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Christ’s Blood (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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March 3, 2022 6:00 am

Christ’s Blood (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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March 3, 2022 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the letter to the Hebrews

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You have a spiritual nature of your born-again and you have a sinful nature still will be with you and to you leave this life what would happen if with those two natures, God came along and took away every temptation that ever bothered you and you no longer were tempted to sin and you no longer sent what would happen. Well, your dual nature would be quick to break out the trumpets and the red carpet for you. You are a glorious one.

This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville.

Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Hebrews. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today.

Pastor Rick brings us part two of his study, called Christ's blood in Hebrews chapter 9 verse 12 he goes on his is not with the blood of goats and calves, but with his own blood he entered the most holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption will for you Bible students use a thought. See the line of the of Aron, they did bring the blood of bulls and calves and when they entered into worship at the temple at the line of Melchizedek. If a kid it was a real man.

He offered the blood of Al's blood sacrifices. But if he was a Christophe and he then at something to think what that's what you Bible students with coming back now to to this before us, the high priest, our Christ is a high priest outside the Old Testament system and he is beyond and above it forever.

There will be no human deaths and there will be no animal deaths in the kingdom of God in heaven but to get sinners into paradise. There had to be blood there had to be death. They had to be death enough and blood enough numbers, but in quality. The one who died to get the sinners in had to be worth it.

Moses wasn't worth. Noah, Enoch, Isaiah, Paul, none of them worth Christ. Christ's only he is the one glorious enough. He is the one that is able to do wouldn't know can do another that defined me. He is the one that is able and no other can really do this not the way he doesn't is the one it finds me and forgives me he finds me knowing I'm a sinner, he forgives me knowing my sins, but it doesn't stop there he finds me he forgives me he favors me he likes me and other people that we love because were commanded to love.

We don't like him too much. Look, I love your help in change at flat. I just don't you come over dinner, Christ's son like you. The sin part. The flesh party sees beyond that. Remember we talked about those boards that made up the tabernacle of Moses, they were overlaid with gold. When you look at that gnarled would you didn't see the wood you saw the goal this golden them year plastics. When Christ sees you and me. He sees the gold of Calvary of the empty tomb, he finds he forgives. He favors NS. Not all is forever his son for a while so I we start and stop liking me and find out that you no matter not you, not me.

But maybe you if you find on your Red Sox fan.

For example, you had is not true for those of you that, unless a baseball team and if you don't know that you some serious cultural catch up to do what the before asked that I put there of course are intentional.

The alliteration I want to back a little bit of this up with scripture and I want to back it all up Scripture. He found me. Luke's gospel chapter 10 is this not beautiful to the one who was once lost but now it's found Newton not fig wrote a song about this John Newton for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost when he came here. I'm going to go get sinners. That's why he came to earth, who else would do that. Who else would say let's go fetch some sinners for ourselves, clean them up, make them our own.

Christ we are forgiven.

Colossians 213 courses all over the Scripture so pronouncing the New Testament because in the New Testament. Forgiveness does not have the blood of goats and bulls. It has the blood of Christ on it and you Paul writes being dead in your trespasses and the end circumcision of your flesh should distance from God. The barriers that existed you the dirty one.

He has made alive together with him, having forgiven all your trespasses, gone God wills out of existence your sin. That's what forgiveness is when God says I want to gone is not delegated. It's done first John chapter 2 new Christians who may always fret MSA that I myself am safe today okay tomorrow my same. This maybe you've got that issue. Satan has learned that the dental number that bugs you, and he keeps hitting you with that may be because you fell a lot and so here's a verse just for you and for you who are strong in the faith is a verse just for you.

I write you little children because your sins are forgiven you, your sins are forgiven you for his namesake. That's what it says because what he did. That's the his namesake. There is sorrow and you are favored as I mentioned, you're like, just why why does God like me is God's love.

God is perfect God is holy God is able God is able to take that which is not likable and make an adored if that object will submit to him that object does not submit to him than the wrath of God will abide Ephesians 6 talks about this favor of God, to the praise of the glory of his grace by which he made us accepted in the beloved. That Greek word accepted Kari total all it is the root word is Horace grace but in this form it means to be favored. It means to be liked, accepted, highly favored splendid honor put upon. That's what the word mean your Bible says that's what the word means. The Bible says that we, to the praise and the glory of his grace by which he made us favored in the beloved.

Every Christian should have a humble scribe.

What I mean by that I don't mean we should strut like little proud roosters or anything like that but there should be this anger that holds us to says you belong to the king. You are his subject, which you more than that, your family, your loved your embraced your adored your cherished we sing about adoring the Lord, O come let us adore him, we sing about up cherishing the Lord, but he loves the doors. He cherishes us more God loved us before we loved him and he loves us more than we could ever love him piled up together. Hard to believe it when you're suffering but by faith. You can do that then we come to the forever Ephesians again 321 to him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. That's what it says forever and ever.

The old King James puts it more poetically, world without end. And so we have a robust announcement that we have listened to that we have heard from the Scriptures, God has announced his care for us because we don't get the things we want because we don't mature the way we want requesting these things that your flesh, your flesh is always insane when it comes to spiritual issues is never correct. It never gets it right. It is always a connoisseur of fine wines, why don't I get this.

Why don't I get that. How come he gets it.

He says what would his own blood.

Here in verse 12 he is the substitute for the sinner, there is no substitute for him on any level.

Christ died in the place of the center so you you broke the law of God, God said this is my commandment, don't do this and you did it. What's the penalty on the holy caught a melody around me black like that your sinner, your unclean and the penalty is separation from me forever. Death, real death, not just the loss of life in this world, but God has provided the Savior to make a way of escape, to resuscitate that life to bring them back all that Adam lost. God is made a way to regain and so he took the penalty he took the penalty about death on the cross with his own blood, his own life wasn't easy because he was God the some welding on God the son. Watch this. This is nothing that wasn't like that.

He suffered Bible says he suffered the shame also is very serious is not a stroll through this life for him.

It was a miserable experience. He saw the some enormous suffering exist in this life we look at things we seem why did God allow that all the diseases all of the adjusted the things that are high up at that happen to be human beings but he's on his draw a line is is you can understand this much.

The rest is mine you can understand me and that should be good enough for you, please says here in verse 12, but with his own blood, by his own blood. Christ paid the price for sinners saved by the blood of the lamb not by the Bible Bible leads to salvation. It stirs us to salvation, which you don't get saved by the Bible, the church doesn't save you. Your parents don't save you your deeds don't save you a lot of people think these things do this. There's a whole planet outside these walls populated with those who think these things can save you realize will bring your Your bully will go just as ineffective. The word saves us from spiritual ignorance teaches us about Christ, but it makes an offer you young Christians here. Maybe your raise up in a Christian home by godly parents. Your salvation is not sure. Still, it comes down to this, you must be born again you have to come get it.

It cannot be transferred cannot be delegated can be received and that's it so the blood paid for all who are saved, the in the blood paid the eternal penalty of sin.

Christ work. You are saved by the blood of the Lamb. Again, not the Bible not the church that the deeds not the parents by well-meaning people, not your own wish. Not your own effort. You're saved by the blood of the Lamb. Nothing but the blood of the lamb without his death. No one gets into heaven. We need to be extremely clear about. We need to be very clear about that when we preach Christ that is the blood of the Lamb and they must come and receive it. And if they don't receive it. They are not clean and so he entered the most holy place for all. No other can go there but him and the born-again Hebrews 1019. Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the holiest by the blood of Jesus. That's what it says Hebrews 1019, God, they're willing out of existence. The sins of sinners were washed in the blood of the lamb having obtained eternal redemption.

While that redemption is to ringback what was lost. Adam and Eve. Adam was given dominion, God said, do you know of this trip. This name all the animals I've given you dominion over the garden is yours.

But Adam forfeited that dominion when he disobeyed God, he and Eve together.

They went down in flames. All of Adam's children which we are linked to are born into the wrong wrong kingdom wrong dominion.

That's why we have to be born again into the right kingdom and Satan. His is good the sovereignty that Adam hadn't in the garden. Now Satan has that sovereignty stole it is the god of this age and that sense, certainly not God over God is not a God is a creepy created thing by his own choice, and yet he is a is evil. He is powerful. We are no match for him, but he's no match for Christ. And again, if you are victim to two unclean thoughts or spooky thoughts as things a joke that comes into your head involuntarily as all human beings to some degree are the Christians I have found the best defense is instant prayer for someone else so easy to pray for yourself right God can you make me even better looking. No, I don't think you can bet that that's not prayer. Prayer for others, especially lost souls at any time he messes with your head, you become an intercessor you begin to pray for a lost soul. They could be on the other side of the planet. Although not generally brittle. Pray for all the people in Tibet at that that that's not prayer to have a name life face on the heart.

Pray for them of those instances, you might find to be sword a weapon and a shield and sword can be used as a shield. Incidentally, that is, to the glory of Christ.

Well anyway, this bad I'm the wrong kingdom sovereignty given up. Subject to Satan's influence. Christ redeems us from all of that we will have him we will accept in verse 13 for the blood of bulls and goats in the ashes of a have a sprinkling the unclean's sanctifies for the purifying of the flash first 14 how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God. We go back up to verse 13, all the ceremonies associated with the Jewish Temple. They had to do with ceremonial purity, not moral purity can make you clean it and stop you from being a liar or thief or whatever else you might have struggled with, they just were ceremonial exercises. They meaningful they were true they didn't have that power as we know the Holy Spirit gives and the Holy Spirit does not give as much power as we would like in this life.

What would happen to you as a person with a dual nature. You have a spiritual nature of your born again and you have a sinful nature still will be with you and to you leave this life what would happen with those two natures, God came along and took away every temptation that ever bothered you and you no longer were tempted to sin and you no longer sin.

What would happen. Well you dual nature would be quick to break out the trumpets and the red carpet for you. You are a glorious remember remember how good you are wherever you go. You better than everybody else stated they don't do that they do the stuff you don't do your better than everyone else.

So cod knowing that has left us to grapple with the flesh. It keeps us humble. Could you imagine as a pastor someone coming in and sync pastor.

I have sent this is what I've done. I don't know what to do now.

Could you imagine if I didn't sin I would say you know what you're a loser you need to be like me, which can now messed up the whole world would be so. God in his wisdom, and there's more to it than that, more than I could ever express or even know but I know a little bit about it.

I know that what helps me be patient with others is when you point at them. You've got the fingers pointing back at you and so understanding that may help you, not the devil away when the devil says you miserable and you know good you can responds that you Jesus knows that about me a lot more and he loves me.

Nonetheless, and so those rituals they stopped at the outer man, but the New Testament targets and centers itself on the inner man.

So you doesn't mean you don't bring the offerings of the church as you did in the Old Testament you bring you and hopefully one whom the inner man is being worked upon, not a self righteous. You know self-righteous Christians just want to sprain with a fire extinguisher just for the fun of it just a come on, but in all fairness, because I know how messed up I am. I have to be patient with them still. I can be overbearing in my judgment and tolerance of I cannot be self-righteous against their self righteousness which is quite irritating. Joomla! 1 is messed up at this moment and I gotta be perfect with you but I don't want to be perfect with you. I want you in handcuffs does work that way.

So Romans chapter 12 verse two talking about the inner man. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. And so, animal blood, you know, was instrumental in saving Israel from Egypt. It just cannot save anyone from hell for that you need blood that is worthy.

That is Christ's blood and so people cannot afford to die in their sins and they do not accept the gospel they have and they listen to the gospel live no one to blame but themselves. Now this red heifer that he mentions up here the red heifer had to do with purification purification of the priest verification of those who are have touched a dead body would probably be very helpful and times of war to to make them purified to be able to come to the temple again in that sense they were. Stay work ceremonially unclean. The couldn't go to church until he got this corrected through the steps in the red heifer was part of that. So don't read too much and into that it be very easy to maybe not so wise but weird. There's no need for such a red heifer for cleansing for purification is we've got Christ John's gospel chapter 13.

This is when Jesus was washing the feet of the disciples are blood and water, the blood speaks of course the washing away of sin, justification justification from sin. The water speaks of sanctification that continuous cleansing to the processes of this life, because we are sinners because we are not yet glorified.

The day is coming when we will be in heaven we will be glorify. We won't have a dual nature will have a single nature and it will be singular set on God John's Gospel 13 Jesus said what Peter said no you and I washing my feet. That's work of a slave and I'm not letting you my master wash my feet and Jesus says if I do not wash you, you have no part with me so were talking about that heifer representing purification with Christ going beyond that, not ceremonially but morally and eternally and spiritually. A gun continues.

Jesus said to him, he was Bay needs only to wash his feet walking Christ but is completely clean and you are clean, and then he adds, but not all of you see, Judas was in the room. Judas was not the one he was the one that was not clean and it is made with is up to us to make sure when I Judas and that's not hard to do.

Don't look horrible when I become Judas with no system, not hard. Verse 14 how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God, how much more shall the blood of Christ. In other words, all the other stuff again symbols but symbols must be weaker than the realities they represent those symbols were weaker than the fact of Christ, doing the job he says, without spot to God, Jesus, Miss would make him worthy similars is not enemies eternally.

Self existent sees all the attributes of God are is because he is God equal with the father said of no other in Scripture. Not that anyone from Adam to Marion on then onto the road to the millennial kingdom that no one is without sin. Except the Christ. Now you say well I am a Roman Catholic and I don't believe that within you should be in the Roman Catholic Church right now we don't believe that and a whole bunch of other things we do not share and are not sorry that we don't that we disagree. Don't mean to be rude but we are very firm and just as the real pope announces anathemas on those who are not baptized in his system.

We announce anathemas back on those who reject Scripture which would be using either offending. As Martin Luther said, I do not know how not to offend guilty people is some latitude in this is that we are singing in love how you say love H&H made love spray Howdy I mean you know when does it end up easing people. You got wanted to this email I got it then you don't mind knowing how you said it will make you like this getting a flash and II said because people from other churches will come here and passively demand that we honor their views, even though when we find their views repulsive because they go against Scripture and you know a lot of people to think that past pastors of bar or no pincushion. I and there's some others out there to and nor should they be, nor should Christians see them that way you been listening to cross reference radio the daily radio ministry of Pastor Rick asked Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. As we mentioned at the beginning of today's broadcast. Today's teaching is available free of charge at our website.

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