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The Wedding Guest - Part B

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July 3, 2022 6:00 am

The Wedding Guest - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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July 3, 2022 6:00 am

How cool (and also potentially scary) would it be to have Jesus as a guest at your own wedding! The unnamed couple at the village wedding of Cana had that privilege. Jesus was the wedding guest who brought the best gift. His first miraculous sign was performed while celebrating that marriage. But far more than just attending a nuptial party, Jesus demonstrated who He was in relation to four entities: His mother, the moment, a miracle, and His men.

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God is never really got is never early God is precisely on time is always on top tells us no honest there been times in my life right in thinking. I actually told God counsel God's out, I've got she was such a perfect time you didn't do what were you got is perfectly on time to get it was good weekend division what is it mean to be fashionably late. Well according the urban dictionary gives the art of being just late enough run five minutes or so to give the impression to others that you are busy popular person is one thing we learn about Jesus from his attendance to a wedding in Cana is that he doesn't believe in being fashionably late, just talking about showing up about a building that a bit more today hearing correctly Skip weekend edition. But before we begin, we have an excellent resource for your business but is your personal Bible study time, frustrating direction. You can study the Bible with the plan.

See progress from skintight think all of us.

We have trouble with certain parts of the Bible.

Sometimes it's tough, but exposure to the five consistent exposure to the Bible. I would add on a daily basis with the consistent desire to obey more for you than any other thing that I can think?

The mystery $25 and I don't have to be afraid to securely copy vital for John chapter 2 will catch up with you if you resumes are that my hour has not yet come.

I want you to notice that phrase five more times in the Gospel of John, Jesus will make reference my hour by hour by hour my hour my hour what you mean by that. What he means by my hour is the time of his suffering, death and subsequent resurrection.

That is the manifesting sign of who he is and what he is come to do that by his death and resurrection give you a few examples just a few. I will go through all John chapter 7 verse 30 they sought to take him, but no one laid a hand on him because his hour had not yet come in John chapter 13 verse one it was before Passover and Jesus knew that his hour had come when he would depart from this world and go to the father John 17 verse one. Jesus is now praying to his heavenly father.

Father, he says, the hour has come. Glorify your son that your son may glorify you want to see something don't want you to miss this part. Mary asked Jesus something by saying they have no wine. And Jesus says one. What is your concern have to do with me. My hour is not yet come so Mary couldn't have simply been asking Jesus to pull off a miracle like taking out the wine and you're really good at that because that would make any sense. It would make any sense because Jesus rebuffed her and saying you know we don't share the same concern and then he makes more wine, which is what she's indicating know what she must have been saying and indicating to him is son.

Now is the time. Here's the launching point here is the time when you can display and reveal who you are and what you have come to do give some unmistakable sign some supreme manifestation that you are the Messiah and launch it publicly, so everybody will know here in the word will go out.

This is my hour is not yet come see Mary knew Jesus better than any person on the earth at that time. She remembered back to when she found out she was pregnant and she knew I haven't slept with a man been sexually involved with anybody have been pure. But the angel said you're pregnant and it's conceived by the Holy Spirit.

She would never forget that and she remembered what the angel Gabriel said this child would be like he would be the Savior, etc. she remembered the night the shepherds came after the birth of the child she remembered when the Magi came following that star she remember what Simeon said in the temple and what Anna said and what Jesus is a 12 years old, said I must be about my father's business and all of that was in her heart and in her head. She pondered that and she says now is the time to let what I know out so everybody else knows some else Mary knew Mary knew about gossip. Mary knew that she had a live day in and day out in Nazareth with people talking things like will you know we know that Mary got pregnant before the wedding and that Joseph says he has nothing to do and all that these rumors of illegitimacy. It was so, so much so that when Jesus confronted the Pharisees down in Jerusalem. They said to Jesus, while we were not born of fornication.

In other words, were we weren't, but you were so all of those rumors. All of that stigmatization socially could be done away with. If you would just reveal who you are. Jesus said, being in the moment, my hour has not yet come. So here's what I want you to see he's moving in a divine time schedule toward his hour leading up to the cross and so it begins in the garden of Gethsemane when he says, behold, the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is betrayed and here's what you need to know Jesus entire life is moving toward that our if you were to take the four Gospels and find out how much was written about Jesus growing up in the first 30 years of his life.

You come up with their only four chapters in all of Matthew Mark Luke and John only four chapters that even hit at what happened in the first 30 years of Jesus life. That's why they're known as the silent years is nothing written about, but there are 85 chapters in Matthew Mark Luke and John talk about the last 3 1/2 years of his life, and of those 85 chapters 29 of those 85 chapters deal with the last week of his life, and of those 29 chapters 13 deal with just the final 24 hours. That last day. Matthew Mark Luke and John are 579 verses that speak of the final day of Christ on earth.

That was his hour.

That was the focus of his life and he is saying to his mother.

I'm saving that ultimate manifestation for my suffering, my death and my resurrection. Well I'll tell you what what that does to us. It tells us something about God's timing is perfect and what God is never late. God is never early God is precisely on time is always on time.

That's what it tells us now. Honestly, there been times in my life. I didn't think I was onto I actually told God I counseled God before. By the way, that's how dumb I've gotten you had that she was such a perfect time for you to do that you didn't do it. Where were you. God is perfectly on time.

Peter said the Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness now. I grew up with earthly father who was late. Maybe that's why I try to keep putting it on my heavenly father. What I grew up with. When my mom would say I'll pick you up from school, I knew she be on time. Whenever she said I can't make it your data pick you up. I knew I'd be the last kid standing. Inevitably, but not my heavenly father's very different's timing is impeccable. Spurgeon put it this way. There are no loose threads in the providence of God. There are no stitches that are dropped. No events that are left to chance. The great clock of the universe keeps good time and the whole machinery of providence moves with unerring punctuality and the third relationship in our study today is really what most people think about when they think of this story that is the miracle Jesus and the miracle that he performed for six now there were sent there six water pots of stone, according to the Manor purification of the Jews containing 20 or 30 gallons a piece. And Jesus said to them, fill the water pots with water and they fill them to the brim and he said to them, draw some out now and take it to the master of the feast in the ticket when the master of the feast said tasted the water that was made wine and did not know where it came from but the servants who had drawn the water they knew the master of the feast called the bridegroom and he said to him, every man at the beginning sets out the good wine and when the guests of well drunk then the inferior you have The good wine until now not while back I told you that I talk about the whole wedding.

No wine social catastrophe thing. Here's the deal. Weddings were the social event. If you're a poor person. It was the one party in life you have and it was so important socially to have the right kind of wedding and have wine at a wedding. By the way, in those days weddings were paid for completely by the groom. The bride's dad of the bride had no responsibility. The groom pay for it all and supplied the wine to have no wine was a social embarrassment because in Jewish thinking wine was a symbol of joy.

Many Scriptures Isaiah 55 and others. Psalm 104 says the wine that makes glad the heart of man, even the rabbi said without wine.

There is no joy. So for a groom to run out of wine. This would've meant it was to admit, I can provide no joy for my wife or her family or my friends. In fact, if you ran out of wine at a wedding you could be sued for because you have failed to meet your social responsibility. So Mary said they have no wine. It was like they have no pain they've run out of wine.

Jesus knew what that meant. So in verse six, John is telling us about what happened.

There were six water pots of stone was the Jewish thinking it was made out of stone was clean. It was made out of earthenware was unclean. All metal matter of purification, but did you get how big they were in that verse 20 or 30 gallons a piece that's between 120 280 gallons of wine. I agree with William Barclay. No wedding party on earth can drink 180 gallons of wine.

This is Jesus just meeting a need. This is Jesus lavishly going way over the top like more than ever, you'll need. What's I can say about that is what a gift what what a lavish gift is that wine was so good and even the master of ceremonies that this is why in that couple could've sold that wine and could use that money for their early marriage was quite a gift. We often like to Skip over things like verse seven we call them insignificant details, but notice, Jesus said, fill the water pots with water and they what fill them up to the brim. You know I John want to know that you want to know that nothing was added. This was in some sort of a fake miracle. It was Phil all the way up to the top so I mistakenly this was a miracle so like there's over the water and somebody dumped a gallon of wine and it was water all the way up to the top was a miracle did not come to the normal process of fermentation that has to happen for wine to be made just instantaneous fresh good sweet wine. Our wedding was sorta like this only in reverse because we had no alcohol at our wedding but we had Martinelli sparkling apple juice and we put it in a glass of bubbles and a member allowed to champagne and they can all rush for it and then they drank apple juice. We did do that to psych about it just was kind of funny not say why John is writing this.

John is writing this to demonstrate who Jesus Christ is. John wants everyone reading this book to know that Jesus Christ was no less than God. That's the premise of the whole book right. That's why start out saying it in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God ON the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and he made everything all through the book, he is saying that Jesus Christ is God and so he's gonna demonstrate that back in chapter 1.

He demonstrated that by telling us how omniscient Jesus was that he knows everything. So he meets Philip and he knows that Philip is from Galilee.

He wants to go to Galilee, he meets Nathaniel and he knows about Nathaniel's character goes your man in whom there is no deceit. How do you know me, I knew you when you're in the figtree when you're out there praying, I saw that and after that now John is demonstrating the Jesus is not not only omniscient, but he is omnipotent that he can control the natural world that he is capable of creation like God creates things Jesus created wine. Maybe John even had Genesis I in mind because the Old Testament begins by a miracle of creation. Jesus ministry began by miracle of creation such Jesus and a miracle. But it doesn't end there. Verse 11 is the end of this story really tells us why Jesus did what he did really the answer to the whole issue here and it's about Jesus and his men. Verse 11 this beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee and manifested his glory and his disciples believed in him. Two things are told in verse 11 about this miracle number one that this was the first miracle Jesus did the first one the beginning of the signs that Jesus did and why that's important because there's a couple books floating around out there. They have been for some time what is called the Gospel of Thomas and others call the Gospel of Peter their apocryphal books are not canonical books of the New Testament, but they have these fanciful stories of Jesus sort of kinda coming to grips with his miraculous power when he was a child and there's the story how that Jesus made a clay bird in class or a few clay birds and then made them come to life and they flew away and then he was out on the playground. One time he got mad at a kid and cursed him and the kid fell down dad and then Jesus raised him from the dead.

He's asserted like well I'm pretty powerful and so it's helpful that John gave us this note, that didn't happen. This is the very first miraculous signs Jesus performed second.

He tells us why he did it. He did it to reveal his glory in order to develop the faith of his disciples as it says in his disciples be believed in him. That's why the name of the series is believed 879. That's the theme of John's book believe remember our first study and we look to John chapter 20 verses 30 and 31. John said truly many other signs Jesus did in the presence of his disciples that are not written in this book.

These are written, you might believe that Jesus is the son of God, and that by believing you would have life in his name, so naturally John want you to know why he did this it so that his disciples would believe in him. By the way, is only five disciples right now if you look at the disciples in chapter 1 there was Andrew and John so we infer it was and there was Peter and Philip and Nathaniel and they go to Cana and so this is a very private miracle. It is not public. Sure, the servants knew about it.

His mother knew about it but really the disciples knew about it and what they saw, brought faith was disciples of their disorder getting a grip on who this is and what's going on may see this miracle and they go I believe I I'm wondering something I can't prove it but I'm just wondering that they didn't think immediately of Moses at this miracle because Moses predicted and they would've known this, Moses said the Lord God will send him to you on another profit like me, him, you shall listen to and remember what the first miracle Moses ever performed was turning water into blood. Jesus first miracle was turning water into wine Moses miracle of turning water into blood brought destruction and misery. Jesus first miracle of turning water into wine same day and brought joy and they might've put two and two together into this guys like me much cooler than losses. This is awesome. I believe, by the way, this is part of what Jesus promised Nathaniel what happened and he said Nathaniel you think the figtree thing was cool. You will see greater things and then this boy. Nathaniel had no idea what he was in for. In three days.

He got up to his hometown Nathaniel of Cana, and here's Jesus of Nazareth G and Nathaniel's again and good come out of Nazareth matters a boy from Nazareth doing this and Nathaniel's home digs and his faith was increased.

I read a funny little story about a businessman back in the East who always had a dream of being a rancher out here in the West course was just a childhood dream. He read books, and he thought I want to own land to be a rancher, so he eventually save money and bought a ranch or bought land. I should say in Wyoming and started his own ranch and a friend of his came out to see the ranch and saw so many acres of land in said this is fabulous when you call it what to name your ranch and the man said well that sort of the problem we have. We can agree on a name so I've given it the name the double R lazy L triple horseshoe bar seven Lucky diamond Ranch guy said wow long name and he goes you know I look around I noticed you don't have any cow swears all the cattle and the mansard none of them survived the branding. Imagine that long brand. Why thought about that and I thought about all of the people who would join different religious groups that I have known this brand of spirituality and that brand of Colton. This brand of that and I think you know what I listened and I look at what they believe in and some of its narrow and legalistic and steering and and they just turn out weird none of them can survive the branding and I think of Jesus here who brought joy to a group of people and faith to his disciples, and so I have a question, do you think that if you came to Jesus Christ you would ever be empty or you would ever be disappointed. This one who could lavishly supply such graciousness, 180 gallons because if you ever do feel empty and you ever do feel disappointed following Christ is not because he failed you. It must be because you left him the Christ who can produce this kind of an abundance is able to take care of you even in a recession.

He's lavish. He's abundant all you will be tested, and you might. I don't have any stuff like Mary Jesus. They have no one.

This timingso many people today feel like their lives around here we are sitting of the good news that Jesus can fill a life overflowing. If you know Jesus you sharing the good news of his abundance.

We can make a life truly fulfilled one as we bring our time to a close. If you'd like a copy of today's message. You can find or you can call a similar one at 1-800-922-1888. Each copy is just four dollars plus shipping and if you have any questions about getting today's message, or other resources from Skip ask about them when you call 1-800-922-1880 Jesus was no stranger to trouble you will see an example of that.

So I hope you enjoy right here in a presentation connection

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