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John Chapter 13:11-23

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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January 6, 2021 12:00 am

John Chapter 13:11-23

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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January 6, 2021 12:00 am

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Imagine being the disciples then there watching Jesus go to a tax collector in your thinking was I a bit usual turn is stable over like a will and do all sorts of stuff.

Imagine their amazement when he walked over to the task which was considered a really really bad so follow up surely were going what what he tempted he states that he said follow me in that an amazing thing. Don't look past this.

Don't look passes because the first life lessons. Jesus is chosen us to follow him welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is the senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina. Today we have a very valuable person with this. This is DA Brown, David McGee's associate pastors. The bridge and DA why are you so valuable because Bob God chose us, he considered us worth dying for, so that we can live forever with them.

That's exciting. We there not just view me. You and everyone died for everyone is longing for some of us to put our trust in him thousand brother.

Let's listen as David McGee teaches on chosen by Jesus.

John chapter 13 will pick up verse 11 for he knew who would betray him. Therefore he said you are not all clean verse 12.

So when he had washed their feet taken his garments and sat down again. He said to them, do you know what I have done to you at the cutting question and it's so again were in the upper room. Some people call it the upper room discourse. There, Jesus is modeling servant hood and servant leadership in Washington. Their feet and he asked the question, do you know what I've done to you. This is an awesome question. It's an awesome question. If you have asked the Lord to forgive you of your sin.

Do you realize what he's done to you.

He's cleansed you is given you a new start. As it says in Isaiah. He has washed us white as snow. Even though our sins were as scarlet. He has washed us as white as snow.

What an awesome thing. What an awesome thing to consider. Now let me let me go over something dynamically that we may not understand and I need you to understand the disciples. Jesus is gathered in the upper room and is talking with the disciples but I don't know if you understand the significance of something EEC back in that time. In Israel they had what they get.

They called yeshivas. Yeshivas were schools where they went and they learned Torah over the word of God but not everybody got to go to the yeshivas, only a select few.

Got to go to what we would consider like the elementary yeshivas but then after that time. Then they chose who would go to the next couple years. They chose who would go to. I guess the equivalent of her junior and then they would pare it down even more and get the best and the brightest to go to the high school or college level if you will. Yes, she's in most of this happened in the south part of Israel around Jerusalem were up in the Galilee area when Jesus asked the disciples the following that were back in Jerusalem in this chapter. But when Jesus went to get his disciples he didn't count them from Jerusalem. He got them from Galilee and you. It's interesting after they got out of the high school or the college yeshivas they became followers of one particular rabbi, the one Rabbi would going to go okay. I got really sure about that, I want this guy want that and he would say okay you guys follow me. I'm going to lead you and teach you see by the fact that the disciples were up north. In fact they were fishermen, and the fact that they did not have a rep they been passed over. They been forgotten. They been left out, and it's in that context that Jesus goes up to and he says follow me I want you to be one of my followers and he chose to follow in that simple thing we can gloss over without understand the did not. The dynamics of what's going on they been passed over. They been looked past. But Jesus didn't look past him. He went up to him, even to a tax collector can imagine being a disciple and stand there watching Jesus go to a tax collector in your thinking all this can be good. A bit usual turn is stable over and you know make a weapon, do all sorts of cool stuff. Imagine their amazement when he walked over to a tax collector, which was considered a really really bad center and said follow me.

I'm surely were, like what what he tempted he state did he say follow me, and then an amazing thing. Don't look past this. Don't look passes because the first life lessons Jesus has chosen us to follow him. Jesus has chosen us to follow him. The cool part about that and you need understand this because sometimes we can look at why that's overwhelming you want me to follow him. I can't be like. And yet, in your own strength in your own flesh you can't be like him, but when Jesus ask you to do something, it becomes possible. The moment he ask you to do it. Jesus was always telling people to do impossible things. He looked at the lame man and said I want you to walk but doesn't make any sense doesn't, but you say what you walk and eat it. Jesus spoke to a dead person and told him to come out of the grave and it happened so guess what, when Jesus says do you follow me as possible. Read a couple more verses you call me teacher and Lord, and you say well for so I am verse 14. If I then, your Lord and teacher of washed your feet, you also want to wash one another's feet several interesting things going on your course. Obviously, that the serving is going on, but also with the washing is a picture of forgiveness.

Forgiveness and even as he said you ought to wash one another's feet and when I start to think about it and we also need to forgive one another, even as we have been forgiven.

We have been forgiven of so much. You and I and yet sometimes were so unwilling to forgive others of little things as are unforgiveness in your heart this morning. The need to let it go.

You need to let it cook all but the pastor you don't know what they said to me you're right. I don't know Pacino does know Jesus does in Jesus is the one asking you to forgive them.

We don't know what they said to me, or did any reckon you're right. But Jesus knows and Jesus is asking you telling you to forgive them and maybe use it to go.

I don't feel like forgiven him old indoor but the body no no, sometimes you may not feel like forgiven somebody but that's when you step out in faith and you go you know in Africa give that person. I forgive that sister and that brother and it may take a long time for your heart to follow that statement. It may take years for restoration from the damage that's been done, but that forgiveness starts with that statement. It's an act of will sometimes. Jesus reminds us in Matthew chapter 5 verse 23 pieces. Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift be reconciled. Ephesians 432, says, and be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. These aren't strong enough. Remember in Matthew 18 when Jesus tells the story of this man being forgiveness huge that in any goes out and is is going to shake somebody and choke him because they owe him just a little bit of money.

Understand the significance of that picture. We've been forgiven of so much we should forgive others.

That passage ends with Matthew 1832 and 35.

Since then his master after it called and said you wicked servant, I forgave you all that debt because you back me should you not also have had compassion on your fellow servant just as I had pity on you and his master was angry and delivered them to the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him. Verse 35 sobering so my heavenly father also will do to you of each of you from his heart does not forgive his brothers trespasses, while strong, strong stuff when out now pastor David, are you saying are you implying and from that verse that our sins will be forgiven if we don't forgive others, wouldn't that make salvation a works based salvation is not it at all. When you really understand salvation. When you understand truly what all you've been forgiven off. You will forgive others is not a problem because of what you did to Jesus is far worse than what anybody's ever done to you. I know that because there's not scars in your hand scars on your feet, or crown of thorns on your head. So we need to learn to love one another and in forgive one another.

Verse 15 for I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master, nor is he was sent greater than he who sent you know these things. Blessed are you, if you do them long break in a down there and expel look at what Jesus is saying if you know these things, blessed are you if you do them. A reading from the new King James, the English version says now that you know this truth, how happy you will be if you put it into practice like that version. The point of this verse is one if you know these things and to interview do them. I'm reminded of what James said in James 122 said, but be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror. For he observes himself, goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was. But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty, and continues in it and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work. This one will be blessed in what he does. The life lesson here. We should know and do the word. We should know the word will be right back with more from David McGee on cross the bridge right now.

Here's a word from associate pastor DA Brown and Bob are excited about pastor David teaching verse by verse and we want to pray for some listeners in these cities and our audience today Parsons to be good in Wichita, Kansas, Bowling Green, Covington, Glascow in Louisville, Kentucky God, we thank you for the listeners tuning in today in the cities and the surrounding areas low. We pray that they will be reminded that you can heal them if they been going to some physical stuff, or that they would put their trust in you, maybe even have communion today low. We pray that those that are not saved would put their trust in you today for the forgiveness of their sins and got we pray for revival in all these churches in the surrounding areas and Lord that the passes would stick to teaching your word, perhaps even verse by verse, line upon line chapter upon chapter and God that you would blessed as I honor your word and your people are encouraged in their faith in Jesus name, amen, amen. Thank you brother and now get back to David McGee as he continues teaching verse by verse, verse 18. I do not speak concerning all of you know whom I have chosen, but the description may be fulfilled. He who eats bread with me has lifted up his heel against me as interesting because Jesus here is quoting from Psalm 41 any omits part of the passage. It's always interesting to see what's left out when Jesus quotes the Hebrew Scriptures in this case 41 nine says even my own familiar friend, in whom I trusted the phrase he left out who ate my bread has lifted up his heel against me. She Jesus knew from the beginning that Judas was going to betray her to talk more about that next week because there's some staggering implications some stuff that you don't just think about. Usually, as you read through it and in this chapter we see that Judas goes and very likely as Judas went to betray Jesus to the high priest is when he took the money and bought the Passover lamb consider those implications that watch what Judas was going to the high priest to betray the Passover lamb.

He picked up the Passover lamb.

They were using that night again. Lotta symbolism, but will get more into that next week. Verse 19.

Now tell you before it comes that when it does come to pass.

You may believe that I am he, you notice time and time again. Jesus is telling these guys.

What's about to happen. What's coming and there's a special significance of that because if you stop and consider these guys are following Jesus. A lot of them thought that Jesus was going to be the political ruler if you will, and never really get Ray to have their world shattered and so Jesus is town of Malvern Overlook as I'm going to be crucified.

I mean even if you think of the core group of those 12 guys one of them. The guy who's been the treasurer is going to betray him to the high priest another one of the strong leaders is going to deny him publicly in the 30 and Ray to be rattled in Jesus. Prepare Mike and let guys know what's common I know what's about to happen one to reassure them with personal practical application. Here's reassuring as well nourished and Jesus knows what's about to happen in your life and even as he was working with the disciples trying to prepare them for what was going to happen next. Jesus is doing that in your life now, you may not know what's around the corner and I may not know what's around the corner but we can know the Lord who does know what's around the corner that's the next life lesson that if we allow them Jesus will prepare us for what happens next in her life. If we allow them Jesus will prepare us for what happens next in her life and again we can see him doing this with the disciples at this point he's preparing him for what's next and you probably you know that the saying hindsight is 20/20. You can probably look back at the last year last three years. Her last five years and see how God was preparing you for where you are this morning. Now that you know what was going to be happening today this morning. Note that got you batch was got it work all yeah he was preparing you for what's next, and if we will allow him he'll continue to do that in our lives.

Verse 20, most assuredly, I say to you, he who receives whomever I send receives me and he who receives me receives him who sent me your attention please.

This is the part that so important we give an invitation every Sunday here and and the thing that makes that really important is that it's not me that's really inviting is the Lord that the flipside of that is if somebody feels that tug on their heart and they don't step out in faith. It's not me there rejecting the rejecting the Lord himself. And if you continue to reject the Lord at some point you'll stand before the Lord and you'll need to explain to him why you rejected the death of his son that was provided for the forgiveness of your scent friend. I don't wish that on anybody. I do not wish that on anyone Street on verse 21 when Jesus had said these things, he was troubled in spirit, and testified and said, most assuredly, I say to you one of you will betray me in the disciples looked at one another perplexed about whom he spoke. This is amazing. Part of the reason this was amazing. They looked at one another perplexed about whom he said they didn't know they did not know who was going to betray Jesus. New three years ago who was going to betray, but they didn't know what the significance of this, you know, friend. Sometimes I'm tempted to treat people differently because of what I think they might do or might not do. Jesus knew Judas was going to betray him and treated him no differently to the point that they didn't know who was going to betray him, and that so convicting because it hadn't been me if I'd been Jesus you know Judas would've been like a sermon illustration. Every time I was teaching you know you could be like Judas is going to betray me in a couple years and you know he's really not Goodman or you know you make know he who has ears, I am here suffused you Judas you don't have a spiritual ears. We all know that you're going to try make no went on and on. But Jesus never does that challenge how convicting that is how God like verse 23 now that was leaning on Jesus, but is one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved like that phrase.

One of his disciples, whom Jesus loved, and we if you've been reading the Bible very long, you realize that that's John that's John. This man spoke of their how do we know that because you know John tells us, as a matter fact it's the only gospel that John is referred to as the disciple whom Jesus loved coming is conical because he knew Jesus loved him, but the other disciples didn't refer to him as the one Jesus loved to enter things, interesting footnote.

I don't know if you've ever stopped and considered some of the footnotes are in the Bible because it it points to the reality of the Bible and it points to the humanity of the disciples he see in our modern age know when we refer to Ms. St. John and St. this and so they are in an amazingly enough, so we are were considered saints. That's an amazing thing.

Once you asked the Lord to forgive you of your sins. I don't mean St. in the unit of stained glass window halo around your head thing, but I'm not dumb up saints in in the real deal and that your sins of been forgiven.

And when Jesus looks at you when God looks at you. Your widest now and sometimes we downplay the humanity of the disciples and what happens is we downplay what the Lord can do without you seek the Lord took these 12 guys and turned the world right side up and we tend to think what he picked them because they were special know they were west. We talked about earlier. They were like yeshiva dropouts. They weren't like special in the in the sense we think of special they were special because Jesus chose him. Jesus chose you guess what that means your special because Jesus chose you. Jesus said, follow me, but I don't know if you've ever really understood some of the passages of Scripture will go through several quicker Matthew and this is the part where where the ear gets cut off okay.

Now Matthew 2651 and it's on all four Gospels 2651.

Susan suddenly one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand and drew his sword struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. So Matthew doesn't mention the name lessee, what Marxist Marxist 1447 and one of those who stood by, drew his sword and struck the servant of the high priest and cut off as he began guys nameless right: what Luke says. Luke says in one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear again.

He's not these these accounts have graciously left out the name of who it was but John and Peter kinda had this thing going. I don't know if you've ever noticed some of the passages but graciously the other three Gospels left out who it was that took the guy zero. Well John lets us know about this little detail in 1810 he says. Then Simon Peter having a sword going to throw that in there.

He had a sword drew it and stuck struck the high priest servant, and cut off his right ear servant's name was Malcolm's so you know John felt the need to tell us who it was that cut the guy zero I will talk more about that will begin to admit it, interesting that John wanted to note that little detail you got okay that's not really that's just filling in the detail. That's not all. The wedding that there's another passage that's really interesting to when it comes to John and Peter that I'm not sure you've ever considered or are you know if you can take off your religious classes for the moment and really see what the Bible says.

Did you know that John could run faster than Peter. You know how we know this. John told us he could now it may be years ago. I don't remember that part. Let me help you out. John chapter 20 verse three Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb so they both ran together, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first, and he, stooping down and look and saw the linen cloths lying there, and yet he did not go in and sit Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb and he saw the linen cloths lying there in the handkerchief that had been around his head, not lying with the linen closet, folded together in a place by itself and the other disciples who came to the tomb first win and also any solid believe in that amazing stuff he works in there. Not once, not twice but just so you won't miss it three times each bathroom bigger and it's interesting because I think Jesus knew they had this thing going on the John Peter thing.

The reason I think that is in John chapter 21 is Susan Peter turning around Saul the disciple whom Jesus loved, following who also had leaned on his breast.

At the supper and said, Lord, who was the one that betrayed you pursuing Peter seeing him said to Jesus, but Lord, what about this man and I love verse 22 Jesus said to him, if I will that he remains taught, what is that to you. You follow me, what is that to you. You follow me. The reason that so important is because we tend in life to worry about what the other person's doing.

We want to pointed out the other.

All did you hear about such and such and so on. So to hear what they said. My goodness.

Why do we do that now. The simple answer is, it makes us feel better for just a moment but can you really do anything about this other person probably not. We tend to do this and we tend to do this with the people group that doesn't even know Jesus they're not declaring that the following him. They're not saying he's my Savior, he's my Lord I'm going to pursue him. So don't be shocked at what they do because people that don't know Jesus would do a lot of terrible thing but remember the words of Jesus and he said you know what is. You need to follow to worry about.

Don't worry about her follow me friend you know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now own Legion. A short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now. Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things.

Please give me the power to live for you.

All of my days in Jesus name, amen it friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible you've been forgiven you've been born again. So congratulations Springer just made the greatest decision that you will ever make. God bless you, if you pray that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ.

Or you can write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working in your life you're the Bible tells us that the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. But it does cost for us to come and bring that message to you and to others in your neighborhood through radio through the Internet and through the mobile technologies that God has gifted us to be able to use so if you like to support this ministry. Please go to cross the

Click on the donate button and ask God how much you would have you give either on a one-time basis or continuing basis each month to help ensure that the teaching of God's word continues to go out also. Thank you so much DA before we go. What are some ways that bless our listeners days you can wake up with her is Casa David with his email devotional life lessons to consider a daily reading plan and a thought to meditate on throughout your day in the heart of David McGee. Thanks again for listening and join us next time. As David McGee continues teaching verse by verse in the gospel of God

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