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Acceptance, Judgment, and the Essential Point of Nonessential Points - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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July 30, 2020 2:00 am

Acceptance, Judgment, and the Essential Point of Nonessential Points - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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July 30, 2020 2:00 am

In Romans 14, Paul addressed Gentile believers and legalistic Jews who were causing division in the church. In the message "Acceptance, Judgment, and the Essential Point of Nonessential Points," Nate shares how we can focus on our commonality in Christ.

This teaching is from the series Heart & Soul: A Study Through Romans.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

Wouldn't it be great if as Christians because the table together and arguing back and forth about how we disagree on the nonessential dumb on important issues we could fellowship with one another and encourage one another strengthen one another works go out and make a difference. We all have differences. Should get along since God has welcomed us all in the history today on connect with skiff-skips and explains how you can encourage and lift up your brothers and sisters in Christ. Stay tuned after the message and Skip and his wife Lynn share more on how you can cultivate unity with other believers.

The general rule is to be humble and be gentle just kinda go in broadly with the humble, gentle approach and as you do so celebrate the variety of the church skip. Be sure to stay with us after today's message to hear the full discussion right now want to tell you about a resource that will encourage you to pray more boldly and powerfully.

No wonder the guys asked Jesus to teach them how to pray.

We need direction, we would still be saying now I lay me down to sleep instead of just playing God to do this for me is when enterprise is gone. What can I do for you, terrific idea.

Don't you think that's Craig Rochelle from his book dangerous prayers. This is our summer resorts offer this book could bring a major milestone in your life over your lifetime.

I believe that if you follow Jesus there will be certain messages when you hear the encounter God in such a way that it literally changes the trajectory of their life for potential trade shows book dangerous prayers gift you when you get $35 or more today to help keep this ministry on the request your copy when you get online securely connect with or you can call 892 1888 another clip from Craig's book dangerous prayers of availability is very, very dangerous prayer when you pray this prayer God may lead to a different city calling in your life. You never ever expected before May stay somewhere to go somewhere else.

Dangerous prayers by Craig Rochelle connect with call 890. This challenge when you make yourself available to God as incredibly dangerous prayer will learn to pray today for today's teaching chapter 14, but not him to eat five got enough faith. You got enough understanding of the liberty that you have in Christ. Certain things your free enough in the Spirit where you can speak in tongues liberty in Christ, we felt okay for you to drink liberty in Christ when you can do some of the things that other people can't do. Don't judge those who can't do it. Don't get mad at those who can do and try to sit down and expositor explained to them why their theology is wrong why they just don't have enough faith why the Bible doesn't really call what you're doing this in and explain to them why it's okay for them to do the same thing. Don't judge them and despise them now word to the weak in the faith, but not him who does not eat judge him who hates if you're convicted that you shouldn't eat meat.

Don't if you're convicted that you shouldn't speak in tongues and don't if you're convicted that you shouldn't drink alcohol but don't if you're convicted that you should keep a certain dietary standard than do it if you're convicted that you should worship on Saturdays.

Then you party since he should right now probably ask God for forgiveness Sunday, but don't assume that everyone else feels the same way as you don't assume that everyone thinks the same way that you do and understand there not less spiritual because they don't agree with you also understand this Georgia received them.

Why, because verse three says for God has received God's accepted them so you should do if their holy enough and Christian enough for God to accept, don't you think they should be holy enough and Christian enough for you to accept, rather than pulling out Bibles and lashing each other receive each other know it's sad to me how judgmental and critical. Some Christians can be towards those who don't agree with them on every single point and nothing puts a bad taste in the world's mouth towards Christ more than judge mental and critical Christians attacking nonessential issues. For instance, I have a I want to read you a couple months ago my wife and I with a couple of friends went to a restaurant that also happened to serve alcohol and we had a great meal we had a fun time. We ended the night and I had about a $30 tab that I closed out and the next morning when I woke up I with my credit card statement night at $2300 bill on my credit card statement house I dangerous Robinson and I immediately called the restaurant like 7 o'clock in the morning so was an open yell at the messiness that hey, I think, a mistake was made. I was at your restaurant last night. I had like not very much food.

I got a $2300 bill on my credit card statement. I was just hoping you could fix it about 10 minutes later, the owner of the restaurant night and the manager called me and she said I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. I'm driving there right now.

Please forgive me. I'm so I and she was so frantic. It's okay, calm down. Not a big deal as long as it is taking care of. I'm not mad and she was taken back by how understanding I was just a man.

A lot of people would be yelling at me right now. Let it be so angry right now where you so mad method because it's an honest mistake is on a mistake you made being a good owner right now by taking responsibility addressing the issue as long as is taking care of unhappy so she went to the restaurant. She took care of the issue refunded the money she called me back and she said man again just thank you for being so understanding. I want to send you some gift cards just to thank you and just apologize for the mistake. So she sent me about $200 with the gift cards and she also attached this letter and she said Nathan thank you for your grace and kindness through the situation. Once again I apologize that this happened on a side note, when I hung up with you the first time I talk to you and you are a Christian.

The fact that I own bars. Most people assume I am not so I get the worst from those even those who profess to believe. Thank you for restoring my faith in Christians. It was sad to me that her experience open to that point had been with Christians who had judged her based on a nonessential issue based on a nonessential point. She had been judge and she had experienced rather than grace and love and forgiveness that Jesus Christ has she experienced hatred, judgment and criticism from those who profess to have received the forgiveness and the grace of Jesus Christ.

The message puts it this way but since both Odessa Christ table would not be terribly rude if they felt or criticizing the other over what they ate or didn't eat God. After all, invited both of them to the table when it be great if as Christians we could sit at the table together and instead of arguing back and forth about how we disagree on the nonessential Dam unimportant issues we could fellowship with one another and encourage one another strengthen one another, exhort one another for good works, so we could go out and make a difference in our communities would not be a great idea with family. After all, I understand maybe family meals are a contentious situation for you, but in the body of Christ meant to love each other were meant to fellowship with each other and I've noticed something about worldliness there some things in the Bible for a believer anywhere. It's wrong. The Bibles expressly very clear on certain issues that this is sin. This is wrong for anyone but then there's other stuff that is geographic worldliness. For instance, desire to point out by that letter. In America there some Christian circles were the thought of any form of alcohol in any capacity is viewed as sinful, if you wouldn't look at it. You might feel the flames of hell creeping up on you, but don't do it, stay away, and yet you go to Germany.

You might find after church.

The congregation even the pastors would go to a bar. Enjoy a beer and discuss the work they got it done that weekend and the souls that were saved two different traditions two different backgrounds to different viewpoints on a nonessential issue. And yet if you put those two people is able to probably fight some ice in the last song they shouldn't do that because someone to stumble over Eaton are gluttonous after church and then make the speed limit on the way home and Victorian era Charles Spurgeon and JW Packer were friends, pastor friends they fellowship together even exchange puppets together until they had a disagreement. See Charles Spurgeon got mad and accused Packer being unspiritual because he went to the theater. Spurgeon smoke cigars a lot of cigars. So many dark cigars. In fact, there was a billboard of him in London that said cigars, the kind Spurgeon smokes so he's condemning someone for going to the theater while he is a chain smoker. You see the irony there even after this we can all probably get a couple letters of people criticizing and mad about this message about nonessential they're going to judge a message about nonessential's did anyone see the irony in that situation rose forces you to judge another's servant to his own master he stands or falls. Indeed, he will be made to stand for God is able to make him stand see the premise in the idea of this is who are you to judge somebody else's worker with your kids. Who are you to judge someone else's kids summons or judge your kids and parenting your kids, but those are my kids, who are you to judge my kids all parent. My kids all take care of. This is not your place. You don't have any right those Christians are your Christians. Those Christians are your servants of God's servants, those Christians won't stand before you to stand before God. This verse sounds a lot like Matthew seven were says judge not that you be not judged. Now this does not forbid discernment see a lot of Christians think that this means that we should never evaluate anyone or anything.

As a matter fact in some Christian circles.

If you have strong convictions and you speak up or if you discern they respond judge not lest you be judged. But right after Jesus said do not judge, he also said watch out for false prophets. How do you watch out for false prophets with some level of judgment and discernment. But the point is, were judging or discerning based on the essentials, not the nonessentials judgment. Discernment is okay in relation to protecting the church and making sure that the essentials are taught, but in relation to nonessentials. We need to draw the line another's two wrong responses in the area of judgment one is going overboard in the area of judgment having an arrogant, self-righteous attitude towards those who have sinned, or even towards those who have been sin, but they are perceived to have done so because of the tendency of so many to jump to conclusions and be overly judgmental because of traditions. This baggage that many of us hold the second I was just as dangerous. That's completely lacking in the area. Discernment lacking in the area of accurate judgment and being taken in by practically every Christian and con artists wielding a Bible that comes down the pike. This is why I said except all true believers evaluate them based on the essentials, but the Bible talks about the essential doctrines have fellowship with those people have discernment, don't judge. One of the easiest habits to acquire the habit of criticism. Once you start it's really hard to stop. This is the full fighter the sins sniffer. They always think the worst of everybody. This is a big problem even in the church today. We can be so quick to make snap judgments about people we can be at dinner with somebody and see somebody eating a big, fancy meals, and how can they spend that kind of money with their income. Maybe you have a gift certificate you don't know you go to someone's house and their house is a master kitchen is a messy cement their kitchen is always a mess there and taking care of the things that God is given that there not been a good steward. Maybe there sacrificing the time to spend cleaning spend more time with their kids anymore time with the kids and you are they just get up so late are so irresponsible should be early to rise and be hard workers and have a night job. Or maybe there night person there more productive at nighttime than they are in the mornings they spend more time didn't stuff done and nighttime while you're sleeping than they do in the morning. It's not a sin to live your life based on those things.

But it's wrong to judge others who don't. The sad part is that so many Christians look down on others because of a spiritual pride because they do or don't do certain things but there's also a danger personal with a very wide view of liberty to criticize those people who hold to certain convictions. For instance, it's very common. Sometimes people get saved and then once they get saved decide they want to get rid of all their secular music.

I've known numerous people say man I got saved Titusville personal conviction that all my secular music entity writ of my mom and she got saved because of her experience working in discotheques and bars and other areas where the music was a big part of that felt that she was convicted to get rid of all her records now that mean that she still only listens to Christian music know she listens to some secular music now, but the point is that if somebody has that conviction is wrong for us.

Those who have a higher view of liberty to come to them and say why you do that doesn't make sense. The Bible is in command that are you doing things the Bible doesn't command if somebody has a conviction don't tear down there conviction because you have more liberty if you don't have all the info. Don't cast judgment. The last thing that we see we see that we need to start accepting all believers stop judging some believers. The last thing we see is that whatever you do whatever nonessentials you view as important or not important. Whatever you do, be convinced verse five. One person esteems one day above another. Another esteems every day alike, but each person be fully convinced in their own mind. Whatever you do, whatever seat you sit in in the place of conviction. If you say man I'm really convicted that I should speak in tongues. I'm really convicted that I shouldn't speak in tongues. What I'm really convicted that I shouldn't eat meat or I really really like me and I'm an email to me whatever seat you said in be fully convinced in your own mind.

Whatever you do make up your mind about it and stand true to the convictions that God is placed upon your heart. He says one person esteems one day above another. This is a means one person gives honor to that is to say they take out a certain day and they give honor to a speaking of the Jews with Sabbath because of the tradition they came from, to remember the Sabbath and keep a holy they felt that you had to go to church on the last day of the week, the seventh day in many churches there were Judaizers that they thought they had to keep the law of Moses the same thinking influence the Galatians and Galatians 4: referred them and he said to which you desire again to be in bondage.

You observed days and months and seasons and years. This was also a problem for the Colossian church.

Colossians 2 said that no one judge you in food or drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or Sabbath. And yet this conflict still exist today. Now we have it easy because we worship on today's look of your remember the Sabbath and keep a holy, Saturday night we got you covered the first day is more important to you and your worship God on the first day of the week. On Sunday we got you covered a lot of people say what the Sabbath change to change the Sabbath of the church change the Sabbath to Sunday. The answer is no one change the Sabbath. The Sabbath is still the Sabbath the Sabbath this Saturday if you want to worship on the Sabbath come to church on Saturday. Now there is an answer to why a lot of Christians worship on Sunday seat. The seventh day commemorates finish creation, but the first day commemorates finish redemption. Paul said to the Corinthians. On the first day of the week. Each one should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income tax 20 verse seven says now on the first day of the week when the disciples came together to break bread.

Many people hold Sunday to be a holy day on Sunday I got to wear a suit I can't work I gotta go to church what Paul means in all of this is he wants to prevent an attitude that would degenerate the real meaning of Christianity.

The real meaning of Christianity doesn't matter what day you worship on, but that you worship the real meaning of Christianity is that hey, none of the days are yours to begin with all mind, I've given to you to live so worship me in them and whichever one you choose to do. Make up your own mind about it until judge other people who viewed differently than you do whatever day you decide to worship. Make it a holy day. Verse six continues it closes and says he who observes the day, observes it to the Lord, and he who does not observe the day to the Lord. He does not observe it. Do you eat seeds to the Lord for he is God thinks that he who doesn't eat to Lord. He doesn't eat, and gives God thanks.

Basically Paul is saying all of this when it comes to nonessentials. Whatever you decide to do whatever seat you sit in on the nonessentials again. You can't sit in the activists seat. Don't sit in one of those.

But whatever see you sitting on the conviction seat whatever place you fall into it's okay as long as your motive is the same as long as your motive in heart is to give God thanks. As long as your motive in your heart is to glorify God in all things.

It doesn't matter which you said and make up your mind. Decide what you want to do be convinced this brings up our closing but possibly our main point of today in these gray areas in these nonessentials. We mentioned several, but there's many more in these nonessentials.

How do we discern what we should do if you sene honest I don't know what I should do. I was gonna come to church hoping you would tell me what I should do on some of these issues, but the Bible gives us a little test that we can use to decide if some of these gray areas of these nonessentials are okay for us to do whether something we shouldn't do. Number one, we should ask the question, does it help me does it help me. Paul said in first Corinthian six. All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. The idea of making personal progress towards a goal that you have what is the goal that you have as a Christian is this gray areas. This nonessential helping you towards that goal, or are the things that you're doing further in your walk with God by faltering your walk with God bless yourself that question. Does this help me does it help me number two does it hurt me again in first Corinthians 6, Paul says all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the control of the power of any.

Ask yourself, although I could do this lesson become a master.

Smoke cigarettes will send you to hell, they can enslave you. Just because something is not bad doesn't mean that it's not bad for you. Just because something is not a sin doesn't mean that is not a sin for you and so in the areas of Scripture that the Bible is either federal nor against it's always wrong to go against your conscience with your conviction.

If when you pray you have a conviction that you should speak in tongues and do it because if you don't you're going against your conscience and that becomes a sin for you. If you have a conviction that when you pray that man I just don't want to speak in tongues because it just feels weird to me.

I thought could be contrived would be the spirit and don't do it is if you didn't you be going against your conscience. It would be a sin for you to do what ever you do in regards to these nonessential areas of life. It's so important that you are convinced and you are sure that it's okay for you to do because to go against your conscience is to do that which we believe is wrong, even if it's not the last question you should ask is doesn't hurt others. This is found in first Corinthian's 10 where Paul says all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify. This is the question of what will that do to them what will it do to the people who are around me how my actions affect their walk with God is understand. This is also sinful to hurt the personal convictions of others because you're pushing them to go against their conscience. That is to say you're pushing them to do something that you believe is okay, but they have the conviction that is not okay.

Again, this is deciding to sit in the activists chair and say hey I think this is okay to do. I think it's okay to speak in tongues and maybe you have somebody was sitting in a conviction chair saying that they they don't think that they should there okay with you do it you're sitting here saying you should do it to you. Why don't you do it enough, you are really filled with the spirit you will speak in tongues and and if you're speaking in tongues. You're not filled with the spirit was actually okay.

The Bible talks about trying to persuade them to your viewpoint as what is talking about does it hurt others. Does my personal conviction.

In my view on this nonessential point is hurting others. My causing others to go against their conscience against their convictions and causing them to send. No Christian has the right to play the Holy Spirit doubtful issues. There's a doubtful issue that you go to one side of picture that you don't play the Holy Spirit. Other people's lives and tell them what they should do as well. We can pray we can advise. And even though doctrinally the strong believer might be right there. Also called the Trent Lott vaccination message for you from series to Skip this lease year you can cultivate unity with other believers. I sent Nate show message today about unity among the five can you talk about some practical things that we can do with one another to represent Jesus, yes, I'd love to, you know, loving people as individuals. One thing loving them as a group is a little bit different and here's what I mean when you set policy for a group of people you set policy with the weakest person in mind Romans chapter 14, you bear with the scruples of the week. The general rule is to be humble and to be gentle district, go in a broadly with the humble, gentle approach and as you do so celebrate the variety of gifting's within the church people are good all year. We had a furnace is everyone's good for something.

Find out what it is binder with the good for so you know there's two ways to enter a room. You can enter a room by kind of saying Paul here I am, or you enter a room by going there you are in the focus is on helping that person administering that person highlighting and loving that person that's being humble that's being gentle that's recognizing importance and variety. Thank you, Skip and lagniappe all make mistakes on my mercy and grace to connect with skintight saying mission to share about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Chance he offers you support this ministry conviction messages coming to you and help take the gospel to others as well. Today when you visit connect with give now connect with or call 819 to 892 thank you to him tomorrow Skip shares want to live a life that's focused on others motivated by Skip presentation of connection communication through

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