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How to Have a Great Workout - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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August 18, 2021 2:00 am

How to Have a Great Workout - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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August 18, 2021 2:00 am

People spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership, but that's pointless unless you take the right approach to working out. In the message "How to Have a Great Workout," Skip shares how you can have a healthy spiritual life.

This teaching is from the series Technicolor Joy: A Study through Philippians .




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Living translation translates this verse put into action, God's saving work in your lives. Think of it, spiritually, no, God has done all the work she's the one that brings salvation is from God.

God, it takes energy to grow as a believer to grow, you can just let go and let God.

You have to get in the race to get in the game, you need to pump some iron.

The apostle Paul wrote to believers urging them to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, but what does that mean today on connect with skip-Skip shares biblical tips to help you maintain your spiritual first two Skip to tell you about another grid you can hear this uplifting teachings. I want to invite you to follow my podcasts so you can get even more inspiring teacher.

Just search Skip pipe sick that's HEIT CIG on spot a five Apple podcasts or anywhere you listen to your podcast and don't forget to follow the podcasts so you know when the new teaching is available then Skip now Philippians chapter 2 as we dive into the teaching with Skip Heitzig in ancient times, this word work out how to go to my was used for working on mine or working the field ballistic. At first example working on my let's say you own a silver mine. Let's say it is even been given to you by your parents. They give you the title deed you on this over mother's nurse, silver or gold in them bar helps and you have now is that silver gonna work its way out toward you and just landed in your hand you have to go in and work it out. It's yours. In fact, it's been given to you as a gift which you work it out to enjoy okay now think of a field owning the field you're the field produce a little bit might grow on its own but not much. You have to go work out the produce by I am plowing and planting and watering and fertilizing and maintaining your work it out. A sycamore modern example a different example.

Let's say you are a musician and you have been handed by a composer, a composition he puts it, or she puts it in your hand that a composer has done it all. It's the composer that is thought of the melody is written the score. He has provided the timing and all of the notations and now you have it in your task is to work it out make it sound good, put it to music apply your skill and give it the melody that is been given to you work it out. Another example you go to Dr. Dr. looks at you. Does exam go your problems because you diagnosis. He says you need surgery takes you into the surgical room performs an operation after the operation. You wake up in recovery and said he says you need rehab and you get any medication so effectively. The doctors done at all, is given to the diagnosis performed the operation given you the meds and the rehab schedule at this point you need to work it out. You need to show up for rehab. You need to go through those exercises you need to take that medication and follow orders.

So there must be a co-operation with the doctors operation you get the drift. The new living translation translates this verse put into action, God's saving work in your lives. Think of it spiritually. Now God has done all the work he is the one that brings salvation.

It's from God, but it takes energy to grow as a believer to grow. You can't just let go and let God.

You have to get in the race. You have to get in the game, you need to pump some iron. I hope this is not a new revelation to you because it's written about all over the Bible.

This is one of those instances, but another one that I think is just as poignant if not more comes to us from second Peter chapter 1. Listen to what Peter says.

He says therefore his divine power has given us all things all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us whereby are given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that by these you may be a partaker of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. So far so good.

God's provided in all God made all the promises God's done at all. Listen to what he says after that, therefore, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge and knowledge, self-control, and self-control, perseverance, you get it. Spiritual growth is not accidental. You don't wake up one day you can never go. Oh my goodness, I'm so mature.

How did I get this way spiritual growth is intentional, not accidental. Spiritual maturity is the human cooperation with the divine operation. You are never told in the Bible lounge in the spirit will never find a replica lounge lounge lounge in the unit or find lounge E in the spirit and never find something that says veg out in the spirit notes is walk in the spirit means you actually have to cooperate by putting 1 foot in front of the other and engage in the process of working out something that is been worked in so G2 a great workout. Get a good trainer on some iron third choice you need to make follow a personal plan. You'll notice what it says. Paul writes, work out your own salvation.

I love that he's put that work out your own salvation. Now if you go to a personal trainer at a gym that trainers cannot pull out a one-size-fits-all training schedule for you is to tailor his commands were she can ask you some questions say okay what your goals do you do this a lot. Have you done it before. When you work out how long can you commit to the work out how many days a week you want to do it.

Do you do cardio along with weight training, work, whatever the person's training before he's gonna find her she can find out those things and then tailor make a routine specifically fit for you.

So, work out your own salvation.

You have your own relationship with the Lord. Don't be a cheap imitation of somebody else. Don't copy somebody else's routine follow-up personal plan.

Just as no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two flowers are identical. What makes you think you can get to Christians that are exactly alike. That's the beautiful variety of our God. You are unique. So, work out your own salvation.

It's interesting that Paul in second Corinthians 10 speaks about people among them who were bragging boasting and all rights when they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves. They are not wise. So follow God's plan for your life. The gifts he is given to you personally. Be like Christ but be yourself in Christ be your best self in front of me. Take the truth and turn it around. Not only be what God made you, but don't worry about don't meddle in. Don't concern yourself with God's plan for everybody else becomes a problem with some they're so worried about what everyone else is doing and are they as good as I am. Are they doing as much as I am and you you can't win any competition, a race that way and in the sporting arena so there somebody in the Bible it was like this. His name is Peter Peter Blewitt. He denied Jesus three times.

You know the story after the resurrection. Jesus has a personal gathering with Peter on the shores of Galilee and restores the old boy back to service is a theater you love me yes or love you feed my sheep does have three times you know the start, but then Jesus begins to tell Peter what Peter can expect when he gets older and how he's going to die just gives him a little hint of his future and Peter's listening ears. Peter being restored to service but Peter starts noticing that his buddy John is standing around the apostle John and Peter leans in the says to Jesus. What about him. What about this man and I love Jesus response. He said if I will that he remained until I, what is that to you. Follow me get that don't follow him follow me. I got a plan for you. This is my plan for you. Follow me worry about him. She's good to follow me to you. Follow me to follow him follow me.

Got a Peter most of our problems come not when were looking ahead most of our problems, were looking around. So were told in Hebrews 12 we should run a race and he said looking on to finish it out, looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith look to him. Hey, do you think if you're running a race you're going in this direction, which are looking in that direction was an avenue any clue you will fall the just physics. Even if you're concentrating on something else that is not in that where you're going, you will fall. If you're in a gym working out and are looking never to work out. Cannot you get hurt. So, work out your own salvation. Follow-up personal plan. There's 1/4 choice. You need to make in your spiritual workout, don't flex in the mirror. Don't flex America calico pulpits to work out your own salvation with what fear and trembling, don't get cocky doing with fear and trembling, and others. Always a guy in the gym who loves the mirror. He's in love with the mayor's question when he's in it and he gets close enough not just to make sure he is doing a ripe edition see how the muscle flexes when is doing right and then kindly aggressive, piercing his muscle flexing is doing right just like the love that whole physique thing that he's got going on so don't do that. Don't flex in the mirror, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, or one translation says it this way with reverence.

See might be a great spiritual athlete, but you need some humility.

Have a tender conscience toward God with fear and trembling.

Some people think of strong language. What is is that language happed anything to do with the Christian life fear and trembling was words are out in this culture well. JB Lightfoot, who is quite a scholar and language calls this a nervous and trembling anxiety to do right.

Listen to that nervous and trembling, anxiety to do right. I just want to do what's right now if you start thinking what God is noted to trembling you need to read Isaiah 62 were God himself says on this one will I look on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit and who trembles at my word.

In other words, God notices people that have the fear of the Lord that reverential not based on on reprisal, but based on relationship a holy apprehension. I want to make sure it's pleasing to the Lord that I'm not hurting his heart.

That's how I live my life met fear of the Lord. It's it's like a child. A good child who would be afraid of hurting mom or dad by doing something wrong. That's the fun. The example I found of this comes from 1830 and no I wasn't around at the time 1830 in London, England. The little girl was being trained tutored private tutor and the lesson that day was the royal family. So this is a good little girls listening and they start bringing out the genealogical records of the royal family of England and he start going to the names and as they start going down the names down the geological record she starts recognizing some of the names I know that is unrelated to that person or that's my grandfather and then she notices they point out to her. Victoria, her name it was little Victoria, who would become Queen Victoria and they wanted her to know in that fashion.

Her genealogical background and suddenly it started dawning on her what they were teaching her. She is next in line for the throne of England and when the weight of that realization dawned on her. She got up to her feet and sort of with this Shia sincerity said I will be good. I will be good. It's like knowing this now stepped her up to that desire to live at a higher level. See, that's the idea with fear and with trembling so don't flex in the mirror.

I'm spiritual Bible says him. He thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. So get a good trainer pump some iron follow-up personal plan. Don't flex in the mayor fifth choice. Final choice in your spiritual workout use power supplements. Yep, you need some power supplements here. Verse 13 for it is God who works in the you both to do both to will and to do for his good pleasure.

Often athletes will use supplements on a beam drug semi-legitimate supplements to give them the energy to work through her routine and maybe protein at the end to stabilize the muscles and it just maximizes their efforts. You can't work something out from you that God has in first words in you. So this idea of working out what God's work in is a very important relationship you might put it this way, work hard and obey and serve God because he is energizing your work. Apply your energy and God will energize your energy God will work for your work. That's the idea, he will in fact the word work says God works. It's the word, and in Aragon. The Greek word and Aragon.

We get our word in their G from and Aragon.

God energizes you kill energize your work. It's his divine energy at work in us, so they were together.

This might help it help me help me understand. I was late for a flight so here's the deal. I was planning an airplane go to Phoenix, catching a connecting flight my plane. I think it was out heroes coming back, I forget which was late was like taken off and it was late landing in Phoenix. So I'm wondering, I'm not to make my connecting flight disconnect away from other and what made it worse is when the plane landed, it landed in the terminal at Phoenix way over here on this terminal and the plane my connecting flight was on the complete exact opposite farthest away terminal out of the same airport right of theirs is no way but in Phoenix if you been there.

You know they have these cool moving walkways is like at flat escalators and so you can decide to walk like this and you will like some past people walking on the regular part so I get on this walkway to start running. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse. You can only catch the slight so that little gizmo that walkway help me run faster and longer that I could ever do it on my own strength.

The combination of my running and the walkway moving propelled me that this thought, work out your own salvation. Because God is working in you I was working but I was really cooperating with the greater power that enabled me to reach my goal of these supplements that I'm talking about the spiritual power God's power. It begins in the will and then it ends in the action but always affects our will.

First, please notice how he puts it is God who works in you both to will and should do for his good pleasure. That means means God will give you the desire to do his will. Anybody ever desire a deeper walk with the Lord anybody honestly raise your hand if you ever have wanted a deeper walk with the Lord every thought and I do pray enough. On a deeper better prayer life. Every thought. I want to get involved or not as involved ever have those desires. Guess where they come from God plants the menu see in Psalm 37 it says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart and I've seen that misinterpreted as well. I'm to think good thoughts about God and he'll give me whatever my little heart desires. So my little heart desires and so God has to give that to me know he doesn't mean that he needs delight yourself in the Lord. Seek first the kingdom of God and God will actually plant in your heart a desire that is the right desire to give you that desire. He plants a longing in you know before I was saved I was growing up I had no desire to read the Bible.

If somebody said Skip your to read the Bible is why what does that have to do with life.

Certainly my life is nothing to do a Bible study. I never wanted to read the Bible, no desire, no longing.

I never had a desire, a longing to pray. I certainly didn't have a longing and a desire to be a preacher if somebody were to said in days ahead or to become a preacher, I would've probably slugged him I didn't want that. But here I am. I read the Bible. I pray and I'm a preacher you know why God put the desire in me. He put the longing. So every now and then I'll meet people. Christians are the frustrated and and and I love it I love winter frustrated over this reason, I just want to serve the Lord. I'm frustrated because I don't know what to do next. Under what he wants me to do exactly and I love that. I smile when I hear that because I know they couldn't even have that desire. Unless God was working so he's given that desire, he's going to now do what he is will to do what it what what is put in their heart to do and there's a reason that God begins with the well before he works on our actions and it's a beautiful reason. The reason he gives you the will first so that you'll enjoy it when you do it so you're not gonna walk around all I have to stare God. We don't want you serving God like that. Certainly don't want to do around here and I never get in the bullet I have to crank out another sermon I got great. I love this does have a conversation with the vice president campus Crusade for Christ, and he would talk about our callings and he said to me, I could never do what you do. I love missions I could never do what you do.

Being in one place over long periods on same people, regions, and so he said the he said well and is trying to figure out a nice way to say so do you like to study anything like that doing choice studying ice.

I love it I love it I love anything with my ADD. I love to hyperfocus for a period of time drill down into a Texan decal what it means to find out what God is saying and tell others what got us in a love that God gives us those desires to let God work in you. His desires and then he'll work through you is planning this purpose. I love this truth.

There was a young boy selling cookies to raise money and the man. A man walked by and asked him a what you do with all the money you make, and are not expecting the answer he was near. When you do with all the money you make in the little boy said I'm want to raise $1 million for famine relief and the older man said really you want to raise $1 million for famine relief. You think you can raise that much by yourself and the little boy not missing a beat said oh no my little brothers and help me. First of all, I applaud the vision of that young boy setting his sights Ojai saying I'm in a raise $1 million for family good on you but then he realized I need help I can do this alone.

I need my little brother to help me so maybe his strategy wasn't perfect, but you can have a great workout which you can do it by yourself. You can only work out what God works in you. God gives you desires the power the lid off that includes Skip Heitzigs its message from the series technical. Now we want to share about a special use increase your knowledge of God's word in the Bible can lead to asking questions like is the rapture real or overcome anxiety. These two questions are among those answered in pastors gets picked a new DVD of four impactful messages I skip.

I think, imagine knowing somebody who knows everything about.

Now imagine somebody who knows everything about you and loves you anyway that's what were dealing with and we deal with the knowledge of God. This collection of some of Pastor Steph's most memorable teachings also includes what most people don't know about heaven and our thanks for your gift of $25 or more to connect more people to God's life changing word visit to get online securely or call 892 to 1888, 892 1888 and request your copy of Pastor Skip the apostle Paul urged at this believers to stay in top spiritual shape and we want to help you do just that by keeping you connected to God's word through these broadcasts and through your generosity. You can help many others experience the same vibrant spiritual growth so they can hopefully live out their faith. Here's how you can keep these messages going out. Call 892 1888 and get a gift today at 892 1888 over connect

Thank you to him tomorrow as Skip Heitzigs. It shows you how you can shine the light and truth of Jesus in a dark culture. The world is watching and the world as there watching our lives. We must therefore not blend in to them but stand out from them different than the that they appreciate that the that it does something for the leads them out of darkness you shine his light so they Skip Heitzigs presentation of connection communications to God's never changing truth ever-changing time

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