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Should Christians Continue Repenting for Past Sins?

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez
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March 16, 2021 1:00 am

Should Christians Continue Repenting for Past Sins?

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez

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March 16, 2021 1:00 am

Episode 663 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


1. Was Jesus really in the tomb for three full days?

2. Does John 3:36 teach that we are partly saved by obedience?

3. In Luke 4, how did Jesus walk through a crowd who wanted to kill him?

4. Can a pastor be restored to ministry after adultery?

5. Do you believe it’s a sin to continually ask for forgiveness for something you’ve already repented over? For example, I have committed an affair in my past, and when I’m reading about adultery or something stirs my heart to remember the seriousness of my sin, I tend to ask God to forgive my past again. Is this wrong?

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Should Christians continue repenting for past sins. That's just one of the questions will be answering on today's addition of core Christianity hi this is Bill Meyer along with Pastor Israel Sanchez and this is the radio program where we answer your questions about the Bible and the Christian life every day. You can call us right now with your question. At 833 the core that's 1-833-843-2673. You can also post your question on our Facebook, Instagram or twitter accounts and you can email us with your question at questions at core, Let's go to Rose calling in from Arkansas arose welcome to the program. Welcome to core Christianity rose with your question. I can't tell to calculate out now that the night like tonight that I can't because I don't have a little like you know that he felt workmen lately able by the light of God, and I feel like I can well hey Rose, thank you so much for the question be part of how the Hebrews thought about the day, the night the previous night was the beginning of the next day and so you have this idea of you know Christ been crucified with him as a Good Friday on that Friday Friday Saturday Sunday rising again, and this prophecy that Jesus gives you don't when he's talking to the religious leaders in the Gospel of Matthew he says, but message of the 12 beginning in verse 38. Some of the scribes and Pharisees answered him saying teacher we wish to see a sign from you but he answered them an evil and adulterous generation seeks for sign, but no sign will be given to accept the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in so that that's that's typically I think the approach that I would have there and just sort of thinking about the way in which they thought about it a lot of times people say what was it exactly 72 hours that Jesus was in the tomb that kind of thing. I think that's that's not really how were supposed to approach that question in particular really what you have there will Jesus is entombed is that it is a part of his humiliation, his body still being there in the grave continuing if you will, under the power of death, then you have all these other prophecies and in the Scriptures that talk about you know his his body not seeing corruption that kind with things of what I think what it what it shows us is that Christ truly died. The eternal son of God died in his humanity continued under the power of death for those three days judged by the way in which they understood days at that time and then rose again on the third day on the first of the week on Sunday and so was I appreciate that question. I also appreciate that you want to you want to study to show yourself approved workmen, it does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth and may the Lord continue to bless you as as you do that and encourage you as well.

Thanks Rose appreciate so much you listening to core Christianity and we appreciate your commitment to God's truth. A good Maria, this is core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez and I want to mention that we have a gem on the phone from Wilshire Massachusetts Gen. what your question for Pastor Israel and 339, I remained on hand. I'm finding people that had that obedient heart and why.

Obviously, I know not again hard when you look even at the great work for obedient cell wondering how that kind of people when they bring an example of what you place a verse that proves that were saved by obedience will first what I say is in John's writings and in the Gospel of John. In particular, I think you see this unit, you will see this in the book of Revelation, but you you sometimes have faith and obedience contrasted with each other and with what you have here and in particular really just read the verse John 336 Weber believes in the son has eternal life. Whoever does not obey the son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him and sometimes with what John does the contrast their belief in the sun with disobedience not obeying the sun now. That certainly cannot mean that what saves us is our obedience because even that in that very verse and Jen were told by by John here is whoever believes in the son has eternal life, that is presently is in possession of eternal life.

It's not something that you're going to get on the basis of your obedience. But it's something that you have on the basis of faith and in fact, Jesus makes is absolutely clear.

Just two chapters later when he talks about the fact that we as believers Jen don't come into the judgment.

We've already passed from death to life.

John chapter 5 verse 24 truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

Now, on the basis of what on the basis of your obedience. No, Jesus makes it absolutely clear there is on the basis of the fact that you believe and so so II think people who would look at John 336 and say look, you've not obeyed. Therefore, you don't have eternal life. What's being focused on. There is, is belief what what does it mean to obey. What does it mean to do the works of God. Jesus answers this question even later in John's Gospel it means to believe in the one who he sent and so for taking obedience there. In particular I in that accident throughout the context of John to suggest to us that we have to essentially do a list of things in order for God to accept this in order for us to be finally saved that kind of thing will then work were completely miss reading what John is saying here's another really important thing that we have to understand we were looking at words, Greek words, in particular, as the context helps us to determine what they mean and how they're being used by a particular writer and so John is not using that word. They are obedience to suggest or to hint at, you know that this idea that we need to obey a number of rules before the Lord in order for us to be justified. In order for us to be saved we do obey right as those who are justified and filled with the Holy Spirit, we grow day by day in the grace and the knowledge of Christ and obedience to his word, but that's not what saves us that we already have eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ, and John makes that clear throughout his gospel. Jen, thanks for your question. Your listing to core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez. By the way, one of the ways that you can listen and watch this program is by going to our YouTube channel. Just check out core Christianity on YouTube and we actually have a couple of people watching right now in the Philippines April how cool is that. That is very cool. I'm excited to hear that hello from San Diego where I met with our listeners around the world and it's so exciting to have them join us. Let's go to Addison a little closer to home in Nashville, Tennessee, Addison, what's your question for Pastor Israel for little walk hi Addison, thank you so much for that question. You know it's so funny. I remember years ago talking to someone who was reading that passage of Scripture and it said that Jesus passed through the midst of the crowd.

You know they they they didn't end up being able to kill them.

As you say in this person was misreading the word midst.

He he read it.

As missed, and so he he he. When he was talking what he said about Jesus read that passage in Luke chapter forward says that Jesus passed through the crowd like mist and I said no, actually it's he pastored the midst of them. It was sort of funny. As a so how is it that Jesus was able to escape the crowd here in Luke chapter 4 will make again. Just read that that verse that you brought up in verse 16 he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up, and as was his custom, he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and he stood up to read and reread the scroll of the prophet he reads from the prophet Isaiah, and the people reject him know it's really interesting about this as it is people in Jesus's own hometown who reject him. They had to sort of familiarity with Jesus, but they they didn't embrace the fact that he was. We claim to be that the Savior, the Messiah, the son of God. And so when we made those claims they were offended they they stumbled at his words. We read in verse 29. They rose up and drove them out of the town and brought them to the brow of the hill on which their town was built so that they could throw him down the cliff but passing through their midst, he went away. Now were not told anything besides that, Addison.

It just seems to me like you know prefer for being however it was that it happened Jesus was able essentially to get past the net. We know ultimately and I think that this is really important that Jesus had a destination, a particular destination in it was ultimately to die for our sins.

But that wasn't going to be the manner of his death. Addison throughout the Scriptures.

In the Old Testament it was prophesied that the Messiah would be crucified that that he would essentially die on the cross. You see this in places like the book of Psalms Psalm chapter 22.

In fact, Jesus quoted from that Psalm when he was on the cross and so so we know according to what the Scriptures teach that Jesus was destined to die but that was not the place where he was destined to die so I would say you know in God's providence Christ, the eternal son of God was able to pass through the crowd and to continue teaching and preaching and healing until he got to that hour of his death and he climbed up Calvary and and bore our sins on the cross.

I am so thankful that you're studying the Bible. Addison you keep on reading the Scriptures and may the Lord bless you Addison. Thank you so much for calling into core Christianity wealth we want to go to a voicemail that came in by the way, you can leave a voicemail for us 24 hours a day by calling our number is 833-843-2670 3833, the court will and the air was the biblical backing hi and whether or not and is very timeframe I'm about to happen with them. Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about this situation really is heartbreaking when things like this happen, and every case is different. I think I think that you know sometimes one of the issues we see is people returning to the Pope and to minister to quickly and Isaiah you think just gauge this if this pastor came forward and confessed to having an affair one there.

There clearly disqualified from preaching and teaching. Right now, Paul gives up the qualifications for ministry in first Timothy three and Titus chapter 1 and sold there. There really needs to be assertive removal. I think a focus on caring for all the people were Bobby think the pastor's family.

Also think of this other person who was involved in this and the pastor needs to step aside, focus on his family and get get help and and the reality is is you know the question of should. They include they returned to the ministry at some point later that I am not of those who think that that is that's impossible. I seen that happen. On one occasion in particular I so were pastor had bad it had an affair stepped out of ministry for about a decade, maybe even more time than that and was able to be restored know something the church was able to get behind the family was able to get behind, but there were a lot of questions that were asked and so I think we we just need air on the side of taking things slowly. We need to consider.

You know that the hearts and the minds of the people who are going to be listening to this person preach and and if if you there hasn't been enough time at the really does need to be a sick significant amount of time the needs to go by, there has been enough time you run the risk of I think communicating all the wrong things to the people and minimizing the base of the sin that is that is taken place downplaying it. If a pastor has been caught or they've confessed, but there sort of thing you know, look at what was not that big of a deal. I was just really stressed sort of making excuses, downplaying, saying II really think I'm ready to get back at it now those are all red flags in my mind. I think it is it if a pastor engages in this kind of behavior.

They should be the one to remove themselves and say look, I'm I'm done. If the Lord ever calls me back to ministry. He's gonna have to make that very clear. But it's not something that I am actively trying to get back into I need to focus on my family and caring for them and walking with Jesus and been walking the path of of repentance and so I can't give you brother a specific timeline. I don't know the exact situation there at your church, but I think it's going to take a significant amount of time for it. For there to be healing for for this pastor and for the church and and that you shouldn't especially just happen.

You shouldn't even think about it you know happening anytime soon and so is my perspective and I pray that the Lord gives you guys wisdom as you navigate this this really difficult time. Those are tough situations, Israel, and often the congregation feels torn by it feels betrayed and they have a hard time trusting the pastor again yeah and and so that Leah said that's why there needs to be a ton of helium. How do you you you have to gauge once again.

Whether or not an individual is qualified you to go back and sort of you know that there needs to be trust that's rebuilt. I'm a first Timothy B have to be able to to say bye-bye meet the qualifications of first Timothy three and and Titus chapter 1 and after something like this is happened. You certainly can't say that.

And so the eye and it really is heartbreaking when we've seen a lot of really prominent pastors in recent days who have engaged in this kind of behavior and the effect that has on the witness of the church, but so we really have to be careful with take these things seriously.

Not just for the people involved, but also for for the way in which the world and the outside world perceives us as were proclaiming the gospel. This is core Christianity with pastor Israel Sanchez Easter coming up in just a couple weeks and we have a great offer would like to tell you about today.

Yet we are giving out our Easter devotional is called sayings from the cross is a special devotional with seven lessons focusing on what Jesus said on the cross and also focus focusing on his resurrection. We have that question earlier about, you know that the three days that Jesus was in the tomb, and then his resurrection. I think this is what I nobody's minds right now and and it's something that we really want to encourage you with, and so head over to our website. Core, to get a hold of this free Easter devotional. All you have to do. Go to core

You can also call us for that offer 833-843-2673 Rachel getting out or any one of our offers little voicemail that came in yesterday at 833, the court my name is Caroline and I have held that as repeatedly asking for forgiveness for a specific center my life I had a public affair years at L and every time anything comes up about adultery anything around Jack. My heart is grieved and I have had restoration during our marriage carried my standstill lays at me and I know that I sent that and he has paid. I believe God's grace is sufficient that I find myself continually asking for forgiveness.

I was wondering thank you continually ask God to forgive something already forgave you for when you repentance the first time that day to be reminded of our cell. Is it wrong to continually go to God for something he's already forgiven you far hey Julian, thank you so much for for that question sister and I do I do I definitely want to pray for you when I'm done giving this answer. I wouldn't say that it's a sin to me when we think about our our past and the things that we've done even though we we might know that were forgiven or at least we know according to Scripture that God says were forgiven, we still feel the sense of grief. The sense of weight because of our failures because of the things that we've done that. I think that if if we question God's goodness if we just think, you know, I don't really believe it that you forgive me, got I think that could be a serious problem, but I but I understand.

I think a lot of people who are listening to your question right now understand what it is to think back on things that you've done on since you've engaged in and just as a God have mercy, and in one sense that that very prayer is, I think you're saying, Lord, keep us from ever doing anything like that again. But you, but you also need to understand that the forgiveness that is found in Jesus Christ is a sure thing that you truly our forgiven and I'm so grateful to hear that there's been healing between you and your husband that there's been been growth in progress and in your marriage. I think of this. This beautiful passage in the book of Micah the prophet Micah in chapter 7 verses 18 and 19 it says this, who is a God like you, pardoning iniquity and passing over transgressions for the remnant of his inheritance. He does not retain his anger forever because he delights in steadfast love will again have compassion on us.

He will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea. Julian your your sin has been cast by the Lord into the depths of the sea, through Jesus Christ, you, the promise of the new covenant really is, is this beautiful promise of the forgiveness that we experience in the in the context of the promise of the new covenant. The covenant was instituted through the blood of Jesus Christ. God said this. This is Hebrews chapter 8 verse 12. I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more Julie nice wanted to, to meditate on that last part there what God says I will remember your sins no more, because her perfect no because we we don't make mistakes anymore. No through the blood of Jesus through what he's done, we turn to him by faith were forgiven and God can say that God knows all things that God it doesn't forget anything.

We we might say, is able to use this language and say I don't remember your sins anymore. Now we remember them in and they can they grieve us and they weigh heavily on our hearts, but you just need to know, and rest in the fact that you are forgiven. God forgives you and and when we remember our past.

Instead of letting it, but you don't beat us up and just be gripped by shame and guilt in a sometimes will to sort of do that. The self-flagellation thing because because we feel like we have to do something in order to atone for sins.

You don't have to do that Julian Jesus is already paid the full price for your sins, but I think the memory of our sin, what it can do is it can, it can help us to continue to praise. I said already.

Lord, be merciful to me.

Keep me lead me not into temptation as our Lord Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew chapter 6 that's a prayer that we all need to be saying, day by day, saying, Lord, forgive me. And Lord, keep me. I know my own heart. I know my own heart of think that the words of that great great him prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love. Here's my heart, O take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above each of us can say a man to that we daily need God's forgiveness, but he has forgiven you, and you can rest in that. Dear sister, let me pray for you father thank you for Jillian thank you for her question and thank you for the ways that you've worked in her and her life in her marriage. I pray Lord that you would continue to keep her that you would continue to bless her that you would fill her with your spirit, and that you would give her an overwhelming sense of your love of your forgiveness of that promise of the new covenant. The promise of the gospel where you say I will remember your sins no more. Lord, would you bless my sister and would you help her to rest in that forgiveness to to rejoice in it, even to walk with you day by day, knowing that and freed really from from that past guilt and and shame Lord, keep us, we pray in Jesus name, amen Jillian thank you for that. But that question you mention the words of that old hymn, fount, and what is it mean federal when it though.

The hymn writer says, take my heart and seal it does it doesn't mean that it's sealed by Christ's death and sacrifice on the cross because I think some people feel like well it's not really silk as I keep thinking about this since I've committed. Yeah, you know, the prophet Jeremiah. He said he knew the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick. Who can know it. I think it is were realizing our hearts are are broken from the heart receives all sorts of evil things and we recognize that as Christians are so weak we say to God, take my heart guard me seal it protect me so that I might serve and love you and you know what the Lord answers that prayer he forgives us and he keeps us.

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