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Samson – Birth of a Strong (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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January 13, 2021 6:00 am

Samson – Birth of a Strong (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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January 13, 2021 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 13)

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He took it more seriously than he did. What would've happened. What kind of hero would Sampson have been find out what we don't want to be too hard on because remember David Cross bigger lines.

Sampson, God still love David used him even after and still held up his name is a righteous man days of Christ goes the lessons for us on grace and kindness that the mission is to find solution problems in Christ in the flesh and not look to take our wounded out and stomp them. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching, but for now let's join Pastor Ricky in the book of Judges chapter 13 as he begins his message. Sampson, birth of a strong Judges chapter 13 as we begin our study on Sampson. I think it's a pleasant chapter story with great promise. Most of us know the story that it is great promise, but a tragic ending. Certainly fall short of the whole that we were that we would anticipate. If you are reading.

Judges 13 for the first time.

Boy, this is nice and really doesn't turn out that way. A lot of lessons Sampson's great man of God in spite of failures is story is a book by itself and coming to the 13 chapter I feel like I'm introducing another book, but we're still in judges. We've got a ways to go once were passed, the story of this final judge in the book of Judges. He's last when we come to read get Eli and Sampson and Samuel but for chapters are devoted to him us a lot say and he is truly a Superman physically his fallen nature and he gets the upper hand on him. He is on such a level that he doesn't do well taking the blessings in his life less than serious and and asked what he did he register the unity of the sports that burned so hot in sobriety. But it got out of control because he did take it seriously and comes out at the end of the story.

As you know Delilah I don't feel like I'm spoiling the end so I can tell me your strength and in his funeral, playing games and EE that's indicative of how he treated his faith and there are lessons to be had when we get there. Also but his mighty deeds. The strength that he had the God-given strength that he had it demonstrated to Israel. You can have the strength to numerous people as a nation. I can't give you the strength as a people. Nobody will touch you, but they would not allow it because they would not adhere to God they wouldn't stay with him. In fact, where the story begins. They had 31 years of peace since the judgeship of Jeff to Avedon and then 40 years of oppression followed and what is remarkable is we don't hear them cry out for the Lord while the Philistines are oppressing them, God has to interfere and insert himself and of course the righteous are very glad about that. But what does that say everyone else. We look at verse one. Judges 13 again the children of Israel did evil in the sight of Yahweh and Yahweh delivered them into the hand of the Philistines for 40 years. This is the eighth time we read that again. The children of Israel did evil.

Maybe not in the exact same way sometimes to they did evil than other types. Again, they did evil, but it's about eight times up to this point recidivism. This will leave along as a people now always is a righteous remnant there always souls that that have to suffer this is says here in verse one and Yahweh delivered them into the hand of the Philistines for 40 years says it right out very clear for us.

I read it again because we want to talk about these Philistines because they become a dominant enemy through the books of Samuel there around even into the age of the Maccabees and then by the time the Romans come along pretty much gone.

They were in the promised land. During the days of Abraham and a large amount of them migrated from the Aegean Sea and they wanted to enter into Egypt. Some had already come into what is now Israel in the Middle East. There, but Egypt refused them denied them access and so they landed in Israel large body of them that where some others already were and there that coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel they began to establish themselves as a people and they took some of the finest pieces of the land fertile pieces of Israel's territory that the the Kings Highway, which was a very important trade routes.

Philistines got that flavorful strong they could finance their wars were developed. People and they really weren't the problem lease, not in the Scriptures, they don't show up as a problem to get the chapter 6 in judges and sham God lays a beat down on them one time enough. He takes out 600 of them with us for the pole and ox goad that may have begin cycles of revenge. It escalates again and will get to chapter 10 in judges in the seventh verse we read, so the anger of Yahweh was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hands of the Philistines and into the hands of the people of MR now the ammonites were beaten back Jeff.

The course was raised up to do that for the Philistines were there.

It was there in chapter 10 and chapter 6 object judges and ominous mention if you know anything about the story of Israel, when you come across that name the Philistines you know it's connected to Goliath in the death of Sampson and all the other struggles about the death of Saul and his sons on Mount Gilboa.

It's a you. We cannot bypass it certainly translates into the enemies that we face in our life and this ominous mention is on purpose by God. Sampson is being brought into the picture to deal with the Philistines to begin the process of officially dealing with the Philistines and the angel of the Lord will say that by the time he comes along inch is born, and in which we we we get his birth in this chapter 13 if we ever get to it but Wheatley get his birth is like introducing a new book but we don't get him and as a man in his strength when he does come into strength and he begins to mess with the Philistines. The Jewish people really don't want him rocking the boat and if they've surrendered. It's sort of like we've got another of the Holy Spirit on bringing anymore in an get that in chapter 15 where the they tell him right out don't make trouble for a Sampson can just live and let live. Ultimately, Samuel, in his day will increase the wars with the Philistines saw he had it in for the Philistines to not know righteous wages and carnal while you're my enemy.

I'm going to kill you kind away.

David, of course, who is this uncircumcised Philistine, and so there's an army just comes on the scene is laid, Goliath, and he subdues them as a people, the Jews never really get them out of the land then comes to glad pleaser. The Assyrians and they conquered the Philistines and subdue them further. Then Nebuchadnezzar comes in further subdues them so they just 12 whittling down as a people, until finally, again there, they're gone there mentioned in the Maccabees 3rd chapter.

The first Maccabean document that mentioned a little bit by the prophets that come about Ezekiel and Zechariah. After Nebuchadnezzar, but that said, and then they're gonna disappear as an ethnic group so you won't see on an application ethnic check the box of your Philistine because they're gone. Verse two. Now there was a certain man from Zora of the family of the Dan-ites whose name was Manoa and his wife was barren and had no children. I love this couple Manoa and his wife. We don't have her name, probably the historian could not confirm what her name was by the time he compiled this document will be historians for, but it is not a slighted number. She doesn't really count. We need to know her name because he she is held up in such a positive light is everything positive to say about her. So that's likely why Manoa yet.

The men would dominant figures it would be easier to retain his name in the story is told.

His name would be out there all time but anyway this is some of the backgrounds of which she's Mrs. not Manoa. And that's the best we can do.

But here then then head turned out to be the weakest of all the tribes of Israel.

By this time. In fact, they could not subdue the Philistines and anybody else that mess with them so large group of them moved about 100 miles north and took territory up there will get that letter chapters. It's a sad six-story actually. But anyway, what we are finding out here is true to form God is raising up the strongest man from the weakest tribe is just what he does. Not all the time. Sometimes he takes the strongest uses them. But here's an example of you know he is not bound by human weakness verse three and the angel of Yahweh appeared to the woman and said to her indeed. Now you are barren and have no children but you shall conceive and bear a son, this angel of the Lord is of course a Christophe Nixon appearance of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament God in human form, and we covered this a little bit more in detail in Judges 6, part two of kicking the hornets nest or the hornets nest as I think it was entitled M so if you want to go back and hear more about my understanding of the angel of the Lord in Scripture than that's where you would go rather than go into it again here. God had appear to others. Of course Isaac to announce the conception of Isaac to Abraham and him and Sarah. The angel of God, says the Lord appeared to Abraham that's in Genesis 18.

But as for Mrs. Manoa here and Judges 13. Her conception is divinely appointed. I would add that's true of everyone's. We just don't get it to be to have it read in Scripture my parents.

You know they don't have a written Scripture and his name will be Rick and he will be handsome and debonair distinguishing all the things that other men wish they could be. That's how would probably go if I wrote it anyway this is the life that is not yet is spoken as though it already is.

Because to God. Life begins when he says it does.

And that is before conception and this is an example of that very thing one. One great pastor had said this is what a tragedy that we live in a society that sees the unborn baby is a menace instead of a miracle as an intruder instead of an inheritance while they become intruders when they're old enough to each other house and home know who ate the last Oreo cookies with the intruders did but of course on this far as the birth of a child, they are not intruders. They are blessings and they bring so much light in a breath of life. I remember when my oldest daughter was coming back in those days we use historic right. Anyway, I remember one of my cousins older than me and she said oh you she is going to be like such a breath of fresh air and that was so true. It was just so true, and I would think about all the time anyway. This is what's going to happen here. I'm not trying to take time to shine a spotlight on me. I'm just trying to say what we're reading is down-to-earth is this human stuff is very real and is this that God pulls back the veil of the solution.

What happens behind the scenes doesn't mean it's it's it's it didn't happen. And certainly deities is indeed now you are barren okay and that society was often considered a curse. We needed children.

They were they were utility. I mean, did you livestock the work to be done in the fields in the kitchens and just so much work just to survive. The more kids you had the more servants you had and that there wasn't a bad thing with the good thing and didn't have them you were considered again to be frowned upon at the least. That of course is not true but that is stigma that was attached to the barren and that society and often today to some of try to revive it in Christianity and they need to be shoved a little bit of cider heads. If you catch them doing that well. There are several important figures of the Bible who were born to formally barren women in an the announcement that that came along with them was significant. We can go into all of them and I'll just mention five Sarah Rebecca was outstanding about Rebecca's Isaac prayed that she would concede he's like a felted for her and immediately prayed for Rebecca and God granted the prayer Rachel. Of course at Hannah. Hannah poured out her heart and Eli lacking discernment thought she was drunk she had said that stray little bit with women he received it and that was good for him.

And then of course Elizabeth in the New Testament verse for now judges 13 now therefore please be careful to not drink wine or similar drink and do not eat anything unclean. Did you catch that now, therefore please be careful. Part like you know you people on earth are messed up. You just can't get it right. To give you some encouragement is a gentle stroke but it is if you know when does it come from, why would you put that one I just say no strong drink and no nasty food because of second that it just says please therefore be careful and the prohibitions begin. So mom is placed under a dietary restriction you know you you you could just see her. She is a little sweetheart. We know that that's it will come out later, but all she probably heard was, you have a child how she remembered anything else in the story is another miracle so restriction is in the interest of her calling. So calling for her as it is for any parent to rear the child as God has said, and this is a particular, of course, you cannot just this is not a one-size-fits-all.for everyone and if you tried to make it for when you cause a problem, but the child would not in directly even before conception, the child abstain from bandit consumables his mother would not be able to. Did you know have a glass of grape juice. She was totally the husband was good to because it meant more for him.

She did tell me I can have it anyway verse verse five for behold, you shall conceive and bear a son and no razor shall come upon his head for the child shall be a Nazirite from God from the womb, and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistine. Well, now this not confuse a Nazirite with a Nazarene Nazarene from Nazareth Nazirite, one who is dedicated for a period of time or in the case of Samson possibly Samuel John the Baptist, lifetime Samson is clearly distinguished as Nazirite from birth.

Now the Levites they were priest or they were assistance to the priest if they were of Allen's line.

They were born priest that was their duty but a Nazirite served out of devotion in a voluntary since it wasn't their duty to did not have to be this way. Except for Samson non-Samuels case. His mother Hannah placed him in a little dedicated he have a say so in the Mad Hatter is remarkable when you begin to think about how little we have to do with showing up on earth will numbers chapter 6 God gives the instructions for one who wants to draw closer to God. In this type of way to speak to the children to Israel and say to them when either a man or woman concentrates and offering to take a vow of a Nazirite to separate himself to Yahweh, shall separate himself from wine and similar drink you shall neither drink vinegar made from wine or vinegar made from similar drink, neither shall you drink any grape juice or eat fresh grapes or raisins. Great popsicles will be out that be a tough one to say no. In the summer but anyhow the lifestyle of the Nazareth Nazirite. Sorry, was to be this living proclamation that I'm drawing close to God. I must decrease. So God can increase in my life and no razor was to touch the head. I like a good clean shave I think most men that shave you appreciate what you are Nazirite you would rent space out to the birds to nest in certain seasons of the year. No razor. This prohibition is emphasized because it is the one that got Samson to really mess up it was already messed up. It just came. That was the one that was that stood out, and his long hair.

Of course, was a proclamation of his devotion to God Kitty just get a haircut. You not only: never take you that way. And so I don't want them to. I'm devoted to the Lord. This is out would be I don't know the other branches do anything to get haircuts.

All right, this is a little fine. We don't mean anything about it. Mighty quiet here right now. Anyway, the duration of the vow again. That was up to the individual except in the case of Samson's adjuster summarize.

He was to abstain from contact with the fruit of the vine.

That's important to catch him in the vineyard of the vine yard however you like to pronounce where I come from it's vineyard but I like when people say vine yard figure you've been working all they could use a little attempt at humor, but evidently will I will try again maybe anyway from contact with the razor.

Of course, though, that would've been obvious violation if he had shown his hair or something like that.

No contact with the dead.

Even the nearest and dearest, if you are under the value were to abstain from this contact, and again, this was a proclamation of your affection, your dedication your desire for God in your life you desire to not be so self-interested, but to be centered in in God and your love for God was to lose and under this right was making this proclamation that other loves a lesser loves the lot. You can have other loves to love your children, just as much. For example, but God was his God and the urge your children and anybody else is not an that belong to the vowel keeping the body under submission. He says for the child to be Nazirite to God from the wound is a high honor, but it's demanding responsibility and just like you know no one should take this under themselves. When we serve the Lord. We want the Lord to be in it we want is leading he has to be in it for us to the flesh is pushing something up a hill. It it cannot get up to the top and is going to roll back on them and so we, being led by the Spirit is difficult because of our flesh, but it is in an imperative to wrestle.

Don't think that being led by the Lord is going to be handed to you. Sometimes it will be many times it's not you got a fight for it under mean in the flesh at all. It involves waiting.

It involves being denied.

It involves a lot of things that are burning off the troughs to get to where you stand in the matter that you're looking to receive instruction from God. It can be grueling, but I rather have that in my life than just living like pig that is returned to the slop as Peter talks about. I'd rather have my struggles in the spirit with the Lord, the struggles of born out of my flesh, not out of his reluctance. I rather have that than to just live without the Lord. This is the way it is. There purchase rules and laws that we don't know all about.

We know some we know enough. We don't know it all. Well, unlike the other judges. Samson is not going to rally an army doesn't he when he is one is this the guy killed a thousand men in one swoop so that tells you something about his personality. He had friends he seems to have been a jolly guy got a fun-loving guy. Kind of like your your athlete types and that's not necessarily a compliment didn't work out well for him in the end.

And so what he did as he is told here and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines that is exactly what happened.

He began the process. He did not finish the process.

What would he have been had he adhered to his calling to his vow if he took it more seriously than he did. What would've happened. What kind of hero would Samson have been when I can find out, but we don't want to be too hard on him because remember David Cross bigger lines than Samson, God still love David used him even after and still held up his name as a righteous man in the days of Christ. Those are lessons for us on grace and kindness that the mission is to find solutions to problems in Christ in the flesh and not look to take our wounded out and stone them. Verse six to do that without I mean they have to repent.

Amino don't want to sound careless, reckless here, there, there are rules and we want to try to abide by them. One of the rules in church discipline, Christian discipline is grace to look for opportunities to show grace and mercy. Verse six of the woman came and told her husband saying a man of God came to me and his countenance was like the countenance of an angel of God, very awesome, but I did not ask him where he was from and he did not tell me I just love this whole story here. Amanda God came so she's assuming he's a prophet. More than likely shouldn't catch that this is important, which is really nothing given to her to say more than just a man. I'm not a moral one God hears God in human form in the promise she says it was very awesome can use the word in the proper context move. Thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there, and we encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio. You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast that work just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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