Issue and NF Had Brothers like to Make a Man Tears Start Rolling down Her Face and They Say Thank You for Being a Real Shepherd, I'm Sorry That I've Had No Conversations about All of This Is a Nonissue for Small Thing. I'm Just Going to Address the Situation and Will Be Finding H Bomb Goes off, You Know That's Part of Being a Christian Your Ear to Share Some Things with People That Sometimes Are Going to Receive It Sometime. They're Gonna Be Really Mad There Going to Be Really Mad. That's Part of Sadly That's Counterpart of Church Life. But See, Here's the Thing. The More You Focus on Jesus and the Less You Focus on Folks That Are Angry, the Better off You'll Be Church at Large Will Be in This Church and That Angry Person Is You That It Is It Holds True. Don't Focus on New Thing or Person Focus on Jesus See Because These Guys Are so Mad They Mess.

What God Is Doing and That Happens in the Church People Get so Mad They Miss What God Is Doing. But at Night. An Angel of the Lord Opened the Prison Doors, and Brought Them out to Go Stand in the Temple and Speak to the People All the Words of This Life. Verse 21 and When They Heard That They Entered the Temple Early in the Morning and Tall, but the High Priest and Those with Him Came and Called the Council, Together with All the Elders of the Children of Israel Sent Them to the Prison to Have Them Brought the Prison. I Want You to Notice What They Did.

They Went and Hid in Excess They Went and They Were Afraid for Their Lives and They Found behind What Someone Is Got. They Went Back to the Sample Now Either These Guys Have the Most Serious Case of Short-Term Memory That We've Ever Observed in Men. God, They Didn't Care about the Beating about Prison. They Went Back to the Some Significant in That for Us. If You're Here This Morning and You Asked Jesus to Forgive You of Your Sins. You've Been Set Free Human Set Free from Prison, Far Worse Than a Steel or Concrete Even Set Free from a Prison, Depression, Anger, Bitterness, Hostility, Loneliness, Bondage of All Sorts. You've Been Set Free, Why Have You Been Set Free. Same Reason, in Part, to Tell Others in Part Because God Loves You.

But Once You've Been Set Free Know We Should Be Doing. Tell People Is Everybody Deserves a Chance. That's What These Guys Are Doing. They Were Afraid of Being in Prison. They Were Afraid of Being Beaten up.

They Went Back to the Temple and Understand We've Been Set Free Document Was All about You the Moment You Asked God to Forgive You of Yourself You Be Going out People Come for They Pray the Prayer They Disappear They Got Become Weird That so It Happens As God Leads Us Here to Tell Other People Print. Do You Know for Sure That Your Sins Have Been Forgiven. You Can Know Right Now Own Legion. A Short Simple Prayer Simply Telling God You're Sorry and Asking Him to Help You to Live for Him. God Wants You to Pray This Prayer so Much That He Died to Give You the Opportunity and the Ability to Ask Him to Forgive You. Please Pray This Prayer with Me out Loud Right Now. Dear Jesus, I Believe You Died for Me That I Could Be Forgiven and I Believe You Were Raised from the Dead That I Could Have a New Life Not Done Wrong Things I Have Sent and I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me of All Those Things. Please Give Me the Power to Live for You. All of My Days in Jesus Name, Amen Friend of You Prayed That Prayer According to the Bible You've Been Forgiven You've Been Born Again. Jesus Said He Would Not Turn Anybody Away Who Comes to Him and He Came for Those People Who Knew They Needed Forgiveness. Those Who Were Sick, Not the Righteous.

So Congratulations Free and You Just Made the Greatest Decision That You Will Ever Make. God Bless You, If You Pray That Prayer with David for the First Time We'd Love to Hear from You. You Can Visit Cross the to Receive Our First Steps Package with Helpful Resources to Help You Begin Your Walk with Christ. Or You Can Write to Cross the Bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and Share How God Is Working in Your Life You're the Bible Tells Us That the Free Gift of God Is Eternal Life in Jesus Christ Our Lord. But It Does Cost for Us to Come and Bring That Message to You and to Others in Your Neighborhood through Radio to the Internet and through the Mobile Technologies That God Has Gifted Us to Be Able to Use so If You like to Support This Ministry. Please Go to Cross the Click on the Donate Button and Ask God How Much You Would Have You Give Either on a One-Time Basis or Continuing Basis Each Month to Help Ensure That the Teaching of God's Word Continues to Go out through Cross the Bridge.

Thank You so Much ODA before We Go.

What Are Some Ways That We Can Bless Our Listeners Each Day.

You Can Wake up with Encouragement from Pastor David to the Word of God Is Email Devotional Life Lessons to Consider Daily Reading Plan and the Thought to Meditate on throughout Your Day. From the Heart. The David McGee Those Are Terrific and It's Easy and It's Free so Folks Sign up Today Crossed the Thanks Again for Listening and Join Us Next Time. As David McGee Continues Teaching Verse by Verse in the Book of Acts

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