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1 Samuel Chapter 3:1-39

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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June 30, 2020 1:00 pm

1 Samuel Chapter 3:1-39

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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June 30, 2020 1:00 pm

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At some time or another you've picked up in offense you have the choice put it down friend but you know pretty soon you're carrying all these offenses and you have no spiritual energy to do anything else because you're busy curing all these offenses and this is why Jesus died so you can let go of all the garden not just so that you can be forgiven of your sin, but that you have the power to forgive other people to cross the bridge with David McGee Senior Pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina today.

He is teaching through second Samuel chapter 3 and here the studio we have one of these assisting pastors to share with us Bob were closing out chapter 3 of second Samuel and David talk about not holding offenses. Now this is hard for any of those right not getting angry and holding onto it, even when it's people that have clearly done is wrong know when you talk about offenses. There are other people have no business sometimes for a spouse, and even sometimes for kids coworkers but this is the latest things that challenge that.

So let's get right to it. McGee continuing verse by verse through second Samuel chapter 3. Turn with me to second Samuel chapter 3 for those who have been with us and set up the chapter what's going on.

Also, just a refresher for us who have been here second Samuel is a continuation of first Samuel we believe the part of these books which were originally one book in the Hebrew Bible part of or written by Samuel and we believe second Samuel was written primarily by Nathan and Gad.

Perhaps when were not positive and now were into the story of David first Samuel dealt with Samuel and then Saul and David comes on the scene in first Samuel and now David is, of main players you will central focus of the book and what's going on now is there's a Civil War between David and the remaining son of Saul is what's going on and and there's contentious there's battles and there's fighting in their Civil War in the nation of Israel people getting hurt. So that's kind of the set up chapter 3, verse one, second Samuel is now there was a long war between the house of Saul, the house of David.

David grew stronger and stronger in the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker. So when the civil house of David was winning.

We talked about last week helped the men that were with David were very experienced in fighting and in battles where the people that were left remaining with Saul were those people who didn't engage in the last battle that's always been where he was killed and also three of his four sons verse two sons were born to David and have brought his firstborn was Amnon, and I am the judge or lightest is second to Leah by Abigail, the widow of Ney Ball. The Carmelite, the third Absalom, the son of man, the daughter of Tom my king of gesture before I do, not just the son of the fifth shut Messiah of the son of a tall in the 63 by David's wife Axel. Now these were born to David in heaven run verse six. Now it was so while there was war between the houses on the house of David that Abner was strengthening his whole house of salt and Saul had a concubine whose name was Chris, the daughter of a so is Shiva just said Abner why are you going in the my father's concubine verse eight. Abner became very angry at the words of this bitter shift and sit my dog's head that belongs to Judah today.

I should loyalty to the house and saw your father to his brothers into his friends knew and have not delivered you and David and you charge me today with the fall concerning this woman. May God do so to Abner Moore. Also, I do not do for David as the Lord is sworn to him to transfer the kingdom from the house of Saul and set up the throne of David over Israel never Judah from Dan to receive any could not answer Abner another word because he feared verse 12 and Abner sent messengers on his behalf.

Davidson loses the Lansing also make your covenant with me in the deep mine, and shall be with you to bring all Israel to David said good I will make a covenant with you, but one thing I require of you shall not see my face, unless you bring that call Saul's daughter when you come to see my face so David sent messengers to issue vicious chef Saul's son said, give me my wife McCall who betrothed to myself for 100 foreskins of the Philistines in this vicious chef issue vicious Bowsher's bistro. Saul said together – shed set and took her from her husband from patio, the son of Leah that her husband went along with her to bring weeping behind her. So Abner said them go return and a return and Abner communicated with the elders of Israel sang time past you were seeking for David to be king over you now then do it for the Lord is spoken of David sent by the hand of my servant David, I will save my people Israel from the hand of the Philistines in the hand of all their enemies. Sounds good is like. Yes, God's anointed David Kerry money is been fighting against David for about seven years, but all of a sudden he's come to this realization that David is anointed to be king over Israel is a smart guy there losing Abner will suffice for the winning side. He leaves the losing side.

Nelson comes this revelation, questionable David. David is a skylight wisdom as you look at his interaction and leadership with the people he asked for McCall to come to him to be his wife again. McCall was Saul's daughter who Saul gave to David, but then when David fell out of favor was also given to another man, David Asper back again while I think it was to build a bridge to those who were following Saul. I think that well is a lot going on will talk about that another time to David McCall with I think David and his wisdom God-given wisdom is making this call, Gotto give you wisdom beyond what you're able beyond what you know beyond her. God give you wisdom says if you lack wisdom, passport, Gotto give it to another source of wisdom as you read the Bible as you study the Bible.

Do you understand you will be empowered with wisdom said sometimes people ask me stuff and it just amazes me. People ask me anything but think they asked me something and I tell him, how Gunkel never heard that before the big guy and what I'm doing is speaking out of the wisdom that this book in God's place in my life.

And if you just simply walk according to the Bible teach according to the Bible, talk to people according about. You will be using lines.

This book is filled with wisdom like lesson pray for God to give you the strength and wisdom to face the difficult decisions of life. Pray for God to give it strength and wisdom to face the difficult decisions of life here.

David's in a very difficult place. He makes a great position sitting around and keep fighting. Abner I will end by war. Somebody does makes a very good decision. Why because he's asking continuously for wisdom and Abner's decided to let David be as King. It would seem verse 19 and Abner also spoke in the hearing of Benjamin and Abner also want to speak in the hearing of David and have brought all the same. Good Israel. The house of Benjamin so Abner and 20 men with them came to David and Ron and David made a feast for Abner and the men who were willing. Then Abner said to David, I will arise and go and gather all Israel to my lord the king, that they may make a covenant with you and that you may reign over all, that your heart desires. So Davidson Abner away anyone face who is really delivering Israel to David that not really just a person stand in front of David. God is the one delivering Israel today.

Remember that. Remember that next time. Perhaps if you get a raise at work, but the man standing of a woman is standing in front of you is not your source is not the source of your blessing is not the source of your needs getting me your sources. God and that person that sits in front of you is is the vehicle that God is using verse 22. At that moment the servants of David and Joab came from a rain brought much more with them.

Abner was not with David and had run for he had sent them away in a God of peace when Joab and all the troops over with them and come they told Joab seen Abner, the son of there came the king hastening the way and he is gone and peace now. Last chapter Abner held Joab's brother in about Abner actually warned the brothers should quit following me if you quit if you keep following me will have it out, you will lose and that's what happened. Verse 24 then Joab came to the king is and what he done, look after came to you that you sent them away in his Oregon verse 25 surely realizing Abner Sumner came to deceive you to know you're going out your coming in in the know all that you are doing the wisdom not to listen, discuss counsel, as this is bad counsel. This guy was saying you know what just come Espańa.

Let's continue on with the war, and David has the wisdom and the perception to see the war is just killing a lot of people and it's a time for peace.

Be careful is whenever there's a time to make a peaceful somebody there will come somebody that stirs up that thing you want peace in a relationship and you're about phone calls and email somebody will come and go. I can't believe you're not going email them or mindedness after letting you.

You just don't forget all is right. Careful Joab would have done well to follow as king and even though he disagreed with them should follow David's leadership, but he does and he ends up suffering and a lot of people end up suffering only when I get Joab is David's nephew some family stuff going on your listening to Pastor David McGee on cross the bridge will be back with more than just a moment but first, if you haven't been to our yet what you waiting for go to cross the to learn more about how listeners like you are helping get the life-changing truth of God's word to more people to the radio, Internet and mobile technologies across the you can also check out our broadcast schedule.

Listen to more teaching from Pastor David and sign up for Pastor David's free daily devotional there's more thereto, so visit cross the today. Now here's Pastor David as he continues showing verse by verse, verse 26 and when Joab gone from David's presence. He sent messengers after Abner brought him back from the well of Saratov, but David did not know that when Abner had returned to have brought Joe and took him aside and the gate to speak with him privately and there stabbed him in the stomach so that he died for the blood vessel held his brother Joab wanted revenge. But you know what this is it really revenge because I had been killed in a battle actually been warned by Abner himself. Joab committed murder. They were about any took advantage of the fact that there were some peace talks going is interesting.

It's an notice he took him to the gate some interesting stuff was what was called a city of refuge, meaning that if you invest even to the point of killing somebody you could go to the city of refuge and they would determine whether you were at fault where you could not, whether you were not at fault and it was a place of protection you could not be messed with. But notice what caused them to the city gate. Where's not under the protection anymore understand there's a protection over the body of Christ when you're plugged into a body and your active part of that fellowship is just a protection that goes with that year here in a body or hearing the word of God you got relationships or some other goalie should do that are really should be thinking that way and once you move out of that body never goes as well.

I've heard so many stories after stores now and I know you sit here tonight and you get all I don't have to be in a church to worship God and follow God without going to church at the theoretically maybe you know what I want in every conversation I ever had was made that statement.

You know what I'm going to. The point is that you can't get housing on was going real well right we need one another, God made it that way. One of us is like a big toe and others of the II guess on the mouth and in somebody else's and we all work together as the body pressing whelming one. This is a refuge. That's why the whole you know the whole thing about would come into the city of refuge was figure out what's wrong with you thing doesn't work.

This is a city of refuge. This is a place is a safe place where you can so you know I'm I'm messed up. I'm really struggling to stop we will beat you up or beat you down. You share your struggles, assuming they beat you up or beat you down. I want to hear about is I don't have a complex.

This has to be a shelter Was Supposed to Be a Shelter. It Wasn't. It's Interesting. This Verse Tells Us Why Joab Killed Just for the Blood of You Actually Read in One Commenter Said That He Did It for the Honor of Saul Sykes Right There in the First That He Did It Because He Killed His Brother and and Friend Again Maybe Will Will You Know Revealed Law for Women and in the Now. His Brother Was Killed in Battle.

He Murdered This Man, This Is Not an Offer and Was in the City of Refuge Wanted to Do It but Oh, Because He Picked up an Offense When Man Killed His Brother. I Love This Thing Picked up an Offense, Let Me Explain When You Get Angry about Something or Somebody You Have a Choice before You to Either Let It Go Pick up an Offense.

What Everybody in This Room Is Done before. At Some Time or Another Is You've Picked up an Offense I'm Mad about This.

This Room Think about This How You Doing, Doing Material about This… And Friend That's Not Too Much Longer before Something Else Happens Whole… Offense Amanda Somebody Said This Looked at Me Wrong Didn't Say Hey to Me Carry That around You Doing I Don't Look This and Something Else Happens Here How You Doing Me How My Doing What You Ask and Then You Live in a Life Where You're Picking up Offenses Choice Put It down Friend but You Know Pretty Soon You're Caring.

All These Offenses and You Have No Spiritual Energy to Do Anything Else Because You're Busy Curing All These Offenses and This Is Why Jesus Died so You Could Let Go of All the Guard, Not Just so That You Can Be Forgiven of Your Sins, but That You Have the Power to Forgive Other People, Jesus Made a Claim Playing in the Scriptures That If You Really Understand How Much You've Been Forgiven of You Forgive Other People Know and We Went through This Ring Understand There's Some Horror Stories and I Could Share Some Horror Stories I Could Share Some Stuffing Immaculately Slighted. I'm Not Going to Never Will Know What I Let It Go. I'm Not Caring That a Fence around I Will Live like That Snow We Live in. The Way to the and Surely Some Bad Things Are Happening at the Hands of Other People, but You Know What, That's Nothing Compared to What They Did to Jesus. Jesus Was Perfect and They Nailed Him to a Cross Friend near Here Your Live in Your Breathing You're Walking You're Not Nailed to a Cross. Whatever's Happened to You, May Be Serious and May Be Hurtful May Be Painful, but It Pales in Comparison to What They Did to Jesus and This Is What Jesus Was Talking about When He Said He Told the Little Story. He Said You Know What There's One Got out a Little Bit of Money. There Was One Got out A Lot Of Money to the King. The Man That Owed A Lot Of Money to the King. The King Looked Him Sitting on the Forgive Your Dad the Guy Went out to the Street He See Somebody That Was a Little Something Nieces You Know I'm Not Beat You up on the 3M Presently Pay Me What I Do, You Pay Me What You Are Me King Heard about and Said Bring the Got to Me to Do I Forgive Your Debt You and Forgive Somebody Else You're Going to Prison and Understand the Significance of That Store. What Offenses Are You Carrying around. Maybe Some Happened Recently.

Maybe Some Happened Years Ago and You're Still Carrying It around Carry That around Letting Go.

You Think It's Hurting the Person That Hurt You to Carry It around Is Bogging You down Man and If You Continue That Long Enough, You Will Be Better You Will Be Cynical and You Will Be Useless to the Kingdom of God. But You Have To Make the Decision If You Picked up You Got to Sit down. Life Lesson Here. If You've Ever Picked up an Offense Tonight Can Be the Night You Sit down and Are Made.

We Reread That If You Ever Picked up an Offense Tonight Can Be the Night You Sit down and Are Made Free from If You Ever Picked One up. You Can Sit down and Sit There and Think What You Know What One Day I Will Send It out Tonight Send It out Tonight. Don't Carry It out and Carried It in. Don't Carried out. Jesus Died so That You Could You Wouldn't Be Burned down under All That Stuff. Verse 28. Afterward, When David Heard It, He Said, My Kingdom and Guiltless before the Lord Forever of the Blood of the Son of Never Let It Rest on the Head, Joab and All His Father's House in the Never Failed to Be in the House of Joab, One Who Has a Discharger Is a Leper Who Leans over Staff Sword, Relax, Bread, and Medical Science Has Proven the Fact That If You Walk around in Your Better and Your Cynical You Will Be More Prone to All Kinds of Diseases, Heart Disease, Cancer, All Kinds of Things. Verse 32 Joab and Emphasize Brother Killed Abner Because He Killed Her Brother Asked and Give Me an in the Battle. Then David Said to Joab and All the People Who Were with Him. Close Guard Yourselves in Sackcloth and Maureen Frappe King David Followed the Cough. He Led the Procession Is Interesting Note to Understand. David Is Actually Going to Make Joab's Military Command after This David Understood No Leaders Perfect.

Verse 32. So They Buried Abner and Have Brought in the King Lifted up His Voice, and Wept at the Grave of Abner and All the People Left in the King, Sing a Lament over Abner and Said, Should Abner Dies a Full Year Hands Were Not Bound or Your Feet Put in the Fetters As a Man Falls before Wicked Men, so You Didn't Died about Conspiracy Took Email and All the People Wept over Him Again.

Abner's Died of a Foolish Death. If You Just Wonder Just so This out. I Just Wonder If Abner Would've Said to Joab, I'm Not Going to the City Gate.

I'm in the City of Refuge Hang out Here That Would've Made Any Difference.

Verse 35 and When All the People Came to Persuade David Eat Food While Still Date. David Took a Note Saying God Do so to Me, and More Also about Taste Bread or Anything Else to Listen Was Great. He Was Grieved by What Happened.

How Graceful Is This Man up and Fight against Them for Seven Years, but He Declared a Piece and David Was so Gracious He Immediately Forgave and Then Was Walking in Such Peace Will Demand That He Was More Than This Death. Verse 36 and All the People Took Note of It and Please Them since Whatever the King Did Pleased All the People from the People and All Israel Understood That They That It Not Been the King's Intent to Kill Abner, the Son of Then the King Said to His Servants Do You Not Know That Apprentice and a Great Man Has Fallen This Day in Israel Davises and I Am Weak Today Though Anointed King. These Men Sons Was There.

I Too Hard for Me. The Lord Shall Repay the Evildoer, According to His Wickedness in the Sons Is There. I Have This Is Joab in Abeche That David Is Referring to Sin. These Guys Are Hard-Core. I Want to Let God Deal with. I Know I Got Deal.

Could David Have Dealt with All Absolutely, He Could Have Done Something Right Then and There That He Chose Not to.

What He Was Trusting Friend.

If You Trust God with Your Livelihood with Your Finances If You Trust God with Your Children. If You Trust God with Your Friends. Why Can't We Trust God with Her in Life Lesson Here Trust the Lord with People, Including Those Who Have Done Us Wrong, Trust the Lord with People, Including Those Who Have Done Us Wrong. Even Though David Was King He Was Going to Leave the Decision up to God to Deal with These People and Then Challenge You to the Same Decision Because I Guarantee You, You Walked in Here with Stuff You Walked in with Offenses You Walked in with Wounds.

Perhaps the Friends or Family. Or Maybe Another Church. Maybe Not.

Hello, You Carry That around. How Long Are You Gonna Retell the Story. How Long You Keep Going in Circles around When Even Let That Go. Jesus Died so That You Could Let That Yes He Died to Forgive You of Your Sins, but He Also Died so That You Don't Have To Walk in Bondage and Carry All These Offenses around Know Butterfly Is a Beautiful Thing. I Think One of the Reasons Butterfly Loves to Fly Is Because for so Long It Was in Was Never Really Comfortable Because It Was Meant the Flock, but Good Let Go. The Offenses Let Go of the Woundings Doing Tonight or You Can Continue to Stir up the Pain and Heartache and Relive It Every Time You Retails, the Choices Are. You Can Put It down Pieces That Your Door He's Knocking Will You Answer or Would You Just Have Jesus Continue to Knocking Friend. You Know for Sure That Your Sins Have Been Forgiven. You Can Know Right Now Only Legion a Short Simple Prayer Simply Telling God You're Sorry and Asking Him to Help You to Live for Him. God Want You to Pray This Prayer so Much That He Died to Give You the Opportunity and the Ability to Ask Him to Forgive You. Please Pray This Prayer with Me out Loud Right Now. Dear Jesus, I Believe You Died for Me That I Could Be Forgiven and I Believe You Were Raised from the Dead That I Could Have a New Life Not Done Wrong Things I Have Sent and I'm Sorry.

Please Forgive Me of All Those Things. Please Give Me the Power to Live for You. All of My Days in Jesus Name, Amen It Friend of You Prayed That Prayer According to the Bible You've Been Forgiven You've Been Born Again. Jesus Said He Would Not Turn Anybody Away Who Comes to Him and He Came for Those People Who Knew They Needed Forgiveness. Those Who Were Sick, Not the Righteous to Congratulations for You Just Made the Greatest Decision That You Will Ever Make. God Bless You, If You Prayed That Prayer with David for the First Time We'd Love to Hear from You. You Can Visit Crossed the to Receive Our First Steps Package with Helpful Resources to Help You Begin Your Walk with Christ. You Can Also Write to Cross the Bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and Share How God Is Working in Your Life.

Now before We Go in the World It Seems Chaotic at Every Turn.

Jesus Wants You to Experience Peace This Year Want You to Experience His Shalom, Which Is Wholeness, Joy and Hope. No Matter What the Circumstances Are That You Face Every Day Meal. Do We Have a Resource That Can Help Our Listings with This yet about Pastor David Wrote a Simple Book That Can Show You How to Experience This Shalom That You Were Just Talking about It's Easy to Read and Full of Great Analogies to Share Powerful Biblical Truths across the Bridge to Life. Discover Your Venture Will Be a Blessing to Any of Our Listeners, Bob, and That's a Great Gift to Think Any of Our Listeners That Financially Support Us to Help More People Crossed the Bridge from Death to Life. Go to Cross the to Request Your Copy Today Also Stay. You Can Wake up with Encouragement from Pastor David through the Word of God with This Email. Devotional Life Lessons That Consider Daily Reading Plan and Even Biblical Thoughts to Meditate on throughout Your Day. From the Art of Pastor Dave Yes Neil and It's Free and Easy to Sign up Today across the Thanks Again for Listing Folks and We Hope You Join Us Next Time Is Studying First by First Second Set

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