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Our Humble King

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah
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December 9, 2018 5:00 am

Our Humble King

Clearview Church / Abidan Shah

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December 9, 2018 5:00 am

Zechariah 9:9-11

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Disease is beautiful is coming to you, just having salvation over the you just heard a portion of the upcoming message titled, our humble king Pastor Robert on shot of Clearview church in Henderson, North Carolina I Clearview. Our focus is on making Christ visible from the way you worship to the way we serve the way we love one another. Come check us out at 3485 Oxford Rd. in Henderson or visit us join us for the rest of this week's message this morning with being a series on Christ be the series is called Royal.

As I mentioned to you in our previous two messages is hard for us to initiate the regal language. The Bible describes to Jesus because we didn't grow up in a king under a king or the kingdom of you grew up in a demo democracy or public overview elect our officials is very hard for us to understand what it's like to live under a single I see the British royalty or will that is the cost of usual monarch, the British royalty is not the typical kings and kingdoms throughout history because a constitutional monarch like the Queen of England. It is more like a symbol, she's a symbol of unity she is a symbol of stability of the region hired she's the symbol of pride of the rich people for the real power to make and pass legislation. This relation is usually it is really with elected parliament so I was do not have a good example of what it means to live under a cane or a kingdom so keep that in mind, we realize in much of the Bible is about God being our king and Jesus Christ is our King. He came as a king. He lived and died as a king. He rose again the glorious King and he is coming again so is very important for us to keep those things in my this morning to talk about our home. Okay. We talk about her career. King Jesus created everything was made for him by him through him, and then we talked about our good King compared to his own of lineage.

King David Jesus was a good king. He never heard anybody he never took advantage of anybody like David did with that she got her husband killed Jesus is the good king to talk about our humble king gallery for us from Zechariah chapter 9 verses 9 to 11. The verses will be on the screen as well. Zechariah's prophesy. He's talking to the people of Judah. Below is with her back from exile and trying to live their whole life but life is not moral. I live in the land for 20 years and God has been telling them to rebuild the temple of the neighbors around her are trying to harass them to get them out of the land and so this prophecy is encouraged to people not to give up not to give in and trust the eternal King who is coming for them who will rescue that will save his people. So this is a Zechariah 99 rejoice greatly, or daughter of Zion shall or daughter of Jerusalem. Behold, your King is coming to you generous. Many of the prophecies talk about Jesus being the king and somehow we have just categorically dismissed those prophecies, behold, your King is coming to you. He is just and having salvation lowly and riding on a donkey is cold. The fool of a donkey and then he says in verse 10, the king is speaking out this kingdom can write a donkey. The community of mine is going to Palm Sunday but Jesus rode into Jerusalem, arriving on a donkey, so this is about Christ. I will cut off the chariot from his friend in the horse from Jerusalem. The battle below shall be cut off, he shall speak peace to the nations. His dominion shall be from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. As for you also. Because of the blood of your cousin.

I was sent your prisoners free from the worthless. Now, what exactly is a Zechariah talking about in this passage several days he's telling us, and were looking at this passage as Christ being our home thinking he's telling us about the humility of this king.

The first thing he tells us is that humility is not weakness. This king is humble but he is not weak had heard the old you become a cliché of meekness is not weakness. It is true humility is not weakness to understand that we have to backup verse one of Zechariah chapter 9 sunscreen on just listen to the work, the burden of the Lord of the word of the Lord against the land of Hedrick now if you live this matter on the swing at right was somewhere to the north next to the urologist River that's today you will say it is somewhere in the north of Damascus, Syria. Unity worked on other use of our political ISIS forces are fighting a battle so had tracked the city was south of the level north of Damascus. God is talking to these people because they're harassing his people that harassing the people of Judah. They're trying to build a coalition to come against and an*formula Damascus where Damascus is the capital Syria even to this day in Damascus was also against God's people has been for a long time.

This verse one the word of the word of the Lord against the land of Hedrick against Damascus is resting place for the eyes of men and all the tribes of Israel are on the Lord may use a prophecy that is coming. Verse two also against payment, which borders on this, the city of Syria north of Lebanon so this is Lebanon right here okay and this place called him. It was the logo here and all that's left of the agencies ruins, but underestimate and then against higher and signal tire is still in Lebanon today.

I'll have on the map of its is there and sit on their work, like Twin Cities about 30 miles from each other.

Even today in modern-day litter. This is what God says to the cities of the letter for trying to harass God's people down here. Listen to entire though they are very wise for higher herself eight hour heat up silver like the desk can imagine that, like sweeping the floor and all the dust and dirt and and if you have cats and goggled their walls you know you sweeping all of them up in a dustpan.

That's how rich Hyder used to be that that gold and silver and riches were just like dark levels and gold like the mire of the streets. Behold, the Lord will cast her out, he will destroy her power in the sea and she will be devoured by fire.

When did this happen. This was a prophecy given by Zechariah in about 520 BC okay. This prophecy was fulfilled by man. You know very well. Alexander the great is that of the great right is a Macedonian rumor of the Greeks, even against Persia he conquered her jetty, he was a you know he went to the ends of the earth, so to speak.

All the Indian really came up against higher listen he fulfill this prophecy or higher down hundred 50 years later from the time of Zechariah, so before we talk about this.

King lowly and riding on a donkey coming in late you read verse one because this king is not weak is very powerful when you go against his people.

He stands up and he fights for them but I just endless numbers for behold a little cast. Rather, he will destroy her power in the seed should be devoured by fire. Verse five. Ashkelon shows see and fear because of you are guys on the use of short guns are also shall be very sorrowful in Akron for me drying up her expectation that the next map will be here cities. These are or of the five Philistine cities in Israel. Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod. These were finger at one there is Satan famous Philistine cities and were vigilant just like the season the norm that were against God's people. The seas on the south were also against God's people is not telling the easier days, you harassing my people you're going against my purpose. I will deal with you.

And guess who did who fulfill this prophecy again. The same man, Alexander the great became and he destroyed the cities. In fact, many came up against Gaza. Guess what he did. He drank king Baptists of Gaza behind a chariot through the city while he was delivering on the drag of the city until he died is a lot like trying is this this diverse five. The campaign shall perish from Gaza and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited. So before we talk about the king, humble, meek and mild riding on a donkey coming in with a olive branch of peace. Don't forget that Jesus is also powerful K and his enemies cannot stand against him real music created can be known as the good king. But he's also a very powerful K was the middle of your verse six is a mixed race shall settle in Ashdod and outcome of the pride of the Philistines, you know that the Philistines are no idyllic but good people and existing why because it kept going against God's people, and God's purposes was the point of all of this while trying to say to you. Here is when you read the history of the world. We think that is just a strong, conquering the we or the lies overpowering the foolish would be don't realize is that there is a mysterious handbook. All of this that is the hand of Jesus Christ, his purpose is still moving has been about history. I don't think a history is just the survival of the fittest is fulfilling Alexander the great was in many ways, fulfilling the prophecies given hundred and 50 years ago, King Jesus has always been in charge and he still is missing what Daniel says in Daniel chapter 2 verse 20 and 21 he says blessed me the name of God, for ever and ever for wisdom and might are his notice of this and he changes the times and the seasons, he removes kings and braces of Kings. He gives wisdom to the lies and knowledge to those who have understand Jesus is in charge of his. So when you hear about political powers rising up falling. I don't understand though you know the people behind of behind-the-scenes work pulling the strings. Ultimately, behind all the screens is Jesus Christ, the ruler of history and God's purpose will always be done humility is not weakness is power under control. The question for us today is how you see Jesus you see him just as it may be in a major deducing just as helpless son of God revealed to the cross-linkable to get you see him as the one standing outside the door knocking waiting to get in.

I don't get me wrong the baby in the manger. He is helpless son of God across yes giving his life for us standing on the door waiting to let to ask, waiting for us that that event, but don't forget he's also the one who is in charge of everything. He is a powerful humility is not weakness will be black eye that also sorry on this trip, humble person or you know all forgive me for living kind of humility.

That's not humility, inability pentacles that was set is power under control. Jesus ultimately immensely infinitely powerful but your second point times right away.

Humility is not weakness regarding gastric but humility is not cruel either. Humility is merciful. This is what happens in verse seven okay Zechariah noncitizen passage.

This is what the Messiah says this coming can exist, I'll take away the blood from his mouth, and the abominations from between his teeth is not passage within the world is Zechariah talking about areas is easy enough smoking something amazing crazy. What happened was he talking about this at length from his mouth is referring to Hagan sacrifices that involve drinking blood and just like that abominations from between his teeth is referring to eating forbidden fruit of food you know animals over Dan was a radio riding animals that they're not practices. Agent practices that were going off when Zechariah same here and what Jesus that he is saying here is, even in the midst of judging the cities in the north and was in the South were coming against God's people and even in the midst of showing that he is in charge and his purpose will be done even in the midst of that God was changing the hearts of individuals you see. He will take of the blood from his mouth. This is another way of saying that this people will give up their pagan practices and come to the living true God. In the amazing that even in the midst of God's judgment. There is mercy, even as God's judging people's he still saving individuals. I think about your family. I guarantee you, most of us would say our families as it home group.

Many of them are lost and yet you see individuals in your family were saved were well got out of that is the grace of God is so beautiful to see goddess administering justice and judgment against sentence showing grace to those who are willing to receive this in verse seven, but he remains even he shall be for God so God's judging the cities in the north and hire in Sedona and Ashkelon and Gaza in August. In the midst of that there are some who remain levels of our God arrived. I will destroy everything I was saving, but God is God even in his judgment, there is mercy visited this but he remains even he shall be for God and shall be like a leader in Judah and Akron like a Jebusite know what exactly does got me that these were Jebusite for people that God didn't spare and let Rhonda became part of the people of God and listen.

I was not part of God's chosen people, but through Jesus Christ. I have been grafted into the beautiful even though were not harmed directly part of the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and by receiving Christ. We have become part of the family is eat humility below is not weakness we see how God destroyed the cities same time. Don't think that God is unmerciful God is merciful and God does care like a great example of this well the last point you remember the book of acts chapter 8 when Philip was told to go and talk to someone who was reading his scroll grandmother and you know where exactly this was remind you to accept a 26 and an angel the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, arise, and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.

In some ways is the fulfillment of that prophecy. And what if the PE let this if you will be a man to Christ, explained the gospel to him, baptized him after he was baptized. What happened Philip is taken away, but in verse 40 Philip was found at also toasting the second map of their necklace. He was founded positive risk positives also tells is a Roman name for Ashdod is about to so dividers on sick so-and-so knows about them cover to cover out of anybody knows about curricular understandings before 25 years and they have gone even an inch deep and mild is so rich, so what we say here, even in God's judgment. There is mercy ability is Journal person is truly humble as a person is not.

We neither was that person harsh.

We have a lot of definitions. Humility is knowing who you are. Analogy is some you know. Knowing your weaknesses. Humility is not rejecting this up, but ultimately, humility listen to that first began reading the past that this message with Zechariah 9 rejoice greatly over the daughter of Zion shall go daughter of Jerusalem.

Why, behold, your King is coming to the forget estate is powerful is also merciful but he is a king who is coming and how is he coming, he's coming with with righteous is a promise that God had made through Isaiah chapter 11, there shall come forth a rod from the stem of Jesse in a branch shall grow out of his roots.

Righteousness shall be the belt.

This is the king who is righteous.

Humility is also righteous. If a person lies and cheats deceives they're not humble. They pretend to be humble.

Humility. Jesus was righteous. What else he did. He brought salvation, bringing salvation first Peter 318 says will Christ also suffered for since the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God. Humility does not see people destroyed and brings them to go is limited. God destroy people been Jesus Christ reincarnate destroy peoples years there were people who were rejecting his plan of salvation. There were people who were going against the coming of the valve salvation is very different. But here's the fervor he's load locally. In other word is used if a loan is the same word that is used to describe Moses. Moses was known as a humble masculine against him bigger and fussing fought against him. He was low, prideful, and then assessed writing only donkey a cold the fold of a donkey that is a fulfillment of prophecy that Jacob, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jacob give that prophecy as he was blessing his 12 sons and he says about Judah when he said the scepter shall not depart from Judah not, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh comes to him shall be the obedience of the people finding his donkey to the vine and his donkey's colt to the choice vine. He washed his garments and find his clothes in the greatest of us there about the blood of Christ and all that also focus on binding the donkey to the vine. Why is that important. You see a horse was an animal of more usable you to inspect the horses. None of the sucking stick around donkey window comes with the message of peace. That will not was not unusual, but if you are come into a city and tell them you better listen then you will, force Jesus came in peace here to declare war, he came to bring peace in the process. Listen to what else he said first and I will cut off the cherry from your friend in the horseman from Jerusalem me.

These were two cities of light against each other. Jesus came to bring peace.

Humility is peace. That's not humble. The battle emotional because he shall speak peace to the nation.

His dominion shall be from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the asked for you. Also because of the blood of you, and I will set you free from the work wassomuchthatwhatissayinghereisthatChristcametobringpeace.Christcametobringreconciliation,notjustbetweenusandGod,butalsobetweenusandNietzscheandonedayhe'scomingagain,andhewillrulefromJerusalem.Everynationonthe.ThequestiontodayisisthathumbleKingnotweakeningbuthumblecamenotmercilesskingbutmercifulcameisheruiningyourheart.HesaidIthinkso.Buthere'saquestionifusuallyinyourheart,yourheartshouldbeatpeacewithGodandpeacewithotherpeople.Ifusuallyinyourheartyourhearttobefullofrighteousnessnotevil.Ifheiswillingyourheartdesireshouldbetobringpeaceinthisworld.YourdesireshouldbetosharethegospeltotheendsoftheIneedtoswitchbindersinprayerinthequietnessofyourheart.TheHolySpiritisspeakingtoyou.Questionis,areyoutrulyhumbleyouclaimtoknowChrist.AreyoulikeChristdoyoureflectChrist.Areyoupeaceloving,likeChrist,youdesiretoseepeoplegetsafelikeChrist.Ifyoudon'ttoday.ConfessyoursinstoGodmadethingsrightwithpeopleinyourlifeandtheirsinyourheartgoingagainstthepurposesofGod'swillandunitingnewsaskinglenses,refilluswiththislife.Thankyousomuchforjoiningusforthismessage.Jesusdidn'tcometopresenthimselfasaconqueringkingtodrawattentiontohimselfrather,inhumilitycametoserveandultimatelytogivehislifeforus.He' and for the sermons, notes, check out Pastor Shah's block habit on

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