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God's Top Ten List - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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May 9, 2020 2:00 am

God's Top Ten List - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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May 9, 2020 2:00 am

Today as we begin a new series of studies on the Ten Commandments - God's Laws which transcend time and culture. Think of it - of all the things that could be considered as the most important precepts for life, these are the ones God picked! These truths were designed to elevate our lives above a mere animal existence and provide a blueprint for a purposeful life.

This teaching is from the series God's Top Ten.




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If you love God or not it's easy to say I have people I love God. How do you know I feel really warm inside right now. It's a fuzzy warm feeling. It's those positive thoughts that I have lots of really great but that's not any indication, the outward, visible, tangible way we know if we love God is obeying his commandments. Before you push that thought aside, Skip that's Old Testament not New Testament. Remember the Lord Jesus said if you love me you'll keep my commandments spent a weekend doing an old movie marathon. The action-adventure movies could be particularly amusing to watch movies like the blog for God so I have special facts that don't seem very special. This age of computer-generated imagery, but a one time big amazed and terrified movie audiences for the soldier's sake, you may go back and view some old Batman and Robin TVC those brave guys seem a little bit funny.

So what happened what we've gotten new and better information is made over things seem rather dull, but it's not that way with God's word.

In fact, the opposite is true. The more we learn, the more we see how precise and valuable. What is today here in Québec was Skip weekend division skip. Isaac continues our newest teaching series God's talk to this series. Take something that may seem archaic or old-fashioned, and reveals just how relevant the 10 Commandments are for daily living of the 21st-century.

The teaching here just a moment but first, here's an update from the connect was Skip resource Center. The book of Genesis contains some of my stories. Did you know that there is no deep spiritual significance in each of those familiar stories creations to discover how much God loves his creation and how it considers humankind's crowning achievement in the story of the fall of man. The very first we find God's plan to the ones we want to help you uncover greater significance by cityscape you can understand just get a fresh look at a deeper understanding of the stories of the very foundation can understand the book of Genesis are what seem generous gift of $35 or more to help expand the vital teaching outreach of skintight so-called out to get your copy of this site will resource 892 1888. You could also get online securely verses in Exodus chapters 19 to 22. So open your Bibles are Bible apps and here's Skip project to begin. Chapter 19 verse five now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to me above all the people, for all the earth is mine and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words which you shall speak to the children of Israel know we all remember the story as part of our Sunday school past the children of Israel were in bondage to Egypt for 400 years in slavery. They called out for deliverance. In chapter 1 and two of Exodus. It says God heard their groanings and remembered the covenant that he made. He sends Moses. There is deliverance. The Red Sea opens up the right out in the wilderness. They go from Egypt down course out in the Sinai Peninsula through mar Aileen ref a Dean and 90 days after they begin their journey they end up at the base of Mount Sinai where God calls Moses up to reestablish this covenant and gives him to tablets of the law. One deals with man and their God.

The other deals with man and his neighbor to tablets of the law, the 10 Commandments are called the Torah that sort of its restrictive title.

You've heard the term Torah Torah sometimes refers to only the 10 Commandments, sometimes of the Torah refers to the first five books of Moses and at other times people use it to refer to the entire Old Testament but we call the 10 Commandments. Sometimes that Decalogue because there's a phrase three times in the Hebrew Bible. I said it hot about a dead body name which mean a decade of words that 10 words the 10 precepts the God gives okay notice that there 10 Commandments are not 10 suggestions and not 10 proposals. There's not 10 good ideas become up with their own. There 10 Commandments. These are the commands that Moses set before them. Verse seven and we noticed there's 10 of not five it and say well I like that one I don't like that one. There's 10 not five, not 19. Just 10 and these 10 are sufficient to give us God's general will concerning the great issues of life. As we will discover now the ancient rabbis used to say there were 613 Commandments 613 can imagine. Try to memorize that they divided the 613 Commandments into two sections positive and -248 they said were positive Commandments 365 of them work negative commandment. The 248 positive Commandments that the ancient rabbis corresponded to the 248 individual parts of the human body. The 365 negative commandments corresponded the trade and 65 days in the year thus the idea is that you are to keep with every fiber of your being God's law every day of the year. That's a wonderful thing to say.

Let's just push that 613 aside and will concentrate on these 10 Commandments, we find it will be very sufficient in determining that general will of God for mankind. Something about the 10 Commandments.

Most people Passover. Most people think the 10 Commandments have everything to do with actions outwardly, not attitudes. Inwardly, we would be wrong if we were to think that now I know it says don't murder. That's an outward action don't commit adultery outward action don't steal outward action. Go to chapter 20 verse 17 the last command. You shall not, what covenant your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. What is covet as inordinate. Nobody sees anybody covet. It's an inward intense desire that's hidden, you can wear long religious robes and a big collar and carry a big honking Bible and still covet all day long and did you know this was the commandment that when Paul reread it killed him. He said I looked at the laws a means of giving life and then I read thou shall not covet. And it's laid me. I realize it was an outward. It's inward now is Jesus whole point was it not in the sermon of the Mount you've heard it was said, you shall not murder but I say to you if you're angry with your brother without a cause you're in danger of judgment. You've heard that it was sent by those of old, you shall not commit adultery but I say to you, you look upon another woman to lust after her in your heart you committed adultery that's outward. But the law governs also the inward attitude will let's go to the third point that we've given you this morning third question about their significance. Why were these given what is their purpose. What's the purpose of God giving these 10 precepts to the children of Israel at this time.

This could sum it all up. They were given number one to regard God a means of man to regard God. In other words, to show visible, tangible expression of man's love toward God. We see in verse five again of chapter 19 see the word if in the word, then notice that correspondence.

If you obey my voice then you shall be a special treasure to me. In other words, it will be your obedience that will demonstrate your love for me anyhow. You know, if you love God and that's easy to say I have people I love God.

How do you know I feel really warm inside right now. It's that fuzzy warm feeling. It's those positive thoughts that I have that's really create, but that's not any indication, the outward, visible, tangible way we know if we love God is. We obey his commandments, before you push that thought aside and say Skip that's Old Testament not New Testament. Remember the Lord Jesus said if you love me he'll keep my commandments. If you love me you'll keep my command.

First John chapter 2 would repeat that. By this we know that we know him. If we keep his commandments, and he who says I know him and does not keep his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him.

So the tangible expression then that we regard God is that we obey what is commanded. That's their significance. That's why they were given to give us a tangible way to regard God number two to relate to man to relate to man follow me here.

There's 10 Commandments, the first tablet of the law. The first four commandments are theocentric God centered.

They have everything to do with how we relate to God. The second tablet of the law. The last six are anthropocentric command center. They have everything to do with how we relate to people, so people can function in a culture know some people have problems with God's commandments because they think as they read the 10 Commandments it cramps their style it so restrictive it takes away their freedom. Listen to what Ted Turner said concerning the 10 Commandments.

He said the 10 Commandments are old, outdated, and passé and he says nobody likes to be commanded commandments are out they could say well that's Ted Turner.

I mean, listen to this lawyer whose claims to be religious religious life in Washington DC. She says she was a church every week. She said concerning the 10 Commandments quote to be perfectly honest, some of these laws seem to apply to me. Others I disregard lots, convenient yeah I like the don't lie. Part B adultery part. I'm not sure about their certain laws I pick and I choose that would be 10 suggestions known as a kid I I had a I had a neighbor who was a police officer, CHP California Highway Patrol, and he didn't like me and probably for good reason. I had allowed motorcycle in the car that I told you about that I bought for $37. About a month free and he was.

He heard it all, so he would stop my brother and I frequently give us warnings and be very stern write tickets to us.

So I grew up with a view of the law that was not favorable so that every time I saw a police car. I had a response of white knuckling the steering wheel is I had a bad view of the law. Think I saw this guy at my mom's funeral and he introduced himself. I'm John Lantos. I said I know who you are. I got more tickets by you than anybody else but you see, it was my problem, not his. My view of the law is there out to get me not realizing the law was positive were all out on the road. There's lots of drivers out there besides me and so to ensure safe passage for everybody on the road laws are in place for a positive reason to relate to other people. So the laws of God are given to regard God to relate to man 1/3 reason God gave them here is to restrain evil to restrain evil. You know, rules are needed to keep sinful man from destroying everything everything it is man's nature.

If you gave the nature of man free reign it be pandemonium without rules easily proven what happens after a natural disaster, earthquake, hurricane, a flood fire when there's no law enforcement on the scene what happens, looting, theft, all sorts of break-ins, violence that happens everywhere all the time. Paul writes to Timothy in chapter 1 he says we know that the law is made not for the righteous but for the lawbreakers and rebels. The ungodly, the sinful the unholy and irreligious for those who kill their fathers or mothers for murderers for adulterers and perverts for slave traders and liars and perjurer's and for whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine so the law like all laws are given to tether to restrain the ratings of the sinful nature so to regard God to relate to man to restrain evil. There's 1/4 reason there given to reveal our need to reveal our need to be cleansed and that comes only from Jesus Christ. In Romans seven Paul discusses the law and his relationship to it as a New Testament believer. He says, is the law sin, certainly not. He writes in verse seven. On the contrary, I would not have known what sin was, except through the law story about an editor in a newspaper small town newspaper is filling in is outlining is paid for the next day and he he has a blank space what to do.

He did know what to put in the blank space you want leave a blank so we put a copy of the 10 Commandments, no commentary, no editorial comments just the 10 commandment.

A few days later he got a letter from somebody's and cancel my subscription. You're getting too personal. He didn't say anything he does put a copy of the 10 Commandments that that illustrate something, it illustrates what the law does when we read it. It's an affront to our sinful nature.

New member back in school.

When you are introduced to the microscope as a kid and the teacher said no. Take out one of your hairs from your head and put it under the microscope that you just washed her hair.

Your hair was been washed in cream rinse and it was silky and smooth and you thought the best hair on the block till you put under the microscope member would look like gnarly nasty irregular big chunks taken out of the shaft that was your hair under a microscope or needle you put that on the microscope that slim, sleek pointed shaft looks so beaten up under the microscope. Our lives under the microscope of the law. Look that way for a reason. Paul said in Galatians. The law was our schoolmaster, our tutor to drive us to Christ shows us the need to get cleansed by the chose us the name. So in closing I want to discuss another relevance. What did they mean to me personally what one of my to do with these commandments number one treat them as a compass number two treat them as a thermometer number three. Treat them as a mirror and number four. Treat them as a roadside, first of all, is a compass, as you and I will look over these 10 Commandments over the next several weeks you're gonna see 10 categories 10 reference points for you and I to plot our way through life things you don't ever have to pray about the just fixed you never have to say, you know, I'm interested in this other person I know I married, but I'm sort of thinking about maybe having an affair something to pray about that. You don't need to ever pray about that. Thou shalt not commit adultery not ever worry about that just don't do it you find these 10 guiding principles. And if you treat them as reference points on a compass to give you direction number two.

A thermometer to gauge our love for God were to look at our experience of obedience. In light of what God is commanded and will be able to read the gauge we say we love God. Are we keeping his will in these areas. Number three as a mirror to reveal the truth about us know we all have love-hate relationships with our bathroom mirrors we all have them, but we don't all of them. They tell us the truth soon as you get in the morning and look up in the mere sight can't blame the mirror you can put soft lights all around. It's just the truth that you can't take the mirror off the bathroom and go I need to clean up, scrub yourself with the mayor. The mirror only reveals the need. It doesn't fix the problem. So as we examine and look into the mirror of these commandments over the next two week. It's gonna show us who we are need to be cleansed is why Paul says in Galatians 3. Clearly no one is justified by the law before God. Number four is a road sign to point us to Christ okay granted to look at the law and working to see the truth about ourselves the dirt so to speak with the law will point to the showers so if you read a commandment and as I read a commandment and we feel we have fallen short in that area. You don't stop there. You lead to where you get cleansed and that is the blood of Christ. The law cannot cleanse you book and point the way. I love the story about the young boy who was lost in the story is is that there was an officer in northern England. Name officer O'Hanlon and it was an Irish name but he was living in North England and officer O'Hanlon heard a cry and it was a boy on the steps of a building saying I'm lost. Can you help me find my way home office visit sure where you live. Boy said not to remember so he started naming streets. They sound familiar. The boys and no I don't know though streets. The officer started naming establishments, bakery stores, the boys and I don't know those stores so that after that. Yep, he's lost so we took the little boy up in his arms and he pointed across town to a large cathedral that had a large wooden cross on top said you live anywhere near that little boy smiled and said yes take me to the cross I can find my way home from there, each week. Commandments are going to point us to the cross. That's where we find our way home.

Not but I kept this perfectly in my attitude and my action but I need to be cleansed, forgiven and changed and only comes through God's 10 commandment. There were compass thermometer member and a roadside will begin to learn more. Skip continues this series God's talk to. I'm so glad you're able to join us here in Québec we Skip weekend edition. You can listen again to today's teaching of God's top 10 list for sure with a friend when you go to and all 17 teachings in the series are available for only $39 plus shipping. Just call us at 1-800-922-1888 to place your order and for this month we have a special offer on pastor skips you can understand the book of Genesis hears all the info never walk into. You may never catch up on that one. Well seems to miss the opening book you have questions way through Genesis is the foundation hits the ground floor if we don't understand the book of Genesis, we won't understand what follows the book of Genesis. That's divisive reminding that our redemption through Jesus death and resurrection starts in the book of Genesis, God says to Satan, I will put enmity between you and the woman between your seed and her seed. If the promise of the Redeemer is the scene a lot of the rest of the Bible rediscover the foundation of your faith can understand the book of Genesis are to you $35 or more today on the request your copy when you get online securely or call 890 280-800-9218 88, shall have no other gods before me. The first commandment. What is it mean exactly why does it matter will find out next year and connect with Skip weekend division of presentation of connection communication may use God's never changing it ever-changing time

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