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When His Kingdom Finally Comes - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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June 19, 2024 6:00 am

When His Kingdom Finally Comes - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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June 19, 2024 6:00 am

Pastor Skip concludes his message “When His Kingdom Finally Comes” and shows you how Christ’s death gives you access and acceptance into God’s kingdom.


In the midst of judgment, God throws open the Holy of Holies and invites people in and says in effect, we can have fellowship with him because of the shed blood of his son, that when you place your faith in Jesus Christ, that will admit you into the very presence of God. Today on Connect with Skip Heitzel, Pastor Skip concludes his message when his kingdom finally comes and shows you how Christ's death gives you access and acceptance into God's kingdom. When you intentionally study scripture, your faith is stronger and your walk more confident.

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Okay, we're ready. Let's turn to Revelation 11 as Skip begins today. If the kingdom comes, then there is a response to that announcement. We find that in verse 16. And the 24 elders who sat before God on their thrones fell on their faces and worshiped God saying, we give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty, the one who is, who was, and who is to come because you have taken your great power and reigned. And you'll notice that John focuses in on one particular group in heaven, 24 elders.

If you know this book, the book of Revelation, you know this group, the 24 elders. They show up several times. They're in chapter 5. They show up again in chapter 11. They show up here in chapter 11. So 5, 7, 11, and then chapter 19, they show up. Who are they?

A lot of guesses. I'll tell you who they're not. They're not angels. Angels in the Bible never sit on thrones.

These are not angels. We find in chapter 4 and 5, the 24 elders. And besides the 24 elders, a group of angels.

So they're not the same, two different groups. Without taking you through all the hermeneutical gymnastics, it is my best guess that we're dealing with here the glorified raptured church, the 24 elders, as we have noted before in previous studies. This is the glorified raptured church.

And get this. This is now the third round of heavenly praise. In chapter 4, they praise Him for being the Creator. In chapter 5, they praise Him for being the Redeemer. Here in chapter 11, they praise Him for being the ruler. And when it says, Lord God Almighty, the word almighty, pontakratur, means the absolute, all-powerful, omnipotent ruler.

He is flatly, firmly in charge. So they're praising Him for that. And I just got to have you make a note of this. Whatever's going on in heaven, it's loud.

Sorry to tell some of you that. You guys turn up the music too loud. You may want to bring earplugs to heaven. Because in verse 15, the seventh angel sounded, there were loud voices in heaven. And then look at verse 19. And there were lightnings, uh-oh, noises, uh-oh, thunderings, that's loud, an earthquake, and great hell. So the worship is at least very robust in heaven. What are we dealing with here? We're dealing with a thanksgiving service in heaven.

That's what it says. We give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty. Why are they giving Him thanks? Because they've been anticipating this for a long, long time. All of God's people have been looking forward to this from the beginning. Jesus, 2,000 years ago, said, when you pray, say, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done. Now the announcement?

It's come. That's why the thanksgiving erupts. But let's not wait until heaven to be thankful people.

Would you agree with this statement? We, Christians, God's people, should be the most thankful people that live in this city. We should be thankful people. And this thanksgiving service in heaven should just remind us that, though we're not there yet, we should get a little practice before this event.

We should get in practice. You know, I've said this before, but it bears repeating here. Every year when thanksgiving comes up, I always think this thought. It's like, you know, I think we have this wrong. You know, we have one day a year. Oh, I'm so thankful.

And, you know, especially if you have pumpkin pie added to it, I'm really thankful. And we get thankful for, like, a day. It's Thanksgiving Day, as if we are given the unrestrained privilege of complaining for 364 other days.

And so I think that we have it wrong. I think we should get it all out on one day and say, now you've got 364 days to be thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful. You know, have one day. Call it grumpsgiving. You just get grumpy, you get mad, you complain about everything you don't like, because then you won't do it for 364 days on Twitter or Instagram, right?

You'll be thankful. So this is a thanksgiving service. The arrival of the kingdom brings adoration in the kingdom. It takes us to a third component, and that is antagonism at the kingdom.

What we notice in this paragraph is not everyone in this scene is happy. Verse 18, the nations were angry, and your wrath has come. And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should reward your servants, the prophets and the saints, and those who fear your name, small and great. And there's a lot of ands.

There's like six ands in this sentence. And should destroy those who destroy the earth. That verse is so comprehensive. It covers the entire three and a half year Great Tribulation. In fact, it covers past that into the thousand year reign of Christ, because saints are being given rewards here. So there's the great white throne judgment that will come. There's the rewards given to the saints. Jesus will close out Revelation by saying, Behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me. This is where what we read last week comes to pass. This is, remember last week, the parable of the minas?

And Jesus said to two servants, well done, good and faithful servant, you've been faithful in a few things, a little things, so I'm going to make you ruler over over 10 cities and five cities. You get rewarded. This is where these rewards are realized. There's a reward coming for your life. Single moms who are raising those children for the glory of God.

Business people who are building your business because you want to spread the gospel and love your family. And then the people in the office, they yell at you because you're a Christian. Your reward is coming. Don't expect to get rewarded anytime soon on this earth. If you are living for the plaudence of people, the pats on the back, you're going to be very disappointed because you won't get a lot of it. And for one simple reason, the world hates God.

And so God's representatives don't rank very high in most admired people. So even though you live with kingdom city principles and you pour out your life, and we should, your reward is coming. It's coming. The reality that it is coming is what gives us incentive today. Or put it another way, the promise of the future kingdom will help you endure the present crisis. The promise of the future kingdom will help you endure the present crisis. The pressure of the present crisis.

How am I going to make it through? Put your eyes a little bit on the horizon. Go a little higher to when we say, they say, we hear the kingdoms of this world have become His kingdom. But again, look at verse 18, the nations were angry. Means enraged, hostile. One of the discoveries we make in the book of Revelation is that as the tribulation progresses and God pours out judgment, you would think that would like, I don't know, soften a few people's heart.

Okay, I give up. It makes people angrier, more mad. They shake the fist. They blaspheme God all the way through to the very end. And so the nations were angry. This is antagonism that is directed at God for establishing His kingdom. They're mad that God is imposing a kingdom that everyone will have to submit to. And this has the feel of Psalm 2. I was reading Psalm 2 last week.

Let me refresh your memory. Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth have set themselves, the rulers have taken counsel together against the Lord and against His Christ saying, let us break their bonds in two. Let us cast their cords far from us.

Has the same feel. The nations were angry. They're antagonistic for God establishing His kingdom. So the nations will show hatred toward Christ to God's people who are living through this horrible time.

They will show hatred to the two witnesses, mentioned paragraph back in chapter 11, all the way to the end. Now let's pause for a moment. Would you think back with me to the messages we've given throughout this series? Don't worry if you don't remember what they are.

I had to take notes to remember what they are. So one of our messages was Acts chapter 1, the apostles. And they're thinking about the kingdom, the kingdom that is coming. And they watched Jesus blast off, go into heaven from the earth. They're looking up and the angel said, what do you guys think? And they said, what are you guys standing around looking around for?

So they're preoccupied. And they were told not to be preoccupied, but be productive. Then we looked at the Sermon on the Mount and our mandate to be salt and light, to shine light into dark places, to be a disinfectant in this world, the salt of the earth. Then we did a follow-up message on Jeremiah chapter 29, which was quoted just moments ago, where Jewish refugees who were captive in Babylon were told, dig in, be responsible, improve this place, make Babylon a better place than you found it.

Then we looked at the life of Joseph and Esther and then Daniel, all who lived out these principles. We looked at kingdom compassion when Jesus had compassion on the multitude, gave them truth, fed them lunch. All these wonderful things that serve people and bless people, the world won't appreciate it. The world won't appreciate it because it doesn't appreciate people of faith. The world is enraged, like the parable last week. We will not have this man reign over us.

Same sentiment. And that's okay. It's okay because our reward is coming, as we just mentioned. But also, God's justice is coming.

He is going to settle accounts. So if you walk away from work one day and it's like, they always get away with stuff. Man, I always get put down and I've been trying to serve the Lord and I go through so much hardship and heartache. And these unbelievers don't. Today's Friday. Sundays are coming. Judgment's coming.

So notice this. They say, for your wrath has come and the time of the dead that they should be judged. As I was reading through this this week, something struck me. This is part of a worship song. This is part of a thanksgiving hymn, right? Verse 17, we give you thanks, O Lord God Almighty. So they're thanking Him. It's a thanksgiving song, a worship song. Part of the worship song is the lyric we just read. Your wrath has come and the time of the dead that they should be judged.

Question. And this was what struck me. Who in their right mind would be thankful that God is going to pour out judgment upon the earth? Well, I thought about that. And the more I thought about it, I thought, I actually get it. And I think you will too. Think for a moment of all of the persecution against God's people the last several centuries.

I'll give you a snapshot. It's estimated from A.D. 30 to 2000, the year 2000, 70 million Christians have died as martyrs for their faith. They've been killed by a world that hated them. How do you feel when you hear of injustice, when you hear of corruption, when you hear of certain violent crimes? What goes through your mind and heart as you read a news article or see a YouTube video of atrocities and rapes? Does that ever bother you?

Okay. God reads every article of every crime. He has seen every YouTube video ever created.

In fact, He saw the events as they happened in real time. And if those things that I'm talking about offend your sensitivities and sensibilities, how much more a holy God. So, that's why in heaven when judgment comes, it's like, yeah, awesome. It's about time. It's about time. God's going to end this nonsense.

Bring justice where it needs to be brought. And then it says, I know some of you are like, you're ready to applaud at that. You'll have your chance in heaven, okay, because you'll be singing this song.

But I got to get through this. So, notice how that ends. And, look at verse 18, and that you should destroy those who destroy the earth.

Now, be careful here. Don't think, oh, God is siding with the environmentalists. This is not God saying, I'm mad at those people who don't recycle. He's not saying that. Or, I don't like straws.

People throw straws everywhere. Or climate denier. It has nothing to do with that. We're talking about people who destroy the earth by sin and wickedness. He's referring to those who pollute the earth with sin. It's the worst kind of trash.

It's the moral filth. Listen, the most destructive thing in the world is an unredeemed person who pollutes this world with sin. And so, God is going to destroy those who destroy the earth. You guys destroyed the earth. I gave you this. It was a stewardship. You messed it up by pouring sin upon sin upon sin.

I'm done. Judgment will fall. So, we have the arrival of the kingdom, adoration in the kingdom, antagonism at the kingdom. Fourth, and finally, I think it's the best part of the story, we have acceptance by the kingdom. Now, look at verse 19. Simple verse. Then the temple of God was opened in heaven.

Wait a minute. Is there a temple in heaven? Well, this might be symbolic. However, remember the book of Hebrews belabors the point that the tabernacle and temple on earth in the Old Testament was really just a model of a real temple in heaven. It's a shadow of the reality of heaven.

So, there actually may be that. The temple of God was opened in heaven and the ark of his covenant was seen in his temple and there were lightnings, noises, thunderings, earthquake, and a great hail. This chapter closes, this verse closes with a glimmer of opportunity. This is a vision of heaven's temple. It's like God is holding open house in heaven and you can see past the veil into the holy of holies to the ark of the covenant. You remember in the New Testament this happened one other time when Jesus died on a cross and the veil of the temple was ripped? And because the veil of the temple was ripped, it means that you could have stood outside and looked into the holy of holies and been able to see the ark of the covenant. We know what that symbolized. It symbolized there's no more separation. Now, you can come. Now, we can have intimacy.

That's what this is about. So, real quickly, the ark of the covenant. Remember that? You've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, right?

Okay. So, in the very least, you know Hollywood's version of that, but it was a gold box. It was 45 inches long, 27 inches wide, 27 inches high. It was wood covered with gold. The top was a lid of pure gold inside the box was a copy of the Ten Commandments, the two tablets of the law.

Here's the problem with that. Carrying around the law was a perpetual reminder to Israel that they failed because they broke God's law time and time and time and time and time again. And as long as they carry around the law that they keep breaking, it's a reminder of their failure, except what makes it the most valuable piece of furniture in the temple is that once a year, the priest would come in and sprinkle blood on that lid. And now the broken law of God was covered with blood. And by that, God was saying, you and I, we can have intimate fellowship with each other. This is the basis that I will meet with you over the shed blood of this animal once a year on Yom Kippur. We will meet together. What God is saying here in heaven is similar, that in the midst of judgment, God throws open the Holy of Holies and invites people in and says, in effect, we can have fellowship with Him because of the shed blood of His Son, that when you place your faith in Jesus Christ, that will admit you into the very presence of God. So this is acceptance by the kingdom. So to close this out, the seventh trumpet is about the declaration that man's government's rule, authority, is very temporary, very temporary. Man rules presently, he will not rule ultimately.

Jesus Christ will come back, He will set up His kingdom, He'll be in charge, He'll rule and reign, it'll be perfect righteousness, and He will rule and reign with those that have been redeemed from sin. So my question to you is, does that include you? Are you sure? Does that include you?

Are you sure? You know, we've been talking kingdom in every message. Kingdom, kingdom, kingdom, kingdom, kingdom city. Kingdom implies control. Kingdom implies there is a king who is in charge. And the kingdom of God comes now when the king is in charge of your life. Have you asked God to control your life? Have you asked God to change your life?

Chuck Colson, who was in government, he worked for President Nixon, he went to jail on the Watergate scandal. He became a strong believer after his years in politics. Chuck Colson, great influence in my life, said, and I quote, human politics is based on the premise that society must be changed in order to change people. But in the politics of the kingdom, it is people who must be changed in order to change society. So where does kingdom city begin? Right here in my heart, where I step off the throne of my life and I invite Jesus to take the royal place of controlling my future, my decisions, my life. I live my life not according to my will, but according to an alien will, His will.

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. What's the first step? First step, let go. Let go of you. Let go of your life.

Let go of your life. Relinquish, surrender, control, and let Him sit on the throne of your heart. What an encouraging word, reminding me and you what Jesus has done for us. That's Skip Heitiger with a teaching from his series, Kingdom City. Find the full message as well as books, booklets, and full teaching series at Now we want to tell you about a resource that will help you know the Holy Spirit more intimately. How deep is your understanding of the Holy Spirit and the gifts He gives?

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Call 800-922-1888 or give securely online at offer. And be sure to join us tomorrow as Nate Heitzig shares a message about the kind of disciples we need in the church. Your identity as a Christian is not based on you identifying as a Christian. That doesn't make you a Christian. When someone asks you, are you a Christian? You say, yes, that doesn't make you a Christian. We are identified as Christians based on how we are different and the difference we are making. Many say change society and you'll get better men and women. Jesus says change men and women and you'll get a better society. Connect with Skip Heitzig is a presentation of Connection Communications, connecting you to God's never-changing truth in ever-changing times.
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