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1 Samuel Chapter 28:1-19

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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June 4, 2020 1:00 pm

1 Samuel Chapter 28:1-19

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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June 4, 2020 1:00 pm

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The question will God bless you what your question is following because his blessings are third grade, but as you follow him. The blessings of bile.

If you don't follow him or himself. Your choice for my job, pastor, teacher present that to welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee Senior Pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina today. McGee begins teaching in first Samuel chapter 28 and we have the studio with this one of his assisting pastors. The program Pastor Neal Bob right to be digging in the God's word with you and our listeners out there today. Pastor Dave is talking about choosing life choosing and choosing his way to Bob when we make the decision to follow the Lord. We're living life at its fullest, spiritually speaking, were not robots, so we have to make that choice everyday. That's right, given the choice of free will. When we choose God's way really choosing life and when I say like I mean Bob, joy, peace and happiness. And those fruits of the spirit fruit of the Spirit talk about a relationship awesome listlessness data McGee continues sharing Samuel chapter 20 in those days of the Philistines gathered their office together for the fight with Israel. Ignatius said the David, you surely know that you will go out with me to battle you and your men look at David's words. Verse two said they would send a surely know what your servant can do in Asia said the David.

Therefore, I will make you one of my chief guardians forever.

David carefully words his reply at any way we could learn a lesson we we need to we need to choose our words carefully because all of them. We say things without thinking. I know I have no I still do and I don't have your something about this, but what you say something it you said it.

David is making his enemy. His friend, and in doing that he's making his friends as enemies. The Bible tells us of faith for the wounds of a friend what it's saying and that is that a friend is somebody that will tell you something, maybe you really didn't want to hear but you needed to hear enough friend is no maybe had a huge garlic pasta lunch and your friend is the guy Anderson TicTac statement in a return to need a guest penetrator is not something necessarily want to hear but because are your friend will say that they care enough to say that and oftentimes we can think was some eyes always given us warm and fuzzy.

There are friend and not necessarily in fact, that's a good indicator that they're not really your true friend because they're unwilling to say the difficult, be careful what do you listen to the other. Some guys on television.

I can watch them always feel good about me after watching that's so weird it is unthinking only to feel good about me. I need to get convicted about this or that. The other first grade now sadly and all Israel had lamented for him and bury them in room in his own city and Saul had put the mediums in the spiritist out of the land and the Philistines gathered together and came in camp that shouldn't Saul gathered all Israel together and the encampment go well, now it's all Saul, the Army of the Philistines. He was afraid, and his heart trembled greatly place of Gilbert Woods near the plane of just real near Megiddo in the Hebrew tone arm again and these armies are gathering together and Saul was afraid why because all alone is not walking with the Lord that should always be a check when you feel fear about being alone.

You need to stop and ask yourself are question my doing something should be done by doing something that I assume God was asking me to Saul was afraid because he didn't feel the presence of the Lord now the Philistines able to amass and prepare this battle because Saul was off Jason David is fighting the wrong battles he was fighting the wrong bout it out as a parent you got a fight in the right battle. Pick your battles with your kids. Pick your battles used will be fighting with you always fight when they're not there turn you off. I do listen to their just got here you go. I got… Because you always do that.

So we have to do is you have to pick your battles and in some something you know really like that, save for some important when the important thing comes about because you've chosen your battle. Then there listening. I think Christians mean that same concept.

Choose your battles well because the enemy will come and get you involved in so many different battlefront shall be effective on so choose your battles. Saul was got messed up as he wasn't choosing his battle with verse six and Susan when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer either by dreams or by about the prophet.

Why was so inquiring of the Lord because he was afraid was a shown to be afraid of you bet, but not if he was walking with God. I don't think I often stop and think and remember what life without God was like and how overwhelming and how lonely, how frightening, how bleak and dismal. That was and when I remember that couple things happen. It makes me grateful for what God is doing in my life now give me more compassion and more understanding for those people who don't yet know because that's the life that there still lead waking up and going and what is all this about this is nothing to live for nothing adopt, she thought. Remember the scary things you know there life after death what it is this all there is the life all these things you understand God provides all the answers you need not insulate.

He provides all answers, you won't. He provides all answers you need and we have to be good with we have to be okay with that because if you're not okay with it. It will lead you to an wealthy place again right as it was Saul is related to a bad place because he was not okay with God giving them answers that he needed when the Lord saw the presumptions will lead to his downfall. God is been so patient and gracious and merciful and kind and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting were about to see what Saul does. Saul is dependent upon Samuel owners ration relationship with the Lord. And when God didn't answer Saul what should solid done. She is a God, I can't hear you sums wrong.

If you feel far from God. You need to ask yourself and move Saul was in that place it would've moved him. It would've blessed in the say she God fills really distant from me. What should I do, and he had a choice in that moment I'm going. You know what I need to repent.

I need to go back to God. I need to deal with this all the stuff in my like that's not what he did I get Samuel and this is going to be an unhealthy thing was seven then Saul said to his servants find me a woman who is a medium that I may go to her inquire of her and his servants said to him, in fact, there is a woman who is a medium in indoor up to Saul on this is forbidden in the book of Leviticus. You're supposed to talk to any medium who talk to dead people from necromancy, but you know what is Saul doing looking for medium number two.

Why does his servant rapidly know where one is looking for medium others laid out the alternative right of autonomy friend.

A friend goes to her and then the whole thing from Saul that something again where it got corrupted verse eight. So Saul disguised himself and put another close and he went into man with them and they came to the woman by night and he said please conduct the séance for me and bring up the one that I bring up for me. The one I shall name the little things get weird now and ask a question. It's all really inquire of the Lord will think it it will pass tribute. You just read that he did and maybe Saul said he did send the Bible that it represents some things that some people said they were necessarily the right thing to got a B isolate some of things a Pharisee said then you could get really work theologically and and that's when the safeties of the verse by verse.

I don't think he sought the Lord is my comes in passionate praying about this. I need you ask a question should I do this every play about to bribe welcoming little hello will on the right here. I mentioned it as God. But you know the my cell phone rang, I guess I can and I didn't actually pray about it but I meant to pray about. I was going to pray about it but you only here just ask you timeout the understand even if I knew the answer. If I answered you in that moment I'm building depends upon me. I can't do that at some point nomads that you know what you you have to go pray about.

I don't think Saul prayed about this is the inquired of the Lord.

I think got William into not answer okay that's not really prayer the understand some of those answers some leasing similar issues. You can you guys hang out with God you got to hang out with God and there sometimes we gotta answer you just like that. I mean you just ask you got that answer still small voice, but there sometimes God lingers and waits to talk to Cedar really listen, that doesn't mean you've done something wrong or God is distant lightning God wants to hang out with you for a while and he knows when you need an answer you need something you're more likely to hang out said was true.

I don't think Saul really inquired of the Lord because he immediately ran off to this medium talks to dead people maybe sending it with David yesterday. It says that it says it Saul inquired of the Lord. Leave your finger go with me to first Chronicles chapter 10 minute show you a contradiction in about dumb kid that you didn't first Chronicles chapter 10 verse 13 tells us.

So Saul died for his unfaithfulness, which is committed against the Lord because he did not keep the war, the Lord, and also because he consulted a medium for guidance, be, but he did not inquire of the Lord. Therefore, gilding, turn the kingdom over to David, the son of Jesse. I think Saul really inquired of the Lord never says nothing to give us contradiction is not contradiction. I think somebody told somebody it was right in this book is all part of the Lord is totally possible but that's like so medicaments out prayed about when you pray about what is going pray about it meant to pray about and didn't pray about that in so pondering after that my blackberry went off at answer email 11 and by the time I was here software to pray but I just ask us not inquiring of the Lord back distant verse in all the sudden because Saul got so twisted he's okay going to medium going to séance.

Why, because he has to no careful when you get to that place where you feel like you got in the thank you for listening to David McGee with cross the bridge ministries. David's heart is to help you beyond a radio program will continue teaching the word of God in bringing hope to the power of the Scriptures we know that these are unusual times so we want to share with you many of our online tools. Please check out.

You are to take advantage of these free resources. Our daily devotional has a helpful reading plan thoughts from the Scripture and practical life lessons to help encourage you on.

You are you can find full-length teachings from Pastor David and his assistant pastor's. Maybe you're not able to attend services at your local church right now and visit you are so you can join us live on Sunday mornings at 10 AM Eastern and Thursday evenings at 7 PM Eastern time. Now back to David McGee, first line, then the woman said that let you know what Saul is done now is cut off the mediums in the spiritist from the land. Why then delay a snare for my life to cause me to die and Saul Florida her by the Lord, saying, as the Lord lives.

No punishment shall come upon you for this day. Saul is promising a way that it would be okay. Things have gone downhill. Not only does he promise that but he says as the Lord lives. The understand that just because somebody invokes the name of the Lord doesn't mean they're telling you the truth are doing the right thing hopefully are old enough to realize that just because somebody uses the name of God on radio or television or the Internet. Done mean they're solid just because my stark appraisal, thus saith the Lord doesn't mean that what they're about to say is from God member there is lady prophesy and said, thus saith the Lord the day of Moses and the flood in the ark gave the Lord hath made a mistake. It was Noah thinking God that make mistake, or any just because my uses the name of God doesn't mean that what they're doing or how they're doing it is the right thing. Saul as the Lord lives. No punishment shall come upon verse 11 then woman said whom shall I bring up for you and he said bring up Samuel for me. When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice and the woman spoke to Saul saying why have you deceived me, for you are Saul and interesting passage. Still a couple issues. Saul asked to bring up Samuel.

We've been pointed out twice and Sam is dead. Now there's some people to say this whole thing was a farce. I don't think it was with this woman was shocked when she Saul saying I don't know it you know it could be that there were some type of don't talk to dead people.

I mean, let's just go ahead and throw that out. Don't talk to dead people don't want television show where the people talk to dead people that there's good there's bad that's bad because here's the thing went when you start that in and you know what Lonnie's got a con artist. Well there somebody name you know John on my husband's name was Joe. His name is Joe. He was a tall man know we were sure it was tall or short sword away beehive mustache know he had no mustache.

She yeah I mean but I think sometimes I think there's something to so how does that work in somebody's dead. Here's the problem. Somebody is saying, okay, I want some information. Is there anything out there that can give me information whom he thinks can answer that.

Like reading this thing about people who strongly believe in aliens.

They gather around the circle to join hands and their sick and they say there's anything out there that want to speak through us are channeled through us.

You can use our bodies to speak through you think your answer prayer like I think there's something to there's a supernatural world and I think sadly the Bible talks about people who deny the power thereof, and I think when the church is there's nothing supernatural to our faith. I think that forces some people into looking into the supernatural, bad places, enable places that well. I won't power. I've been been built to receive supernatural power you're telling me is a church. I can't get power can't receive supernatural power. I'm going to look at Fort in the dark corners. There is a supernatural power on both sides. God wants to give a supernatural power. And I think the moment people begin to deny the power it's it's a bad thing. It's a bad thing.

Apparently she didn't really expect Samuel to appear because she gets freaked up she is scared and you know when you don't have God in your life. It's amazing the stuff that Joe Trotta put in their truck put stuff in there. Try to put séance as you try to put drug Joe Trotta put whatever medications all these things we need to really look at your relationship with the Lord because there is a hunger in each one of us to reach out to something that's beyond us, and were built that way so that will desire relationship with God. When people don't have that relationship with God. They begin to desire these things that are unhealthy and then to Mesha. This woman was. She was frightened. Verse 13 and now watch verse 13 and the king said to her, do not be afraid. What did you see in the woman said the Saul I saw spirit ascending other parentless audit fee Samuel the woman, something in the woman's belly demon possessed. We got a problem with demon possession got from the New Testament from Salomé's with about verse 14 so he said to her, what is this for she said, an old man is coming up and is covered with a metal and Saul perceive that it was Samuel and he stooped down with the space the ground about that now. Samuel said to Saul, why have you disturbed me by bringing me up and in the concept there is everybody was in before Jesus before the Messiah, and this could take a half-hour but obviously visual quick. There was a place where the people who believe in God. When and when Jesus died for our sins, he was able to go that place and release them so that they are in heaven, you no longer go to hold in place. The whole concept of purgatory is not a biblical concept in the Bible the New Testament tells us to be absent with the bodies to be present with the Lord.

This is the Hebrew Scriptures there had not been a perfect atonement, through Jesus Christ for sins for shifting the sum Samuel said to Saul, why have you disturbed me by bringing me up and Saul answered.

I am deeply distressed for the Philistines make war against me and God has departed for me and does not answer me anymore neither by profits nor my dreams. Therefore, of called you that you may revealed to me what I should do this whole thing is going on. You think this is from God. You think Saul brought me think God brought Samuel out no.

How do we know that with what Salter said God has departed from me and does not answer meaning this is not God. There's a very real demonic power out there that you need to be aware.

You don't need to focus on only to read all sorts of dark books about what all people of God. This need to be aware and you also need to understand was three for six and then same as it so why do you ask me seen the Lord is important for me is become your enemy on Chaska really what he saying Saul was unwilling to ask God don't go to mediums don't go to fortunetellers don't collect psychic hotlines.

Don't look at astrology charts to see what's about to happen in your life. There is something about us and wants to know what's can happen around the corner bar that can be good, but I can be bad depends on how to express God has faithfully told us some of the stuff that's around the corner in this book fascinating.

I love the stuff that the study of prophecy, but not all the blanks to really fill in and I'm okay with that because of you begin to feel like you got to have the answers you're going to go to other people that will provide those answers sometimes right sometime drop. Here's the thing once you trust in God what he need those answers.

If you have to have those answers, you are really trusting God trust the Lord trust God were 17 and Lord is done for himself as he spoke by me for the Lord is touring the kingdom out of your hand and giving it to your neighbor, David, because you did not obey the voice of the Lord, nor execute his fierce wrath upon Amalek. Therefore the Lord has done this thing to you this day. Moreover, the Lord will also deliver Israel with you into the hand of the Philistines, and the more you and your sons will be with me. The Lord will also deliver the army of Israel to the hand of Phyllis the prophecies that all that doesn't mean it's from God.

Again, I think is demonic but is accurate in these these things are very real. Saul was trying to approach God for what he needed without really have a relationship with the Lord. He wanted the blessings of God. They didn't want the relationship. You realize we do that God has promised us in this book all kinds of blessings as we asking the forgiveness all kinds of blessings as we give financially to work in the ministry all kinds of blessings for serving his people all kinds of blessings for all kinds of things, but often don't go to God blessed me to understand it and maybe cynical. I don't do that women have you harassed God to bless you financially when you were given financial then you've done this in essence what you're doing at that point you're asking God to bless your disobedience. What you don't statistics, a 54% of most people in the church don't haven't given anything less 30 days is an amazing statistic and yet those folks get a financial crunch, God blessed me does not know. I'm trying to teach you something, try to teach you something. And Saul in this place is trying to receive the blessings of God without following the Lord in North going. I got blessings I want to bless you as a blessing God is not the question. Will God bless you. God will bless you beyond what you are able to imagine questions are you following me because his blessings are through grace, but as you follow him. The blessings bound. If you don't follow him yourself, your choice for my job, pastor, teacher present that to blessings. We will use it, you can go to God they will got I chose cursing and I chose that, but I will. Blessings to you know what it your free will is what you chose where you surprise Wireshark friend you know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now own Legion. A short simple prayer simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now.

Dear Jesus, I believe you died for me that I could be forgiven and I believe you were raised from the dead that I could have a new life not done wrong things I have sent and I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name, amen it friend of you prayed that prayer according to the Bible.

You've been forgiven you've been born again, so congratulations for you just made the greatest decision that you will ever make. God bless you, if you prayed that prayer was David for the first time we'd love to hear from you.

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As David McKee continues teaching verse by verse.

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