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2 Samuel Chapter 21:1-12

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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August 28, 2020 1:00 am

2 Samuel Chapter 21:1-12

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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August 28, 2020 1:00 am

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We hear just a piece of the story and then we make our decision about what's going on only numerical counseling those people to be there if we ever met with just one of they would come and I got what they promise. It's it's them. It's my husband is my wife, it's not me. You know then that person comes in a guy wanting from zero versus lame but when we set them both down the gather limited, it's more constructive welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee Senior Pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina today. Pastor David's teaching through second Samuel chapter 21 and we have is our guest of the studio, one of David McGee's associate pastors welcome DA hey Bob, excited about being here want to pray for a few cities in our listening audience, today in Arkansas.

We have Fort Smith, Huntsville, Jonesboro para gold Paris Pine Bluff and in California we have Barstow Lord, thank you for the cities. We pray that many with tune in and listen to your word today. God we pray for those who are sick and battling different ailments. We pray that you would please heal them for your glory God.

We pray that many will put their hope and trust in you for their salvation today we pray for revival in the cities.

Everyone but would get excited about following you lower pray for the churches and pastors in these areas that they would stick to your word look to what your word has to say make application of it and others will be drawn to that as well as a folly. You in Jesus name, amen. Thank you DA appreciate your prayers for our listeners as Pastor David teaches through this chapter rigorously a lot of battles and suffering that goes on and yet even in those things there lifeless as we can take out that are very encouraging to us DA can you share some of that with us about today working to learn about how God's Word teaches us not to make quick rash judgments about anything, especially about people who can really distort a situation and do much more harm than good. That sounds good. So let's jump right in. As David McGee continues teaching through second Samuel chapter 21.

Turn with me to second Samuel chapter 21 were looking at the life of David were beginning really to wrap the life of David got a few chapters left with David been through a lot of things learned a lot of things as we get into chapter 21. We point out something that's not obvious, but these last few chapters are. They don't necessarily follow the timeline of the rest of the book up till now. Second Samuel first Samuel has been in frequent okay meaning unit one event after another in the reporting just as they happen when we get to chapter 21 that changes. It's almost like there's kind of a appendix. If you will, that the author wanted to include a few more events and put them on the end of second Samuel Celeste understand that because if you don't understand that you look at this ego.

While this is happening right after this, actually the first 14 verses go somewhat back into the early part of the reign of David and 15 through 22 go a little bit later into the to the reign of David to give you that background, second Samuel chapter 21 says now there was a famine in the days of David for three years.

Year after year. And David inquired of the Lord and the Lord answered, it is because of Saul and his bloodthirsty house because he killed the Gibeonites so the king called the Gibeonites and spoke to them not to give me a nights were not of the children of Israel but of the remnant of the Amorites, the children of Israel had sworn protection to them. The Saul had sought the kill them in his zeal for the children of Israel and Judah remind you, you can go back and do it now, but if you want to go back read Joshua chapter 9 what happens when they come into the land, the giving nights here that the children of Israel are just awesome and powerful in their defeating other reason why people out giving us a waiting to go make a treaty with these guys so they disguise themselves like they came from. This really long journey. They come up and say we want to have a treaty with the work really really far away and Joshua doesn't ask the Lord. He doesn't inquire of the Lord doesn't seek the Lord because okay will have a treaty with when he discovers that these are these people are from right down the road they deceived Joshua do something very noble, and a lot of integrity, even though they deceived him.

Joshua says you know what I made this treaty I'm going on our went on about were not even difficult place because he was really for us to get everybody out of Israel. Here we have these people. Much later in time, because all these problems while because Joshua allowed inquire of the Lord had this treaty with them but he did say you know what here's what's can happen whenever treaty with it, but you're actually going to serve the people of Israel and you become woodcutter's and stuff and you can read Joshua chapter not so that's what happened. All throughout history is right on the street until I got the Saul and Saul and his zeal.

It says, sought to kill when you look at the lifeless own course and in looking at first. Then we took a very in-depth look at the liposome is interesting because here we have a God who seem like at times he was zealous but usually he was being he was misdirected in his times of the he would come up with these edicts and say hey absolutely anybody who eats today in the middle of this battle, working to put on the death and come up with these weird things he was at the wrong time and he was not zealous when it was appropriate when Sable said this is what I want to do what God is doing what you do in this way Saul would listen that it would be zealous in those times he would be zealous and times that he should have been has nothing to do with anybody that's here tonight but I'm just mentioning Ms. because you understand more often zealous in and times we should where we zealous.

I can tell you one place where everyone is when it comes usually to the sins of others were zealous, you shouldn't do that you should do that like that little people over at all where we not zealous when it has to do with our sin and are fed them, were not as though zeal is a very very good thing but it's like dynamite unit. It's a good thing. A very powerful thing. When used correctly, but it can be disastrous when issues incorrectly. Now the model talks about the only couple places John chapters to 16/17 is anything to those who sold us take these things away. Do not make my father's house a house of merchandise. Then his disciples remembered that it was written zeal for your house has eaten me. Jesus obviously had a real problem there. They they had something like a café bookstore up with the Temple Mount, or someone was going on there and they were selling the wheat we got home that problem. Jesus had was they were ripping people off the moneychangers to get the shackles to go to the temple. People were ripping people off at those tables are ripping them off as they sold them the part of the reason Caiaphas got really upset about Jesus is Jesus saying this is all that this is the zeal for your house is eaten me zeal for going to church all something really good thing to be zealous to be in the fellowship in the in church.

It's a good thing probably have friends, and perhaps family. They don't understand your zeal to go to church. That's okay because at one time you were just like you when you talk to someone and they were going to church like pending church like last week going again this summer only. As you know, it's a good thing to be zealous for God's house with something else about us is zealousness is Titus chapter 2 verse 14 to talk about Jesus, who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from every lawless state and purify for himself his own special people zealous for good works, so be zealous for good works great thing. That's all. Something me and zealous for the house of God been zealous for good works. There's a good thing couple other things.

Galatians chapter 4 verse 18 for what it is good to be zealous in a good thing. Always.

And not only were not present. What is the zealous for good thing. First Corinthians chapter 14 verse 12 says even so use that you are zealous for spiritual gaps.

Let it be for the evocation of the church you seek to excel so zealous for spiritual gifts, often on a prayer for somatic prayer for leadership.

I pray that God will give them the gifts of wisdom and the gifts of knowledge so that we can help lead people in and teach people instruct people and counsel while because we should be zealous for these spiritual gifts. The Bible says that we should but zealous to destroy your enemies's not good that's not good. Zealous to point out what's wrong with the other person that's not good that's not what we see Peter in the garden be in real zealous when he pull out the sword and cut the geysers area zero is interesting that you know is a really interesting study of every energy reading the Gospel of John notes something Peter and John. There was like a healthy competition going on. The thing that I told you about the guard understand Matthew doesn't mention who cut the gift God zero the gospel of Mark doesn't mention who cut the guy zero the gospel of Luke doesn't mention who cut the guy zero the gospel of John tells us not only that, it says that it was the guys writing every thought about this a lot of sorghum to cut your ear off.

I'm right-handed, what year model cut off your left ear.

This is just theory may have been standing behind the and reached out with assortments as he was turn the other way. Just a theory, but others will atoll set out the that's not a good time necessarily to be less passion I'm using zeal to me. Don't you zeal in your normal everyday speech passion would be another place. There's places that passion is good passion for the Lord passion to serve others passion for good works, passion for the house of God.

Obviously there's places that passion is not good. Verse three therefore David said to the Gibeonites. What shall I do for you and with what shall I make atonement, you may bless the inheritance of the Lord to give me and I said to him, we will have no silver or gold from Saul from his house, nor shall you kill any man in his will for us sociable, whatever you say. I will do for you is interesting to notice the question that David asked in verse three, and with what shall I make atonement. Atonement in the Hebrew call for to cover what shall I do to cover this wrongdoing, the giving I say you know what, it's not silver or gold. Interesting stuff, stairstep this but they say no silver goes on and then David opens himself up and says what ever you say to do.

That's what were going to do. They continue verse five. Then answer the key is for the man who consumed us and plotted against us that we should be destroyed from remaining in any of the territories of Israel.

Let seven men of his descendents be delivered to us and we will hang them before the Lord and give me of solving the Lord chosen the king said I will give them at first glance you look at the that is really harsh. That is really really cruel backup. Saul wanted to wipe all of them in retribution.

They didn't say okay we want to wipe everybody in Saul's family. They said we want we want seven people. It could be that these seven people are the seven people were involved in these battles and maybe they took from the spoils of war we don't understand name and says why will make an atonement. And really, everything about what the giving I said they said silver won't do it. Money won't do it.

In other words, riches won't do it.

Finances will do it. Nothing of material value will do it and then they say what will do the blood of those people involved which is consistent with the teaching in Deuteronomy talks about half are not tooth for tooth life for a life. These men and murdered many of these Gibeonites and they're saying you know what we want justice we want justice in the form of the blood of the relatives which is cutting interesting because I have to wonder when I see that if they hadn't been very influenced over you know from Joshua that the Davidson hundreds of years they had been affluent influenced the giving I had been influenced by Judaism and Jewish culture. While because there was the concept of the blood of time and were told of living in Leviticus chapter 17 verse 11. There is no covering of the sentence without the shedding of blood. That's important understand the Hebrew Scriptures so important understand Old Testament what is you can understand the Old Testament you cannot understand the new you cannot figure out what Calvary and the cross of Jesus is about to understand that concept in Leviticus that somebody's blood has to be shed for the forgiveness of sin, but there's actually even even some deeper going on here.

There's a Hebrew term. We talked about Amir going to the book of Ruth. There's a concept is called Goel GOE L Goel and means Kinsman Redeemer. There's a beautiful picture and were not doing book of Ruth Knight, but there's a picture there when Boaz is redeeming that two things have to happen for Kinsman Redeemer number one they have to be a willing participant in desiring to redeem somebody and then the second thing is I have to be related to have to be related. This is another picture of understand the Hebrew Scriptures we understand the New Testament why did Jesus come. Why was Jesus born of Mary, because the Goel the Kinsman Redeemer had to be related to interesting Jesus called himself Son of Man 712 time it was his favorite term for himself. He think about that. He's the son of God. Why would he use the term some of because he wanted to be associated related to us so that he could be the Goel the Kinsman you're listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge will be back with more than just a moment but first, if you haven't been to our yet what are you waiting for go to cross the to learn more about how listeners like you are helping get the life-changing truth of God's word to more people to the radio, Internet and mobile technologies across the you can also check out our broadcast schedule.

Listen to more teaching from Pastor David and sign up for Pastor David's free daily devotional and there's more thereto, so visit cross the today something else.

I really like about the ministry is that there's a team of hundreds of people that will pray for somebody to be safe. You have a loved one that needs to know Jesus as Savior. You need people to pray for you need someone to present God's word to them every day were present in God's virtual here on cross the bridge with Pastor David McGee. We can play for them as well. Just by simply going to cross the and click on the pray for the lost button.

All you need to do is put in the first names of the people you love, that need to know Jesus as Savior. Click on submit and immediately hundreds of people begin praying for your lost love ones now here's Pastor David as he continue showing verse by verse seven. But the king's fair for Russia, the son of Jonathan, the son of Saul because of the Lord, so that was between them.

Between David and Jonathan, the son of Saul, so we remember that this chapter encapsulates so many different things from from preceding chapters of an preceding book was the son of Jonathan.

Jonathan was the son of Saul, David made a pact with Jonathan he would look after him in his house forever after Jonathan was killed.

David inquired if there was anybody left of the house.

So I found the fellowship and during a time somebody ran with me for Bishop. They dropped him. He was laying and he had a found a place of the at the table of David for the rest of his life. David looked after that we talked about the fact that David is a picture of Jesus's letter parallels in there that the David is a picture of Jesus and actually from the lot of Judah from we see Jesus coming from the lineage of David on both sides. As far as Mary and then when you follow the follow the genealogy. Joseph was not his father, God was but also Joseph was of the line of David. So David is a picture of Jesus who is the famous chef the picture picture bus and our inability to follow God walk after God in our own human effort in God and his graciousness allows us to sit at the king's business. Remember something Saul was an enemy of David. David was not an enemy of Saul was always an enemy of David Damon would have been within his rights to wipe out everybody and salsa because they could claimant some of that claim to write to the kingship. So David would've been within his rights to eliminate the for Bishop, but he didn't. He didn't parallel in the New Testament, Jesus tells us to love our enemies and pray for good decision when even the Pharisees.

They love people that love them is easy and it ended well, actually it's hard sometimes a lot of people that even love you. It's really difficult to love people that don't like you or hate you or speak ill of life lesson here the gracious, loving and kind to all people, even to our enemies are those connected with her and be gracious, loving and kind all people, even to our enemies are those connected with her in now paints a picture that people who follow Jesus are specially filled with love and grace and mercy and through our lives, and through what we do. People will be convicted of how they live now. Sometimes you use words to do that but people people noticing the way that we live on a daily basis and think you know I don't have what that person has. I desire what they have and part of that is being gracious and loving and kind, even when people are being ugly.she certainly see that life of Jesus he see Jesus weeping over Jerusalem days before he should be crucified in Jerusalem see Jesus hanging on the cross, asking the father to forgive them because they don't really understand what the that is the kind of grace and mercy and love that word to show the world not to love the world as it is a something outside of our spirituality and are following of Jesus, but the will of the people love the people. Verse eight, so the king took our money in the figure chef. The two sons of risk father daughter a lot a she bought us all the five sons of McCall, the daughter of Saul who she brought up for a drill, the son of Martha Leah may have life. Now we mention something McCall didn't have any children. If you remember when when David was bringing arc in Jerusalem when he was dancing and he was worshiping God and his wife McCall set up there and sit on Kimball you embarrassed yourself and just tried review David and then were told in that second jump six or 20 faces. Therefore McCall, the daughter of had no children to the day of her death. These children were probably the children of Mariah Rob was the daughter of Saul that Saul had promised to David when he killed all the Philistines and install didn't carry through with his promise. Verse nine and he delivered them into the hands of the Gibeonites and they hang them on the hill before the Lord. So they fell all seven together, and were put to death in the days of harvest. The first days the beginning of the barley harvest the same grizzly heartless.

Remember some we don't even have half the story. We don't know what happened was Saul. We don't know what Saul was doing when he chased the Gibeonites.

We don't know what all actions he took when he returned to wipe them out and we can know that Saul did not inquire of the Lord before he did this with the giving up because God's upset about it. Saul had inquired of the Lord God said no don't do that. Joshua made a treaty with these people leave them alone. Saul didn't inquire of the Lord. He went and did what he wanted to do. And years later, his relatives are so painful. So we don't have the whole story. There's two words we get confusion. One is discernment and oneness judgment. Discernment is looking at something and going Chi I think that's God. I think that's not of God. The Bible encourages us in the sermon. The Bible discourages us in judgment and judgment. We look at people go absolutely. God would never have anything to do with that person. That's absolutely not. God, they're never going to get say there's just no hope in Jesus for them, etc. etc. that's a dangerous place because we don't have all the information we don't have all information, who has all information God's so who's the appropriate one to judge who's an inappropriate one to judge. We are because we don't have all the information.

How many times have you heard something or read something or somebody told you something and you arrive to the snap decision and judgment about what the situation was and what the person was going and that whole thing and then later he found out you were wrong so my giving you misinformation so I give you faulty information so I just left something out. And yet we made this decision in this vacuum sometimes we are ill-equipped to pass judgment on people and situations I've been in situations where talk to people in counseling and whatnot and I get all the information and say hey you know what that is simply wrong. You got with Dylan that because upset got all the information that's one of things we need to do is acquire the information, but you know what we usually do it immediately as we hear something make this rash judgment next life was never make rash judgments about anything or especially any one never make rash judgments about anything or especially anyone. I didn't say never make judgments.

I didn't say never discern never make rash judgment is what happens a lot of times we hear just a piece of the story and then we make our decision about what's going you know what will we do marital counseling bowls. People have to be there because you know we found out if we ever met with just one they would come in and go watch David promise it's it's the it's my husband is my wife, it's not me. You know then that person comes in a guy wanting prominent persons, not me. But when we set them both down to gather, then it's more constructive. Don't make rash judgments whenever you make a decision get all the information you can and trying make the judgment prayerfully inquire of the Lord. Again, it could have been that these people in profited from the spoils of the battle. We don't ever spin the risk for the daughter of a took sack cloth and spread it for yourself on the rock. From the beginning of harvest into the late rains poured in the and she did not allow the birds of the air to rest on them by day, nor the beast of the field by night and David was told what risk father daughter Marriott the concubine of solid and David went to the bones of Saul and the bones of Jonathan his son from the men of Jacob S.

Killian, who had stolen them from the streets of Betsy with the Philistines and hung them up after the Philistines, it struck down Saul and Gilboa's against constant pieces in Saul, one of his first actions when he became king was go to the rescue of the men of Jacob S. Galea. These men when Saul had been killed by the Philistines.

They took him and and they displayed Saul and his sons Betsy on there's a Betsy Anna still there we visited when everything trips to Israel. This is the place we know it's a place. This is the place were Saul and his sons were displayed so the minute Davis Killian went and got Saul and his son brought them in and bearing them to honor them because he come to the rescue friend.

You know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now only Legion a short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now. Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry.

Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name, amen friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible. You've been forgiven you've been born again, so congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make.

God bless you, if you pray that prayer with David for the first time we'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ.

Or you can write to cross the bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and share how God is working in your life will DA before we go. What are some ways that we can bless our listeners each day. You can wake up with encouragement from Pastor David to the word of God with his email devotional life lessons to consider a daily reading plan and the thought to meditate on throughout your day. From the heart. David McGee, that sounds good Pastor day and again.

It's been great to have you with us on the program today but tell us what else can a listers find on cross the If you're not able to make it to your home church this Sunday. Why not join us for our lifestream at 10 AM Eastern time or on Thursday night at 7 PM this visit, cross the and click on our lifestream link their experience alive services David Sumter, North Carolina. That website crossed the those are terrific and it's easy and it's free so folks sign up today, cross the and thank you for listening. We hope you'll join us again next time. As we continue studying first by first, second

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