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Wednesday, April 12th | B.A.S.S Master Legacy Night

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah
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April 12, 2023 9:00 am

Wednesday, April 12th | B.A.S.S Master Legacy Night

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah

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April 12, 2023 9:00 am

In this show, Dr. Shah has a special guest come on and talk about an upcoming fishing event at Clearview.

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Hello, everyone. Today is Wednesday, April the 12th. I'm Ryan Hill.

I'm John Galantis. And you're listening to Clearview Today with Dr. Abbadon Shah, the daily show that engages mind and heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can visit us online at, or if you have any questions for Dr. Shah or suggestions for future episodes, send us a text at 252-582-5028, or you can email us at contact at

That's right. You guys can help us keep this conversation going by supporting this podcast, sharing it online, leaving us a good review on iTunes or Spotify, anywhere you might get your podcasting content from. We're going to leave a couple of links in the description of this podcast so you can do just that. Before we do anything else, I want to hit them hard with the verse of the day.

Hit them hard. Dude, I'm going to club somebody over the head with a baseball bat with the Word of God, and I'm going to do it right now. This comes from a book that we don't really talk a lot about. This is from Amos, or Amos, however you want to say it. Amos. Amos. I'm trying to get the New King James Version.

Here we go. This is from Amos 5.14. Seek good and not evil that you may live, so the Lord God of hosts will be with you as you have spoken. I love that verse because it talks about what you're seeking. A lot of times we just think about life passively happening to us, but you are actively pursuing something with your life. You are either pursuing a relationship with God and you're pursuing opportunities to make Him known, to make Christ visible, to impact other people, or you are pursuing some form of self-edification or gratification or promotion, something like that. But you are going to be chasing after something.

What or who you are chasing after is up to you. And it's funny you say that because those are not things that we would say evil. It says seek good, not evil. But nobody really takes a good, hard look at themselves and says, you know, I think I'm seeking evil.

I'm laying up treasures of wickedness today. But think about that. Think about what evil does. Evil nurses grudges. It spreads gossip. It feeds into lust. And it seeks to serve self. So is that what you're seeking? A lot of times that's what I'm seeking.

I'm seeking to nurse some bitterness or to spread some gossip or to just serve myself and make myself happy. But God longs to be with us. He's promised to never leave us. And so where He goes, where His character and where His righteousness and His goodness goes, that's where we long to be.

That's what I want to seek after. That's right. Amen. Do you like my, do you like my, do you like my, do you like my shirt? Yeah, I like your shirt. It's a little jealous. It's bright. It's got a lot of logos on it. The radio audience cannot see it.

Many. We'll talk about this a little bit later in the episode, but this was a gift from a very dear friend who is actually on the episode today. You'll see him in just a few minutes. I think we should, we should go grab him. We should go grab him. So we're going to be talking today. You've met him before.

It's our friend, Curtis Vick. And we're going to be talking about an upcoming event here at our church, Clearview, that is an outreach opportunity for fishermen, which is something that is a little bit unusual, but I'm excited because not only about this event, but about the heart behind it to see men step up and lead. I don't want to give away too much. We're going to go get him and Dr. Shaw in just a second, talk more about this event and how you can be involved, how you can partner with us. But as we're doing that, as you're listening to the commercial break, if you have any questions or suggestions for new topics, send us a text to 252-582-5028 or visit us online at We'll be right back. Hey there, listeners.

I'm Jon Galantis, and I'm Ellie Galantis. And we just want to take a quick second and talk to you about Dr. Shaw's and Nicole's book, 30 Days to a New Beginning, Daily Devotions to Help You Move Forward. You know, this is actually the second book in the 30 Days series. And the whole point of this devotional is to help us get unstuck from the ruts of life. You know, when it comes to running the race of life, it matters how you start, but a bad start doesn't ultimately determine how you finish the race. You can have a good finish even with a bad start, and that's where this book comes in. No matter who you are or where you are in life, you're going to get stuck.

Instead of going out and buying some gadget or some planner, like I know I've done several times. I know that's right. 30 Days encourages you to find your fresh start in God's Word. Life doesn't have a reset button, but our God is a God who does new things.

His mercies are new every day, which means every day is a new chance for you to start over. You can grab 30 Days to a New Beginning on We're going to leave a link in the description box below. And if you already have the book, let us know what you think about it.

That's right. Send us a text, 252-582-5028. Share what God has done in your life through this devotional. Hey, maybe we'll even read your story on the air. Ellie, you ready to get back to the show?

Let's do it. Welcome back to Clear View Today with Dr. Abbadon Shah, the daily show that engages mind and heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can visit us online at, or if you have any questions or suggestions for new topics, send us a text at 252-582-5028.

That's right. And if today's your very first time ever joining us here on the Clear View Today show, we want to make you feel welcome. Let you know who's talking to you today. Dr. Abbadon Shah is a PhD in New Testament textual criticism, professor at Carolina University, author, full-time pastor, and the host of today's show.

You can find all of his work on his website at Dr. Shah, I got to say. We have the shirts.

We have the shirts. Guys, I'm looking pretty stinking good. I'm not going to lie. Man, Curtis Vick is with us on the podcast today. Welcome back. Glad to have you on the show again. Thank you. Thank you.

I guess I did pretty good the last time to get invited back. I got to say, we're a radio medium first and foremost. But if you are not watching on video, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? You're missing out. What are you doing? You're missing out, man.

Park the car. Pull it up on Facebook right now. Watch the video. Because you can see our fun shirts. These look phenomenal.

They look really cool. For those of you who don't understand what you're looking at or maybe you're listening on the radio, we've got these fishing jerseys that Curtis had made for us. They have all of our Clearview logos on the shirts. We have the Clearview Church logo and we've got the sports ministry and the Salt and Light and Awana over here and then Kindle.

There's everything on there. It's Clearview on a shirt. I love it.

It's my favorite. I bought a fishing shirt years ago. Not years ago.

I'm talking years and years. Three years ago I bought it. I loved it. I was like, wow, this is great. Then Curtis gave me his shirt, which was year before last. I'm like, wow, that's a great shirt and it has a Clearview logo on it.

But then to have this, I'm going to wear this Sunday morning. Talk about branding. It's awesome.

No kidding. It looks really good. Branding game is on point. Branding game is on point.

On point. The thing about these fishing shirts is they're so good. They're light, they're airy. When you're out there and it's hot, you feel cool.

If it's cool, you just feel just right. They're great. Is it like one of those shirts that have the flap on the back that lets that air get up in it?

Not really. They're moisture wicking. They're performance t-shirts is what they are. I got to give a shout out to Fusion Custom Apparel for designing it. A few weeks ago, I asked Ryan to give me the logos, a vectored image of all the logos and he got them over, I think, the next day. I sent them off to my guy and I said, listen, I want you to have fun with this. Design me something and send me a proof. That's what he came up with. That's really awesome.

It looks incredible. I grew up in the South. Our church is in deep South Bible Belt. There's a lot of outdoorsy men. A lot of times they'll come, maybe not on Sunday mornings, but our Saturday night services, I'll see a lot of guys.

They'll come in and they've been on the lake all day. I would see them in these t-shirts, but they had this cape on the back. I didn't grow up as an outdoorsy guy. I was not into fishing or any of that stuff. But your dad was.

My dad was, but I wasn't. I didn't really see him wear those shirts a lot. I would make fun of him and I'd be like, why you got this little cape on the back of your shirt? My wife was like, those are fishing shirts. They wear those because they've been out fishing all day. I do have a couple of those shirts like that. I'm familiar with them. I do.

They are, especially when you're offshore fishing on the ocean and stuff, but bass fishing when you're trying to promote an image or brand or something like that, you got to be dressed to the T. That's it? Amen. I love it.

I love it. Well, Curtis is on the show with us today. We've had you on the show before talking about this upcoming event, the Bassmaster Legacy Night. It's an event we're hosting here at Clearview and we can talk about the logistics of what the event is.

Dr. Shaw, I know this is something that's been near and dear to your heart for a while. It's coming up on April 29th. We're very excited about that. It's on a Saturday.

Guys, you have no excuse. Honestly, get in here as soon as you can. Get your information in.

Sign up as soon as you can because it's going to fill up fast. That's right. We've already had a lot of people talking about it, a lot of excitement around the event. We want to talk about what the event is, but let's talk about the why behind the event. What is the heart behind this Legacy Night?

We talked about it briefly last time, but Curtis, you want to just fill in our listeners, the people who are watching the show. What is the Bassmaster Legacy Night? The Bassmaster Legacy Night is geared toward bringing people to Christ, people in a field that maybe have never even been into a church before and trying to gain those souls for Christ and to be able to promote that.

It is an event that's geared toward men in general, not just by nature, but it's open to anybody, but it is open to anyone. Men, women, children, all alike, please come out and join the event. We're going to have some great prizes.

We're going to do a meal right before the event starting around 5.30, I think, and then the event will be from 6 to 8. Huge names in the sports of bass fishing that is coming out. All of us actually will be fishing in the Bass Open that following week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It's going to be an awesome time. We're talking about professionals like Bobby Lane, Blake Smith.

We had him on the episode the last time. That's right. I got to give a shout out to them. They're getting ready to fish the Toledo Bend Reservoir tournament this weekend. Huge time for them, so good luck to all those guys that's going to be fishing that. The event's here to bring people to Christ.

Blake shared a stat the last time, I think the last time that he mentioned that they had about 850 people that had been saved through this event. That's amazing. That's amazing. That's amazing. That's amazing. Dr. Shaw, I know that's something that's kind of been on your mind, is gearing ministry towards men, setting the men up as leaders in the church, but then also finding those avenues to bring men into the church that may not have had an avenue into the church before.

That's right. Again, I want to emphasize we reach all people. I don't care who you are. As long as you have a soul, we'll come after you because Jesus died for you.

Whether man, woman, boy, girl, doesn't matter if you're American or international, doesn't matter where you come from, how much you make, none of that makes a difference. We are always soul focused. But at the same time, looking at a church, an average church, you don't see men. You see that part missing as a father or a husband and a son.

So I have, through the years, we prayed over this, you know, God help us to reach men and do things that we can, whether in how we do our service or how I preach or how our ministries are lined up, that we can bring men, you know, that they will feel comfortable coming in and you know, let the gospel make them uncomfortable, but do everything possible to win them in. And this Bass Masters event is one of those things. You get to meet people you typically will not meet. You know, they're busy. They're in pictures and magazines and posters. They're here.

You can walk up and talk to them. For those who don't operate in this realm, they're not meant to be exposed to some of those names. Can you give us some perspective, Curtis, on how, like where these guys rank in the fishing world? Like how big a name are we talking here? So I keep talking about Bobby Lane and you're talking about a guy that won Redcrest for the major league fishing series last year. Redcrest is probably the pinnacle of bass fishing in the major league fishing series. Basically, you have to win your way into that event.

And he won that event with two minutes left to go on the clock on a relay. So in that series, at that level, they do what they call catch, weigh, and release. So they catch a fish, a boat official weighs it, and then they release the fish back pretty much where they call to that, which is pretty sustainable for the fishery itself. But it can lead to some very exciting finishes. Bass fishermen have no quit in them for the most part. They're going till the clock is out.

They're going till the clock is out. And I got to talk about my last event on Carl Lake here. That actually happened to me. I was going into the one o'clock hour at 3 o'clock, and I caught two fish in the last two hours.

That put me, I ended up finishing seventh in that tournament. So, and I'll segue into this. You know, we've got epic baits here.

You can probably see it on the screen. This is some of the giveaways that we're going to be giving away coming up at the event. Some epic tungsten, oops.

You want to tell them what it is just for our radio audience as well? Yeah. So epic baits is, it's fishing weights. It's a prize pack, not a prize pack, but a giveaway for the event. It's a sticker, it's a koozie, and it's a three pack of a quarter ounce tungsten weights.

Very hard to find right now, it might I say. Really? Okay. This is a high value commodity. It is.

And it's, so I want to give epic baits a shout out on that for coming through for me on that. We appreciate that. Very much so.

And then Credo Automotive out of Southfield, they're going to donate some other prize item as well. So I do appreciate them. Absolutely. But just again, getting men into church, and now from my testimony standpoint, when I came to this church, my wife was the head of household when it comes to our faith. And this church has helped change that for us. Since I've been at this church, I've baptized my entire family.

Thank you for that, Dr. Shaw, man. And I watch how my own children develop through it. And that's one of the reasons why I wear my Clearview logo on my jersey. Every Bass jersey I have has the Clearview logo on it. And it's not, I'm not a paid sponsor by Clearview. They just sponsor my faith.

So I think it's worth keeping it on there. I love that. I remember the first time Curtis asked me, he said, do you mind if I do that? I said, no, I was going to say, I mean, do you want us to like sponsor you? I mean, do you want us to do something? Like, no, I just want to put the logo on if that's okay. I was like, yeah.

You'll be out there fishing with Clearview logo on. That's the first, go for it, please. I love it. I love the, but I love the way you put that is that you sponsor my faith in that there's a, there's a, there's an exchange of, you know, a spirit of encouragement, you know what I mean? And a spirit of life. And like you said, you, you're bringing your family here, you've baptized your family.

And so now there's, there's investment, there's buy-in. You see that there's men here that maybe we're in the same place as you. And so that heart behind it, I think is what encourages me, you know, because again, we're not all into fishing and outdoorsy stuff, but I can look at you and the man that you are and the, you know, the conviction that you have. And I'm like, man, that inspires me. You know, and I think, I think for a lot of men, like I'm looking forward to that night because seeing those men come together and say, you know what, we love doing this. We love this activity, but Christ is at the center of everything we do through all this fishing. That's right. That's beautiful.

I think it's really beautiful. Yeah. And, and that's that, that is one of the reasons why I think I've even become more, I guess, in love for, for lack of better words, with bass fishing in general is because the promotion of faith that it does have naturally. You know, Matthew 4 19 says, follow me and y'all make you fishers of men. And that, that's what we're called to be.

Once we're saved and once we're baptized, we are to go out and be those disciples and those fishers of men. And that's, that's why when this event came up, I was like, that's got to happen at Archer. Absolutely. We were, we had talked about having a fishing tournament and I mean, we, you know, I talked about my mother-in-law the last time and all the events with that kind of postpone that.

And then this popped up and I was like, this could be even bigger than that. We understand. I mean, you, you guys had quite a year, you start your, your fishing you know, life and adventure and, and tournaments.

So a lot of time going in that direction. But then of course with your mother-in-law, you know, that, that, that definitely takes precedent over everything. And we totally understand. And we're praying that this event, you know, will be, will be someone to remember.

That's right. You know, it's touched many lives. And that continues to impact and show, I mean, just like we've been talking about, show men that church is a place for you. It's not a place where to just drop your family off. It's not a place to just kind of like, you know, relegate that to someone else's responsibility.

It's a place for you to number one, be invested yourself. That's right. And number two, set that tone for your family to step up and be a spiritual leader. I love that quote that you mentioned by Jesus, where he says, come and I'll make you fishers of men. Cause we actually just last week, we put out a video on that where Jesus actually is on the other side of the crucifixion, the other side of the resurrection, where he's walking back on the, on the shore after Peter goes fishing again. And he says, you know, cast your net onto the other side. Do you want to just kind of talk about that since it's the timing is lining up.

Oh, absolutely. I mean, it's, you know, Peter was a fishermen and so was his brother. So was, so were their friends, James and John. And you know, I've been to Capernaum. I've been to this fishing village. I've been sitting right on the sea of Galilee. And, and one reason they moved there, cause they were not from Capernaum, they moved there because the fishing was better. And so Jesus comes walking by and says, come follow me.

I'll make you fishers of men. And the Bible says they dropped their nets and they followed him. And, and you know, for those three and a half years, Jesus ministered to them, taught them, rebuke them at times, you know, got onto Peter, corrected him, you know, they mostly understood what Jesus was doing. Cause at times, you know, when Jesus said, who do you think I am?

You know, what do people say? And Peter responded with you are Christ, the son of the living God. But then right after the crucifixion resurrection, it's almost seems like Peter's faith kind of dipped, you know, he, he, he, he messed up by following Jesus when he was not supposed to. Jesus told him, stay back. This is not your fight, but he did.

And then denied him. Nonetheless, long story short, when Jesus resurrected, Peter saw him rejoiced, but he went back fishing, went back to his old life and Jesus came to him and didn't, didn't get angry with him, but kind of sat down and had that conversation. You know, do you love me?

Do you love me? Then feed my lambs, feed my sheep. And, and even the catch that he had at that encounter was such a massive catch. What Jesus was telling him was, look, my calling is still there. You are primarily to go out there and catch people, catch men for the gospel. So I mean, if you think about fishing, fishing is not like a side item in the gospel. I mean, this is like, the story is like from the start to finish. It's very symbolically representing exactly what Jesus came to do.

Yeah. It's like starts at the lake and ends at the lake. It's beautiful. I think that's something to kind of be inspired by just that, that encouragement of discipleship where it, like you said, it starts there and it ends there. The story of discipleship with Jesus comes full circle. And I mean, you guys can kind of see that in y'all's, you know, in y'all's fishing and in y'all's ministry. That's right. It is, I think I shared it on the last episode at every tournament I've ever been in, we've always started with a prayer and the national anthem. And it, I think that the symbolism, I think even the people, the, the executive in these, in these organizations can get that.

And how much that that is. I mean, one, we're praying for, for safety. Of course. And then they pray for, usually they pray for bountiful catches, but safety at first. And then, you know, we, we all, I know one of the tournament directors always thanks God for sending Jesus to, to be our savior and that promoting that, I think that's what we are all called to do. And if I can use my platform to help that and bring souls to Christ, I think when John, when you were leading the men's Bible study, it was brought out one time that we're not interested in just grabbing one. So we're interested in grabbing as many as we possible. That's right.

Dr. Schott taught me that years and years ago. And that was a, that's a fallacy I think people tend to fall into is that it only matters if, if we just catch one is that's fine and it sounds good, but is Jesus going to be satisfied with just one? You know, that was something that you told me very early on in my time here that always stuck with me that cause we, we tend to demonize numbers, but Jesus wanted the big catch. He wanted more. Right.

Yeah. And just the same reason when Curtis came to me about this event, I was like, absolutely. Cause I was thinking about doing some kind of wildlife event, you know, something, maybe a wild game night or something, something like that. And when he said, when he said fishing, you know, bass, there's this legacy.

I was like, I'm in, what do we need to do? I love, there was a night recently where, you know, we've got information about the event kind of posted around the church and we were standing in the lobby and there was a dad and his son, like teenage boy that walked out and the sign caught the boy's eye. And he looked at it. He was like, dad, dad, look at this. Can I invite my friends at school? Cause apparently he's a part of like a, an outdoor kind of like some, some sort of club like that at his school. And his dad was like, yeah, absolutely.

You can invite you. So they were asking more information about it. And just to see like that, that generations we've talked, we've talked about generations about show just to see the generations of people wanting to come and invite their friends and invite young men to be a part of something like this and to see that impact trickle through the ages. I mean, that's, that's huge.

That's tremendous. Well, and if we can reach children too, especially young boys, they are our future men in our church. And if we can teach them early on to be those, the, the, the leader, the spiritual leader in their home and the Christ follower. And I think you will see a huge revival in this nation. And so, I mean, yes, we're targeting the men of the, the men of the households and stuff like that, but that's why we also want the wife and the children because my wife wasn't in church.

I don't know that I'll be sitting here today. And so she's a huge, huge reason where I'm at. And then us deciding to come here help, you know, catapult me into, into this is what you need to do. You know, we've talked about the God sifting churches and I think that's what he brought.

He sifted us out of the one we were in and brought us here. My two boys yesterday were out fishing, not together. One went with a friend of mine. Another one went with his friend and he went turkey hunting.

The younger one went turkey hunting. Like I left at four 30 in the morning. Wow. Without me waking him up.

I mean, that's like how in the world is that happening? Typically I have to wake up Nicholas and then Thomas and then they get up and kind of half eyes closed, but Thomas was gone at four 30. Wow. I went turkey hunting and then went fishing and Nick left about nine o'clock. He was more, you know, had more sense.

Instead of four 30, he left at nine o'clock and he was gone until what, five, Nick, just about five o'clock. And he caught a bunch of, bunch of fish, catfish. That's awesome. Yeah. It's encouraging to see people get into the things that you're into, especially young men, like you were saying, and to see that, that passion for something, especially something as symbolic as, as fishing and catching fish and like you said, sharing the gospel and catching men, being fishers of men. It's very, I can imagine it's very, very encouraging to see young kids getting into that.

It is, it's very much so. And typically like, well, when my boat's running, just that's another plug. If anybody's out there that has parts for a 98 Triton boat, let me know. Go ahead and just leave it as a comment.

Send a text to 252-58-25028. Let us know what parts you have available. Absolutely. Thank you.

Specifically the port side pistons. But anyway, I like taking kids. I take my own kids out quite a bit and I also like taking others out and then anybody that really wants to go fishing. And because out there on the boat, you don't have a whole lot to talk about. That's right.

But there is one couple of topics you can always jump into and then they can't run away from you unless they can swim through the bank. That's true. So you can start in on, on your faith and stuff like that.

That's right. And what it means to you and kind of use your own testimony to help them understand. And I think a lot of times it's just a misconception or misunderstanding about what most Christians are trying to do. It's just like in this event, we're trying to save your soul and make sure you have eternal life. And that's what we're looking to do.

Nothing, you know, nothing more, nothing less. And now we want you to, once you get to that point, we want you to become a fisher of men also. That's right. And, and, and, and do what Jesus has called us to do. That's right. That's right.

Amen. So Bassmaster Legacy Night coming up April 29th, right here at Clearview. It's going to start at 6 PM. There's a dinner beforehand. If you'd like more information or if you're interested in attending, if you want to bring your sons, if you want to bring guys that you're pouring into and investing in, let us know.

You can text us, 252-582-5028, or you can email us at contact at Clearview Today We'd love to give you more information. Love to see you at the Bassmaster Legacy Night. Anything specific we can be looking forward to happening at the Legacy Night?

Just one, we're going to have a meal. They're going to be testimonies shared by, I think three or four other professionals. There'll also be a Q and A session. So you can actually ask them, Hey, that's pretty cool.

What would you throw during these conditions and stuff like that? And what I've learned about bass fishing is not as a secretive business anymore as it used to be. The information is prevalent and these guys are not afraid to share what they do in certain situations. So bring your questions and come ready for a fun night and a fellowship and hearing a great testimony.

That's awesome. Dr. Shaw, do you have anything you want to end on? Well, I mean, I would encourage you men, you can find a lot of excuses to do this and do that.

I got to work on this or work on that. No, don't miss this opportunity. And especially if you have sons in your life or daughters in your life, doesn't matter. Bring them, bring them because they will, you never know what this will do for them. They will not only be inspired to fish or the outdoors, but they may just meet Jesus Christ. And life will be changed forever.

Nothing better than that. So I'm excited about it. I know my two boys will be there.

That's right. My son, my 10 year old is already asking about it. I mean, he's like, where are we going? Is that coming up?

So they're excited. That's awesome. Well, like we said, if you want more information about the Bassmaster Legacy Night, you can send us a text to 252-582-5028, or you can email us at contact at And don't forget on that same website, you can partner with us on the show financially.

Every gift that you give goes not only building up this radio show, but countless other ministries for the gospel of Jesus. We love you guys. We'll see you next time on Clear View Today. We'll see you next time.
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