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CGR WEDNESDAY 110823 David Shestokas Constitutional Originalist

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 8, 2023 8:00 am

CGR WEDNESDAY 110823 David Shestokas Constitutional Originalist

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Naked products do not treat, reduce, cure, or prevent disease. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day. Thank you for keeping it tuned here at Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Great program lined up for you today. Ed Bartlett will be with us. We'll talk a bit about domestic violence, and surprisingly, one of the primary victims these days of domestic violence is men.

It is. We'll talk about that. The emasculation of America and what that actually means. Let's see, we'll talk about fake news with Tiaran Rose and NewsBusters, and I know we'll get into the topic of the abortion decisions in Ohio and Virginia. And before my pro-life friends go into a panic mode, let's remember that the overturning of Roe v. Wade was for the purpose of bringing these decisions back to the states.

So that's what's happened. What needs to be realized is the culture and the indoctrination that exists within the education system. That's where your battle is. The battle's not in the court. The battle is in educating people about what abortion really is, and what it means, and the damage that it causes, both generationally, to the young woman, to all that are engaged, and all that are involved. And that's where we've got to fight our fight. And it just proves that our system is a pro-death culture rather than a pro-life culture, but I'll get into some of that with Tiaran and at the top of the next hour.

Also today, Claire Lopez and Rick Manning will be with me, and we'll be talking about the threat that we are facing right here, the terrorist threat that we are facing right here in our country because of these open borders. Yesterday, you watched one of the members of Congress, Rashida Tlaib, was censured for her pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel statements, which I think is great, but what we've got to realize is that she is speaking for these significant pockets that exist. If you go and look at where she's from, Dearborn, Michigan, no-go zones. Look at Omar, and where she's from, and the number of Somalis that are there, and the violence that is there, and the rapes that are happening there. They go fully and completely, not just unreported media-wise, but there are women that are being victimized in those areas, and nothing is being done. And it's not just there. This is a widespread issue, and this is all a part of the Islamic plan.

They do this in every country that they go into. All right. Well, joining me now, our constitutional originalist, and we've got a lot to cover with him today. We'll talk a little bit about the abortion issue and the constitutional aspects of that. There is a gun case that is going before the Supreme Court regarding restraining orders and domestic violence, and who gets a gun and who doesn't get a gun. So we'll get into that, and then we also are going to get into conversation about President Trump's trials in New York and in Georgia. Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesbrough, and Jenna Ellis have all gone into plea deals on the Georgia situation, and we'll talk about tomorrow's great event and Reverend Steve Lee.

So let's get into that right now. As a matter of fact, I want to welcome to the program my good friend David Shostokis. David, welcome. Good to have you.

Thank you so much, Greg. It's great to be with you. It's a little energizing early in the morning to hear you get on and be so excited and talk about that. I just love the energy that you have at seven in the morning.

I have my time in any event. I don't know that I need to be, that I'm able to quite be so energized as you in the morning. Today I had to get a little something. I had some cinnamon streusel and whatnot to get myself energized to be with you this morning. So it's great to be here though, Steve.

Excuse me, Greg. I have so many pastors in my life these days. I have more pastors than I can imagine. I'm going to be with one, two, three, four, five, six tomorrow and you this morning. And so sometimes I'm probably going to be just safe if I go, good morning, pastor.

Well, you know what? We have that same situation with the kids. You know, I've got five kids and it becomes kind of a common thing. It's, you know, you're going to correct one of the kids and it's like, you know, and you just kind of list all the names till you get to the one that you're actually talking to. So I completely understand that, brother.

I completely understand that. Let's start with the election yesterday and the abortion issue because you and I talked about that when Roe v. Wade happened and was, you know, was overturned and everybody was, you know, was the other side was in a panic about it. And our side was in a, you know, a march of victory. And I would suggest perhaps that this election could lead some of them to question that victory march per se.

But in reality, I think we need to not overread this, right? I mean, this was not a national election. These were two individual states and those states had elections on a particular issue. And it wasn't even about, you know, full throated abortion. It was abortion at 15 weeks in one case, if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, this is correct. And I think when people did not necessarily, during the course of the life of Roe v. Wade, people didn't really understand what the case was about originally, nor in the end did they understand what it was when it was overturned. And certainly when it was originally put together, it had to do, at least the theories that the justices put together in 1973 had to do with privacy rights and some other things. It really never was an abortion decision, so to speak. And ultimately, when they overturned it, they ultimately did do what they were supposed to do. And that was say, this is not the business of the federal government. This is the business of the states and individual people to make the decision locally as opposed to have it come down on high.

Because, of course, there is no right to an abortion any place in the Constitution. And so Roe v. Wade itself and our doves that overturned it were really about who gets to decide. It wasn't about the issue itself, but it was rather about who gets to decide the issue. And now that it was returned to the states, you're going to wind up with these local elections or local decisions by state legislators on the issue.

And that's exactly where it belongs. It belongs closer to the people per the 10th Amendment. The 10th Amendment, of course, reserves all the issues that are not granted to the federal government for regulation to the regulation of the states or the people, respectively. And this is when everybody says things about threats to democracy and whatnot. Well, this is actually the Democratic Republic in action. That is, we have 50 little republics and the 50 little republics have the ability to decide issues not covered by the Constitution, not only the ability, but actually the right and the duty to decide those issues.

And that's what this was about. So it's not national. It doesn't and may have some some implications for national. But as you said at the top at the opening, these kinds of things indicate the need for continuing education about the adverse impact of abortion, not just, as you said, generationally, but on the individuals that are involved and and what it actually is in terms of morality, in terms of murder, in terms of those kinds of things. And so the discussion, the discussion, the education needs to be ongoing.

And you know what? That's how it should be. What Roe, unfortunately, supposedly did was take it out of the public debate by saying the federal the federal Constitution protected certain activity. And that when the Supreme Court does that, that removes the subject from the public debate.

And so you cannot win on educational matters because there's nothing to educate on. So it's this is this is democracy in action. And so the so the duty of folks that rightly believe that this is immoral and murder and the other kinds of issues have to have to make their case. And they have to make their case in a in a broader in a broader spectrum, as you indicated, that it's that they need to talk to people about the adverse impacts across the board, well beyond the simple, immoral, immoral aspects of it, but rather the adverse impact that it has on the people who are involved in that in such situations. Yeah, it and and again, you know, this this issue is saying that abortion is now allowed in Ohio up to 22 weeks. It doesn't say that abortion is is banned, but but it's it's not.

I don't know, I would say that it's not the the massive, what I would consider to be the massive victory. And again, as you said, it's, it's only relative to these states. And but but what we need to watch out for is is the media is going to construe this as national consensus. They're going to take two out of 50 states and say, Well, this is what everybody believes. And and you're going to watch the Democrats in Washington, DC, trying to push legislation through to put abortion back on the table, and and turn it into a federal mandated issue, as opposed to leaving it in the states. And there are many states where it is banned and where the people have have voted for it to be reduced and or banned.

Yeah, that's exactly right. And the the problem with them going forward and on this matters in Washington, is that that's exactly what Dobbs said was wrong, is that it's not the authority of the federal government to be involved in this this subject, that they should keep their nose out of this subject. But they'll put their and they'll stick their nose in the subject, not for not because they have the legal authority to do so, but because they want to try and build some sort of narrative that that they have the ability to do so. But they but but Dobbs specifically says that it's not the business of the federal government. And so the national Democrats are trying to make this into some some activity out of Washington will be running contrary to the Constitution, which, of course, is no impediment to anything they do. You know, they're they know the Constitution is meaningless to these folks.

And so it's not surprising that they will do that. They will try and utilize authority that the Supreme Court says they don't have. Well, they're, they're, they're running on that they're running on abortion, gun control, and then what they refer to what what they claim to be democracy.

And, and I put a piece together, I put the video out yesterday, and and I'm going to say some a couple of things in here, David, that are going to sound harsh or or I don't know, critical or however, however you want to take them. But I want us to understand what they're saying about our kids, when they're promoting what they're promoting, because they're not with their number one argument on the abortion front is, well, it's it's about protecting women who have been raped and giving them the ability to be able to have an abortion. Okay, you have to draw the the parallel there. So that means that they're saying that, that our sons are rapists. That's what they're saying. And, and then, and then they're saying that, well, you can't eliminate abortion, because, you know, a lot of these girls have, you know, you they get pregnant, and they don't mean to get pregnant, and they don't want to.

Okay, so what are you doing? You're saying that our daughters are our whores that can't keep their legs together that that's what you're saying. That's what they are saying about our children.

And I'll get into this a little more in the next hour, when I talk about Kinsey and the influence of Kinsey calling every child a sexual being from birth. But here's what I said, David, Democrats across the country are running on abortion, gun control and democracy. They're telling you that your sons are rapists, your daughters are whores, defenseless children in school stop bullets, and mobs like BLM and Antifa social media platforms and cancel culture should control free speech. They want drag shows at your schools and support gender mutilation. As a Christian conservative, I believe your sons are to be raised as men of valor.

Your daughter's bodies are more than sex objects and deserve honor. Guns are a deterrent to senseless violence. And we want all Americans to have representation and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including free speech, freedom to practice your religion, a free and honest press, the right to peacefully assemble the right to redress your representative government. So vote conservative for freedom. Well, you know, it's interesting that, of course, that you put in there that they run on democracy and they say that things are existential threats to democracy. But of course, they won't do anything to protect the security of elections. So, you know, they don't actually believe in democracy because they believe in all these things that make the elections insecure rather than tighten the elections up.

And so because the issues that you talk about are actually true. They cannot win at the ballot box. And so they mess with the ballot box itself. And that's where it all comes down to.

You've heard me say this before. If we had straight and square elections, a whole lot of these issues would not be issues. And so this is where it comes down to actual real Republican representative democracy should be what everybody would be in favor of. But they're not in favor of that. They're just in favor of their issues.

And so anything that they can do to make elections insecure and give them authority and power is what they're interested in doing. Let's talk for a minute about the gun rights issue. And, you know, there's a case coming up that has to do with domestic violence.

It has to do with the restraining orders. You know, the Chief Justice actually questioned the attorney who's bringing this case before him, you know, don't you consider your client to be dangerous? And the man says, well, what does that describe dangerous? Oh, I don't know shooting at people? Indiscriminately shooting at people?

And the guy's like, oh, well, fair enough. But, you know, I mean, where does that sit in your mind constitutionally? As background, of course, it is the case is about this overriding federal is a federal actually it turns out to be a federal requirement that's been enacted by by many states as well. Once there is a charge where there's been probable cause that somebody would be involved in a domestic violence matter.

And you know what? Domestic violence doesn't just include a husband and wife. Domestic violence is generally speaking, involves parties that are either have a family relationship, a dating relationship, a living relationship. It's a very broad swath of of society that's covered by potential domestic violence charges.

And it's generally speaking, a battery, which can be as much as an unpermitted touching of another person that falls within one of these relational categories. Once somebody is charged with that, then there is a mandatory relinquishment of any guns and gun ownership, the right to have a gun, the right to possess a gun or any kind of weapon is generally speaking, taken away from them. The conditions of their bond is put together that says, no, you can't you can't carry a weapon sometimes.

And in which case, sometimes the judge in certain circumstances makes that mutual and indicates that the victim may not be able to as well, because some of these circumstances, at least early in the stages, you can't tell. The problem with that is that, of course, it gives it takes away people's authority and rights under the Second Amendment. It literally takes them away at a point in time when they are just accused of a crime, not in a situation where they've been convicted of a crime. And this is the problem because, of course, we're supposed to have this presumption of innocence. We're not supposed to be imposing penalties and taking away rights in advance of convictions. And so this is this is where the problem comes in, is because you're interfering with Second Amendment rights early on without any particular proof that this particular individual is any particular danger to himself or others through possession of the weapon. There's just an assumption that if they're accused of this, that they are a danger and then their Second Amendment rights are abused. So that's what's at stake in there is this broad swath of laws across both the states and the federal government that essentially takes away a Second Amendment rights upon the accusation of these matters. And I don't want to myself paint a broad picture, but I was involved in domestic violence prosecutions.

And after that, I was involved in domestic violence defense matters. And I will tell you that people that have been in that system, either as an accuser or as a defendant, learn how to abuse these systems and actually weaponize the system in their favor by lodging complaints that may or may not have happened. And and the knee jerk reaction of the of the prosecutors is the prosecutors and the police. And frankly, I don't necessarily blame the police, but the prosecutors should investigate more before going forward. The police, when somebody gets called on a domestic violence matter, the police are always going to arrest somebody.

Somebody is always going to be arrested. Police are not social workers, right? They only have one authority.

They only have one ability that differentiates them from everybody else. And that is they have the authority to arrest somebody. And rather than leave some parties together that may be may be dangerous to each other, they do their best to determine the aggressor in a particular situation. And they arrest them and take and remove them from the situation.

Most of the domestic violence laws allow for a 72 hour mandate, a 72 hour cooling off period where the parties are not able to get together again. And so there's a variety of mechanisms in place to to protect against that. And and frankly, to take away somebody's Second Amendment rights on a mere accusation is, I would suspect, is a danger as has been a dangerous precedent. And I have many, many innocent people had their other constitutional rights abrogated on the mere accusation and without any particularized proof that this particular individual is any kind of danger.

And so that's what's facing the court under this circumstance is can you can you interfere with such rights on the mere accusation without any particularized information that this individual is, in fact, such a danger? And, and, and having been on both sides of that, I'm sure that, you know, from the victim's perspective, when when when there is a legitimate victim of something of that, then there's the very real concern that they have. And unfortunately, domestic violence calls tend to be the most the most violent, because there's such hot tempered emotions that are running in the midst of all of that. So it's it's a it's a, you know, it kind of goes back to the same thing on the abortion front.

And what I mean by that is, is the is is is the moral compass, right? The the concept of valuing each other's lives, and and and being able to step back from the emotions engaged in all of that, and recognize, wait a minute, you know, I don't have a right to take a life. Because I'm, you know, whatever angry, what have you, I there's not a right to take a life here.

Yeah, well, I, this is this is dangerous. I've got actually a couple of cases where I'm defending people at the moment, who in fact, they were the ones that called the police in the first instance. And then the police determined that they were the aggressor. And all they were hoping to do was have the police come and pull off the situation. And now these individuals, authorities under the and rights under the Second Amendment have been abridged till we resolve these matters. And yet they were the ones that called the police in the first place. And so there's, that's, that's the problem in terms of interfering with the Second Amendment rights, is that there's no particularized determination as to that individual and that circumstance.

There's just this broad swath. And so we'll, we'll see what the court does. And see, it's a difficult circumstance to to deal with it. But I've also seen so many times when people know what the system does, they're mad at whomever it is, and they just call and say he spit at me. And they're, they're happy to have them taken away. Well, that's, that's like what, yeah, that's like those laws in California, where, you know, you get mad at your neighbor, so you can call your neighbor and say, Hey, my, you know, my neighbors, whatever, whatever, whatever.

And under their laws, the police can go over and disarm the neighbor. Simply be, you know, because they were the red flag laws, you know, I mean, that that's exactly what red flag laws are, they completely bypass the legal system, and arbitrarily disarm Americans. And, and you see that, you know, I remember years ago, when I used to work with Michael Connelly, we talked a lot about that, because the majority of those cases, actually, at that time, were veterans, who would who would complain about, you know, PTSD and, and, you know, just psychological issues related to, you know, having been through war and, and emotions that they were struggling with. And immediately, you had a culture in the in the psychological world, or the psychiatry world, where where the their counselors would turn them in, and the next thing they know, they've got somebody knocking at their door, disarming them without any adjudication. This is the problem in terms of presumptions of guilt, imposing penalties, without any particular, without any particular findings that the that the this individual, you just make these broad spots. And this is a problem. Of course, we have this problem generally, as to criminal law these days, when why why we have so many homeless people, because we're in fact, we've done away with the mental health care that we used to we used to provide as a general situation. Right. And then you're so you're left with the streets and the jails for people that have such problems as opposed to mental health.

And that, you know, that's among that's among the President Trump's proposals for next year is to start to restore mental health treatment that is now been basically thrown away in favor of either jails or the rights of people to live on the streets. Yeah, well, there's no there's no there's no safety for that, right? If you're if you're struggling with those kinds of things, you don't feel safe talking to anybody because you you feel like they're going to leak that out the back end to somebody that's then going to come after you in some way. And, and so there really is a fear or a concern about about the confidentiality of of the things that you may or may not share. And and that, you know, creates all kinds of issues. It's, it's, it's really unfair to people that are dealing with, with very real challenges.

And then, you know, we can get into old conversation about that, because there's a lot of placating that takes place as well. And I think that churches and and and and Christianity as a whole does a very poor job with mental health, in many respects, because they want to just kind of try to put a bandaid on it and move past it rather than dealing with it. It's a whole body issue that there are chemical issues that are engaged in it. So there's physiological problems, there are psychological issues, there are spiritual issues, I mean, it is a, a whole body of things. And there's a holistic approach that is that that is is being used successfully. But unfortunately, on a broader stroke, most people don't have access to that kind of holistic approach.

This is true. But you know, there was a time when in fact, we did those kinds of things, right. And in the 80s and 90s, we abandoned those circumstances, apparently, budgetary things and just laziness on behalf of the government. Well, and some of the laziness to was is that is that is there was a pushback amongst, you know, certain rights groups regarding the abuse of institutionalizing, because if anybody's at, you know, oh, you go, there's, oh, they got a mental health, well, let's just throw them into a facility, and then lock the key and forget about them, you know, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, right?

You know, that that kind of situation. So, so, again, it's it was, there's an imbalance, again, you have to have, you know, you have to project a holistic approach, irrespective of what the issue is, but in this particular instance, I think, in particular, because and again, this goes back to the base route, when you're telling people, there's no God, so there's no hope, so there's no purpose. So, you know, life is you, you break the conscience barrier. So there's no right or wrong, there's no absolutes, people need those things, people need a sense of, of a comfort in what's right and what's wrong. People need to know that they can leave their house and know that the people they're going to be interacting with have a conscience. It's unnerving to be involved in being in a in a culture where you leave the house, and you and you have a sense that that, you know, 60% of the people that you're going to come into into contact with, have no moral barometer whatsoever. They're just out there for themselves. That's dangerous.

It is dangerous, Greg. And that's, of course, that's what the courts can be balancing in those, in this particular case, in this situation. And so let's, let's hope that they come out with some sort of limitations on interference with constitutional rights, based on accusations.

And if you start with, you know, teaching about, you know, God and life having value at the at the at the inception of that, and reintroduce that to the education system, now all of a sudden, you're going to begin to have a group of people that are going to be much more temperate in how they resolve their issues, because they're going to look at the person that they're dealing with and and say, you know what, that person has just as much right to have value. As I do, let's try to figure this out, whereby we respect each other's rights. Yes, we're going to take a quick break. And we're going to come back and talk about respecting of rights, because we're going to talk about Reverend Lee, and an event you have going on tomorrow, and one of the very first and foremost and fundamental rights that we have. And that is the right to free speech. And we'll talk about that coming up right after this brief break.

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Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights. I am Patriot Mobile. Welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. I'm your host, Pastor Greg.

Thanks so much for being here. I do know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. Thanks for keeping it tuned here. You can go to You can also pick up the archived shows. If you go to show archives, the very first link that you're going to come to is new video, audio.

Click on that, and all the links that we have, including the link over to our Rumble page, which has the videos up each day, you can find them there. They're broken out by segment, and this first segment we're doing here is a full hour with David Shostakovich, our constitutional originalist. David, welcome back to the program. Good to have you.

Thank you so much. It's great to be back. We both had to have some coffee. It was nice.

This is early. As I mentioned, this was my second show because I did one now with Kat Peterson in central Illinois. Kat, on The Morning Buzz, the city's 92.9 for folks in Central, she's over the air in central Illinois.

I like you streaming, oh my goodness, everywhere in that regard. Kat is coming up to Chicago tomorrow from the Bloomington Normal area where she broadcasts from, and she's going to be among the moderators for our event tomorrow involving Pastor Stephen Lee. As folks may know, you and I have talked about this before, and you've had Pastor Lee, we're going to be talking about the situation that he's been indicted along with President Trump and 17 others in Georgia, accused of a racketeering influence corrupt organization's violation. That he was part of some vast right wing conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election illegally. And Pastor Lee, of course, knocked on two doors and was involved in a couple of phone calls. And they say that he was involved in trying to get Ruby Freeman to falsely indicate that she was involved in election fraud. Ruby Freeman being the individual who became fairly famous or infamous in that closed circuit television broadcast from the Allstate Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Or State Farm Arena, excuse me, in Atlanta, Georgia, bringing a box of ballots out from underneath the table and start to run those ballots through a book counting machine when everyone else had been kicked out of the observation area. And so that's one sort of conspiracy that Pastor Lee is accused of being involved in. But ultimately, he's also accused of this RICO violation that involves President Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

At one point involved Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis and Mr. Cheesebro, all of whom have pled guilty to other misdemeanor cases that under Georgia's first offender law allows them to have their records cleaned and expunged at the end of this. But in the meantime, it appears as though we have every reason to believe that Pastor Lee is going to go to trial. And I would hope that folks that are in and around Illinois come up and visit us at the Families of Faith in Shanahan.

There's a Facebook event that describes the situation. We're going to have, I mentioned at the top of the show, my being surrounded by pastors, we're going to have Pastor Randy Bland of Ministries of Faith, Families of Faith, Pastor David Smith of the Illinois Family Institute and Pastor Latasha Fields of the Illinois Opportunity Project, all discussing the weaponization of government against religion. It's going to be a great panel with those folks. Then Pastor Lee himself will be discussing his situation and the impact of these indictments on his life and whatnot.

And then after that, you're going to hear from the lawyers involved, myself and as we've got it scheduled now, David Olds, my co-counsel in Georgia, is going to be joining us and we're going to be explaining to folks the actual legal concepts that they're proceeding under and why it is we don't think that they're proceeding properly. But the fact is, is this case in Georgia, people are not watching as carefully as they should because it impacts every right in the First Amendment. There's five rights in the First Amendment. It's religion and speech and press and assembly and the ability to petition the government for addressing grievances. There's 159 acts in that indictment that I would suggest are all legitimate exercises of the First Amendment that the people in Georgia are trying to criminalize.

And I just mentioned that you can hopefully, you know, if you could be with us, if you can't, there's a Give Send Go slash Chaplain Lee that will help out. He's going to go to trial. We have every reason that we're going to have a trial unless they wake up and say, oh, my goodness, we're nuts to indict this guy.

Unless they wake up and do that, I have every reason to believe we're going to go to trial. And that's a very expensive proposition. One day to fly to and come back from Georgia is twelve hundred dollars for the pastor and myself. And Chaplain Lee is rightfully called America's chaplain. Nothing against you, Pastor Greg. No offense taken. But he's been a chaplain to NYPD in the aftermath of 9-11. Hurricanes Irma and Katrina, the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shootings in Columbine, you name it, any crisis that there's been in America in the last 30 years. And Steven Lee has been there to offer his unique combination of law enforcement experience and ministry.

So that's where that title comes from through that personal experience. And so he needs our help. But I mentioned this because I think it's worthwhile. I've done since this has arisen, I've done interviews on the subject with journalists from London and from Hamburg, Germany, and from Paris, France, and from New Zealand and from Australia. The folks from around the world understand that if there's any kind of convictions at all in this case that impact the rights that were exercised under the First Amendment, the rights of Americans have been diminished. And yet, the people around the world always point to America as a beacon of the protection of rights. And if the rights of Americans are diminished, they understand their own rights, their own arguments to protect their rights in their countries are diminished.

Let me ask you this question because I think this is an important point. You know, a lot of people, I mean, news is really pushing the plea deals of Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesbrough, and Jenna Ellis. Now, each of their attorneys have suggested, Kenneth Chesbrough, I read yesterday, his attorney said, look, this does not have a negative bearing on President Trump's case. But one of the things that's interesting that's been of note that gets touched on, but they don't go further with it, is that all of these cases waive the Georgia RICO. The Georgia RICO charges are dropped right out the gate, and then they plead to something significantly lesser, but we're going to cooperate, whatever that might look like. To some analysts, they look at that and say, okay, well, there's your evidence that the RICO portion of this case is really, really made up.

Can you speak to that? Absolutely, absolutely. You know, I was once a prosecutor, and if in fact I had the evidence to proceed on a major charge that was involved in a case that had multiple charges, that's the charge we would proceed upon. I wouldn't dismiss that charge, and that would be part and parcel of whatever the plea is.

In return for the plea, you might do something in terms of a sentencing recommendation, but you would not drop the charge. And so that's clear evidence that the prosecutors do not have anything on the RICO matter, because that's of course what they make their headlines on. But unfortunately, they're building the narrative that now President Trump is surrounded by criminals, right? Because these folks are pleading guilty to mostly misdemeanors, but in every instance they've applied what they call first offender law that allows them, as long as they comply with their conditions of the probation attached to it, these cases get wiped clean from their record. In the meantime, they're convicted of something, right? And in the meantime, they're theoretically criminals. But in the end, if their records are clean, they were never criminals to begin with. And so it's a false narrative, but the narrative allows the prosecutors to make the claim that they want to make. And it's a terrible shame that this shows you the oppressive nature of the government's authority that even someone with a stellar illegal career as Sidney Powell would be crushed under the weight of the taxpayer-funded prosecution of her, and she'd have to be bankrupt to defend herself.

Well, let's not forget, too. I mean, when you consider that, I know this has to be devastating for her, because one of the things that led to Sidney kind of breaking out onto the national stage was prosecutorial abuse that was done against her years ago, that she fought for so many years to try to battle against this kind of corruption. And that was one of the things that was kind of her rise to fame was her book that she wrote, speaking about these exact tactics. And it has to be, I don't know Sidney real well, but I do know her.

It has to be discouraging and somewhat disheartening to a degree. And I don't know that I've heard anybody say anything about this, and they should, and our prayers need to be with her, but it's got to be disheartening to her to have gone through the prosecutorial abuse that she did, documented, proven, won, and now basically facing the same kind of system all over again. You know, and if I'm Fannie Willis, I better realize that I got a tiger by the tail, and yeah, okay, I'm going to go ahead and take your deal, but I know your game, and I've played this game before, and if you think I'm just going to sit back and not get my pound of flesh, you're sadly mistaken. That's the Sidney Powell that I know. Well, we'll see. You know, of course, Sidney's at another place in her life. She's now a grandma and has got her career more behind her than ahead of her. And you know, you just, in some days, you just wake up, and under those circumstances, I would think you'd wake up and say, I just want this over with.

I want to go with my grandkids. And I understand that. I mean, I really understand that. I think we, you know, don't be, for those of you that are out there that are hearing this or watching what is going on, not hearing us, but reading, please don't take a hard stand. You know, Sidney has been a warrior for years fighting prosecutorial, you know, malpractice and abuse, and like I say, read her book, she won. She proved it, and she won, and the individuals that were involved were prosecuted for it. And here she is again, watching it because the system, as you and I have discussed, unfortunately, the system is broken.

The system is broken. Well, it is in many respects, and that goes back to your original, a long time ago, your overriding principles that people are not taught good and evil, and so that there's not a heart that's running in the right, running in the depth of the prosecutors. They're saying, okay, there's justice, and I want to do justice, not I want to get exercise power. And when I had the job, that was my approach to it all the time. I would charge cases that I could prove.

And if I did not, or if I was not able to prove them, I did not charge them, you should in fact have a 90% plus conviction rate because you shouldn't charge the cases that you can't prove. And so it's a huge responsibility, it's a huge amount of authority, and it's liable to abuse, and we see this tremendous abuse now and misuse for political purposes regarding President Trump. But the danger it has to everybody around the world for not standing up to these circumstances, people should comprehend. And if there's anybody in the neighborhood of tomorrow, we're going to have a great program. In Shanahan, there's a Facebook event about it, there's also a LinkedIn event about it, you can find out more about that. And actually, at the Give Send Go slash Chaplain Lee, in the discussion section of the Give Send Go, there's a description of the event as well. And what time does that event start, David? The door's open at 5.45, the program starts at 6.30, we anticipate going until about 8.30. We're going to have some other people there, from New Illinois and some folks from Preserve America Now, and the United Southland Republican Women are going to have a table. So it's not just that, it's going to be a wonderful, wonderful event for people to get together and learn about what this is really about.

And where is this going to be held at, again? Families of Faith Christian Ministries in Shanahan, Illinois. And maybe people don't know the term Shanahan, but for folks in the Midwest, it's at the intersection of Interstate 80 and I-55, Interstate 55.

Very easy to get to from east, west, north, south. And so, you know, you can come over from Indiana, you can come over from Iowa. Please, please join us.

There we go. And that's 5.45 p.m. at the Families of Faith Center. Families of Faith Ministries. Families of Faith Ministries, okay. At I-80 and I-55.

In Shanahan, Illinois, yeah. And like I said, we've got this great group of pastors. Like I said, my life is surrounded by them. You'll be the sixth one I'll talk to in the next day or so.

And hopefully every one of them will pray for me because I need it. There we go. Absolutely. Absolutely.

We'll be there tomorrow. But like I said, if you can't, please help Pastor Lee because it's expensive to do these things, to mount this defense. And there's also always the Give Send Go Chaplain Lee. Give Send Go forward slash Chaplain Lee.

Give Send Go forward slash Chaplain Lee. And you can make your donation there to help support him in his legal expenses in the battle that he's fighting. And really these legal expenses are about securing those five amendment rights, those First Amendment rights. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a free press, the ability to redress your government and the ability to peacefully assemble.

These are critical to our constitutional republic. And I thank you, David, for fighting this good fight. And again, Give Send Go forward slash Chaplain Lee. We're going to take a break. We'll be back with more Chosen Generation Radio on the other side. I've got quite a bit that I want to cover with you, and I'll be back with you to talk about all those things coming up right after this brief break.
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