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The Need for Leaders (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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January 5, 2021 6:00 am

The Need for Leaders (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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January 5, 2021 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 10)

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Though he slay me, I will trust him. Some of you have been you know you felt God was ripped you off is Gina Julie's terms back on you is why do you still print still seeking is still trying to serve. As you know, real is true and flawed reasonings that are standing by ready to pounce on you have been repelled by faith and is nothing Satan can do this is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching. Now here's pastor Rick with part two of this message, the need for leaders as he teaches through Judges chapter 10, so the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord and serve the bath towels you have to say say it that way because it is a bail to think you out there worshiping in all these blocks destroy so that recycling did not serve him again, not so much as to allow the most higher place among the idols, which in one way is good, but in another ways evil perplexity about that. And these were serious crimes that brought much sorrow and much horror into the land. Their lifestyles change the way they did things change.

We get that a lot of that in the minor prophets of Micah talking about that and the other prophets or the priests becoming thugs and robbing people and just the insanity that came from and we look at the corrupt, corrupt politicians and we see we link that to their view of God, the Lord had given Israel victory over their enemies when we get to verses 11 and 12 will find seven different nations in their history that he defeated on their behalf, but still here. They are worshiping a variety of different pagan gods serious side and Moab ham on the Philistines and those of the gods they shop for and in and that's both of the ones they got one of the leaders were the leaders to say no we will not do that and we will enforce the law. Had they not heard of Joshua and Eli didn't Kitty and they certainly had some churches are not different, they did behave as though they never heard of Peter or Paul or John the course have attached the crime. They have heard, but they pretend that they did not by just dismissing what they had to say by accusing them and attacking Allingham ancient, narrowminded and a host of other names but look at verses 11 and 12 will come back to seven in a minute. Yahweh said to the children of Israel, did I not deliver you from the Egyptians from the Amorites from the people of our mom from the Philistines. Also, the site only in the Amalekites. The Maronites oppressed you and you cried out to me and I delivered you from their hand. So was in their history.

God notes he brings up they know what to just like we know you know about Washington other heroes and in the national heroes they had them also. But God was directly linked to these victories and they knew it. Well I guess what forces to worship the gods of your defeated enemies.

So no wonder God's anger was hot against them. Verse seven. So the anger of Yahweh was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hands the Philistines and into the hand hands of the people of MR God is not an acumen assist God does not think that all religions are the same. He doesn't think that it doesn't matter what religion you have just live and let live. It is the contrary very much so you know we have these intolerances as Christians that were supposed to exercise.

We are never to be tolerant of other people's God, we have to sometimes be tolerant of the people, but never their gods and you really cannot serve the Lord if you're hiding your Christianity because you're afraid to let other people know that you don't tolerate their gods.

What is Christianity stand out as the irritant among religion amongst religions in the world because we won't tolerate other gods, you know, even as long tolerates you don't know that they suppress what they did have some wacky stuff going on in there to dig a little bit you'll find it.

The Philistines that are mentioned here that this is an ominous mention of the Philistines. It they really haven't been too much of a problem yet, but this is the beginning of woes for the for the Jews in this particular people that are still living in the promised land. It will heat up in the rain not the rain but the judgeship of Sampson and it will continue. David will finally subdue them, they still pop up a little bit after after the Maccabees there really gone because they been absorbed by the other peoples in the Lancia Syrians had much to do with that and also the Babylonians and the Jews. All three of them together over time just subduing them, subduing them to finally as an identifiable people that God today's Arabs, the Philistines gets whipped into the Latin in the Empress trying to mark the Jews have a name Philistines still survives in its form. The bottom line is there are those that are trying to claim that they are originally the part of the Philistines. The land is there and of course that the totally unable to do that they had no history thinks did nothing they can pin on this is just up there Arabs their Jordanian Arabs that moved into Israel's territory and stayed there in the Jews. In 1948 came back to that land. And of course enemies of Israel have tried to revise the history and assignment of Philistines status to these Arabs. That's the way it is Amazon's Transjordan, not the Philistines are in the promised land.

Amazon you cross over the Jordan. Going east out of the promised land and will make a brief distinction between Amazon and the Amorites and a little bit verse eight what that year they harassed and oppressed the children of Israel for 18 years and the children of Israel who were on the other side of the Jordan, in the land of the Amorites, in Gilead 18 years. That's the consequence of their apostasy. It's a long time so long that Jesus was emphatic about Jesus healed someone who had an ailment for 18 years and the funeral.

The Pharisees are one of them. How dare you, you know, there's six days in a week that a person can, get healed, but the seventh day and said he thought his reasoning was so sound is dead. Well, I'll just read the verse so Jesus speaking. Luke 1316 so ought not this woman being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound. Think of it for 18 years be loose from this bond on the Sabbath on the day that we worship God is you're saying it's wrong to defeat Satan. On the day that we worship God, you're saying that it's wrong to defeat Satan because you've come up with a formula that works good for you. Nevermind her nevermind God. Jesus picked fights. He provoked them he would intentionally going to the synagogue on the Sabbath look around and then provoke them with the healing because he wanted to bring the fight out into the light.

He wanted to say to the people.

This was you dealing with this is not God. This may be religion is not God and were supposed to do some of this to stop malicious will be malicious does know it's going on and just leave it they don't say anything at all make any waves that kill you if you do, Stephen, was killed because he provoked which of the prophecies got out it was just too much of the province. Do you not disobey in a mask at him with that they hated him for calling them what how dare you how dare you point to who we are to this truth to this day. Verse nine. Moreover, the people of Amazon crossed over the Jordan to fight against Judah. Also against Benjamin and against the house of Ephraim so that Israel was severely distressed.

The ammonites are descendents of Lot, the nephew of Abraham.

They are coming from the east side of the Jordan. These three tribes Ephraim, Benjamin and Judah there that together towards the south of the promised land, so they just time cutting a swath through the these tribal taught territories. Of course, to them and not saying this is he from the stitches cutting through the land to distinct peoples, though, the Amorites, they dwell pretty much all over the place of a large concentration of them in the promised land. They had been all whipped Babylon. Fact is believed that Abraham at Brahms given name is in Amorite name where's again the ammonites who occupy primarily east of Jordan and Doug will be on that descendent of Lot and brother of Moab to different people. So verse eight, the Amorites found as far as Babylon and the ammonites, who remained east of Jordan, Amorites Teresa Jordan to not only their Judah is now mentioned. Not since chapter 1. Have we heard about Judah and Bill well in his uterus has just leave it at that for now so the invasion is the outcome of their parts apostasy. They brought this on themselves, which can tell them that you couldn't say these people are attacking you because you attacked Yahweh to this day. You tell people listen you your mascot like this because you will not give into your God and can be wasted for a very long time. Don't give up keep at it. Verse 10 in the children of Israel cried out to Yahweh saying we have sinned against you because we have both forsaken our God and serve the bowels understatement. How much sorrow how many child sacrifices did you have to offer up we came to this realization. This is, this wasn't just people sitting in a room saying I like this got you like your God, these are people saying I don't like your God anymore. I'm going to like this.

God, I'm going to do these reprehensible things in my God likes and that's of course today we have you know the serial killers is what they are.

These Planned Parenthood is one of the largest zero killers ever in the history of humanity, Stalin and Hitler together got nothing on these guys. Evil is evil always is. Here is just it just burns communion caps to its environment when it can be exalted. It is a tiger but when it has to be you know subdued it it is a fox. It's sneaky, but it is just as deadly chicken doesn't really care tiger has killed more fox killed the war zone in this country a means so much evil as you know, this is God distilled the planet can't sustain this.

The ends got to be coming well verse 10 they cried out to Yahweh having sopped up all the idolatry on the plate that they could get.

And now it's made their bellies heard this sick.

They had been cruelly oppressed as a result of the disobedience of sopping up the idolatry and God allowed them to look for peace in their self made gods.

It did not come for 18 years. As we read in verse eight. It did not come until the pain meter began to reach the level of as it says herein. Verse nine severely distressed. Once the pain meter hedged severely distressed. Then I wanted taken in that red zone they call out to Yahweh okay will take that we won't say no you know what you had your chance never with the Christian responses to the to the soul that repents the thief on the cross forever preaches against such foolish thinking. I mean how much evil that he do to get up on that cross. And Jesus doesn't bring any of it up in a not even in heaven yet he forgives him right there in front of every body. What a Savior, so long as the people prospered without Yahweh following the fake gods they never thought about repenting was when the pressure was on.

They did not look at their prosperity.

As a result of Toler and Jr's obedience. They never connected that no they just live for the moment. Deuteronomy God warned the people's assistant have a spirit of gratitude. When I bless you, it is going to sustain you. If you have a spirit of gratitude. But if you become a bunch of ingrates work well. Deuteronomy 8 verse 10 when you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless Yahweh your God for the good land which she is giving you learn about you, but after meals.

I do say thank you Lord, and sometimes I forget them doing stuff for you see, say, the virus could not kill this humor is back anyway you say excuse me what you what you were waiting for. Anyway, they departed from Yahweh because their hearts were seduced by abundance. That's what tripped them up. Who needs Yahweh. I get myself to pray crop the feel of the ability to have a bumper crop this year. Ezekiel said this to the people concerning this very thing.

The warning goes all the way back to Sodom and Gomorrah to say this is something that is not in the land where people are because it's in their hearts, he says, look, this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom, she and her daughter had pridefulness of food and abundance of idleness.

Neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. You know where that went.

They had so much stuff they figured they could just do anything you see some of these entertainers. They think they can name the kids anything they think they can wear anything they think they can do anything. There are no rules on them, not only the entertaining. Some of the very very rich of this distinctives.

Nothing binds them there no boundaries in us because they forget that they think that they're so self-sufficient. Well, this was the problem. Sodom and Gomorrah. There are is anyone been surprised at the people who do these things are also rank sinners so immorally want nothing to do with them. Well, at. It was only under the beat down of calamity that they sought Yahweh.

If they continue to prosper, who names him you know we can prosper in gratitude. That's with Deuteronomy 810, was telling the people what I bless you. It's okay to be blessed. Rejoice in the blessing and and just remember where it comes from. Don't bite or ignore the hand that feeds you may know that my purée the parapet comes each of food and doesn't want to let you pet runs away and you will see recently the hungry. That's fine is not created is not right created created in people that I'm trying to get something that I can't find it is not good and in the where of a higher intelligence. We are created in the image of God.

That's what I was looking, and as a nation.

They admitted his glory every time they mentioned the nation's name every time they said Israel. That was a sermon, the testimony to their history. Every time they mention one of the tribes of the story behind each name sons of Jacob and the two sons of Joseph bearing testimony to God's truth. But it didn't register with them as we see today.

People drive by churches to see cross it doesn't register.

They hear the name of Christ to use it in vain.

It doesn't register.

They become callous to this Paul warns about that their hearts would become calloused when feel anything concerning righteousness in Jesus Christ really feel something for each other. Jesus said they know what when the end comes. This will still be getting married and giving each other in marriage life is going to be this you know hunky-dory thing and then the rains will come just like in Noah's day. They compete on that article. Only one getting to be too late. These truths again were wasted on them. Unbelief would again creep in flawed reasoning can go a long way for him and go from the time of the age of reason and personal age of reason to the to the grave, flawed reason. Always sound like I'm playing Floyd reason this guy's name was Floyd's last name is reason but when reason is flawed damage. It always has standing by a reason to not believe God is one of the reasons why we as Christians suffer from several reasons why one is we must, we have to be identified with sinners, even the worst save sinners I Christ was identify with them. We will be identified negative. Nothing touched us hearsay, let me emigration because people becoming Christians just to avoid being sick that we cared about Christ, but we go through hardship, you know, you're a Christian when you feel abandoned by God by the Lord Jesus Christ and you still love and worship committee that Crist you are not going anywhere, though he slay me, I will trust him.

Some of you have been there. You know you felt the goddess ripped you off, escheated Julie's turned his back on you is lied to you yet. Still praying to him still seeking is still trying to serve. As you know he's real is true and flawed reasonings that are standing by ready to pounce on you have been repelled by faith and is nothing Satan can do coming to that realization will not turn the faucet off inspection, it will not be will have an epiphany. I understand now.

I am 74. Then when I realize everything started getting better doesn't always happen that way happen that way and Psalm 73 amuses crazy reduction securities. People think everything they don't care about God look at them big houses, big cards subsided at donkey and here I am suffering trying to just get by your old meal every day and the he says that I realize when I went to the house of the Lord, but he still had to live the rest of the life and all that it will throw at us. Verse 11 so Yahweh said to the children of Israel, did I not deliver you from the Egyptians and from the Amorites and from the people of Amazon from the Philistines.

We don't know who delivered this message.

There was someone it's written down. We don't know how it was delivered that he's preaching to the leadership and they published it. Did he publish it and give it we don't know not recorded but it is recorded and it is delivered because God says in this case. The main thing is the message not it is really always that way but it we don't want to trivialize the messengers because God is in trivializing just in this case the conceals the messenger it's like a concealed message is not as good as a weapon. It is a weapon. The message is a weapon, the word of God is a sword, but the messenger is concealed and I love it because the partner comes out about this out of curiosity wants to know what the goddesses I'm keeping the main thing the main thing here. You know sometimes just gonna do without. Because the main thing is to be the main thing is that you don't believe you said you said that baptism does not save as locale put you in a place we can get baptized this if you still believe that this is true, the blood of Jesus Christ belief on Jesus Christ's cross and resurrection is Ascension's return. These are things that will get you say because unbelievers can get baptized and stay unbelievers, so God puts us to the test.

Sometimes he takes something away less able to really believe it doesn't mean he trivializes the rights that he's given to the church is just enforcing the main thing and this is some of that is here not much, when will crazy with it because I enjoy anyway. He sent a messenger to rebuke the people for their lack of loyalty in light of all they got it done no loyalty in return you'd expect something right. You you'd expect a surprise when a two-year-old is suitable and I was a two-year-old and in the morning. That is, they don't say I feel better. Thanks for staying out with was a tough to her duty.

You pull last night. The master left behind. Thanks.

Know what an adult you do expect that you do expect thank you. I know you know you just doing this labor of love. Thank you and God is saying is you I did all this for you have about a little thank you a lot actually. Verse 12 also the side only of the Amalekites. The Maronites pressed you. You cried out to me and I delivered you from their hand again listen to the link that I not deliver you from this is what God says to these people, the Egyptians, the Amorites, the people of them on the Philistines. He removes the plagues from the people of God dwell the people who were supposed to be the people of God, just for them to be like farrow and turned back to their old ways as soon as they can. He says and you cried out to me and I delivered you from their hand, when a self was riding his solemnly remember the history of the Jew in the wilderness and Psalm 78 says what he God being full of compassion for gave that inequality did not destroy them. Yes, many a time, he turned his anger away not severe. All his wrath moved thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there, and we encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio. You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast that work just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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