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Knowing the God Who Knows You - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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December 18, 2020 2:00 am

Knowing the God Who Knows You - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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December 18, 2020 2:00 am

A person with knowledge can be intimidating. They spew facts and figures and dizzy you with information and understanding. In the message "Knowing the God Who Knows You," Skip shares how God's omniscience is inspiring rather than intimidating.

This teaching is from the series 20/20: Seeing Truth Clearly.




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Imagine knowing somebody who knows everything about you. Now imagine somebody who knows everything about you and loves you anyway.

In this age of information. We think we know it's nothing compared to God's comprehensive knowledge connect with Skip today as she shares with you how God submissions can be inspiring.

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I call 800-922-1888, Psalm 139 for today's study so much to escape the world's store of knowledge is growing at an increasing rate of speed and we all have access to it. I could say something and you could quickly get her phone out and Google it to see if what I'm saying is accurate or not. And so it's possible to get knowledge instantaneously. So much so that you don't even need to know anything anymore. All you have to know is where to get the information there's a funny story told about Albert Einstein that one of his colleagues asked for his telephone number so Einstein took a telephone directory to look up his telephone number and his colleagues that your kidding right. You don't even remember your own telephone number to which the genius replied why should I memorize something I can so easily get from a book.

You know, why should we know something when we got our phone or tablet or computer and instantaneously get the information it so readily available. I member being a kid in my house. My parents had a set of encyclopedias and a couple dictionaries and I was that weird kid who like to read the dictionary and I look up words and find out what they mean or I read an entry from the encyclopedia and I member this little section of bookshelf and I'd I think man I have such knowledge at my fingertips. I can look it up right here, but I noticed that as the years went by that encyclopedias sets and dictionaries grew larger and thicker. There were more entries in them simply because we are learning more and because we learn more. We make more at People's disposals make knowledge available today, we can fit we can store more on a silicon chip than the entire contents of the famous ancient library of Alexandria, Egypt, to buildings that house between 200,000 and 700,000 volumes, we can fit more information than that on a single silicone ship.

It is estimated that until the year 1900 human knowledge doubled every century, every 100 years cumulative human knowledge doubled by the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years by 2013.

Knowledge was doubling every 12 months. Today it is estimated that knowledge. Human knowledge doubles every single day. By the end of this year. By the end of 2020 knowledge will be doubling at the rate of every 12 hours. Now Anna on an individual level somebody that has knowledge. A lot of knowledge can be intimidating even annoying in your around that person you bring up a subject and they know a lot about an event or another subject they know even more excited. Of course you're the know it all.

You know everything that is, it can be a little disconcerting to be around people like that. I imagine that for the disciples of Jesus.

It felt a little bit like that when they were around Jesus when they discovered pay this guy like knows everything. So for example when Philip found Nathaniel and said hey we have discovered the one that Moses and the prophets said would come, Jesus of Nazareth tuition. Nathaniel said Nazareth can anything good come out of Nazareth Phillips. It will come check it out.

Come and see. So when Nathaniel was approaching Jesus. Jesus spotted him and said there is an Israelite, in whom there is no deceit. Nathaniel said how do you know me and Jesus said, even before you were under the fig tree, I saw you at which Nathaniel said Rabbi truly you are the son of God, you're the king of Israel. Whatever was happening on that little fig tree must've been some five a little prayer that he thought only God knows about Jesus knew about and he discovered I'm dealing with somebody that has immense knowledge or there was the time when our Lord healed the paralyzed man. Any any said these words he said man, your sins are forgiven, be of good cheer and the enemies of Jesus. The Pharisees were thinking in their minds. The skies blaspheming nobody can forgive sins except God just thinking that the Bible says Jesus turned to them and knowing their thoughts said why are you thinking evil in your hearts, we read that a couple of occasions. Jesus actually knew what people were thinking. Imagine knowing somebody who knows everything about you. Now imagine somebody who knows everything about you and loves you anyway that's what were dealing with and we deal with the knowledge of God. Sir Francis Bacon was the one who said knowledge is power. You probably heard that statement. Knowledge is power.

That statement is true, then God is all-powerful, because God has all knowledge. We look at Psalm 139 we read that are six verses together, but you want to know that this single Psalm penned by King David highlights not one but four different attributes of God. God's knowledge God's presence.

God's power and God's holiness or is theologians like to rename these attributes God's omniscience is on my presence, his omnipotence and his impeccably leave it to theologian the complicate things make things harder to say but Psalm 139 is not a lecture on theology. It's really the personal devotional meditation of a man in love with God and musing on these qualities of this great God. It's what David has come to know about God. And it's important because whatever we think about God governs what we think about everything else. What we know to be true about God. How we view him determines how we view us, the world happens in the world is a W dozer put it, what a person thinks about God is the most important thing about that person to rediscover what not only David thinks about God, but what the Scripture declares God to be so in the six verses rhyme to do with you is go through them and sort of drill down I like to squeeze every drop out of the lemon get a lot out of it. Psalm to be emphasizing different words in this text as we go along because what I noticed is for attributes or for aspects for features of God's knowledge and the first is that his knowledge is immeasurable.

Some of these descriptive words that David uses. Lord, you have searched me and known me, you know my sitting down to my rising up.

You understand my thought afar off, you comprehend my path and my lying down. You are acquainted with all my ways. All of these words are used by David to describe being that is omniscient, all knowing omniscient is a Latin term comes from two words are alumni all in CNC knowledge.

Simply put, God is on limited in what he knows God by nature is without the need to learn anything. He doesn't have to cram for an exam. He is the ultimate know or God knows every field of knowledge more than any expert in that field. So God knows more about astronomy than the astronomer more about biology than the best biologist more about theology than the most advanced theologian and more about the coronavirus conductor vouching God is an expert on everything.

I member him. A woman telling me I've heard this several times since. In counseling sessions limited sink. I just don't understand men.

That's a common thing ever.

I've also heard many men say I'll never understand a woman.

God understands both men and women and got even understands teenagers now compare that with our knowledge, human knowledge, vastly different human knowledge is accumulated knowledge. It is the product of tedious learning painstaking research long experience God's knowledge is immediate. It is comprehensive and without deterioration. God is and after research a subject. God doesn't have to string one logical premise on top of another to come up to a conclusion. God never had to go to school. God never has to be informed about anything. Isaiah the prophet Jeffrey 40 said, who is understood the mind of the Lord or instructed him as his counselor whom did the Lord consult to enlighten him who taught him knowledge or showed him the path of understanding the answer is no one half so that means that there are certain words that God never says God never says while God is like a middle like he's just been enlightened God never goes like he's been informed or never knew that Eli, who in Job chapter 37 called God him who is perfect in knowledge, perfect in knowledge, you can never tell God something he doesn't know the initials TMI don't apply to him.

He has all the information and God never forgets stuff. Think about the things we forget you really pick up on this when you have our young children and you send them to school they could be third or fourth grade and they bring assignments home and they want your help. You are the adult there the third grader and you look at their Simon.

You gotta remember that stuff it's been so long so the first aspect of God's knowledge is it is immeasurable. He is omniscient is total knowledge of everything, past, present and future know the reason I'm underscoring this is because not everybody believes this. Not every so-called Christian believes this many churches are people in churches that do not believe that God is all knowing there is a doctrine called open theism, open theism or the doctrine of the limited knowledge of God and it's the belief that God is made a universe in which the future is not entirely knowable, even for God so this particular group will say God is learning new things every day as he's watching the universe unfolds is likewise I did know that that's nice to know that so God is in the process of growing and expanding in learning is called open theism.

Well, that's what they say. But that is not a simple and plain reading of the text of Scripture that would not make God omniscient, what it that would God make God on Mission or micro mission or partnership. When the Bible seems to reveal that God is omniscient as John the apostle put it plainly in first John chapter 3 verse 20 God knows all things. So first aspect of God's knowledge God's knowledge is immeasurable. Second is that God's knowledge is instructional phenomena read a few of these verses with you and him and I emphasize the way it's written in the Hebrew text in the Hebrew text area are certain words that are emphasized are put in the emphatic opposition and it is the word used the pronoun for God here, Lord you have searched me and known me that so it's written in the Hebrew you know my sitting down and my rising up. You understand my thought afar off. You comprehend my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways is not a word on my tongue, but behold, the Lord, you know it all together now.

The reason it is emphasized in the Hebrew or put in the emphatic place is because Dave is saying you and no one else has this particular attribute you are very unique in the fact that you know what nobody else knows when I was a little kid, I swore that God was snitching on because my mom seem to know stuff that I thought how could she know that she knew I was hiding. She just knew right where I was or I would whisper something in the next room.

I heard that how how is that possible God must be telling her know only God has this particular attribute of all knowledge, and look at verse six. Such knowledge or this unique knowledge that only you have is too wonderful for me. It is high I cannot attain it. It's unreachable. So in verse six. David is comparing himself to God saying there's no way I could ever know what you know, unless you reveal it to me and that's what I mean by the knowledge of God is instructional because there are certain things known only to God, the God has decided to reveal to us. It was Socrates who said knowledge is the only good and ignorance. The only evil enough that statement were true, then God is supremely good and we are supremely not good because, in comparison to God. We are very limited in what we know, but this section of Scripture tells us about the God that we are dealing with his knowledge is complete. His knowledge is unlimited and because his knowledge and awareness extends to all times past, present and future, as indicated here by David. It means that God knows what will happen just as much as he knows what has happened once you understand that prophecy to God is just as easy as history so for us.

We look back on history because it's already happened with the will that happen that happen that happen.

Here's the facts to God. Prophecy is just like history because he is all knowing the future is as clear to him as the past and by the way, that is the basis of biblical prophecy, one fourth of your Bible is prophetic, speaks about future events.

One fourth of it is prophecy. So it is God instructing us on the future.

Here's God. He is all knowledge. We have very limited knowledge of God's is in the let you in on what's going to happen in the future that would never happen unless God instructed us. So for example, not just give you three. There are hundreds of thousands God announced that King Cyrus would deliver the Jews and he is named in Isaiah chapter 45 Cyrus. That prediction is made 150 years before Cyrus was ever born. That's God using his unlimited knowledge to instruct us on a future event. Daniel chapter 2 of Daniel chapter 7 of Daniel predicted the rise and fall of subsequent world governing empires from babbling to Medo Persia to the Greek empire to the Roman Empire in Zechariah chapter 9 Zechariah predicts Jesus Christ, the Messiah, riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

So God is making the future, known instructing us with prophecy, even before the events occur. Anybody can predict the future weatherman do it all the time, but they're not always right see anybody can make a prediction but to have those things fulfilled is quite another category, especially when you add details to your prediction. So if you if you predict something and then you add detail and detail in detail. You eventually enter the realm of what is called compound probability and if those things would ever take place. They become exponentially decreased in the probability of that. So for example, let's say I have in my pocket. Tenpenny system example I was like he is at 10 pennies in my pocket.

I really don't but said in my mark to them. One through 10. Enter my pocket.

I say I'm not good luck on the reach of my pocket and I make the prediction that I'm that select penny marked number one now where my aunt one at a 10 cruiser 10 pennies, but if I pull it out, you clap your good trick you did it one at a 10 chance and you gotta but it was good luck that I say ladies and gentlemen, I'm now in a reach in my pocket and select penny marked number two now my odds are not one in 10 or 109 they decrease exponentially. Now it's one in 100 that I can do that and if I say dominant due number three number four and I say I'm in a reach in and sequentially pick out all 10 pennies in order my odds significantly decrease exponentially. So by the end of it. It's one in 10 billion that I could pull that off. Do you know that there are over 300 predictions about Jesus Christ written in the Old Testament where you would be born. What tribe you would be from wings about his family things about his friends about his accusers, betrayers, death, over 300 predictions in the Old Testament.

It is estimated that in 100 million years. There is no chance that those prophecies that Jesus fulfilled could ever be fulfilled is not enough time without God see when you really look at it, you discover that biblical prophecy isn't just a good gas because it always has multiple contingencies that cannot be known, or cannot be controlled. That shows us gives us proof that this Bible is of divine origin, not human origin. Now, when God all knowingly predicts the future event and it comes to pass. You know that does for us, it increases our faith right side while God said would happen.

It happened that it should cause you to place more confidence in him. That's what Jesus said should happen. This is Jesus speaking in John chapter 14 verse 29 and now I have told you before it comes. So that when it does come to pass. You may believe. Fulfilled prophecy increases faith.

There's just no other way to explain the Bible's ability to predict the future unless we see God as its author because the precision is undeniable.

So God's knowledge is immeasurable.

But it's also instructional because God lets us in on what is going to happen. So what we learned so far. First of all, God knows it all, knows everything and when he uses prophecy he showing off in a good way. He showing what he alone is able to do because other books of Scripture, other religions that were Scripture do not have predictive prophecy. The Bible does so when he does that he instructs us in the future and our faith grows it is bolstered that skintight message from series 2022 SKU to share how you can keep this broadcast going strong, connecting more people like you to the Bible, God knows every single thing about your actions, your thoughts, and he loves you so deeply as one person put it, and he loves you anyway. We want the world to know about his love is well you can be a part of that important mission.

As you keep these teachings coming to you and to many others. Your gift today will help do exactly that. Keep listening to hear how you can partner in this work today give us a call at 800-922-1888 to give a gift 800-922-1888, or give That's connect your support is vital to continue encouraging you and many others.

With these messages so thank you for giving generously is a great resource available right at your fingertips through your mobile device Skip has several Bible reading plans available version Bible dive deeper into several books of the Bible to gain insight just search give heights in the new version Bible in real quick and you know you can catch connect with Isaac on the hillside entrance on Saturdays at 4:30 PM Mountain will watch it on TV and on Sundays 5:30 AM Eastern. Check your littlest. Be sure to come back again next skintight shares can be comforted and encouraged by God so Skip presentation of connection communications changing through

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