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John Chapter 19:19-26

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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February 26, 2021 12:00 am

John Chapter 19:19-26

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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How was trying to let him go.

Holly had declared a Minnesota closet is important because what powerful is good. What Collett believed did not impact his actions. I mean is plain to see from the Scriptures that he thought he was in, but he never impacted his decision.

The life lesson here Pollock's actions never lined with this Pollock's actions never on the many of us here today say we believe in Jesus, we say that this is God's word given to us to our lives lined up with welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is a senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina, in the story of Jesus trial department believe that Jesus was innocent perhaps Pilate even believe that Jesus was righteous. He may have even believe that Jesus was the son of God, but Pilate never acted on any of those beliefs today. Pastor David explains why it's in order to act on our beliefs as we continue in the Gospel of John chapter 19 now, here's David McGee with part two of his teaching. The cross we're in kind of the high holy ground. If you will of the Gospels in John 19 and in last week we looked at the exchange with Pilate and Jesus.

We recognize that some people in that place declared that Caesar was their king and not Jesus. We talked about how that we need to make a decision. Who are Kenya's obviously Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of lords, but the question for us personally is. Is he your King and is he your Lord to pick it up. It verse 19. Now, Pilate wrote a title and put it on the cross and the writing was Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews, and many of the Jews read this title for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city and was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, and therefore the chief priest of the Jews said the pilot do not write the king of the Jews but he said I am the king of the Jews again we see these chief priests pretty freaked out and again whenever you see this whenever you read the Bible and especially the Gospels and you read something and then you see the religious leaders we see the Pharisees or some I get all freaked out excited, stop, pause and ask yourself why are they so freaked out when here. I mean, the obvious one is.

Note that the title alone that pilot wrote Jesus allows Nazareth, the king of the Jews not. He said I was the king of the Jews now usually what they did is they wrote the crime of the person that they were guilty of rebellion or they were guilty of what exhibition or whatever. They wrote that crown on the there was no crime that he could write for Jesus is the fact that he even wrote this is significant, but he wrote Jesus of Nazareth, being a Jew now. What's interesting and understand something and follow me for sex. Rabbis were heavy in the symbolism I mean they did things when they were copping down the Scriptures I would do that, they counted the letters as they copy down the Scriptures and if it was one letter off. They didn't look to see where that one letter was they feel the whole piece of paper lately through the whole thing away.

They were heavy into what's called acronyms you take in the first letter of each word to form something simple picture significance. The reason this gets interesting is because when you write out in the Hebrew what this says you come up with this. Yes, you can as I read by my lack high Yahoo to him what's the significance of that well look at the first letters of each word you have why age VH.

Why is that significant. That's referred to as the tetra grandma taught meaning for letters in Greek. Why is that important is the name of God yeah I say in the Hebrew Scriptures that is the name of the Lord why age VH and these rabbis being into acronyms and symbolisms would've seen that sign and thought oh my gosh take the sign down. What's Pilate's response. It's a little interesting.

Verse 22 Pilate answered said what I have written.

I have written. Finally pilot finds a spot that he takes his stance on the wrong thing about the sign he should of taken it moments earlier.

John 1839 John chapter 1839 Impala speaking to Mrs. but you have a custom that I should release someone to you at the Passover.

Do you therefore want me to release to you the king of the Jews, so he's trying to release him. There chapter 19 for John Pilate then went out again and said to them, behold, I bring them out to you that you may know that I find no fault in him.

Verse five then Jesus came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe and positive behold the man verse 14 of chapter 19 now was preparation day and it was Passover in about six hours of the Jews. Hold your King restricting but they cried out away with them away with and crucifying pallets of them shall crucify your king the chief priest answered said we have no king but Caesar pilot was trying to let him go. Pilate had declared them innocent wise it's important because what pallets all is good hit close to home. What Collett believed did not impact his actions.

I mean is plain to see from the Scriptures that he thought he was innocent, but it never impacted his decision. Many of us here today say we believe in Jesus, we say that this is God's word given to us but to our lives lined up with that.

Now I'm not talking about you occasionally stumble and occasionally fall you occasionally fail. We all do that was to be on this list be real but is your life.

One of desiring to apply the truths of God's word because if you say that you believe Jesus and you say your following Jesus shut it should. There's many people this morning still in bed who think they should be in church this morning, but then I don't personally people that think they should share their faith with other people, but they want. There's plenty of people that think they should ask Jesus to forgive them of their sins and they may never do it.

Why, because their actions are lining up with their beliefs and suggest this is what we need to be careful when we examine our lives not talking about some legalistic way understand the grace of God is there for you. But understand, God has laid out in his word that were to follow him Lord tells us to love one another as scary and sometimes at a scary sometimes you you hesitate to love somebody because you think you might get hurt. Welcome to the human race. What if Jesus would've thought that about Judas G.

Jesus didn't think Judas was going to end up bad.

He knew he was can end up back still chosen treated him no different.

How we know that because the disciples weren't sure who was going to betray him.

That shows us that that shows us that Jesus treated due to snow different, even knowing what he was going to do now and that convicting is convicting me. Sometimes I treat people differently and what they might do.

I think most of us are like that and had Judas been one of the 12 following the essay Judas was an elder here to stir my you know I is a human man, he would be well what pastors call sermon fodder always being an example. You know, and it would take Judas for example, you know, don't be like Judas and and you know and on and on. Don't be like Jesus, who were following the love one another is that scary.

You bet your you going to get hurt. All yeah is it worth it. Absolutely sweet Jesus did. Verse 23 then the soldiers when they crucified Jesus took his garments and made four parts to each soldier apart. Also, the tunic that tunic was without seen woven from the top and one piece. They said therefore among themselves. Let us not tear it, but cast lots for whose it shall be that the scripture might be filled which says they divided my garments among them, and for my clothing they cast lots.

Therefore, the soldiers did these things now was be clear, they said, and if any of your new King James, not sure the quotations or if there's quotations new living translation or the kindred, but it says quote.

Let us not tear it, but cast lots for whose it shall be." Okay, they did not say it was Suited Should Be Because the Scriptures That This These Roman Soldiers Know What the Scriptures How Amazing Is This Here We Have Gentile Soldiers Unfamiliar with Hebrew Prophecy Unfamiliar with Hebrew Scripture and Fulfilling It down to the Last Detail Because Psalm 2216 Says Dogs Have Surrounded Me. The Congregation of the Wicked Have Enclosed Me. They've Pierced My Hands and My Feet and Count All My Bones. They Look and Stare at Me.

They Divide My Garments among Them, and for My Clothing They Cast Lots. This Is an Amazing Thing Fulfilling Scripture Is Interesting That Another Person in Scripture That Is Required to Have a One-Piece Garment, the High Priest in the Hebrew Scriptures Were Told in Hebrews a New Testament Book That Jesus Is Our High Priest and Just like the High Priest in the Old Testament in the Hebrew Scriptures.

It Was a One-Piece Garment.

They May Think Was at a Big Deal Back Then It Was Absolute Big Deal Because You Took Small Pieces and Put Them Together Will Be Right Back with More from David Magee on Cross the Bridge Right Now.

Here's a Word from Associate Pastor DA Brown Hey We Want to Take Just a Couple Minutes to Pray for Some Cities in Our Listening Audience. Specifically Polson in Whitefish, Montana, and Also Franklin, Norfork and Scotts Bluff Nebraska and Battle Mountain in Carson City, Nevada, Lord, Thank You for the People Tuning in Right Now Listening in the Cities While We Pray That They Would Be Encouraged That You Would Fill Them up with Faith to Say Yes to You and Lord That They Would Trust You with All That You Want to Do God. We Pray for the Church Is an Area That You Give the Pastors Wisdom or Did You Fill the Churches up in the People to Grow and Thrive and Begin to Serve You and Though We Pray for Those in Government Positions. Lord, the Mayor, Police Chief. Those on the Town Council Everyone with Authority, Though We Pray for Unity. We Pray for Wisdom, Discernment and Peace God.

We Pray That You Bless the Cities That Many People Would Put Their Trust in You in Jesus Name, Amen, Amen. Thank You Brother and Now Get Back to David Magee As He Continues Teaching Verse by Verse, Verse 25. Now the Stepfather Cross of Jesus, His Mother and His Mother, Sr. Mary, the Wife of Clovis and Mary Magdalene Was There's A Lot about Mary Magdalene These Days.

It Was Not Jesus's Wife Okay That's That's Just Ridiculous and and Even As You Look at This, He Was Going to Eat in the Moment He's Going to Provide Care for His Mother but Not Designate Using the Care for His Wife Doesn't Make Any Sense and Other People Have Said Mary Magdalene Was Used To Be a Prostitute. One of the Posts Early on Came up with That That's Not Scripture That's Not Scripture Understand If You've Ever Said That He Didn't Say That, Based on Scripture. Actually, a Couple Problems Representative You Portray Mary Magdalene As a Prostitute.

Here's Here's a Couple Luke 82. Here's One. Luke 82 and Three. This Is Insert Woman Who Had Been Healed of Evil Spirits Infirmities Mary Called Magdalene Out Of Houma, Come Seven Demons and Joanna the Wife of Chooser Here at Stewart and Susanna, and Many Others Who Provided for Him from Their Substance. Now Mary Was from Magdala Sioux City That Still There on the Sea of Galilee That Was Kinda Known for Prostitution. That Doesn't Mean She Was a Prostitute and It Mentions Her As Out Of Her Substance Supporting the Ministry of Jesus. Now If You Portray Mary Magdalene As a Prostitute You Have an Ethical Dilemma Because You Have a Lady Who from the Proceeds of Her Prostitution Was Supporting the Minister.

Jesus Sorry That Doesn't Work I'm Not in a Given Level.

That Whole Thing, but Understand, I Think That's an Inappropriate Picture Now This Other Lady Who Is Here.

Matthew 27 Illuminates a Little Bit Math 2755 Visits and Many Women Who Follow Jesus from Galilee Minister to Him Were There Looking on Him from Afar. Among Them Were Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of James and Josť Are John and the Mother of Zebedee's Sons. The Mother of Zebedee's Sons Have To Wonder This and I Know That Often We Repaint the Disciples As These Spiritual Superheroes Is Not Really the Way Scripture Records Scripture Records That Well They Were Human like You and I See Because While We Think They Will Lick the Disciples of Jesus. Now Which Way to Been There Because They've Been Having These Deep Theological Discussion and That's What the Disciples Did.

They Had These Deep Theological Discussions, and They Were Tall Men with Deep, Booming Voices, Yes, but What the Scripture Records Scripture Records the Thing That They Talked about the Most Is Going to Be the Greatest in the Kingdom.

As Stephen Theological and It Even to the Point at the Last Supper, Jesus Had Rebuke of Why Kaiser, Who Was Going to Be the Grace and Looking He Was Talking about Thy so Understand the Picture, and If That's Not Enough for You This All Greatest in the Kingdom Thing Understand to Mom Sent Their Jewish Mother to Ask Jesus Who Was Going to Be the Greatest in the Kingdom That Is the Clear Picture Scripture Represents Matthew 2021. Any Jesus Said to Her What You Wish and She Sent Him Grant That These Two Sons Amount May Set One on Your Right Hand and the Other on the Left in Your Kingdom.

And I Wonder As She Sat There Looking at Jesus with the Cross on His Left Hand and Cross on His Right Hand She Realized for the First Time What She Had Been Asking for Her Son James.

We Know That a Martyr's Death.

John Went through Tremendous Persecution. What's Interesting to Do Is Who's Gathered by the Cross. At This Point God Is Ghosting a Little Bit. The Ladies That John Was There. We Know from the Intimacy of the Details That John Was There and Then Then Jesus Speaks to John and His Mother Mary but It Was the Ladies Were the Guys God There Go and It's Interesting Because You Know Jesus Went from Having Thousands of Followers to Have and Hundreds of Followers to Have in a Dozen down in the Garden He Got Whittled down the Three and at This Point. There's One with the Ladies Who Are Supportive of the Ministry Are There. I Am so Appreciative of the Women Who Minister in This Place Who Give of Their Time Give Other Resources Give of Their Gifts and Their Talents to Minister. I so Appreciate and You See Here That Women Are an Integral Part of Ministry and You Know What Yes I Recognize That There Is a Danger in the World Today of Elevating Women to Senior Pastor Levels. I Don't Think That's God's Design, but There's Also a Danger God's of Us Acting like Women or Some Kind of Spiritual Second-Class Citizens in Christianity. Jesus Never Meant for Us to Take That Picture Never Think We Need to Be Careful That We Understand the Biblical Picture Here of These Women Being in Its Place a Significant Place of Ministry, and Even Later Will See in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Women Believe That the Guys Did so Convicting and for Guys Ladies Are Doing the Elbows Are a Good Boy. We Need to Stick Skill Sound Loop and Again If You Have a Questions about What I Just Let Us Know and I Hope That What I Just Said It Was This Biblical Truth.

I Hope You Weren't Offended and That Galatians 416 Says Have a Now Become Your Enemy Because I'm Telling You the Truth. This Is Something I Have To Do. I Don't Shy Away from the Truth. I Teach the Truth. I Teach God's Word and in Some of the Subjects That We Deal with on Occasion Well There. There Are Difficult.

Jesus Didn't Shy Away from the Difficult Issues in the Rich Young Ruler Kingdom Today What I Gotta Do Any to Sell Everything I Was a Very Seeker Friendly, but He Told Him What He Needed to Hear Jesus Will Tell Us What We Need to Hear and at Times Ran. To Be Honest at Times When Jesus Says Something to Me It's like How Much, but I Don't Go out. I'm Running out.

I'm Bolting Know How Much Help Me to Grow the Lord. I Want Just One of the Only People That Just Well There's a Problem or I'm Gonna Bail. I'm Here Because of Following Jesus. John Chapter 6 Says That Jesus Is Talking Should Put Their Some of You Who Do Not Believe Jesus Knew from the Beginning Who They Were, Who Did Not Believe in It Would Betray Him, and He Said Therefore I Said to You That No One Can Come to Me Unless It's Been Granted to Him by My Father. Verse 66 Is an Interesting As John Chapter 6 Verse 66 from That Time Many of His Disciples Went Back and Walked with Him No More It in, Say, the Fluffy Ones.

It Didn't Say Just the Ones Who Were Kind of There to Check Them out a Little Bit. Mrs. Disciples Then Jesus Said to the 12.

Do You Also Want to Go Away but Simon Peter Answered Him, Lord, to Whom Shall We Go. You Have the Words of Eternal Life.

We Have Nowhere Else to Go. Jesus Life Lesson. Here's Make a Commitment to Follow Jesus Make a Commitment to Follow Jesus, How Far We Follow Jesus You Have To Do. I Can't Decide That for You. I Wish I Could but How Far We Follow Jesus till He Gets Inconvenient, Uncomfortable or Painful When Falling All the Way Follow Him All the Way Verse 26. Jesus Therefore Saw His Mother and the Disciple Whom He Loves Deneb.

I Said to His Mother Woman Behold Your Son Now Understand When He Says Woman in the with Our American Ears. We Hear This a Little Different Than Than the Address Was. It Was Not One of Disrespect. It Was It Was a Little It Is a Different Way to Address Your Mother to Use This Term Woman What It Reminds Me of His in John Chapter 2 When Jesus Addressed or Does the Same Way. Remember There at the Wedding at Cana and John 23 Said and When They Ran Out Of Wine, the Mother Jesus Said to Him, They Have No One so Mary Said Him. They Have No One. Jesus Said to Woman.

What Is Your Concern Have To Do with Me. My Powers Not yet Come. This Is Interesting to Me Because Again, This Is a Cohesive Book.

This Is a Book That Is Dovetails in Such Detail That It Boggles Our Mind and the Last Time He Called Her Woman Was When He Was Saying It's Not yet My Time and She Is Saying We Don't Have Any Wine What's Want a Picture of the Scriptures. One of the Things It's a Picture of.

We Know through Communion Is the Blood of Jesus Christ and He Says to Her It's Not yet My Time, but As He's Dying on the Cross Was This Time.

Hebrews Chapter 13 Verse 12 Says so Also Jesus Suffered and Died outside the City Gates in Order to Make His People Holy by Shedding His Own Blood. So Let Us Go out to Him outside the Camp and Bear the Disgrace He Bore It Was His Time in the Wine or the Grape Juice That We Have a Communion Is Symbolic of His Blood, and It Was Time for His Blood to Be Poured out. Why the Final Lifeless His Blood Was for You. His Blood Was for You, Understand, and Think about, Not Just for Your Neighbor, Not Just for the Person on the Road with You for Your Spouse for Your Kids for Your Parents. His Shed Blood Was for You. Let Me Ask You Question after He Did That for You.

What Should You Be Willing to Do for Him.

So Often I Come Back to This Simple Truth. Jesus, after What You Did for Me.

There Shouldn't Be Anything I'm Not Willing to Go through.

There Shouldn't Be Anything I'm Not Willing to Do Work after What You Did That Verse in Hebrews Says Let Us Go out to Him Because of What He Did.

Let's Go out to Him What Type of Opposition or Difficulty Have You Endured As a Believer, Maybe Even As of Late. As a Follower of Jesus. If You Had Any Your Blast. Certainly the Things That We Go through. Don't Compare to What Peter, Paul, Are Those Guys Went through and What They Went through Didn't Compare with What Jesus Went through Is Your Commitment to Follow Jesus until It Hurts a Little Bit until Maybe Some Area in Your Life Is Dealt with As Her Commitment Jesus on Following You, Because I Got Nowhere Else to Go. There's Nobody Else That's Telling Me That They Will Forgive My Sins That Will Make the Divine Transaction of a Holy Life for My Beat up Life. Maybe You're Here This Morning and Maybe You Had a Difficult Week. Maybe What Do Similar Things Are Talking Maybe Just Maybe You Will, for the Moment, Throw up Your Hands Again and I Don't Know but in Your Weakness. He Becomes Your Strength Friend You Know for Sure That Your Sins Have Been Forgiven. You Can Know Right Now Only Jenna Short, Simple Prayer Simply Telling God You're Sorry and Asking Him to Help You to Live for Him and God Wants You to Pray This Prayer so Much That He Died to Give You the Opportunity and the Ability to Ask Him to Forgive You. Please Pray This Prayer with Me out Loud Right Now. Dear Jesus, I Believe You Died for Me That I Could Be Forgiven and I Believe You Were Raised from the Dead That I Can Have a New Life Not Done Wrong Things I Have Sent and I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me of All Those Things. Please Give Me the Power to Live for You. All of My Days in Jesus Name, Amen It Friend of You Prayed That Prayer According to the Bible You've Been Forgiven You've Been Born Again. Jesus Said He Would Not Turn Anybody Away Who Comes to Him and He Came for Those People Who Knew They Needed Forgiveness. Those Who Were Sick, Not the Righteous. So Congratulations Bring You Just Made the Greatest Decision That You Will Ever Make. God Bless You, If You Pray That Prayer with David for the First Time We'd Love to Hear from You.

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