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CGR WEDNESDAY 081623 David Shestokas Georgia iNDICTMENT Rev Lee

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 16, 2023 8:00 am

CGR WEDNESDAY 081623 David Shestokas Georgia iNDICTMENT Rev Lee

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Oof. Big story. Big stories going on today. Lots happening on the program today. If you missed any parts of yesterday, I've got it all up.

If you go to the show archives, you can watch the videos as well as listen to the audio. We had live from Nigeria, Masara Kim, who will have a further update on what's happening in Nigeria in the bottom of hour number three. But we had a full hour with Masara Kim, including video evidence showing that the Islamic-run state of Nigeria is pushing to become an Islamic republic and the military is murdering Christians. We have it on film.

We show it to you in that segment. The Nigerian military is killing Christians. And the world is silent, including the United States. Also yesterday, Sam Faddis was on with us, former CIA. We talked with him about Brennan's activity, about the treasonous behavior that's taken place, about the coup that was run against President Trump, and about the fact that the Biden CCP or Biden-China arrangement has been known by the intelligence community for really close to 40 years. But they specifically knew about the arrangements that were happening between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the CCP, and that Joe Biden is an asset of the Chinese Communist Party.

The CIA knows that, and yet he still sits in the White House. So we brought that to you. Also, Tucker Carlson's biographer was with us yesterday as well. Great interview with him. So great stuff on the program yesterday. Great stuff on the program today. We'll have our visit with NewsVestors, MRC and SensorTracks.

Tiaran Rose-Mandelberg talking about the fake news issues. Rick Manning will be with us and we'll be talking about what are they doing on the Hill. Does McCarthy have the votes? Will they impeach?

Will they take action? What's Jim Jordan doing? Everybody talked about Jim Jordan is the hero. Well, you witnessed last week as I sat right here with Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoops on the program and sent a text directly to Jim Jordan and Chip Roy, with Gregory Stenstrom added in, and then a copy of the interview that we did, and the evidence that was laid out regarding the criminal charges that they have sent directly to Jim Jordan and the House Judiciary. And we know that the staff has blocked that information from coming forward. We know.

And we put them on notice that we're aware of what their staff is doing, and that they need to take action. So lots of stuff going on. And then let's see.

Melanie Collette will be with me as well. Michael Orr. There's a lot to unpack there, folks. A lot more than meets the eye. Let me just say a lot more than meets the eye.

My question is this. Is Michael Orr a product of a woke BLM run NFL? Remember Colin Kaepernick? Oh, I know that story real well. Matter of fact, my son played Park Warner football against Colin Kaepernick. I was a chaplain on the other timeline when we played Colin Kaepernick's team. I know all about that. We'll talk about it coming up.

All right, David Shostakis joins me right now. We've got a big story for you. President Trump, as as most of you are likely aware, has been indicted for the fourth, fourth time. The problem is, is they can't get anything on it.

The problem is they can't get any footing, they can't get any traction. And so they're just going to keep throwing these lawsuits at him. And here we go. There is a reverend who has been included in this indictment. And David has been retained by the reverend to be his defense counsel. So I welcome David Shostakis to the program. David, welcome. Good to have you.

Great to be with you, Greg. Yeah, I hear each and every Wednesday and we look forward to generally commenting on the news. Today, actually, I'm in the news, you know, part of it.

But it's exciting to talk to you. As you mentioned, of course, the president, President Trump, was indicted yesterday. But there was also 18 other people included in that indictment that came out of Fulton County, Georgia, one of whom is my client, the Reverend Stephen Lee. Reverend Lee is, in fact, a pastor with an active congregation in suburban Chicago area.

I would like to tell people that. While I was responding yesterday to the New York Times, to the New York Post, the Daily Beast, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Fox News, among others, I got commitments from all the folks to when they speak of Reverend Lee and hear that they utilize his earned title as an ordained minister and refer to him as Reverend Lee because, in fact, he is an active pastor with a congregation here. And so it's been a whirlwind since yesterday morning because, of course, Fannie Wallace and the Fulton County District Attorney's Office did this about, what, 8 or 10 o'clock at night on the night before yesterday. On Monday night, they did this in the middle of the night.

So I woke up to this whirlwind. And the reason why I was finally of interest to some of these folks is that last year, the special purpose grand jury in Fulton County subpoenaed people from all over the country to come and testify before the grand jury. To my knowledge, I'm the only lawyer anywhere in the country that successfully opposed their subpoena. And here in Illinois, their efforts to bring Reverend Lee to Georgia were found to be illegal or incompatible with Illinois law by an Illinois judge. And I think it's important for people when we start this conversation out that among our involvements in this is to understand that Fannie Wallace and her team lost to us already one time. They lost to us already one time here in Illinois.

And we expect that they will lose again in this effort going forward. And so we'll get into talking a little bit more about the indictment and the efforts that they've got going on there. But as a matter of actual legal work and the work that they put into and this not what they call 98 page indictment, it is something that a first year law student would be embarrassed to hand to their professor and say this is the product of my legal work and the product of an investigation that I was involved in for two and a half years.

It's an embarrassing piece of legal work. And I expect that somewhere along the line there is going to be some sort of judge that says, no, no, no, no, you can't criminalize the things that you tried to criminalize. So we'll talk about the RICO statute. But yeah, I'm going to be, I am actually involved in the involved in this case.

And we'll be consulting with other defense counsel as time goes forward. We've yet to actually make a formal statement to the rest of the national media that's interested and involved in that. So for all practical purposes, although I did have, I did just do an interview with my good friend Kat Peterson in central Illinois before I came on with you, but City's 92.9 in Bloomington Normal in central Illinois. So you and Kat are the first people that are talking to me, despite the fact that I had all these inquiries from major media around the country. So I say any of our original public comments on this for you and Kat, because you and Kat have been, of course, we've been commenting, we've been involved in talking about the news for a long time. And so I think it's really, really important that folks like yourself and Kat Peterson have access to the kinds of information that some of the major media is looking for, but that you can't necessarily trust that they're going to present the actual facts of what's happening here. So I'm really, I'm really kind of feeling special that we had the opportunity to talk about this in detail with you before we had the opportunity to follow up and talk about it in detail with the other folks around the country that want to talk about it.

Darrell Bock Well, and David, I'm appreciative that we have this opportunity for us to visit because it gives you a platform and an opportunity to be able to share what's happening and message what needs to be shared about each of these issues and situations. There's an article, I don't know if you're familiar with it, in Religion News, where the question is asked about Reverend Lee's status with living word Lutheran Church. And of course, they're going after that. They're going after his status. But a Michael Baer, who's head of communications for LCMS, said that Lee is a pastor in the denomination, but described him as retired saying his status is amoritis, according to this article. Now, I know as a minister, that does not mean that you're not actively engaged or involved in the congregation, nor does it mean that you are not, you know, preaching and again, you are a an active member, it does not change his status as a minister. David Zucchino Not only doesn't change, if I might correct the record on that, when they say that he's retired, or emeritus or something like that, there is no other pastor at that congregation is the only pastor at the congregation.

So I would suggest to you that that makes him pretty active. He is in fact, the only minister at that congregation, which is located down, oh, I don't know about 10 minutes from my house. And so and from my understanding is that the media had trucks and TV trucks and everything out stationed outside the outside the church area in the ministry and in their parking lot there yesterday, trying to trying to find some some sort of news in the in that yesterday. And I've had some conversations and some some members of the congregation are now referring any of those kinds of things to me, rather than they're trying to deal with those people themselves. Well, this is and I think people need to understand that this is very typical of media is I mean, David, you you've been in the middle of these media firestorms, your experience in Pennsylvania in 2020, with the election situation, your own run for Attorney General there in Illinois, the media is going to do everything they can. Because they're there after Donald Trump, and and and not just Trump, we have to understand that this isn't just about Donald Trump. This is about every American who holds to God, family, country country and traditional values. The media considers you an enemy, and they want to destroy you.

And and so you know, it you you look at the the Missouri sign on and I'm very familiar with them as well. Because they hold to a traditional biblical value system. They believe in marriage between a man and a woman they broke off from the evangelical Lutheran Church, which believes there's 17 million ways to get to heaven, including Allah and Islam. They believe in sodomy, they believe in killing babies. They are they are they're the epitome of the apostate church. And and the Missouri Synod is not the Missouri Synod is actually the epitome of the Church of Acts. It's the epitome of, of a of a biblically centered Christian church.

And the media hates that can't stand that. And that that is another reason for them to go after this minister. Yeah, well, in terms of that, I, you're the expert there. That's in terms of the interrelationships and the doctrine of various various kind of congregations or various sects.

You're you're you're the expert on that regard. All I can tell you is that Reverend Lee has an active congregation, he actively actively works there, actively preaches. And for somebody to say he's retired or emeritus, in terms of that kind of status, I can I can only tell you that this active congregation is the only pastor, pastoring this congregation.

So I would suggest you that's far from being retired. Let's talk about the the the issues of the of the in indictment that's being brought the there's a RICO Act, there's there's something having to do with Floyd and and Kutter, I think it is K U T A R. And and and and and and a woman who was an election worker named Ruby that this all kind of centers around. Well, at least as to the indictment involving Reverend Lee, right, there's some some accusations that they were tampering with or trying to do something regarding a potential witness. And I'm not even sure what somebody's a potential witness of because there was actually no particular legal case that was involved in the allegations. Let's just talk and talk a little bit about the indictment before we get to show the specifics.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I think I think it's worthwhile to talk a bit about this Georgia RICO statute. And the Georgia RICO statute is, of course, it stands for Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization is what that what that stands for. And it's largely designed and was put together like the federal RICO statute to capture criminal activity that's that's put together largely by, oh, I don't know, mob bosses and street gangs that are cartels. Yeah, that are actually, you know, killing people and selling drugs and that doing serious things. But they're using the cover of legitimate businesses to commit these other kinds of crimes.

And so they're they're designed to do that. And for somebody to be guilty of the violation of the RICO laws in in Georgia, there has to be an enterprise, an enterprise with a common goal. And then as to a particular individual, that individual has to be guilty of two separate criminal acts that are in furtherance of the enterprise. And what I was curious about the indictment itself is that the indictment talks about they have a list of what they call one hundred and sixty one overt acts. And among these overt acts, particularly, particularly regarding Reverend Lee, is they say that he committed two acts. One of which is that he went to knock on the door of a neighbor of Ruby Freeman, and then they say that it was somehow criminal to go and knock on Ruby Freeman's door. And that they also that he also had a telephone conversation with a few other folks and somehow or other being on the telephone is criminal. I suggest to you that that's not criminal, but that's that's the kind of thing that they built into this this indictment that not only sounds so silly when you when you read it, when you read it, they say that he committed some sort of criminal act by knocking on somebody's door and knocking on somebody else's door and then talking on the telephone. These are these are supposedly criminal acts, but they're saying that the lawyers for the president committed criminal acts by giving legal advice. They say that Mark Meadows committed a criminal act by lobbying a state legislature. They say that Giuliani and and Ellis and Sidney Powell committed a criminal act by filing a law suit.

These are you. I encourage folks I encourage folks to really actually take the time to read the hundred and sixty one things that are normal daily life in the life of people that are engaged in politics, engaged in election investigations, engaged in giving legal advice, engaged in walking up to somebody's door that you'd like to talk to and knocking on their door. See where you see anything criminal in anything out of these hundred and sixty one what they call overt acts. And I might also mention that the statute itself says criminal acts and they don't finish up in terms of the drafting that would, like I said, would embarrass a first year law student. The drafting itself doesn't say there's one hundred and sixty one criminal acts. They say that there's one hundred and sixty one overt acts in furtherance of a conspiracy. This is supposed to be one hundred and sixty one criminal acts in furtherance of a criminal enterprise. And so what they don't even track the language of the statute in terms of putting together the indictment.

And basically. This is I would suggest that it is subject to challenges for not advising the defendants of what it is that they're actually accused of. And so there's going to be challenges and the hope that this gets to some sort of trial in six months is just, she's just blowing smoke about that. If it gets to trial in two years, you're going to have 19 lawyers filing pretrial motions and the court will have to deal with them sequentially. And once they deal with them sequentially, they have to, the court will have to make sure that the ruling on one of the motions that was made by one defendant is consistent with the rulings on other motions made by other defendants. You're going to have 19 defendants that are going to have somewhere between seven and ten preemptory challenges. And so this is, there's no reason to believe that this is going to see an actual trial courtroom for a couple of years.

But I want to go back to our situation. We've already beaten them. We've already beaten them once here in court in Illinois and are very, very optimistic that we will successfully, successfully defend Reverend Lee when it comes to being in Georgia. Well, as you know, if someone has expressed that they are in crisis, for a minister to go to their home and knock on their door to offer aid or assistance would not would not constitute an odd behavior necessarily in my thought process, David?

No, you're exactly right. That would not constitute an odd behavior. It would constitute less of an odd behavior if you knew even more about Reverend Lee's background. Prior to becoming an ordained minister, he was in fact a law enforcement officer himself. He was an NCIS special agent for the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. He's a very, very interesting man. He was chaplain to the New York City Police Department during 9-11. And he was, and he's been chaplain to many law enforcement agents, agencies through the course of his career, because he brings together his unique experiences having been a law enforcement officer himself and then having gone and become an ordained minister subsequent to that.

So he's got a he's got a personal law enforcement background in addition to his background as an ordained minister. And so it's not odd behavior at all. And it's certainly not criminal. You know, it's certainly not criminal. And that's what they're going to have to prove. They're going to have to prove that these things are in addition to whatever these actions are that they call on furtherance of the conspiracy.

They have to prove that these actions are in fact criminal. It's not really an impossible word. Sometimes, I enjoy what I do. I enjoy being a lawyer.

I enjoy giving people advice. But frankly, it's sometimes a very strange world to live in, being a lawyer in a world where the legal system itself has become lawless. When there are people that you go into court to try and make an argument and assume that the argument you're making is compliant with the law. And the people on the other side said, oh no, who cares?

They knocked on a door. And you go, wait, you know, you just, your head blows up. When you're confronted in a courtroom with stuff that is just emotional and bears no relationship to anything that you know in 30 years of experience and 20 years of education, it bears no experience. And sometimes that's one of the difficulties is that we have these conversations and we assume that the people on the other team are going to also follow the actual traditional rules and actual law.

But this follows nothing, this 98 pages follows nothing. And so it's a real challenge when you're trying to do something compliant with the law to defend somebody properly, and the other team doesn't care. Well, it's like having an argument with somebody about, you know, the color of the sky, right, and saying the sky is blue.

And, and, and, and you're both looking at it, and they make some absurd statement about no, the color of the sky is actually, you know, polka dot checkers or some, and you're just you're, I mean, you can't have a reasonable conversation when the other side is, is literally denying any truth or facts. And, and, and I think what makes it, you know, more dangerous, and, and, and how this impacts all of us, is that, that you have judges that are siding with this, this radically new paradigm of reality, a reality that is created created within the court. It's like they write a fiction. And the judge listens to the fiction. And the judge says, Okay, yeah, I like, I like that fiction.

So that's how I'm going to rule, in spite of all of the facts, and all of the evidence, and all of the real world accounts, suggesting an entirely different story, and evidencing an entirely different story. Yeah, this is, this is where we're getting to. And this is, and this is problematic.

It's extremely frustrating that you're talking, you're essentially talking to the wall. And then you have the other kinds of media that takes this stuff seriously, that they don't analyze it for what it is, that there's no way, there's no commentator someplace in the media that says, knocking on a door? That's a criminal act?

Lawyer giving legal advice? That's a criminal act? They go, Oh, no, there's 161 criminal activities, as opposed to outlining for their audience exactly what that indicates. They're, this is a, you know, so you have these, you have their, these psychophants that are supporting this alternate reality that's pretending something to be the law. And so fortunately, last year, when we got one of these pretend documents appearing in the court in Illinois, we pointed out to the judge here in Illinois that this is a, this was a pretend document, that this pretend document said that it complied with stuff, and it didn't. They just made blanket statement that there was in compliance. But despite, but all the facts and everything that was associated with the argument for compliance did not comply. And fortunately, we had a judge that in fact said, no, you're right.

This does not comply with the requirements necessary to, for us to enforce this subpoena from Georgia. And the, and the indictment itself is like the document that we had to deal with here in the court in Illinois. And we had a legitimate judge that said, you're right. And hopefully, as time goes forward, sooner or later, somewhere along the line, we will wind up with a legitimate judge that says, knocking on a door is not a crime. A lawyer giving legal advice is not a crime. Filing a lawsuit is not a crime. These are, these lobbying state legislature is not a crime.

If you read through these 160 some, what they call overt acts, that you will not, you'll be hard pressed to find a crime any place in the, any place in the, any place in the document. And so hopefully there'll be a judge that will say, what? There's a brand new judge, from what I understand, has been assigned to a brand new judge. I don't know his history. We can hope and pray that he will have the appropriate guidance to, and have the, and have the intestinal fortitude to make a decision based upon the law and not based upon these alleged emotions.

And then this is, this is where we have to pray for, is that you'll have somebody that will have that. A lot of judges, of course, the problem these days is they don't, none of them want to be heroes. None of them, and it's too bad that following the law these days is an heroic act, because they just want to keep their heads down.

They want to get their stick around long enough to have their pensions and have their own personal spot in the firmament secure. And that doesn't always, that's not always secure if in fact, the judge files the law. Well, that's, that's kind of, yeah, that's kind of the challenge that's being faced right now by President Trump in the third indictment, which is the one having to deal with the election issues.

And, and, and now I did not follow, perhaps you did. What happened this past Friday in that hearing? What was decided regarding that particular indictment?

You know, I do not know, I've been studying Georgia law. Okay. All right. I thought, I thought I just thought I'd take a swing at it. Because I honestly, I don't have any idea. I know that we were talking about, about that. Back up to that for a moment.

Yeah. I have some, some knowledge of what happened and what was at issue there. Because the, the government asked for a broad base, what they call protective order in the, in the case in coming out of Jack Smith's office in Washington, DC, the special counsel case in Washington, DC. And the broad based protective order was theoretically designed to have, limit what President Trump could say or talk about relative to the information that they came out from discovery. And so the, President Trump's team certainly said, you know, there's a, there's a political campaign going on and it would be inappropriate to try and muzzle President Trump while, while he's in the midst of running for president again.

And the judge kind of wound up in a, in a middle, middle lane. But, but ultimately she put together what I would describe as a trap for the president because she issued an order that limited who the president could talk about if these individuals were in fact part and parcel of the case and part and parcel of the discovery in the case. Well, my understanding is one of the principal witnesses for the prosecution in the, in the J6 indictments against President Trump is Vice President Pence. Vice President Pence obviously is also a candidate for, he's put himself forward as a candidate for president for 2024. He'll be on the stage in the next 10 days when it comes to the debates. And theoretically, under the order that the under the order that the judge issued in the Washington DC case, theoretically, President Trump would be prohibited in talking about Vice President Pence. Wow. Well, this, this is, this is reminiscent, right, of, you know, you can't say anything about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Yeah, it's exactly the same thing. You know, it's even worse because you got an actual judicial order muzzling a particular political candidate. And theoretically, if they're on the stage, Pence can talk about whatever he wants. But Trump can't respond.

It's, it is just such an upside down topsy turvy world where the, where the good guys are bad and the bad guys are good. I would, I would have to, I would have to think that that that Trump's attorneys would would attempt to file an injunction to stop that in in light of the fact that they are going to be on the stage together and and in the debate. I mean, I don't know, right? Would that be would that be they would do something what's called an interlocutory appeal. Okay. An interlocutory appeal is when there's an ongoing case and a judge makes a ruling within that ongoing case. And you believe that judges made certain made that ruling in air. And that ruling will have such a detrimental impact on the case that it needs to be reversed before the case is completed. That's not something that our courts like to do. Right. They like the to have the case play out, and then make decisions afterwards, when they analyze the impact of everything to begin with. But on occasion, an appellate court will take up an interlocutory appeal when the issue is so important, right?

And that can affect the it can affect the outcome in ways that can't be fixed afterwards. Which this would be this would certainly seem to fit that that particular criterion, it would it would appear. Um, all right, let's take a break. And then when we come back, I believe there's a couple of other things that we talked about talking about, but we'll figure that out in the break, folks. And when we come back, we'll tell you what those are.

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I can recommend each and every one of those to you and just assure you that they do a great job. They've made a gigantic difference in my health. All right. God bless you.

God bless your health. And thank you for supporting our Indian ministry through this as well here. And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. Well, actually, we spent almost our entire break talking about the case. So there is a sense that this is the fourth indictment now against President Trump.

It seems as though from just an observation perspective, I mean, they are bound and determined and there's been released video audio of Joe Biden saying, basically, we're going to do everything we can to make sure that he can't run for office again, that he can't get back into the White House. There are those that are concerned that all of this is potentially going to make him unable to mount a campaign and unable to to fight that battle while he's being bombarded by these other battles. And part of it is a sense and this is I'm alluding to what you were talking about as we were coming out about, you know, the invincibility, so to speak, or that the other side has so much, not that they have the right evidence, not that they have the right attack, not not that these indictments are valid, but simply that the system as we were talking about going into the break is so severely rigged, that the potential ability for him to win against this system is pretty difficult.

And you mentioned something coming out of the break. So talk about that, if you would. Yeah, no, it's a it's a big challenge in that regard, because the decision makers within that within the system, many are, unfortunately, part and parcel of what we would describe as the other team who doesn't care about the law. They care about winning. And they don't understand that by eviscerating things like attorney client privilege, by eviscerating the ability to lobby the legislature, by eviscerating to have an actual hearing, a legitimate hearing in a courtroom, they don't understand that what they're doing to win is destroying America. And this is this is the huge danger that we're facing. And it's sometimes, like I said, when you're in a courtroom and these things happen, your head just spins.

And so it's going to be a huge challenge. I'd like to think that one of the other sides of this is that the establishment folks, including Mr. Biden, that are so focused on making sure that they have damaged President Trump in so many ways, they're failing to understand that they're actually going to motivate 15, 20, 30, 40 million people that Mr. Trump represents. They do realize that the attack on the attacks on President Trump are what he says. Those attacks on President Trump are not attacks on him.

They're attacks on the people that he represents that have been left behind by American politicians who, in fact, have been compromised in many respects by foreign governments, foreign entities, or in fact, even our own, if you will, military industrial complex. There's people making billions of sending this stuff to Ukraine. Mitch McConnell even said, oh, you know, this is not so bad sending it to Ukraine because all that money actually is being spent with American military contractors.

What? And that it's not like we're sending all this money to Ukraine where actually American companies are benefiting from this. You know, this is a sick comprehension. And this is because, of course, while we're doing that, they're sending billions to Ukraine and yet somehow or other $700 of family and relief to the people in Maui is supposed to help them out.

This is crazy. Well, Maui is a whole another, I mean, that what has taken place there is just absolutely devastating. And, you know, now, I got a a notation on that. Let me see if we're which medium that came into me from here we go. So, coincidentally, the Maui police chief john Pelletier was also the incident commander during the Las Vegas match shooting. That's one piece that's out there. I don't I haven't verified that, but I find that to be interesting, shall we say. Another piece about that is, is, let me see, let me go over here. Having to do with with who is Oh, where did I get that piece of information from? But apparently BlackRock and others are now set to go in and and and create what they call 15 minute cities. And and and so they are there the plan their plan is is to literally take over La Juna where where this where this took place, and and and build a 15 minute city. Well, if they I, you know, I don't know about any of that.

I'm not familiar with the kinds of what you're talking about. But what I am familiar with is that the federal emergency management folks are nowhere to be found. And we're again sending billions that are benefiting American contractors to Ukraine.

And we can't find a thousand dollars for a family in Maui. And so this is this is this is the problem. But those are the people those are the kind of people that President Trump has been fighting for. And these are the people that the establishment folks who want to control and exercise power do not care about. They only care about their exercise of power and authority. And this is why they essentially do not pay attention to the law, pretend that the law is what they pretended wanted. The folks in the in the public media supporting them and praising them for pretending the law to be something that it's not. And so we're but certainly one would hope that the mobilization of 15, 20, 25 million people will make up for the fact that they were going to try and tie up President Trump in four courtrooms over on the over on the East Coast. And I'm looking forward we're looking forward certainly to Reverend Lee's day in court to to ask the jury is knocking on a door a crime is talking to somebody on a telephone a crime is offering pastoral advice to an individual under stress a crime. These are the kinds of things that I'll be asking the jury when it when it comes to when it comes to that somewhere two years down the road, by the way, it's not going to happen overnight, which is very strange because it should happen overnight because the was the thing that the thing that they built to build is so such a house of cards.

It is so it is is built on on junk and garbage. But it does follow the pattern. It does follow the pattern of that in in Florida and the documents case or something called the Presidential Records Act that generally makes puts a president in charge of what documents he takes with them and gives them the authority over them. And so now in Florida they tried to make what's normal regular legal activity they tried to classify that as illegal. The same thing that they tried to do in with the January 6th charges against the president normal legal activity they tried to say that it is illegal. And now here in Georgia again normal illegal normal legal activity that there's 160 acts that are in a regular world if they were not trying to crucify President Trump. And I regret momentarily utilizing that analogy because that that that belongs in a separate category, but they're trying to politically assassinate President Trump. And but they're doing so with tools that they just made up that are nowhere to be found in the law. So we'll be we'll be moving along to do that but I just want to reiterate at the end we've already beaten them once relative to Reverend Lee here in Illinois.

Right. And first some of you to say that this is some sort of unstoppable juggernaut that's going to end the end President Trump's career and end him as a threat to the establishment power. I believe that they're sadly mistaken even though they may tie him up. I believe it's going to motivate 15, 20, 30, 40 million people for themselves to go knock on doors and hopefully not get arrested for knocking on a door. Well and and you know as as I've watched you know the the groundswell in social media David that that's exactly what I've observed. What I've observed is is that people are doubling down and saying okay you know what you know even if he's you know hand hand I would say handcuffed but but if he is you know unable due to whatever circumstance to go out and and hold as many rallies as he might otherwise hold there are others that are going to be holding rallies for him unsolicited that are that are saying you know we we we see what this is we we we understand who this is actually targeting and and yeah President Trump may be the the face upon it or or at the head of the line but just like this indictment I mean the the fact that you have you know 18 other quote unquote co-conspirators that are added to it folks this is the evidence that shows you they're not just after President Trump oh no no no no they are after anybody who holds to god family country you are the enemy you are the domestic terrorists that they're after and this administration these are tyrants these are tyrants and that's what we're standing against is a godless tyranny David thanks for being with me today I greatly appreciate it we're going to take our break we'll be back hour number two starting right now Melanie Colette joins me coming up on the other side I'm your host pastor Greg
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