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2 Samuel Chapter 23:1-10

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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September 4, 2020 1:00 am

2 Samuel Chapter 23:1-10

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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September 4, 2020 1:00 am

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You can try to walk alone in this life. And Fran even with the Lord.

If you're walking alone. There's only so much that you're going to accomplish by yourself.

But when you've got God leaving and then you begin the development team around you. You can accomplish more working with others to accomplish great things. We need one God helps us to grow through other people are sharpening our welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee Senior Pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina today.

Pastor David's teaching through second Samuel chapter 23 and we have is our guest of the studio, one of David McGee's associate pastors welcome DA hey Bob, we want to take just a minute to pray for some cities in our listening audience in California. We have Bellevue, Sonora, blights, Borrego Springs, Bernie, Byron and Kelly Ente God, we thank you for the cities and we pray that many will tune in today we pray. If there are some were sick and going through some battles that you please heal them. Father God.

We pray that many would put their trust in you today for the eternal salvation. We pray that the cities would get excited about following you and we pray for these churches and pastors that they would fill out Lord that they would apply your word in their hearts that many others will be impacted in the cities that teaching in Jesus name, amen, amen, brother. This is great to pray for one another and thank you Lester for praying. Along with pastor DA DA what are some of the things that we want to take away from today's teaching in second Samuel chapter 23 Bob the Bible clearly shows us that we are many members but one body.

Pastor Dave's and remind us today to do big things for God.

We need everyone involved.

I agree and and if someone is just wanting to sit on the sidelines and be a spectator Christian is unacceptable. Bob, you've been given gifts that I don't have God's given me gifts that you don't have and we need both of us using our gifts together to reach as many people as possible for God's glory while that sounds challenging but at the same time, it would be awesome to be able to be used by God, along with other brothers and sisters in the ministry.

So let's listen as David McGee teaches verse by verse through second Samuel chapter 23.

Looking at the life of David and work like couple of these things are little bit out of sequence, like we talked about last week. David's life is coming to a close and it's an awesome thing. David is incredible warrior credible leader incredible man of God and yet he was not perfect in Scripture records and it was not perfect when things I really enjoy about the Bible is that it doesn't leave the false frailties and the weaknesses of the people that are writes about out second Samuel chapter 23 verse one says now these are the last words of David Ness as David, the son of Jesse, this is the man raised up on the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel and enters thing in his description here is David the son of Jesse, let's remember it was in a well-to-do family was a family of shepherds and in when he says that in any follows that up with us as the man raised up on. Also Davis, reminding us that God is the one who raised them up and that's important understand that it's always God who raises people up and blesses when you see somebody raised up in the leadership when you see somebody being blessed understand that's that's the Lord doing and I sometimes you can understand why God would choose this person why God would bless that lesson understand that it is the Lord. This blessing, we tend to think of God is this dream crusher in the sense that you know if you hate the cold God's goodness in the Alaska VAB hate that he is going to send you somewhere near the equator to minister. It's always let you know I give my life to God is going to make me do the thing that absolutely hate and abhor. Nothing could be further from the truth. There's an interesting verse.

This is God will give you the desires of your heart not hurt people teach that what that verse means is that anything that your heart desires. God will give that I don't believe that was the intended meaning. I believe the intended meaning is God will put desires in your heart and then when you step out and begin to serve the Lord. He'll give a place for those desires to gain fruit and I think God are from being a dream crusher is actually the one brings dreams to pass even beyond what you can think or imagine is what the Bible tells we think of David good David of Everett.

Imagine as a shepherd boy discounted by his father by his older brothers out in the field by himself, singing a song could he ever imagine that God would take and anoint him to be king over Israel and to be of the eternal lineage of Jesus Christ incredible incredible story beyond what we can ask or think verse to the spirit of the Lord spoke to me in his word was on my time. So David is saying here he is claiming the anointing of the Holy Spirit are saying that his writings were divinely inspired, not only does David say that Jesus Christ actually says that Mark chapter 12 verse 36 Jesus is speaking. Aces were David himself said by the Holy Spirit, the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. So David was anointed of the Holy Spirit. That means that the writings of David are anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus says they were anointed by the Holy Spirit and we need to understand that the Bible claims to be the divinely inspired word of God, so either you believe that or you don't. Either you're a Christian and a follower of Jesus, and you believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God you don't believe any of it you discount Jesus as the son of God is the Savior of the world and you can say the Bible is not the divinely inspired word of God that is your choice, but let's understand for somebody to say that I am a Christian but I do not believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, I'm sorry, that option is not up to you.

You are either a follower of Jesus Christ and you believe the Bible to be what it claims to be. You're not a follower of Jesus Christ and therefore it is your choice now. Let me encourage you not to make this decision based upon what you see on the Discovery Channel or the history Channel because I'm always talking to people you talk speaking with somebody in the family know it would solve the seamless Gospel of Judas and what Unitas dislike, wait a minute you know you have to explain these things, but this Bible does claim to be very word of God was written by men. Absolutely men who were inspired by the word of God. They were in you will.

They were pin in the hands of the matter fact, when the Bible speaks of being inspired by God. The English doesn't do it justice. The greatest Leonel Stowe's it's actually God breathed and formed his word :-) take such time to talk about the word of God, teach the word of God is getting interesting in some churches it will actually, the Bible is that the borrower is the divine inspired word of God and will spend about three minutes a week on and learn our services.

If it is what it is we should take and dig into and I believe it is the word of God.

There's just no way that all the prophecies that have come to pass, could've come to pass if it was not the inspired word of God. The problem see that one on the Discovery Channel, but there's simply no way was a mathematician who looked at the odds of the prophecies concerning the coming of Jesus Christ and his life and he started figuring the statistical odds of these things come to pass in. There's a the issue of compound probabilities is obligated word but it's real simple you know if I said how many left-handed people in here that would be one percentage of people. Now it's okay.

Many left-handed people born Thursday and I've introduced the compound probability and is going to reduce the odds of people who were left-handed born on Thursday. First letter of the name is and makes it every time you introduce something you reduce the odds of actually occurring while he started studying the odds of Jesus Christ fulfilling all these profits and he came out with some staggering numbers. I mean just for Jesus Christ to fulfill like 32 separate profits. The odds are astronomical, astronomical, to the point that it would be like covering the entire state of Texas, 2 feet deep in coins and for a blind person on the very first try to pick out one coin in the midst of the sea of the state of Texas is 32 prophecies Jesus fulfilled over 300 separate and distinct prophecies. How do you explain that if you say will. This is just a book, a collection of folk tales, fairytales, stuff it's interesting, as a lot of people think what you believe the Bible you go to your brain often quit thinking now absolutely not actually in order to not believe the Bible, you really have to not be willing to look at the evidence, which is staggering that this book is indeed the word of God that is that the test amen. Verse three the God of Israel, said the rock of Israel spoke to me.

He who rules over men must be just ruling in the fear of God's spiritual leaders have to be led by God have to be led by God. Nothing is more dangerous than the spiritual leader is not in submission to God or into those who God has an authority and there has to end the leader, the fastest special spiritually or there has to be a fear of God is much stronger than any fear of man because at the end of this life. Spiritual leaders have to answer to God.

I respect for people but not to fear people, fear of God and understand to.

I believe all leaders should have a fear of God not only spiritual leaders but also political leaders, and I think this is the number one thing that if you consider yourself a Christian that you think about and look at when you're considering who to vote for, not whether they agree with you on every policy but does the person actually have a fear in a knowledge of God.

Obviously, the anointing of God was on David and you should never actually even follow a leader until you recognize that the hand of God is upon the person. The anointing of God is on the porch and then when you begin to follow following with all your heart, because God is obviously doing your listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge will be back with more than just a moment but first, if you haven't been to our yet what are you waiting for go to cross the to learn more about how listeners like you are helping get the life-changing truth of God's word to more people to the radio, Internet and mobile technologies across the you can also check out our broadcast schedule. Listen to more teaching from Pastor David and sign up for Pastor David's free daily devotional and there's more thereto, so visit cross the today. Now here's Pastor David as he continues showing verse by verse and he shall be like the light of the morning when the sun rises in the morning without clouds like to tender grass bringing out of the earth by clear shining after rain center thing is verse mentions the sun and the rain and what brings blessing sun and the rain.

What we like. We like the sun.

Well, like the rain doing. I just want to send the shot if it's amazing you even when we go through periods of drought we don't have any rain and then it rains and you go on your talking to people I don't own bullnose room to drown everything on playful book is still raining scan interesting see there's this part of us that things that we want to live all the time and sunshine week we can grow like that. We cannot girl. I love visiting places like San Diego where hardly ever rains in the median temperature year round like 72 his father. So many people out there, but when you're out there and I spent some time in Southern California he knew I miss the season.

There's never really like a follower. All the leaves fall off the tree of my get colored and it gets cold.

It doesn't happen to know that we would all prefer to have sunshine all the time but if you have sunshine all the time. You're not going to grow plants don't grow in their sentient note, there has to be rain. What is that mean to you will sometimes things are going to go like you expect them to take a decidedly different turn than you think they were going to and consider that a little rain falling in your life and it's an opportunity free to ground when the rain falls because without rain, without the challenges like that will never grow. Verse five. Although my house is not so with God. Yet he is made with me and everlasting covenant ordered in all things, and secure for this is all my salvation and all my desire will he not make it increase. This is incredible thing everlasting covenant. David is speaking here of what we call the day phytic covenant, the covenant that God made with David and the covenant was a couple things. The promise of a son.

The promise of a son who would build a temple that his descendents would rain and endure forever didn't necessarily mean that they would always be sitting on the throne as we get more into the history of Israel were to see that ultimately that David's offspring were no longer physically on the throne of Israel. But then, what we see is in the lineage of David comes Jesus Christ, who will indeed rule and reign forever more. Now this everlasting covenant. What was it based on was it based on the goodness of David. Was it based upon the moral purity of David not was based on the things it would've been blown when David Blewitt it's based on the blessing and the goodness of God and the purity of God. This is part of the beauty of the covenants of God we need understand covenants and covenants with God and covenants of God because when I things I frequently hears people say well, God is no longer in covenant with Israel because Israel was disobedient and they don't understand the implications of that now that type of mentality is called replacement theology and that God is finished totally with Israel and he is totally replaced all the promises that he had Israel.

Now those promises are extended towards the church and the church alone. Problem is, you really have no scriptural backing for that we going to the book of Romans and you read that Paul says absolutely.

God is not broken his covenant with Israel. But here's the real problem to a believer to follow Jesus Christ as your sandlot if you act up somewhat. God is going to break his covenant with is that the kind of God that you follow and have a relationship now see because what that leaves you quickly into is a great religiosity and that a performance-based Christianity that you know when you're doing good in your life is perfect and everything is hunky-dory that God love you but the moment you step out of line.

You mess up God now hates you and is waiting to put you in the microwave is not the kind of God that I serve and have a relationship with.

To be honest that's the kind of God I perceived him to be for a long time and I really started reading the Bible and see in time after time in the Bible God being portrayed as a God of mercy and a God of grace that I saw something else when God made his covenant with Abraham did an interesting thing you have to read it carefully to see this what they would do as they would take animals they would cut them in half and then they would walk between the animals and the covenant was that he break covenant and saying you know what, so shall we be. Are you be if you break covenant with I should be separated. I should be cut and and when God made this covenant with Abraham. It's interesting because God and Abraham did not walk between only God was a significant it's a one-sided covenant if you is hard for us understand the God made a covenant with Abraham. God made a covenant with Israel. God desires to make a covenant with bias in the moment we mess up God as they will accept the covenants over here looking at aversive God was going to break covenant it would break covenant with David over his adultery over his murder over the conspiracy, but he never broke the covenant and everlasting covenant. He calls it. He is an amazing thing. Why is it important for us to understand because Sprint sooner or later you will blow you will blow it you know you're sitting here and you've only been safer couple days and you think that you're never going to blow it again. Brenda Scott happen. I think a lot of times we talking Christian circles about how to stand and we should talk about how to stand, but we should also talk about how to fall. What happens when we fall and what to do after we fall because a lot of times if we don't talk about that when you do finally go.

I don't know what I do now I know what I do when I'm stand and I know what to do, but I'm not doing that now now face down in the mind when I didn't know Mike never told me what to do and the book of Proverbs says the righteous man Lily fall seven times gets back on remembering that person you will timeout the righteous man falls 77 and being indicative of perpetual number might be righteous and you fall gets back up again Peter got back up again David got back up again everlasting covenant that rest in the hands of our Lord and that's safer there than anywhere else, verse six, but the sons of rebellion, shall all be as thorns thrust away because they cannot be taken with hands, but the man who touches them must be armed with iron in the shaft of the spear, and they shall be utterly burned with fire in their place.

Strong words lose their rebellious will live in unstable life in the certainly can see that people don't have the Lord and maybe they got stuff.

Maybe they got things but there there live in an unstable life because they don't have that rock and that shelter net foundation of the snow we will talk about the mighty men as David is talking about verse eight. These are the names of the mighty men whom David had Joe ship the she Beth attacked him. One night, chief among the captains. He was called adeno that as night because he had killed 800 men at one time. So these are the mighty men were.

They are Mammon.

David's personal bodyguard.

They may have been cut of his elite you know ninja hits water something or limit both of they were gathered around David.

It was interesting to his. We can see in Scripture the way they started gather around David when he was on the run from Saul and he says those who join with David were those who were in distress and in debt and on the run. Interesting. They were dissatisfied with life. Then they started following David and anyone that something fun and people who were passionate about Jesus passion about following Jesus passion about the Lord. There is, there's a dissatisfaction with the things of this world you just get to that point where you know you think well of this happens and everything to be hunky-dory and I'll be totally happy and for a lot of us. We get to that point where that happens we go nothing. This is not what I thought it would be. There's a dissatisfaction with this. This can't be what life is all about when the greatest things you can pray is if somebody gets to that point your Christianly here tonight understand and I know we make a statement but it's really a danger statement we say I'll be happy when blank. I'll be happy when get that new job be happy when I get that promotion. I'll be happy when I get that new car be happy when I get that new house etc. etc. etc. you what happened friend you get those things and guess what you won't get happy what you're doing is your bar and the mentality of the world and say what it really takes for me to be happy is this little thing that happened or that little thing that happened understand what you're saying to God that limits got thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being willing to forgive me of all of us that thank you for desiring relationship with me, but got it. I just had that V-8 must stay, then it would really complete me as a person here with that. Sounds like see there's part of us. It should go. I want more than this on life because when you start asking that question.

Your there's a lot more to life than what you see on the television or what you read about a holy dissatisfaction with all that stuff will cause you to passionately begin to follow the Lord as he realized that's really the important stuff wanting something more after him was aliens are the son of Dodo the night one of three mighty men with David, when they defied the Philistines were gathered there for battle, and the men of Israel had retreated, he arose and attacked the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand stuck to the sword. The Lord brought about a great victory that day and the people returned after him only to plunder these great stories are interesting story and it's interesting this phrase in his hand stuck to the sword literally in the Hebrew. He wasn't sure where his hand stopped and sword began as he was fighting and you know what were going to see as we greeted read on this list really see that David had some really great people around him. He had some really strong people around and I think that's important that something certainly have learned and am learning as a spiritual leader here. This is to develop a team you can try to walk alone in this life, and friend. Even with the Lord. If you're walking alone.

There's only so much that you're going to accomplish by yourself. But when you've got God leaving you and then you begin develop a team around you. You can accomplish a lot more working with others seems like sometimes we take this Christian independence that we don't need anybody else understand spiritually that perhaps is true and that you can go directly to Jesus Christ but to arrogantly think you don't need the church. You don't need Bible studies.

You don't need to worship in a corporate setting with other brothers and sisters. That's not independence that's my confidence in God that orders on arrogant God created us that we need one another. The life lesson here to accomplish great things.

We need one another to accomplish great things. We need one another and there's a team approach to ministry. Here we have a great team have a great team of staff members who have a great team of pastors of a great team of elders great team of deacons and I think sometimes we slip in as well. I just need got I don't need people well actually do need people because God helps us to grow through other people, iron sharpening iron you got people in your lifeless use of sunshine and rain you got people in your life that are sentient and you also have some people in your life and they are both causing you to grow and that's what happens in the body of Christ friend you know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now only Jenna short, simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out well right now. Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things.

Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name, amen it friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible. You've been forgiven you've been born again, so congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make. God bless you, if you pray that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ. Or you can write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working in your life will DA before we go. What are some ways that we can bless our listeners each day. You can wake up with encouragement from Pastor David to the word of God with his email devotional life lessons to consider a daily reading plan and the thought to meditate on throughout your day. From the heart. David McGee, that sounds good Pastor day and again. It's been great to have you with us on the program today but tell us what else can a listers find on cross the If you're not able to make it to your home church this Sunday. Why not join us for our lifestream at 10 AM Eastern time or on Thursday night at 7 PM this visit, cross the and click on our lifestream link their experience alive services David Sumter to bridge North Carolina again. That website crossed the those are terrific and it's easy and it's free so folks sign up and thank you for listening.

We hope you'll join us again next time. As we continue studying first by first through second Samuel

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