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Help! I Can't Stop Drinking & Smoking

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez
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November 26, 2020 1:00 am

Help! I Can't Stop Drinking & Smoking

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez

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November 26, 2020 1:00 am

Episode 584 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

1. I have a couple of friends who say that Jesus has come to them and spoken to them in their dreams. Most recently, they said that Jesus came to them and said UFO’s were real. I kind of cringe any time I hear that. I wanted to know, what are your thoughts on Jesus coming to people in their dreams?

2. As an introvert, I’ve actually enjoyed being at home more these days. I actually worry about when life goes back to normal because I don’t want to lose the joy and contentment I’ve been experiencing. Is this wrong?

3. Is thinking about our Triune God as an egg Modalism? The egg, egg white, and shell are three separate things but still one egg, like how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three separate things but all God. Is this a valid way of thinking or not?

4.  I asked Jesus Christ to be my savior a while back, but I can’t stop drinking, smoking, and cussing. I’ve tried everything. What can I do?

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I've heard some Christians try to explain the Trinity by describing it as an egg is that a valid way of thinking.

That's just one of the questions will be answering on today's edition of core Christianity hi this is Bill Meyer along with Pastor Israel Sanchez and this is the radio program where we answer your questions about the Bible and the Christian life every day.

You can call us right now with your question. At 833, the court, that's 1-833-843-2673 and you can email us with your question at questions at core, first up today. If you're a dog lover. This story will bring a smile to your face. Forget about commands like roll over and play dead. One genius dog has learned to communicate with his owners using a soundboard with 45 different phrases the dog as she put noodle named Bunny was recently filmed using the soundboard to say things like play scratches and even I love you mom money was introduced to this specially made communication pad as soon as he was adopted by his owner, Alexis Devine, the first word the pop learn to use on the soundboard was outside, but he can now ask Alexis about specific destinations outside thanks to buttons like beach and Park Israel. My own dog is pretty smart.

But most the time he just wags his tail and tries to steal food yet. I think maybe you need to get one of these that I bet you Sparky would really appreciate that bill and that more work though. I mean, I feel like if I had a patent. My dog was telling me how I want to go to the beach.

I want to go.I would probably get tired of that pretty and with some dogs know one of the dangers is you put the word There and They Might Just Throw the Board Away yet Yes Hey, Let's Get to Our First Question of the Day a Call We Received at 833, the Court Now Trail That You Needed Green Trees down the Dream I We All and That You Really Angel. So Why Can You Cringe Any Year. I Wanted to Know People in Their Dreams That Better I like like Being Thrown around A Lot. I Know Jesus Came out Q Anyone I Yes Hey Thanks Again for Giving Us a Call. It's Good to Hear from You. That's a Really Really Important Question I've Had Friends As Well.

Who Will Say Things like, Oh God Spoke to Me Right I Feel like I Gave Me a Dream or I've Even Had People Tell Me You Know I Think the Lord Has Given Me a Word for You.

That Kind of Thing and You're Right, God Can Do Whatever He Wants and Certainly in Scripture. You Do Have Examples in the Old Testament Especially Believe in the New Testament of These Kinds of Things Happening Joel in Joel Chapter 2, Prophesied about the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. He Said in Chapter 2 Verse 28 Shall Come to Pass Afterward That I Will Pour out My Spirit on All Flesh Your Sons and Your Daughters Shall Prophesy, Your Old Men Shall Dream Dreams, Your Young Men Shall See Visions, Even on My Male and Female Servants. In Those Days I Will Pour out My Spirit, and of Course That Was Fulfilled in Acts Chapter 2 on the Day of Pentecost When Jesus Put out the Spirit from Heaven after He Had Ascended to the Right Hand of the Father, but I Think You're Right to Be a Little Bit Concerned and and Even at Times Skeptical Because Although We Have These Kinds of Passages in Scripture.

I Think That These Things Are Extraordinary. This Is Not How I Ordinarily Works in Our Lives Today and I Think As Christians If Were Expecting You Know Jesus to Come to Us in Our Dreams or Something like That Will Were Going to Be Disappointed. I've Heard Countless Stories Actually of Muslims Turning to Jesus Because of a Dream That They Had an I Don't Doubt Those Kinds of Things Happen. I Think of the Situation in Acts Chapter 10 Cornelius Has a Vision and Ultimately Leads Him to Peter Where He's Going to Hear the Gospel, the Word of God Preached and Shared, and I Think That's the Key Thing Here and I I Don't Think That People Have Dreams Per Se or Visions That Give Them New Revelation, or Even That Leads Them Ultimately to the Faith. I Think God Sometimes Will Use These Things Providentially to Bring People to Solid Churches Where the Word of God Is Being Taught and Where They Can Hear about the Truth of Scripture. That's Where Our Focus Has To Be Because A Lot Of Times with People Who Talk about Having These Quote Unquote Revelations If Were Not Discerning People Can Say All Sorts of Things, Even Things That Contradict Scripture and Ultimately the Word of God Is Our Authority. I Don't Get All Caught up in Doing so He Says Something like It and I Had a Dream or This and That and I Don't Bash Them for That. That's Their Experience I Can Say Whether or Not They Had That Dream. I Think A Lot Of Times Potentially What Could Happen Is People Can Have a Dream and Assume That It's the Lord Speaking to Them, When in Reality It Just a Dream That They Had. So I Think Thereto We Have To Be Discerning and and for to Think through These Things, but Ultimately Sarah. Our Focus Needs to Be on the Word of God and We Need to Test All Things According to What God Has Said in His Word As a Pastor I I've Spoken with People Who Say Things like What I Really Think God Is Leading Me to Do This and This Could Be Something That Is Directly Contrary to the Word of God and so I Say Look, You Might Feel That Way, You Might've Even Had a Dream That That Cause You to Think This Is the Right Thing to Do but Here's What God Has Said in His Holy and Inspired Word and If Our Feelings Contradict the Truth of Scripture Will That We Always Have To Go with the Word of God Says, and so I Get It, You Know, II Sometimes Cringe As Well.

When I When I Hear These Kinds of Things. And Again, Something That You Hear over and over Again on This Program Is We Shouldn't As Followers of Jesus Today Expect That That the Christian Life Is This Just Sort of Extraordinary You Know I'm Having Dreams and Visions and Prophesying It and That's How Jesus Is Meeting with Me Know He's Actually Made It A Lot Simpler Than That. He's Given Me His Word, Which Think about It If It Cornelius in Acts Chapter 10 Has This Angelic Visitation of the Angels Is to Go Talk to Peter Peterson to Preach the Gospel to You and I Just Think about How How Much of a Value God Places upon His Word and upon People Who Preach the Word, the Angel Doesn't Share the Gospel with Cornelius.

Peter Does and God Uses People Who Speak the Truth of God's Word to Others, and so I Think That's What We Need to Focus and That's What I Would Encourage Your Friends and Throat out. I Would Say Look, That's a Really Interesting Dream Know Really How to How to Take That If It Contradicts God's Word.

I Think We Can Just Set It Aside and Chalk It up to You Know Maybe Something That You Had for Dinner That Fit Well with You or Something like That but but at the End of the Day. Let's Focus on What God Has Said Clearly in His Word and Let's Draw near to Jesus through That Word. Test Whatever You Hear, According to the Word of God. Sarah over and over Again We Have These Commands in Scripture, Think about What John Says in First John Test the Spirits.

There Are Many False Spirits Antichrist That Have Gone out into the World and One of the Ways I Think That the Devil Can Get a Foothold in People's Lives Today Is by Leading Them Astray through the Start of Signs and Wonders These Quote Unquote Dreams Are Revelations That We Have God's Revelation in the Scriptures Doesn't Mean God Can Do Other Extraordinary Things, but Our Focus Needs to Be on the Ways in Which God Ordinarily Ministers to Us and Nourishes Us in the Faith through the Preaching of God's Word, and so Now As Far As the Aliens Are Concerned the Bible Doesn't Speak to That and I Think There's A Lot Of Speculation about That Right Now Me Just Recently in the News I Read Something about You Know These Documents Being Declassified and so It's I Mean It Kinda Sounds like a Coincidence That Your Friend Would Have This Dream Right around These Times That These Documents Are Declassified. I Would Say Maybe Maybe It Was in a Dream That Came from the Lord.

Maybe It Was Just Some of These Other Circumstances That Are Going on and Maybe Some These Things Were Singing the News That Led Them to Be Thinking about This, but Again, Let's Not Get Caught up in These Sort of Speculative Things. Let's Focus on the Word. Thanks Again for Your Call Grade Counsel. Israel, Thanks. This Is Core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez Would Love to Hear from You. If You Have a Question You Can Always Email Us at Questions at Core, You Can Also Post Your Question on Our Facebook or Instagram Account and Michael Posted on Facebook He Says Is Thinking about Our Triune God As an Egg Considered Emotionalism.

The Egg Egg White and Shell Are Three Separate Things, but Still One Egg like the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit Are Three Separate Things, but All God Is This a Valid Way of Thinking or Not. I Don't Think It's the Best Analogy for the Holy Trinity and Used a Word There Probably A Lot Of People Are Not Familiar with. Use the Word Moto Listen Emotionalism Was an Ancient Heresy Related to the Doctrine of the Trinity and Michael May Sound like You Might Be Familiar with the before for You If You If You're Not Familiar with This Word, It Referred to This Idea That the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Were Really One Person Revealing Himself in These Different Modes.

Think of You Think of Someone Who Wears Different Masks. For Example, the Father Is the Father in the Old Testament That He Reveals Himself As the Sign in the New Testament That May Be, As the Spirit Now during the Church Age.

But There Really Isn't This Distinction between the Persons of the Holy Trinity Is Just This One God Is Revealing Himself in These Different Ways. In These Different Modes, but That's Heresy. There Are People Actually Who Hold Very Similar Views to That Today. I Think of for Example the Oneness Pentecostal Movement Is so It's Not Just Something That Was Happening a Long Time Ago.

There Are Ways in Which We Can Talk about God, the Trinity Today, That Sort of Veer into This and Oftentimes Michael with Some of These Illustrations or Analogies That We Used for the Trinity. We Can Fall into That Trap. Not Don't Know That the Egg Analogy Is Leading Us into Emotionalism. One That I Have Heard That I Think Is Moto Listed.

It Does Kind of Suggest This False Understanding of the Trinity Is Not Enough. You Heard the Analogy of the Trade Is like Ice Liquid Water in Steam the Same Substance, but These Different Modes of Existence Will Back That Analogy Right but That's Basically Trinitarian Heresy.

Now Look, It Might Seem to like It As You're Listening to This. Why Are We Getting Caught up in All of These My New Shot. Sometimes That's What People Think When They Hear about These Different Doctrines to Be Hear Us Talking about the Trade That Just Speculation. No, Not at All. Think about This. We Want to Talk about God, the Right Way We Want to Describe Him the Right Way As He's Revealed Himself to Us in Scripture. If I Was Describing My Wife for Example and Everything I Was Saying about Her Was Was Wrong Was False Was, Was a Distortion of Who She Really Was Fund That Would Be Terrible.

She Would Not Appreciate That When We Describe God When We Speak about Him. We Have To Speak about Him in the Way That the Scripture Gives Us. That's How We Honor Him. That's How We Worship Him Rightly. This Has To Do with with with Our Very Worship Very Knowledge of Who God Is and How He's Revealed Himself in. Some People Say What the Word Trinity Is in Even in the Bible for Jehovah's Witnesses Say That the Fact of the Matter Is, While the Word Trinity May Not Be Used in the Scriptures, the Theology of the Truth of the Doctrine of the Trinity Is Everywhere in the Scriptures. The Bible Teaches That There Is One God. Deuteronomy Chapter 6 Verse Four Hero Israel, the Lord Our God, the Lord Is One. And yet, the Bible Also Teaches Very Clearly That the Father Is God, That Jesus Is God.

John Chapter 1 Verse One in the Beginning Was the Word and the Word Was with God and the Word Was God. Later in Verse 14 It Says in the Word Became Flesh and Dwelt among Us. Romans Chapter 9 Verse Five. Jesus Is Referred to As God All over the Place. Even in the Old Testament.

Isaiah Chapter 9 Verse Six. His Name Will Be Called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, the Holy Spirit Is Referred to As God in the Scriptures Ask Chapter 5 Verse Four It Talks about Lying to God Lying to the Holy Spirit. First Corinthians Chapter 6 Verse 19 Talks about Our Bodies As Temples of the Holy Spirit Will Who Lives in the Temple Was Worshiped in the Temple, God for Paul to Say That Our Bodies Are the Temple of the Holy Spirit Is to Say That the Holy Spirit Is God. And so When We Talk about the Doctrine of the Trinity.

We Use That Word Trinity Work Were Talking about Referring to the Very Thing That the Scripture Teaches about Who God Is and How He's Revealed Himself to Us and We Can Only Worship Him Rightly If We Describe Him Correctly, As He's Revealed to Us in Scripture and at the End of the Day That's What It's All about. For All Eternity. Working to Worship the True and the Living God.

You Know We Talk about the Doctrine of the Trinity Were Saying the Trinity Is One in Essence the Same Substance Equal in Power and Glory and at the Same Time. Three Distinct Persons, Different Persons, and We Think There Equal in Power and Glory Were Referring to the Fact That They Deserve Worship. Jesus Said in John 523 That All Should Honor the Son Just As They Honor the Father Now Closed with This from the Book of Revelation. Revelation Chapter 5 Verses 11 through 13, John Says That I Looked and I Heard around the Throne and the Living Creatures and the Elders. The Voice of Many Angels, Numbering Myriads of Myriads and Thousands of Thousands, Saying with a Loud Voice, Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain to Receive Power and Wealth and Wisdom and Might and Honor and Glory and Blessing and I Heard Every Creature in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth and in the Sea and All That Is in Them, Saying to Him Who Sits on the Throne and to the Lamb Be Blessing and Honor and Glory and Might Forever and Ever Working to Worship the Holy Trinity for All Eternity.

If We Want to Know God As He's Revealed Himself to Us in Scripture. Stick to What the Bible Teaches Michael and You Won't Go Wrong. This Is Core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez and with the Christmas Season upon Us Were Really Excited to Share a Brand-New Offer with You Today. That's Right, Bill. You Know the Holidays Are Filled with A Lot Of Fun Festivities. My Favorite Is the Food.

By the Way, but It Is Often the Case That the Hustle and Bustle of the Season Drowns out What Is Most Important about Christmas That Is Jesus.

God Is Come to Be with Us. That's Why I'm Excited to Share a New Resource That We Have over It. Core, It's Our Christmas Devotional. Jesus Christ, the Promised Messiah. If the Daily Devotional That Shows You What Christmas Is Really All about Each Day of December, Highlights Prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, and Then It Shows You Where Those Prophecies Are Fulfilled in Jesus in the New Testament to Take Some Time Each Day by Yourself or with Your Family to Read the Scriptures and Meditate on Their Meaning Is Our Hope Is That As You Come to Jesus through the Pages. The Bible You and Your Loved Ones Will Experience the Life-Giving Presence of Christ This Christmas Season.

This Devotional Is Free When You Sign up for Our Weekly Newsletter. So Head over to Core To Download This Resource. This Is Really Beautiful and Something You Could Go through with Your Family As Well. Here's the Phone Number to Call If You'd like to Take Advantage of This Offer or Any One of Our Offers Its 833-843-2673. That Number Is 833, the Court Will Schedule Another Question Israel. This One Was from Alexis. She Posted on Our Twitter Account. She Says As an Introvert. I've Actually Enjoyed Being at Home More These Days Is This Wrong. No Alexis. I've I've Spoken with Several People Who Feel the Same Way That You Do in One Sense I'm Grateful and I Think You Can Be Grateful to That Bit This Season for You Has Not Been As Difficult As It Is for so Many See You.

Praise God for His Mercy and That Because You're Able to Spend Time on Your Own Doing the Things That You Want to Do and You Don't Have As Many Distractions Maybe but Also Being Sensitive to the Fact Alexis That There Are so Many Right Now Who Are Suffering, You Were Listening Right Now Unity You're Struggling You've Lost Work. The Isolation Is Eating at You.

You Know I Recognize We Recognize That This Is Also a Very Difficult Time.

That's One of the Reasons Why We We Sought to Continue to Keep This Program Going Because We Know That People Need to Hear the Word and to Be Encouraged by the Truth of Scripture and so We've Scrambled As a Team to Find Ways to Continue to Produce This Program and in a Socially Distanced Way in and to Make It Happen.

To Keep Encouraging You. So Alexis I'm Grateful to Hear You're Doing Well. Pray Pray for Those Who Are Suffering and Seek. I Think to Do Good to All People. As Paul Says, and Especially to Those of the Household of Faith That to Encourage Them in This Time of Difficulty. Whether Your at Home Alone or Whether That the Coronavirus Restrictions Are All Done and We Go Back to the Sort of Normal Quote Unquote Life That We Were Experiencing Prior to All of This Pandemic Is the Spirit of God, Who Gives Us Peace, Paul Talked about This in the Book of Philippians in Philippians Chapter 4 Talked about the Contentment That God Had Taught Him. He Said Verse 10 of Chapter 4, I Rejoice in the Lord Greatly, That Now at Length. You Have Revived Your Concern for Me. You Were, Indeed, Concern for Me, but You Had No Opportunity. Not That I Am Speaking of Being in Need, for I Have Learned in Whatever Situation I Am in to Be Content. I Know How to Be Brought Low, and I Know How to Abound in Any and Every Circumstance I Have Learned the Secret of Facing Plenty and Hunger Abundance and Need and Then He Says This I Can Do All Things through Him Who Strengthens Me. I Think That's the Attitude That Each of Us Needs to Have Is We Need to Say Lord This Season This This Time Right Now Is Very Difficult. It's Hard. Or Maybe the Future Seems Scary Because of the Changes That Are Coming but I Know That I Have You and I Can Do All Things Not to My Own Strength Not to My Circumstances Whether I Feel like I Have Peace or Don't Have Peace through Jesus and Do the Work of His Spirit Though I Don't Think That You Need to Feel Bad for How You Feel. I Think That like I Said You Can Give Thanks to the Lord for His Kindness to You in This Season Seek to Cultivate As You Look to Jesus As You Pray, the Fruit of the Spirit That Love, Joy, Peace, and Patience. That's There Even When Our Circumstances Might Be More Difficult for Us.

Thank You for Your Question. This Is Core Christianity with Pastor Israel Sanchez and If You Have a Question for Us.

You Can Call Us Anytime at 833-843-2673. That's 833 the Core and Israel. Fritz Called Us with This Question, You Will Quite A While Back, but I Feel Logan and I've Tried It. I Have Been the Doctor. Alcoholics Anonymous Lowell Know What to Do. Thank You Fritz God Bless You, Thank You for Your Question Will First Let Me Just Pray for You. Father, I Give You Thanks for This Caller and I Pray for Him. He Was Filling with the Grace of Your Spirit That You Would Give Him Wisdom. Lord, We Know That It Can Be so Discouraging at Times Fighting with the Struggles That We Have and Feeling like We Don't Have Any Victory, and Sometimes or Even Wanting to Throw in the Towel, Wanting to Give up Because We Feel like There Hasn't Been Much Progress. I Do Pray for Him. He Would Help Him to Set His Eyes upon You to Rest in Your Goodness and Your Grace, and That by Your Spirit You Would Do, Lord God, What You Promised to Do in Your Children That You Would Day by Day. Sanctify Them As He Looks to You and Clings to Your Word That You Would Strengthen Him to the Knowledge of Your Son, Jesus Christ, in Whose Name We Pray. Amen.

The Question Here Fritz, This Is How Do We Change Things like AA Can Be Helpful in Having These Accountability Structures Are Are I Think Really Beneficial for Some People to Be Sanctified to Grow in Grace.

That Is a Work of the Holy Spirit and the Fruit of the Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Self-Control That Fruit of the Spirit Comes through Jesus, You Said You and I I Asked Jesus to Come into My Life Quite A While Back. That's the Question Are United to Jesus by Faith. Did You Asked Jesus into Your Life. But Do You Trust in Him for the Forgiveness of Your Sins. Have You Turned to Him That Jesus Calls Us to Do to Repent and Believe in Him Is Not so Much That We I Think Invite Jesus into Our Lives. It's That We Turn to Him and Follow Him When He Says Follow Me. Jesus Says to You, Fritz, Follow Me, and He Calls You to Trust in Him. Now the Reality Is Is Is As Followers of Jesus. We Recognize That Following Jesus Sometimes Not Very Easy to Stop This Battle with the Flesh. These Temptations These Desires. The Struggles and yet Here's the Good News, If You Trust in Jesus, You Are Forgiven. Even If You Have the Struggles and Jesus Wants to Sanctify You the Will of God Is Your Sanctification. So When You Prayed Them and Say Lord Have Mercy upon Me, Help Me. That Is a Prayer He Wants to Answer.

Make Sure You're in a Good Church. We Are Being Encouraged by the Word of God. Every Single Week. The Truth of the Gospel and Continue to Press into Your Faith Abiding in Jesus, Letting His Word Abide in You, and As You Do That As We Turn to Jesus and As You Do That Continually to Dig into the Scriptures. That's How the Spirit Begins to Work Those of the Means That the Spirit Uses to Work in Our Lives and to Sanctify Us Little by Little. It's a Process Not Always Going to Be Easy Brother at and Were Not Always Good to See the Progress That We Want to Be Committed to That Being in a Good Church Resting in the Gospel. Hearing the Promises of Jesus Every Single Day, Every Single through Those Means That We Continue to Grow As Christians. Thanks for Listening to Core Christianity to Request Your Copy of Today's Special Offer.

Visit and click on offers in the menu bar or call us at 1-833-843-2673 that's a 33.

The core when you contact us. Please let us know how you been encouraged by this podcast and be sure to join us next time. As we explore the truth of God's word together

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