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February 14, 2022 2:00 am


Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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February 14, 2022 2:00 am

The Declaration of Independence says you can pursue happiness, not that you'll find it. In the message "Happy" from the series Playlist, Skip shares why happiness is a by-product of a different pursuit.

This teaching is from the series Pastor Skip's Top 40.




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People are facing happiness and yet so many are never finding and here's why happiness is never found by direct pursuit of happiness is a byproduct of another pursuit. When you pursue him. You pursue holiness, happiness tags along Jesus said seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added, trying to look for happiness and material things, even people with all this things eventually come up short. Today we continue our counter skips top 40 messages on the connect with Skip hydrogen to channel number 10 spot is Skip's message.

Happy reveals how you can experience true happiness today. But before we begin to invite you to be part of a life-changing trip I finally have Israel in 2022 invited on the journey to visit places like Nazareth, the Jordan River Dead Sea in Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount in the garden to just a quick look at the trip. Find out more about the trip that Q okay.

Let's get into today's teaching career in Psalm one as we begin our study with Skip Heitzig is a picture of what would bring them happiness. Some idea, so a person says all I want is to be happy. Follow-up question is we have to do to get there so people have a picture of what would bring them happiness for some it's owning something that if I had, like the car be happy if I could make that much money that income stream. I'd be a happy person or if I could marry that person. I would be happy or if I wouldn't of married that person. I could be happy. There were three guys standing around talking about this one was from England. One was French and the other was Russian and the Englishman said happiness is when you come home after a long day and your slippers are warmed by the fire and the Frenchman said all you English have no romance.

Happiness is a fine meal at a finalized with your wife and the Russian said you're both wrong. Happiness is when you are at home in bed you could knock on the board its secret police and they say Ivan Ivanovich you're under arrest.

You say Ivan Ivanovich. He lives next door. All a matter of perspective is not what God is a lot to say about happiness and it's all the things the world will not tell you. And so we come to the book of Psalms the very first song on God's playlist.

The song the happy Psalm and I take the title happy. From the first word I want you to notice and so blessed, blessed is the man that is like this Psalm sells the word blessed Australian Hebrew means literally happy. Oh how happy and it's written in the plural in this Psalm so it could better be translated all the joys or the happiness says 40 how very happy is this person, this is God's way of being happy. We have been in our Declaration of Independence and the second paragraph was famous words we hold these truths. It says to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of what happiness our Constitution guarantees you can pursue happiness never promises you find what you can chase it and people are chasing happiness and yet so many are never finding and here's why happiness is never found by direct pursuit.

Happiness is a byproduct of another pursuit.

When you pursue him. When you pursue holiness, happiness tags along Jesus said seek first the kingdom of God and all these other things will be added to so to get into this Psalm only six verses and willing to take it a phrase by phrase in verse by verse. Simply, it is a description of the happy man happy woman happy person and happy person is described first by what he declines, or says no to look at the opening phrase of the song.

Oh how happy, blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor see it sits in the seat of the scornful. So far everything is negative right it's all no.

It's as if he is saying happy is the person who is marked by what he does not do the people he does not hang out with the places he does not go before you think boy the Bible is surely negative. Understand that the positive comes after the negative and there's a lot of power in negative thinking. Happy is the person who understands that no was the first step many times to yes disaster and athlete who has to say no to doing certain things in certain lifestyle and restrict his or her intake so that he or she can become a great athlete, so 10 o'clock at night rolls around in that quart of ice cream in the freezer. No, you know, that sounds really good.

No, what is he to say no to first of all bad advice. He does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, be careful who you listen to. Be careful what you listen to two quick ways to disaster. Take no one's advice, take everyone's advice. There are some people you know them who are isolated, they they take no one's advice. You don't don't don't tell me what to do know I won't ask your advice.

Now I'll figure this out on my own. Not a healthy place to be. But the second is also disastrous when you take everyone's advice or some people the process every single choice to everyone else's opinion. And you know what everyone has an opinion on how you should live and it's not always the best opinion is not always godly counsel. It might be well-intentioned counsel might even be from your own family, but not is not necessarily godly counsel.

There's an old Danish proverb that says he who builds, according to every man's advice will have a crooked house and a crooked life to go with the second thing the happy person says no to his bad association.

The next phrase phrase says nor does he stand in the path of sinners.

First, your walking and now here standing word standing still linger to stay a while to loiter me put it to you this way if you walk in the footsteps of bad advice. You will soon stand among those who give it your slowing down your be careful who you hang with Paul said in first Corinthians 15 bad company corrupts good character. Now I want to say a word that looks at this from the other side is not bad to make friends with unbelievers and that's song that we just read is not saying this, even Jesus Christ himself was called the friend of publicans. The friend of sinners. He hung out with the unrighteous but he didn't hang out with them in order to become like them. He hung out with them in hopes that he could raise them up by his life by his example that they would want to become like him.

And Christians who move the world are those people who don't let the world move them. That's why we need to be careful in what we listen to and whose advice and who we hang with the third thing we say no to his bad actions. Look at yourself.

Blessed is the man. Oh, how happy is the one who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor heard is sits in the seat of the scornful or the mockers is a very popular seat to take these days. If you sit in the seat of this corner the market are especially marking all things God. You will be very popular. It's popular to say all those intelligent people who actually believe in the Bible you see your latest PBS documentary.

We know the things in the Bible can't be true. And so we find ourselves in a unique position. Today we are the enemy.

We are the ones at least many of them say who say yeah those religious crazy right wing nuts. They're the ones that are preventing real progress to happen in this country. So once again, just notice the slowing walking at first slow down to a standstill and eventually you take a seat and this is a position of influence you have something to say you have something to say that's not good. Your market you submit to you that Peter took this route, Peter was once walking following pursuing Christ Jesus got arrested Peter that night found himself in a courtyard standing among people who were not sympathetic toward the cause of Christ. Eventually he himself sat down and denied that he even knew Jesus walking, standing and sitting so the happy person is described by what he'd declines. Second, the happy person is described in what he delights. Verse two but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. So now the psalmist moves from all the domes to all the dues people brag about what they don't do. It's a negative righteousness. I don't listen to music. I don't watch movies. I don't smoke and I don't chew and I don't go with girls or do will you be for you. What do you do, not just what you don't do, but what you do. A lot of people have enough of God to make them decent, but not enough to make them dynamic so the psalmist moves from what he doesn't do what he does notice what his attitude is toward the Bible is delight is in the law of the Lord does not say his duty is to read your Bible every day. His drudgery is picking up the block and opening it up. His delight is in the law of the Lord.

One translation says he finds his greatest pleasure in the law of the Lord. He looks forward to why because this book is the means toward an and in the end is an encounter with the living God. So I want to know the word of God so that I can get to know the God of the word I want an encounter with him and this book does that for me give an example, a young woman has a boyfriend she can always be with them but she can carry and she does in her purse, a photograph of him photograph is a reminder that speaks to her of him.

So when she's away from him, which were nobody's looking, support out, and she'll look at it longingly and maybe even give a surreptitious kiss toward it. Now the picture is in him. It's a substitute of him.

Not even a great substitute but it reminds her of him and speaks to her of him and so does the Bible to us reminds us of him.

It speaks to us of him. It gets us in touch with them and we encounter him. Here's what's even more amazing. I want you to consider this when David wrote Psalm one and he talked about the happy person delighting in the law of God, the only Bible he had were the first five books of Moses.

He was talking literally about Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. His delight is in that many people do you know today that would say my delight is that one group I know that you mean the ones and knives come you got hot Diggity dog run.

Leviticus numbers. We however have 66 books we have the whole Bible we have a treasure trove of truth and concerning the laws of God. It was David who wrote we will see it in Psalm 19 more to be desired are they than gold EA than much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb to my story few months ago I was on an airplane Southwest flight to be exact, and I was next to a man who had a bookie was devoted to his book was a book of crossword puzzles. His head was in it. His head was down he's writing and he's thinking he didn't come up Frerichs except maybe like when we were about to land. I took a breath and had a swig of water so is like my opening so you like crossword puzzles do you because I love crossword puzzles.

He was like I have a knack for them as I can see patterns in a maze of letters and I don't know if this is fast or not but he said that my record is 33 words in nine minutes. Having I don't know anything about that's good I I'm I'm hoping it's good because I really don't know that I'm just going along the conversation and then he said this is what I want to share with you. He said the first thing I do when I packed my suitcase is get a book of crossword puzzles. He said it takes my mind off line. The reason that made an impact on me as I thought. Is this the first thing I think the pack when I packed my suitcase might delighting in the law of the Lord as much as Mr. crossword puzzle is delighting in that book of his him.

You could say his delight is in the crossword puzzle and in the crossword puzzle doth he meditate day and night. He was all about that. Look at the word meditate in that verse by the way he meditates day and night. What is meditation meanwhile is not talking about transcendental meditation where one disengages the mind and kinda goes nowhere.

Biblical meditation is exactly the opposite means you consciously engage the mind and you focus it upon revealed truths in this case the word of God. The Scripture, but the word.

The Hebrew word meditate is the word Hagar, which means to coo to Maher to moan to read in an undertone or to talk to oneself about the root meaning of this word is the low moaning of an animal, especially when he choose its cut. Can you picture you you and I do that sometimes we need good or you're talking to yourself about your reacting to what you're eating. The picture that meditation is that you just don't read the Scripture but you feed on the Scripture you slow down long enough to hear each word to emphasize a different word to say it out loud to yourself to get an impression slow down.

I have a problem when it when I eat and that is I eat fast. I always have my wife is told me over the years to slow down echoes of my mom used to tell me growing up, slow down. Let me explain to you to get to my side a little bit why I why I eat so fast I grew up with three older brothers. I'm on the I'm the youngest and the baby of four, so it was mealtime.

They were serious was a little bit of banter back and for the cycle ever get the food first wins and I was sometimes less on the smallest so I learned to eat very fast will that's dangerous. If you go to an expensive restaurant is like five bucks a bite. Slow down so can I suggest that when you read the Scripture. When you have your devotional time that you will slow down and consider it carefully and more slowly. Meditation is the link between theory and action. You ask yourself is this a command is this a promise to my to do something in following this.

Why did he say that word. What if I emphasize that word meditation is that link between theory and action to forearms your worldview will determine your behavior. So here's a happy person. So far, described by what he declines. By what he delights in third is described by what he depicts look at verse three he shall be like a tree should be like a tree that is that he shall be like us, of a tree, or he shall be like a twig lying on the ground like a 2 x 4 know but something alive and something growing, something flourishing in a growth this a normal part of life you expect growth to happen if there is a living thing.

If you have a CD planted in the ground water.

You expect to see results you expect growth. When a baby is born you expect the baby to grow up. That's the normal natural expectation of parents the child 35 returns to be 35 years old and still in diapers you know you got a big problem. No growth when you see if the leave year I believe are a Christian, so he's been born again or spiritual life. There is always at the same level you think sums wrong. There ought to be growth and is much as I love evangelism and love to call people to follow Jesus. Christianity is more than obstetrics includes pediatrics include some emergency room visits and should go all the way to the geriatric old age. Stage so the tree depicts progress. It also depicts permanence for you. Notice it says he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. Can you picture a tree with its roots, going deep down that the soil deriving the nutrients anchoring itself in becoming a permanent fixture of the landscape.

I have a tree in my backyard. I want to tell you about unusual tree.

It's only seven years old. It is no joke.

At least 50 or 60 feet high.

It has had enormous growth. All my neighbors have said so what's up with that trick like Jack and the beast factory because all the other trees in the neighborhood are not like that for even the ones that have been around a while, so here's the deal.

I found out I wanted to find out my tree is planted next to a pond I have to fill the pond by hand with a hose and also it one day it will be down the next, and it's just a little pond that has a pump with a hole in a rock in the bubbles in the mix and I sound you fill it all the time especially in the summer and socially came to my are when day goes up. You got a tear in the liner of your pond you never bet on fixedness of knowledge or liner so pulled up all the rocks liner was perfect.

Not a tear not a cut.

Not a whole, intact.we discovered the tree is a very smart tree. The roots not only go down with some of the roots have gone up just above the liner and back down into the pond and it's like getting mainline water you turn on the hose is going and that trees roots extend into the yard and it has become this massive permanent fixture. The idea here is permanence planted not plotted planted by rivers of water, Seymour, Jesus use or thought of the same idea when he said I'll buy in me that word good New Testament work by the inmate means remaining in me. Never met a person who sort of in and out back and forth with the Lord.

Make a commitment to backslide to make a recommitment to good go to the thing make another recommitment site 40 times. Yes, God is a God of mercy, but state David prayed, created me a pure heart of God renew a steadfast spirit within me. So it speaks of progress in permanence, also calling us to be like a tree is productivity. The next races who brings forth fruit in its season's not an overnight success season. All it takes time to grow but he brings forth fruit you read the Bible very long, you know that fruit is a picture of anybody know results spiritual activity. If you say something you better do what you say that's the fruit of what you said to be evidence has to be some activity results that show what you say is true, you will know them by their fruit basket message on our top 40 messages count from the sewage playlist message and more scripts to juice that you can watch from the comfort of your couch your big screen TV and Here's a resource that helps you dive even deeper into God's truth. There's a top 10 list for just about everything. What about a top 10 list they can actually impact your faith, my six top 10 messages will really make a mark as a symbol from what most people don't know about having somebody once said they're very good to be at least three surprises in heaven first of all, who's there that you thought would never make it.

Second, who's not fair that you were sure would make it in the number three. The fact that you yourself are there by God's grace. You Skip teach on heaven and hell. In the end times and topics like the Holy Spirit. True happiness you give $35 will also send you reload love. When you hike six book about the founding of the ministry helping children by Terry for nearly 2 decades. This it can to give today to get Skip's top 10 messages on Sunday. Plus your copy of love when you call 819 to 18 connector skip.

I think to hear incredible stories about how God is encouraging people just around the block, but around the world and it's thanks to you when you give generously to this ministry, you help connect listeners around the world to the good news of Jesus, and you keep these messages you live on the air. Please consider getting to help more people hear the gospel, just as a connector `connect/or you can call 892 8818. Thank you and come back tomorrow is Skip hike six years another top 40 messages and explains what spiritual gifts are all about you women to use them to build God's Skip presentation of connection communication.

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