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Common Ground / Bill and Odell
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June 6, 2021 6:55 am


Common Ground / Bill and Odell

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June 6, 2021 6:55 am

Bill & Odell, 2 different guys from 2 different worlds who BOTH love Jesus.  But...that's not where the story begins.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network's and say I say I I now know this shows about a black guy like two friends of friends a long time and when the things that we wanted to do is just share our experiences about friendship and finding common ground, and all those issues come against you talk about them. Do not talk about the old days there will be something called watercooler and oh by the way folks have to guess which one is black and which one is white but what they don't have the gas is which one love God.

Amen both love God, he will flood Christ the Lord. Well, welcome to the new radio show, ground Bloedel, Cleveland with my partner in crime Bill Goble Bill how you doing today I'm doing good. This shows about a black guy in a white guy to friends of been friends a long time. One good looking that will be me and the other part will be built, and we just look at things differently and we talk about differences in one of the things we talk about today is how do we deal with racial issues when affect relationships. Do we talk about them, do we not talk about them in old days will be something called you know the watercooler so you feel about that Bill just sitting down talking is white guy talking about racial issues, things that we see it happen every day on the news that they make us uncomfortable or don't you know we've been talking about doing the show for a long time and wanted things that we wanted to do is just share our experiences of our friendship and our relationship growing together in common ground and all those issues that we come against. And I'm excited to to come in and share stories with you, and I think his Christian we have to learn how to get together because we not inhabit your bill is interesting. One of things that we met.

I grew up in Charleston, South Carolina public housing single mom divorced single mom with four kids and I came up to segregation all that kind of stuff you tell listening audience how you grew up where you grew up until I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Parma but hundred 20,000 people outside the High Point North Carolina black people, there was not one. Not one person not one I might've seen one drive-by was never one there. The I think the bus driver had been. In fact, if you if a black person drove through the town.

The police would stop and escort them out so it was, it was back then it was the way it was in August I grew up in the 50s to Mike my views have changed on that and a lot of people Sasson MH just share with you some of the things that I've grown with the changes related to that many other things you think will get to heaven you think Godzilla say this side of heaven is for black people in that side of heaven is white people help help us help us out from the whole perspective because I think sometimes we don't always understand we believe in God we trust in God we believe the faith but we are who we are we humans know it's what's kind of bugged me is that it people said the most segregated place is Sunday mornings in the country and and I know we worship different. I've gone to you black churches and it's a long service as compared to you and with their birthday so you got you got a pack a lunch. If you get to go to service. Yeah, you got to learn how to hassle you cannot serve as a still because I was saying Bill saying so you sit by me and take my lead.

You know, take money well you know my wife is 21, when did we start singing our way church. I try and clap and sing at same time in my the beat what you know is interesting when the things that we do we find common ground. Both like to hunt golf like the fish we both like to travel and I want occasion Bill invited me to go deer hunting. I like to go deer hunting. You tell a story about. We went deer hunting and then I'll jump in there also.

Okay we are. We were going deer hunting up in the mountains of North Carolina, and we're good friend John Wilson has the oldest house in the county. It's 1805 house and he invited schoolhouse hung up in mountains so we met them at a restaurant in town is little honky-tonk restaurant and hotel and I walked in they are already there, sitting in the back of the table and we walked in and they waved at us. We went and sat down. We had our meal and a nice conversation and when we are driving back hotel asked me since you see what happened when I walked in and I said no I didn't.

What happen he goes everybody got quiet and as I reflected, I said oh my gosh he was right, everybody got quiet and looked at Odell when the good-looking black guy showed up and walked in the door with you.

The place got quiet was interesting because as a corporate sales rep at one time. I understand it, so I walked in the place. No no black people when they're not even the waiter nobodies black so we walk into the place got quiet audience just got quite imagine you know you going to restaurant you hear that, overtones of conversation just have a good time on Friday night and I walked in and I purposely allowed Bill and the other gentleman walking first because I want to be walk because I understood and they walked in first and I walked it in there when I walked in place, got quiet, it had little band on the side was playing something.

It is happen to be in between sets. So I got quiet and I felt that I am not paranoid anything like that but I felt eyes and I knew and so we went all in, sat down and I think in my mind because I'm from Charleston, South Carolina in the 60s.

I said okay what would you do if they refuse to serve you now. Now let me just say when I sat down, the people was nice as they could be the waitress she was just nice and bubbly in that order. Fishing, grits, fishing in the mountains of North Carolina, Bill, this old country boy for South Carolina order fishing, grits, but the experience was great but a lot of times audience when it comes to race and it comes to culture and it comes perception even as Christians, we don't always understand we look at it through our lenses, just bring the point of clarity to my friend Bill, did you understand what happened was that was right or wrong is just that happening so I didn't think about that Odell and I think a lot of times. As Christians we have relationships with someone who's not like us in a different culture, then we don't understand what they going from going through and so that was that part and then we went and we went up the mountain. Everything was good. Then the next night it rained that night. So the next day we were going up the mountain and the truck got involved. Oh my God, you know, we don't have mountains in public housing down in the low country, Charleston, South Carolina. So we had to put on all our gear Star Trek and up the mountain and that was hard enough to go delve a little overweight is a lot overweight but he still did look at the mountain and it was wet. You have to think about mountains wet mud. So now you have to be careful where you place your feet. Now that by the time I got them out and I was competent populated doing as a bill just looked at me.

Try not to laugh, and the other didn't laugh, but I finally caught the graph. We got into deer stand and we are sitting there in about an hour later, Bill tapped me on the shoulder and said, look here, and what did you show that we were in the same deer stand and it was it was an old deer stand had little window in which to stand up look out the window every now and then so we took turns and I stuck my head out and there is a big old buck up to go, but you need to understand not just a block when these big old thing either a point or a 10 point and I you know you Christians. You know how we start stretching the truth about how big fish was a hot big buck was was is a gorgeous black wind that looked like it would've been on the calendar.

I said oh my God, thank you and Bill said I said sure Billy said no you shoot one to save. Well, you know I I wanted to you to experience getting a trophy buck. I've gotten them in the past and I wanted you to have that experience and I was there to help you and so you took your gun and you took your shot and audience. I think he had buck shakes because he wounded it then that then the fun began.

Although I got the ghost buck fever. I know if any of you have a feet experience buck fever side bills that take the shot and I'm like okay so now I'm like okay you have to hit him in the lungs and a little bit became a little bit before the shoulder and and you know something happen because next thing I knew I had a cut over my eyes with the scope or something like that and then I'm like okay but it's okay and me.

Bill gave each other the fist pump. I thought that I thought when I got out the buck will be just laying there pretty is it please. Smiling in our yard to Facebook picture was not beholden to take Bridget about going to be on Facebook. My brother the black guy with the 10.0 Facebook look at me like now even I was love all my breath, it was worth it because it was old held yeah we went there is no buck. There is nothing and John Wilson came up, he heard the shot he came up and he goes when we quested the you know the question about 200. Nobody want to hear what happened this year, but we did see a blood trail and tell about a blood trail Well, you know, I'm a Boy Scout. John Wilson's Boy Scouts were good at tracking and work. We see this trail and we start tracking this this thing took us down the mountain back up another mountain and down another one and where were in the woods and John Sauer like I see it I see it, and I never saw it but to work, which were tracking this thing and I look up nice and wears Odell will I told you a little black guy slightly overweight a little bit more weight. I was just catching my breath and hear that you can look it up and I'm going this is Odell's dear one of my tracking. Therefore, he should be down here, my brother, my brother Kristin love Kristin was out of shape and overweight out of shape and really embarrassed you block down those mountains like that well and then we we finally get to appointed lost the trail. We didn't know what happened couldn't find it. We started doing the circles and trying to figure it out, and we're all pretty tired from doing up there and Odell shot he was he was he was really tired but then the bad part about it or the good part about they become another side of mountain and no one knows the hollows of Anton's like okay now we'll some other people propping down the light nontender Black guy would probably in the place that you see black eyes I'm like okay how do I get out here without getting shot and we went in godlike careful so we finally got out. We finally got back to his property. Yet you know that was scary because I he said that these people weren't friendly good neighbors like people on the property in the got dogs like people I don't like black people that well.

I think he was implying.

I knew what he was saying and I said oh my goodness gracious and best black Fred Odell up here to get shot. Well the black guy the black preacher shot Bill you know it's funny. It's like when we go hunting that we did it. Granny's is a bear up there yet worried about the bear yeah yeah I tell you in but you in reason you words because you are the slowest runner. Maybe the slowest letter but again the public house, we don't have bears and colleges is difficult. It is interesting as we went from there and everything was great and then next year deal because Mr. Hale knows how to seize.

Let's go honey will dictate what happened. The good-looking blackeye which would be me who is full of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which will be me and Bill go Cisco honey when I was right after the 20 election.

You know that election present Trump and present by my deal. I'm not going to want to go listen man wife people all upset about this election. The last thing I want to do is go in the mountains again with the election. I don't do that and Bill, you did understand lot is what lighting you fully understand what I'm saying. Well I I viewed it is we're going to be so isolated nobody to see us and I can't lay that's likely why you yourself you and we hear shot me think also we shot a deer every shoot you and I don't want that to himself. So I guess more morning thing.

I was disappointed. I can have my fun friendship with you deer hunters. We enjoyed so much and just talking and sharing experience. In the evenings together having a meal and just it's is a great experience joy enjoying God's great nature knows interesting bill that one all situations.

I think that's the essence of Christians who have friendships between white Christian black Christian is that a part of what we have to do is listen to each other find the common ground in question, not question you like, you're the witness stand requesting you for better understanding is almost like you know that's that's why you said what's wrong in was wrong and everything else. It wasn't that was wrong, he just is not that I didn't want to go with you. I love going on with you.

I love traveling with you in the back of my mind I was somewhat concerned that my friend didn't stay. That's what hard work, and heavy lifting. Trying to get you to understand not trying to straighten you out not say Bill you wrong no no no, I'm not trying to straighten Odell out of Sam will accept me for who I am. I sent you are, we hit those rough patches like that. We talk about it not talk about each other.

We talk about the situation to try to work through that and that's the hard work that hard. It is in you know Mike my I was disappointed that you could enjoy the experience that we had because of those reasons and you know what you've done for me in our relationship.

As you've change my lenses on many things, and in other people have done it. Also, as I've grown over the last few years and you know we went to is really what civil rights trip and always other places. Every time we've done got together, something has come into us the change my lands and given us common ground to talk about your your black Democrat white Republican, good-looking black men.

Amen. It was interesting that this show is not about politics but we understand politics is in the very air we breathe. We all know what it's all about is about Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Savior get on the seas wasn't to give Caesar and give him to God was God. But the thing about it is getting pushback by having a good black frame.

No, I haven't yet put it out there and I it's all over Facebook. Your pictures of you and I and our wives together and doing things together. I haven't got any in quite frankly, I was prepared for it that somebody might say something and I was going to talk about so the whole thing somebody might say something. Mr. little depot say something like what well why you associating with him because he's black, he's Democrat or because he's good looking, which was one of those things that I understand I understand the pressures all you can have this good-looking smart black Democratic friend who have to be a preacher full of the Holy Ghost. And all this good stuff I need be combination of things. I think it's one being a Democrat Republican friends that say why why are you doing and then the other thing is just to color your skin and which I find insulting something is it because the in and I think people won't bring it up because they know I will shut down what the bill understand now black people of prejudice to some black people who don't like the fact that I hang out this white you know those color your skin so we have. I think we have bed, prejudice, bias and racism on both side and how you handle it. I dislike that's my God, I guess my duty cycle. Republicans don't you know you yeah but I said not all but some what will like I said not build my guy Bill is my guy, you know, so I don't see Bill is white. Not that I don't see color now not to make that I'm not even tell that lie. I do see color. However, what I try to do is judge people on the character not not comedy skin. I think we heard that yellow the content account cannot color skin but Bill, you have nothing good to me. We don't always agree, we don't always agree.

Sometime we disagree, but I will default is not you black personal. You white person. Are you in word are you this. Whatever we don't go that route and the whole thing about it is I think God brought us together as friends and we enjoy each other. We don't see the same thing you know you don't really think I will have the same politics that ended the day. We believe in the same God was clearly God brought us together.

There's no doubt about it and we can have that in another show will tell that experiences a great story but you know I what I find is is I listen to people in on on different views on different things. Religion politics be education whatever it is there's there's extremes on each side and end.

That frustrates me because neither of them want to give and I find it with you. We have our beliefs and are in our systems but we always moved to that common ground to that area. We find it someplace and it may be just a little sliver we build on it will bill you know to say this and I grew up in a situation where a divorced single mom of four kids lived the public housing and my mother had a massive stroke at age 20 5K so many people helped us one Christmas in particular before mother had a stroke.

We were in the projects I call public housing project, and if anyone it was this one white lady came over on Christmas Eve, I get it mixed up in my mind some time either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and I just remember couple days we had a happy evening have fruit and I little my mother said I went to eat.

It was he, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and she said I talked this lady and this lady said it have anything else to my mom this the list, but I'll make sure you and your kids get something until I looking out the window and I saw to sleep.

She had bags of groceries for us. So how can I hate white people, white lady came in blessed our family so if I didn't know better I can hate, but I so how can I hate this is hard to heat up close, my friend.

It is hard to heat up close is a Christian that lady could be with her family and grandchildren. She was with us. So how can I hate you without knowing you. Amen brother, thank you for sharing that there was an angel lady was an angel sent from God. That's I can't imagine living the experience you did to me not, I thought I came up with hardluck because ready kids.

My dad was a fireman and having money would have electricity turned off and we had old cars and old furniture made use close.

I thought we had heart and when I hear your story in and I hear stories of other people. I got all my gosh we had we had really a privileged life, but not as a victim and I apologize tears to my eyes. Tears of joy but also to use a passion, not as a victim, but God's grace and mercy God touched that woman she came out to. That's what I'm talking about Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. So how can I discriminate against God and against myself and God is like proving himself to me over and over and over again. I think as Christians we need a knowledge that we acknowledge that yes not all but some yes we have biases. Fair enough. We have prejudice. Fair enough.

We have serotypes ran off.

But we have to keep the main thing the main thing in the main thing is Jesus Christ died on the cross now since the Bible says that we can't get it with a spot or wrinkle is. Is racism a spot or wrinkle is staying in Ephesus saying we have to lie and allow the Holy Spirit to get that thing out of us we can get it built as we want to get in. Racism is all is what I call six interests between your ears while say that again I know I never did say that again racism to me is 6 inches is the distance between you two years to bring it senior bring you, you were born with racism you were taught, and so we've got a figure out a way to neutralize that and teach people to love each other and to find a common ground and you know you're sick. I appreciate you sharing that story. That's a powerful story and you know how old were you when it happened. I was probably about eight or nine years old while while so I can hear people talk about black people talk about hate like you hate when people hate white people, or will be in word not but but but what I knew is that lady got screwed over and laid rock candy cane over that really brought toys over it it it it it was no black person about the toys you know nothing is black. I'm all doubtful black male Moldovan black. However, I can't not acknowledge that she did it.

God used her to bless us and assess the truth because you can't deny the truth of the Bible says, I would judge you on what you know to be true. Were just going to remind when you're talking. That would be great to meet that lady doctor I'm sure she's in heaven now. She was old and I'm sure will bill she was operating out of faith and her faith in God. She took pity on my mother and we got bless. So please pull enough faith. We believe the faith and she changed any girl forever to tase a girl 60. Lastly, a crying good looking black I sit here crying all wiping tears away because like all God dog, Holy Spirit, what you think of the goodness of Jesus and all that he's done for you. It will make you humble in it just humbles you and you know you need be focused on the main thing if you're focused on the main thing all this other stuff become secondary. But sometimes media are friends of families take us away from the main thing simpler culture, your pressure culture.

This is a way bill. I mean how do we continue to be at a Christian's I it's phone world, the devil is running loose. He's going to try and put a different lens on your going to have Jesus lines will match this what you say to why Christians about their black friends because sometime you have black friends at work but you will have black friends at home and what I say to my black family and friends about what my white friends that sometime.

I have white friends at work but I really will have white physical we you know that kinda stuff not forcing anything on anyone because people choose to be friends with, but less try to give people permission bill that is okay to have a white Christmas ran out by Christopher in a white friend, but in any degree of everything you know is okay is okay to agree to disagree because sometimes I found as incremental, sometimes we disagree on 85% of things.

But if you find that 15% which is common ground.

Then once we get to know each other get close to being 15% turn it to 16%. Over time, we may never get sick. I leave you my wife not a matter for 35 when at the end of the day I lover and everything is good so Bill close us out with anything I would challenge your listeners to do one thing if you're black find a white person or someone talking find a token like a friend know this is not catch and release okay II okay we want to talk and Kristin. This is a catch and release one. You don't have to do a whole bunch go to The release because I got to know that you make sure people understand generally sideways when you go fishing you catch the fish and you release it, but you don't really keep it.

And so when you we don't want you to get a friend in releasing (you have black friends. We want you to keep and is supposed to release him. His whole story behind that. Go through another. Yet out of his office yelled you listen, I love you man I love you and I really just appreciate you and just doing a show together. We talked about a few years, and here it is looking God, look at all yet. And here we see that you got me crying. You got a good looking slim and trim black guy cool black guy sitting across bill's what I thanks for listening, grant is made possible by focus CFO accelerating growth for small business is more a bill in Odell, ground parking is available on all weather here. A big, medium, or small business managing and growing. The bottom line is important focus, CFO brings the experience and financial acumen of the Fortune 100, chief financial officer to your company at a fraction of the cost help internal reporting processes for any business transitions or focus CFO will help you and your team have a CFO in your company's back pocket. Focus CFO and more focus, This is the Truth Network

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