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Spies and Allies (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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September 14, 2020 6:00 am

Spies and Allies (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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September 14, 2020 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Joshua (Joshua 2)

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Now I have known professed believers and you probably have two better out word reputation than Rahab, but they were big winners, ruined relationships, they sowed seeds of discord in all again. God says I hate that I hate when seeds of discord Amongst Brethren You Get in There and You*Did You Know and Someone so and You Start Causing Trouble. This Is Cross Reference Radio with Our Pastor and Teacher Rick Gaston. Rick Is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick Is Currently Teaching through the Book of Joshua. Please Stay with Us after Today's Message to Hear More Information about Cross Reference Radio, Specifically How You Can Get a Free Copy of This Teaching Today. Pastor Rick Will Continue His Study Called Spies and Allies in Joshua Chapter 2 Is Very Easy to Twist Scripture. Satan Did It There in the Wilderness with Christ. Of Course the Colts. They Do It and We Come across the False Teachers and Peter and Then Again in First John and the Pharisees and the Judaizers in the Days of Paul and We Find out They're All Twisting Scripture to Their Own Satisfaction.

Jesus, That Wonderful, I Just Work so You Trying to Stop Me.

I Look at What I'm Doing and Listen to What the Prophets Are Saying You're Asking Me If on the Christ. I Told You on the Price and You Still Receive It. You've Made up Your Mind I Can't Be the Christ Is You Don't like Me and That Can Be a Ticket to Hell and Eternal Hell. There A Lot Of People outside These Walls They Don't like Jesus.

A Great Many of Them Have Never Met the Real Jesus There Reacting to Some Heretics, Presentation, or Some Overzealous yet Long Presentation of Christ. How Many People Have Been Raised in in Christian Homes Summon Solid Homes and Still They Depart, but Then There Are Others That Were Raising Wacky Homes and They Depart. It Is up to Us to Bring the Light Maybe Maybe Listen to This May Be There's Some Backslidden Christian out There and Their Parents Praying That God Would Bring a Righteous Soul into Their Child's Life May Be You or I Can Be That Person. Maybe You or I Can Be Dispatched like an Angel from Heaven into the Life of Some Apostate or or Backslidden's Child and Win Them Out Of Darkness. That Is a Prayer God Make Me a Messenger to Extract from the Jaws of Hell. Some Child That She Landed in the Snare of the Devil. What a Glorious Pig.

Imagine Entering Heaven with That with That Ribbon on Your Chest. You Know the Song Ballad of the Green Beret Put Silver Wings on My Sons Chest Make Him One of America's Best. I Should Be Singing Armies. It's a Beautiful Song. I Think, and It It Excites Patriotism, of Course, but Is Also It Is, It Excites an Unknowable Spirit Is Nothing Wrong with That As Long As Is Not against Christ. But How Much Better to Say to the Lord Put the Messenger of God. That Ribbon on My Chest That You Can Send Me out on a Noble Work or Sit around Criticizing the Pastor First for or Some Other Christian, They Just Say the Way They Were Dressed Today Is Bigger Things to Do Than That Then the Woman Took the Two Men and Hidden Them, so She Said Yes. The Man Came to Me, but I Did Not Know Where They Were from That She's Risking Everything on the Basis of This Spiritual Discovery. She Has Made She's Put the Information Together. She Has the Same Information. Everybody Else in Jericho Has, but What She Does with It Is Entirely Different. She Brings Her Whole Family into This Believers, We Often through History in Scripture and to This Day. Often We Benefit from Some Unbeliever Helping Us Putting Themselves at Risk for Us. Moses, of Course, Floating on Water to Pharaoh's Daughter and She Fished Them Out Of the Nile. Esther, of Course, Her Husband and How He Was Very Much a Part of the Defense of the Jews, As We Listen to Rahab We Get the Feeling That She Didn't Care Too Much for the People of Jericho.

Maybe She Was Mistreated Enough That She Was Ready She Was Right. Well Other, Not People in the World That Have Been Treated by the World so Poorly Enough Times That Ready to Come Out Of It but They Don't Know How Is No Light. Jesus Said You Are the Light, You Go Get about You. Our Mission Here Is Not to Seek and Destroy. It Is to Seek and Rescue That Is so Very Good at the Top of Us without Love.

You Can Do It so I Was a Macon Hospital Call Once I Made Quite A Few of Them Could Walk around the Hospital. As I Did, and That More Than That. My Mother That Way Where My Macon Hospital Call and I See a Muslim Working There Woman She's Got the Headscarf One Now. Do You Think My First Feeling Was That of Love. I'm Not Telling You What It Should've Been. If It Wasn't, That's What Jesus Means When He Says Love Your Enemies, I Can't Use You Hand-To-Hand Face-To-Face If You Can Only Be Sent to People You like Because You Don't like the Other Ones Because There in the Darkness That They Need to Be Brought Out Of and I Need You to Do It.

So, to Learn to Love People without Letting out Biases Blind Us.

It Is Going to Take Work Is Not Going to Come Easy, Because Again the Flash Is Not Subservient to the Spirit If It Doesn't Have To Be. It Cannot Force It to Be, Well, Rahab, Should We Get the Feeling. As I Mentioned, She Wasn't Fond of the Place. The People There but Salvation Is Now Knocking on Her Door and the Spies Knew God's Hand Was in This. I Don't Know That They Knew It Right Away, but by the Time This Is over and They Report to Joshua in Verse 24 They Listing God. God Was All over This. They Knew They Should've Been Caught and Executed If Not Tortured.

First, Verse Five, and It Happened As the Gate Was Being Shut When It Was Dark That the Men Went out Where the Men Went I Do Not Know Pursue Them Quickly for You May Overtake Them so She's Lying to Them. Of Course, and It Is Nighttime and She Saying, "I Come Looking for the Men She Did Not Have They Went out the Gate of the City. Jericho Had More Than One Wall.

Incidentally, and They Were Sizable Walls. A Lot Of Archaeological Work Is Been Done in an and Redone and Errors Have Been Found in the Findings of the First Archaeologists in and Is Very Very Interesting.

They Know It Was a Sudden Destruction of Jericho, One of the Reasons Wisely.

They Found Whole Bags with Grain Food. You Know, Left the Way It Was Was Not in the You Know They Were Not Put under Siege and Evacuated and Booted Very Interesting, but It Stay on Course. Here We Have so Much to Cover in 24 Minutes of Been Spent Well. As I Mentioned, She Is She's Lying to These Men out the Bible Reports What Is Going on It As It Is Reported Not Exhorted the Scriptures Nothing Rahab Lied Be like That Oh Christian Is Not Saying This Is Think It Is What Happened, Not Giving and Approval to This and A Lot Of People Get Tripped up on That for, and Can't Get past and Well, You Can Swallow Camels and Gag on That If You Want to. Incidentally, Gagging on That's Why Don't Fruit Flies Taste like Fruit Well Back to This She Had Other Issues besides This Does Telling Lies, but in This Case It Was Serving the Lord Nessie Was and Also She Wasn't a Child in Scripture with a Raisin at the Feet of You Know Aron, the High Priest, She Was a Pagan in a Society Were Lying If It Work You Did It and If You Didn't Lie When You Needed A Lot Of Something Wrong with You the First Sin Judge in the Church Was Lying. Sophia and Ananias God Is Sort of Sane Christians Is What I Think about You Line, Especially in the Church and of Course It Ended in Their Death Know Where in All of Scripture Is a Lie Called Anything but a Lie. So We Need to Emphasize That in Case Anyone Gets the Idea Well You Rahab Didn't Get She Got Saved and God Blessed Her and She Became One of the Ancestors of the Christ. That Certainly Would Be a Wrong Way to See It Now. I Have Known Professed Believers and You Probably Have Two Who Had a Better out Word Reputation Then Rahab, but They Were They Were Destroyers. The Ruined Relationships. They Sowed Seeds of Discord in All Again. God Says I Hate That I Hate When Seeds of Discord Are Sown amongst Brethren You Get in There and You Start Same with That You Know and Someone so and You Start Causing Trouble Feel That Urge Coming on.

You Might Want to Arrested Not Do It and I Have To Do Is Nothing Wrong to Say I Will Do That. I'm Just Not Going to That Well.

She of Course Was Convinced and Acted upon Her Conviction. She Was Convinced That God Sent the Jewish Is Going to Open That Whole Thing up in a Minute and so She's Not Hesitating the Time Those Men Came into That in Her Wheels Were Turning in Her Head and She Chose What Side She Was Going to Be on.

She Had No Reason to Believe That Jericho Would Fall except the Record You See the World.

The World Has the Record of Christ in the Bible and They're Either Going to Believe It or Reject It. And That Is What Was Going on Here on This Day in Jericho.

And This Is Ruth One Day Would Choose Rahab Shows and Rahab Comes along for Ruth She Chooses Her Side in the Society of the People of God. She Was Not Only Impressed but She Acted upon the Things That Impressed or How Many Times the People There Move Emotionally and They Want to Give Their Lives to Christ with Even Say They Give Their Lives to Christ and Then Nanette Said to Go Right Back to the Way They Were, and Disregarding Everything That Just Took Place without Wasn't Going to Be the Way for This Woman and Which Is Quite Remarkable Stuff and She's Going against Everything around Her.

This Wasn't a Revocable Decision She Made When She Lied.

It Was like Okay `Just Kidding Come Back There inside They Would've Gotten the Spy They Were Dealt with Her to for Lying to Them like That, Let's Take a Couple of New Testament Versus Hebrews 1131 Beautiful This Is to Enhance When You Have It in the Context of Joshua Two by Faith the Harlot Rahab Did Not Perish with Those Who Did Not Believe When She Had Received the Spies with Peace That That Is a Picture of Our Salvation. And of Course James. James Holds up Rahab As a Doer of the Faith. James Chapter 2 Verse 25. Likewise, Was Not Rahab the Harlot Also Justified by Works When She Received the Messengers and Sent Them out Another Way She Acted upon What She Said She Believed She Didn't Just Go to Church. I Serve in Church and Really Has No Passion for the Christ of the Church That That Is One Facet of Faith without Works. If You Going to Believe It's Going to Show up in Your Life. If I Had Looked at That Young Lady with the with the Scarf on Her Head and and Just the Dismissed It like They're Here Now That Would've Been Faith without Works.

Faith Says That Is Not My Concern with My Concern Is His Mission. The Message of Jesus Christ.

And This Has To Be Trained into Us so That It Gets to Be Done without Thinking Next Time Is Not. Don't Tell Me Next Time. It's Right to Lord What You Want Me to Do Here Verse Six, but She Had Brought Them up to the Roof, and Hidden Them with the Stalks of Flak Which He Had Laid in Order on the Roof Fell Flax, of Course, Grows about 3 Foot Tall.

It Is Used for Making Linen Clothes or the Wicks for Lamps. Also When It's the Prophet Said the Smoking Flax. He Will Not Quench His Talking about a WIC When Six Mature, They Cut It at Ground Level and They Soak It to Separate the Fibers from the Stem and in the Put It up out up on the Roof for the Sun to Dry It. She's in the Textile Business She's Making Money from This. She's on the Roof.

There's A Lot Of Flax on the Roof Enough to Cover Two Men so That No One Can See Them and Course and Supplementing Her Income We We Know That, but Will Get Back to This Life. Why God Just Chose. Everything Was Right in Place. Okay I Get Ahead of This Rigging Involved.

You, She's Not Gonna Be Able to Let These Men down with a Rope like Just You Know Here. Titus Run Your Waste to Go to the Fourth of the Death There's Some Apparatus in Place to Make This Happen. Well, Her Window Is on the outside of the City Is a Natural Loading Dock When the Flax Comes in from the Field to Drive the Cart Right up for the Donkeys or Whatever. Up to the Wall and She Just Drops Those of the Rope That's Either on a Winch Oral or a Holy Mandate That They Had the Patent Ways to Pull Water Out Of Wells and Put Stones up on Buildings. This Technology Was There and I Think That Is Just That They Had Gone to May Be a Poet's House How We Going to Get down Well to See.

Now We Can Tie Some Parchment Together When We Throw in the Paper on the Ground to Jump out and Land Safely to Be like a Trampoline, so It Is Incredible How This All Fits Together Met up Just so Happens I Have Enough Flax for You. Just so Happens I Am Rigging in Place to Lower You down Safely. You See This Woman in a Row with out I Can Burn My Hands. I Know A Lot about Rigging and I Know You Careful with It Because Once It Tips Is Gone. Well Anyway Verse Seven and the Men Pursued Them by Road to the Jordan to the Fords, and As Soon Those Who Pursue Them and Going out They Shut the Gate While the First Automobile Mentioned in the Bible Affords. Sorry Sherry Lubbers That's It Says Right There to the Fords, God Would've Hidden These Men, Even without Rahab, He Would've Taken Care, but This Is the Process and That's What Counts for You and Me Is Not the What If's and God Could Have Is What Is He Doing and This Is What He Is Doing and so He Permits Us to See the Process to Join It to See That Here's This Harlot and and She Is Going to Get Saved Right Now. First Timothy 24 Who Desires All Men to Be Saved and to Come to the Knowledge of the Truth so You See Somebody and I've Said before, I I Have a Neighbor to 345. I Really Don't like Not Done Anything to Me Just See Them Coming out. I Want to Go Away so I'm in the Early Years of Life. It Was I Was like Yeah Gonna Preach Them Not to Some Other Moves and Is Namely This Note If You Want Me to Present You Have No Problem Telling Me You Set It up and You Know It Works in the Other Day.

One of Them Caught Me and I Just Said This Is the Lord and Nothing Great Came Out Of It Just Lord Reminding Me That Were on the Same Page Now That Works into This Story Some Way Right Verse Eight Now Behold a Lay down the Sheet before They Lay down. She Came up to Them on the Roof so They Going to Bed and Start She Comes up and Stories Are Going to Really Tell Us We morning Now and Then They Got up, the Writers Just Leave out so Many Things and You Have To Get It Verse Nine and Said to the Men I Know That Yahweh Has Given You the Land That the Terror of View Has Fallen on Us and That All the Inhabitants of the Land Are Fainthearted Because of You. This Is Remarkable. She Cites She Points to God's Will. And She Knows That Jewish Army Is out There, but That's Not Going to Be the Army That's Going to Take the City Is Going to Be God's Will.

I Know That Yahweh Has Given You the Land Army Word Got around There That the Four Women of the Old Testament. To Me, That Are Outstanding. Ruth, Esther, Abigail, and Rahab, They Are Just Outstanding Women Because the Situations They Found That Doesn't Take Away from Sarah and All the Others. They May Be Your Favorites and You Have To Work on That. But This These Three Would Just Put into Situations That Were Life-And-Death.

Even Ruth and Was Was Going to Have the Way to Go. I Can't Go Back There When You Name Me I Just Just Courageous Wonderful Moments.

But Anyway, Back to through This. If You Have an Urge to Feel Sorry for the Judgments That's Good That's Coming upon Jericho and the Canaanites. It's an It's a Natural Not a Spiritual Kitty.

It's Misguided. Not Natural. Men Are Often Quick to Advocate to Come to the Support of Wickedness That Needs to Be Dealt with and Judged in Factory. We Say Lord Hallowing a Little Get Away with It. Will These Are Getting and What You Were Getting Away with It.

They Want to Get There Is Now Is That's Where We Are. Verse 10 for We Have Heard How Yahweh Dried up the Water of the Red Sea for You When You Came Out Of Egypt, and What You Did to the Two Kings of the Amorites or on the Other Side of the Jordan Sihanouk You Utterly Destroyed and the Emphasis Is Critical. She Say We Know the Record, Word Reached Us.

You Can't Conceal 2 Million People in the Wilderness Very Easily. In Fact, God Not Only Did He Not Make an Effort to Conceal Them. He Made an Effort to Publish Where They Were.

They Had This Big Pillar of Fire Recognized around Him and His Giant Cloud in the Daytime, You Couldn't Miss Them.

How Many People Would Be out There. You Know What Their Sheep Are Just Taking a Walk in the Desert Center. They Can Make and and See This and Want to See What Is That No Closer and Find out and Interact with Some of the People on the Outskirts of the Camp Got Made No Effort to Hide His People.

Rahab Made It Clear That the Judgment of God from 40 Years Ago That Record As Is Is Retained, They Still Have It like We Have Our Bible the Others in Jericho Knew the Same Story and Not React Behaving the Same Way She Knew It Was Time to Repent and to Reach out to God What Would've Happened If the King of Jericho Said All the People. This Is a Judgment from God. And We Have To Find a Way to Get Right with God like They Did in Nineveh. When Jonah Went There but of Course They Become Adamant As the World Often Does, You Can Show the World Prophecies You Can Refute All Their Arguments and Stilly Double down.

I Will Not Believe It. I Don't Want to Hear That the Reason for Us to Give up on Them As We Don't Know Who's Unreachable and Whose Is Is Not Who Is and Who Is Not so Instead of Turning to God. They've Turned Away.

God Knows Who's Reachable and He Hides It from Us Unless He Has a Cause, Makes It Obvious We Are to Always Stay Open Verse 11 and As Soon As We Heard These Things, Our Hearts Melted. Neither Did They Remain Any More Courage and Anyone Because of You, for Yahweh Your God, He Is God in Heaven above and on Earth beneath, so She Says When Word Got to Us about the Record from 40 Years Ago. It Was Fresh to Us. We Knew That If God Did That to Egypt to See Parting in Those Kings August Sihanouk If You Could Take Them out When Were Done for Were Toast and Again This Reason, This Was Reason Rational to's to Submit Men of Jericho. They Were, They Were Terrified. Then Another. Were They Shared the Conviction They Know Okay That Would Convince This. These People Are Going to Conquer Us and Then They Have This Insane Response to It. Let's Rebel Deuteronomy 225 This Day I Will Begin to Put the Dread and Fear of You upon the Nations under the Whole Heaven Who Shall Hear the Report of You and Shall Tremble and Be in Anguish Because of You Will.

That's Right Out Of the Book of Acts Chapter 2.

Word Got around People Were Fearing the Christians Because the Christians Held the Truth That They Didn't Have and It Should Be. Some of That Left for Us Today As Possible an Individual Level for Sure. Individual Christians Can Carry Themselves in Such a Way That Those around Them Have Great Respect, Even If They Don't like Them They Just Okay If You Argue with That Christian They Going to Win the Going to Make You Feel Very Bad about Yourself and You Will Have Nothing to Say in Defense and When It Is over You Will Be the One with Your Conscience Bothered, Not Them. That's That It Happens Quite a Bit and Went Wherever You Find Christians Ready to Engage the Crazy Views of the World with the God That This Church in People with Anybody Was against Us That They Would Say Yeah but You Better Watch out Because God Is with Them Who Would Not Want That Lydia Was a Businesswoman.

She Was the First Convert to Christianity on Europe's Soil Rahab the Businesswoman Also Is the First Convert to Judaism Promised Land Very Manually. She, of Course, the First Disciples of Christ and See the Lord Risen Course That Took Pl. in Jerusalem.

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