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Unexpected Opposition (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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December 28, 2020 6:00 am

Unexpected Opposition (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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December 28, 2020 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 8)

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You irritate people when you stay focused sometimes on the mission. This is the mission that's good's not the mission stick with this that's getting David on the cable you got salt kill. I will pour out while he was sleeping. I drive my spear right in the ground still Davis's focus, no got better getting God can take him out, and I'm not doing this is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville.

Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges, please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today. Pastor Rick will continue teaching through Judges chapter 8, and his message called unexpected opposition critical mission, which is an admission of guilt. Yahweh was in the thoughts each did what was right in his own size. Show us their heads and Gideon he's tired he's hungry. He knows he's got these guys and he's not getting help from where he would've expected it the most. And he's gonna face his men well they did the smallest of God and turn on their own people always going to punish them is not going to do it now, which is another lesson that comes out of all of this.

Now you might say, well, the people of Sue cost had good reason to fear.

No, they did not.

The fact that Gideon is chasing a retreating a full Army in full retreat. The fact that he's chasing them out of the land as evidence of the patient rally. This we see you got on that offer troops and he doesn't ask for any marketable how people of inaction can almost ruin the war break your heart in the process they offer him nothing. No food, no troops, no blessing. Nothing in fact were told in letter verses in verse 15 that they even mock him, that probably sealed their fate. So here is another lesson. He doesn't stay to argue. He doesn't stay to deal with them a dozen major in the minors and majors in the majors. He stays focus on the important things he goes after the Midianites the war continues and here's another lesson God's forces will march forward without you or with you. It's up to you. It was up to the men of Sue caught they could've joined ranks. They should've joined ranks anybody think that the just so important that they leave the church.

The church is going to crumble.

I can't tell you how many people have implied that over the years.

I'm leaving and I'll be taking a bunch of people with me you will be out of its car, but you won't hear God's sake, and gets in the heart of the best of us. This was a war that everybody had to take a risk in they didn't know that they were taking a risk with the wrong side.

These minimum of Sue caught, but they were well Gideon was risking his life and his men on the battlefield is worse know where it gets worse first episode, Gideon said, for this cause. When Yahweh has delivered zebra and salmon into my hand.

Then I would tear your flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with briars that's probably the point where they started marking all yes you are hot right we will were shaking in our sandals. What Gideon knowing how big this army is he's chasing knowing how small his company is his car and take these guys to kill a horn killed goes to, that's all I've got to do what a man that he messes it up it all up at the end. Not completely, but he does damage. Anyway, this brand of neutrality in the war is going to cost them and is going to cost them severely. He could have again dealt with them on the spot, but he remains focused, refusing to help the servants of Israel.

They ended up helping the enemies of Israel. One lesson Jesus said it this way you is not with me is against me and he who does not gather with me scatters and that's the men of Sue caught and don't worry as I mentioned there's more verse eight. Then he went up from there to penny will and spoke to them in the same way and the men of penny well answered him as the minute Sue co-authored answered more countrymen from dad again. Six. He's 6 miles hungrier and more tired and more irritated. He's gotta be asking himself what is with these people. Idolatry is with these people.

That's what Aziza said is it me it's hidden me, why am I the only one that can understand I've got might deepen these guys and I can't let them go. Don't just see the enemy is in full retreat is not in a sensible retreat. Not even setting guards to slow us down.

They think that they just need to pell-mell out here in their faith. And that's going to be the enemy's downfall. Verse eight so he also spoke to the men of penny will sing when I come back in peace.

I would tear down this tower he will and is going to hurt.

He's going to hit them where it hurts the good minds a little bit of me reminded them play around with at this point, but you going to do more damage to them than than their ready for this going to be blood.

So gives them a heads up, and he says you do, you can't be neutral, not in this you will be scourged for verse 10 now zebra and salmon were in car core and their armies with them about 15,000, all who were left of all the army of the people of these for 120,000 men who drew the sword had fallen hundred and 35 warriors hundred and 20 killed already and being killed probably is going on west of Jordan back in the promised land and is in car core. We know car course in in enemy territory so that see how far he chased them. Gideon is outnumbered 50 to 1. The size of his he's got 2% of their army just 300 divided in 15,000 is at 2%, 11% of the Midianite Army has survived and he doesn't again.

He does not wipe out the whole army just has to take out the leaders. Incidentally, carport means flat Torah plateau so it's an ideal battlefield and it's an ideal campground but it doesn't offer any coverage when I going to be told how Gideon gets these two guys, but I'm suspecting there was some you knows night mission involves is swooped in and took him up and went on to suggest you mean you can't eat 300 men just can't kill 15,000 men with the sword, not in a day you tired of eating a sandwich right just chop them up just can't be foolish for us to think that he he he will not annihilate them will do some damage to some of them but he gets away with adverse 11 then Gideon went up by the road of those who dwell in tents on the east of Nob and Jock Beth and he attacked the Army while the camp felt secure while the road where it says the road of those who dwell in the tents at the caravan route and he is surprised is the reason why he gets the advantage of a surprise attack is because they let their guard down there like where out of Israel's character would not even in dad's territory now and they felt pretty good about themselves. I guess you know what Gideon had said several hundred thousand men with him they would kick up enough dust to be seen with 300 men get away with it.

He attacked the Army while the camp felt secure another lesson for us don't feel secure. You can have peace for a while without feeling secure. Just as a mindset you understand is that you guards verse 12 then zebra and Zelma fled and pursued them and he took the two kings of Midian zebra ends. Mona and routed the whole army doesn't say annihilate them or slaughter them.

He defeats them somehow someway.

The what probably happened in there. Engage with the enemy. Once they capture the two kings really would've been too difficult. In this sense would want to try it and what advice you but the kings would've had their garb on been identifiable in the war even if they didn't, they would've been able to determine whether kings were by how much the enemy concentrated defense around those people and so they they identified them. They attack them once they captured the Kings the rest of the Army would not have had a stomach for the fight afraid of the kings would've been killed, so they all went back to their houses and defeat. We see this throughout Scripture, the story has to be believable unless we are's told that there is another miracle involved, which this is. This miraculous is certainly fantastic.

He routed the whole army not annihilated.

He defeated it. Verse 13 then Gideon, the son of Joash return from battle from the ascent of Harry's now the King James the old King James version interprets Harry's as the word means the sun but all those who handle the words and other translators.

They've not interpreted it that way.

I think the King James mistranslation. This is the ascent of the sun. The word is used elsewhere in judges as is.

So anyway just a small thing. If you are you reading from the King James version and you listen to me. Read the verse seems to have mind mindset is from the sun was up. Probably not a very good translation. If if just saying the King James is the right one. All the loans are all you have not really lost anything is not contradiction you go to the original language and its tenses is not enough to just have the words, if the state other words work together, and that's how the translators do their thing and we should be very grateful for them, not the wicked ones.

Incidentally, Job witnesses watch how they don't have translators they have paraphrases. That's what they have plagiarists they have interpreters, but they do not have translators of the original languages. Verse 14 so he caught a young man of the metal Sue Kaufman interrogated him and he wrote down for him. The leaders of Sue because NS elders 77 men.

Gideon is finished with the enemy he still got these two prisoners. Nobody is going to try to come and take him back to. Not that interested in them.

Plus getting Gillam at any point that would defeat the purpose. Nobody is going to deal with dad before he heads back home across the east of Jordan and he catches this young man, Ace's hey, you're from Sukkoth without let you live. If you tell us who the decision-makers in your village.

So the guy starts singing there telling them well, there's Joe's market tally. Their sentences closed out the last you know, what would you do and that's why I never really like those guys. They were actually showed up. I initially gave you some biscuits or something but anyhow Gideon is taking names. He this is deliberate and premeditated, well done. There action was inexcusable. I make him give Brad to their own people fighting the enemy promised sizable village verse 15 then he came to the Minnesota court and said here zebra, and thou Mona about whom you ridiculed me saying all the hands of zebra and out more now in your hand that we should give bread to your weary men remember that remember here that are just a few.

We stood there we were parched. We were exhausted we were hungry man in the 300 here we were ready to fight the we were still ready to fight with you people. You're not back stabbers your face flappers you insult us you do us harm in a cowardly way. Now it's time for payback success and sweet revenge. That's what Gideon said he's got these do getting very sick. Here they are. Why the torch I was going to be back at the be a sickening feeling in the middle Sukkoth stomach the first specimen when Gideon pulls out the list if I call your name.

Take one step forward. Verse 16 and he took the elders of the city and farms of the wilderness and briars and with them, he taught the men of Sue, when he says because he taught them that obstacle now this is a briar that grows in an arid land doesn't need full sun. It has a yellow flower in spring is not given. The S and is beating them up and maybe telling them we get that because this was going to do it manually says that some of the commentators believe that the way you thrash. We did to them with the storms and briars.

I don't know the gotten enough.

This basis from the text to say that but anyway, briar beatings and taking names.

That's Gideon. At this point he was really really disturbed by how he and his men were treated gives new meaning to Hebrews chapter 13 where the writer says let brotherly love continue. Then he goes on to say, do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. This case, it wasn't an angel. It was Gideon the writer is talking about Abraham. Abraham received the strangest from heaven. No, they were at the beginning, but he found out later and so the right of the Hebrews says as Christians, you know, those in front of you got me bring somebody in your life, and as the Lord carefully that the brotherly love, will there was no brotherly love come from. Sue got Emmanuelle towards Gideon. Verse 17 then he tore down the tower of Pea well and kill the men of the city he's coming here just got done this again. First time when he said nobody had bigger fish to fry state focus.

He stayed focus you irritate people when you stay focused sometime some people use it. Not the stuff the mission. This is the mission that Spitz is to good mission. Let's just get it done and it led him to write your answer is not the mission can stick with this and that's Gideon, son of David and on the cable you got Saul kill I will pour out while he was sleeping. I drive my spirit right to the ground kill him and David is just focus. Note God panicking God can take him out, and I'm not doing it and I'm sure that there were those that were inconvenienced by that. I wish I probably sitting on content being chased by Saul, David, just kill the guy. We can just get on with the whole nation thing David is no I I'm king and this is how I'm doing it. I've got this in my heart and I'm not going to give it up for you. You make enemies. That way you make enemies out of vote of even nice people and people we you wish didn't feel the way they felt verse 18 and he said to Siemens out of mono, men were they whom you kill that table mount tape or area so they answered as you are. So, were they each one resembled the son of a king.

So Gideon is dialoguing with these two kings he captured is contemplating you know what to do with them magically killed because if it were just that easy was killed at the coarsest time lapsing between these these events.

Gideon is home now is not that Sukkoth Pea well we know that because the following verses. Gideon son shows up.

He so glad and he certainly was on the battlefield with them so he's he's now home is been a return to his hometown in addition to ravaging the land, the Midianites were murdering people. Remember we we read about the people hiding in caves from them and the local population being oppressive serious stuff. I mean imagine if it was happening in your neighborhood. Invaders from another country coming in killing people and nobody able doing about it were not told Leno where these murders will no table or area were not told when they took place. But these kings owned it and they answered the question yet. We did it and Gideon says what kind of men were, they were they like peasants or or with a renowned men of stature. The median likings. They were like kings. They had a regal manner about them so they confessed to killing them. Then verse 19 surprise and he said Gideon speaking, they were my brothers sons of my mother, as the Lord lives. If you had let them live, I would not kill you. So she can't see the look on their faces races. You know they were they were know they were my like brothers of my country.

They were actually my brothers say mom and you killed. This is not in on nepotism is the undo favor of family when you use like everybody else tool fault.

This actually becomes a crime because you're so busy looking out for your family. I mean her time. You have to look out for your family and of course missing in a supposed but you can you can certainly abuse that an Gideon is not abusing it. He has a right to kill these men as an avenger of blood recording numbers 35 clearly laid out in the law.

These men were not only invaders they were murderers and not only that they were murderers of Gideon's family, which may explain why he was highly online press thrashing wheat because you know it is struck home. His family had been killed. He was you know you knew that he did not take chances. Verse 20 and he said to Jeter's firstborn rising, kill them, but the youth would not draw his sword for he was afraid because he was still youth youth by definition is an experience. Maybe we got told his age.

But maybe Gideon should put the kit online like this and how Megan Thayer McMahon are you boy just kill these two guys for anyway before we get back to that how a soldier died in battle meant a lot even leaving to this day I mean you know you don't want to die in battle, you know, backing up the Jeep in the rear get hit by a truck. If you gonna die P on the battlefield in the blaze of glory not trying to romanticize wars. Nothing romantic about war anyway have that is important to the reputation Abimelech who is Gideon's son through a concubine will get him in next chapter.

Not a good person. He did not want to die at the hands of a woman, she threw a stone off from on the wall and clung to his noggin and he was dying he knew it and he had someone kill Saul. He did not want to die at the hands of the Philistines, so he asked, of course, his armor bearer to kill him, which he certainly refused to do so if you're a king and someone is asking a child to kill you listening Saul and that would've been just the humiliation of stricking certainly would not have wanted and inexperienced. It doesn't would begin son killing is not enough moving to Scott Kinsey given poison that that verse 21 so zebra, and thou mono said rise yourself and kill us rise yourself and kill us for as a man is so is his strength. So Gideon Rosen killed zebra in the morning and took the crescent ornaments that work on their camels next. This was apparent sarcasm intended to provoke Gideon to kill them. They knew if this lad all of a sudden decide okay let me try his, hacked them up and it would've been a torturous gruesome slow and painful death. More than likely, and this is in his even you have no professional instrument mess it up with you. Don't hang the guy the right way to go to shut the head off and he missed to get the back side of the head so they they knew about this and they wanted Gideon to just make this get this over with. And they probably provoke him because you know they killed his brothers didn't take much to send make Gideon's a fine coed and and kill them. They were wise, and in doing that as men go, that's the end of those two men. Verse 22 then the men of Israel said to Gideon rule over us both you and your son and your grandson also you have delivered us from the land of Midian. They offered him a hereditary monarchy at dynasty your whole family will be your family will reign over for us forever. That's kind of this. Shows you how great a victory. This was, I mean he was just a star at this point in the nation. Gideon nobody else could do this for years we were to admit he is becoming an yield, need to be all up. We want you to be king is not caused first and only time this is happening. History one of the key themes of the book of Judges is that there was no king in Israel. The historian describes who published the final print that we have lease with contributed to it recognize this recognize that there was tribal division. There was corruption, moral corruption, and that a king would very likely be able to stabilize this because the judges were, they were not over all the people all the time, mainly the tribes and surrounding tribes. Perhaps the exception of off now they really were not ruling over all the people as a king move. Thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference you will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there, and we encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio.

You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast out or just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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