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Untrustworthy Preachers (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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December 5, 2019 6:00 am

Untrustworthy Preachers (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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December 5, 2019 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the 2nd letter of Peter 2:1-3

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False teachers are not just those who when you know people to their side. Unless you see it this way what side is that eternal condemnation hell separation from God. Those are the stakes.

When talking about winning a debate with talking about where you want to go you believe these people.

Why do you believe Satan sows his weed seeds amongst the wheat. We know this is Jesus warned in Matthew 13. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of second Peter, please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today. Pastor Rick continues second Peter chapter 2 and his message called on trustworthy preachers. Endurance means you take the hits is nothing else you can know you just have to take it in as a Christian you find out you can ask God to remove a certain this will that from your life, and he does not, then you have to take it in Christ, trusting him as a faithful and loving father. So the antidote for deceit is love of the truth not the truth. The love of the truth was the difference well if you just have the truth, but you don't love it, that's a recipe for apostasy.

Apostates had the truth is in love. Have to love it.

That's what were taught in the Scripture second Thessalonians chapter 2 Paul comes right out and tells us that there are those that did not have the love of the truth and they suffered for the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders bookmark that with all unrighteous deception among those who perished because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. There's nothing about that. That is difficult to understand but instead of love for truth.

Some love sensations and feelings and thrills over facts over obedience.

Another words the feeling shuts off the truth. That's why they like signs and wonders they want to be wow I like that more but it's a lie that's okay. Feels good. No wonder Satan uses lying wonders, and no wonder we find him using lying wonders through antichrist to deceive the planet if possible. Said the Lord, even the elect many professing believers lap up baseless and thrilling words.

Guardsmen have always locked horns with Satan's counterfeits who infiltrate groups of believers in this day and age you know if for an hour or so we come in and we kind of just leave everything else would reduce the distractions as much as humanly possible and there are so many that are not going back to that church and then the boatswain on the water down.

Teaching the setting themselves up. They have sent my priority is not God's word. My priority is my comfort being catered to animals always mean at this with. I thought it out yet that far.

But this is what's going on God's men have come along and has always told the believers to stand upright. Discipline yourselves against these things.

We all struggle with this or that none of us are super Christians. None of us not one, but we are we are all called to try to be Jesus to be perfect like your father and how far is that the throne of God. Isaiah dealt with them. Here's Isaiah chapter 30 speaking about the ministry. He involved with. He said that God speaking to him. Of course, that this is a rebellious people lying children.

Children who will not hear the law of Yahweh, who say to the Sears do not see that as the prophets enter the prophets do not prophesy to us right things speak to us.

Smooth things prophesy deceits get out of the way turn aside from the path because the holy one of Israel to cease from before us is a this is lampooning he is.

This is satire. He is saying you will come out and say this but this is what you're doing and you know it, and God is on to you and you better eject you better pull out of this crashing plane.

Jeremiah had to deal with them quite often. Of course Jeremiah 5. The prophets prophesy falsely in the preschool by their own authority and not subject to God.

They've taken their own on themselves that they become the culture he continues and my people love to have it so what is up with that. What is God's people like that. This, and then he says what will you do in the how you stand before God when judgment comes. Six.

Identifying biblical marks of false prophets there others not an exhaustive list through signs and wonders they lead astray after false gods. Deuteronomy chapter 13. Every Christian should read Deuteronomy 13 member to their prophecies don't come to pass. Deuteronomy 18 verses 2022. They contradict God's word Isaiah 8 verse 20 they bear bad fruit that would mean it's immoral. It's on biblical it's not true. Matthew seven verses 18 to 20, all men speak well of them, all men in the culture.

Of course this is what ecumenical schism is can we all just get along and hold hands and prayed. As a matter what God you pray to, and I pray to what just all pray together yet. We like that applause from hell. Number six. They deny that Jesus the one and only Christ has come once for all in the flesh. First John chapter 4 verse three, Jesus is not you know he didn't really begin to attack him messages six only takes one to be a false prophet and I weave you get to out-of-print notes is one Peter continues. He says even as there will be false teachers among you really saying is nothing new about this. This is the one topic that we can approach with little restraint. Is this because it's such an obvious thing. The fires can you can just coat the flames in the boiler get it hot because this is about damning souls. False teachers are not just those who win.

You know people to their side. Unless you say it this way what side is that eternal condemnation, hell, separation from God.

Those are the stakes. When talking about winning a debate with talking about where you want to go if you believe these people. Why do you believe them. Satan sows his weed seeds amongst the wheat when we know this is Jesus warned in Matthew 13 false prophets there. Those that know the truth but don't like so they've mingled with it. Those things that refuse the truth that make it longer.

Truth may abandon the truth and that when I say they know what, I'm not saying that submitted to the agreement saying they are aware of it. They are aware of what God says Saul, King Saul of Israel. He was aware of the fact that he was not supposed to go and seek counsel from a witch and he did it anyway. Speaking about God on their own authority. That is a false prophet Isaiah chapter 9 for the leaders of this people cause them to error those who are led by them are destroyed not in this lifetime necessarily angle to this lifetime quite comfortably first class to hell. It is something that happens. He continues Peter does in verse one, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, secretly they fly beneath the radar, but they know they're up to no good. They know this is deception. They know it's dishonest so they have to veil their dishonesty. Substituting their opinions over revealed truth from God. Jude says it like this for certain men have crept in unnoticed.

Otherwise, these apostles and prophets.

They were on to this day. They did this didn't sneak past them.

He says long ago were marked out for condemnation, ungodly men see there's that mark of unrighteousness that belong to the false prophet. They don't mind lying to you.

They do not mind stealing if it gets there will done the deception to them as a tool, not a sin.

He continues you does who turn the grace of our God into lewdness and deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ returns to lewdness. This antinomianism that is lawlessness that a sickle grace doing the grace of the following laws. What if everybody's took that mind that approaching Sable one of them, then it's okay to kill people right. I don't have the following of the laws you course we see the absurdity of such chaotic teachings that come out of hell, their words of sold killers. Make no mistake about it. False doctrines are destructive. That's what Peter is talking about here is not just again saying that just put graffiti on nice things they send people to hell. The very place no human being should be held was not made for human beings was made for Satan and the fallen Angels and now it dwelt you want to reject God don't want anything to do with him than you go to the same place and of course man not liking this schism that I need to create a God that will do it my way.

I need to create a God that sends like me.

Ergo, the Roman gods.

The Greek gods who are nothing but humans on steroids and their sin and corruption, and there was now no guilt because of God's were doing it to. How dare they judge me feeling justified in their rejection of righteousness protection from them is found in the fields of the Lord's truth through his word in his spirit, and nowhere else. So when Naomi tells Ruth a verse that I've been referencing quite a bit these last few weeks is good my daughter that you go out with his young women and that the people do not meet you in any other field. Do not be met in any other field of doctrine than that which is given to us to the Scripture. There are minor points that we can disagree on your applications that you don't have to like I may make an application from Scripture, and you may not see it because you just not as advanced as I am getting you don't know what is getting getting is okay with the applications but the doctrine the facts when Jesus is. I am the way the truth and life no man comes to the father there still debate this nothing you can do with his final and many other such things. He says that there is no debate unless you want to go into the category of heretic Peter says, even denying the Lord who bought them them and brought them with his blood. He died for the center. All sinners he died for them all mankind is redeemed but not saved.

In other words, if the price has been paid. Just come get it. Those who won't benefit from it and are not saved. So, even denying the Lord, refusing Christ view modifying his expressed views adding or removing to them. They claim to believe the Bible probably contradicted in other words, they lie, they are liars. They say one thing and they mean another thing they embrace things that go against, for instance, the teaching front and Romanism that Mary is a co-Redeemer redone tricks. If you want to use that word. She is not and she would call you a blasphemer for having the audacity to love her in the same category as her Savior, her maker, Peter says, and bring on themselves swift destruction.

I'm not upset I'm excited.

This is why I follow the Lord is liking them the truth.

The doors opened up and he said this is the true then nothing like this anywhere is very exciting and we should never be apologetic for that incentive.

I'm sorry. I'm so excited.

Not sorry I'm not sorry I don't take it back. I believe this is again Kalmar is going to the state being burned beside you know we recanted denied the faith, and then he took it back when he's being burned at the stake. He puts his fat hand that signed the document in the fire burn you burn you. He says to the hand he was. Not being apologetic. He believed what he believed.

He got his act together in the end. Well, back to this they will be says here and brings under themselves swift destruction. Take someone like Mary Baker Eddy, who created the anti-Christian cult, Christian science, anti-Christian.

But the use Christ name and it how deceptive a creeping light with Christian scientist you not. Nothing to do with beakers and flask and vials though they are vile in their teaching was she lived to be 90 so as a swift destruction there.

What is that on the scale of eternity. The God that is nothing doom doom was there and only she could stop it if you would, but repent, which she did not and I should add less someone cornered me as far as we know well Jeremiah again, you just what I mean.

Jeremiah has some tough spots in it, for sure, that make it difficult to just casually read through what the there are sections in it that are quite profound. Most of the book is anyway got it told Jeremiah to make a joke with bands and go and tell the people that they would go off to captivity and stay there for their 70 year time and he was to illustrate the sermon with these this yoke not a real yoke I would've been heavy but he was, he had what he needed to make his point. Well, this didn't sit right with the culture because they believe God was going to come in two years said the false prophet Hannah Nayar in two years God would deliver the people. Jeremiah said I wish it was true, but it's not. Anyway, we pick up the story in verse 15 of Jeremiah 28 then the prophet Jeremiah said they had and I the prophet here now had an IR Yahweh has not sent you but you make this people trust in a lie. Therefore thus says Yahweh, behold, I will cast you from the face of the earth this year you shall die because you have taught rebellion against Yahweh.

So Hannah and I the prophet died the same year in the seventh month.

Quite a few people that died at the word of Jeremiah false prophets.

That's our topic this morning. The Holy Spirit is said false prophecy pastor preach on false prophecy. That's the text before us.

No delicate or tolerant handling of false teachers is found in the Scripture, and should not be found in us either. Sadly, those who love false teachers don't appreciate having it pointed out that the teacher that they love will falsely take Joyce Meyer's people to tip over at you saying this false teacher. Don't listen to that stuff is not the only one there globs of them out there.

When I got to bring Alyssa here and read them off to you see Christians not return to the truth because the feeling of lies is just so delightful may maybe stand guard against it and learn how to love truth more than anything, because Jesus said I am the way, I am the truth, so such skewed priorities are fertile ground for false prophets. Verse two we got there we were hi refers to an over policy or another topic like this with the Bible saying so much. The challenges do not flood the message with Scripture references to the point where we can keep up and digest them to come in distilled what they have to say. But they're all over. Paul says in latter days know in latter days, the heresies of false teachers that the false doctrine the apostasy. This is going to increase verse two, and many will follow their destructive ways. Because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed and that's where Peter just says it didn't. They don't like the truth they hate the truth, they blaspheme it. Prophecy fulfilled. You could say Peter witnessing this in our lifetime, with it's never been an interruption to false prophets need false believers. They go together.just say okay you got false prophets that Yadav anybody following them yet.

Well then it got false believers to what use would Satan. Satan's lies have been if there was no Eve to listen to them, but there was a need to listen to and and Adam to tolerate them. Don't reduce that it is one of the biggest parts of this morning's message. The toleration of false teachings. We don't take out a sword and chase somebody with it or try to do any physical harm to someone. Our form of violence against lies has to do with us rejecting at all cost. No, I disagree with that note, that's not true. I don't believe that I believe God, not you. I don't care if it hurts your feelings.

I wish it did not. But I care more about what God feels this is being intolerant of false teaching not giving an inch or centimeters respect. Nothing they get nothing and I think that those who love the Lord and his truth, I think we get it very easily.

Personal ambitions and preferences, priorities versus God's preferences. God's priorities. God's ambitions those things blind souls when you've got other and I don't mean that we all struggle with what I want to do this and I really want to do that they could be a know I don't want to go to church today a bit to something like that I mean that we we have that but when he gets out of control when it begins to knock down truth when someone says yes I belong to a church that doesn't believe the Bible, but I like the people there like the wrong people need to find other people to like you like you back. Do you believe it. False followers will follow false teachings. You know the blessedly pastor but don't you dare correct me this everywhere I mean you just can't tell someone in the you know who comes in the church. I would like you to wear shirt.

I'm offended something like that. Well you to be offended. God bless you offended one we should not be surprised at how many support the false church. Those that think very little of what the Bible has to say. That's how you find out how you going to what you think about the Bible what you think about the Scripture really about is a God's word to man as it is at the voice of God yes or no gullible and the vulnerable. They're not so hot on the Scripture because truth again is not that important to them. They have other things that rise to the surface in a tree and lure them away and how your friends treat God's word and how you respond to that says something about you again. You may may be married to live and you have children who don't agree in distilled are to be loving and kind. But on this topic were not to back down. No matter what, I'm not going to agree with someone so they can like me, you know, you heard me say as a pastor. If the past is running a popularity contest. You don't have a pastor you got a celebrity is not different with you when you preach the gospel in the workplace and the home and the school where you find yourself you're running a popularity contest. You can't reach because our message is not popular. People like you they may fake it, but they what we want them to do is respect discuss so long as that respect is there, the chance for conversion is there, but when they don't even respect you because they've identified that you don't believe what you claim to believe. Then they were the witnesses no longer credible and the problem has become prodigious, it is large and so watch out for this. These sensations discernment discernment is supposed to sound the alarm to take he remembered. Peter said you'd do well to heed the word of God to pay attention to it. Hopefully will separate from the emotion and religiously emotional, who seek the signs and wonders and unite with those who love truth, Peter says, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed is pretty heavy. Speech to say that someone is a blasphemer blasphemer has contempt on this would let him boil it all down and you get joy. The blasphemer says God not I don't believe you lying I can say to God, Lord, I don't like your methods that I cannot say that's all we have time for today's edition of cross reference radio you've been listening to Pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville in Virginia as he teaches through the book of second Peter if you'd like to listen to more messages from this series or if you'd like more information about this program please visit our website cross reference We also encourage you to subscribe to our podcast so you'll never have to miss a program. Just search for cross reference radio in iTunes Google play music or your favorite podcast with a great way to keep God's word with you wherever you go. We hope you will tune in again next time. Is Pastor Rick continue studying through the Scripture right here on cross reference radio

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