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CGR TUESDAY 081523 Masara Kim #Nigeria #Genocide Muslim Government

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 15, 2023 8:00 am

CGR TUESDAY 081523 Masara Kim #Nigeria #Genocide Muslim Government

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And now here's your host, Pastor Greg. Look, I am for marriage between a man and a woman. I am for life from conception. I am for following the Bible and I believe that our founders started this nation on biblical principles.

I am in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in world security. I believe our Constitution was intended for a moral people and that the Bible contains the only true moral code. I believe we are all born sinners and that God in His grace and mercy sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and that if we will confess our sins, He is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished in a little prayer but that it is found in how that transformation is lived out. Jesus is to be the Lord of our lives and we should follow biblical precepts. This is not legalism or works but a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins.

Faith without works is dead and is no faith at all. I believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart and that God will ultimately bring us into perfect action through Jesus Christ, spirit man perfected and soulish man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame when we fall but we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness that God will heal our land.

I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till He comes and that to call evil wicked and to warn about those evil acts is a part of the mandated Christianity. That to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me. It means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life. That does not make me weak but strong, not silent but bold and not fearful but courageous. Therefore if you are my friend while we may not fully agree know that I share what I share because I care.

If you strongly disagree with these beliefs they are not debatable for me and you can if you choose unfriend me. I do not say this in anger but in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and that God, not man, gets to decide what is truth, life and the way. God bless you. Ladies and gentlemen, that was it. That was, and for those of you that are listening, I know you're not able to see it but you can hear, that was scenes from Nigeria and from events that just recently took place and my next guest is going to talk with us about those events. Massara, you're muted at the moment, dear brother.

If you can possibly unmute your phone. There we go. I am really pleased to have back to the program. Oh, his picture just popped out. It'll come back in a second. I'm very pleased to have back to the program.

He is on the ground live in Nigeria. My brother in Christ, Massara Kim. Massara, welcome. It's good to have you.

Hi Pastor Craig. It is indeed a pleasure to be back on the show. I mean, just about two months ago we talked on this show and I'm back again and I appreciate the privilege, the opportunity to share my experiences from my experiences and of course my concerns regarding the prosecutions of Christians in Nigeria. Well, and I'm so pleased to have you with me and part of the reason that we want to make sure, and folks I'm just going to encourage you, please as you see this, please share this. It is critically important that we at this time share what's happening in Nigeria literally to protect the life of Massara and his family.

This needs to be shared everywhere because they're trying to hide this. I just played the Mangu piece that you sent me, the 42 seconds, the Mangu piece. Next time I'd like to play another one of the images that you sent to us. There's an image on here, ladies and gentlemen, and I... Here's the thing, I would love to share this image with you. It's the image of a man who has been run over and murdered that's lying on the ground.

Here's the problem, and this is what happened to me. I shared, we had a woman in India who was engaged to a man and when he found out that she was Christian and lower caste, he and his family coerced her to come visit him and then they cut her head off. Her family recovered the body and stitched her head back on. I showed pictures of that and my broadcast of that was suspended on social media. I don't want this to be suspended, but there are other videos that he has sent me that I am going to show all of, including what I just showed you, that clearly show you what is happening. And so let's play this next clip and then I'd like for you to describe what it is we're watching. It appears to be that they are burying bodies in a mass grave. Is that correct? They're burying bodies in a mass grave?

Yeah, of course. That's the funeral of more than 50 residents murdered on the 16th of May, 2023. The same day I was, I mean, my team came under attack by a band of more than 500 armed terrorists, some 42 miles south of my city, the city of Jos, which is the capital of Plateau State in central Nigeria. I was actually on my way to cover that mass funeral when my team came under attack at a place called Joak Maitumbi in the Mangu County. And you perhaps have another clip that shows a village burning and there are some gunshots, sounds of gunshots in the background.

Yes. Hang on a second. Let me go ahead and, all right, so this is the clip.

I'm going to play that again. This is the clip of the, you can see the smoke rising and you can see the small buildings with tin roofs. And this is one of, this is the village that was on fire. Is that right, Masara? Oh, you're muted again, brother. You're muted again.

There we go. Yeah, that is the village I'm talking about. You can see the smoke rising from the houses. Elsewhere, you will see I was lying, I was taking cover behind a truck, a police truck where I was able to film just some bit of the violence when my team came under attack. You can hear the gun blasts and just animals trying to escape the violence.

So the clip you talked about that you said you cannot show was of a man, a man who was in my team who was shot during their attack on my team actually on the 16th of May. And I don't know if you can hear it or not, but I'm playing that clip. Folks, you can hear those are animals that are screaming, they're crying, they're trying to get away from these soldiers that are shooting, well, the terrorists that are shooting at them at this point.

And then you can hear the gunfire in the background as they're all trying to flee the scene that Masara is talking about. I can't I'm you know, wow. I mean, I can't even hardly imagine the memories that that has to bring back for you as as as you hear those sounds.

And I play that video. It was a harrowing experience, really. That was unfortunately repeated on the 30th of July when I filmed that clip of the violence in Mangu, the one I named Mangu Violence. Those were actually soldiers shooting at unarmed civilians who were protesting a massacre, a village massacre that occurred one mile from a forward operating base. So they gathered to demand explanations, to demand accountability over that incident, that attack, and the soldiers decided to respond with that kind of gunfire. The sound you hear is in that clip is not from a regular, a regular assault rifle.

What's it called now? 7.62 mm by 39 mm rifle round or something. It's actually a high caliber machine gun round.

I think it was an AA because there were actually two anti aircraft guns attached to it, an armored personnel carrier truck. And those were the weapons that the soldiers used to disperse unarmed protesters. And toward the end of the clip, you should see a man being carried by a group of youths. He was actually shot during that violence by the soldiers.

And there were two others who were also killed and several others who were wounded. Incidentally, that violence started just while I was filming. I was recording an interview with a woman. So you look through that in that clip, you should see a particular point toward the end of it where the woman was talking. And then all of a sudden come gunshots in the background. She tried to duck for cover.

Yeah, it's just really stunning to watch what you can see them. You've got it. Notated John Tonko victim shot and crushed with truck is conveyed to the mortuary and there's an image of him being being carried and a woman with who's having her someone's holding something to the top of her head. An angling dumb shock army's victim is conveyed by van to the hospital. I mean, it's it's it's really quite terrible.

Yeah. So the voice you hear in the background that you could hear me saying I needed to get a cover to find a cover because my my colleague was was calling for me to run and escape. But I told him, look, I can't. He first called my name. I'm somewhere in the. You say Masato, where are you? Because we're all confused. You know, it was really a chaotic situation and and he was concerned for my safety and he was looking out for me.

Masato, where are you? And and I told him he wanted us to just run to the car. But I told him, look, it wasn't unsafe. I just needed to find cover because I needed to get the violence. I needed to film it as as brutal and as scary as it was.

I was ready to risk everything just to make sure that the world gets a bit of it, like a snippet of what what it tastes like to to to undergo. I mean, to live in Nigeria under what appears to be a tyrannical, a terrorist sympathizing government that not only protects the terrorists and turns a blind eye to the violence that they are carrying out the massacres. The prosecutions, but itself uses violence to suppress the son invoices, the voices of the victims. Who are daily been massacred, you know, the vulnerable communities and also introduce a number of. Policies that that seek to further suppress and oppress Christians. So it's it's a multifaceted kind of persecution that we are facing here, partly from the terrorists and partly from the government. And I think and I think that that as I understand it, right, we want to make sure that folks are aware and understand that the president of Nigeria is a Muslim.

Who is right, who who who initially came into office saying, oh, I'm I'm I'm I'm a man of peace and and I'm here to to unify the country. And and and he he convinced some Christians to vote for him initially by telling them that he that he was their friend and that he would protect their farms and protect their rights. But in the time that he has been in office in in in point of fact, Nigeria has become more of an Islamic state, not a not a free republic like it was under under Christian leadership and in the past.

Not a not any form of democracy at all, but rather an Islamic authoritative dictatorship. And, and they have created a narrative that would lead one to believe that it's the Christian farmers that are the problem. When in fact it is again these terrorists supported now and you've got your this is the evidence we're presenting to you folks today, supported by the Nigerian military under the direct order of the president of Nigeria. We now have irrefutable evidence to present to the to the international community that the president of Nigeria is a part of and engaged in Christian genocide. And we are demanding demanding that the United Nations and that America in particular condemn these actions and demand justice.

Yeah, it's quite interesting that you talk about what roles the United Nations and the United States can play in bringing these atrocities to an end. And of course, bringing the Nigerian authorities who have proved by all standards, by all accounts to be culpable to account. However, it appears that that that Christians in Nigeria were and are still a lot more unsafe with or under the administration of Joe Biden. I mean, America has over the years built a reputation of the protector of human rights, a reputation of the world police, ensuring that global best practices are maintained, human rights are protected, religious rights are protected all over the world.

But that seems to have collapsed over the years with the grasp of the American political system by the Democrats, particularly under the administration of Joe Biden. It was under Joe Biden that Nigeria was declared to be a country where human rights are not violated, religious rights are not violated in the October, I think, of 2020. Former President Donald Trump listed Nigeria as a country of particular concern simply to send a signal to the Nigerian authorities that whatever you are doing, we're watching, the world is watching. And we care about the religious rights of citizens of that country as significant as it is in the African continent and of course, the West African region. You know, that decision was driven by tons of evidences from within and outside Nigeria, those who have been watching and documenting the genocide, the persecutions that were ongoing under the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

But when Joe Biden came, within months, he delisted Nigeria as a country of particular concern. And since that decision, more Christians have been massacred in Nigeria. At the moment, we're counting more than 15,000 Christians that have been murdered by the terrorists who are protected, are enjoying protection by the Nigerian authorities. Who, by the way, sometimes, even when they arrest them, they release them without any charges and instead go after the victims, the vulnerable Christians, and still disarm them of the homemade single shot pipe guns that they usually fabricate just to defend themselves. Sometimes they can't even, they're not even enough, they're usually outnumbered and outgunned and they can't even, whatever they have is not even enough to withstand the number of terrorists that usually swarm their communities. But those little and seemingly insignificant weapons of self-defense are usually taken away.

I mean, I'm going to give you a couple of instances. As I speak with you, a young man from my village is in the detention of the military for having fabricated a homemade, I mean, fabricated by hand, actually, at home, a pipe gun that uses cartridge. He barely even covers up to 50 meters, you know, to defend himself after terrorists killed his brother and his father two months ago. So they just got to know that he had something like that, and they swooped in on him and picked him. On that same day, they arrested other terrorists with assault rifles in other parts of the state, but those terrorists have been freed.

No charges whatsoever, and I believe that their weapons have been returned to them. This young man is still there, helplessly languishing in jail, no one to come to his aid. Remember that his parents were killed, his entire village has been buried, I mean, ravaged, and he does not have anything and anyone to survive on. So he only has a very small plot of farm that he usually carries this pipe gun to go protect, but now it's been taken away, and he himself has been put in jail. And his widowed mother is there crying day and night. She just keeps calling me by phone, pleading for me to do something to help her child to get out of jail and at least assist with the family needs.

Because he's the only male child, and he's the only one they could depend on. Now, the Biden administration has removed Nigeria as a country of particular concern, and by so doing, told the Nigerian police that you can continue whatever you are doing. It is right, we are accepting it, it is acceptable by us, and no matter the number of people that get killed under you, it is still okay. And that's why the massacres have continued, and the Nigerian authorities are responding the way they are responding.

They have responded in that clip on the 30th of July. Now, I was talking about how the Nigerian Christians are feeling, I mean, are increasingly feeling unsafe. Before now, Christians could call out to the American authorities to say, please, we need your help. And usually, the underprivileged President Trump, I mean, I remember a particular incident where Trump categorically and bluntly asked the President, President Mohammed Gohary at that time, why are you prosecuting Christians?

Why are you killing Christians? And, well, it didn't stop the attacks, didn't stop the prosecutions, but it reduced them to, you know, a considerable level. But under President Biden, things have changed, and things have continued to grow worse. And I think that somehow, the more the American populace remain mute and unconcerned about what is going on in Nigeria, the more they get exposed to similar threats, maybe in the future. I mean, I have increasingly and continue to follow the migrant crisis in the South, or the Northern Triangle, what it's called in the United States. And I am aware that in states like New York, not only are these migrants or the growing population of migrants, not only is it posing, you know, threats to the economy of that state, but it is also threatening to decimate, you know, the local population. And I think that that's exactly what is going on in Nigeria.

The American authorities and other unconcerned world governments have encouraged the Nigerian authorities to continue to allow foreign mercenaries, terrorists to influx the country and uproot communities and replace them. Right now, we have more than 1000 Christian communities that have been taken over and are currently being occupied by terrorists. The same thing is happening in the United States presently in a number of states. Repeat that again, because I think that's important for people to understand that, you know, we have these policies in these very liberal areas, where they are basically saying we're going to change, you know, the demographics and we're going to just by the government's hand, we're going to move people around from neighborhood to neighborhood, because we think that that's what needs to happen.

And what and what you're saying is, is that this is a dangerous, dangerous precedent. Because that is what has happened in Nigeria, they are literally taking Christian land, land that belongs to Christians, and they are giving it to terrorists. Exactly. I mean, former President Muhammadu Buhari did admit several times that the terrorists, the vast majority of the terrorists attacking and taking over communities in Nigeria, come from as far as Libya, Niger, Chad Republic, and other states that are almost 100% Muslim.

Right? But then they are not doing anything to stop that. Instead, they have continued to introduce policies that seek to legalize these illegal immigrations and illegal occupations of native lands, Christian lands, and Christian communities in Nigeria. And it is increasingly shrinking the population of Christians in Nigeria.

Just only a few communities or a few cities now have a handful of Christians that are still able to survive and feel safe. The vast majority of those who live in the rural areas are increasingly under attack, chiefly staged from the communities that have been taken over by these terrorists. And like you did say, and like I did say also, this is practically the same thing happening. If you are in America, 6,500 miles away, and you feel that you are safe, and whatever happens in Nigeria does not concern you, just know that the same government in America is the same government encouraging their trustees in Nigeria, encouraging the authorities in Nigeria to allow policies to implement policies that allow terrorists to, you know, float into the country and take over communities.

Right? And remember also that they are not just doing the same thing by, you know, doing so, I mean, they are not only encouraging that to happen in Nigeria, they are also encouraging migrants, millions of them, about 2 million so far in the last two or three years, to sneak into America and also pose threats to the indigenous or original American citizens in a couple of states. I have great concerns by the mayor of New York City, where he was talking about how this migrant crisis, you know, are threatening to decimate, you know, local populations and even the local economy and all that. And it is increasing, I mean, it is going to be almost the same thing because the vast majority, I mean, among these migrants are also terrorists, people who are never checked, people whose backgrounds no one knows of, and people who are likely to in turn take off arms and want to do the same thing that their counterparts in Nigeria are doing.

Moreover, it is the same group of people or at least people who belong to the same ideology that are carrying out or implementing policies that are allowing these kind of migrations. The Biden administration, when it came on board, said that it was going to correct or upturn what it considered to be the unfriendly decisions or policies of the former Donald Trump administration. But what we're seeing actually is that increasingly the rights of America and the safety of America is increasingly getting threatened. It's a perspective, Massara, it's a perspective, it's a perspective, you know, they're turning away what they consider to be unfriendly policies are unfriendly to those who would do harm to the nation of America and that would do harm to the Christians in Nigeria.

And so, so, you know, I mean, you need look no further look at this gigantic deal that he just did to hand the one of the greatest terrorist nations in the world, Iran, $6 billion, when we know for a fact that Iran already has nuclear capabilities. And now we've handed them the finances to be able to deliver nuclear strikes around the world against every single one of their purported enemies. That includes Nigerian communities, that includes communities in the United States, that includes Israel, that includes everywhere around the world, Syrian Christians, the Armenians, every everywhere around the world where there is a is a is a people of faith. And they have targeted Christians and Jews in particular, because they know that we as people of faith are the greatest threat to their devil.

And, and that's what it is that they worship a devil. And we know that that that the power of Jesus Christ is saving Muslims around the world as well and we rejoice in that we rejoice in that. But we also must by policy, make certain that Christians are defended and having means of defense and that these nations that are trying to exterminate are called to account. So we don't end up with another, you know, Roman situation like we had in our, like we've had in history, where Christians are gathered together and thrown into coliseums to be devoured, and in a manner of speaking.

That's exactly what this video that we're showing you depicts Christians are herded into their villages, and then their villages and the Christians are murdered in mass and burned to destroy evidence of the massacres that they're doing, it is horrific. Masara, we're going to take a very short break. This break, folks, I want to tell you something. We are supported by our sponsors, Patriot Mobile, we greatly appreciate them. We're also supported by your interest in taking care of your own personal health. And that's why I present CGR Wellness to you.

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God bless your health. And thank you for supporting our Indian ministry through this as well. And welcome back to Children's Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. My very special guest is Massara Kim, Nigerian journalist. And folks, we really are exposing the events. And those of you that are watching can see this on the screen. These are actual live. Well, not live. They were live. But these are pictures that were taken. You can find these videos up at is where they are putting out the reality of what's happening. But this was at a protest that Massara Kim, my guest, attended. And he was there when the military, the Nigerian military, not the terrorists. But the Nigerian military itself rolled in and began shooting at the citizens of this community.

Only the Christians. Shooting at the Christians in this Christian community and running over with their trucks, protesters. And you see them carrying off a body.

You see them covering a woman whose head was injured. And so, Massara, you and I were just talking in the break about the impact that we can have. And ladies and gentlemen, again, I just encourage you, we, you and I, we the people, can have an impact in Nigeria and around the world. We're a Christian nation. They don't want us to know that. They want to steal that identity from us.

But we are a Christian nation. And when the lion roars, the world listens. And they want to muffle that roar. And you were talking about what the Biden administration has done to open up the door and allow this and send a signal to these terrorists and to the devil that the world is now his.

And there's going to be no interference. Talk to me about your conversation that you've had as you've tried to bring this to attention. I know you've been put under threat. I know that you and your family have been threatened.

And I thank you. And folks, I ask you please remember Massara Kim and his family and Truth Nigeria in your prayers every day, every day for their protection and for continued courage and for them to have a voice. But talk to me about your interaction with even with the Nigerian military regarding these issues.

Yeah. As I speak right now, I am unable to reach even the information office, the spokesman of the Nigerian military in in plateau states. And that's my state, because on the 30th of July, when I found that that violence, the shooting of unarmed protesters in the city of Mangu, a predominantly Christian city, you know, some 42 miles south of Jaws, I texted him some queries.

And he blocked he blocked my line. And I'm now unable to reach him from my personal phone lines, whether by text or by WhatsApp or any other any other means. Two months ago, I had an encounter with him when a similar protest occurred or was held some 15 miles southwest of Jaws after another group of six young men trying to make a living at a local artisanal mining camp were killed. Just some two miles from a military base, a prominent military base at that, he he called me. He called me as soon as he saw my report of my reporting of that that protest in Epoch Times. He called me and tried to challenge me for exposing the Nigerian military. According to him in Bad Light, he said I was I was projecting the Nigerian military in bad light. And he tried to make me feel that that I was encouraging Westerners to have evidences to to victimize Nigeria or reasons to victimize Nigeria.

And of course, me, particularly I'm quoting him this time. He said, do you know that Americans do not care? So you telling them these things, how do you think it's going to affect you?

Because at the end, if they decide to take any decision, it's going to also affect you. So why don't you stop this unpatriotic, I'm quoting him now, unpatriotic reporting of your military in bad light. And I told him, look, I am not I am not reporting anything in bad light. I am not I am not trying to to smear the image of of the Nigerian military. I am simply trying to expose the rot, the corruption, the evil within the system that if allowed, could even consume you who is speaking.

And when I say that, he hung up the call. And it's practically the same thing that happened on the 20th of September 2020, when I was I was jailed. I was put behind bars by the Nigerian secret police, the Department of State Services, which is the equivalence of the U.S. FBI, I think. They they they put me behind bars for simply reporting on some planned attacks on Christian communities in in Plateau State and the surrounding states of the Middle Belt. So they were I mean, by the way, that can be checked out. I mean, it's on Google, it's online.

Anyone can verify that. They held me for what they called incitement, cyberstalking. And they showed me actually a count.

I mean, a three or four count or five count charge. And and I told one of the officers, a Muslim, actually, who was interrogating me, I told him, listen, you can do everything. He said he was going to put me in jail without trial. And I was never going to see light of day. And I told him, listen, if you think that I am only doing this for myself, just watch it.

It's going to come back to you one way or another for taking sides with the terrorists and for showing that you are on the same page. And he slapped me. Twenty four hours later, he led an operation to the south of some 80 miles south of my city. He led an operation to arrest some gun runners. And he was killed in that operation.

That is also very viable. You can check that online. His name is he was Agent Mokhtar Usman.

I think that's the name. But but it's actually, you know, an agent of the DSS. He's personally interrogated me and threatened to lock me up because he was the the one in charge of the the legal department at the Department of State Services at that time. You know, so I was telling this this military spokesman the same thing. If you think that it's it's not going to come come back at you, you're going to just keep covering, collaborating or yielding to the commands of your your superiors to to ensure that the rights, the voices of all these vulnerable people, victims of the military supported violence are shot.

One way or another, it's going to come back to you. And he didn't find it comfortable. And and he he he hung up. He hung up the call.

And let me just jump in. Let me just jump in to say this so that people don't misunderstand what you're saying. There's no rejoicing in the fact that this man died. The point of it is, is that is that the compromise that he was doing and what he did? Somehow he believed that this would insulate him from their violence, that this would insulate him from terrorists killing him or attacking his family. Ladies and gentlemen, you will not be insulated from the evil. The evil will find you and the evil will will injure you, lest you don't stand up and make your voice heard. That that's the point. The point is, is that, you know, for evil to triumph, there's that old saying, right? For evil to triumph, good men need do nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, that is that is that is true.

That is not just an American acronym. That is a that is a truth everywhere around the world, everywhere. Evil will triumph when righteousness will not speak. And righteousness must speak. We are required by God. To use our gifts, use our talents and make our voices heard.

We stand first in the authority of the spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost. But he is also. I'm just going to show you. There's not just talking. He has also given us weapons.

And I keep mine right here underneath my desk. Because I know that even though I reside in Texas and in America, there are forces that would choose to silence me. I will not be silenced quietly. Well, thank you, Pastor Gray, for making that clarification.

Indeed, there is no rejoicing in the fact that that this young man died. But it is the silence, the seeming complicity, you know, to want to keep quiet in the face of evil or even try to shut the voices of those who have been hurt by evil or been affected by evil that has unfortunately turned around to consume him. And that is also happening and will continue to happen even to Americans, particularly American Christians and defenders, supporters of human rights who choose to keep quiet, to stay neutral in the face of the violence and persecutions that are happening in Nigeria. Because these terrorists are not just taking communities and just seeking to remain in those those communities. They are expanding. Ten years ago, it was just about 50 communities in Platus. I mean, 30 communities in Platus that were taken. Today, it is more than 200 in Platus States. Ten years ago, it was less than 200 communities in Nigeria that were taken by terrorists.

Today, there are more than 1000. In the next 10 to 20 years, if the policies of the present administration and the Muslim-controlled military continue, in the next 10 years, more than half of Nigeria could fall in the control of terrorists. And in the nearest future, maybe in 20 years, the whole of the country could fall in the control of terrorists.

By the way, that was the agenda. That was the focus by the statements, the utterances of the supporters of the present president whose running mate also is a Muslim. One prominent individual by the name of Naciro Erupai, the former governor of Kajuna State, where, by the way, thousands of Christians have been massacred without him saying a thing, recently said on national TV that prior to the election of President Bola Tinibu, that he was one of those who deceived Christians, that the administration was not aimed at enforcing a Muslim rule or converting Nigeria into an Islamic empire. But now that it has happened, now that they have succeeded, they are very sure of holding Nigeria perpetually under the control of Islam. See, they are boasting that Nigeria is going to be and already is an Islamic state. And ladies and gentlemen, Nigeria as an Islamic state in Africa changes the entire balance of power in that entire part of the world. Nigeria falling to Islam and becoming an Islamic state. That's why ISIS moved their headquarters.

And don't think for a minute they don't exist. But that's why these entities have shifted and they are now locking into Nigeria to use that because it is a more convenient launching pad for them into Europe, into America, and into other parts of the world from Nigeria. And that's why they want it. We've got to jump. But folks, listen, please call your congressmen, call your senators, 202-224-3121, 202-224-3121. Nigeria must be relisted as a country of significant concern by America.

It is critical. Masara, thank you so much for being with us today. We've got to jump. I've got Sam Faddis coming on, retired FBI. He'll be with us right after this brief break.
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