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Toleration Unto Sin (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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November 26, 2020 6:00 am

Toleration Unto Sin (Part A)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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November 26, 2020 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 2)

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Ask yourself, do you have conversation with God. You speak freely to God and not as though he's your body is not friend is so much higher rate or also that even Abraham, God's said that Abraham was his friend yet. Will Abraham also got Dallas-based breasts of God so that holiness we retain that wicked people, their behaviors should have been a deterrent for the Jews.

This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges, please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching, but for now let's join Pastor Rick in the book of Judges chapter 2 with a brand-new message called tolerance unto sin. Judges chapter 2. Cover and alignment is important in life. Some of you may need to go to Paris I learned that lesson toleration unto sin is toleration that we all have to exercise from time to time. Even with unbelievers. Perhaps even an unbeliever in the home, but there are tolerance that are forbidden and it was not the failure of the Jewish people in and of itself or per se, to cast out the evil influences influences that were there in the land that was a failure, but that was not the biggest problem led to the biggest problem the spirit of tolerance unto approval leaving the only true God for the man-made renderings that that's what tangled them up when you look at the what they had to do and use that's quite a task. Even in Joshua's day, they could not cast out all the Canaanites, but what they were not supposed to do is become friends and then allow themselves to no longer be friends with God. That's with the story of Judges is really about. God told Joshua that he would not allow him to fail that he would be with him and he was all the way with the generation that followed Joshua and the leaders that were with him. The generation that followed them.

They did not receive that insurance directly because it was baked into the promises for the people what they received was a severe warning and judgment and that's what were going to open up in the second chapter. It is true whenever God's people drift away from God's word. If they become content with that over time they will fall away from God and that's why we put such an emphasis on what he has to say and not in every single case, I don't want to be overbearing, but who wants to find out if they are that one that walks away from the word of God neglects God's word and the next thing you know they are more influenced by those who are against their God then caring about what God has to say verse one then the angel of Yahweh came up from Gil Gallo to Boca and said I led you up from Egypt and brought you to the land of which I swore to your fathers, and said I will never break my covenant with you, while the angel of the Lord here that came up from Gil Gallo to Bochum is the pre-incarnate Christ. It is Yahweh himself is a Christophe and a from the New Testament perspective theophany from the Old Testament perspective. Now there is room to say well the word angel is just messenger and maybe it's not the pre-incarnate Christ maybe does not Yahweh because Jesus is Yahweh of the Old Testament. Maybe it was just a prophet, messenger of God. There's a little room for that but not much for several reasons to other times. This angel of the Lord will appear in the book of Judges. In fact, that phrase is applied more judges than any other book. When God to Gideon while he's thrashing wheat and the winepress is he hiding who thrashes Wheaton winepress and then to Samson's parents. In both cases we know it was not a mere man in Exodus, when the bush that burned but was not consumed and Moses drew near and I must see this new trust near good and it said the angel of the Lord spoke to him Bella because of his Yahweh. So that is how I'm going to approach and I think that's how everyone should approach it, unless they are determined to be wrong so again generally interpreted when we come across that phrase.

The angel of Yahweh as being an appearance of Yahweh himself. There are a few exceptions because the context makes it clear, and so occasionally look God showed up on earth in human form and that is a Christophe and he and appearance of Christ. Because the theophany can be broader than a human appearance of God, or manifestation of his presence. The cloud that led Israel by day and fire by night. That's a theophany, not a Christophe.

It's a rendering of God by the hand of God, just for Bible students, but the fact that God himself comes to deliver this message is pretty serious, and the fact that the message applies for the for the next 300 years, over 300 years to these people who are not getting it right will evidently there's an there's an Assembly Taking Pl. in Bochum when I told why were not told, was there. What we are told is that the messenger appeared deliver the message, and there was a repentance, perhaps shallow, but was repentance. Nonetheless, some scholars think that Bochum is another name for Bethel because we don't know where Bochum is on the map and because in the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament, those ancient Greeks translated the word here that we have as Bochum is Bethel so there's evidence for that to that helps a little bit not much but a little bit at least to deliver. Let's us know it somewhere mid-distance between Gil Gallo and Shiloh to capital places in ancient Israel's early beginnings well. The message delivered call them back to loyalty and of course we know that is an ongoing process in our own lives as Christians to live the loyal life of Christ. The communion table speaks of that to some degree when making a statement that Christ is our Lord.

We recognize he died for us.

We recognize he did not have to die for us with recognizing we don't deserve this and we recognize that it is love his love for us, that brought all about and that's why I'm sitting there having communion because of his sacrifice is substitution, and so the message is delivered and the timing of this surprise visit and that's what it was. This surprise visit. Of course, was brought on by Israel's unwillingness to struggle. That's why they became tolerant that tolerance led to familiarity and that familiarity led to sympathy and that sympathy led to corruption, and it was all because they were not willing to fight anymore, so he comes up from Gil Gallo no Gil Gallo means wheeled the stone something that's rolled away.

The idea is that when when Josh was that this is Gil Gallo the shame of coming out of Egypt as slaves in living in the wilderness as wanderers has been rolled away from us and that's the meaning of Gil Gowda became the this are going to go through a list in a moment of what the significance of guilt out to the Jews, but it is also significant that the writers very clear that this messenger, this angel of the Lord. Disappearance of Yahweh came from the place where the shame was rolled away to Bochum with a well and that's what Bochum means to weep and they wept over the condition of their hearts.

They were sitting and they were not repenting until the angel of the Lord came and rebuked them, which takes up these. I think it's the first five verses might be six but details details. So let's look at briefly, this significance of of Gil Gallo of the Jews first camp in the promised land on the cross Jordan in the set camp up Gil Gallo was the place you would think that if this was part of your history. This would be very significant to you. Yes my people when they crossed over because God led them over. This is where they set camp. This is where they lived.

First the stones from the Jordan taken out 12 of them and and placed in at Gil Gallo as a memorial. The tabernacle was first set up in the Jews first brought their burnt offerings in the promised land was at this place named Gil Gallo very significant to Joshua. A lot happened there. There is where they had the first Passover in the promised land. First time in decades. Also, it is where they turn the knives on themselves not to harm themselves but to institute the first circumcision on the generation of men that had come out. Of Egypt they were lads when they came out and Gil Gallo that was addressed. It was where the angel of the Lord appeared to Joshua and of course told Joshua take the sandals off your feet. The ground you stand on his holy ground. You say will wait a minute that was on Mount Sinai were Moses well aware of the Lord is its holy ground. And that's the point.

And so, from Gil Gallo. He launched the first major campaign in the promised land against Jericho and it was there that the allotments were assigned to the various tribes very significant in time, a gag, the Amalekite will be slain at Gil gal by Samuel David is restored to the throne after Absalom's rebellion at Gil gal and unfortunately it is recorded for us in Amos the prophet that idols were eventually worshiped at Gil gal so it significant when we come across this word here in this book of Judges and it was already losing significant because God was alluding losing some significance in the eyes of the people.

So he says the part of his message. I led you up from Egypt and brought you and where in verse one to the land of which I swore to your fathers. In other words, God saying I remember and you should too.

And then he says I will never break my covenant with you, the violation was on God side. It never is.

Verse two and you shall make no covenant with the inhabitants of this land, you shall tear down their altars, but you have not obeyed my voice. Why have you done this well if I collected all of the Old Testament words from God about tearing down these altars and having no union with these peoples and the blessings that would follow all the curses that would not we would just have to recite the verses we have no time for anything else.

The failures of this chapter that would come covering in this section. This passage and then after we get a historical break and come back to it here in chapter 2.

It's God saying I do not overlook these things and I don't want you to overlook them either. They had a covenant with God, but they were now making covenants with idolaters also which avoided out their covenant with God. That's big on everything. You cannot serve two masters. As it is a fundamental principle that master passion is just not enough of us to go around and in this case, of course, to go around to anyone else than Yahweh is a great sin, violation of the first commandment at release, which is enough to grandma soul. They were not to tolerate and coexist the Canaanites. The people that lived in Atlanta were charged they could. They had a better chance at being friendly with people outside the promised land not in it. This was their new land so effective was the leavening by the Canaanites upon the Jews that God had to institute extraordinary countermeasures just to slow it down and that's what we getting in this first paragraph he says you shall tear down their altars. The place that they worship what we do that is tricky when Christians stay true to the word and we say Jesus is the way truth in life.

We are tearing down the altars of everybody else were saying they're useless that nothing to do with getting to God. They have everything to do with offending him in getting you to hell that you have so once we look at these Old Testament stories. Of course we see the New Testament mandate all over the pages and so did the Lord and so did the apostles you shall tear down their altars at Israel hated Canaan sins Canaanites.

The people living in the land made up of other people's other than just Canaanites, but of course, a general application to all the people in that land they hated those sins they would never have tolerated but they did not hate them. They came actually to be quite fond of the sins of the people in the land. This led to reversal of their faith in many of the lives of the people.

First Thessalonians, Paul says to this. He was so impressed and you know the whole story of the Thessalonian church church was impressive.

Paul and Silas show up the Thessalonian Thessalonica for the first time this still bleeding. They still have the caning marks on their backs, usually filled with flip is chase them out when they get there and they start preaching Christ and the church is born and even early in her walk pro Paul was preaching to them no less than two months old. Paul's preaching to them end time theology so don't be you know thinking that some parts of the Bible for more experience with all for us. Although there is some wisdom on how to approach it. I mean if you believe you don't want to start off in Leviticus is not desist, yet is probably somebody that hasn't got it because the Holy Spirit open it up for Paul says that he says they the other churches, for they declare concerning us what manner of entry we had to you and how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God. What we have here are people doing the opposite attorney from the living God to idols.

This is craziness, while the devil is a master at this.

He loves picking off the younger Christians he loves, picking off the younger Christians who go to church because mom and dad go to church but not because they're calling out to the Lord on their own. If you're old enough, you don't not just the sage but just if you're in the sanctuary of your old enough to sit in the sanctuary near verse by verse teaching you are old enough to speak to God. Anyone who can talk is old enough to speak to God and that takes away the excuses, but it also brings the opportunities that should excite you ask yourself, do you have conversation with God. Do you speak freely to God and not as though he's your body disease not is a friend, but he is so much higher and greater and awesome than that even Abraham, God's said that Abraham was his friend yeah will Abraham also got devil's face in the presence of God so that holiness we retain that and the wicked people their behaviors should have been a deterrent for the Jews that you should've looked at that and said this is just what Moses put into the law.

He warned us about these things, God said, I'm sending you in here because these people doing these things you think is right what they're doing, offering up their children to stoop to fake gods, and all of the other immoral acts.

They were committing against each other. You think that's okay. No, we don't think that's okay then why are you joining them so always it seems there are those who think they can be more merciful and more wiser than God. These are Anna Kim in their own mind they think of the giants of the land in their own head they suppose that their giant hearted that they have giant intellects and they can outthink and out care for people more than God and all outsiders incidentally are small to them there. The Anna Kim see them all over the place.

People think they read Christians of the narrowminded ones where the archaic ones. God's people were not to rationalize away their orders very clear. Make no treaties why Kamal those people in the land they could've left when he saw the hordes of Israel coming but they opted not to the fortified themselves a as we read often. They had iron chariots.

They buckle down, so the Lord was not pleased with Israel's failure to purge the land, but again it wasn't so much that they failed to purge it. They chase quit so you and I we find our flesh and guts as I see that it means a lot it means a whole lot to me.

See the life of David. God told David you can build the temple for me. David, your you have your hands, your mental war.

I do not want that association with please worship David of course was told then by God, but because it was in your heart to do it. I'm going to bless you.

It was David's intention to worship God in very meaningful way. And David didn't stop there is a fine false in all if I can build it I can make it so the next person can build a magnificent stroke of worshiping David's part so the great crime again was not military weakness but spiritual compromise spiritual compromise tolerance again is not always the same thing as approval. You can tolerate someone sinning and being an offense to God you can be very friendly with a coworker, for it just warnings example but that doesn't mean you approve of their views their altars behaviors.

Once you start to approve those things that tolerance turns into approval. Now you have a tiger by the tail Israel as a nation was to outlaw foreign gods and anybody who worship them. It was a capital crime. The church, we don't have the right to enforce our laws and other people. That's not our calling. Not not as far as law, but we can of course share those rules and regulations that are from the kingdom that are for our benefit. Enough someone who doesn't like rules and if you gonna say building a sky right skyscape high-rise and you as you building at your you cutting out these holes for an elevator shaft run up will what you want is a safety gang will crew to come along and put some wires around those shafts so you don't accidentally fall in's desk. The law, that's what the law of God is. It is offense that protects you from falling down the shaft and so when we say the laws and the rules, the ordinances and statutes of Israel cannot hold water burdens like yes thank you God. I would not a figure these things out. I would not have known what traps awaited me. Had you not told me. And so when the Scripture says to the individual Christian you not to tolerate ideas about God that are clearly forbidden in his word is for our benefit and so Paul writes to the Ephesians. Now the emphasis that big city that magnificent city of its day loaded with idolaters big time my daughter was a big time and they profited they got a lot of money from their idolatry. They were letting that go. And yet the church was called to minister there so much investment went into emphasis. John the apostle Apollo's Paul Timothy. They just were invested in Paul writes to them.

He says therefore do not be partakers with them. Then he says have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. Ephesians 5 1111 expose them for what they are. James says keep yourself unspotted from the world. All of these verses would've applied to Israel at this time in her history that applies to us but again they became so accustomed to the sinful ways of their pagan neighbors that those ways did not seem sinful therefore harmful anymore. And that's the Lord of sin. Satan will say good God for business, but it's really not harmful until it goes off and hurts you very much for someone else. So the Jews they became interested in how their neighbors worship. There was just curious how Selassie doing we don't do it that way but you waste so much easier and nicer and you get to do what you can license you can license to sin singular New Testament word is licentious to finally Israel started to live like their enemies imitate new ways of God couldn't tell the difference, one from the moon. Thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there, and we encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio. You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast that work just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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