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You Are Worship - Psalm 95

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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October 20, 2021 2:00 am

You Are Worship - Psalm 95

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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October 20, 2021 2:00 am

In every book of the Bible, people worshiped God. Worship is also one of the chief activities of heaven. In the message "You Are Invited…to Worship," Skip shares what it means to worship and how it can fulfill you.

This teaching is from the series Topical Teachings.




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God wants no competition in worship because there is no competition. Competition in real life is not five gods float around out there. You take your pick. There's only one true God.

He is of supreme worth of supreme value true one. Jesus paid the ultimate price to save you from your own sins. And from that because of that he deserves your worship and devotion. Today on connect with Skip Heitzig Skip shares his top teaching from the 2000 explaining why worship is so meaningful and beneficial to your life.

But first we want to invite you to be a part of an unforgettable journey to Israel going to Israel is a unique experience but by far the most life-changing part of it is the spiritual aspect. That's why I'm excited to announce our next trip. There in 2022 will have the opportunity to worship and study God's word in some of the most significant biblical sites in the country.

Find out a BQ think Skip that were in Psalm 95 as we dive into her study with Skip Heitzig.

Worship isn't just an act in activity once a week under the guise worship service.

It is not just a feeling that we would conjure up it is a lifestyle of adoration were we declare quite appropriately that God is above everything else in my life and everyone else and that's why chose or was right when he said worship is the missing jewel of the evangelical church because more and more work were losing the whole reason that we gather together as a group of people while I was traveling I took my computer and I was getting email and a friend of mine in the church wired me an article that he found online from religion and the researcher found this is a pastor in Little Rock Arkansas who held recently.

A. Who wants to be a millionaire game at church. This is Sunday morning worship to winners Tacoma thousand dollars each.

When they answered the biblical questions correct another church sent visitors gift baskets filled with fresh bread and fruit or offers them gift certificates to local restaurants one church in Texas concludes the Sunday services in time for Dallas Cowboys football games and those games are shown on the big screen outside the church, and in some parts of the country that is an alternate religious experience.

For some one pastor in Bryan Texas pays people $10 each if they'll come to church on his bus. All of this under the title worship with us when biblical worship is the appropriate response from the core of my being where I am willing voluntarily to place God above everything and everyone else in my personal life that brings us to part two here in Psalm 95 and that's what why do we do that, what is the reason that I render God my worship. There's probably a lot of reasons we could come up with but the best two are found in Psalm 95 we worship God because of who God is and because who we are. There is a relationship there of us to him that demands our worship and it is steadfast. It's fixed.

It never changes.

I see worship and praise differently. In other words, praise is more episode. All it it is the response to an episode, an act of God or a provision of God, and God does something for us so we render praise to him, but that change is sometimes God blesses you. Sometimes God withholds that for a period of time but worship should go on regardless of the provision or the act is not based on what God does. It's based on who God is and who we are, in response to question what I mean first of all, because who God is. Look back at verse one. Notice the descriptions of God in Psalm 95 verse one is called the Lord in the notice is called the rock of our salvation in verse three God is designated the great God, the great King above all gods.

Verse four and five describe God is the creator of everything on earth. The high places the deep places there all his verse six is personal. He says he's our maker verse seven. Our God and in verses eight through 11 describes God as the God of history, the one who took the Jews out of the bondage of Egypt, and brought them through the wilderness and gave them their own land and all of those descriptions make God very valuable to us. He's of great worth, he's of great value so we declare his worth above all else is not stated in Psalm 95, but we further worship God the son, Jesus Christ.

Because of his redemption on the cross that he bought us and made us in union with his father. In fact, the very center of worship from this timer from the cross forward throughout all of eternity will be the cross of Christ are decoded the verse to you in Revelation 5 it's a preview of heaven when were all gonna say together for you were slain. We sit at the Jesus and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and tongue people and nation. The cross becomes the center we worship God and God alone. I heard a story from several generations ago actually. When the Communists were overrunning Russia. Stalin was in power, and it seems that an elderly woman was in the church, a Russian Orthodox Church. She walked to the front of the church where there was an old cross of Jesus. He was hanging on the cross and she bent down to kiss the scarred feet of the Savior and as she did Russian soldier approached her and using the common term for grandmother. He said that Bush God. Are you willing to bend and kiss the feet of Stalin like you kiss the feet of Christ, and she said yes.

If he gets crucified for me. Only Christ was crucified for us only.

He redeemed us so he alone gets our worship because of who God is worship so looking over these descriptions of God.

In Psalm 95 what other being in history. Could you say these things about our God, the creator, the God of all history. The rock of our salvation. Only the Lord God, the one true living God. You could say these things about George Washington or Napoleon or Mozart, or Elvis or uncle Bob but only God and that is why the first commandment God gave to the children of Israel, is I am the Lord your God and you will have no other God besides me. God wants no competition worship because there is no competition. Competition in real life is not five God's floating around out there. You take your pick. There's only one true God.

He is of supreme worth of supreme value.

The true and one living God. By the way.

That's why the Bible says and I make no apology for that. Our God is a jealous God. Have you ever read that verse, God is a jealous God. A lot of us Christians don't like to underline that or mention that we little bit fidgety when we talk about God. After all, is being jealous.

I it's a wonderful thing that's part of true love any husband-and-wife.

I do know that if a husband is in love with his wife. He's not can I want to share with anybody in the neighborhood and if anyone tries to come on to her he better get jealous. As part of that love dynamic that they have.

Even so, were called the bride of Christ, which means we exist for him alone. We worship and adore him alone. Remember John in the book of Revelation when at one point the angel gives him further revelation and it says the John bow down to worship the angel and the angel rebuked John admonished him at least and said see that you do this not I am your fellow servant worship God so God and one angels worship God doesn't want Mary worshiped God doesn't want Martin Luther worship or John Calvin worship, or any pastor worship or any movement worshiped. He alone is to be the exclusive object of our worship because of who he is and there's a second part of this in verse seven. Because of who we are. Look at a little more carefully for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. You get the relationship. If he's the creator that I'm the creation if he is the Lord on the servant if he is the great Shepherd than I am the sheep. I follow him. It is that relationships of who I am and who he is, that demands my worship is the natural response ownership is implied here. Rulership is implied.

There's a great little story I've heard years ago about the little boy that made the gingerbread man. He was all into this thing and he made the gingerbread man for little candies for eyes and mouth and fashioned it just so this is creation put in the oven baked it brought it out was so proud of until the gingerbread man suddenly sprung to life and ran out of the kitchen and ran down the street.

The little boy hightailed it after the gingerbread man. After all, he made it little gingerbread man took off faster than the little boy could run and he was lost two days he spent looking for his creation. Finally, as he walked by a brake bakery. He looked in the window to his left, right in front was his gingerbread man he had made it but had little sign on it five cents we stormed into the shop and demanded that the shopkeeper give him what was rightfully his. After all he was the one made shop owner said young man if you want that gingerbread man will cost you a nickel, five cents. That's what's posted all that you understand it's mine. I made on a care what you did. It's in my shop. It will cost you a nickel little boy reached into his pocket and took out a nickel paid. The man took the gingerbread home man home laid it on the counter smash at known skin, but he had a good long talk with it and basically he said to him, now you are mine. First of all because I made you now you are mine because I bought you is that with the Lord Jesus is bend us. He made us in all of us like sheep have gone astray. We've got our own way. But then he came and paid the ultimate price on the cross and he owns us we've given our lives to him and he can rightfully say I made you and I redeemed you and your mind and because of who he is because of who we are in relationship to who is the natural response would be one of a lifestyle of adoration of worship. Did you notice in verse seven that we are called sheep. We are the sheep of his hand and depending on what you know about sheep you are greatly comforted or highly insulted because she go there cuddly and wonderful and soft there really dumb and they need to be led. They just can't manage on their own because a go the wrong way but I look at this. Instead of being insulted. I am elated like David who said the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want David being a Shepherd knew that the quality of life of any sheep depends on the kind of Shepherd you have and it was like he was breaking look my shepherd is it's the Lord he's my shepherd. I'm his sheep.

He's taking care of me and the responses worship. Have you ever known an animal owner who doesn't really take care of their pets back yet you think after a while they really don't deserve animals. They want the thing once a year be the thing every four years, whether they need it or not there's animals living within the firm of this creature.

Birds nest so there but then maybe some of you have known. On the other end of the spectrum, the professional pet owner that the pedigree certificate on the wall puts the dog and dog shows designer sweaters on in the wintertime for the dog personalized dog house with the refrigerator. The name written over the door.

Fido but it's PHY DEA you know five and no, we may look at that and think all that's crazy. That's way overboard. The question, if you are a dog and you could decide who you want to live with who would it be the guy goes overboard will listen. The Lord God, maker of heaven and earth is your shepherd take good care of you. He will perfect that which concerns you will pay meticulous care for your needs and that relationship of who he is and who we are, demands worship, so to sum it up were his creature. He's the creator what's natural worship. He's the sovereign Lord we are the subjects what's natural worship. He's the great Shepherd of the sheep. We are the sheep what's natural worship. It's the natural proper response from our heart whereby we placed God above everyone and everything else in our lives and anything short of that is not true biblical worship because of who God is and who we are, by the way, when we do come for worship. Whether it's private, quiet times, or in a corporate assembly like this.

It's for him. It's not really for us. The reason we gather is and so that we can get our burdens lifted and experience peace, though we do.

We sure that's the. The result of that secondary. Primarily it's for him. So often we think will line the audience know you're not Hesiod's Dr. G.


James Kennedy wrote most people think of the church is a drama with the minister is the chief actor God is the prompter and the laity is the critic what is actually the case is that the congregation is the chief actor. The minister is the prompter and God is so when we leave today. Her question heavenward should be God, how they do. You were watching.

I was either worshiping you in spirit and truth.

Or I was not. That's why love the song that we sang at the end I'm coming back to the heart of worship is it's all about you tell about you Jesus. We should never think of worship as well. I like the worship today so I really didn't like the worship of so it's not up to us to grade scale want to delegate the six could be easy to dance to. It's not about you it's your turn to render, praise, glory, adoration, back to him because of who he is because of who we are. That's why we do it third and finally, we want to look briefly at the modes of worship as outlined in the Psalm.

How should we do it we know what it is we know why we had to do it now. How do we go about worshiping there are several ways to do it. That will take the bulk of the next few weeks, but there are four ways given here in Psalm 95 that describe to us modes of worship number one we do it with others with our peers. Christian brothers and sisters the family. Notice it says let us plural pronoun.

Let us worship let us sing, let us shout. Now here's the context of the 95th Psalm. It is a call to public worship, corporate worship three times a year, probably most of you know, the Jews were commanded to leave their homes wherever they lived in Israel and make a pilgrimage up to Jerusalem. Three fees they attend. Put this picture in your mind. Dad wake up his kids, his wife. They have everything packed. They put the backpack on take an animal they were to write on it or they walk they take the footpath out from their home. They would suddenly be met by a couple neighbors and then soon they would be part of a river of pilgrims, thousands of people leaving their homes, their villages in route to Jerusalem as they would go they would be reciting Scripture they would be singing songs and it would be encouraging to the max. It would reaffirm one's personal faith in God and all these other people doing the same thing worshiping God.

And therein lies the value of corporate worship is that we get together on Sunday and Wednesdays in small groups we get together with other people who believe in God and love God, love Jesus and put him first and we see them all rendering praise to God, and it encourages us. That's why it's perfectly appropriate when you worship to keep your eyes open, close, and if you want to but I don't always like to tune everybody out. I'm with them. It's their presence that inspires me to trust in him more.

Every now and then I'll meet somebody who will give me the rap about organized religion laudably believe in organized religion. I think you really have to attend church to worship God. I like to just go out and find a tree and look at a rock and talk to God. Just me and God. You know like this, you are wrong. Not that you can go out under a tree and talk to God, you can but you need other people, for the Bible says that we should never forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, we should do it more and more as we see the day of Christ approach we need it and it's good for us.

By the way, remember when Jesus taught the our father it insane when you pray, say, my father, who art in heaven. Give me this day my daily bread. You know why because Jesus came to take words like I me and mine out of our vocabulary and replace them with wee hours in us were all part of this great peer group called the body of Christ, so we worship with others. Secondly worship with our lips. Look at verse one. Let us sing and then further on. Let us shout joyfully.

I think you can do that without lips. How do you shout joyfully. Of course, God read your thoughts. But here is the encouragement to sing in the shout joyfully.

Aren't you glad it doesn't say let us sing perfectly to the Lord, make sure you're in just the right pitch in harmony but it says make a joyful noise know we can do that all of us can do that.

And the question is not, do you have a voice. The question is do you have a song in your heart.

A lot of people do not worship. They do not sing because they have no song inside let us shout joyfully to the Lord joyfully.

If you notice how many bars have happy hour. Why isn't the church happy hour. We have a song to sing about.

We have a purpose to sinful. In fact, one of the greatest ways to get you out of discouragement is to worship corporately to sing, to shout joyfully. I know what you're thinking some of you might think and feel like doing it anyway.

You will find a listing of the spirit that comes by the active obedience yeah but God because of who you are. Your worth your valuable, I declare that I sing about that in your spirits will get lifted. Let us sing let us shout joyfully on a short little article with you. I found in the Detroit Free Press.

It's called remedy for approving face. I'm not implying anything by just an article that I think speaks of this quote.

Ladies, do you want to stay young then joined the church choir for women who sing stay younger looking singers cheek muscles are so well developed by exercise that her face will not wrinkle as soon as the non-singers will now that's not the motivation to sing old for anything this stay younger and I'm a star singer but just to use that as an illustration it's it's obvious that God made us this way were created to worship as it says in Proverbs a merry heart makes insurable account that Skip the message from the series worship life with passion and purpose right now to share about a resource that gives you incredible insight into what's going on in the Middle East and why it matters for you. New York Times best-selling author Joel Rosenberg is now based in Jerusalem and he's releasing the new nonfiction book enemies and allies I traveled with Joel to the middle of the cities to meet with Kings Crown Prince. We sat together on the east lawn of the White House for the signing of the historic Abraham accordance and I previewed his new book enemies and allies. I can tell you it contains never before published quotes from behind closed door meetings with some of the most powerful and mysterious leaders in the Middle East. You will want to read enemies and allies by Joel Rosenberg includes insights and analysis.

The authors conversation is the 1st m meet's house first person language means income to meet the most interesting consequence receive leaders enemies and allies by Joel Rosenberg includes insights and analysis from the authors conversations with some of the most controversial leaders in the world will send you a hardcover copy of enemies and allies. Thanks for your gift of $35 or more to give. Visit or call 819 to 1880 11:52 tomorrow is skip.

I took Pierce's top teaching from the 2010 explaining what God envisioned when he charged shepherds to serve his people will have in Scripture. Shepherds that are put in a good light.

Because of their care sheep on the other hand, in the Bible are not always put in the greatest life.

Isaiah 53 all we like sheep have gone astray logon our own way. Fact the only time she for placing favorable light when they're placed under the supervision Skip presentation of connection communication to guns, never changing truth

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