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The Judges Deliver (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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December 2, 2020 6:00 am

The Judges Deliver (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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December 2, 2020 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 3)

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Wisdom is knowing what to do with what is before you and what is before you.

So soggy. Alternate no fire then called the God from heaven that he might send fire ignites you once had it you don't have it, get it back.

If you expect God to do what you're supposed to be doing is not going to happen. God wants hard workers get used to that face laziness is not an honorable thing. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges, please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching that hears Pastor Rick in Judges chapter 3 with his continuing study called the judges deliver is a great difference between seeking knowledge and seeking truth and this is why so many are always learning and never coming into the knowledge of the faith, because the truth is not what thereafter they just want to learn anything we should know better.

We have filters we filter it through what Jesus says this irritates those who are confused about knowledge to think, learning everything is a good idea, even though they are the ones I want to censor other people from learning everything. Some things will need to be shared. I don't want to read a book 10 ways to build a ball will why okay. I'm big, I digress. Bildad, one of the three or four speakers to Job during Job's crisis. Bildad was incensed that show held him in contempt. I mean it was Job's suffering, and you come to my house and you just make it worse for me you talking out loud about things that you know nothing about as though you were some sort of authority you understand your hurting me and so Bildad we picks up that Joe was just has contempt for what they're saying no.

That response. Why are we counted this piece and regarded as stupid in your sight. Job's answer is this because you are and that's that's what we have to say that any lie about Christ then they mocked the Bible and they tell evolution.

All the other crazy things that come up with.

They say why do you why you Christian so obnoxious would define for me what obnoxious is how you value me, I might not agree with you that I think your views of dong using my views of dumb but I can call you obnoxious can use it without a? I'm so unloving, so let's just get to the point your views of dumb. I love you so hopefully that will create more conversation God wanted his people completely separated from the people of the land and he wants us to be the same way when it comes to fallout and acceptance. He doesn't want to separated from them because we are here to engage them and I'm sorry you know I have talked about this before I have a good friend, a good pastor friend and they immediately hand out tracks in Coney Island that I never seen tracks working. I've never met anyone say came to Christ because I read a track I met people who come to Christ because somebody got in their face with the gospel coming up with obnoxious kind of thing that worked sometimes to and other countries. It does work because the people are just completely that not every other country but many Third World countries tracks go along way to not getting anything but here the Bible is everywhere. Christians are everywhere, so why bring this up to say to encourage you engage them. I try contact get close enough to know whether another using your that's what it takes. Imagine if I think of my own self. The people of God is allowed me to to preach the gospel to imagine if I just stayed home to get in front of it matters. You matter. That's why Satan messes with you because he's afraid you may unleash the gospel on somebody not to do this, you cannot be somebody that's a key. Your hygiene is important. Praise the Lord brother hello hello way that will work. You have to take care of yourself.

You don't want to give them a reason to justify cheap shots going to take shots going to mark you don't make it easy for them.

Get to work on time be a hard worker. Don't let a nonbeliever out work you and you watch what God will do is talking with someone about this Sunday is a steelworker IR I can think of to three men that I gave me a challenge to working one of them was a Christian and I just might by Phil God gave me that principal just outwork everyone and I'll send them to you and us exactly what he did well. The Jews were no better than the pagans as we know better than anyone else, but our God is better, and that matters. Everything that's the whole story right there. Who is your God means everything verse six and they took their daughters to be their wives and gave their daughters to their sons and serve their gods, they wave the white flag. I surrender my God is not as good as your God, your God is more fun during the.

This time of the judges. This adopting of the gods of the lands so it such an insult to the God of truth I got you in the land I brought you here you've got a you think your parents are lying to you when they told you about the wilderness and crossing over the monument you think they just grew out of the ground the law that you have no man wrote that God gave you the law everybody else. They wrote it themselves, and you willing to throw all that away and so they surrendered any high place they could put themselves onto worship the fake gods of the land they would do it. This was the outcome of not paying attention to what God was trying to say to them, so as I'm standing here speaking, you have to save yourself for you know hopefully people always say this will get where I'm going to get it is, is it sinking in, or is it just someone else's words are you getting the faith, do you talk to God. Are you ever moved by a Christian song emotionally or you just flat all the time and times just don't feel like it or maybe you, but there are. I don't know how you can be born again and have no fire at all and you don't have it asked for it. James said God gives wisdom he gives the ability to know how to do something with what you learned. That's what wisdom is. Wisdom is knowing what to do with what is before you, and of what is before you is so soggy altar, no fire, then called to the God from heaven that he might send fire and ignite you and if you once had it you don't have it did back if if you expect God to do what you're supposed to be doing is not going to happen. God wants hard workers get used to that. Face it, laziness is not an honorable thing in your own little if they gave out awards for laziness should be too lazy to go get it. So why would they do that they took their daughters to be their wives and gave their daughters to their sons, and they served their gods should've been the other way around before Israel showed up.

All these people just got along well with Satan's lies and then the Jews show up and Satan says okay, I can drive them out of the Army are driving our lives. All all have them intermarry to this day. Pastor struggle telling Christians. You should not do this. I mean as a suggestion, I don't have the right to command you not to do it. Proof of that is you just got into it but don't marry an unbeliever, you will have Satan for an annual and that missionary you know this to be thing missionary dating in assisted choker smokescreen I want. I'm going to save them will save them first and then date them. He says they serve their other gods. The very thing that God, Moses and Joshua work so hard to prevent that he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful still goes on.

You would think the cravings for fake gods would've dissolved and in the presence of so much light but sin corrupts logic, it it it makes the person illogical when it comes to spiritual things other otherwise clear thinking people become spiritual morons when they reject the truth. This is what the Bible teaches. The word I just used first Corinthians 214 but the natural man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are morose is the Greek word, we get our English word moron from or moronic. It is the height of folly. They are moronic to them. That's why they don't receive the gospel to them.

It's moronic well what was going to do about that. We try to help them get to answer will.

Let's open this up and when you're sharing the gospel with someone over a period of time. You may have to find find out is this person just clinging to a lifestyle and that's why they're not submitting to the truth or that they just don't like the truth and don't want it or are they in a state of ignorance and I can turn the lights on for them if they're the type of person that is saying no, I just don't want to be Christians at the give up too many sins will than the weapon against atmosphere you start talking about hell in consequence, as Paul did to Felix. If you got away anymore. This is no judgment to come.

Stuff and conviction. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, convict involves fear because you been proven wrong and as a consequence, and if the person is just not getting it. Then we we excite them with truth in the Bible will excite people. If you tell the stories the parables like the green side open Asian woman.

The maniac at good Dara, I mean, again, Jesus steps of the boat here comes as flaming maniac at him. What would you have done a get back in the boat rolled away and get hit in the back of the head by something as he was being guy pick up the orange clock and when he is in range that I now work stand your ground and giving Jesus.

That's what Christ did the stories of their for us to preach not only to be preached to everybody wants the pastor to be prepared.

When he steps in the pulpit. The pastor was the people in the pew to be prepared when a step in front of people out in the world and to get there.

You gotta be prepared when you come to church get your heart right get you head around these things together will not was consequence, Israel was supposed to be this witness to the surviving pagan nations. They were supposed to win them to the faith.

At the very least, this will drive them out okay. Plan B. Unfortunately, the Jews, many of them were one to balance Ashtoreth and all the other ghastly gods of these peoples. Verse seven, so the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord they forgot Yahweh their God, and serve the bows and the Ashtoreths, so the cycle now begins. First comes the said then comes the servitude, then the crying out to God, then the delivery comes and freeze them and then the cycle repeats.

Okay I'm not going to whine about that. I have no control about that.

I don't like the cycles of the seasons summer is coming. I detest summer.

I can't do anything about it so I'm going to make it work with the train ourselves to do this when you're young you may not figure that out and go.

If you are like me when I was young I got angry at everything that it is a low automatic responder, but like anything, I just hated it. You get older and you find a you know you just beating up yourself. Anyway, I've got stories. If you want to hear them send me a note and I'll do them. Nevermind sorry they forgot the Lord God, their God, and serve the bows again should've been the other way if the Jews establish more garrisons more fortresses in the land with standing armies. They would've been more successful.

Nehemiah got this he understood. This is something for us. Nehemiah 4. Nevertheless, we made our prayer to God and because of them. We set a watch against them day and night and there were armed guards what we're supposed to set guards to which you have to understand that if you set your guards the world and Satan is going to try to bribe the guard to take him down. That's why we see our young kids go off to the workplace at universities and then wave the white flag and surrender because they did their guards were compromised lost sight of the truth.

The truth became secondary.

Somebody else had better truth to them. Verse 801 other thing I think to be a an effective Christian living. A constant popularity contest is a mistake from pastors if I was speaking to a young pastor starting a church.

I was saved.

Make sure you're not running a popularity contest. Do you want the people to love someone and H but if you're if you're your motive for doing anything is so that someone will like you.

You're making a mistake and is going to bite you hard.

So just skip that step and just focus on what God is telling you to do and live with the consequences or the blessings so if some some folks just you know you they want to be loved and so they they begin caving in and appeasing people and you know and when you start doing that. The people that your that are not important to you. You treat less you don't treat them with them that the law for you, but the people that you want to like you. You do whatever they want, how much nonsense is caught up in that. Just let before God love everybody like some more than others. If you if you like, you can't help that that's automatic, I mean that those of you are people per person's you know how to do those things very well, but not all of us a people person so versus eight therefore the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel and he sold them into the hand of Kushan race. I find them king of Mesopotamia and the children of Israel served Kushan Roche, a fireman eight years.

That's a long time of suffering eight whole years. Let's imagine you're in first grade. By the time you get to the eighth grade. This guy still running things. Therefore, the anger of the Lord's rounds and he had good reason sold them four times we come across that phrase in the book of Judges, four times we hear the God sold his people to the enemy because they were acting like slaves of Satan anyway so onto the auction block.

They went as slaves, Jews had to learn these hard lessons in there. The writer of the compile of the historian who put this together. He's trying to teach future generations look at this don't make these mistakes and of course many of them did. Anyway, but not all of them. I'm sure Daniel read this Daniel understood what was going on. Outstanding man of God. This Kushan's armies came along distance to invade this area of the world from Babylon. That area of Babylon Euphrates area and he was an external dangerously had the peoples in the land that were not chased out.

They were an internal danger. Your flesh and then you have the external dangers in the context I'm using it and and so you you you you you get hit from all sides but you should have a protocol in place you should have things in place to protect and you will you will take hits. That's what God's mercy is for God has a sick bay.

He has corpsman medics. If you're in the Armenian Air Force. I don't know what they do in the Air Force other than play golf all the time we have any airmen here, but that was an intentional loving shot at you because the rest of us were in mud holes tick infested woods with snakes and other stuff mosquitoes and things blow up and you're sitting in an air-conditioned barracks somewhere, watching videos, okay holding that in. Where's Larry and John his name. This Kushan character means doubly wicked or double dose of wickedness and was probably in May given to him by his enemies which is just another chance that we see in Scripture. The writers those who bore the scribes of Scripture. What an honor to be able to have your pan be used by God anyway. The scribes of Scripture. They when they put these records together. They got their singers and they let it be known that their disdain for things that were harmful and here is just one example will get tomorrow we get to Kings well remove the verse nine when the children of Israel cried out to Yahweh. Yahweh raised up a deliverer for the children of Israel who delivered them off my eldest son of Ken as Caleb's younger brother again with covered Rafael before the theologians debate on the fee was how was he related to Caleb really is insignificant. Kind of lost in the Hebrew for us but here is the judge is now the deliverers and that's what it meant they were to deliver the people from their enemies and at the same time deliver them from civil strife and protect them from misguided religions verse 10 the spirit of Yahweh came upon him, this is Rafael, and he judged Israel went out to war.

Yahweh delivered Kushan Roche. If I am king of Mesopotamia into his hand in his hand, prevailed over Kushan wealth. Here it is that the word it stands out. He went out to war again if he had an inferiority complex is a little bit googling at the bar. If I had some of that. Deborah said if I go, what you are still some of that thunder you out of chance year. I don't care you coming and so I find those things on the cube. Some of you just what it's okay.

No, pastors are not supposed to be to sheep except when it comes to humor her right well so he goes out to war. Verse 11 so the hand so the land had rest for 40 years and nothing else in the can has died. What a great testimony of course is so much more to his life.

We gotta get the articles we govern our denial before that old hero of the Jews.

Good leadership and it's an essential ingredient to victory. What is it on an individual scale making good decisions. Wisdom's wisdom not being around the wrong crowd, as some people just gravitate, they always go down if there are bad boys and bad girls.

They want to be in that group and not outside the cemetery has taken and review those types that comes with a price Jehoshaphat was a man of that kind is a good man but he just could not pick her right friends and a big God had to rescue him from death on several occasions. One of the prophets had to come out and and rebuke him severely prophets would come out and say what you hate God love his enemies wassup with that. So remember that. I think the book of Kings and second Chronicles that historical account is really worse than the book of Judges. The reason why I think we don't see it that way. On the surface is because there are these heroes in Kings and Chronicles that really stand out. I mean over the history of the Jews is still as always, David and Hezekiah and and Elisha and judges you have the judges, but they think and then there's much to offer from them, but there's a lot of stumbling thereto, and you don't get so much of that with men like Elijah and in others. That's my understanding what would get to that later. So back to verse 12. Later, like two years from now we get to Kings the children of evil.

They did evil in the sight of the of Yahweh verse 12 so Yahweh strengthened egg launching of Moab against Israel because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord's egg lawn. The king of the Moabites was used as the scourge of God.

God was going to use him to discipline his people. There was a limit on that there is a note of frustration as this verse starts in the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord. Well, you can either take a frustration and turn it into energy and fuel for the solution or you can just let it make you suffer.

I'm working on it, but I've made a lot of progress in the years I've been around so hopefully you will special you younger ones bookmark that in your head. Life is going to get frustrating.

Some of you have not yet met your husband or your wife, and that will introduce to you challenges that you never saw coming and you can be frustrated and take that frustration and do something very useful with it or you can just be frustrated and become bitter and things get worse for you so that Outlook has to be associated with that up. Look anyway. This again add to it. Shameless evil committed right under the nose of God, very serious condition evil in the sight of the Lord right under his nose. They had no excuse for this. This phrase evil in the sight of the Lord. It is a dominant raise judges first and second Kings and second Chronicles move thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference you will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there and encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio. You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast that work just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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