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rd | Problems vs. Facts of Life

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah
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November 23, 2022 9:00 am

rd | Problems vs. Facts of Life

Clearview Today / Abidan Shah

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November 23, 2022 9:00 am

In this show, Dr. Shah talks about the difference between the problems and the facts of life. Do we allow God to use both the shape us or do we become bitter and resentful?

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Happy Wednesday, everyone.

Today is November the 23rd. I'm Ryan Hill. I'm John. Happy Wednesday.

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That is not true. Hit them with the rest of the day. Okay. Today's verse of the day comes from Psalm 51 verse 10. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. I feel like I got to come clean with a clean heart thing.

I feel like I'm feeling some conviction. I don't make those images. And we knew that you didn't. Yeah. We have a staff member on site who makes them, posts them. So that staff member is not you. No, it's not. Right. But you do a great job of the things you do. Thanks.

But verse of the day images are not one of those things. Yeah. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest. We appreciate your honesty.

No problem. Speaking of honesty, one of the things that irks me is when people will release a movie and then they'll release the same movie with like five more minutes and be like, look, check this out. It's a brand new movie. Changes the entire thing. I typically love that kind of thing. I know that you do and sometimes they have like, sometimes it really does change like the tone of the film.

It adds context to scenes that may not have made sense before. Right. I think in the case of Spider-Man No Way Home. Great movie by the way. Great film.

Fantastic film. I know you and I are both Spider-Man fans. I love Spider-Man. Spider-Man behind me here. Yeah, there he is. Little mug right there.

I don't know why I'm pointing because he's, you can't see him on my shot. Those who are listening don't get this, but those who are watching, that's the little Spider-Man mug. Yeah, it's like a little polar bear chilling out in it too. Is it like a cold drink? I don't know.

Cold drink. Anyway, extended version of Spider-Man. We all went to go see Spider-Man No Way Home as a group. I believe you were not present.

I was not, I was not there for that one, unfortunately. Myself, uh, Pickles back there, uh, David went, Dr. Shaw went. Pickles, people don't know who that is. Oh, sorry, Nicholas. I'm sorry. He's, he's our, uh, camera operator.

David, of course, our sound engineer. Dr. Shaw went to go see it with us. Uh, it was just a great time. Sorry that you couldn't be there. That's okay. I can't remember why we couldn't go. I think it was some of the kids.

There was something with the children going on. But anyway, they released the extended version here lately. Um, or recently I should say. And, um, typically with extended editions, it adds like a lot more, like Lord of the Rings is like basically another movie. It takes it from like a three hour movie to like four hours. Lots of extra content, just a much more complete picture. Spider-Man, it was, it was, uh, for any of you who haven't seen the extended edition, you're on the fence about it.

Be warned. It's, it's an extra scene where Betty Brant is like, um, doing this like cheesy school interview. Like the Emmy is cute. It's funny, but it goes on for like seven straight minutes, grinds the whole movie to a halt. I'm like, it's cute at first, but then it's like, all right, come on, let's get back to the, to the film here. Um, and that takes up a lot of time. And then it's like the scene where the three spiders, spoiler alert, the scene where the three Spider-Men are like, and the scaffolding before the final battle starts and they're drifting, they extend that by like maybe like two minutes. So it's, that's so it's mostly just the interview.

Yeah. The interview is the most like it's like, it's, it's her interviewing all the like students and then interviewing Peter. And it's just kind of quirky, awkward kind of stuff. And then the, but everybody got it cause they were like, Oh, there's going to be more Tobey Maguire, more Andrew. And there is a little bit, but it's, uh, it's definitely not worth buying the film again. It's kind of underwhelming, but I did it. Yeah. It was underwhelming for sure.

But I mean, I guess it was worth it. Oh, there's, there's a couple more with the villains. Like there's a funny little scene of, uh, the villains all in an elevator, just kind of taking the elevator up and there's a couple. If we get like three, three extended scenes, I guess, I guess it's certainly not like the extended version of like the Lord of the Rings where you're basically getting a whole new movie. Anyway, if Spider-Man extended, you can see it if you want to, you're not really gonna. It's fine. Yeah, it's fine. It's, it's the same film. Yeah.

It is the same film. And one thing, I mean, that kind of leads us into as a perfect segue. One thing that if you're a Spider-Man fan, you know that Peter Parker is well acquainted with the problems in life.

He faces kind of difficulty. Very good segue my friend. Well, I can't take credit for it. You put it in the show notes. See, I'm not going to take credit for it. Like the rest of the day, that's full, full disclosure, full transparency. That is John segue. I just read it. Sometimes you like to give the audience a little peek behind the curtain.

You just throw it over the curtain, like a shower curtain. I'll just turn my computer around. Uh, we, uh, today we're going to talk about the problems in life.

Um, some problems are unavoidable, like just facts of life, but there are other things that we can, you know, avoid or work around or work through. Right. And it merits, you know, talking about the distinction between those two things.

Right. We've talked about this on different shows with Dr. Shah before, but we're going to bring him in for that discussion. But if you have any questions or suggestions for new topics, make sure you text us at two five two five eight two five zero two eight, or visit us online at Clearview today Let's go get Dr. Sean. Then we'll be right back. Hey there listeners.

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No matter where you are in life's journey or what pitfalls you've encountered, this devotional is going to help you move forward, refocus your mind on God's truth and meditate on his word. And you guys can pick up a copy right this second on Unless you're driving.

Yeah. Don't shop and drive unless you're driving, in which case wait till you get home. But we're going to leave a link for you right here in the description of this podcast.

So it'll be waiting for you when you get home. That's 30 days to a new beginning, daily devotionals to help you move forward. And for the remainder of November and all through December, we'll be sending a free copy to anyone who supports the podcast by visiting us online and donating to the show at

That is a very, very good incentive gang. That's 30 days to a new beginning, daily devotions to help you move forward by Abaddon and Nicole Shah. Thank you guys so much for listening. David, you want to jump back into the show? Let's go.

All right. Welcome back to Clear View Today with Dr. Abaddon Shah, the daily show that engages mind and heart for the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can visit us online at, or remember that you can always send us a text at 252-582-5028. Dr. Shah is back with us in the studio today. Dr. Shah, how are you doing this Wednesday? I'm doing very well. Hope you guys are doing well. Doing very well. If you guys are joining us for the first time, never seen the show before, Dr. Abaddon Shah is a PhD in New Testament textual criticism, is a professor at Carolina University, author, full-time pastor, and the host of today's episode.

That's right. And we've talked a lot about, especially this week, about things like New Testament textual criticism, different types of criticism. We've been diving deep, man.

We've been diving deep. So today's episode is, we mentioned this a little while ago, but it's actually sort of a departure from that subject matter. We're going to talk about something that we've had the conversation about this before, but the difference between problems versus facts of life. What do we mean by those two things?

How are they different and how can we approach them as believers? Well, the roles that I have at Clearview, I'm not just the pastor or professor. Many times, I'm also talking to couples. They'll come to me.

I don't call it counseling, because I'm not a counselor, but I will study the Bible with you. That's right. So I'll sit down and I will just chat with them and share wisdom that I've learned through the years. And one of the things that couples often fight about are facts of life. Things that no one can change, right? Like weather. You can't change the weather. But we're going to fight about it.

We're going to fight about that. Like a deer running in front of your car and accidentally you hit the deer. And then that's the first thing they say, what did you do?

Why did you do that? Well, there's nobody told that deer. I didn't swerve to hit the deer. Right. I'm sorry.

I didn't text the deer and let him know that I was coming. Right. And it's just a fact of life. So knowing the difference between the facts of life and the problems of life, they're two different things. Right. Facts of life, you generally have no control over the things that happen to you. Right.

Yeah. That's such a good distinction too, because like you said, a lot of times it's our gut reaction does, we're going to argue about this thing. We're going to fight about this, but really it's, if it's a fact of life, no one caused that.

No one, you know, maliciously stuck that deer in front of the car. It's just, it's a fact of life. So let's figure out how to process it and then, and then move through it. It's a very human response to be grasping for control.

You know what I mean? Like, I'm so it's like, this thing happened that I know in my front brain, I there's, no one could have controlled it. And yet this has to be somebody's fault.

There has to have been something that could have prevented this. Right. And most couples end up blaming each other and it happens.

It happens. Men do that and women do it. So it's not something that I can say only one or the other group does it.

Both men and women do it. And it's tragic because it goes on and on. And it comes out of a place of frustration, stress, you know, blame, guilt.

And so why would we take that? Yeah. You know, it goes back to the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve sinned. And when God came and confronted them, Adam immediately blamed his wife, Eve. Yeah. And since then we've been blaming. Yeah. Right.

We've been blaming each other for our problems. And many times, you know, our problems are simply facts of life. That's right. Do you ever feel like people think or people assume that it only happens to them?

It never happens to you. It's just something that I always go through. Right. Right. I mean, it's a sense of, you know, there's no one in the world who has faced this issue.

And that's not true. People. And one of the things I do with couples, and I know I'm talking kind of marriage counseling today, but not intentionally. But one of the things I tell couples when they come sit down and talk to me, unless it's some very extreme situation, I'll tell them, I'll remind them, hey, listen, you're not the first set of couple that is sitting here in those seats who've gone through this.

Right. And that many times puts people at ease. It just kind of gives them hope. And they feel like they'll be okay because they're coming from a place of there's no way nobody else goes through this. I was going to ask you if that ever reassures people, like, just to hear that, hey, this is not a unique situation. There are other people who have gone through this before. I remember you shared that with me one time.

There was something going on. You're like, just know that you're not the first person to go through this. And immediately I was like, huh, that's so helpful. The reason I share that with you is because somebody shared that with me.

And years ago, this person did that. And he said, you know, this is a common thing that happens. And when they said that it was a huge relief.

Of course, I still had to deal with that fact of life or problem of life, but it was a huge relief knowing that, okay, so somebody else has gone down that path and they will, they will give me some guidance, some wisdom. Yeah. And hey, listen, use that with your children. When they do something that is crazy, you have to fuss at them, get onto them, but approach it with that statement. You're not the first one. Right.

And I think you'll help them a lot. You know, it's funny talking about like these facts of life that we can't control. I know one of the biggest examples I can think of is when your youngest daughter, Abigail, got married, there was a big snowstorm coming through.

Yeah. And that was the one thing, and it seemed it got to a point that nobody was even focused on the wedding. All, anyone was like, well, what are y'all going to do? Are we still having the wedding? I mean, what are you going, what is your plan? Like, what do you mean, what am I going to do?

It's a snowstorm, we're going to get married. We'll still move forward. Yeah. We made sure that the venue was going to be open. Right. And they told us that no matter what happens, we're going to stay open because we are here.

Now, you may cancel it, that's up to you, but we're not going to cancel it. Right. So it's like, okay, so that part is settled. Then it was pretty much up to the bride and groom. We knew they were going to be there. Then the groom's party, the bride's party, they were going to be there. The parents were going to be there. The pastor, which is me, and of course, my good friend, Tony DiLorenzo, who's the co-host of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast, the best, what is that, the most popular podcast?

Number one marriage and family podcast in the world. Yeah, he's flying out from California to be there, so snow is not going to stop him. He came. He and his wife, Tony and Lisa, came to be part of the wedding, to be at the wedding. We invited Tony to help me officiate the ceremony. And he said, brother, I'll be there no matter what.

I'm going to be at the venue. So once that was settled, we were pretty much like, okay, if people don't come, they don't come. That's their problem.

Hopefully they will come, because we really want people to come. But we understand if they're afraid of the snow or the ice or the slippery situation, but we're going to be there. So we worked around that fact of life, and we were fine. It was also a fact of life that we live in North Carolina, where for some reason, even though it snows every year, people just get terrified. People just lose it. But there's a reason for that, because in the South versus the North, people often talk about the South. They say, these people in the South don't know how to drive. They don't know how to do that. They really are up North.

Wait, wait, wait, time out. Up North is a different part of the country. Down South is a different climate. What happens to snow down South? It's not the same snow up North.

It ain't like the fluffy crunchy fun. No, I've been up North. I've been in through storms up North. I've been through a blizzard in upstate New York.

It looks very different. It's massive amounts of snow, but no ice. The problem in the South is the ice. You have zero control, bro, wherever you come from, maybe from Alaska or Iceland.

I don't care. You're going slip sliding away. You go driving on this. How are you going to drive on ice? That ice will humble you very quickly. I learned that the first time we were...

This is back in, I want to say 1993, if I'm not wrong, 1993. I went to visit one of my friend's family at spring break. We were living down in Georgia, and so I had nowhere to go.

No family, nothing. So he's like, hey, why don't you come visit my family? And I said, well, where are you at? He said, New York. I thought he meant New York City.

So I'm like, oh, yeah, that sounds so much fun. And then halfway up the trip, he said, no, we're not going to New York. I'm not from New York. I'm from upstate New York. I said, oh, what is that?

It says up like Syracuse, where the Olympic Games, where the Winter Olympics were, Lake Placid. I said, oh, wow, OK. Well, lo and behold, one of the worst blizzards to hit the South or the East Coast came. And I remember this was somewhere, I want to say somewhere in Virginia, maybe near Richmond. No, no, wait, we were going 77, so it was not Richmond area. It was different. Nonetheless, we were driving down this interstate, and all of a sudden, my buddy hit the ice. We did a 360. Really? Oh, man.

That's a horrible feeling. 360. We kept turning, and I could see, as we're turning, I can see behind me tractor trailers coming. What year is this? This is 1993. Golly.

This is 19 years old. Yeah. Wow.

This is back in the March of 1993. OK. So we're talking about facts of life. Yeah, I know. I was going to say, tell them about that time you went to Swan Quarter, and I think that something similar happened, right? Oh, yes.

When you were doing the revival down in Swan Quarter. That's a fact of life. Yeah. Yeah.

Now, here's where I made a huge mistake. OK. So this is more on the problem side. This is the problem side. I got you. It began as a fact of life, but maybe ended up as a problem. Because I didn't handle it correctly. So you want me to tell the story?

Yeah, go for it. All right. So I was called to do revival, a revival meeting, a week of revival at Andy Griffith's home church. Yeah, down in Manio.

Manio. I remember that. So it was pretty awesome, the fact that he was already dead and gone. Rest in peace. Rest in peace.

Yeah. And so he was a believer, by the way, a strong believer. So I finished a week of revival. I think it was Thursday night, I believe it was.

If I'm not wrong. And so a couple took us out, took me and the boys out. Nicole and the girls had already come back because they had some schoolwork, whatever. Took us out to Dunkin' Donuts, got a cup of coffee, got some donuts. And then they said, you know, and the pastor already had told me, he said, you have a place to stay.

This was a beach house with like five to eight bedrooms, game room, TV, cable, everything. They said, why don't you just stay? Because there's a storm coming. And I said, no, we're going to get on the road. I'm going to head back home. And then this couple takes us out to drink coffee and have donuts.

And they said the same thing. You know, what I'm seeing here, the blizzard is already here, or the storm is already here. I'm like, that's okay. I can make it. We just can get on the road. So 15, 20 minutes later, got on the road and instantly realized this is a mistake.

The dark clouds come rolling. If you've been to Manio and you get on that bridge, it's just one bridge. All right. There's nothing else. And you can't turn around on that bridge. Once you get on that bridge. That's it. That's it. You're committed.

Yeah. And so we got on this bridge and instantly snow is so thick, I can't see. Now this is a bridge with oncoming traffic, our traffic. I mean, there's just nothing but a lane. There's no divider, nothing. And I see cars coming and I see them slipping and I'm like, oh no, why did I do this?

What was wrong with me? And so, and this is a long bridge and this does not have high walls on the sides. It's just no higher than maybe your knees. So if you get hit and if it's hard enough and fast enough, I'm in my truck, there's a good chance I may flip over and go in the water. Even without the ice, that could probably happen.

My chest is tight just thinking about that. Yeah. It's swampland. It's all swampland. Well, it's not swamp yet. We're over the river, right? So you haven't got to the Swancourt yet?

We haven't gotten there yet. So we're driving down and then I look in my backseat and my boys are in the back. They're watching a movie and I said, guys, you better pray.

I'm so sorry I've caused this. They have no clue. Nicholas and Thomas are in the back. You remember that, Nicholas?

You don't remember that? Make sure we drop some pictures. Yeah, we'll drop some pictures right there. So they're in the back and I said, let's pray. And they prayed, we prayed.

And I remember Nicholas saying, it'll be all right, dad, you got this or something like that. I said, okay. I trust you. I got off that bridge because there's no turning back now because the whole area is covered in snow, both sides of the road. There's nothing but swamp. So I don't even know if I am headed towards the swamp or am I still on the road? Yeah, it's blind.

You're just blind. No lights, no tracks, nothing. And so I'm like, I need to find the quickest place where I can stop. And I do remember coming in and I've been there several times. I'm like, there's nowhere to stop. Kept going. Kept going. Kept going. And finally saw lights pulled up in this man's driveway, I don't know if Nicholas remembers that. I knocked on the door and said, man, can I just park here in the driveway? You know what the man said?

What? No. He said, no. He said, no.

You're kidding. You got to keep on moving, Hoss. What are you going to do, tow me in the snowstorm?

No, he said, I said, I'm not even coming to your house. I just need to sit here. So I got my boys with me.

He's like, no, you keep going. And so yeah, isn't that crazy? Wow.

Thank you so much for Southern hospitality, man. That was right out the window there. Yeah. So I understand when it says Joseph and Mary didn't find no room in the air. I got a big yard, but it ain't no room for you. So anyways, long story short, we finally, I came to this town and I began to call the pastor back who was very influential and he was calling different pastors along the road and one of them responded. I mean, several responded, but they couldn't get to me and I couldn't get to them. And he met me at the gas station, which is now completely shut down, hardly anybody on the road. Wow.

I mean, it's a, it's like a blizzard, like you won't imagine. And we stayed in the fellowship hall of the church. How far did you have to backtrack in or did it just take you a little further down the road? Oh no, I kept going. You just kept on going. There's no way to turn this and turning back means going back on that bridge.

Oh, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. Turning back means going through that swamp. Wow. I was not going to go back. I don't blame you.

I'm just going to park somewhere and sit. So yeah, we spent night in this fellowship hall, had a great time and the next day we went back to Manio, back to that house, stayed there overnight. Yeah. Wow.

And then left. Wow. So we've, we've taken a look at practical examples of, of problems versus facts of life. Some things, facts of life you can't control, problems of life, you know, maybe you made a decision that wasn't the best and you wound up having to pay the consequences for that decision. Right. But how do we deal with both problems and facts of life?

What are, what are some ways that we can grapple with those and move forward in a way that builds us up in a way that keeps us focused on God? I mean, just to know that God is sovereign, he's in control and it's his providential plan that he allowed you to go through that, that, that day in the storm with my boys really put life in perspective. Yeah. When you're in that situation where you don't know if you survive or somebody, some truck coming at you. Cause there were, there was not much traffic anymore cause now it's about 1030, 11 at night. But once in a while a tractor trailer would come and I was just praying, Oh Lord, please don't let him hit me. Yeah.

Cause I could see it's them, them swerving. It was very scary to know that this could be the end. And at that moment you realize not much matters. All that matters is whether or not you knew Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.

And does your family know him as well? That's pretty much it. Wow. It's just one of those things where, you know, you'll always have those facts of life that you can't control, but it's just like you said, I mean, God's grace is always sufficient for us. God's grace is always there to kind of see us through.

And just like you said, make sure the priorities are in order, make sure that you've got Jesus. Cause yeah, right now when everything's cool, everything's comfortable, it's like, well, I feel like I've got some time, but you never know. You never know.

You never know. Even that distinction between problems versus facts of life helps us, especially like, like you talked about from even a marriage perspective or a relationship setting, you know, the facts of life are not something that your, your spouse or your friend caused. They're not something that they influenced in your life. They're just facts of life, but we still have to address them. We still have to, you know, work through them.

Whereas problems, you know, we attack those differently, but for both situations, like you said, John, God's grace is sufficient for us. And I even see it like we're doing life together, like even us as a team, we go through life together. I mean, there's, it's not like we clock out of this place, cut the studio lights off, cut the cameras and the microphones off, and then we leave. And if something happens to one of you guys, it's like, well, I'm look, I'm off the clock, man.

You know, we all are doing this as Christians, as brothers in Christ, we're doing this thing called life together. And so just, I think knowing that there's always going to be something that comes up. It also helps you prepare when you've got those people in your life. And I want to encourage you, you know, just maybe in the future, we'll do another show and talk about this because there's so much we didn't cover today. I hope you enjoy the good stories I had to tell, but I hope in the future, we can cover the problems of life. Things like anger, things like, you know, greed and lust and pride and envy. These are things that are problems in life. And there are other problems that come that you can avoid. You can do better by God's grace, by His strength, and those are fixable. And even facts of life.

How do you receive them? Those things are fixable. And I hope people can see the difference.

That's right. Absolutely. What a great discussion for today. If you guys enjoyed today's episode, or if you learned something, make sure you send us a text at 252-582-5028. Any questions or suggestions for future episodes, be sure to text us as well, or you can send us an email to contact at Don't forget on that same website, you can support us financially. Make sure you click that donate button and every time that you give, you're making an impact for God's kingdom. And as always, we do want to thank you guys who have already donated. You've already contributed. We pray that you would keep doing that. You would keep seeing that God's blessing and God's word is moving forward every single day through this radio show.

That's right. Very grateful. Last minute advice for our listeners, for our viewers.

Dr. Shah, do you have any last minute advice for us today? Yes. Since we talked about snow and snow and more snow.

It is colder weather outside. My suggestion to all of you is to get chapstick. Oh, okay.

All right. So get, I like the original chapstick. I learned this trick a long time ago, almost like 27, 28 years ago, because I remember one of my friends in college told me about it. It not only helps you with your chapped lips, right?

But sometimes in the cold winter weather, you know, your fingers try to get really dry and they sometimes cut open and bleed and things like that. And you don't have any cream, you don't have Vaseline, you don't have Aveeno or whatever, but you can take this chapstick and just rub it like, just like that. You're kidding me.

Yeah. It's one of the best creams you can ever have. How have I known you for 10 years and that has never come up in conversation? So you really, you really put chapstick on your hands? And I don't, I mean, but you can, you can, you can in, in, in emergency, Oh, it'll save your life. I mean, when you, let's say, you know, your hands are really dry and they cut open sometimes, you know, and it's cold and nasty.

What are you going to, what are you going to do? I'm genuinely intrigued, especially, especially with, with, with, uh, with all the sicknesses you wash your hands constantly, right? You get dry, cracked when it's cold outside. That's like, I have, I have kids that like every, every winter we've got lotion on lock, just continually applying it. So that's, I'm going to tuck that away. That's all right. Give them all a chapstick in their stockings. Merry Christmas kids.

Enjoy your chapstick. That's awesome. And then they'll wash it in the washing machine. That's right.

And they'll have to deal with a different, a different, uh, a different problem or I guess with kids, I guess that would really just be effective. That's right. Well, we love you guys. We'll see you tomorrow on Clearview Today.
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