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Why Is Sunday Morning So Segregated?

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez
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October 1, 2020 1:00 am

Why Is Sunday Morning So Segregated?

Core Christianity / Michael Horton & Adriel Sanchez

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October 1, 2020 1:00 am

Episode 544 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes

1. Could you explain to me what it means to pray in the Holy Spirit?

2. Will people in an ongoing homosexual relationship go to heaven, even if they confess that they are Christians?

3. Why are churches still separated by race? We all say we are Christians, so why don’t we go to church together?

4. I like the book of Acts for its history of the early church, but I don’t really know why Luke wrote it. It seems like a loose collection of stories to me, especially with its abrupt ending. Do you think Luke had a bigger goal than just recording history? If so, why do you think he wrote Acts?


The Compelling Community: Where God’s Power Makes a Church Attractive by Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop

Bill’s Good News Story: Dog Surfing Competition


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Why are churches still separated by race wills. They were Christians.

So why don't we go to church together best is one of the questions will be answering on today's edition of core Christianity hi Bill Meyer along with Pastor Israel Sanchez and this is the radio program where we answer your questions about the Bible and the Christian life every day. We would love to hear from you.

You can call us right now with your question. At 833 the core that's 1-833-843-2673 and you can post your question on our Facebook or Instagram account or email us at questions at core, first step today we have a fun story to share with you the code 19 pandemic has forced a lot of things to go virtual this year, including a competition for surfing dogs.

The surf dog surface bond is normally held each September at the Delmar dog beach in California just a few miles from where Israel lives this year it was held virtually with the owners of surfing dogs around the world submitting videos of their pets skills. The dogs were judged on criteria including the duration of the ride. The size of the wave and special tricks including walking on the board and barking wall surfing. If you'd like to see the dog surfing prowess. We actually are to post a link to a video in today's show notes so make sure you check that out. Have you ever considered joining the surfing dogs doing your own thing they're a drill I'm just curious to know because I am certain that they would be better at surfing than I am. I think that would just be embarrassing, but I didn't even know that that's just not too far from me. Maybe one thing to take the kids to watch the surfing dog that bit you might kids get a kick out of that you will love the videos is very to bliss get to our first question of the day. Al emailed us and he said this could you explain to me what it means to pray in the Holy Spirit yeah out. Will there are three places in the New Testament really were where you have this idea put forward in that language of praying in the Holy Spirit. You see this in first Corinthians chapter 14 in Ephesians chapter 6 and in Jude chapter 1. Now the interesting thing is in first written chapter 14 it's it's pretty clear that when Paul talks about praying in the spirit there. He's referring to speaking in tongues.

I don't get to into the weeds here as to what tongues were really really unknown languages that a person was given the ability to speak and MEC was on the day of Pentecost in the end certainly and been first Corinthians 14 as well but but the person who speaks in these tongues doesn't actually understand what they're saying and so they they needed to be interpreted. Paul said in first Corinthians chapter 14 verse 13 and 14.

Therefore, one he speaks in a tongue should pray that he may interpret for if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful right there. It seems like praying in the spirit refers to praying in tongues and I've heard people use the phrase in that way today as well. I again setting aside the question of the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit whether there still around or whether they ceased about that right now, but it does seem like in first, with its 14 Paul is talking about we talk about praying the space talking about the gift of tongues. You also have places like Ephesians 618, though it seems to me that Paul is talking about something different there. In Ephesians 618 he says, praying at all times in the spirit with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints now that comes if you remember Ephesians chapter 6 the context of spiritual warfare in the armor of God. And so it's praying being vigilant.

Alert with all perseverance praying for the body of Christ and its baronet context that he talks about praying in the spirit and then in Jude chapter 1 verses 17 to 20. It says this but you must remember beloved the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. They said to you in the last time there will be scoffers following their own ungodly passions. It is these who cause divisions worldly people devoid of the spirit. But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith, and praying in the Holy Spirit. Again, it's the context of we could call it spiritual warfare and in Jude. The focus is the false teachers don't have the spirit you are to pray in the spirit.

Now those two passages and in Ephesians 6 and in Jude chapter 1 I think that the focus is our prayers need to be led by the spirit now this doesn't mean that you know as were praying were getting get of these messages from the Holy Spirit about what we should pray for. I think ultimately spirit led prayer is prayer that is rooted in God's word and the word of Jesus Christ to be Jesus setting in the upper room discourse that the spirit was to come and lead the disciples into all truth. When Paul in Ephesians talked about being filled with the Holy Spirit. The parallel pathogen in the book of Colossians says that that happens is the word of Christ dwells in us richly so I don't think that in those two verses when we hear about praying in the spirit is referring to praying in tongues or something like that because Paul makes it very clear in first grade beans 12 that not everyone has all the spiritual gifts and so not everyone had the gift of tongues there in in the first century. So for Paul in Ephesians 6 are in the book of Jude and Jude 117 to 20 for them to courage to exhort the church to pray in the spirit. While that wouldn't make any sense. If not everyone had the gift of tongues and they were referring to the gift of tongues so again I think Al that praying in the spirit refers to our prayers being led by guided by the spirit through the Scriptures pray God's word pray God's word and I think this is so helpful because many of us thought about you but I know you and for me. I'll sit down to pray sometimes and it doesn't come out of the ghetto and so I think it's really helpful to have something like the Scriptures in hand. As were meditating on Scripture what you find is prayer is stirred up within you or praying the Psalms go through the book of Psalms and just pray the Psalms of that's what they are there prayers and so were being encouraged to pray in line with the Holy Spirit under God's word and according to God's will bank fell thanks for that explanation, a drill, this is core Christianity with pastor Israel Sanchez and if you have a question for us. You can call us anytime. Here's the number 833 the core that's 1-833-843-2673 and I want no people who are in a homosexually like a true ongoing relationship with regular happening. I know that's not the forgivable fan. They contracted for. So if you can and connect on that Lily would appreciate it thank you, Cynthia M.

This is a question that were getting more and more these days and there are even people out there who will say there's nothing wrong with that.

I've talked to several people even my own neighborhood who are a part of churches, or even lead churches that have taken that position and we have to continually go back to is what God is said in his word.

That's with the truth comes from and sometimes the word of God isn't easy for us to hear and and certainly when it comes to our culture and the way in which people think about sex and sexuality. The word of God confronts us, it challenges us were knocking to be as Christians popular because of our views on these things, but at the end of the day, we have to hold fast to what the Bible teaches. Now that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be filled with love and grace and neighborliness toward others, toward people who are in gay and lesbian relationships. We have to be met. Jesus was with people in his own day with the people that the church identified as sinners.

The church of his day. If you will that the religious establishment Jesus pursued them and love them and I think that's it.

You should do for your friend with the Bible is very clear about this.

In first grade. This chapter 6 verses 9 to 11 listen to what the apostle Paul told the Christians living in Corinth or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived think that warning to heart there. Paul says to you, to all of us do not be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor violators nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. She makes it absolutely clear there in a people who do the things who live in these ways. To me this is their practice that and I think what he's referring to is people who have no qualms about it, this is just who I am. This is just how I live and they might say I am a Christian. Yeah, I mean II said a prayer many years ago I was baptized right even go to a church that says this is okay but at the end of the day.

If the church doesn't teach with the Scriptures teach and there's a major problem. Cynthia Paul makes it clear that don't be deceived that the people who practice these things are not going to inherit the kingdom of God will and listen to what Paul said in the in the very next verse in verse 11, and such were some of you but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the spirit of our God that you and as I read that verse write me a it almost brings tears to my eyes because you just think about the mercy of God that were all coming from these different backgrounds from these different places.

We all have our own particular sin, struggles, and yet Jesus calls all men everywhere to repent, to turn to him. It doesn't matter what your background is what your baggage is what your sin is.

You can be washed. You can be sanctified. You can be justified by Jesus. Now that doesn't mean that there aren't genuine believers who still struggle with some of these things with these feelings in me that's a reality in the fact of the matter is, as you read the book of first Corinthians, and you quickly realize that that's the case of in the church at Corinth had all sorts of problems with divisions with sexual immorality. And yet Paul he doesn't treat them as unbelievers. He knows that there the beloved children of the Lord and yet they're struggling and people today genuine Christians today. Cynthia will struggle but I think there's a difference between struggling with your sin. Identifying it as sentencing God deliver me, help me. I'm in the fight for my life. There's a difference between that and saying I'm still a live like this and everything is going to be fine. No, Paul says do not be deceived. Thanks for your question, Cynthia. This is core Christianity with pastor Israel Sanchez and my website is core If you have a question for us. I'm Bill Meyer and you know, our goal here is to answer your questions about the Christian faith in the Christian life and we have an amazing team of people behind is producing the show, they write the core articles for website they produce our core Bible studies and our prayer is that these resources will help you and other believers more fully understand the gospel and have the confidence to share your faith as you can imagine all of this requires many people to come alongside us and support this important work.

We can't do it without your prayers and financial support. And that's why were asking you to come alongside us and become a regular supporter with a monthly donation of $25 or more, you can join the inner core and be part of the team that makes this show possible head over to core core. To learn more or give us a call at 833. The core again at 833-843-2673 11 is mentioned.

Another way that you can help to support us and extend our reach. Core Christianity, which is the goal of you who want to reach people with the core truth of the Christian faith is check us out on the podcast app if you give us a five star rating and and even a little bit of a review that really helps to extend the reach that we have and so would appreciate if you would take to the couple of minutes to do that today if you've been encouraged by our program. If you want to listen to previous episodes of core Christianity mean there are hundreds that would be a great way to get a hold of those episodes check our podcast as well and of course you can always tell your friends at church about our website which is core Let's go to another question.

This one came in from Jackie who posted on her Facebook page she says why are churches still separated by race. We all say we are Christians.

So why don't we go to church together us there really a big question we are oftentimes in the church, separated by race or any number of other things as well.

You think of social, economic standing, you think of political affiliation. I mean, there are these lines in the sand that we sort of drawn about races is one of the most heartbreaking ones. Especially because the promise of the new covenant is that God is bringing the nations into his fold.

The church is meant to be this diverse community of people, redeemed sinners, washed by the blood of the Lamb were brought together by Jesus Christ, and yet oftentimes Jackie is you know our church congregations. The makeup of those carnations does not reflect that this is helpful little book written by a Baptist pastor's names marked ever in the road with with someone else's called the compelling community and I read it some time ago, but what one of the things in that book early on really stuck with me that they talk about the difference between what they call the gospel plus community and gospel revealing community in gospel plus community what you have is people coming together because of the gospel. Plus something else and that plus could be we all are the same cultural background, or we all are gonna vote for this political candidate or we all are young Mary's with children or were all older and retired.

It's the churches brought together by the gospel. Plus, this other affinity, whatever it is, and what you end up getting is is a church that really is gathered by primarily the affinity actually made it really is kind of an unfortunate thing, whereas in gospel revealing community. The gospel is revealed by the makeup of the community development.

Let me explain what they mean by that. What what I meant by it as I talked to others about this as well. You think about the early disciples of our Lord Jesus, you had among the 12 Simon the zealot, someone who had a deep disdain for the Roman occupation zealots were known, even for committing acts of violence against the Romans and then you also had Levi, the tax collector not you remember how tax collectors were reviewed by the Jews in that day they were viewed as sinners as traders because they were Jews who were essentially working for the Romans and taking advantage of their own people. It is a tax collector.

You were not viewed very highly and certainly to people who would never be caught in the same room together in less there was no brawl or something like that were zealots and tax collectors. And yet Jesus says to both of them. Jackie, the Simon and to Levi, follow me, and they both followed and they both sat around the table with him and received his body and blood.

They had communion with each other through Jesus that you think when people saw Simon Levi walking down the street together. People who knew them. You think that didn't sort of raise eyebrows that cause people to ask questions. What in the world are these two people doing together.

What is the message that could be so powerful that it brought together Simon and Levi.

It's the message of the gospel see our communities are churches should be gospel revealing communities and what that means is the very makeup of the congregation should reveal the power of the gospel to bring together sinners from all different stripes, backgrounds, cultures, and that we should strive for logistic it's a lot easier to go the other way to select is building affinity group it, and certainly I don't know if you're familiar with the church growth movie, but that's essentially what they said is look let's build churches by picking up Pacific demographic in tailoring our church to that demographic in building a church for them and when you do that what you find as you can really build a church pretty quickly, but what we want is our church is to be built by God's word and spirit, not by you know human cleverness or not. By gathering people around a particular affinity. We want the gospel to be what creates the church and Jackie when the gospel is the primary thing, drawing us together what you find is you do get you ought to get this diverse community. We should strive, I think, is as churches in NM, pastor of a local church I'm speaking for myself here. We should strive to have our churches reflect the community there in demographically as much as is possible. We want our churches to look like the neighborhoods where there were there planted where they're at and so I think this is really for now again that's not easy. Jackie and I think that's one of the reasons why so many churches are still separated why their white people just prefer to be with people that look like them and think like them and vote like them. It's easier to do that.

Having a diverse church is a messy thing but it's what God calls us to.

In the same gospel that creates the community is able to sustain that community. That's a beautiful thing. And again.

Remember, this was one of the big problems in the early church as well. I mentioned it at the outset of of my answer to you Jackie but that when the gospel began to be preached to me after the day of Pentecost the in breaking of the new covenant now Gentiles non-Jews are being welcomed into the family of God, the covenant family of God, there being broad and they don't have to be circumcised. That was the big debate and in acts chapter 15 but what you had was these two Gentile churches that really had a hard time getting along and a lot of the New Testament is addressing this sort of tension now that you have Jews and Gentiles worshiping side-by-side how we can make this work will you know how we make it work spy the blood of Jesus. The cross of Jesus has broken down abolish the dividing wall of hostility between peoples, so that in him we can be united and so what we need to do is give people a big picture of the gospel of the work of Jesus Christ and of the implications of that work. It brings together a diverse group of sinners, to receive the forgiveness of God, and I think as we focus on that Jackie and Ennis were clear about the fact that this is what the gospel can and should be doing and if we pray for that we should pray for that. Pray that the Lord builds that church by his word and spirit in the community that you're a part of this. We pray for that is amazing to see that the wonderful things that the Lord will do some great insights there federal thank you Mrs. Gore Christianity with pastor Pedro Sanchez have time for one more question, Brian submitted this through our website at core, He says I really like the book of acts for its history of the early church, but I don't really know why Luke wrote it, it just seems like a loose collection of stories to me, especially with the abrupt ending. Do you think Luke had a bigger role than just recording history.

If so, why do you think he wrote acts. I love the book of acts to Brian. I had the privilege of preaching to the book of acts some time ago and I also we first planted our church a little bit over six years ago now.

We did a Bible study on the book of acts. Just thinking about the spirit of God working there in the early church and the advancement of the gospel.

It really is. I think one of the most exciting books of the New Testament. Why did Luke write well if you look at the very beginning of the book of acts acts chapter 1 what he says in the first book, oh Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day he was taken up, after he had given commands through the Holy Spirit to the apostles whom he had chosen. He presented himself alive to them after his suffering by many proofs, appearing to them during 40 days and speaking about the kingdom of God. Now, Brian.

The first book that he's referring to. There is, is the gospel. The gospel of Luke in the first book, oh Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach that. That's a very interesting phrases and all that Jesus began to do and teach, will one of the things Brian I think Luke is doing for us in the book of acts is showing us what Jesus continued to do and teach in the life of the church after his ascension into heaven because one of the big questions.

Do you remember that Jesus left with his disciples as he taught them in the upper room discourse. One of the questions that they had his house is sold in a work you're leaving Jesus. Are you abandoning us and juice.

I'm not gonna leave you as orphans. I'm going to send the spirit to you and the reality is Jesus. Throughout the book of acts is still teaching working doing just a little bit later and in chapter 1 verse 24 as the disciples replace Judas.

It says in verse 24 and they prayed and said you Lord who know the hearts of all show which one of these two you have chosen is it's as if Jesus is still choosing setting up leaders in the church on the day of Pentecost.

He pours out the Holy Spirit. Jesus is still working pouring out his spirit and in acts three verse six. A lame beggar is healed in the name of Jesus. And so I think Brian at one of the things that Luke is showing us is that Jesus didn't just stop working. He continued to work in the church after his ascension, here's the amazing point for you to take home.

Jesus is still working today saving souls redeeming sinners, filling us with his spirit praying for us. Jesus is alive and working church in thanks for listening to court Christianity to request your copy of today's special offer.

Visit us at court, and click on offers in the menu bar or call us at 1-833-843-2673 that's a 33, the court when you contact us. Please let us know how you been encouraged by this podcast and be sure to join us next time. As we explore the truth of God's word together

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