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CGR WEDNESDAY 092723 David Shestokas SCOTUS Election Georgia #Trump Social Media

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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September 27, 2023 8:00 am

CGR WEDNESDAY 092723 David Shestokas SCOTUS Election Georgia #Trump Social Media

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you and God bless the supporters. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice on where you can listen each and every day. Thank you for keeping your eye on us. Welcome here to Chosen Generation Radio. Let me change that graphic.

Not that I don't mind seeing my good friend Matt, but he's not my guest now. All right. It is Wednesday hump day.

I hope you're getting through the week and getting over the hump. If you didn't get a chance to do this, by the way, I want to really encourage you to get on the website. And the very first blog post is resolution and prayer to stop the G20 New Delhi leaders declaration. I've written out a resolution that I believe you can present to your city council, county commission, whatever entity you want to present it to.

And then a prayer to pray over your county, over your city, to push back against the darkness that this is. This G20 basically is the 20 nations, including the United States, who have produced a 37-page resolution that adopts agenda 2030 in full out in public in the full light of the day and states that they are absolutely 100% all on board with everything the WTO says and that the WTO should direct trade decisions and so on, economic policy for all 20 nations. The WHO, this puts in place digital cities. Everybody wondered about digital cities. It's laid out for you.

It's clearly laid out. And if you thought that you own anything, own a home, if you thought you had any sovereignty in the United States whatsoever, the G20 resolution says that no nation has sovereignty. None. They just gave away your constitutional rights.

And so I would encourage you, the only way we fight this back is we start at the very local level by setting up and putting in place individuals that will not under any circumstances give authority to entities that are not a part of and sworn allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. Period. End of story. So that's what this is about.

And then the spiritual component, because this is an antichrist demonic agenda. And we, as sons and daughters of the Most High God through Jesus Christ our Lord, and that's why I pushed back on the guest on Monday who wanted to claim that there are multiple paths and God just killed his son because he was having a bad day. Yeah. No.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him. All right. Anyway, lots more for you today, but that is incredibly critical to where we stand. Claire Lopez and Rick Manning are with me. Melanie Collette is here. Tiaran Rose Mandelberg. And we'll close with Pastor Clennard Howard Childress, Jr., who is the founder of the website,, talking about the abortion issue and how it is targeted and destroyed the black family.

All right. I'm very pleased to welcome my first guest to the program. He is here with us regularly on Wednesdays.

My good friend, Mr. David Shostakis, our constitutional originalist. Hey, David. Hey, good morning, Greg. Good day. Happy Thursday and Wednesday. Happy Wednesday. It seems like it's going to be Thursday.

It's been an incredibly busy week in so many places, and there's so many things to follow. When you talk about the G20 business and everything else that's going on, I just think of my moments inside the Jefferson Memorial and the cost of liberty is eternal vigilance. That, you know, Tom was fond of saying, and he's absolutely right. You have to defend your liberty. While we say that it's God-given and it belongs to us, I guess people don't. Also, they only tell about half the story when they talk about our rights because, of course, with our rights comes responsibilities. And it's so critically important to understand that they come from God. And so, therefore, he is setting rules. When we talk about the rule of law and nature's laws or what have you, we're talking about the biblical law. We're talking about God's laws because he's the one who set those laws in place. And unless we are following those, we are destined for failure as an issue. We have to follow them and we have to defend them and we have to defend them from, essentially, the folks that want to take them away or the other people that want to exercise something besides God's law. And so, those words imply that we own things, and we do, but we have to defend the things we own. We have an obligation to do that. And, of course, again, the Declaration of Independence indicates that government is instituted among men to protect these rights, not to take them away. And so, we have to see to it that the government does what it's supposed to do.

And it's a challenge day in, day out. I was actually on a Zoom yesterday, and we're very, very smoothly considering there were 16 lawyers on the Zoom call. But those 16 lawyers were all defense counsel for various folks that are involved in the Georgia case. The ongoing matters with President Trump going on in Georgia there and trying to sort out all the different things and kind of coordinate what motions everybody's filing, what motions people are joining, what motions affect their clients and don't affect others. And it was really interesting that these folks were joining together for the common defense, if you will, of the attack on all our rights that's going on in Georgia. I can't emphasize enough to folks at this Trump indictment in Georgia and the 18 other people there. The folks that cheer this on don't have any idea that all five rights in the First Amendment will be diminished.

If that happens. But something encouraging about that is I did an interview over the weekend with a reporter from Paris. I spent about an hour with a television reporter from Paris.

And then yesterday morning, I was in London and also Sydney, Australia. And those folks there understand as well the dangers to American rights, how American rights will be diminished by this case in Georgia. But the fact that historically, at any rate, America has been the model for the world for something to strive towards. And the fact that there's a diminishment of the rights for Americans, how that adversely affects the people in London and Paris and Sydney, Australia. Because the people over there, you know, we've been watching and I've been talking about this for the last 10 years on the program.

You and I have talked about it all the time that you've been on as well. But we talked about, you know, the infringements that were happening in London and on the streets of London and in Paris and on the streets of Paris and in Canada and on the streets of Canada. But now, you know, I mean, I have up, you know, on my screen the individuals now that are being impacted here in the United States, the street preachers that are, you know, the First Amendment is being quashed. When you really stop and think about what has happened and the targeting, for example, of the J-6 people, all five of their First Amendment rights plus the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments are all being violated regarding the individuals who went to speak freely, who had a religious conviction about many of the things they were there to talk about, like the shutting down of their churches and being forced to accept an injection.

And, you know, those kinds of closed up into their houses, these kinds of issues. There were religious exemptions that were being violated. There was free speech being violated. There were members of the press, of the free press, who were suppressed and who were told that they couldn't film or couldn't do this or couldn't do that. There were, obviously everyone there was gathered, 99% were there peacefully when you consider the millions that were there. 99% were there peacefully. All of them were denied that right. And they were 100% denied the right to redress their government.

100%. And that all comes into play, like you said, in the First Amendment. But it really, really is interesting that we've got to handle. But like I said, this past two days, I've had an opportunity to talk to some people from around the world and they know that we've been the model and the hope for when their rights are trampled on and diminished. Because when we talk about, you know, when the London people were being assaulted, they pointed to America, you know, as an example and said, wait, we're supposed to have some freedoms like that. In Paris, they said the same thing. In Canada, they said the same thing.

And so now here we are, and it's happening in us. Can I read, let me read this declaration real quick that I wrote. And, you know, I didn't have it read letter stamped by an attorney or anything, but I just, but so we'll see what you think. But I wrote we and then in parentheses, elected governing body, city, county, state, declare that we will not be subject to the provisions of the G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration. We declare that we have been given inalienable rights by God, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We declare that we are a free people independent of any international body or organization, and that we are governed by the United States Constitution and reserve all rights afforded by said constitution. We further declare that as the duly elected representatives of we the people of county, city or state in parentheses, we reserve all rights and privileges guaranteed in the United States Constitution on behalf of we the people who elected us.

Under the authority given to us by Almighty God, as declared in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the United States Constitution, all rights reserved. I think that positive statement is very, very worthwhile. People, it not only reminds the world about that, but the circumstances for the people that their local government should enact that.

But it would also remind the people themselves that these things exist. So I'm thinking though, of course Jefferson changed John Locke from life, liberty and property to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, indicating that of course in some euphemistic way, the ability to own things is your ability to accumulate wealth in one way, shape or form is in fact the pursuit of happiness. But of course property is much more than say real estate or owning your car or owning your, it includes intellectual property to own the things that are in your mind.

And I'm not so certain that the other team always kind of commandeers the language. I think it might be worthwhile if we would consider the rights to life, liberty and property. Because essentially one of the things the government is supposed to do is when you have property that you've legally obtained through the regular system and government recognizes that, they're supposed to defend your right to have the property that you've legally obtained.

It may be worthwhile to get rid of Jefferson's euphemism. The other thought that I have though, and I respect that, the other thought that I have though is when you understand, as I understood Jefferson was trying to go beyond just, as you said, just property. But everything that you could obtain in order to have and receive that place of contentment. A place where you feel unthreatened, where you feel as though there's no one who's trying to take away from you the ability to experience the first two, the life, liberty and then complete contentment which includes your property, your business, your family, your autonomy, your sovereignty.

All of those things. Those are all kinds of property if you will. And I think it's worthwhile to maybe commandeer that word back and indicate that property is the things that surround you in your life that you own and you have this sphere of control.

No, I agree. I mean, I think it's important for, and maybe even in the Declaration, to expand upon what that is, what is happiness entailing relative to. Pursuit of Happiness is a great marketing tool for a revolutionary document. Well, and maybe perhaps, as you mentioned, a type of euphemism that also potentially gives the other side the ability to negotiate you out of what it is that you rightfully belongs to you. So let's go back to John Locke and the second treatise on civil government and life, liberty and property and have an understanding. In law school, they have a class called property, property one, property two. And the very first day they tell you, what is property? Well, property is none of these physical things. It's actually a bundle of rights. It's the right to control your own personal ability to control certain things about your life is what property actually is.

The only difference that I would push back relative to Locke, and we've talked about this before, is Locke made these things somewhat existential, where they were in either man's hand or God's hand. And our founders said, rejected that notion and said, no, life, liberty and this pursuit of happiness, this ability to have, and maybe the word we're really looking to grab here is dominion, life, liberty and dominion. Because that is, if you look at it, you know, from the perspective of how God created us and then what he declared over us and what he released us to do, he released us to have and take and maintain dominion over the earth.

And that has to do with kingdom. That was a command to Adam, wasn't it? I'm not the biblical God you are. It was a command to Adam, but remember that Jesus Christ said that he came to restore what Satan took from Adam in the garden. And so when Adam fell into sin, that the enemy took kind of temporary control, if you will, of some of that dominion. When Jesus came, he pushed him out, and that's why Paul refers to him as the prince of the power of the air, which is the second heaven, the area between the earth and God's throne room is the area really where Satan is trapped right now.

He enters in where we are by our permission, by the things that we say and the actions that we take that give him a legal right to operate in our midst as a result of our disobedience to God. But Christ restored for us that dominion that Adam was given by God in the garden at the very beginning. That's why Jesus Christ begins his ministry by saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand. That's dominion. That's a declaration of dominion. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Repent. Repent why? Repent so that you can be a partaker in the kingdom of heaven, which is at hand.

Well, I think it's time that we kind of rewrite a little bit of Jefferson, you know, because I think the situation, like I said, pursuit of happiness was very, very useful in 1776 in terms of motivation. But the reality is when you're talking about the G20 situation, when you're talking about Georgia and you're talking about actually now these folks in New York trying to decimate those things that the Trump family has accumulated over their life. They're saying that they, people, other people are saying, you know, you don't really own anything. We own it. And you can exercise your dominion, if you will, at our sufferance.

And this is a long attitude. And people should be made to understand about that. And I think substituting reality for pursuit of happiness is really, really important for us to do. You borrowed from Jefferson in your resolution.

And that was the only reason that I brought that up. And I think we need to be more obvious. I think we need to be more obvious, as opposed to as subtle as Tom was when he was asking 20,000 people to die for freedom.

Well, and, you know, part of the reason that I think Jefferson could do that is because, as you've mentioned, too, there was a better understanding of what those words meant and the application of those things. I mean, the reality is, remember, you know, for the last 50, 60 years specifically, we've cast God out of our education system so young people don't have any concept of God and his involvement. And, man, I was watching Glenn Beck do an interview with a Catholic gentleman who is what they call a tradrad, which means he's one of those who believes in the traditional Roman Catholic belief system, which is the biblical.

And I get that. Well, yes, but it's more than that. It's really about recognizing that the Scripture, and that's really what the Protestant Reformation was saying as well, you know, solo Christo, and I forget the word for the word, but basically, you know, the word of God is inerrant. And so what the word says is what we believe. You've had the Catholic Church has really drifted from that, especially this pope, into globalism. Anyway, Glenn... Yeah, regarding him and globalism, of course, he was just telling the world that the country should be without borders.

Yes. You know, I've been to the Vatican. Be nice. Take down your walls there, Mr. Pope. Yeah, no, no. Well, he hasn't.

And he just announced that he was going to be having a sit down with, according to this interview, with Bill Clinton and Gavin Newsom, of all people. I mean, my God. Anyway, but setting this up, what Glenn said that I was a little pushed back on was, he talked about extensively, there's a separation of church and state. There's a separation of church and state. And I thought, boy, Glenn, you know, you're great, up to, but separation of church and state is not the founder's concept. And it was interesting to me because this has actually become the progressive language, not that Glenn's progressive, but that, again, when you talk about language and language shifts and thought shifts, that's an interesting thought shift because that whole concept was predicated on the Danbury Baptist letter. If you go back and look at the Genesis for where they built the argument for separation of church and state, it was the Danbury Baptist letter.

And that wasn't the case. One of the things that was brought up by the gentleman that he was talking to, and I apologize that I don't remember his name right now, anyway, was how all 13 of the colonies had within their constitutions. And David Barton talks about this, and you know, it's interesting.

I haven't seen Barton on with Glenn for a little while. Don't know what that means. But anyway, but David talks about how in each one of the constitutions, there are criterion because each of the 13 states essentially split off, predicated on a kind of denominational tone, a way that they interpreted the Scriptures. And so, and you know what, that's all really good, but one of the things that brought them together was, as I mentioned in my opening dialogue, that Jesus Christ is the only way.

Period. Salvation comes through Christ and through Christ alone. And they all agreed upon that, and they all agreed upon the Ten Commandments, and they all agreed upon what the law looked like. When it came to certain sacraments or emphasis on certain sacraments, there were variances with regards to that, or how they worshiped, or what have you. But who they worshiped, and what they believed, and the basis of all of that was uniform across the 13 colonies. It was uniform, but then ultimate uniformity also has to do with God recognizes us as individuals, not as a collective. And so that's where the rights belong. The rights belong with the individuals, obviously limited by your recognition of somebody else's rights.

And that's the most simple form. And so when the WHO and the WEF and the alphabet super things say, no, we're going to be in charge, that's where, you know, it's a collective. It's a different term for communism. You know, they just have a different operation of communism. So at any rate, and besides all that, again, we're back to communism means that the collective owns everything and the individual owns nothing. Well, here's the very first statement that speaks exactly to that, and this is the G20 Preamble. We are one Earth, one family, and we share one future. Yeah. Which, of course, brings us all down, going down with the ship all together, all at one time.

Yeah. So, you know, I mean, that is, and then accelerate strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth. Well, there are, on the bright side, you've got those supposed leaders doing that, but I can tell you anecdotally that I've talked to people in London and Sydney and Paris who understand what's at risk and what's at issue in terms of defending the United States, because the United States is the last best hope for mankind.

And they're looking, yeah, and they're looking to us for that exact defense. And that, you know, kind of lays into that. So our obligation is bigger than the, you start with local things and your idea of having resolutions for the city and local governments along with the state governments, ultimately the national governments, that recognizes these individual things. But we actually wind up with a responsibility that goes worldwide. It's incredible to understand. But there are people around there, around the world, that obviously looked at, they want to be able, they want to have some place where they can point to when their own rights are implicated.

Well, it's the pebble in the pond effect, right, David? I mean, it's, you know, we're, you know, and that's where this concept of isolationism, and yes, it is America first, but then there's a purpose beyond that. Why America first?

Well, because if you're going to be an impact player on the world stage, you need to have your own house in order. And so those that would argue that we need to get our house in order first, I agree with that. We need to get back in control. And right now, unfortunately, unlike any time in our history, we are battling an invasion on our own shores. And that invasion literally has happened in our own governmental system.

And they have, you know, without, you know, it's the same thing. I was talking with Scott Schara about this, you know, that, you know, when you think about what they did, what they accomplished with their biological weapon, which I believe it was a biological weapon, by the way, but what they accomplished was is they got us to basically institute a self-monitored martial law without declaring martial law. They got us to shut ourselves into our houses, close our businesses, close our churches, take their mandates, go where they said we could go, not go where they said we couldn't go, behave and act and speak in the way that they wanted us to speak. They eliminated all of our rights, ladies and gentlemen, and the large majority of the population bowed down to that. In fact, you had people that got into fights in stores because somebody walked in without a mask, and they got assaulted.

And they got assaulted for not wearing a mask, and the authorities in the store and the police continued the assault against the individual who was assaulted because they didn't wear a mask. So they've conditioned and they've proven that there has been a conditioning in our culture away from life, liberty, and dominion into, you know, sheeple. And we're bowing down to this new world organization. I'm going to shift gears. We know there are people that are not, and we have to stand with them and we have to do what we can. There's so many places where people have opportunities to do things.

And that's what I'm saying. And that's exactly what the purpose of the resolution is, is to give people a tool and encourage them to start coalescing around, get your local officials to make these declarations, to make these statements, to put these resolutions into the record, so to speak, because then that gives local law enforcement the ability to act against orders that are contrary to what the local magistrate and the local government is telling them they're supposed to be doing. I think it sounds like a wonderful movement. And certainly, you know, we're trying to, I would certainly, when I have the opportunity, I'll try and help that.

I'll be looking forward to printing out your resolution and promoting it where I can, where the opportunity arises. Well, and I can change that from pursuit of happiness to the pursuit of dominion. But I'll tell you what, that's going to scare people when you start talking about dominion, because they've already managed over the last 30 to 40 years to label the whole concept of American sovereignty, Americans sovereignty, as evil, as bad. Now you're the parent that goes to the school board meeting and becomes a terrorist. That's exactly right.

That's exactly right. So, so we'll talk off air a little bit and maybe bounce around how if we want to change it and how he would do it. I want to get to this Trump case really quick. A New York State judge ruled that former president I'm re I'm reading the article off the epic times from Jack Phillips yesterday 926 23. A New York State judge ruled that former President Donald Trump and his company are liable for fraud in a lawsuit that was brought by the New York attorney general's office, Judge Arthur and Gorin issuing a ruling Tuesday and a civil lawsuit brought by Attorney General Letitia James found that the former president and the Trump organization deceived banks insurers and others by allegedly overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing finance.

The decision which comes just days before the start of a non jury trial in the lawsuit counseled President Trump's business certificates within 10 days the former president and other defendants must rep recommend three independent reviewers to manage the dissolution of the corporations including the Trump organization. How frightening is that people stay in and people that cheer on these kinds of things have no idea that if they can do that to the president, they can do that to you. They can wake up and say you don't own anything today.

They can wake up and tell the Canadian truckers were turning off your money. There's almost no words for the audacity of that but the words that are even worse are in fact come from the folks that cheer on such activities because again it's the collective and it's an attack on all of us. Again, it always comes back to when you hear President Trump say they're after me because I'm standing in the way of them getting after you. Well, and one of the other things that's in that order Tuesday's order also ordered sanctions of $7,500 for each attorney who had represented President Trump and co-defendants alleging they made previously rejected and frivolous claims in court documents.

Folks, in other words, you can only initiate the defense that we tell you you can use. This is what I mentioned last week after I'd interviewed Jeff Zink about what they did to his son. When they denied, first of all, they didn't give them evidence that they had in their possession. They didn't give them that as the defense which they are entitled to, and they took his phone and destroyed evidence.

And this is not the only case. If you read through American Gulag, the website American Gulag which tells the stories of so many of our, these are POWs by the way, and this goes back to Ken Paxton's situation because Ken Paxton had a citizen of Texas who came to him and said, I am being unjustly prosecuted by an out-of-control federal government. Ken Paxton had been filing lawsuits against the federal government trying to put them in check because they were overstepping their bounds.

They didn't like him because of that. They launched an investigation against him which he's still fighting but it's nonsense and the reason he's fighting it is again because he went to them first and said, hey, you may think you're big brother here, but you're not. The people are the ones who have all of the rights, and the people are the ones who give you your powers. You're under us, not over us.

Stop acting like you're overlords. And so his office turns around and basically, and one of the defense attorneys for Paxton said it, they committed a coup. They committed a coup on behalf of the FBI. They went to the FBI and said, oh, FBI, you're about to be investigated because Ken Paxton, the Attorney General, who you've been having conflict with, he's going to launch an official investigation into your actions. The same FBI that broke the law with regards to the FISA, the same FBI that keeps coming and kicking down doors of innocent Americans, the same FBI that has violated all three, the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment in pursuit of quashing your First Amendment rights and your Second Amendment rights. Folks, I'm telling you, it's out of control.

It's absolutely out of control. And Ken Paxton was going to bring, and I think he still is going to bring, an investigation against them. And they're scared to death of what he's going to bring into the courts and uncover because there are so many of them now. And the whistleblowers, look what happened to those whistleblowers that appeared in front of Congress two weeks ago. And they're all going into hiding and in fear for their lives because of this.

Folks, I'm telling you, get ready. You mentioned Ken Paxton. I would recommend to anybody to take a look, look it up on YouTube or whatever, the Tucker Carlson, Ken Paxton interview. And Ken Paxton lays out what Ken Paxton lays out relative to elections and what he had to do to protect the integrity of the elections in Texas and how he viewed that they did not do this in Wisconsin and Michigan and Georgia. And that's the mess that created Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia. Ken Paxton's view on elections and what was necessary to protect them, what continues to be necessary to protect them, is just incredible. And I've got a couple election cases going on, and I will tell people that that's where everything comes down to. Well, and even in all of the protecting that he's done, Texas's election system still needs additional reforms. And that was a big part of this because you had the Bush's and the Koch's and the Rove's that were manipulating the elections along with the Democrats and putting in the people and putting in power the people that they wanted in order to prosecute the people that they wanted out. And the attorney general's situation was really all about getting George P. Bush into that office because the attorney general of Texas has been a stair step into the governor's mansion. And under no circumstances do they want Ken Paxton to become the governor of Texas. Scares him to death. As well as should. But unfortunately, he's making an incredible stand. But the essence of all this still is elections.

My goodness. Everything everybody talks about, and you start off with the world organizations, and those are all appointed bureaucrats. None of them that hold these positions are elected by anybody except they're chosen by other powerful people to exercise the power of powerful people. And so they're looking to do away with elections effectively. In some places, elections are not.

Not the result of the exercise of the will of the people, but rather they're kind of a show exercise to let the people think they're in charge. And Paxton lays all that out in his interview with Tucker. And so Ken Paxton is just, he's an American hero.

He is an American hero. And hopefully, you know, we have to stand behind him and what's going on there. And there's so but there's so many places it's under attack.

It's dizzying. But you've got to pick. You've got to pick the spot where you can make a contribution because they all add up.

And and I and I would, you know, just suggest that as as as best as you are able contacting, you know, your your local elected officials and presenting to them this resolution and asking them to enter this resolution into the record. And and and I mean, read it for yourselves. But folks, we're not this is this isn't revolution. This isn't rebellion. This is actually saying, hey, we're going to stand with the standing Constitution and the laws of that Constitution of the United States of America. And and if somebody says, oh, yeah, that that that's that's that's a revolutionary don't know, if they think that's a revolutionary document, then then they have a problem because they're living in the wrong country. They're living in the wrong country. If they believe that a foreign entity or a foreign power has greater power and greater authority than the rights of the people and the Constitution of the United States of America, then then they're not American citizens or they don't understand what their American citizenship has has get has guaranteed them. Well, they don't because, of course, the original resolution in 76 was all about getting rid of dominion or the exercise of authority by a foreign power that was far and distant in a way and truly unresponsive.

And now we have the local people that are now responsive to the folks that are far and away in Washington, D.C. and and the people that are in places like Brussels and Copenhagen and the headquarters of these these other multinational entities that are all all appointed, not elected. No, people need to assert their rights. They need to assert their rights.

And sometimes that comes at a cost. I've got it. I've got an election lawsuit going on now. And of course, at this moment, the judges tried to put thirty five thousand dollars in sanctions on me. And I've got to work on saying that I'm frivolous or frivolous for using the courts.

You know, there you go. That's what a court is supposed to be for, you know. And so they're they're trying to destroy the courts.

They're trying to destroy everything else. And so just you got it. And and stand with the people who are standing strong. So it's just if you can't whatever they're saying, you always there's something you can do every day that advances the advances, the cause of freedom for yourself and for your children, for others. I when I when I have the blessing to spend time with my granddaughters, they say, geez, they are. Papa, why are you doing some of these things or we're we're proud of you when they see me in the news. I'm going, you know, it's it's not for me. It's for you.

You know, I tell my granddaughters this for them and I get a big hug and I'm so happy about that. But that's what people need to understand is it's for ourselves and our posterity is to guarantee the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Thomas Rens, my friend, I know you know who Thomas Rens is, you know, Thomas just wrote about that in his blog as well. He's like, you know, I what we're doing, we're doing for the next generation and actually for several generations to come. If we can if we can just, you know, hang hang on and and and push back against this, this tyrannical overreach and and unwind and undo what what unfortunately some generations in front of us and and I guess we hold some of the responsibility as well but have you know, have have allowed to take place by sitting back and and assuming that man will just do the right thing and and you know that that is contrary again to our founders position in understanding men, our founders understood laws are in place to keep the lawless in check, but also understanding that laws cannot restrict the lawless because they are just that lawless. So laws actually keep the law full in in in line and and doing what they're supposed to do. And it really falls back to the teachings of of morals and morality. And that's on mass preachers. That's on the church that's on pastors to to to keep.

Well, that was on the society. Okay. You've got you've got a hand in the air. Well, I'm not even sure what why why did that?

I didn't I didn't touch anything. I know you put your hand up and then I put my hand up here. There it goes again. But oh, wow. You know what that is?

Right tracking there. But the fact is, is that the Constitution, the way it's structured, assumes that people will generally do the wrong thing. You know, there's that's that's why there's checks and balances to have the people that have the tendency to do the wrong thing, being checked by others who have the their own tendencies to do the wrong thing. There's an assumption not that people are inherently good, but that they're inherently weak. And the so there's a there's an effort to maintain their maintain that in check the weaknesses. And so and what we've unfortunately for too long assume is that there is an inherent goodness.

And that as opposed to the as opposed to the inherent failings of humanity. Well, and if you if you understand, you know, if you've ever owned a business, or been in a management position, even employee handbooks, I remember when we, you know, made our employer, I made my employee handbook for my company, right, you know, sitting down and putting all that together. And the reality is, is that an employee handbook, the purpose of the rules in an employee handbook, are for those that are going to come into your company, that that are potentially going to try to bend or break those rules. Because the people who are there to work for you, and this was President Trump's failure, if you will, in his first administration, President Trump was coming in as a business person, I've talked with several people in his administration, including Peter Navarro.

And we talked about that. And and the problem was, is that President Trump believed that the people who were going to work for him and with him would stay, and the ones that were were not would leave. And when he offered all of branches to individuals, like his first chief of staff, his thought was, hey, I'm letting you guys know that I'm, let's all work together.

Let's let's make this happen together. But a prime example of how that didn't work was in Rex Tillerson State Department, where a close friend of mine was sitting, it was was a Trump appointee, sitting at a department meeting. And the head of that department stood up in that meeting and said, any directions you receive from the White House are to be ignored by the State Department. And then when they found out that he was an appointee from the Trump administration, they they they got him fired. And the person that actually got him fired was not in the State Department, although they were part of it.

It was the person working in the White House that was assigning these people who was outing them so that they could be removed, so they could eliminate the Trump effect and and the ability of President Trump to bring about the policies that the people elected him to put in place, which is what makes him so dangerous to the establishment now because he is he had learned that lesson. Yep. And they understand that he's learned that lesson.

Yep. And if he's if he's returned to office, they know that he's not going to make that mistake again. No, he will he will wholly and completely clean house, you're fired will become the echoing words throughout every Capitol building in Washington, DC, it'll be you're fired.

And because he's not going to give anybody a chance, he's going to go in and he's going to clean house. And we're still watching, you know, that that Chevron doctrine case that's making its way it's it's it's been heard in the Supreme Court, or is getting ready to be heard, I guess it hasn't been heard yet. But it should be heard this term, actually, in this term, it should be heard. And we should get a ruling by the end of the year, with regards to what springtime works. So they'll have oral argument, this term that starts next month.

And then sometime in the spring, we're likely to have some sort of ruling on on that. And hopefully, that will begin to strip some of the bureaucrats have some of their authority, and then read and allow the courts to do what they're supposed to do and regard require Congress to do what it's supposed to do. And that is pass the law. You know, but there's been so many places where the institutions have failed, and they've abdicated they like they like to have the titles, but they don't like that, right?

exercise the authority and responsibility that comes with them. There was one other thing that just popped into my head, and I don't know if we even have enough time to get into this. But Colorado is the first state that actually has filed suit to prevent President Trump from being on the ballot. That's such a joke. It's such a joke that people take these incredible permutations and obfuscations of law seriously. We know that the 14th amendment was passed in the in the aftermath of the Civil War, and what's what's actually being addressed in the 14th amendment were members of the Confederate Army, people that served in the Confederate governments, people that actually were actively involved in the overthrow or the effort to overthrow the federal government within the southern states. It's, you know, when the last when the last rebel died, the end of that provision of the 14th amendment relative to insurrection and sedition and not holding office, that died with the last rebel.

That's what it was there for. And to begin to believe and to begin to believe that some officer of a state government has any kind of authority to determine whether somebody is a rebel or insurrectionist is just utter legal insanity. We're surrounded by legal insanity as well. And it's just so let's talk about the 14th amendment and that issue next week.

I'll be prepared to talk about that in some detail about how insane that is, that anybody is actually giving that any consideration. But that just tells you that there is no fealty to the law. There's only fealty to the authority of the government. And so whatever they can do to exercise it. But to think that an election official can say, no, this individual is all by themselves is not entitled to be listed on the ballot is just utter insanity.

That's a dictatorial it's a dictatorial reading of the United States Constitution. Well, there you have it, folks. David, thank you. I appreciate it so much. Always appreciate you being with us. It's always educational. It's always great to to get into these conversations because they're not hypothetical. No, they're they're that they're the meat and potatoes of of what's going to save our republic.

And again, I encourage you folks to go to the website, Children Generation Radio dot com, and click on that resolution and get a copy of it. And then I also would encourage you to gather your friends and your family together, your family at the very least. And each morning, make that declaration over your city and over your county that prayer declaration. Because this is a fight that is taking place not just in the natural, but there is a true evil that is afoot. And it is important that we as believers and followers of Christ are taking our spiritual authority and doing a battle in the spiritual realm, as well as fighting in the natural realm. We're going to win, David. We've got to get God back into this fight. We've got to ask him to come back into the fight and to restore America again.

God bless America, Greg. And I got to go put on a suit and tie, which is my my armor. There you go.

But I have to put on my my suit of armor to walk in the courtroom and engage in some of these activities. All right. Well, our thoughts and prayers go with you for for continued victory and protection to as well. Folks, we're going to take our break. We'll be back with more Children Generation Radio coming up right after this.

Thanks so much for joining me. Melanie Collette joins me on the other side. We'll get into some of this. J6 new Ray Epps surveillance shows that Epps was involved not only in the first quote unquote breach, but he was also involved in the second breach and sent a text out to congratulate himself about doing it to his nephew. But hey, you know, let's ignore that. We'll be back with more Children Generation Radio coming up right after this break.
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