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Lightning Round Questions

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah
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June 21, 2024 6:00 am

Lightning Round Questions

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah

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June 21, 2024 6:00 am

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In this episode of Clearview Today, Dr. Shah answers your user submitted questions.

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You're welcome. The verse of the day today is coming from Matthew 6, verse 21. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Oh, we've got a lot to say on this today.

But what I will say is, I think this is one of the verses that I really, really love, because it's convicting. As a guy, I'm really into stuff. I like my things, my computer, my comic books, my tech, all these microphones, this show. I really love to collect things. And you've got to be careful not to make it your treasure, especially me.

I think everybody's like this, just with different things. But when you're in this field, you can trick yourself into thinking, if I get all the stuff, then I'm legitimate. I'm a legitimate show. I've got the best mics and the best lights and the best cameras. And so once you get all that stuff, that's what makes us legitimate.

Rather than saying, what we're talking about is the word of the living and true God who wants to change hearts and minds all across this country. And that's what makes this show legitimate. And that mindset is such a trap, the comparison game. If only I had this, or when I get that, then I will have arrived. Then I'll be successful.

Then I'll be you fill in the blank with whatever adjective you want to. But there's never an end point. There's never a logical stopping point. Because what we're truly desiring is Christ. It's kind of like a cliche phrase now, but there's a God-shaped hole inside each one of us.

The only thing that can satisfy that eternal desire woven into who we are is a relationship with Christ. That's 100% right. I promised myself, I made a promise coming into the studio today, that I was not going to turn this into a gripe vine. I knew we were going to talk about it. I've got to break that promise.

Oh no. Welcome to the gripe vine! We've got some theme music coming for the gripe vine shortly. The gripe was going to be with David. But I realize now, the gripe is with you. What? The gripe? No! I've been holding on to this since... I was sideswiped by a gripe! I've been holding on to this since Wyoming. I think you set David up for failure.

In Wyoming? You said, I'm going to explain. How? I'm going to explain. So we told the story...

I have nothing if not charming and delightful. We hinted at this last week, talking about David's... Is that the new cowboy hat that you bought in Wyoming? It looks good. We hinted about the shirt. I'm going to talk about the shirt. David tried on the shirt... Which looks great, by the way.

I assume that we're going to get to that. Look at that. It looks great. With the hat, too.

With the hat. I'm just well put together here. I agree.

I think you've put a lot of effort into your look, and I respect that. I see this going south for me. This is going to go south like Sherman. Everyone's going to be like, why is he bullying David? I'm not.

I believe in David, and I think David has the confidence to pull off anything he wants to pull off. Let's go ahead and say that. We hinted at the shirt. I saw you try on the shirt. I genuinely, in my heart of hearts, believed you were goofing. Then everybody around us, starting with Ryan, this is in Wyoming, in the same store that he bought the hat, was like, oh my gosh, David, you are working that cowboy shirt.

Everybody was smiling, laughing, making eye contact with me. I was like, why are y'all... He's believing it. He's actually liking the shirt. Then David asked me, he was like, what do you think?

I was like, I thought you were joking. It's such a... It's a bold statement. Would you wear it? Would I wear it? No, it's not my style. Exactly. But that doesn't have to be my style.

There are things that I think would look good on you that I would not wear, but I think it's David's style, and I think he wears it well. One thing is I'm coming into this as I'm aging, like fine wine over here. You're 24. Five. 25? Yeah, I'm 25. I'm starting to learn that my style is more of a country kind of Western, the cowboy hat, the boots.

You know, I tried everything else. You used to dress up in like suits and ties and stuff. Yeah, I know. That is true. You would like roll into work in a three-piece suit.

That was a different period. Okay, fine. I'm starting to figure out what my style is. So one, Western is more my style. Two, whether or not they were like building me up to like, oh, look at that shirt. I was probably going to get the shirt.

I refuse to believe it. Because did you see the red shirt? The red one that had the cowboys on it? That one was worse. I almost got that one, and nobody said anything about that one.

Everybody liked the blue one. So everybody started trying on the cowboy shirts. I have pictures. Yes.

We can drop the pictures in there if you want. I got a shirt. Yeah, you tried on a cowboy shirt.

Like if it's like burgundy maroon paisleys with pearl button. Nicholas tried on a cowboy shirt. And he got it. He got it. Everybody was trying on it.

And maybe this is the genesis of it. I was like, all right, I'll try on a cowboy shirt. I came out, everyone was like ... You know what? I'll tell you why. Why? Because you didn't walk out confidently the rest of us did.

You walked out like... We got to go to break. We're going to bring Dr. Shylin on this. Again, I'm not bullying David. I'm trying to protect David from getting bullied, because when I saw everybody jumping on that, they were like, David. You can't bully someone that looks like this. That's you. You can't bully someone that looks like this.

I was like, why are y'all setting him up for this? I thought it looked good. I was being honest. Do you still? Yes, I think it looks good. I think it looks great. The cowboy shirt. I think it looks great.

I think it does. I wouldn't wear it. It's not my style. Let's break. David and I are going to go to a Ron White comedy special later, and then we'll report back. Write in and let us know if someone has ever either discouraged you or jumped on the bandwagon with your fashion choices and how that influenced your purchases.

252-582-5028, or you can visit us online at We'll be back after this. What's going on, listeners? My name is Jon.

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Again, that's 336-759-0363. Well, Jon, are you ready? I was born ready, my friend. Let's hop right back in. All right. Welcome back to Clearview Today with Dr. Abbadon Shah, the daily show that engages mind and heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can visit us online at

If you have any questions or suggestions for new topics, send us a text to 252-582-5028. That's right. And we are here live once again in the Clearview studio with Dr. Questions today. I don't know what that means.

It's here. Time for lightning round questions today. But before we get to that, I do want to introduce you because Dr. Questions also is a PhD in New Testament textual criticism, professor at Carolina University, author, full-time pastor and the host of today's show. You can find all his work also at his website. Same exact URL.

It's Interestingly for you, conveniently for us. Dr. Questions, the fans want to know, if you would just turn your attention to the screen, how much confidence does that guy have to have to make that shirt work? Because I've got some people in the studio saying that the only thing that makes that not work is confidence. I'd like to hear how much confidence does that guy have to have for that shirt and that hat not to look silly. Oh my word. If you're just listening and you're not watching, this is a picture of me. This is not a picture of David. Everybody jumped on David's and was like, this looks great. And this is John Galantis wearing a Western outfit.

Allegedly. And everyone is just saying, oh, if you just had been confident, it would look fine. So my question is how much confidence, cause that doesn't look good. What do you think? If you would rate it, Dr. Questions, just a scale of one to 10. If you were about to go on a trail ride and you were like, or you were going to go to the rodeo, I would say yes.

It's a 10 out of 10. I would also say he's not going to get any date tonight. No, that guy's going alone. That guy's going and he's got a spare ticket and he's trying to hand it out to women at the gate. But now let me tell you what will change the whole thing. You got to have a belt buckle.

Yeah, true. So this will work and you'll get a date if you get the right belt buckle. And those jeans, I was just about to say that you need different jeans, different jeans. They need to be like stark blue jeans. Yes.

Yes. And plus I don't see your boots. Where are your boots? True. I was wearing, I was wearing these boots right here. These are not cowboy boots.

I feel like the shades are going to need to change as well. Yeah. Yeah. And we can make this work. And he thinks this is a life for me.

I really can make this work. Look at the shelf behind you on the back wall there. See those jeans there? Those jeans is what it's got to be. And the belt buckle. And the belt buckle.

And the glasses got to go. You got the, you got the tie, but you didn't get a cowboy shirt. I mean you got the cowboy tie. No, you got the tie.

Yes. Where's the cowboy shirt? That was Colorado? That was South Dakota. South Dakota.

South Dakota. And the guy loved my cowboy shirt. The guy who owned the cowboy shirt, the store in Cody.

He's like, he just like reached out where he's trying to stay from. Let me see where you got that from. Where did you get that shirt from? I love that shirt. I'm like, well, thank you. And then he gave me the tie by the way.

Oh yeah, that's true. He gave you the tie for free. For free. $50 tie.

Do you remember the name of his store? No. Well, shout out to the guy in Wyoming. We appreciate you.

Appreciate you very much. Yeah. Back by popular demand today is lightning round questions. Dr. Sean, Ryan, do you want to explain what lightning round questions is? I got to, I got to do this one right here.

I would absolutely love to. There you go. Lightning round questions.

Every Friday here on the Clearview Today Show, lightning strikes every Friday. That's right. We're going to take your questions that you texted into that number 252-582-5028. And we're going to pose them to Dr. Questions. The first one is coming to us answered here. Yeah.

Right here on the Clearview Today Show. First one's coming to us from Tommy K. What do you think the K stands for, my friend? Cowabunga. Tommy Cowabunga with a K writes, what is a book that you have yet to preach on and would like to? I guess I mean like a book of the Bible. Yeah. Yeah.

Wow. What a great question. I have preached on pretty much every major book in the Bible. I would love to walk to the book of Hebrews because book of Hebrews is often misunderstood as if you lose your salvation. And there are there are six warning passages in the book of Hebrews and on first reading in the English translation, it may seem like it's talking about losing salvation, but it's not. I have covered them like in a, in a one sermon at one time, but I would love to walk through and capture the real essence of the book of Hebrews.

That would be really cool. And then bring it out. And I did that sometime back if I'm not wrong. I remember us talking about that because it's a passage where people will look at it and they'll talk about like, oh yeah, this is people walking away from the faith, this is people turning away. But you explained that that's not actually what we're talking about.

I think we did that on the show as well. It was a second generation who were struggling with not having identity and I believe Paul wrote Hebrews, but it doesn't hinge on that. Right. But this was written to help them stay grounded.

Don't walk away because this is it. That's what Hebrews, so I would love to preach in the book of Hebrews. At one point, I know the answer to that was Colossians, but then in our college and career ministry, our Sunday night, you kind of went through the book of Colossians. I would love to do Colossians too.

I was going to say, do you count that as like, Hey, I went through it or are you just like, no, it needs to be no, it needs to be because I've done it for our college and career, but when I do for college and career, I'm kind of more application heavy. I do my exegesis, but I don't bring it out in my preaching, in my teaching time. But when I preach, I mean, it's good enough to be a paper. Albeit it hasn't been written, but it's good enough to be in a journal. So every message that I preach, I kind of prepare it that way.

I would love to do Colossians as well. There you go. A big thank you to Tommy K. All right.

Next question. Our next question is coming to you from Linda B. John, what do you think the B stands for? Lee stands for gotta be Linda Belcher, right? Can you read it as Linda Belcher? I don't know if I can do her accent well enough. Bobby, what's your favorite old Testament book, Bobby?

There you go. I wish Abigail was here. Abigail is our daughter who loves that show, Bob's Burgers. And she got me watching on it, watching the show.

I have, I'm like two seasons behind it now. But anyways, what is my favorite old Testament book? Because you're a new Testament scholar.

So a lot of people think that new Testament scholars only stick with new Testament and don't read the old Testament at all. Yeah. Wow. I would too. My goodness. This is, this is a tough one.

These are tough questions. I'm getting ready to preach through judges. And I am very excited about this book because I haven't preached on judges yet. I preach like passages here and there, like a little bit on Gideon or Samson, but I haven't systematically walked through the book of judges and very quickly it's becoming one of my favorite books. Can you talk to that for a second? Like, yeah. Judges is a really great book.

Can you talk to that? Like, cause for people who don't preach regularly, what is the difference between I'm just going to take these stories as they kind of apply to my point versus let's walk through the book. So since it's lightning round and we've been told by one of our guests to keep it quick, quick, quick.

So I'm going to keep it quick. What I do is I take the time to read through the major articles on the book of judges that are found in the dictionary of old Testament. I'll read anchor Bible dictionary. I'll read some of these major theological books and then I get the essence of the book that I'm going to preach on from the Bible. Then I also go to websites like, like at law, which is a research site to see what are the latest articles on the book that I'm going to read, preach from or the passage that I'm preaching from.

So what I've found here is judges is a very, very interesting book because it is almost like satire. It's talking about this, this, the people we know as Hebrews have become Israelites, but they are on the brinks of losing the land. They're about to lose the land. Right. And they've not been in it for very long. They haven't been in there for maybe 100, 120 years.

And they're on the brinks of losing the land. And so these characters rise up like Samson and Gideon and Deborah and Barack and all these, they're very interesting because they're not just like, Oh, I want to be like him. Oh yeah, I love that. They're all weird. They're like outlaws. They're very unusual.

Yeah. It's like the old West. They're all weird. Like Gideon is like a scaredy cat. Samson is like this, this, this man who we cannot tell why is he so strong.

And if his power is in his hair. That's odd. That's peculiar. So a lot of weirdness goes on.

So, but it was in a sense, God was reflecting to the people their condition. So anyways, so that's, I'm excited about judges. Shout out Linda B. Thank you so much for your question. And thank you for the burgers.

Thank you for the burgers. Next up, Jonathan L. wants to know what's the best message you've ever heard your dad preach? Oh, wow.

These are some deep questions this week. One of the best ones I heard him preach. Or just one of your favorites. But do I remember?

Let's just put it that way. He's preached so many, God, so many messages, but he preached one called my second trip to the cross. Ooh.

Yeah. And I sort of plagiarized that. When I first started preaching, one of my first messages or probably my first message with my second trip to the cross in that he talks about how, you know, once you visit the cross and you find salvation, the second trip to the cross is when you plant your own cross. Ooh. And this is, you know, pick up your cross, deny yourself and follow me.

So how do you do that? What does that mean? Is there any audio do you think of that, of that, or transcript of that sermon anywhere floating around? I think so.

I have some points because I have got, I've got his notes and, and so I have, I have that as a transcript. That's awesome. Cool. That's awesome.

Jonathan L., thank you so much for your question. Coming up next is Travis R. Travis, or John, what do you, what do you think the R stands for? Oh man, that's gotta be railroad. Travis railroad. Travis railroad. A hundred percent. Yeah. Wow.

Travis railroad. Did we even say what Jonathan L. was? We didn't. That's Jonathan Linguini. Oh, I was going to say Lipnicki. There you go. Wow. Deep pull. Alright, Travis railroad.

Travis railroad. Who is your favorite secular historical figure? I would, Cyrus, the King of Persia. Oh, nice. Yeah.

Okay. Who freed the Jewish people and told them to go back home and rebuild their lives. Cyrus was an amazing guy. We've, we've read the book on leadership, Cyrus's leadership principles. Amazing book. Nice. Go read it. Yep.

I promise you, you will not regret it. Is it, is it Cyrus the Great? Is that the book? Yeah. Okay.

Yeah. I think I've, I have not read the entire thing, but that is a fantastic book. The way that book opens up is really, really cool.

How you lead people, how you understand the dynamics of conversation and, and how do you lead the people at different levels? I mean, it's an amazing book. It is. It is. Travis R. Thank you so much for writing in. Next question is coming to us from Christopher J. I think this is one of your questions, Ryan. Christopher J, who do you think, what do you think that stands for? Christopher J stands for Jumanji. Christopher Jumanji wants to know best onscreen Batman.

Oh my goodness. It's gotta be Adam West, right? I do like Adam West, but I mean, I won't, I won't pick him.

Best onscreen Batman. So you got Keaton. Michael Keaton. Clooney. George Clooney. Christian Bale. Val Kilmer. Val Kilmer. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Val Kilmer. Robert Pattinson. And I feel like we don't even need to say Ben Affleck, but there's no way you bet Ben Affleck.

Dr. Questions, who's your favorite onscreen? I did like Michael Keaton. Yeah. I did enjoy Michael Keaton.

Just go with the original. Yeah, I did. I mean, that's when he had Jack Nicholson in there. And I forgot who else was in there. Danny DeVito is the Penguin. Was that still Michael Keaton in the second one? That was, yeah.

No. Or was that Val Kilmer? No, that was Val Kilmer. I think, yeah, I can't remember. I get all those mixed up, and I remember those I have not seen. It was the original one was with Jack Nicholson.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. I think George Clooney was the very, very last one, right? That was like Batman Forever.

And by that point, they were like, let's stop. He was Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Oh, okay. Okay. When they had Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and Schwarzenegger as Mr.

Freeze. Yeah, those were movies were a wild ride. I'm really glad. They were fun. They were campy.

They were good for their time. But I'm glad Christopher Nolan came on the scene. For me, I think I would say it's between Bale and Pattinson. Pattinson's Batman, he didn't say that. Both are very good.

He didn't say a whole lot. I think Christian Bale kind of redefined the onscreen Batman. I think Christian Bale, his Bruce Wayne can't be topped. And I don't think it'll ever be topped. I agree. That is the quintessential. His gravelly voice, I feel like was a little much.

But yeah, I agree onscreen Bruce Wayne. Thank you so much, Christopher Jay for writing in. Ryan, you want to read the next one, my friend? Sure. This one comes from Randy M. What do you think the M stands for?

Randy Miletus. Okay. Randy Miletus wants to know, do you relate to more Indian characters in TV and films or do you not really notice? Indian characters in TV and films are just over the top. So that's what I was going to ask you. Over the top.

I don't know. So you don't watch Big Bang Theory, but I'm trying to think if there's other like what other Indian characters are there? Like in New Girl, like CeCe.

Oh, wait, wait. You're talking about Indian characters in American TV. I was thinking Indian characters like in Indian TV, because they're like, they just overdo it. There's a culture that... Like in Bollywood?

Yeah. Like it's very deprived, you know, very poor. And so movies is where you go and you get to do everything that you'll never, ever get to do in real life. So you dance in the streets, you... Like wear the bright, vibrant colors and all that stuff. You play cricket and you are hitting home runs.

I mean, you know, I'm trying to give it a baseball language. So I was like, I don't relate to any of these Indian characters on TV. Nobody does. Even the characters don't relate to themselves. This is fantastic.

This is just absolutely not going to ever happen. But American movies or films, do I relate to them? Not really. Not really. I don't know. Yeah.

This doesn't... I don't fit. Yeah. That's a good point.

Maybe others will disagree and say you do fit. There are people in America from India who do sound like... Who's the guy, Nicholas, from Simpsons? Apu.

Apu. Yeah. They do talk like that.

And then who else do we have? Those Indian characters on some of the... I always go to Raj Kuthurpalli from Big Bang Theory. Yeah.

Raj is a good example. That was a great example. And then there was also, what was that, Sweet Life of... Of Zack and Cody? Wasn't there... Oh, the bellhop?

No, no. He was not a bellhop. He was one of the kids.

The bellhop was Hispanic. Or was it like Sweet Life on Deck? It was... Oh, I know who you're talking about. Come on, Ryan. Get it. Get it.

My Disney's failing me. He... No, no, no, no. Baljeet as well from Phineas and Ferb. He was in Debbie, the show Debbie too with... No, Jesse with Debbie Ryan. He was one of the kids. Yeah. Do y'all remember Sanjay from Fairly Odd Parents? He was one. Oh, then on The Office, the guy who comes to fix the computers, and Michael Scott thinks he's a terrorist. Oh, yeah. I hadn't even thought about that. It's all... Yeah.

There are people who are like that. I just don't connect. Got you. Very cool.

Thank you so much. Who was that? Christopher... Who wrote... Randy.

Randy M. Randy M. Thank you, Randy. This one is kind of... This one is not as fun, but it is kind of a serious thing that we should probably ask. David R., my child's school is teaching a critical race theory.

What should I do? Oh, pray. Yeah. Speak out, because this is not a good thing. It's coming from a fundamental... I don't know how to say this, but it is very detrimental to our...

Dangerous to our society, because it divides people without giving them a chance to ever reconcile, giving them a chance to ever fix the problem. Yeah, of course, we can talk about racism being in America or in our history, but when you... CRT, what it does is it says that this is who you are. This cannot change. You have to accept that, and now you have to work from that premise.

Yes. And that's who you are, and that's who you'll always be. And I get it. There are some people are like that. So I understand, but when you put everybody in the same category, then we are enemies, and we hate each other. And that's what some of these elements want. So I sympathize with you.

I'll tell you, get your child in some of the school. Yeah, we'll be praying for you for sure. It's not a good thing. Thank you for writing in, David.

Yeah, absolutely. Our next question is coming from Walt P. John, what do you think the P stands for? Oh, man, that's Pizza Face. Walt Pizza Face.

The guy is 85 years old. Wow. Walt.

All right, you want to try another one. Walt. I'm a kinder one. Walt.

I don't got one. Picket Fence. Walt Picket Fence.

There you go. All right, Walt Picket Fence. He says, I'm approaching my 85th birthday soon. Wow. Happy birthday, Walt. Happy early birthday to you. Happy birthday. I'll give you a little applause.

There you go. Happy birthday to you, Walt. I just found your podcast, and the lessons are life changing, and I wish I knew about this sooner. Can I still learn and apply your teachings late in life? Well, some things we can learn from you.

I mean, at 85 years old, maybe we need to hear from you and learn some things from you. Yeah, the lessons we have here are for any age, any period in life, no matter what you're going through. And bottom line is, of course, we talk about Jesus Christ, but we also laugh. That's right.

And laughter is for every age, and I hope you'll never stop laughing. That's right. Yeah? Because if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, it's a win-win situation. You know Jesus Christ, you're going to heaven, and then we die. We go to heaven. That's right. I mean, we win in this life and in the life to come.

So I hope you can apply these principles, or please, anything we can ever do, or you have some wisdom to share, please share with us. Also, shout out to an 85-year-old person texting in to the radio. Yeah. And listening to podcasts, man.

That's very special. Thank you, Walt. You said 85 and late in life, man. You might just be getting started, so chill out. Give yourself some credit, buddy. Well, if y'all okay with it, go ahead and text us your address. We're going to send you some free stuff.

We'll send you one of Dr. Shah's books for writing in to the show, because you're the man. Yes. Next question. Next question is from Henry B. Henry B.

What do you think the B stands for? Blackaby. Henry Blackaby.

That's a real person, isn't it? I know. He died this year. Did he really?

Experiencing God. Oh, yeah. This year or last year? This year, I think.

I want to say this year. I met his grandson at one point. It's probably not Blackaby, then, if he- No, it was Henry Blackaby. No, I'm saying this question. Oh, no, you don't know. It could be a different Henry Blackaby.

Maybe it's his grandson. Henry Blackaby wants to know, what's a typical bucket list item that you want to do or that you've done and it's cracked up to be? Everything that was on my bucket list, it cracked up to be everything that I was hoping it would be. You never had any regrets on the bucket list? Never disappointed. Very nice. I don't think so.

I don't think so. What was one that really stood out to you that you were like, I have to do this before I die? I love several. Being on the Temple Mount was a big thing for me.

I wanted to be in Jerusalem, go on the Temple Mount where the Jewish Temple used to be. Then, what, six years ago, I was able to go seven years ago for the first time, and then I went since then twice more. I think we've got time for one more, Ryan. Oh, thank you, by the way, Henry, for writing that in, Mr. Blackaby, sir. If you want to read Paul Gee's that very last one. Paul Gee? What do you think the G stands for? Goat man. Paul Goat man. Or Goatman, really. Paul Goatman. Yes, sir.

Goatman, sure. Paul Goatman wants to know, what podcast are you listening to other than The Clearview Today Show, of course? I do listen to Maxwell's Leadership Podcast.

Nice. I think it's great. I listen to Harvard Leadership Podcast. It's like a Harvard Business Review podcast that comes out. I listen to it time to time, not as regularly, but I do listen to them. They're great. But I listen to a lot of Audible.

I'm reading several books right now through Audible. Very cool. Yeah. Very cool.

Shout out to John Maxwell. Thank you guys so much for your questions. This was Lightning Round. Let me just go on ahead and do all these right there. Lightning Strikes right here every Friday. Every single Friday. Send in your questions to The Clearview Today Show.

Dr. Questions, thank you so much for being with us today, my friend. Thank you for having me. Now we've got to wait for the music to die out.

No, we'll keep going. Send in your questions to 252-582-5028, or you can visit us online at Don't forget, you can partner with us financially on that same website. Scroll to the bottom, click that donate button, and let us know it's coming from our Clearview Today Show. That's right.

That's right. John, I want to encourage you to have our listeners this weekend. As always, make sure that you go find a church somewhere in your community that is worshiping the Lord.

Check back with us on Monday, because we're going to be here with some brand new content for you, for your family, for your community, and for your church. For you, your family, and everyone you love. All of them. Dishonor on you, on your cow.

All of them. Dishonor on him. Dishonor, dishonor. No, but it's spiritual blessings in the form of The Clearview Today Radio Show.

That's what it is. Have a great weekend. We love you guys. We'll see you Monday on Clearview Today.
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