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Fearless Love

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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April 1, 2018 6:00 am

Fearless Love

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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Thank you for tuning in to the radio ministry church had clear our focus is making Christ visible providing an atmosphere of worship, community come check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us join us for this week's message by Pastor Albert on shop. I'm always fascinated or intrigued you can say or amused watching little kids and how they react to their parents. I was a teacher I was a principal I remember watching parents come to pick up the kids how they react when the see their moms and dads they run to them and they jump into their arms and they hug them and are not ashamed to tell everybody that they love their parents there.

Glad to see them know what happens. Parents when they get a little older than that. There were quite around that much there. So glad to see you there still happy to see you they still have a smile, but is not quite the same. There is no running involved. Now what happens when the become teenagers is more like this when they see their parents all their here. I don't know who those people are who you are and it's no longer cool to run to our parents in this message.

Go see how the disciples of Jesus ran and not just they ran to him, but they ran when they found out that something had happened to the body of their Savior. And this message is called fearless love. It's a love that is not inhibited by what people think and what people might say it's a love that is fearless and it runs to the Savior's of you have your Bibles with you turn to John chapter 20 starting in verse one, very familiar passage it says now the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the two then she ran and who is she running to. She ran and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and said to them, they have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him know what is the reaction of Peter and the other disciple of the disciple of Jesus love verse three Peter therefore went out, and the other disciples and were going to the tomb.

It started out with a brisk walk which very quickly turned into a jog and next thing you know they are running.

They both ran together, but the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first Avenue have to be running real fast to out run somebody Mary Magdalene ran Peter ran the beloved disciple ran did ran because the one they love was missing their fate was not complete at this point, but their passion was real, then completely understand what the gospel was all about the Jesus was going to rise from the grave, and this is what's going to happen, but their passion, their love for Jesus was a real human not understand what the gospel is all about human understand everything about who Jesus is and what he did and why you did, you may not understand all the details in the gospel, but do you have this fearless love.

The deeper question is have you ever experienced. Have you ever felt. Have you ever received the love of Jesus Christ, the resurrection accountant of Jesus is the most debated portion of the New Testament, we may not realize that but if any part of the New Testament scholars argue about more than any other part is the resurrection narrative is found in all four Gospels is found in Matthew Mark Luke and John. But you wonder why do they debate what what is the argument about the argument is this. If you were to take those four accounts. Matthew Mark Luke and John and put them side-by-side. There appears to be contradictions. How many women went to the grave. Many compare Matthew would mark with Mark with Luke and Luke with John and John with Matthew what what you find as the numbers are different. Who are the women who went to the grave. The names at times seem to be different. What time did they go to the grave. How many angels read the great beliefs gospel is is only one.

Another gospel assist to wear these angel standing or sitting where the inside the tomb already outside the two. And what exactly did this say to the women there different and where did Mary Magdalene see Jesus compare Matthew and John seems like she saw him. Here's an issue I guess you saw him here by the tomb and what exactly did Jesus say to her. Seems like the accounts are different on the surface. There was some people have done is that they have taken these contradictions and they make this claim to say that the Bible has mistakes others take these contradictions so-called contradictions in the tried to fit them in a sequence in the timeline that trying to prove that the Bible has no errors there trying to prove that there is no mistake in the Bible that although I believe that the Bible has no mistakes.

I believe the Bible is the word of God, and there are no contradictions. If there are contradictions that really in our minds and our inability in our weakness in our frailty to truly understand the word of God, the resurrection, at least, as we see in John is not doing what Matthew is doing with his resurrection account in Mark and Luke wouldn't.

John is really doing is he is putting the spotlight on three individuals, John is not as concerned with telling you is limited. What happened on the day that Jesus rose 1st thing that happened was their second was the start that that's not his intent. What he's telling you is there were three individuals and they were radically changed when they heard the news that Jesus was not in the grave. That's his goal.

If you keep that in mind, you will realize this is not about a sequence is not about a timeline. This is completely different.

What Matthew and Mark and Luke are trying to do the first person he spotlights is Mary Magdalene in popular culture. They have really made a mess out of her make her look like some crazy prostitute who you know was just lewd and crude and all that kind of stuff. The Bible does not describe her like that. What the Bible says at least Mark and Luke tell us that that Jesus had cast out seven demons out of Mary Magdalene that if Mary Magdalene came from a poor home. More than likely she was thrown out of the house I grew up in India and unfortunately I have seen demon possessed people pretty scary and sad to look at. I mean, they haven't taken a bad they haven't taken a shower there eyes are glazed over. They are in a hold different world world and is very sad and very scary to be around that people don't like them, and sometimes they're abused people even throw rocks at them to get them to not come into the neighborhood on its really horrible to treat them like worse than animals. I don't believe that Mary Magdalene was in that kind of situation because of what Luke tells us in chapter 8 and verse three. It tells that that is that she belonged to a group of women who followed behind Jesus and his disciples.

And this and this and what did it there provided for him from their substance means these women have some money. Have some resources and they used it to support Jesus and his ministry about Jesus being God. He had all the world and yet he allowed these women to help him in his mid to anything you did that to give them a chance to share, to give them a chance to serve heat and needed God doesn't need us. Why do you think he uses us.

Why does he think you think he uses you and you and all of us does he need us.

He can bring angels in this world and do what needs to be done, but he gives us a chance to share and to serve with him. Mary Magdalene was one of those women who was helping and supporting Jesus in his ministry.

And why was she doing this because Jesus had set her free. She loved Jesus Army ladies if that had ever happened to you you under this bondage. This this pain. This suffering, the suppression and someone came and set you free at almost like unlock the change. The shackles that were holding you down, what would you think about the person did that for just women, even men. If you are under some bondage or some chain and someone came and set you free. How would you feel about that person from that day on I want to follow him. I would do whatever you tell me to do. That's how she wants when it came to the cross.

Listen to John 1925 she stood by the cross of Jesus.

The whole time she did leave with other disciples to save the men ran away. The women stayed by the cross. What happened when they put Jesus in the tomb.

Matthew 2760 says when he meeting Joseph of Arimathea rolled a large stone against the door of the tomb, and departed the man left. He left but listen over 61, and Mary Magdalene was there and the other Mary sitting opposite the tomb, get a picture that she did not want to leave even the graveside.

You think she loved Jesus and by the way, this is not some creepy weird lustful love.

This was a pure love coming out of gratefulness in order world has done. You listen carefully. Our world has cheapened love anytime someone says oh I love this.

I love this church I love this person. Also, we see something some lustful evil weird creepy stuff. There is something called good godly love, will you love a person, not because you want something weird from them. Mary Magdalene did not have any lustful weird love. She loved Jesus because he had set her free and she was not going to leave the graveside.

She sat down how long she's sad there. Maybe someone came and said Leno is going pretty dark urine from bad people hang out in the graveyard. Just need to go home know what happens on the first day of the week. Listen to verse one of the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb now other Gospels tell us that she was not alone but she was the ringleader. She was the probably the one of said ladies were going to the tomb.

I can imagine the other one saying why were going to go anoint his body. We can even get inside the tomb to her to put a seal on the grave. They have soldiers guarding. I don't care.

Working to get there. Listen, it is still kinda hot right now the people are not you know you never know what somebody might do to find out that we are his followers.

We were his followers admit immature on us.

Find and let's leave early in the morning normal people don't go to the graveyard in the dark just to do it, especially Jewish people would not go to the graveyard and end, and she does and they do and what happens they get there and Mark tells us something Mark 16 verse three. This said among themselves, who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us means they have not even figured out we women can do this we need we need a guy we need some men wear those disciples their hiding it when you have this kind of love for Jesus Christ. You don't spend time to think rationally, what would one need to do I love Jesus.

Wow, what were my reasons as I just love them and I want to serve him and I will do whatever it takes what happens when they get to the grave. The Bible tells us the stone was already rolled away.

What is her response to this. Then she ran. She ran and came to Simon Peter and to the other disciples, with whom Jesus loved, and said to them, they have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him me.

She ran but we can come back to her in a few moments because the spotlight is not done with Mary Magdalene. All we learn is that she is fearless and she loves her Savior Jesus Christ. Here's a question before we go any further. You really loved Jesus that way if you are there 2000 years ago and he had done this for you. Would you be so fearless that early that morning while he is still dark. He would go anoint the body of Jesus.

When people are in love than on think now we see something else now the spotlight is about the changes going beyond Peter not Peter doesn't need much attention or introduction. We know he was the first one to jump up and follow Jesus. He's also the first one who says things without thinking. In fact, leading up to the cross. He made a lot of poor choices when Jesus came to wash his feet is all don't do that. Jesus said well if you if I don't have any part of me. Okay give me a whole Baptist like no that's not what I meant, he just doesn't get it there. When he looked in the garden of Gethsemane.

He pulls out his little dagger and he you know goes to attack the high priest servant instead of attacking him and hurting him. He actually just drops of his ear running out.

What a bad way to go. You know and and then Jesus even heals that servant you know it is this just a horrible situation and then prior to that he said Jesus I will go with you even if I have to die and Jesus being God. He sees the whole future. It goes all Peter hate to break this to you but before the nights over you to deny me three times and then the roosters and a crow. Peter denied Jesus didn't just deny him, he cussed Jesus out yellow I mean by that cussed him out and the rooster crowed the confirmation there you go you just did it. How do you think Peter is feeling right about now he's filled with guilt. He's filled with shame, regret, and he is sitting in that room and if someone had come to me and said hey Peter, just to let you know the grave is empty.

What would you have done at that point.

Some of us would say things like, well, maybe a bit to the body and burned it. Who knows, then one the body to be found. They want to completely do away with this whole Jesus thing, how I mean I really love Jesus. I mean he did great things for me. I may change my life. But he's gone. I let it go. What was his response. Listen to verse three Peter therefore went out. Keep in mind he's the one who chopped off the high priest servant skier and the recognized. Would you like to get out knowing that your picture is on the milk carton would you like to get out when your picture is on the post office bulletin board know we don't like to get out. He went out and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb need to start out with a wall, and something inside Peter said you know you love this man. You know he's the real deal. You know the words he's told you, you know what he did for you.

You just gonna take a walk in love, came gushing up and then walk turned into a sprint and began to run. The Bible says so.

They both ran together in a Mary Magdalene's love was counted blind love.

She she knew what Jesus did for her. It was not as rational. She does love Jesus, Peter slot was a different kind of love that he loved Jesus even though he was guilt ridden, yet he also ran she sometimes we have guilt in our lives. We do things were not supposed to do.

We say things were not supposed to say we think because we are lax in our spiritual life we don't go to church like we sure we don't pray like we should be don't read the Bible. Things happen and we feel short of where God wants us to be. Unfortunately, when God prods our hearts and souls and got a love you and I'm ready to run.

We go now, not right now I get something straightened out.

I'm not run need to be. You know what I mean. I'm not where I need to be ready to get I need to clean some things out. What if Peter had said that whatever Peter had said. When Mary Magdalene ran in just to let you know the tomb is empty. And Peter said lot, empty doom in this world.

I believe he would have never heard of Peter again, but instead he ran to not let let's leave the spotlight for a moment, because it's gonna turn on another person and that is the beloved disciple. The other disciple, because it's not just Peter but the other disciple also begins to run.

But something happens here know who is the other disciple. If you read John's gospel tells you he is the one who was leaning on Jesus, the beloved disciple probably was John John the apostle, who was leaning on Jesus can imagine that here's God and you leaning on top of him and Jesus had explained to them that one of them would betray him, and John is right that we asking the question who and Jesus. I think got a funny, he takes a piece of bread dipped it in the cup and gives it to Judas is like. Here's the one in John still doesn't get it. I was a little slow. I don't know what I don't know what else I can say about him. He just did not do well in school you like okay I guess he's never tell me that he was in the courtyard of the high priest as Jesus is being flogged at as he is being mocked and as the crown of thorns is being put upon his head and is being pressed down all Guess where this beloved disciple is John is he sitting in the courtyard, watching the show not not like saying all this is great. He's watching the show going well can do anything, helpless, what can I do what can one man do many standing by the cross and the end he is there with the mother of Jesus when Jesus turns her over to him and says mother hears your son son here's your mother and all this is happen but you can still imagine how helpless he might have felt I can help him.

I could not help. I just don't have the courage I don't have the mine. I don't know what I what I need to be or do. Mary Magdalene came and told him and told Peter that the tomb was empty.

He didn't sit back and say well let Peter figured out real still with me. Let Peter figured out is gonna go and find out in common. Let me know and then we can decide what we need to do, just like some of us are when it comes to follow Jesus Christ is like, and I've never understood that when it comes to going to the bathroom.

Ladies always going a bunch I don't I don't know why that is the case, I've never seen men say you want to go the bathroom. That doesn't happen, but in the Christian life I think is kind of funny when 800 comes to following Christ was it. We all want to go follow Christ together. Anybody else want to follow Christ. Listen if you you as a person as an individual has to say. I am going not just that you go for me or you check it out or you decide and then will come. John didn't do that the beloved disciple didn't do that when Peter walked out. He walks out with him. And when Peter begins to run. I believe he is the first one ran John begins to run in the out runs them any comes to the grave and instead of going in the Bible says in verse five.

He's stooping down and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying there, yet he did not go and he was still not there just did not have the courage some of you don't have the courage that you need to follow Jesus Christ but you if you love him. He run run to him with whatever courage you do have run to him as a what happens. Verse six Simon Peter came, following him, and he could not even stop he went into the tomb and he saw the linen closet lying there in the handkerchief in all this and then listen in verse eight, and the other disciple, the beloved disciple came to the tomb first, went in also and he saw and believed. Peter was not there yet but John said I know he is risen. I know he's alive.

Go to verse 11. The spotlight comes back on Mary Magdalene ran from Mary Jim Peter to the beloved disciple back to Peter and now back to Mary Magdalene what happens she is outside by the tomb, weeping, and as she wept, stopped, she stooped down and looked into the tomb and she saw two angels in white sitting one at the head, the other the feed with the body of Jesus had lain you.

How did this all happen when did this happen to she run and come back to the grave that she run until Peter and John and their ran and then she comes back folks we don't know the sequence. If you ask me. I believe this all happened before she ran.

I believe it must've happened some time, but because she was so overwhelmed in her grief she didn't know what was happening. She didn't know what was going on your get like that when you're so overwhelmed you can think rationally that is said to her, the angel said women want woman, why are you weeping, she said to them, because they have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him know when she has said this, she turned and saw Jesus standing in a beautiful that Jesus was so moved by Mary Magdalene that is that I got a go prayer visit. She's going to lose her mind she's gonna go crazy if I don't do something Peter go find him by the seashore and on the cooking some fish. I want to meet up. John August still got something to say to him about how long he's gonna live that's gonna happen on Mary Magdalene. I gotta go see her.

What is he say he says to her will and why are you weeping whom are you seeking and she's supposing him to be the gardener said to him, sir. If you have carried him away, tell me where you have laid him and I will take him away.

We were still not having rational thought number that those women got to the grave and said, oh, what a minute who's gonna move the stone now she is saying to the gardener was really Jesus saying, tell me where the body is I want to pick it up myself and take it with me how he felt and do that take up a deadweight even a pretty strong man cannot do that. The point is this. She loved Jesus with a fearless love. It was not irrational, but it transcended rationality, reason Peter loved Jesus and he was willing to put his guilt and shame aside and still run John the disciple who was weak was helpful as he was not always firing on all cylinders. If you know what I mean when it came to love.

He was willing to out run Peter to get to the tomb with a star like I can go in Peter runs in the Ozark.

I guess on, try, try, check this out. He goes and is it all.

I believe this is it a common thing for all three of them is that they love Jesus and then you know the rest of the narrative. Jesus reveals himself to Mary Magdalene and she knows he is the one. The question for all of us is very simple. Do you truly love Jesus Christ with this fearless love you love your Savior. Thank you so much for joining us for this message. We understand what Jesus has done for us. It should inspire us to pursue him with the love this fearless and bold as a run to the arms of our Savior. Give your heart to Christ today. Love the Lord with the fearless love. For more information visit us and for this sermon's notes. Check out Pastor Shaw's block of it on

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