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John Chapter 2:1-7

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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September 24, 2020 1:00 am

John Chapter 2:1-7

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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September 24, 2020 1:00 am

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When Jesus to do something he gives you the power to accomplish these all the time in the Scripture telling people doing possible things.

He goes up to a guy with a weatherman is a stretch forth herein or that's not nice. Can't he see the man's hand is whether all of us on earth he goes up to a lame man and told him to get up and walk was never considered. And he's easily when he tells them to do something because of the power.

So when Jesus tells you to do something he gives you the power to be able to do it so I can't is no longer valid excuse is distorted vision is what you can. Whether your inherent nerve 12 or your 75 make a difference.

Take a stand to make a difference. Welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is a senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina, were glad to have one of the McGee's associate pastors DA Brown here with us as Pastor Dave continues through the book of John, Bob, we've all been apprehensive about something that God is called us to do. We can trust that if he's called us to do it easier give us the power to do that with those guys that he called the bring water into the splitting of the wind ran out. One business guy get paid takes faith and it's an adventure and it's exciting. So let's listen as David McGee begins teaching in John chapter 2 John chapter 2 verse one and on the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and the mother of Jesus was there that both Jesus and his disciples were invited to the wedding and the busyness of life. Jesus took time out to go to this wedding that intrigues me. Sometimes we underrate social activities of getting together strongly so the church should not be a social activity but aim activity geared around the word of God.

But let me encourage you when you come here to fellowship with other people to perhaps go out to lunch with them because something happens is your fellowship and was people as your spending time with another one another, that you encourage one another.

Don't schedule out those times. Make sure you're spending time with family or spending time with friends and enjoy in fellowship with one another. It's also interesting how much marriage is in the Scriptures, and be honest, I thought this morning's teaching was going to be mostly about marriage and yesterday I got some change orders from the Lord but were going to talk about marriage this week and also can talk about marriage. Next week, but understand the Jewish marriage. There were three phases to the Jewish marriage if you will. The first phase was the arrangement or the proposal in the acceptance and we talked about that before, but let me mention again the way that that went you didn't date as a young Jewish person. Your first date was when you got married and that the Jewish thing is to the Riemer is a stranger anyway so you would go to the ladies house sit down with her father.

You would pour a cup of wine and said it before her if she accepted your proposal she drank from the cup if she rejected her proposal.

She did not you're going to see a lot of Scripture open up in the next 60 or 90 seconds, then what you would do is you would leave a deposit or earnest money to say that I am coming back and you would also leave a written contract with your bride saying that you would be back, you've got that written contract that your groom would be backslidden on your lap. Now then the man would leave and he would go to prepare a place for his bride. That was interesting the way this works because as a young Jewish man couldn't decide when you were finished with this place give us be honest and guys you be real with me here you know if you are young Jewish God, you get married you know you go to dad's house.

You mean a sheet of plywood on the siding how high his readiness to but the father would say no, son. That's not an appropriate house for your bride to be. So the sun didn't know when the wedding they would be effective you asking when's the big day he would say I don't know. Ask my father even as Jesus said, no man knows the day of his coming except the father then what would happen.

The young man would come back when he had prepared a place at any time, usually at night in the broad and the bridesmaids were expected to be ready at any moment at any time. Again you see so much prophecy in that and then after he went and got his broad then the marriage feast happened will again we see the prophetic timeclock of the church, be enraptured with Jesus and what happens. The marriage supper of the Lamb. The marriage feast it's it's because it's a from Genesis to Revelation, the book is just filled consistently with some of these things Jesus begins here. His ministry at a wedding and some degrees ends it with the wedding marriage supper of the Lamb. I think it's fair when you start to think about the stuff I think it's fair to say we don't understand the full spiritual significance of the marriage relationship because obviously according the Scripture according to the Lord. There's a great deal of importance and in spiritual ministry if you will to it in verse three when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to him, they have no one. Jesus said to her, woman, what does your concern have to do with me, my hour has not yet come. Now let me explain that it comes out to our ears in the English language a little harsher than it's meant to be. The phrase woman was a term of respect. It wasn't a term of warm fuzziness, but it was a term of respect Jesus uses it again if you remember in John chapter 4 Jesus and speaking to her.

We can see a couple things that to me a very intriguing number one.

Jesus is obviously not realizing that Mary is the co-redemptive us but is not disrespecting her and also shows that Jesus didn't do miracles on a whim. They were spiritual statements if you will get them as a part of this is intriguing to me. He did them in part of a teaching she were told that signs and wonders will follow believers, but you know what happens. Oftentimes, as believers, follow signs and wonders, chasing him around here. There we hear this is going on there that's going on Larin. That's not supposed to be the scissors time is not yet come. Now this is I think this points to couple things number one and and you see this phrase a lot in John and we saw in Luke when he says his time is not yet come.

I think one of the things that happens is it points forward to a day in history where his time is come now if you remember of you been with us a little while when Luke 19 we looked at the prophecy of Daniel which foretold hundreds of years before.

The very exact day Jesus would come into the gates of Jerusalem. It's incredible.

It is so staggering in its implications. It many liberal scholars have said that. Well obviously Daniel was written after the fact.

And then you know God loves the mess up plans like that and then portions of the book of Daniel were discovered at the Dead Sea Scrolls dated to 140 to 180 BC before Jesus came in that day, but he was predicting that very day when he said it is my time and you're not recognizing my time. We can read it and Luke 19 and again I think it's also pointing to the point that at some point in the future is Tom does, and everybody does realize who Jesus is. So a lot of times we we we go around with the mistaken impression that some people never going to figure out who Jesus is or you they will you they will one day if they wait until they die can be a sad meeting but if you're meeting him again because of many here to be a glorious meeting will be right back with more from David McGee on cross the bridge right now is a word from associate pastor DA Brown hey Bob want to take a minute to pray for listeners in the cities in California have Joshua tree Lake Isabella Lakehead Las Cruces Laurel Lompoc in the San Jose area God, we thank you for the cities. We pray for the leaders in the cities that you would give them wisdom and discernment. We pray that people would be following you, with all their heart all their soul and all the strength may be sharing with others the hope that they found in you.

We pray that many would accept that offer of hope and eternal salvation, and that they would get plugged in Bible teaching churches.

They will begin to grow in their relationship with you and be a blessing to other people.

In Jesus name, amen, amen.

Thank you brother and now get back to David McGee as he continues teaching verse by verse verse five.

His mother said to the servants, whatever he says to you, do it. So we see here and there's been some people who have attempted to say a little person in others problems between Jesus and his mother and and sadly enough, some Jewish people of said will see he was disrespecting his mother in this Pisces again is not disrespecting his mother and if you think about it you know she's just reporting that there is no one she I don't think she has a clue what he's about to do. He is going to do up and beyond what she is able to ask or think. But I love Mary's advice here. Listen to Jesus whatever he tells you to do, do it. Not good. Nice mothers you know that's that's great advice to give your kids with your not sure of what to say or what to do in any given situation. You don't have to read dear Abby dear dear MO, or whatever it is you don't have to read that stuff you don't have to watch Oprah you don't have to listen to Dr. Phil to tell your children what to do. You can look to the book and say you know what to do what he says to fix all the mystery out of the done. I think that's a good thing and you know what you consider. So I know I want to be tactful here.

If you consider yourself a Catholic, or used to be a Catholic or you're listening to the message and your Catholic you would do well to listen to these words of Mary. She says listen and do what my son says to do understand these are the last scriptural recorded words of Mary in the New Testament. The last thing she said to do was to listen to Jesus. Jesus, who is proclaimed as the one mediator not to not have, but the mediator see we don't see in Scripture any teachings about Mary being co-redemptive us. We don't see anything in there that she was born without sin. We don't see anything in there that she ascended don't see anything in here about praying to Mary or having idols of Mary. You don't see any of those things and there's a couple of things that bother me. To be honest about Catholicism. Number one is the way they always have statues of Mary is an adult in Jesus as a little baby. I'm not even going to get into the probable pagan origins of a maternal deity figure, you can dig some of that up for yourself but notice that Jesus is a small helpless baby compared to Mary, the thing that bothers me and if you weren't aware of this. Don't feel condemned if you've got this type across the only thing that bothers me is that the cross all he still has Jesus on Jesus is not still on the cross. I've been to the tomb. It's empty he's not there.

Praise God and seek a lot of times Catholics still have Jesus on the cross. Still suffering, you may not realize part of the reason they do that is because they believe every time at communion. Jesus still suffers, so that they can be forgiven through the active communion again that's inconsistent with the clear teaching of Scripture sees only a couple things.

And I realize that there's a lot of Christians out there there in this big ecumenical thing less embrace the Catholics way to make us.

We have a lot of people like heroes of the faith that God because they felt there was a distinctive difference between Catholicism and evangelical Christianity. Do you really think they died in vain. They died for no apparent reason know they felt the differences were such that they were willing to die for the differences. So before you look for in intermingling and ecumenical embracing of Catholicism.

You need to be aware of these things not know what I'm saying is not popular is not politically correct but it is scripturally correct and we have to be able to take a stand for the truth, the whole concept of Mary being without sin is totally rejected in Luke chapter 1 verse 46 and the Mac what's called the Magnificat. Mary said and Mary said muscle magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior, as you question if your without sin.

Do you need a Savior. It's a hypothetical question. Gus is no were we.

We all have sin. We are all sinners but if you didn't have sin, you would need a Savior now reality is we are sinners, we do send so we do need a Savior, but you can see here that Mary say in my Savior, so obviously I think I don't think it's a stretch or quantum leap in logic to think she realized she was now said that me say this think we also need to hold as Protestants as evangelical Christians. I do believe that Mary was blessed among women among women above one and to imagine what she went through. Remember what she was faced with her betrothed husband was going to lever. I'm sure the whole town was talking about. About that Mary girl. She held firm. She stood firm guy. She was probably a get a she was a young teenager may be as young as 14 or 15 years old and she went to her husband. Her betrothed husband. That means it's after they have agreed to marry. But before he's come back and taken her way to the place he prepared a place for. Can you imagine numbing put yourself in that position where you know you got this young Jewish bride you're going to Mary and and she says hey I you know I got some important any talk to you about. We we need to discuss something dry hope great man. I'm so excited about the marriage and she comes inches will I'm pregnant but it's okay, but got your attention right often we get it. I am pregnant but I'm still a virgin white. Yeah, I'm pregnant, I'm still a virgin. Don't worry about it. It is the father's the Holy Spirit guides us to be honest. At that point. Are you struggling or what to make of Mary I'm gonna need a few minutes here and she wasn't sure what was going happen but she trusted the Lord.

She wasn't sure in this passage.

What Jesus was going to do, but she trusted the Lord's challenging especially at such a young age. And even if she was older she was. Not a lot older so because by 19 or 20.

Almost all Jewish ladies were already married, so she was older is only by a couple years and you know what I like heroes guys in the Bible are young you realize that Mary is one Daniels another several others. They were very young when they took a stand for the Lord. I think it's a challenge to young people. I think a lot of times we think will you know when you get older. Then you can take stand for the Lord. Then you can stand up and you can make a difference. You know what that is so bogus. If you wait to you get older your wasting time if your young person sitting here today. You know what make a difference. Stand up for your faith. Don't try to fit in. Try to stand out for Jesus. I remember the story of love. The story was a young Christian girl in school took a public stance of purity and everybody would make fun of her. Called her snow white and that it is this… That and she had out before the Lord, Lord, give me something to tell these people to say to these people to proclaim your goodness she went in the class one day only started in again and she said you know what I want to tell you guys three things number one God has given me this gift of life and so number two my purity is my gift back to God. And number three any weekend that I choose I can go out and become like any of you, and lose my purity, but you know what you can never ever ever again be like I am now kids you got to remain pure. It's a special gift that the Lord is given you be very selective about who you give that gift to now you've already blown it. There is mercy versus grace you can have the Lord restore you and heal those wounds that perhaps you've inflicted upon yourself.

But if you're on the fence are you messing with fire guys don't do it don't do it.

I've never met anybody that did not regret giving themselves away so cheaply, but I wanted make a difference guys make a difference whether you're in here in your 12 or your 75 make a difference. Take a stand to make a difference. Get a hold of God make a difference in the world.

If you're not happy with your world as a teenager and you probably shouldn't be make a change begin to see things around you change God wants to use you now don't think God wants to use me a few years. God wants to use you right now if you do what he says just like Mary is nice and and you know what if your use. Here you have this church is love and support and are backing and understand when Jesus tells you to do something he gives you the power to accomplish in this life lesson number one when Jesus tells you to do something he gives you the power to accomplish these all the time in Scripture telling people do impossible things, he goes up to a guy with a weatherman is a stretch forth herein will. That's not nice. Can't he see the man's hand is withered on the vessel and if he goes up to a lame man and tell him to get up and walk was not very considerate and he's easily when he tells them to do. He gives him the power to do it. So when Jesus tells you to do something he gives you the power to be able to do it so I can't is no longer valid excuse is if he started to guess what you can you can great advice to do what he says. Verse six now there were set their six water pots of stone, according to the manner of purification of the Jews containing 20 or 30 gallons a piece. Jesus said to them, fill the water pots with water and they filled them up to the brim know what these were his usual pots for purification as it says in and they would take this water believe that you were contaminated through various things that you did during the day and or special water that was set aside that you would purify yourself with and also what they would do because gnats were unclean animals unclean animals they would strain the NAFTA because they didn't want to get a nap on their hand. So when Jesus said you strain it and that you swallow a camel. That's what he was referring to.

But you know it's cool here again we see Jesus using what they had. He didn't say go out and get some pots. They are have parts see how often we think will have this Jesus could use me 900 and Jesus wants to use you just right now just as you are. He's going to change her but he wants to use you right now is what you have seen, as long as you're thinking what I get that do this than I can help Jesus not enough. Jesus wants to use you right now, right where you are.

The Lord uses what is on hand for miracle in the pot. The pots are something here guys because we refer to as pots and a lot of different places Jeremiah chapter 18 verse six it says the Lord look as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are you in my hand. Isaiah chapter 64 verse eight says, but now Lord, you are our father.

We are the clay and you are potter and all we are the work of your hand.

Romans 920 says, but indeed all men, who are you to reply against God, will the thing formed say to him informed why have you made me like this is not the potter have power over the clay from the same law to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor were the clay is the potter have not made clay pots or anything, but I don't think when the potter sitting there with the clay making something that the clay looks at him and goes Langley at Faria. A lot of the power to be bowl.

I don't think the clay says that to the potter.

Guess what guys were the clay is the potter and how often we we look at some I have to go I wish I was like that. I wish I was like this was or was asked CM I see her. Boy I wish I had that gift. I wish I could do now has given you special and unique gifts and when you look at some ales going. I wish I wish I wish you say into the potter. I wish you made me different microcell is a good friend has.

It is a neat ministry is rice things off makes.

He spends pots one of the things he does it so cool with me makes us big face I mean is scored is like this big knowing you're going all that is so beautiful in any Texas instrument and cuts the vase and have and when he does it throughout the room is like the nieces is what you didn't know this look like a vase hold, we have to be able to trust God with what he's doing in her life and allow him to have his way with friend. You know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now own Legion. A short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him.

God wants you to pray this prayer so much that he died to give you the opportunity and the ability to ask him to forgive you. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now.

Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I can have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you.

All of my days in Jesus name, amen it friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible you've been forgiven you've been born again. Jesus said he would not turn anybody away who comes to him and he came for those people who knew they needed forgiveness. Those who were sick, not the righteous.

So congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make. God bless you, if you pray that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ. Or you can write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working your life will DA before we go. What are some ways that we can bless our listeners each day.

You can wake up with encouragement from Pastor David to the word of God with his email devotional life lessons to consider a daily reading plan and a thought to meditate on throughout your day. From the heart of David McGee.

That sounds good Pastor day and again. It's been great to have you with us on the program today but tell us what else can a listers find on cross the If you're not able to make it to your home church this Sunday. Why not join us for our lifestream at 10 AM Eastern time or on Thursday night at 7 PM Eastern time. This visit, cross the and click on our lifestream link. There you will experience a live service from David's home church. The bridge in North Carolina again. That website is cross the Thanks again for listening and join us next time. As David McGee continues teaching verse by verse in the gospel of God

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