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Made for Purpose - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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July 15, 2020 2:00 am

Made for Purpose - Part A

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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July 15, 2020 2:00 am

God's creation is evident all around us, but nature isn't His greatest work. Mankind is God's greatest masterpiece. In the message "Made for Purpose," Nate shares how you can find your purpose in Christ.

This teaching is from the series Heart & Soul: A Study Through Romans.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig
Connect with Skip Heitzig
Skip Heitzig

According to Fink magazine, the brain can store enough data to fill several million books. Truly, we are wonderfully complex, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for those who put their faith in Jesus Christ, God's plan for those of us of a relationship with him even more amazing. Many people in the world are searching for their life's purpose today on connect with Skip Heiser's Made Isaac Shares How You Can Find Your Purpose in Christ.

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Now we're in Romans chapter 12 as we dive into our study with many heights as referring to Romans chapter 12.

I want you to pause for a second about how incredibly wonderful and beautiful God's creation is is that what God has created us to enjoy what he has made for us to experience, to savor what he has made in the masterpiece. It is all wonderful work, and hopefully you made your way to Romans chapter 12 and if you have a way to close your eyes for a second, I want you to just think about what God has created a way to think about a place that you've been that you felt close to God. Just being in the Majesty of his creation. Perhaps you had the opportunity to see one of the many beautiful New Mexico sunsets as the sky is painted like a tapestry as though God made with the brush on canvas just for you to enjoy.

Perhaps you had the opportunity to go camping and at nighttime. After the fire is gone out, you looked up at the night sky and you been able to see each and every star suspended in the heavens. The Milky Way galaxy laid out for you to see in all of its grandeur. Perhaps you have the opportunity to visit the mountains and you had your breath just taken away as God's creation was all around you. The trees the rivers the animals and in that moment. It was as though God himself was standing next to you, God's creation truly is wonderful as an you don't have to go far to see the majesty of what he has created of his majestic hand.

The Bible says that the heavens declare the glory of God and nature praises him, but you know what God's greatest work of artists is not the Alps is incredible and impressive as they are is not the islands of Hawaii or Tahiti go there quite amazing. It isn't even the galaxies or the stars, the solar system. What is God's greatest masterpiece the ground it's you it's me to the person next to you with the person in front of you. It's the person behind you.

We are God's work of art.

We are his poem.

We are his masterpiece and although you don't have to go far in incredible place like New Mexico to see his glory this coming year. Especially when you wake up in the morning, there's the precipitation you see the snowcapped mountains in the fall, if you drive past the Rio Grande. You see all the beautiful trees changing color. You don't have to go far to see God's greatest work of art.

The uniqueness wonder the magnitude of his greatest creation, mankind Ephesians 210 says we are his workmanship without question man is God's greatest creation. His crowning achievement and each and every one of us are made on purpose, and we are made for purpose.

This masterpiece of God's creation. A human being. We are truly incredible in our capacity only to consider a few facts about the human body are nose they go to your nose to the lacrosse I think. Take a look at it are nose can detect over 10,000 different aromas. Some of them good, some of them very bad. Our tongue don't do this in church stick out your tongue like a look at it, stick out your tongue there on that little piece of muscle about 6000 different taste buds are brain you can't look at that without some pain our brain contains 10 billion nerve cells is estimated as adults. Our bodies contain 60 trillion cells, and they've all been carefully organized to perform lives various functions, all in harmony with one another and each and every one of those brain cells. Those 10 billion nerve cells is connected to as many as 10,000 other nerve cells within the body so that when you taste something or see something or feel something, it triggers your brain and the synapses in your brain to recall memory to experience pain to cause emotion. This one really blew me away. Our body has so many blood vessels that their combined length could circle the planet 2 1/2 times in your body right now pumping blood to your extremities, your fingers your hands your toes your eyes God made that and he laid it out in the perfect pattern so that you would work so that you can get out of bed in the morning so you could enjoy the masterpiece of the creation that God is made for you.

God also customized each and every one of us with our own special DNA blueprint which is contained in every single cell. All of those 60 trillion cells. There is a blueprint for God is laid out for you and it's been estimated that if our individual blueprint were written out in the book. It would require 200,000 pages. Think with upper second 60,000,000,200,000 page books are in your body and of course God knows the work on every single page 1 of God's most amazing gifts to man is his memory. We have the astounding capacity to store millions of bits of information to keep them in order to recall them when needed. As a matter fact, scientists tell us that we never actually forget anything. It's all rather just stored away in the databanks of memory like external hard drives. We have backups on backups on backups. The symbol for your brain is connected to nerves and throughout your entire body. Which explains why when you taste something or smell something you can have a memory that you didn't know you had a memory that you thought you would all but forgotten. Suddenly flooded into your mind because your synapses, your nerves are calling upon the databanks of memory to bring to recollection things that you didn't even know you remembered. It's estimated that in a lifetime of brain can store 100. Sorry 1000 trillion bits of information according to think magazine, the brain can store enough data to fill several million books truly we are wonderfully complex, but that's just the tip of the iceberg for those who put their faith in Jesus Christ, God's plan for those of us have a relationship with him is even more amazing. There is a unique, special custom design work and plan and purpose that God wants to do in and through your life. In fact you were created to reach this very objective. God not only created each and every one of us uniquely in our DNA, our physical appearance and our personality. But he has created and given to each and every one of us a unique set of spiritual gifts, and a lot of people ask the question what was I made for what was I made for what was I created to do. Why do I exist in its most simple form of believer you were made for purpose or you made for. You were made for purpose. That's our title this morning made for purpose of perhaps a year than Satan. Eight. You have terrible grammar. I don't know why your delivering sermons messages, but that sounds weird because you're missing a nation to be made for a purpose not made for purpose. I intentionally titled my message made for purpose because yes, you were made for a purpose, but finding your purpose in living for purpose are two very different things to a lot of people have found their purpose. A lot of people know their gifts know their talents know the things that God has prepared for them. They may be taken. The spiritual gifts assessment of personality assessment. They know how their unique.

They know how they're wired.

They know the gifts they have for some reason they're refusing to use them for some reason they're refusing to operate in the way in which they were made and many of us are actually fighting against the way that we are made and we want to be somebody different only want different gifts than what God has given us. There's a big difference between knowing your purpose finding your purpose and living for purpose. There's a scene in the movie Thor were Loki the trickster villain stand before a large group of people and he declares in a very godlike fashion. I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose.

You are burdened with glorious purpose. You are blessed with glorious purpose God has made a plan for your life. You were made for glorious purpose.

He wants to use you to do things above and beyond what you could do on your own. You are made for purpose. Now granted it's a whole lot different than Loki's purpose you're not on this earth to destroy the avengers and usher in the Apocalypse rather, God has a purpose for you on this earth within the body of Christ you have a purpose within the purpose of this church see we as a church have a purpose Have it labeled as our purpose statement and every time you walk through those doors in the East where you see it's big on the wall says creating life change. That's why we as a church, Calvary church of Albuquerque exist. We exist to create life change we want to see people have their lives changed by the power of the gospel for the glory of God. That is our purpose. But you have a purpose within our purpose. You have a role with in our work.

God wants to use you to do something within what he is called us to do and once you find your purpose, you can begin living for purpose.

See being alive isn't just a physical statement because we are just physical beings, God the father spoke all of creation into existence in Genesis that he made each and every living thing. But Jesus made a way for us to get to the father and in Jesus we are made alive and through the Holy Spirit we are made for purpose the beauty the pinnacle of God's creation, as incredible as it is as complex as human beings are we reach our full potential and beauty only when we find purpose through Jesus Christ we are made on purpose physically. We are made for purpose spiritually. Romans 12 verse one through two. Pastor Skip did a phenomenal job teaching it last week, Paul urges us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, which is holy and acceptable to God is our reasonable service. But here in verses three through eight, Paul explains that in this transaction. God gives something to us as well. We give ourselves to God, but is not a fair trade because God gives something to us.

That is far greater. God gives us. Of course the assurance of salvation, hope, belonging the knowledge that when we die were to go to heaven a sense of purpose. But he also gives us the Holy Spirit and through the Holy Spirit. He gives us a certain set of gifts and in this passage Paul begins to explain how important these gifts were and how important they are today to a believer's life. Let's read Romans chapter 12 verse three through eight for I say, through the grace given to me to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly is God is dealt to each one a measure of faith. For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we been many, are one body in Christ and individually members of one another.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them. If prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith or ministry, let us use it in our ministering, he who teaches, in teaching, he who exhorts an exhortation he who gives, with liberality.

He who leads, with diligence he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness about the first thing over to look at our first point is the identity of your purpose and I think it's important for me digging this text that we sent kind of a ground-level understanding of who the Holy Spirit is and what the Holy Spirit's role is within a believer's life today. Now it might not sound like you from reading that passage, but there is a whole lot of controversy around this guide in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is an incredibly controversial figure and the gifts the Holy Spirit gives are an incredibly controversial topic in theological circles today see. Some people believe that the gives the Holy Spirit gives some of them are only relevant to the first century church and many of these gifts have passed away and are no longer available to Christians today as though the Holy Spirit is some kind of electronic device that the electrical charge holds just diminished over time and as I well the things that this phone could do know five years ago it can do today, so the Holy Spirit is like a depreciation value on the Holy Spirit what he could do 2000 years ago is different than what he can do today. He doesn't have as much power. Some people agree to these little too much and so some of the really cool things that he did back then he can do now because you know it's just the way it works and this really leads to some weird theological views were to get to in a second.

But before we get to this Texas.

Importantly, establish who he is, as we seek to find the identity of our purpose.

The chief way that we do that the chief way that we identify our purpose is through the Holy Spirit. He is the source that helps us identify and discover what role we are to play within the body of Christ. And so he's an incredibly important figure. Some people asked the question, are the gifts of the spirit still available to Christians today miss you that are the gifts of the spirit still available to Christians today by largess. Maybe some people are on the fence are quite sure they some people don't even know the gifts are there.

Just gonna try to figure out like mad. Watch the men DeLorean cumulative ABO to he's got some force powers is that with the Holy Spirit is because if that's it I'm inside me up. I want to hang out baby out of boarded some of these gifts pass away are some of them no longer in use or some of them no longer important it without question.

The church of the first century which clearly had in utilize these gifts out of our more profound effect on their society and culture than the church of today what the church of the first century lacked in size. They made up for in power and effectiveness. Think about it this relatively small group of people who were hated by society, who didn't have a lot of money, who didn't have huge church buildings and an incredible kids programs and massive yearly budgets and the best PR marketing campaigns. This small group of people impacted the world turned their world upside down. Spread the gospel across the globe. How did they do it the power of the Holy Spirit the power of God working in and through them as they worked in unison finding their purpose within the body of Christ. It's obvious that the modern church of today isn't having the same impact on the world of these first century believers did in fact these days it seems that the world is turning the church upside down more than the world or more than the churches turn the world upside down so the question is, is the same power the same gifts in the first century church utilized to make a difference.

The God poured out in those early days are those still available to believers today. Now again I mention there's a whole lot of confusion and controversy on this topic and really it relegates itself to two distinct camps that the charismatics and the non-charismatics and really probably depending on how you were raised whether you're raised in a charismatic environment or a non-charismatic environment that probably dictated your belief on the Holy Spirit and his use within your life. See somewhere along the line, two primary camps have developed in the church.

One those that emphasize preaching, teaching, making disciples. These are identified as fundamentalists or as evangelicals and the second camp is those who emphasize signs and miracles, and these are used identified as Pentecostals or as charismatics. My question though is why are the two mutually exclusive and really even are they mutually exclusive. Is it possible to be a charismatic evangelical. Is it possible to be a Pentecostal fundamentalist and ultimately that up to the label making experts to decide if there is such a thing because person I hate labels to begin with. Often times when I'm in airplane summary find that I'm a Christian. The first question they ask is what kind the Christian kind, the kind believes the Bible. Now the reality is that sometimes doesn't fit in nice neat little box with a little bow on top.

Because there's a whole lot of topics in the Bible that are kind in between that you have to fall somewhere in between. In order to be able to call the entire Bible truth and one of the problems we have a society in anything in life as we want to polarize ourselves all the way to one end of the spectrum, whether that's politics, religion, or even what kind of question are you and so will do his will end up going so far to one side, but the problem with that is if you go so far to one side, you end up running in a certain verses that you have to try to figure out a way to explain them away you have to say well this doesn't fit with what I thought I believed, and now I have to figure out a way around. So I either have to call it a lie, which I do that I got through it all away or gonna find a way to circumvent it theologically and find some other verse that fits my personal theological beds so that I can feel better about what I believe. If you really were to ask me to put a label on my Christianity would be really big long messy term that would make a whole lot of sense of you like a three point Calvinists are many in this Baptist evangelical Protestant charismatic noncharismatic nondenominational Christian.

It would make a lot of sense because the Bible has to be taken in balance. As you read through some of these topics personally. Again, I believe the keyword is balanced. One way that I've heard this individual topic summed up is too much word and no spirit. You dry up too much spirit. No words you blow up enough of both and you grow up vaccinated height message from the series partnership right now want to share about an exciting resource that will help you pray with more boldness and dairy intake. Your faith to another level.

Ready to radically upgrade your prayer life stuck in glistening mode, you have come to the right place you are ready for dangerous prayers really start playing three new players and I will warn you.

These are not easy. Prayers does not say prayers are not benign players recalling the dangerous prayers are dangerous in a good way and that is just my opinion.

Most people I know in this part of the world most people's prayers way to say that's Craig Rochelle from his book dangerous prayers.

And this is our summer resource offer. Getting if you are ready to get out of your comfort self-knowledge. It was a little on you was some players that are not safe to play noble into the when you play these prayers are really asking God to do something that will often take you out of your comfort zone. Unlock your prayer.

Potential with Craig Rochelle's book dangerous prayers is our gift to you when you give $35 or more today to help keep this ministry on the air. Request your copy when you get online securely or you can call 800-922-1888 another clip from Craig's book dangerous prayers. Talk about a very dangerous where the real Scott McDonald blueprint dangerous prayer start to write to the last thing and it was one of the other side of brokenness is a real intimacy with God and attendance on him cannot give to any other way will have enough encouraging books yet one that will grab you by the throat and get her attention. Replace send me another one. Instead of saying God will do what I want to do you rinse a blank contract basically whatever went over however available to whatever you want to do. My life is yours to send or you can call me hundred 922-1888. The Bible gives you foundational truths about who God is and how he works in your life and our heart is to help build the faith of friends like you. By making these biblical teachings available air across the US and around the world that your support is the file to make that happen. Your gift today will help keep these messages you left on the air to encourage you and countless others.

So please consider hitting today. I four, 800-922-8800 19 team 80. Thank you. Tune in tomorrow and Skip soon. Eight-shares white so important to live out your purpose of Jesus and how you can do that we should never become arrogant as God graciously chooses to use us and although it certainly is true that God has chosen to work to us as human vessels, not because of necessity rather than design because it does. I got doesn't need us and so they connect with Skip presentation of connection communications to God's unchanging truth, ever-changing time

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