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Lot's Lingering Legacy-Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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June 29, 2021 2:00 am

Lot's Lingering Legacy-Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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June 29, 2021 2:00 am

Though the New Testament calls Lot righteous because of his simple faith, his life could have been so much more. In the message "Lot's Lingering Legacy," Skip shows you how you can make the most of your days.

This teaching is from the series Crash & Burn.




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There's a lot here's a guy stood side-by-side with Abram. There's a guy soon formation with men and women of St. peters, a man who marched from his homeland to the promised land.

Now is that I know.

Second Peter says he was a righteous man, and he was righteous because he made some point. At some point he had up faith experience. You believe God Abram believed God and was counting up the rights of the soap. He must've followed that Saddam and to believe to but he had saved the soul. He had a lost life. AW toes are said a man by his sin may waste himself just waste that which on earth like God. This is man's greatest tragedy in God's heaviest today on connect with skip-Skip looks at plots like choices and encourages you to learn from them so you can live your life to the fullest know we want to tell you about a resource that will help you dive deeper into God's truths, holidays and special days of celebration wake us up from the daily grind and provide a backdrop for creating memories that the on traditions time off and intentional family time, holidays can illuminate spiritual tricks as we hear from Skip I think you may not know that Valentine's Day has Christian roots, but time and secular culture have transformed what was a great celebration of those would stay true to the Christian faith.

It is turned into simply a celebration of romantic love.

You can find spiritual significance, happiness, holiness, and holidays of four DVD collection of celebration messages from Pastor's death and our thanks when you get $25 or more to help keep this ministry on the air here Skip with a strong thought on another holiday on our calendar because God is our father never because God is our father. I don't have to live selfish myopic life because he is our father in heaven no limit to his power from heaven. For those of us were on the incredible phrase, our father in heaven.

Call now to request your copy of happiness, ugliness and holidays are. Thanks for your generous gift 800-922-1888, or get online securely Genesis chapter Skip Heitzigs of starch to the extent when I was growing up I also had neighbors like we all did. I don't remember any conflict with any of my neighbors remember plenty of conflicts with my brothers and us because we live close together and work experiencing the same things and work in a tight little house in fights break out to tell yet. Sometimes I will.

I will talk to Christians who get so discouraged that there's disagreements in the church in the body of Christ were believers, should we get along. Yes we should.

But where a family were a family and this is normal stuff that happens in the family were siblings.

It's called sibling rivalry, but enough was a Scottish and Irish wagon who said to dwell above with those we love will certainly be glory but to dwell below with those we know that's another story and it is there is no conflict between Abram and the Canaanites lot in the Canaanites, but there is between the herdsman and hence Abram and Lot is for the conflict lies. You'll also notice why they are fighting because they got stuff in their travels they have done business.

It is been profitable business there stuff is grown to more stuff. There's some more employees on the payroll.

There's more animals that their traveling with and so stuff is grown. There's nothing wrong with stuff but understand stuff always complicates relationships, it does they need more room for their stuff know most of us can relate to this and that. Whenever you move from one house to another house when you realize how much stuff you have in you. You will say I didn't know we had this much stuff and some is not all that important to me and some of its in boxes and you open the box and yet that's my stuff and you close the box and you will never see it again until you move again, but stuff complicates relationships I can prove it. Try to get rid of her stuff. Try to get rid of his box of stuff and held say excuse me. That's my stuff about we don't need all well it's mine.

So they have stuff in the stuff now complicates the relationship there's another problem. Did you notice what it says in verse seven it's written as a footnote but this is the Canaanites and the parasites dwelt in the land. Get the picture. They're having a fight with each other as brothers and outsiders are watching it happen. They have an audience live an unbelieving audience. The world is watching us is a great story. A sad story, but true story about Michelangelo and Raphael and I mean the art is not the ninja turtles are the real ones are both were accomplished artists. Both were hired by the Vatican to beautify the inside of the Vatican. Both were very different kind of artist. One was a painter. One was a sculptor, but rivalry broke out between Michelangelo and Raphael a bitter rivalry broke out. Even though they work in separate places in the Vatican. It is said that when they passed each other in the hall. They refuse to give each other eye contact, or even speak to one another was ironic about this is they were working for the glory of God while having a fight well. People noticed it and talked about it. In fact, all of Rome found out they were being watched.

Well, in this situation. How does lot respond yes to make some choices goes from following a champion to facing a challenge to forming choices to make some decisions I want you to follow with me the decisions that he makes and how he makes in chapter 13 verse 10 we immediately noticed that Locke forms his choice based upon looks based on what he sees. Chapter 13 verse 10 Lot lifted up his eyes and he saw all the plain of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt. As you go toward.

So are lot was driven by his senses. It looked good. He saw the nice to be for me since I can have what what I want. That's the best and I want the best. It look good. That should remind you of something. We just looked at two weeks ago. I think it was two weeks ago when he was in the garden and the tree was hanging there and it says she saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes.

The New Testament calls this the lust of the eyes to see the eyes long for what the heart loves.

He's so hot and it looks so good. Member how in the New Testament pulses we walk by faith and not by finish it up. Site walk by faith not by sight, not lot lot walk by sight and not by faith. In other words lot is making a choice based upon what looks good to him materially not what was good for him. Actually spirit so he formed his choice by looking let's look at something else. Number two by leaving he's looking.

And now he's leaving Abram. Verse 11 tells us then lot shows for himself all the plain of Jordan and Lot journeyed east, and they separated from each other. Abram dwelt in the land of Canaan lot dwelt in the cities of the plain, and pitched his tent as far as Sodom suffers, he's looking in that beautiful green belt of the Jordan playing looks good I wanted and so now he's separating and moving towards Sodom in that direction.

Why is that a big deal to the next verse, but the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked.

One thing to be wicked to another thing to be exceedingly wicked. It's like wicked turned up to 10 and sinful against the Lord. So lot separates from Abram, probably a good day for Abram because he didn't have a guy like lot hanging around him, which could bring him down but it was a bad day for lot because for lot. Abram was that champion of faith and lot could've learned so much, so lot leaves the place of spiritual strength to move towards Sodom.

I've a question for you. How do you make choices. What values are so important to you that when you make a choice you bring those values to bear in making that decision. For some people. They make a decision based only upon a job offer. Nothing wrong with a job offer, but if life is all about, that there could be some issues. Some people it's all about the social life that is available to them. For others it's all about the material accoutrements that are around Griffith Thomas put it this way even professedly Christian people often choose their home in a locality simply for its scenery or its society or other material advantages without once inquiring what church privileges are there souls and their children may starve amid worldliness and polite indifference lot is on a trajectory and it's a tragic trajectory. Lot is making choices in the flesh for the flesh, so he's looking is leaving third by living. He's living now watch watch something in the next chapter.

Chapter 14 verse 12 normally to read one verse, to fill in the gap. Now five kings have joined together in a coalition and they attack the region and they attack the areas the population bases and plunder it. And lot is caught in the crossfire. Verse 12 Veda five kings also took a lot. Abram's brother's son who was was a safe, who dwelt in Sodom, is living there is goods and a partner member.

Nothing is changed. The men of the city are exceedingly wicked but he goes from looking to leaving pitching his tent toward it. Now he's living in. You know, I bet if you were to ask lot lot. Why are you living in Sodom of all places. Why why Sodom I bet he would have had a reason the excuse, I bet he would've said something like, well, there's a lot of advantages to living in a city like Sodom know it's pretty advanced stand, and I've been wandering around the desert for a long time with anglais. This is this is good.

This will be good for my future. This will be good for my family. According to rabbinic literature says when lot separated himself from Abram here at the same time separated himself from God and he chose to settle in Sodom because of his lustful desire. Now that's rabbinic literature and I don't know if that's true that's their comments through the years passed down and the reason I hesitate. There is because I turned to the New Testament Peter talks about lot and he gives him an interesting word. Remember what he calls lot Peter calls him righteous second Peter chapter 2 it says righteous lot righteous lot whose soul was VAX day after day because of the wickedness that was around I don't doubt that it's in the Bible. He was tormented by what he saw, but he lived there all the same. It's one thing to be in a play Caesar walk around and you just sort of clock your time. That's horrible. I can't believe that that's horrible.

Pretty soon because you're still there. You become desensitized to it all. Pretty soon you don't even clock the tone site, whatever it is. This is the way we in this world we live so he's in it, he's living in he's he's righteous lot. He's tormented by what he saw. He's clicking the time, but I gotta tell you, his wife and daughters are to tormented as his wife will be longing to go back to Sodom when she's drug out and his daughters will marry two men from Sodom who will mock the judgment of God when it comes so looking and then leaving and then living but there's a four stage in his making of choices, leading leading. Now I want to.

This giveaway had a chapter 19 one verse verse 119 verse one story lot picks up again he shows up in verse one of chapter 19 I want you to notice this transition is is now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening and lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom when lot sodomy rose to meet them and he bowed himself with his face to the ground.

Why is that important because you know who said in the gates of ancient cities leaders only the judges, only the magistrates, only the politicians, people of influence occupied the place of influence which was the gate because of the gate of the city.

The entrances were a cases were adjudicated by judges or by elders and he's one of them so he's not just a citizen is a leading citizen is a politician and saw nothing wrong with being a politician, but there is a problem with being a politician in Sodom is a leader is a leading citizen of the city to put in the words of David in Psalm one lot had walked in the counsel of the ungodly. He had stood in the path of sinners and now he is seated in the seat of this mournful goes from a represent a resident of Sodom to a representative of some and as someone pointed out, if you walk in the footsteps of bad advice. You will soon sit among those who give it as lot man.

He's he's one of the bosses in town.

I can't resist this look at the very next verse verse two of chapter 19.

You see the word house there lots house I pointed out to you because this is the very first mention of the word house in the Bible and it belongs to lot Abram is out there intense as a pilgrim lot is in the house is a citizen and the New Testament thinks that's important because when we get to chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews. Speaking of Abraham. It says he waited for a city that has foundations, whose builder and maker was God so he's intense wandering around waiting for the city of God. Lots got Sodom go this is good enough right here so looking leaving living now is leading and there is 1/5 in his choices that is lingering same. Chapter 19 Lassiter versus I promise verse 12 then the man said the lot. This is now. This is the showdown at the Sodom chorale. This is Judgment Day.

The man said a lot of you anyone else here son-in-law, your sons, your daughters, whomever you have in the city take them out of this place get out of Dodge. For we will destroy this place because of the outcry against them has grown great before the face of the Lord and the Lord sent us to destroy. So Lot went out and spoke to his sons in law who had married his daughters and said get up get out of this place for the Lord will destroy the city, but to his sons-in-law. He seemed to be joking. Can you hear that conversation can you hear those young men who think they are so better educated than lot. You believe in the judgment of God. When morning Don, verse 15, the angels urged Lot to hurry saying, arise, take your wife your two daughters who are here, lest you be consumed in the punishment of the city. Verse 16 is the keepers and while he lingered while he lingered. The men took hold of his hand. His wife's hand in the hands of his two daughters, the Lord being merciful to them, brought them out and set them outside the city. Please look at that word lingered in verse 16. Maha is the Hebrew word Maha it means to hesitate or to question but to be reluctant so there's lot being drug out of town and he's little bit like he's got his appeal. He's not going anywhere is like what way way way way way he's got some questions about this.

He's reluctant to leave now, I know about this judgment stuff.

He lingered.

What a contrast lot lingered in the angels love him out of town to pull him out and get out of here. What's happened a lot. He's become dead into the urgency of separating from the evil that surround one time he would've been sensitized to now just been there so long.

He just didn't do the urgency of I gotta separate myself from the sea. He's deaf to the messengers of God sent you know what it reminds me of is the Pharaoh in the Bible that Moses had a confrontation with member. The 10 plagues the Passover so there's 10 plagues a fall in Egypt the Pharaoh that didn't charge face the brunt of it and a lot of the plagues was the plague of frocks versus frogs covered the land they could be walking the floors of the palaces because they step on slimy squishy good. She frogs frogs were in their bed at night when they got in the frogs were in the meeting chambers where they make bread.

He opened the oven, frogs, frog Sue Fleming frogs everywhere. So Pharaoh says to Moses asked the Lord to stop the frocks so Moses says this when shall I entreat the Lord so the display will cease and Pharaoh gives the crazy, his answer ever.

He says tomorrow. Tomorrow we would say right now. Please would be the time. He says tomorrow. Really one more night with the frocks you want that tomorrow.

Soon as like that. Pick your poison mother's alcoholism, drug addiction, pornography, anger, whatever. Nobody wakes up and says today, I will become one of 12 million alcoholics in America.

What they do is they wake up and they say just one more day. Just one more drink more night I can stop whenever I want to just one more day and then they wake up one day in the sea that their whole life is filled with frocks tomorrow. Here's lot. Here's a guy who stood side-by-side with Abram. Here's a guy flew in formation with men and women of faith, here's a man who marched from his homeland to the promised land. Now is a fat duck. I know second Peter says he was a righteous man, and he was righteous because he made some point. At some point he had faith experience.

He believed God.

Abram believed God and was counted to him for righteousness. So he must've followed that set Anna believed to but though he had saved the soul.

He had a lost life and I know too many people like gather save him a seam in heaven, but there their life from here to there. Heaven is just waste same soul lost life lot is a fat duck, unable to rise above the filth of the barnyard that he is chosen to stay in, day after day and week after week and month after month, and what this shows, among other things, is the power and the consequence of choice.

A single little choice, and then another choice, and then another choice, and then another choice to you of a barnyard that your it's time to leave Sodom, not tomorrow, today.

The Bible uses that word a lot today is the accepted time. Now is the accepted time today is the day of salvation. In the book of Romans, not tomorrow, today make a choice today to turn your life over to Jesus, make make a choice today to turn your back on what you know you should turn your back on and coming to the grace of God. Don't you love that last verse, the Lord being merciful to him drug Meditech. The Lord wants to be so merciful to you will trip to an vitamin that wraps up Skip a text message from the series crash and now we want to share about an exciting opportunity to take your knowledge of God's word even deeper. Going to church is a great way to learn about God, but if you want to learn more. If you want to go deeper Calvary college classes and studies classes like field poetics lessons of seriousness learn more about God in the Bible on your schedule evening classes on campus or online education from Calvary, your spiritual life for the rest of your life. I know Calvary you college that Calvary BBQ college.

Your generosity not only helps keep the solid and relevant Bible teachings by Pastor Skip on the hair helps provide monthly resources to you and please consider putting this ministry today to take the opportunity to encourage people around the world to connect call 819 to 1898 tuning again tomorrow. Skip Kasich is one man's life just is for you, Skip presentation of connection communication through ever-changing time

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