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Immense Fools (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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September 28, 2021 6:00 am

Immense Fools (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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September 28, 2021 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Gospel of Mark (Mark 12:13-27)

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What again what kind of God would be able to give life and have no power to care for life after this kind of God would that be you have to worship the unknown God, but the itsy-bitsy God and that's who they bow down to because it was God of their own creation, God no larger than themselves. That's what an idol is is a creation of something no larger than yourself. Psalm 115 verse eight. Those who make them.

I like them so is everyone who trust in them. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Mark, please stay with us after today's message here.

More information about cross reference radio. Specifically, you can get a free copy of this teaching. Today's study is called immense fools. Pastor Rick will be teaching in Mark chapter 12 they claimed to believe and uphold the first five books of the Bible, and only those first five books had no interest in Joshua and again. And I say on the profits of just the books of Moses.

That's why Christ is going to answer them from the book of Moses and not from Daniel and Joe will cover some of John Daniel and Joe so they claim to uphold the authority of the written law is that not all know, not for the religiously faithless, and there are many that are religiously like religion. They love ritual.

They liked all the things that go with religion except obedience except conforming in submission to God's word, the revelation of God and true obedience is little value in their lives.

We see it when the high priest Caiaphas is conspiring to hire people to come against Christ. Even if there lying he doesn't care that speaks much to us. Matthew at this point in his account. The parallel account of this event says that Jesus said to them out loud that they were hypocrites. In other words he was accusing them of living their lives on the stage. That way they lived was not what you saw it as far as how they lived was not real was rehearsed. There are some that can live on a platform and they can be real.

Incidentally, where I am standing on this elevated platform. It is not a stage platform be called the chancel if you want to be fancy, but it is not a stage where there is no acting going on a some attempts at humor have been attempted from here and sometimes successful anyway.

Verse 19 teacher now here they are they getting their religious face on Moses wrote to us that if a man's brother dies and leaves his wife behind and leave no children, his brother should take his wife and raise up offspring for his brother. While this is part of the Mosaic law. The brother is not obligated though there is some social shame that accompanies it.

If he denies Deuteronomy 25 is where the drawing this from and the idea is that if your brother married someone and you could be married also and your brother dies. How is she going to survive and to keep it in the family. Your brother's possessions in his name, and even it connects to the line of Messiah because the two events we have in this Scripture from Genesis and Ruth have to do with Judah in the messianic line but other than that just under the social benefits to this will.

What was she supposed to do. There was no welfare program.

She could not always go back to her home where her father was they were trying to survive themselves. He married her off. It will okay we are one was not the feed and so this law existed, the firstborn that she would have if she remarried 2 to 1 of the brothers was to take the brother the deceased brother's name and this of course would preserve his name in Israel is property would transfer to his son and would not be lost on someone else. So they were great merits to this in that economy can't look back from where it how we live now owns sneer at them. This system goes back even before Moses. As I mentioned, it was found with one of the sons of Jacob and Judah contain Mark so the Ruth of the story of Ruth is based on this law so they're trying to bring this law up to him and we have much to say about how they're doing it. Verse 20. Now there were seven brothers. The first took a wife, and dying.

He left offspring. Verse 21 and the second took her and he died and nor did he leave any offspring and the third. Likewise, the seven at her and left offspring. Last of all the woman died, leave it to these miscreants to come up with such a distasteful conundrum.

I mean, this is just this never happens, they created it anyway you supposed to answer things you no hypothetical questions while I can answer them. Hypothetically, the sooner he's going to take them to the Scripture. But wouldn't there be an ominous regularity going on with this, that would arouse suspicion and say you know what, how many of my brothers have died marrying you yeah that's why this would never happen there twisted story.

It would take courage to be husband number three, half a dozen of them die.

I think the townspeople need to investigate so I do not believe for a moment that this is based on a true story. One or two husbands may be in in the family, but you know that just is that moving down the Geisinger not marrying her. No way.

This is a black widow kind of a thing. Verse 23.

So here that hit comes that their punchline therefore in the resurrection when they arise whose wife will she be for all seven had her as wife. What a low view of women and cynicism towards the resurrection life after this life.

That is what is is coming out in this and is seated in their disdain for accountability to God. Unbelievers have a reason for rejecting the truth and these men are no different. Do people really think that the resurrection means life continues where it left off. After you die I mean do you think is going to be a Chinatown in heaven a little Italy mean to be nice restaurants. I mean do you really think that saying that maybe I'll come visit you in your neighborhood.

This is going to be something so glorious possible be a crime to try to describe these things you I caught a glimpse of it falls then that is just amazing and I said I guess anymore so verse 24.

Jesus answers it of them. Are you not therefore mistaken because you do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God is not impressed with their grotesque scenario. You know I will. That's a hard 1 Marked Their Insensitive Way of thinking. We see this and some other religions you know you'll get 70 virgins when you dive you blow yourself up killing other people twisted sick is that that should be twisted and sick to anybody not just Christians.

Just saying. Would you like that to happen to you would would you like that to happen to your daughter to be stuck with somebody who blows himself up when he gets up to the next live. The whole thing is madness but there blow you up for saying anyway this insensitive thinking of theirs out in the open before them in the Lord must this hard part of it must've broken.

Another part was just like this. This is so ridiculous it doesn't happen and you know it, but the dunce committee that have to be answered. That's how it is in life yes can always ignore the dunce committee and they thought this successfully proves disprove the resurrection ever talking. I believe in a smugly think they've got you and you shoot that down but still go back to the drawing board like Wiley Coyote blueprints under their armpits and try to figure out another gadget instead of just saying you know maybe a better dress like a rabbit just change the heights anyway.

The six things human beings will believe once they reject the truth of Christ, he says, are you not therefore mistaken, so he has a question for them.

Do you know what is going to their little heads who cares pretty much is is because you don't know the Bible are you not wrong because you don't know the Scripture, if you know the Bible you wouldn't be long like this but you don't know the Bible and you consider yourselves custodians of the Bible, so his replies biblical it was be like saying to Einstein that your theory and you call yourself a scientist pretty dimwitted that she could frighten this in their faces is not you know is is pretty heavy stuff the same to these this group. They had no excuse for their ignorance they were what we call today for liberal theologians.

They picked and choose what to believe. From the Bible and we have them. Today there and universities there in seminaries there in churches or in pulpits and they tell you what that part of the Bible is not true with this part as well. How do they become the way the truth and the life.

How do they become the Holy Spirit, whatever you don't like in the Bible just edit it out we have in trying with this one. Homosexuality will Jesus never came out. Yet he did what he said don't think I came to destroy the law and the prophets, but to uphold them and the prophets and the law they condemn that kind of behavior they did many other kinds of behaviors but yet they are because they are drunk with their brand of religion and so in the in their case a mention. As mentioned accepted the writings of Moses and no more. And they were very proud about this in the argument. The Pharisees and the scribes over these things to different schools of thought, and that leaving out believing only the books of Moses leaves out a lot of Scripture so Christ called them ignorant.

Why because they were that's why it's not meant to just I'm just going to strike back at them.

I'm going to call it like it is because I want my disciples to know these men, regardless of how they dressed guns what claims they make will regardless of what credentials they have. They are ignorant not because of the credentials in the dress and the claims of because they reject the Scripture.

That's why they're ignorant get up in my face telling me I'm such a good boy and then to give me some six scenario like this and you can even back it up with truth from your own Bibles.

The sections that you will accept this week again going to take the going to take them to task on that willful ignorance of Scripture willful ignorance of Scripture is is the cause of this and it is intolerable with God. Why should God tolerate willful rejection of what he has said is one thing to say Lord I'm trying. I agree with you just can't seem to get it done and hold nothing when you say no I don't like that I don't want that and that's wrong.

This is this dumb notification of the religious leaders.

It is a joint venture of devil and man together, he says, nor the power of God.

What kind of God today worship that did not have power to resolve such a problem is what they were presenting. You would think they they would say to themselves, will he look to shutdown those guys about the coin. We shouldn't ask anymore questions let's just go all we know they don't do that. They come at it from another angle because they think they were smarter than the first group to begin with. Their question would catch him but again, what kind of God would be able to give life and have no power to care for life after this life. What kind of God would that be you have to worship the unknown God, but the itsy-bitsy God and that's who they bow down to because it was a God of their own creation, God no larger than themselves. That's what an idol is.

It is a creation of something no larger than yourself. Psalm 115 verse eight. Those who make them. I like them so is everyone who trust in them.

Point-blank nothing to add to that, it says what it needs to say God who can give life to the universe is not stopped or halted by death and yet they don't believe that. Would you want to be these people's neighbor.

I mean the way they think. Is it any more remarkable that we should live again, then we should live in all it's a miracle that we have life at all and all the complexities edited that encapsulate us that come from us that go into us or we are very complex in a positive and a negative way.

And yet God is in total control has it all under his control and he no matter what we know again they wanted to avoid accountability at death so they just factored it out.

Verse 25 for when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven. He does not say if they rise from the dead, but when they rise from the dead. He's not giving them an inch. The whole idea of procreation. When Adam and Eve. They were told told to be fruitful and multiply a good principle, be fruitful and multiply in that order and of course there was no hurry to have children because it was no death.

What changed everything. What would Bruce accelerated everything and twisted it at the same time was to sin. Now humankind had to replace humankind because people were dying and this is the purpose. In heaven there will not be that need God's populating heaven now with humans that have come to him and when he gets the quarter that he is assigned to it. Then comes the end, and then he'll even get more from the millennial reign. He knows what he's doing. We accept that verse 26 he says, but concerning the dead. Never was I will get back to this with you guys that they rise have you not read in the book of Moses, see the book that they claim to believe it in the burning bush passage.

How God spoke to him saying I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. Now do so he goes to the Bible. Part of the Bible.

They accept the burning bush passage, which is a direct experience of Moses, just to shut them up.

Exodus 3 Moses he said God speaking to Moses.

Moreover, he said I am the God of your father the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob and Moses his face and was afraid to look upon God to bet they didn't have that same reaction to the Scripture, that sense of high reverence saying I am the God of Abraham, present tense again. I am the God of Abraham not I was the God of Abraham.

The Bible is clearly teaching this a get into some figures or how long these men had been dead when Jesus said this in a moment. This also maybe you're not. You're listening to this and you're saying to yourself, or where else was a second witness in scriptural Daniel chapter 12 and many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, some to shame and everlasting contempt. We look at this and resist God's word. God is saying that there is going to be a judgment after this life. They rejected the book of Daniel because these things, shut them down. Job's brilliant wrist reply to Bildad.

Bildad's status is that a sentence hey, Bildad will get dad to pay for okay anyway I thought it was kind of funny actually. I just saw that it is to write that down. Bildad is smearing prediction Job you can die even die very soon.

That was Bildad, Job, Job answers him. This is Job's reply to that prediction. We know it.

Most of you know it. Job chapter 19 I know that verse 25 I know that my Redeemer lives and he shall stand at last on the earth and after my skin is destroyed, this I know that in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself and my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart yearns within me you want me to die. Bildad I can't wait for it does then I'll see God and be rid of this life and the curse in this flesh, so we who look at this we say what we disagree with the Sadducees. We believe all of the Old Testament is the word of God, Daniel, and Job alike as well as Genesis but all the Lord doesn't quote Joe Borja or Daniel because these men were sent Scott.

We don't believe in those books.

Paul when he writes later he still dealing with their teachings. It's so influenced the Jews and even some Gentiles in the church is outside of Jerusalem and so he writes the 15th chapter of first Corinthians saying of Christ is not risen in our faith is in vain. Nobody goes into the whole thing about the resurrection in Galatians 3 he says the law that Moses received was given also by Angels Angels were involved in the in the revelation of the law of God. Details withheld and then to the Thessalonians. Many of them, their views of life world were less than what God wanted them to be. As the Sadducees thought he writes this I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep a euphemism for those who have died less you sorrow as others who have no hope upon us and we have hope. When not ashamed of these were sophisticated fools. These men professing to be wise, they became fools. As Paul said, verse 27 is not the God of the dead.

But the God of the living and you are therefore greatly mistaken see that the car loses some of the points when we just hear you greatly mistaken. You made a big mistake. It's like you are a buffoon because of your position to tell a man of men of this stature in society and religion to tell them they are greatly mistaken is a heavy hitter goes back to like telling Einstein that your theory a relatively moronic butte. Not that I'm saying this was true of my time.

But imagine saying that to him when he spoke these words about the burning bush and he references these men Isaac or Jacob had been dead for 200 years Isaac for 225 Abraham for 330 years and yet God still says he's the God of the live and not the dead those centuries did not take away their life. It just relocated. That's what death does for the righteous. We get talked in when we die. Jesus made it very clear he who believes in me shall never die. You transition at Deming Ike. I just can't wait. As I Was.

I Have Some Fears I've Said Them before. I Don't Want There to Be, You Know, Orientation. I Don't Want to Get to Heaven. I Have a Notebook and You Know Wearing a Rookie Hat. I Want to Go in Imparted That I Know Where to Go and Know Where My Bed Is and Just Things and Not That It's Going to Be Beds in Heaven, but I Want to Know Where Put My Stuff and I Don't Want Anyone to Tell Me I Don't Want Anyone to Say Do Whatever You Do Not Go to That Door. I Just Want to Know What to Do. I Mean I'm Not Don't Get Me Wrong If There Is Orientation. I Still Want to Go Just Don't Want It and I Think This Is a Gift Anyway Get Back to the You Are Greatly Mistaken. This You Is What Stands out. It Assist You. I'm Talking to You, Not That Guy over There You It's It. This Is Directly to Them.

You Don't Have a Clue Because You Are Ignorant and Are Ignorant by Choice, and That Makes It Immense You Are and Immense Foals You Seen What I Can Do and You Look the Other Way As Though It Doesn't Count. God Does This to This Day He Just Things Even for Unbelievers and We Send Them.

God Demonstrated His Presence in Your Life and You Still Look the Other Way and You Think This Will Be Fine with That As You Trample His Word You Will Not Be Fine with That. You Will Be Insulted with.

He Does Not Excuse Them Evidence for the Resurrection Was Available to These Men from Their Scripture and the Turn Their Nose up to It Because after He Hits Them with This. They Don't Say Wow That Is Really Bible Teaching. I Want to Come under That No Know They're Not Going to Do That There Insulted That He's Right and They're Wrong. What This So-Called Rationalism against God Really Is Dishonesty before God Is Not Rational Is Not a Mental Problem. It Is a Moral Problem Is Not Ahead Issue. It's a Heart Issue Is I Will Set My Heart down and Instruct My Head to Spend the Rest of Its Life, Coming up with Arguments against the Truth That I Know Was in My Heart That Goddesses Are Not Good with This.

I Will Have None of This. This Is the Greatest Era of Them All and God Is Filtering out through This Life. Those Who Love Him from Those Who Don't Do Verses in the Closing Comment.

Matthew 25 All the Nations Will Be Gathered before Him, and He Will Separate Them One from Another As a Shepherd Divides His Sheep from the Goats and He Will Set the Sheep on His Right Hand but the Goats on His Left. Everybody Knew What He Was Talking about When He Preached at Chronologically. He's Not yet Said That a Matthew Captures It. It's after the Events Were Considering Pretty Instead of Earlier.

So They Were Immense Treating Him As They Did Many Pointed out, so Do We. We Pointed out to Me. They Will Either Convert or Attack in Some Form Move. Thanks for Tuning in to Cross Reference Radio for This Study in the Book of Mark Cross Reference Radio Is the Teaching Ministry of Pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville in Virginia to Learn More Information about This Ministry.

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