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Satan: His Meaning, Minions, and Methods - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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May 3, 2022 6:00 am

Satan: His Meaning, Minions, and Methods - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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May 3, 2022 6:00 am

The Bible is clear that Satan exists. And there is no more powerful foe we face as believers. In the message "Satan: His Meaning, Minions, and Methods," Skip shares about the Devil's tactics to help you thwart his attacks.

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Now this freaks most people out to the devil is real, he's got an army and they hate my guts.

Well, that's because we focus on the on the wrong truth.

1/3 of the angels fell the lives how many left number Cesar number 2121 and greater is he that is in you and he that is in the world about strategies and tricks today on connect with Skip Skip shares about your doubles agenda and how you can ward off his attacks. We want to tell you about a resource that will help you walk in the Holy Spirit, especially in difficult moments in life. What stands between more fruitful walk with Jesus.

Find out how four prominent women in the Bible thinks their struggles in a new teaching series for my height and called Queens of the Bible on the Queen of Sheba hearing is the first step toward spiritual life right now, hearing step toward blessing because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God hear more from Lang as she explores the faith in the failings of four different queens in Scripture. The Queens of the Bible collection of teaching is our way of saying thank you when you get $35 or more today to support this Bible teaching ministry. The cost of following Christ is to go wherever healing your copy of these unique teachings when you call 898 or give online securely Isaiah chapter 14 Skip high to begin, students Isaiah 14 for you said in your Ezekiel looked it up in your heart were puffed up with pride in your heart so you said in your hearts. I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.

I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most high notice five times Lucifer going I will I will I will I will I will that is the definition of sin.

Sin begins when a person of being, says in his heart. What I want is more important than what God wants, I will exalt my will above God's will that sin that's where it all begins five times. He uses the word. I will because I will be like the most high. Verse 15 you shall be brought down to hell. This is God's response to the lowest depths of the pit go back to what is he says here in an adverse I will ascend into heaven. Why does he say that if he is already in heaven.

What is ago, no ascend into heaven where you're already there so why are you going to ascend for him to ascend.

There's only one person left desire and that's God for the chief angel to get a promotion would make him God. That's the problem. Something happened in his heart where he is now not satisfied with worshiping God. But now he wants to be worshiped as God. I will be like the most high, and when that happens. Lucifer became Satan and he was cast out of heaven. I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Verse 15 you shall be brought down to Sheol held to the lowest depths of the pit, those who see you will days. If you and consider you saying is this the one that made the Eric Trumbull who shook kingdoms so he says I'm going up in life. God says you're going down to the pit and it's good to be fulfilled in Revelation chapter 20 what it tells us that Satan is cast into the lake of fire. He and all of his demons cast into the lake of fire and God is been waiting a long time for that to happen. Still hasn't happened yet and what it finally does. It's God's way of eternally demonstrating the absolute stupid pity of defying God you want to defy God. You want to exalt your will above God, let me show you what that will get you because the chief of my creation tried that and here's his end, and apply that with this question what choices are you making in life are you making stupid choices are you making smart choices is a Skip define stupid okay here's a stupid choice.

Any choice that moves you away from the heart of God is stupid. Any choice that draws you closer to his heart and will is smart anybody says I want that I want that I will this I will that is stupid. If it's against the will of God and God will demonstrate that eternally. By casting the greatest creation. He made into the pit so a lot of surprising things. He is real he is magnificent but he made the stupidest choice ever give you 1/4 surprising fact about the devil and that is this the devil is not the opposite of God, the devil is not the opposite of God, but he wants you to think he's the opposite of God. All he loves it when people give the devil more credit than he's due. He loves it when people think. Yeah, he's like he's like the opposite of God. He's powerful like God I read a news article in the LA Times some years ago. It caught my attention so I cut it out 17-year-old boy said.

I often think of Satan as a cool dude I've never heard anybody talk about the devil is a cool dude but this 17-year-old boy said. I've often thought of the devil is a cool dude, since he controls one part of the supernatural wrong. He tends to let you be on your own and do what you want were as God wants to put you in a jail cell with us in the devil wants people to think he is so awesome and so powerful that the universe is sort of like one big celestial boxing ring over here in the corner. Ladies and gentlemen is Jesus Christ. And over the other corner is the devil and duke it out when what round are we in are you kidding the devil was created by Jesus. He can go one round with the champ.

He is not the opposite of God.

He was created. He was created to Chile in one of the church fathers had a pretty famous saying in his time he gave it.

In Latin it was Diablo Key asked to see me JE which literally translated means. Satan is God's monkey. What that means is, the devil tries to ape God. He wants to be like the most time so he does things to get the earth people on the earth and hopefully demons. 1/3 went with him to believe that he is more powerful than he is. But Jesus said, I saw Satan fall didn't stay in that position, he went down I saw in the 70 disciples said the demons are subject to us in your name that Dr. shows that God is superior to the devil and the demons is not the opposite.

God didn't have the attributes of God.

Listen, the devil is not self existent like God is God's self existent nobody creator God, the devil is not self existent. He was created. If he was created. It means he is contingent. If he is contingent.

It means he is inferior to God supremely so. So is not self existent something else. He's not. He's not sovereign. Yes the devil has certain freedoms but did you know that Satan operates only within the government of God that he has to get permission from God to do anything. I don't know why God gives him the permission he gives him but he has to have permission to do it. For instance, when he wanted to attack Job.

He had to appear before God and make an appeal and get permission to go after Joe in the gospel accounts of the man who was demon possessed and Jesus came to deliver deliver the man who is possessed with demons.

The demons had to get permission from Jesus to leave that man going to a herd of swine permit us to go into the herd of swine and unless Jesus would've said the word go. Which he did. Those demons would've stayed in that man. They had to get permission. The apostle Paul talked about his thorn in the flesh.

Remember in second Corinthians chapter 12. He said there was given to me, which implies God gave it to me or God allowed it to be given to me there was given to me a thorn in the flesh. Listen to what he says. A messenger of Satan to buffet me. In other words God for his own purposes can even use the malevolent designs of the devil in trying to attack you for his own glory and for the good and betterment of his people.

As Paul said, I ended up hearing God say, my grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in your weakness. So he is not self existent is not sovereign something else. The devil is not he is not my present don't don't don't think the devils everywhere. He's not. He he is limited spatially.

He can only be in one place at one time a demon can only be in one place at one time the demons were in the man.

And when Jesus cast them into the herd. They left the man and they went over to point B the herd of swine their limited spatially there. They're not on my present another thing the devil is not he is not omniscient. He did know everything he Kita he can't predict the future.

I hear Christian sometimes get freaked out.

I think the devil can read minds, I think, demons read my mind and I've heard people tell stories of you know before they were say they went to a fortuneteller or a psychic and the fortuneteller psychic gave details of their life and I know how he knew that, but he knew what I had for breakfast, what your husband knew a chat for breakfast, I mean keep its observable observable information its past history. I'm sure there was a demon present when you are having breakfast, who told her to the fortuneteller that's different than predicting the future. That's something only God knows. So the devil is not omniscient he doesn't know the future is know what you are thinking maybe even good angels lack information for what it says in Peter that the Angels desire to look into things regarding our salvation. That's because angels experientially don't know what it's like to have God's mercy, grace and forgiveness. We do redemption is something unique to human beings we habit that fascinates the Angels that they desire to look into that. So if good angels don't have all the information and know everything. Certainly demons don't so he is not the opposite of God is not real, he's not.

He is magnificent he is real he is magnificent. He's made a stupid choice and he is not the opposite of God to give you 1/5 surprising fact about the devil. He is highly organized, really into organization. I know if you read the book, the seven habits of effective the bottom. He's highly organized and and and one would have to be to be effective in a fallen state, you have to get organized when Satan fell from heaven.

The Bible indicates that he managed to bring other spirits, angels spirits with them that he staged a coup in the heavenly places a mass rebellion of which he has been sort of a ruler of ever since.

Revelation chapter 12 John said I saw a dragon and his tail drew 1/3 of the stars of heaven and threw them down to the earth, we read that go so I that's a vision.

What is that mean while you keep reading that chapter and it tells you that the stars are fallen angels, and it says the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the devil and Satan and his angels were cast out with him. Did you notice that his angels so with 1/3 of the angelic host that rebelled with him. He has put together a highly organized network of powerful spiritual beings, of which he is the chief he said I wanted to be like God. That's is that's what he's got that network. But that is why Jesus calls him the ruler of this world.

John chapter 12 John chapter 14 and John chapter 16 the ruler of this world.

Paul said in Ephesians chapter 2 is the prince of the power of the air. That's an interesting description of him prince of the power of the air air, meaning the atmosphere. Meeting Satan's realm is the earth.

The earth that has this atmosphere but I kinda see more and that he's he's the prince of the power not only of the air, but of the airwaves.

He is very interested in media. He is highly invested in media and he seeks to pervert that knighting is in a pretty good job.

Luke chapter 11 verse 15 he's called the ruler of demons, the ruler of demons.

So you've got this coup that was staged.

He is fallen he has all these angelic beings that went with him, who are now demons. He is like there. The prince of them. The ruler of them and that system is highly organized. In fact, we have names of their rankings in Colossians 1 and Ephesians chapter 6 we just read one to you. Ephesians 6 Paul said we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but listen against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts or armies of wickedness in the heavenly places. All of those are titles of rankings of angelic beings that are evil against now. This freaks most people out to the devil is real, he's got an army and they hate my guts. Well, that's because we focus on the on the wrong truth on the third of the angels fell. That leaves how many left two thirds they're outnumbered Satan's outnumbered 2 to 121 and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world, focus on the two thirds that did not fall off whom God said he sends them out to minister to those who are heirs of salvation Hebrews chapter 1 rather than one third of demons, yet demons are real yet demons are out to get you, but God is living in you and his angels are surrounding you that you need to focus yet Satan is highly organized so was God and is better at it and I'll leave you with the six surprising fact. Maybe not so surprising to you, Satan the devil has an agenda.

He has an agenda, a very specific agenda is not just to create chaos is not just a bull in a china closet or I go to know he has an agenda which is this to disrupt and destroy the work of God to disrupt and destroy the work of God. The very name Satan means adversary enemy. He is our enemy. He is against people he's against certain once question is who is he against the very basic level. I suppose you could say well is against everyone, right, first John chapter 5 verse 19 we know that the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one if you been in the military you understand this, there are people who would be considered the enemy, but within the Call the enemy. They have what is called HV tees hi value targets high-value target get the high-value target and the rest will fall. I believe Satan has high value targets. He has been after. Let me give you a few of them target number one HDT number one and Satan's list Jesus Christ. Ever since Genesis 315. I'm now somebody is going to be born. Satan who's gonna crush your skull. Satan has tried to attack the messianic line. That's that's enemy number one. Damn Jesus and those attached. Number two. For Satan HDT high-value target holy angels, holy angels you know who we were a little na´ve and prideful. I would even say that.

Imagine that the devil himself is out to get me.

He has some bigger fish to fry. First of all, even beyond the earthly realm even beyond the political him beyond the elections, even beyond the rulers of this world and that is in the heavenly places. Satan fights against holy angels you want to get a little insight into that read Daniel chapter 10 where an angel says to Daniel look as soon as you prayed. I came about 21 days.

I fought the demon Prince of Persia and it was such a heavy fight. I had a call for super Angel Michael to come and help me out. But here I am, so there's a battle going on in heavenly places, far beyond the earthly.

So Jesus holy angels number three HDT number three high-value target Israel, the nation of Israel God has made a plan for the nation of Israel in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. He made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, that he will have a theocratic kingdom upon this earth, the likes of which has has not been fulfilled yet and that is why in Revelation chapter 12 it is Satan fallen from heaven, attacking the nation of Israel. So we have Jesus holy angels and Israel, though those are high-value targets be throwing for unbelievers.

Unbelievers heat Satan and his demons attack unbelievers. What's his purpose with unbelievers, keep them unbelievers keep them deceived.

Distract them do anything to distract them to get them to reject God and never received Jesus as Savior member. Jesus said, the thief Satan comes to kill, to steal, and to destroy Satan wants unbelievers to die in unbelief. Number five, fifth high-value target believers. Let me be specific about that believers who are making an impact for the gospel believers were making an impact. If you are a serious minded Christian, you have a target on your back nephew if you play it cool you say yeah you know I believe in Jesus and stuff but I want to get like to fanatical and too serious about God.

By and large, Satan is one he made you impotent. It is going to serve veg out through life and go to heaven.

But if you are saying you know what I want to do damage to the kingdom of darkness. Between now and haven't. I want to seriously promote the gospel and help people in the name of Jesus and stormed the gates of hell HDT high-value target target on your back and he'll use everything he can to hinder your witness to lessen your effectiveness because he is Satan. The adversary, so I know is we come to closure thing and Skip on this sermon today is not on the high number 1 to 10 encouraging list. I put this down the very bottom, could you just told me there's a real devil who hates my guts. Who wants to destroy my witness who sends his demons out and he is my enemy. You're right, I told you that and that should make you happy.

They look at me like a weird you're not.

You tell me that the devil is my enemy and that should make me happy. Yes, that's what I'm going because the other alternative is the devil is in your enemy is your friend that's far worse news if you have any relationship with the devil at all. You want to measure enemy not your friend is a feature enemy, God is your friend that wraps up Skip a text message reach 2022. Skip to share how you can keep this broadcast going strong to you and many others to God's truths when our lives seem to be on shaky ground. It's important to remember God is in control. Nothing surprises him. That's why it's vital for you and me to know his word so we can build our lives on his solid truth, but these biblical messages on air are only possible thanks to support from friends like you.

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