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How to Treat Your Family - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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August 5, 2020 2:00 am

How to Treat Your Family - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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August 5, 2020 2:00 am

God loves everybody the same; He doesn't play favorites. In the message "How to Treat Your Family," Skip shares how you can love others with the same unconditional love God shows you.

This teaching is from the series Heart & Soul: A Study Through Romans.




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And like the virus is not a respecter of person that's with the cross crimson because neither is the cross of Jesus Christ. It is the great bulldozer the levels everyone got is no favorites. Your vanishing stack is Lord you're part of a no respect for a person Billy Graham used to say the ground is always level the foot of the cross, God shows no favorites too much.

Every single person in the world.

Equally and today don't connect with Skip lines, Skip shares how you can look at others with that same kind of love God shows you the first Skip wants to invite you to connect with him on social media a faster Skip here if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest from this ministry follow at Skip Heitzig on Facebook, twitter and Instagram that Skip HEITZIG think you Skip now.

We're in Romans chapter 16 as we dive into her study with Skip Heitzig that we usually picture quality for the steer. Maybe to himself very intense nose of the grindstone to write letters and, I'm in a build churches nominal win souls.

But he also made friends. He knows a lot of people. It's hard for me to say these names.

He knew these names, they were friends of his.

He was not a one-man show he was, not a one-man band. He was not so isolated that he didn't involve himself with other people.

Paul was a friendly person.

One of my favorite Proverbs.

Proverbs 1824, says a man who has friends, you know, this verse must himself be friendly friends maybe are just like a curmudgeon mate may make they needed to be friendly. Amanda was friends must himself be friendly, what is that mean a friendly person operates on the basis of supply, not on the basis of need.

You can operate two different levels that operate on the basis of need. I need this people better. Give this to me. I hope somebody's there to do this for me or you can be the kind of person who operates on the basis of supply that's a friendly person you give you minister you share. We remember Philippians chapter 2, do we not let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Paul made friends.

He was a friendly person now. I read a lot of names that are listed here and let me cheat a little bit by saying when you get to heaven you'll meet them all and you'll learn who they are and you'll get their full story I'm knocking to give you their full story out of the time that would require series in this chapter, but indulge me a little bit. I want to get acquainted with a few with you a first notice this great couple in verse three greet Priscilla Anna: how cute is that it's a husband-and-wife team and their names rhyme. I Anna, I'm Priscilla and I can insert a picture my there were a great team.

They were from Rome.

Originally from Italy, they were kicked out of Italy when the Emperor Claudius expelled the Jews in 49 A.D. so they moved and current was a great spot to move because it was a commercial hotspot.

They were tentmakers so they came to Corinth and they set up their business in Corinth. They were Jews.

They went to the synagogue when Paul comes to Corinth to visit Corinth first thing he does is go to the synagogue not limited little tribute. I think this is fun. In ancient times synagogues were were divided amendment set on one side women set on the other also wives and not sit with their husbands like we are afforded today so they were separated male and female, but also the man on their side of the room sat in groups according to their trades or professions. So Paul comes into the synagogue visiting Corinth and sits in the section were tentmakers Argosy is a tent maker and who does he bump into not Priscilla call and they start talking because are both tentmakers targets to lead both of them to Christ.

They become very dear to Paul the apostle Paul sends him to Ephesus.

Later on, and now they're back in Rome where there are some so that's a: Priscilla. She is mentioned first Priscilla and Aquila here go down to verse five here, something very interesting. Likewise greet the church that is in their house so we have a couple that had a church now in their home.

They open their heart to the gospel. Then they opened their home for the gospel and with the gospel.

Now you should know that churches operated in the earliest years of Christianity from private homes until about 200 A.D. and 200 and A.D. the persecution in that part of the world was so fierce that they had to abandon their home that go underground meet in homes privately, often in the city of Rome they would meet in the catacombs of the burial chambers underneath your, but they met in homes for 200 years Justin Martyr, who was on trial during this time in the third century, when he was on trial the Roman prefect that is the Roman official said to him weren't you Christians assemble.

Justin Martyr said we do not, as you suppose meet in one place for our God fills the heaven and the earth, and therefore he is present anywhere we can meet any place and have communion and fellowship with him when I go to Rome. I have a home where I go, and remain in those Christians who desire to hear me teach will come into that home so they met in homes and there was now a church in the home of Nicole and Priscilla. Now using that as a springboard. We depending on what happens with this crazy coronavirus must be prepared to do the same thing if we need to thank God for technology if we need to we can operate in this field right now is being seen by people were meeting in homes, people around the country. People around the world and if we need to close down the public assemblies and that is mandated we will certainly do that were prepared to live stream. Some people question that why would Christians do that. His life love love may require that we do that first season that is not being fearful that is being responsible.

It is a way to love our neighbor and without we show that we love our neighbor. We give up certain privileges that we have and we use the technology available, and I guarantee you it's pretty obvious that enough Christians are freaked out. Imagine your unbelieving neighbors you think are freaked out because they don't have the hope you have and am you provided in the church.

I bet some of you have never come about. Now bringing church to them about meeting in the home, inviting them over all feed you a meal within a watch something on TV it's lifestream it could be an opportunity so be useful, be purposeful, be available during that this time that's being honoring. So be welcoming the honoring or not done good on verse nine, there's a couple of names I can't pass up. Greet Banas.

Our fellow worker in Christ and stack us, my beloved, who are they, I have no clue, but actually I do have a clue.

Banas was a common name for slaves or Banas do you recognize the word urban are word urban comes from or Banas amine city and so the word or Banas actually mean city bread or we call it a city slicker.

What probably means is he was a slave who was raised and worked in the city, probably Rome is very common name for slaves. The next name, stack us is an uncommon Greek name, but there is one listing in antiquity that mentions a guy named stack us found in the royal household in Rome what I think is significant is in the same sentence. Paul mentioned somebody was a slave somebody who's noble somebody was the servant in somebody who is royalty not a respecter of persons, which by the way, this virus we have discovered is no respecter of persons, virus and care for poor or rich but doesn't seem to care where you live, didn't seem to care of your skin color doesn't seem to scare care how much education, or how important you are in the community. You could be poor or you could be Tom Hanks and his wife Donna Straley is shooting a movie about Elvis Presley and are now quarantine or an NBA player who is a positive with this or the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister doesn't matter. In this regard, the coronavirus is very much like sin anything is were all infected with sin and it is far more lethal and sin like the virus is not a respecter of persons. That's where the cross comes in because neither is the cross of Jesus Christ. It is the great bulldozer that levels everyone God is no favorites. You can be or Banas. You can be stack us, but if you're in the Lord your part of us.

No respecter of persons. Billy Graham used to say, the ground is always level at the foot of the cross and Paul demonstrates that verse nine.

By using these two names together ground verse 10 were able to finish 10, 11 Rita Palace approved in Christ. Greet the household are those who are of the household of Arista Beulah's mark that name greet her roadie and mark that name. My countrymen greet those who are of the household of Narcissus greet Mark that name, who are in the Lord now Arista Beulah's.

We believe scholars believe was none other than the brother of Herod Agrippa. The first and also the grandson of Herod the great Herodian who is mentioned here is related obviously to the Herod family and perhaps is associated with Arista. Beulah's narcissistic name here happen to be very well known in Rome. It was rich, very influential and a real creep.

Very ungodly profligate and I he was well-known he was the secretary of the Roman Emperor Claudius for a while but what he proposed doing his greeting members of the household of these people who have obviously come to faith in Christ employees slaves, but they came to know Jesus that's noteworthy. Then again verse 13 greet Rufus now. I made a joke about Rufus a minute ago but let me get a little more serious when we read this regard, who Rufus is, any more than I know who Flay gone is in the next verse is just a name. It doesn't mean anything. We actually get insight into who Rufus was. By reading the gospel of Mark, incidentally, guess, guess where the gospel of Mark. We believe was written Rome now in the Gospel of Mark chapter 15 you'll know the story you you'll know the reference by Jesus is carrying his cross to Golgotha and at one point it gets so heavy he falls right and somebody is compelled to carry it.

Members name Simon from styrene Mark 15 they compelled a certain man. Simon, a Cyrene, and the father of Alexander and Rufus as he was coming out of the country in passing by to bear his cross. Now there would be no reason for the gospel writer to mention Rufus and Alexander to the church in Rome unless they knew Alexander and Rufus. Here he mentions him in the story and the fact that Simon was his father. Let's put the story together.

Obviously, Simon who carried the cross of Jesus Christ and Mrs. Simon according now to the Texan in this chapter. Both came to know Jesus Christ, probably because of that encounter and and maybe even going to the cross and watching the Savior die.

That's probably what happened then they had kids and they raised them to be believers and now they are in the church at Rome.

I'm sort of belaboring all this because I want to make a point. There's a common thread that runs to this chapter and here is out of great calamity comes great opportunity. Whether it's the calamity of getting kicked out of Rome. If you're a: Purcell and you have to move and you happened in upper Corinth and sit next to Danny Paul in the synagogue leisure Christ band that's good hallelujah for that calamity opportunity or there's persecution and you have to go underground. Whatever it is or or hear Jesus and you get crucified. But that atones for the sins of the world, and a dining Simon, who bore the cross comes to know that Savior and there's that trickle-down opportunity. I say that because in this crisis.

We should start viewing it. Yes, responsibly yes protectively but yes as an opportunity to think this took God by surprise, the Bible says even the winds and the sea obey him, God could stop this in a heartbeat if he chose. But here it is God's people can use this as an opportunity now in verse 16 does greet one another with a holy kiss.

I would have to get this tax right in the middle of coronavirus right it is greet one another with a holy kiss and let me just say don't do that tonight and I'll tell you what personal and ancient times. This was a custom at the kiss of family member or relative that was not a close family member may be the close friend, if you hadn't seen that person for a long time especially kiss on the forehead or both cheeks Justin Martyr in the second century said we finish our prayers.

We greet one another with a kiss to Julian call this a kiss of peace.

You know why was important to the early church, by the way five times in the New Testament by both Paul and Peter. We are told greet one another with a holy kiss his wife. It's a family gesture and he's writing to people who have been kicked out of their families are families that disown them because they know Jesus now. So Paul is saying freedom like family.

Greet one another with a holy kiss.

They're not getting that from their family. You be there for him. That's what this is about but I love how the Phillips translation translates it give one another. A hearty handshake all around for my sake not to say don't do that either tonight.

Don't kiss each other on the cheek. Don't give each other handshake. Now let me read this to you in the NSV. That's the new Skip version. Greet one another with an enthusiastic hello do that.

Maybe I should call it the new coronavirus version just say hello for right now, no handshakes, no hogs, no fist bumps. Viruses can you pass this way distance to high God bless you I love you consider yourself hugged and I don't kiss each other on the cheek during blog kiss just you got it. Now on to bring this to a close the welcome may be honoring third be discerning how deeply one another in the family you be discerning, that is you love people in enough to watch out for people who come in and don't love them that's called being discerning. Verse 17 now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctor what you have learned and avoid them.

For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ with their own belly that is her own appetites all about them by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple visual obedience has become known to all. Therefore, I am glad in your behalf. But I want you to be wise and what is good and simple, concerning evil and the God of peace.

I love this love. This love this, the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Amen this paragraph to some people seems out of place, but it is not his wife.

Any dad in the husband.

Any man who loves his family is going to want to protect his family.

Love will do that. Paul was their father in the faith. Paul knew God had done a great work in Rome, he did not want division to destroy that work is not unlike Paul at all to say things like this. First Corinthians 13 six love does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth when Paul left the church of Ephesus on the shores of Melita's.

He said I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in, not sparing the sheep. Even people from among your own flock will come in and draw disciples under themselves. I've warned you of this, he said. I wept for years about this and I warned you about the good Shepherd good Shepherd protects the sheep a good Shepherd used to carry Shepherd used to carry a staff and rod staff was to direct the sheep gently lead them a rod was to beat, not sheep, but wolves walk would come and he take out the club you want to Shepherd like that. It's a good Shepherd. I love that when the conversation the Pharisees were once having with the disciples of Jesus.

Jesus walked over to him and said to the Pharisees were you talking to my disciples about I like. Not that he didn't know what they were talking about.

He was God, but he just sort of got like God in their grill. There little Pharisee say at face and was a good Shepherd to them anytime there is a work of God, there's gonna be a counter work of Satan. That's the way this God is on the move.

So is the devil light always attracts box so you need a flyswatter, and Paul provides that in this paragraph. So notice will Paul says bring this to an end.

Now, I'm sure. Should someone like Paul. Finally, my brethren course.

He said that that he kept going in several of his letters, but but I want you to notice the way to handle divisive people.

So first of all, you gotta be aware of who they are.

Now I urge you. Verse 17 brother note those who cause divisions and offenses. Obviously people run their way into the church in Rome sowing seeds of disunity making it about themselves versus note who they are and then look at the end of her 17 and avoid them. What you do with a divisive person would you do the person wants to argue, don't walk away. Ignore them because when you ignore a person like this. You're not giving them what they want the most, and that his attention they want to control the narrative. Don't let them. They want to make it about them politically walk away. Don't post something nasty on your Instagram. Don't tweet something really bad in response to their tweet just move on reject what they say and move on. So in short, this is how you treat your family. Welcome honor them, protect that Skip the conclusion of the series heart and soul right now want to share about an exciting resource that takes you on an intriguing adventure was inside on Middle East affairs here Skip with Joel Rosenberg to talk about this month's offer Joel's book, the Jerusalem assassin Joel Rosenberg releases a new book. I can't wait to read it. He never disappoints. Recently, I was able to talk with Joel about this book from his home in Jerusalem is about an American president who's about to roll out his Middle East peace plan Joel Rosenberg's novels on frenetic stories from the reality of today's headlines have a Saudi Israeli peace plan would be huge.

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