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Acts Chapter 2:11-38

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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April 7, 2021 1:00 am

Acts Chapter 2:11-38

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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April 7, 2021 1:00 am

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The Bible points out Ephesians 289 that it is by grace we receive forgiveness. God's unmerited unearned favor. When we pray that for Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. That's it. And then God begins to change our lives repenting is turning the God. And when people begin to hear the God love them so much that he sent us on the DOS form and he's willing to forgive them if they will ask and he will began to change your life. They will respond why people are try to change your life themselves.

When you say you know what you gotta change your life like a walk can't do that.

I guess I can't do that Christian thing with the welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is the senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina. Today we have one of the McGee's associate pastors here at the bridge with us and that is DA Brown welcome Pastor VA glad to have you with this is good stuff. As a Christian I received grace in my relationship with the Lord now because of the I should be giving grace when it comes to relationships with others today pass David explains how we can show grace to others. As we continue in the book of acts to felt good brother, so let's continue with David McGee teaching part two of spirit led simple power. Acts chapter 2 verse 11 Cretans and Arabs we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God so they were all amazed and perplexing into one another. Whatever could this mean just a little background here. This is the day of Pentecost. It there in this place and these guys start speaking in these other languages, and other times.

Sometimes tongues are an unknown language and will get to that.

Another time, but at this point what they're doing is they're speaking in these languages that these other guys are recognizing their 15 nation made up in this group that built the church. Verse 13 others mocking said, they are full of new wine. But Peter, standing up with the 11, raised his voice and said to them. Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem, let this be known to you and he my words, for these are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour the day's 9 AM Peterson you know what is too early to be drawn, but this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel so Peter goes on to explain what's happening there by referring back to the Hebrew Scriptures in verse 17 says it shall come to pass in the last days as God that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions in your old men shall dream dreams and notices it talks about visions and talks about dreams.

Now you make it go uncomfortable at this point is a Christian concept five times in the first two chapters of the New Testament in the book of Matthew, five times God spoke to people through dreams five times restricting and on menservants and on my maidservants I will pour out my spirit. In those days, and they shall prophesy show wonders in heaven above and the signs in the earth beneath, blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The sun shall be turned in the darkness and the moon in the blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. Obviously not all these things are going on in the state. Part of what Peter saying is that the Holy Spirit that God said he's going to pour out. He's pouring out and he's here at this point, but these other things are going on. So this is a partial fulfillment if you will of what Peter was referring to, but this is the Holy Spirit that God told us was going to come. Verse 21 and it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. So who are the very select few that can meet up to God's right and standards which one of us can earn our way so that God might bestow this forgiveness upon us.

Whoever whoever everybody in here is a whoever of your nicking Ginger. Whosoever put either whoever whosoever depending on your version anybody to realize that loved ones. Nobody is beyond the reach of God's grace.

Maybe the person that some of you just just thought of just flashing your mind you thought all is God. This girl had a it happened.

They are not beyond God's grace I used to be one of those people basically want. There's people that ever buy discount up mandated that you had a schoolteacher in high school so you know the best thing to happen to use my hitch over the head leaving that at least would be over.

But God will take a whoever in change, be encouraged. Romans chapter 10 verse is not intense. As for if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be safe, for it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God and is by confessing with your mouth that you are safe awesome passage. Awesome passage which you knows that passage does not include baptism on over to get talking about that this week or next week, but notice that it's absent. There is a reason whoever Peter continues verse 22 minute visceral hear these words, Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested by God to you by miracles and wonders and signs which God did through him in your midst, as you yourselves all so no him, being delivered by the determined purpose and foreknowledge of God, you have taken by lawless hands have crucified and put to death is interesting verse because it talked about the sovereignty of God and that being delivered by the determined purpose and foreknowledge, and it also talks about the responsibility a man you've taken by lawless hands of crucified and put the debt trues are nonexclusive.

They're not exclusive to one another. You have God's sovereignty and you have the responsibility and the free will of man, these things go together. If you they have to go together of her people be in error by overemphasizing one of the other verse 24 whom God raised up, having loosed the pains of death because it was not possible that he should be held by the boldness of Peter, Peter, standing up in the midst of those guys going to kill them. Not very seeker sensitive message of he's standing up and missing. But look at you.

This is the son of God, you can Peter very easily. At this point in his life is that you know I just need take a few years off.

I see the process what happened. Maybe figure out why I did not Jesus. Maybe there was something that happened to me in my youth. Or perhaps I wasn't old enough as a baby that caused me to act in a sinful nature. If you're still wondering why you've done similar things you've done. Let me save you hours of counseling hundreds of dollars, possibly, maybe thousands of dollars you have a sin nature, you were born with it. Nobody gave it to you. You came into the world with it. If you don't believe that volunteer for the children's ministry for just a season. None of the teachers are in there going Johnny is what I want to do. I want you to hold your breath and want to stop up and down and take my mind. You don't teach children. Hopefully that's that sin nature. But Peter said you know when I realize it's a messed up if you want the more important things to focus on need to be telling people that Jesus you may not be as mature in the Lord is you'd like to be made even as you should be but you need to be telling other people about the Lord. Life lesson here you're a Christian now because somebody cared about you. Now it's your turn. If you're Christian here this morning. You are Christian because somebody cared about you and now it's your turn. It's not okay to look at the world and say you know I don't care if you come as Keith Green said to say not to care if you come you close your eyes you put in the jobs done. How can you be so no there's people out there that don't know Jesus. Somebody cared about us in the to share the good news with us. He continues all talking about the prophecies of the Old Testament verse 25 for David says concerning him, I foresaw the Lord always before my face, for he is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken. Therefore my heart rejoiced and my tongue was glad. Moreover my flesh also will rest and hope for you will not leave my soul in Hades, nor will you see your holy one to see corruption. You've made known to me the ways of life you will make me full of joy in your presence.

Verse 29 explains minute brother, let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried in this tomb is with us to this day wasn't very far from where Peter was speaking at that point also. Tradition suggested that David died at the feast of Pentecost. So he's explaining these things verse 30 therefore being a prophet, knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him that of the fruit of his body, according to the flesh you would raise up the Christ sit on the throne he for seeing this book concerning the resurrection of the Christ first soul was not left in Hades, nor did his flesh see corruption. So Peter is is going to the Scripture and is explaining that this was not talking about David but David was talking about Jesus what you know some was Peter,, Jesus was not talking about will interestingly enough, he cannot talk about the Holy Spirit. If there was ever a day that somebody could really going on and on about the Holy Spirit. This is the day that he could've explained a whole lot in and in basically talked about the Holy Spirit. The whole time is not what he did want because the Holy Spirit always points to Jesus always, if you've been in meetings where the focus was on the Holy Spirit.

I wonder was it the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit always points to Jesus.

When someone is talking mainly start timeout remaining in the Holy Spirit did this, the Holy Spirit and that Holy Spirit did this that and the other begin to wonder was it the Holy Spirit or the people and their fleshless because the spirit always points to Jesus always speaks of Jesus that is a good litmus test.

If spiritual activities are of God or of the flesh Peter speaking about Jesus. He's talking about Jesus and now we will talk about the Holy Spirit. We have talked about the Holy Spirit. We will be talking about the Holy Spirit again in indent next week because of some things in the last part of this chapter, and every church needs to talk about what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit. But there needs to be balance needs to be the biblical balance that's presented just as Peter doesn't hear, but any church that focuses so much on the Holy Spirit or the gifts that Jesus becomes secondary is in serious error. Serious error probably grieving the Holy Spirit will be right back with more from David McGee on cross the bridge right now. Here's a word from associate pastor DA Brown want to take just a couple minutes to pray for some cities in our listening audience. Specifically, Williston, North Dakota and Hamlet are Perrysburg and Toledo, Ohio and Clinton elk city in Carnegie Oklahoma will we thank you for everyone who lives in the cities. We pray that you would draw them to Jesus. Even right now or I pray that you would fill them with the faith that they need to say yes to what you want to do in their life over. Pray for the leaders in the cities that you give them wisdom and discernment helped in the put their trust in you helped him to turn your Bible for answers I got. We pray that the church is to be full of people wanting to get to know you to be taught to use her gifts to be a blessing to people in their community. In Jesus name, amen, amen.

Thank you brother and now get back to David McGee as he continues teaching verse by verse, verse 31 he first thing that spoke concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that his soul was not left in Hades, nor did his flesh see corruption. This Jesus God has raised up which we were all witnesses as they had seen verse 33 therefore being exalted to the right hand of God, having received from the father.

The promise of the Holy Spirit, he poured out this which you now see and hear echoes back to the always but now talk more about this phrase, the promise of the Holy Spirit next week were not going to get all the way through the chapter this week. He mentions the promise of the Holy Spirit is important phrase and there's an important phrase that you used in the latter part of the chapter will go into next week. So coming soon attractions verse 34 for David did not ascend into the heavens. But he says himself, the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool. Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ. Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, minute, brother, what shall we do then Peter said to them, repent, let everyone of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now discuss the baptism thing more in depth next week. Integrators, the aorist passive tense that he's using here. Just know that it the emphasis is on coming to Jesus emphasis on repentance, not necessarily baptism or some believe that you're not saved until your baptized. That's true.

Everybody in Hebrews chapter 11 is not in heaven. If that's true then Jesus lied to the thief on the cross. There's more reasons for that, but this will get into that next week I want to look at this one word repent, repent, everybody in here to get a mental picture of what repent means.

May I suggest some of us are getting wrong mental picture even even the word for some of you brings up a God intersection with a bullhorn with a placard with a sign, repent the end of the world is near stuff like that and this is one tragically that the body of Christ us was done. Kind of a poor job of explaining what this word means the people. I believe if you don't believe that. Do me a favor go asked somebody what repent means.

That's not a Christian, but you can ask a Christian what they think that working we think repent means and listen closely to the answer you receive it. Be interesting. I guarantee if you asked my doesn't know Jesus. What does repent mean the answer will probably go something like this. That means that you never do things wrong again. Oh yes, what is none of us are saved the day that you asked Jesus to forgive your sins. Did you stop doing anything wrong. I was actually shocked that I still sent one because I thought this repent thing when she did that was it. Incentive. As a matter fact I thought that had that come before. I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins, stick with me because I might lose some of illness will don't you have to don't you have to really, really be sorry and mean it when you pray that prayer was 100% of your heart me ask this question. The only answer out loud how many people here pray that with 100% of their heart with no doubts whatsoever.

You need to raise your hand is a convicting question though, and so if we didn't do that. Why should we paint the other people that that's what they're supposed to do because you you see what happens.

We got be sorry enough for your sins really really really mean it. If you don't all things called all four guests will exist. We've just built a wall around the gospel that nobody can climb seen people prayed with them bow nobody meant it wasn't crying or anything you want seen people come to the Lord that didn't shed a single tear that their whole life was changed immediately and I have seen people get all weepy but nothing happened. You can't, there's no tears thing you can't see in the somebody's heart the whole word repent met Inouye in the Greek means you're a furnace to change your mind, pastor, twist, and that no I'm not.

That's just that's the Greek you can do a word study on repentance it means to change your mind, change your mind about what change your mind about Jesus requested this crowd that was gathered around Peter people were they verse five told us devout men, very religious man that would make this pilgrimage. This is like they hopped on a commuter plane that took a long time to walk some of them to Jerusalem very devout religious myth and yet Peter stands up and says repent, change your mind about God. See, we've gotten this really twisted notion about what a Christian is again asked people to don't my Jesus what you think Christian is listen closely to their answer. What's my it does mostly good things so my doesn't break the 10 Commandments. :-) Goes to church and mission others answers have anything to do with being a Christian uses example visa before this is a chair you're sitting on chairs. This is a chair.

This is a good chair chair. This chair will never say never use profanity.

This chair will never drink.

It'll never smoked out this chairs always in church this chair is not a Christian. What makes a Christian asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins changing your mind about who Jesus is. Even the Hebrew going back to the word repent Hebrews, Schubert means to turn back to turn back now pastor you saying that they don't need to turn away from their sins. No, I'm saying that's not the important partner. Listen closely, listen closely to what I'm saying. The important part is turning to Jesus because you can turn away from your sins and still not be going to heaven. There's Islamic people in the world that you know what they probably live a more righteous or holy life than you do. Probably never see some of the things you do, they would not watch the television programs that you watch they would not go to the sum of places you go to are they going to have no why is not change their mind about Jesus and we place this emphasis on turning from this one. There's lots of people and turn from their sins. It didn't turn to Jesus that are going to have it.

Now it's two sides of it is like taking opinion going okay well Penny doesn't have a picture of Lincoln or does it have the Lincoln Memorial has both his two sides of the same coin as you turn to Jesus you turn away from your sins, but the emphasis is turning to Jesus changing your mind about Jesus question know what some of you think I almost hear you thinking out there you're thinking will. If we do what what you are saying there's going to be false conversions and that will be different.

How you think they're not false conversions. Now only others false conversions on time you think you can stop that all is you can't we need your help here.

Lots of other ministers really need your help. We can't stop that we get people to to do this.

Turning to God.

Well we we we talk about hellfire and damnation judgment. We breathe in microphone summary good.

What does the Bible say will lead people to repentance, you might be surprised. Romans chapter 2 verse four says or do you despise the riches of his goodness, forbearance, and long-suffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance, not hellfire, not damnation. The goodness of God, the new living translation puts like that don't you realize how con tolerant and patient God is with you or don't you care. Can't you see how kind he is been giving you time to turn from your sin, points out Ephesians 289 that it is by grace we receive forgiveness. God unmerited unearned favor. When we pray that prayer Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. That's it. And then God begins to change our lives repenting is turning to God. And when people begin to hear that God love them so much that he sent us on the die form and he's willing to forgive them if they will ask, and he began to change their life. They will respond to see this is the thing people are trying to change your life themselves and when you say you know what you gotta change your life like a walk can't do that.

You gotta quit smoking while chocolate smoking can't do that you quit doing this while John quit doing. I can't do that. I guess I can't do that Christian thing we built the wall when Jesus came to tear it down as none of us could earn it through the law. None of us could earn it through ourselves.

Maybe you're sitting here this morning thinking I been trying to change my life. I've been trying to change things so that I could get cleaned up enough to come to God. You can't get that going. You come to God.

God begins to change your life. God begins to do the work and any forgiveness you for the asking. If you believe God will help you down if you confess Jesus will forgive you. It sounds almost too good to be true.

That's why they call it the good news friend you know for sure that your sins have been forgiven.

You can know right now only Jenna short, simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now.

Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name, amen friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible.

You've been forgiven you've been born again, congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make.

God bless you, if you pray that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ.

Or you can write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working your life you're the Bible tells us that the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. But it does cost for us to come and bring that message to you and to others in your neighborhood through radio through the Internet and through the mobile technologies that God has gifted us to be able to use so if you like to support this ministry. Please go to cross the Click on the donate button and ask God how much you would have you give either on a one-time basis or continuing basis each month to help ensure that the teaching of God's word continues to go out through cross the bridge. Thank you so much ODA before we go.

What are some ways that we can bless our listeners each day. You can wake up with encouragement from Pastor David to the word of God with his email devotional life lessons to consider daily reading plan and thought to meditate on throughout your day. From the heart. David McGee those are terrific and it's easy and it's free so folks sign up

Thanks again for listening and join us next time. As David McGee continues teaching verse by verse in the book of acts

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