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CGR FRIDAY 061623 Part 1 Nigeria Genocide Masara Kim

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 16, 2023 8:00 am

CGR FRIDAY 061623 Part 1 Nigeria Genocide Masara Kim

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you, Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Radio Ministry for helping us to put and more borewells in this village, those who are really having a problem of the water and that's really causing a lot of sickness, but we pray for all of you that God would use you so that we can put more and more borewells in this village. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses and I'm so very excited. I've got a great, incredible program lined up for you today. Bottom of hour number three, Carmel Melamed, and I will probably get a corrected pronunciation of that, but he'll be talking about Christian persecution in Iran and what's happening over there. Also up at the top of the hour we'll be talking Marxism and our need for resilience.

We have got to hold the line here in the United States of America for the sake of the rest of the world. We'll talk about that with Don Jans. Also coming up today, we'll be joined by Tressa and she has an incredible story of faith and also some lessons she learned along the way. Tressa Minchener will be with us and then Dr. Chris Walle joins me at the top of the next hour as we talk about Father's Day and the importance of fathers. But joining me right now live from Nigeria and I am so very excited to have him with me. He is a Nigerian journalist.

He writes frequently for the Epoch Times along with a number of other journalistic entities and he is our eyes and ears on the ground in Nigeria, putting himself, quite frankly, at great risk to try to make the rest of the world aware of the Christian genocide that is happening in Nigeria. I welcome to the program Masara Kim. Masara, welcome. It's great to have you. Thanks for being here. It's quite a pleasure.

I mean, it feels really exciting. I'm here for the second time. I remember two years ago, we were here and discussing about the same topic. Well, the prosecution never ends. At least for now, it has not ended and I'm happy to be here to talk about the latest happenings in regards to Christian prosecution in Nigeria. I think maybe that, you know, a lot of people, because there's a lot of disinformation that comes out. You wrote a great article.

You had asked me to contribute to the article, which I'm honored to have done and I appreciated the opportunity to share. But there's a lot of messaging from the leadership in Nigeria that is kind of like, well, things aren't that bad. And really, this is just an argument between farmers and herdsmen and it doesn't have anything to do with, you know, Islam or Christianity or any of the other issues surrounding that. Well, the Nigerian government is actually embarrassed to have its own citizens being massacred right under its watch. It's embarrassed to know that it has brigade size military formations across the country in practically every district. Yet, terrorists are able to take out entire villages, if not entire districts and counties, and they are unable to do something about it.

Sometimes, actually, they have the resources and they have the manpower to respond. But because of that religious sentiment, because most of the terrorists, in fact, 100 percent of them carrying out these attacks and the genocide against Christians are members of the Islamic faith. So they kind of, because of their connection to that same faith, they are all members of the same faith. They find it difficult to respond to it and deal with people that belong to the same faith with them and possibly the same ethnicity with them.

And they do not have any better explanation for it than to just come up with the false and really, really confusing, I would say, narrative of far more harder clashes, which in the real sense of it does not ever exist. So one of the things that just recently came out, Robert Spencer, my friend who has Jihad Watch reported on this, 37 Christians were murdered by Islamists as a direct result of saying no to paying the Jizya. Can you comment on how Islam is using things, tools like the Jizya to try to starve out Christians as well as an excuse to murder them?

Yeah. The particular incidents occurred in the northwestern states of Zamfara where Christians are in the minority. And you have a range of Islamic terror groups carrying out attacks against Christians and nominal Muslims in that axis. But then again, that's just one example of this Islamic control and imposed taxation or the Jizya, as you called it, that is happening across the northern region of Nigeria. Very close to Plata states where I reside, in the state of Kaduna, there have been the same impositions. Terrorists have imposed taxes and Jizya on communities, more than five that I know. And unless they pay, they do not have the rights to even exist in those communities or even go out to cultivate their farmlands, which are their sole livelihoods. And then again, you go to places like Sokoto, you go to the states of Niger, you have practically the same thing.

There is an estimated at least 21 terror groups operating in the north of Nigeria, in the northwest of Nigeria, aside from Boko Haram and Saru terrorists and ISWAP, that's ISIS terrorists that are operating in the northeastern region. And across all of these states, in fact the entire region, you have different forms of the Jizya, you have in Plata states, Jizya is not yet common, but again you have instances of communities being attacked and still forced to pay some sort of compensation to Fulani terrorists who claim that the attacks they've carried out were a retaliation against the hostilities, I mean the disappearance maybe or prior attacks on their cattle herds, which usually does not ever happen. And as long as they do not pay those compensations, they would be subjected to repeated attacks, and that's what is happening. So for now in Plata states, there is no defined Jizya as such, but people are still paying it indirectly.

In the states of Kaduna, in the states of Sokoto, Zangfara, Niger, heavy Christians are increasingly paying Jizya, and sometimes they are intimidated from talking about them, talking about them. They can't speak about them, whether to the press or to the government, because once the terrorists find out, they will still attack them for ever exposing their activities. So this is just one example.

The 37 killed is just one example out of hundreds, I would say, that are still ongoing across the northern region and around the world. Let me ask you this, because we here in America, and perhaps in other parts of the world as well that are watching this program, are not familiar with what that means. They say, well, you're going to pay a tax, and as much as you don't want to have to pay the tax, but okay, well, what is it, like 5% or whatever, it's some reasonable amount. But that's not the case. We're not talking about a reasonable amount. We're talking about an amount that essentially gobbles up any and all ability for these individuals to make a livable income off of their lands.

Am I on target with that? Because that's what I understand, again, part of this whole oppressive issue is. Yeah, you're very correct. If you were to compare with government taxes, you would probably be asked to pay, say, 5% or 2% of your annual income as taxation or anything like that. But then, in this particular case, you have terrorists imposing certain amounts.

They decide how much should be paid, when, and where it should be paid. I've heard of communities, I've investigated, and even visited communities that were forced to pay as much as $100,000 in a month just to survive. And if you don't meet up with their targets, you're in trouble. They will come overnight and ravage the entire community and kill everything that lives in it.

And that is what is happening. So in some communities that are able to negotiate, they allow them to probably pay sometimes as low as $20,000, but I think that's the least that you would ever find. Wow. And that's $20,000 in a month? Yeah, sometimes they impose that in a month, and sometimes if a community is able to negotiate well, it might be allowed to pay that in two months or three months.

As I speak with you right now, I am following a similar case in the state of Niger, where, no, in the state of Kacina, where terrorists ordered Christian, I mean, they ordered churches and Christians to evacuate, to leave a particular area, unless they agree to pay a certain amount. They were asked to pay in Nigeria, I mean, that's about 10 million Nigerian Naira. That would be around the $20,000. And let's, because I want to do this, we're going to take a quick break, and I hope that you can stay with me for a little bit.

I have the whole hour open, so however long you can stay, we'll stay on this, because it's important for people to understand what's really going on over there. Just as an example, so it's 10 million Naira, $20,000. What kind of income are these people used to bringing out of their community? Comparatively speaking, what does that look like? Would they normally only be able to produce, I don't know, $40,000, $60,000? I mean, what's the comparative as to what that $20,000 represents?

Well, I would say that's like a total income, you know, a total income of an entire community for probably five to 10 years, because these are communities that are chiefly comprised of peasant farmers. So this is, yes, okay, I was wondering, so this is essentially saying, look, everything you're going to make, you're going to give to us 100%? Even more than that, even more than that, because they are forced sometimes to even go into debts, you know, to go and borrow, sometimes sell their properties and all that, just to be able to meet these demands. And that's so that they can spare their lives.

But then temporarily, not forever, just temporarily. And they still have to figure out some way to be able to eat, so that they actually will live. So essentially, they're stealing all of their resources, and starving them out, or threatening to just simply kill them. It's another way, it's another form of jihad in itself. We all know that hunger and starvation, you know, as in history, throughout history have been used as a weapon of war. And I think that that's the same thing they are doing in some of these communities. In other communities where they are unable to impose such, you know, taxes or the Jizya, perhaps because the state governments, the state governors are Christian, what they do is they go to the communities, go to the farmlands and mow them down.

You know, they despoil, you know, large acres of farmlands and just leave the communities completely impoverished. Wow. Okay. All right. We're going to take a quick break. More with that.

I am with a pastor whose members have suffered, you know, the same attacks just within the last 24 hours. And we are going there in the next 30 minutes. I am going there in the next 30 minutes or one hour with him. Okay. Well, and he's with you right now? He is with me right now. All right.

So yeah. So when, when, when we get back, maybe I can get both of you on camera. Let's take a quick break. We'll be back right after this brief break. You're listening to Chodin Generation Radio and watching us on TECN, CloutHub, Getter, Facebook, and at the website,

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Awesome. And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses. I'm your host, Pastor Greg, and my very special guest is Nigerian journalist Masara Kim. And in just a minute, we're going to introduce, he has a pastor with him, and members of their church have been attacked by these Islamists.

Within the last 24 hours, they were attacked. And Masara and the pastor will be heading in the direction of those individuals to offer, number one, we want to get the story out of what happened, but also to pray with them and offer them whatever support is available that they can offer to them. We were just talking, and folks, if you've watched my show, you know this, but just as a reminder, I've been to Nigeria.

I'm not talking about something that I am wholly disconnected with. I've been there. Bishop Micah Konko, who is the head of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission and Bishop Peace, his wonderful and beautiful wife. I've been associated with them since 2002 through my dear friends, Doctors Greg and Cindy Romine, who spent years and years and years traveling to Nigeria and ministering all throughout Nigeria. And so I feel a very special connection, and we saw many miracles and signs and wonders happen as we ministered there in Nigeria.

And I could just tell you that they are a beautiful people, and I love them dearly, and it breaks my heart to see what's happening here. Ms. Sarit, is the pastor there? Is he with you?

Is he available there? Yeah, let's come over, sir. Let's just come in. Okay.

All right, let's close over again and see if I can see you. Greetings. He is Reverend Eziko Dachomo.

Dachomo is called D-A-C-H-O-M-O. He is the chairman of the Regional Church Council of Tolkien, that is the Church of Christ and Nations. And in recent weeks, his members have been attacked and killed. Just about 48 hours ago, a pastor working under him was killed, and his wife and an infant are currently recovering from bullet wounds in a hospital where we would be visiting. And in the last 24 hours, his members were attacked as well, and their crop farms were destroyed.

And I think he should be in a better position to speak about that. That was Ms. Pastor Greg and the rest of the audience. Welcome, Reverend Dachomo. Thank you so much for being with us and our sincerest condolences on the losses that you and your flock have experienced. We thank God that we know that this is not our permanent resting place, but that we have the promise of eternity in heaven.

And having died four times and taken three trips to heaven, I can assure you heaven is very real. And so we know that that is the truth, but that does not take away from the anguish and certainly doesn't take away from the injustices that are happening. That's right.

Right. So talk to me about what's taking place there, sir. The pure truth, undiluted truth of what is happening to us today is just Islamic agenda to take over the country. That is why the growth of Muslim-Muslim to get as a party with the all-progressive party. And if you are not part of them, then you should be ready for persecution. So their goal is genocide. Their goal is to genocide anyone that will not convert, in essence. That is absolutely.

Their problem is for us to submit, not to submit to their will, to become Islamic. And that's the truth. I myself have passed through a lot of persecution. Because even as I'm talking now, I've already taken an oath.

It's better for me to die than to live and die. Yeah. Yeah. The reason is that we in the north, the world didn't know what is happening to the Christians in the north. They have a lot of Christians in villages in the northern part, far northern part, the northwest, the far north, like Meduguri, Sokoto, they have brutalized us, especially in Meduguri, the Gaza area. Now they are advancing into our men-dominated Christian area, that is plateau state. Okay.

Yes. And they are moving, yeah. And people should also understand, they keep moving further south.

Am I not correct? I mean, they've had their claws in the north for some years, but now they are working to expand and they're doing it because the past two presidents, the current one who we believe was put in office by an illegal election, but under the eyes of these individuals that are looking, but then pretending to turn away, Islam is slaughtering Christians throughout all of Nigeria. Especially, they are moving, they are now in the central, because most of the Christians from the far north, they have looked at that.

Right. Their village was vandalized, they are taking over the villages, they are living in our Christian houses, they relocate to dwell there. They walk around from Sandipa Forest. Now they have moved, they are now in our mix.

How are we, in part of one hour, we are moving towards terrain? You will see because of their problem now, what they are passing, their agenda is to make sure that all the Christians are located down south south. If not eliminated. It will be eliminated. You can run, if you don't run, they slaughter you. Like I'm just telling you just last month what happened. In Mangu area in Plateau State, over 200 Christians.

When I say over, I just say over. It means we are slaughtered like chickens. Soon we are born alive.

In fact, let me tell you something. My best friend in my village, in Barak-e-Irim local government, my best friend we grew up with, they burned down his wife and five children. My grandmother that I grew with her, they butchered her, they removed her heart. And when they invent our three villages, they have only one thing, they will be chanting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And when they are chanting, those that will escape from the village, they will escape. Those that will remain in the village, they will remain to die. But the youth are trying to defend themselves, but they don't know how to do it.

These people are well-in-the-hood sophisticated people. And you can see, ripping our wives. There is one situation yesterday I was crying, because one of our Christian brother, Islamic terrorist, want to rape his wife. His wife become strong and hit him, she run back and back. Then the man came and met the husband.

And if she told her husband, she told her husband that this is what this man wanted with me. Because of fear, it is the woman that was confessing, the husband had to take her back to them. The man slept with his wife before he died. He had slept with his wife before he died.

And he didn't tell him, in house Adalabaka, to say, I thank you. And he has to bring his wife. He has to bring his wife to him. He has to bring his wife, so that the man who stays is like a farmer. And when the woman came, she came in confession, believing, in tears, that this is what our husband wanted.

Folks, so you understand what the pastor is sharing. What he's saying is that these evil people forced this woman to have relations with, they passed her around. And her husband was helpless to do anything to stop it.

And then sent her back, you know, attempting that she should be shamed. They raped her repeatedly, repeatedly. And they, you know, and they want to pretend and call themselves this religion of peace to the world. They're not. There's nothing peaceful about this religion. And it bothers me too, Pastor and Messara, when people say, oh, well, they're just radicals.

This is what's in their book. This is what their book, this is what their belief, their God, which is not a god, he's a demon. But this is what their demon tells them they're supposed to do.

Now, there are individuals that Christ is showing up to in dreams. There are imams who are converting. There are Muslims that are converting. But these are the beliefs. And it's imperative that we understand the evil that is Islam.

I believe, I believe we must understand it. Because I think that the West is ignorant to the truth. Pastor Greg, I will tell you that while sometimes we just try to sugarcoat it, to say that those carrying out the attacks and persecutions are just radicalized members of the Islamic faith, or they are just extremists. Oftentimes, you would not see those that consider themselves to be liberal Muslims, condemning the attacks and persecution.

Sometimes you will see them separating, right? I mean, at about this time last year, in the state of Sokoto, when a Christian student was mobbed, was killed by a mob, and burned, and her body burned right within the, within her being a campus. Deborah Emanuel. Deborah Emanuel, right?

Right, yeah, Deborah Emanuel. It was not Boko Haram that did that. It was not so-called bandit terrorists that did that. It was not Ansaru that did that. It was not ISIS terrorists that did that. It was regular members, I mean, regular Muslims on the streets, those that we would look at and say, well, these do not have the moves.

They don't wear those turbines. They don't carry weapons and attack in the Christian communities in the villages. But this time around, they still, you know, made use of what they have. They used stones, they used sticks, they used practically anything, knives, and even matches, you know, matchboxes, you know, to inflict harm on this innocent girl and even burn her, right in front of more than 50 policemen.

And these are the things that are happening all over. And it should be noted, and it should be noted, she did nothing to instigate, other than to suggest, other than to suggest in the study group, can we not be proselytizing? We're not here to be forced to be subjected to your belief system.

We're here to talk about the textbook and the subject the teacher has given us to study. That's all she said. That's it. And let me also add that, because I personally interviewed her cousin and best friend who were also members of that same WhatsApp group. And they told me one of her colleagues, her Muslim colleagues, who was, you know, fond of posting those religious messages, was threatening her with a so-called prophetic message. And she said, what nonsense prophets, what nonsense prophet is this? Nothing will happen to me in Jesus' name. That was what she said.

Nothing will happen. But they took that and interpreted it as an attack or an insult against Prophet Muhammad. And in less than three hours, they had gathered more than 200 youths, you know, with this and everything. She actually started getting beat by her colleagues right in her dormitory from the 11th, the evening of 11th May, 2022, where she was residing and from where she made that comment. Now, some of her colleagues did their best to rescue her and hide her, you know, but by the next morning, they went in and dragged her out of her hiding and brought her right out into the school campus premises. And it was really a painful death, actually, to watch. Her father was right there. He was only watching from the fence, but he was helpless. Her uncle was also there. Police men were there, 50 of them.

They were also members of the Department of State Services. And they wouldn't do anything. No help.

No help. Nobody did anything. And as I speak with you, sir, the only suspects that were arrested, supposedly arrested and charged with bailable offenses, they charged them with, what did they say, public disturbance and was it is nothing. I think it was public disturbance and sabotage, something like that. Nothing about murder, nothing about homicide, nothing really criminal, as the case may be. Now, those suspects, despite those flimsy charges that the police and the social justice government brought against them, they are currently free.

They were released by the court, discharged and acquitted in January. I wrote about that in Epoch Times last night. Ms. Hara, let me let me let me let me invite the pastor to come in, because I can see I know that he, Pastor, when you hear this story, many would say, oh, well, this is just an isolated incident. This doesn't this doesn't happen regularly.

This this can't be normal. When you hear someone say that, how do you respond? The only thing that will respond based on the teachings of the Bible.

What are we supposed to do? In the last days, many will be persecuted. Those on the mountains should never come down.

And this is exactly what the Bible says, that Jesus was brought in his world, according to Matthew 24, on his last days. Those on the mountain do not come down. Now, the Fulani Terrorists, they have taken over all the healing areas. And the Christians are down on the valley area. And from there, they will come down and smack, being butter, like one of my village. Thus, they paid it all.

Last week, they were white. The first time they wiped out the village, we build houses because we want to clean back our land. With courage, the first bus that went back to the village, they were massacred. The whole village, the whole village, Pastor, they wiped out the whole village, they killed everyone.

The whole village is only one man that escaped. And now he's in the hospital. And because of what, they are moving towards Joel area, rim area, in rim site. And the believer at Queen, very soon, I would like to take the correspondent to that place. You will see the houses that they are born in Queen. They have killed 19 people in one, have burned them alive.

But once they are there, they are surrounded, there is no how you can come out. We let all over. That my reference, Reverend Nick was pumped. He was incited. So he just left my house.

Okay. Which is into his house. What happened that night? They enter the house.

That's 48 hours ago. When they enter the house, they follow him to the bedroom. They drag him outside with several bullets on his body. After killing him, they went to the children's house, to the rooms. They drag the woman outside. They were about to slaughter the children. Then the woman screamed out.

She was beaten. Later, we are going there with the correspondent. You will see the woman, you will see the house, you will see how the Muslims were surrounding the house. You will see them even now. Nothing talked to them, but they went into the tunnel, the cliches. And folks, I need you to understand, this is not brand new.

Unfortunately, this is not a brand new thing. My dear friend, Reverend Levinas Anoumas, who is from Anicha, Anambra State. Many years ago, when I was there in 2002, we met at the Redeemed Evangelical Mission Conference that Bishop Micah Kanko had. And he came and visited me here in the United States and stayed in my home. He had had, at that point, five of his churches burned to the ground. He had one, they burned it, they killed his family. He built another church, they burned it. He built another church, they burned it. He built another church, they burned it. Five times he had built a church, and five times the Muslims burned the church to the ground, and twice, twice, they murdered his entire family. The first time, and then a number of years later, about 10 years later, again.

Yeah, well, that is actually what is happening over and over again. Reverend Datimo tried to summarize. But I would say, just to begin with the question of whether this is, I mean, the Deborah case is an isolated incident. As I speak with you, a Christian health worker in the northeastern states of Bauchi is presently under incarceration. She has been in jail since the 20th of May, 2022, just about eight days after Deborah, Deborah Emmanuel, was killed. Now, what happened was that this woman by the name of Rhoda Yau simply shared a video of a former Ghanaian Muslim who, seeing the videos, the footages from Sokoto of the murder of Deborah, said, this is not the kind of religion I want to practice.

This is not the way of life, and I am changing from this kind of religion that just massacres people. She shared that video in a WhatsApp group created for the members of staff of her department, and the same colleagues took that and reported it to their members of the same community in a county called Warji County in a town called Katanga and claimed that she had blasphemed against Prophet Mohammed. And again, in less than 30 minutes, there were more than 300 people surrounding her house seeking to kill everyone, including her, and burn the house. The pastor of the Equa Church, that's evangelical church winning all, in that village, together with some of his members, gathered to appeal to the youths, the Muslims that had gathered, to stand down and allow the authorities to carry out thorough investigation and possibly try her. But they attacked this pastor and his members, burned his church, burned all the Christian houses in the Katanga, Katanga village in the Warji County of Bauchi, Bauchi State. Bauchi is just about 120, it's about 100, 100 miles from Jos.

And that was exactly what happened. Now, instead of the authorities in Bauchi who take action against these criminals, they still went and arrested this woman, a mother of five, and locked her up in the jail in the correctional, what's it called now, the Bauchi State Correctional Center in the town of Bauchi, where she has been incarcerated since the 20th, since the 20th of May 2022. To date, she has not seen the light of day. She has not been released.

Her family members are not allowed to visit her. So there are those that are suggesting, gentlemen, that basically Nigeria has become an Islamic state. That Nigeria is being governed as though it is an Islamic state. And there is no room for anyone else in Nigeria except Islam.

How do you see that? That is just exactly, that is just the reality of what is going on. I can tell you that, okay, earlier you talked about the south war movement of terror. Now you remember precisely on the 5th of June, 2022, there was a mass terror attack at a church in the state of Ondo, in a town called Owo. Now that is actually in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It's close to Lagos, which is on the extreme, to the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now what does that tell you? They are already moving. They have almost conquered the central region. They have conquered the entire north. They have conquered more than 80% of the north central, the remnants of the villages, the Christian villages in the central region are just, you know, they could just be taken over in one night. I just don't know why they have yet to, but they are still doing it anyway, because Christians in the central region do not have, first of all, the population and then the military power, the weapons to be able to resist them.

And the government itself is backing them. The government is complicit, the military is complicit, and they are not responding to the cries of Christians. There's no justice.

There's, there's no equal justice. Reverend, let me... Nobody, none of the terrorists has been, has been, has been tried. No terrorist has been tried, even when they are arrested with AK-47. I was attacked on the 16th of May, 2023.

I, my team was attacked. I was there when one of the terrorists was arrested. But I can tell you that he is free. He was arrested with his AK-47 rifle, but he is free. There were three motorcycles and one minibus that was, was recovered from the scene of, a scene of the attack that were used, you know, for the attack, to convert terrorists for the attack.

Those vehicles and everything have been returned to them. We've only got about 10 minutes, and I want to get the pastor in. I want to, I want to ask you, pastor, you were talking about Matthew 24 and, and the fleeing to the mountain. One of the other parts of scripture talks about standing our ground and holding until he returns. And here in America, we're, we're facing, you know, Christian persecution as well.

Not what you're facing. I don't want to, I don't, not, not, but, but I think what we don't understand here is, is that we can very quickly get to the level that you're at if we don't stop it now. And we need to be helping Christians like yourselves. America needs to be doing something for Christians around the world. So my, so my, my question to you is, is, is do you feel as though it's also important that Christians literally defend themselves against these attacks? The truth is that we have to read to a state that we have to defend ourselves so that we will sustain our faith in Christ Jesus. The death of Jesus did not make us to look foolish. We must be wise like a serpent but harmless like a dog. And we have stand never to pose problems. The Christians are the supplier of peace in this nation, Nigeria.

As I'm taking, I'm talking to you now. If you look at this, look at a symbol. This out of it is from my Facebook. They will kill every time we are on burial, burying our deaths.

Look at the gravesite, because it was life. If you can go to my Facebook, you have many things that is happening. Like on Monday, we are going, even as I'm talking to you now, they have gone into all the farm crops that we have done. They have put their cows inside. They are cows. They have eaten our crops. Now the people are helpless. It is the only kind of death truth that if they do as we are going with their correspondence, you will see life and death. You will see the destruction that they are doing.

There are many beliefs like in Mungo about what village in Halle were white. Turn your phone just a little bit more this way. The light is reflecting on it. Turn it the other like that. Yeah, that way. Yeah, just like that. Yes. Perfect. Okay. That is what I'm saying, right?

Yeah, that's that's actually himself. Reverend, that's more preying on a copse on one of the days of days of the attack. One of the days of this. Right now. So let me just quickly comment comment on the need for America to care why America should care. These terrorists are attacking and taking over communities that are rich in solid minerals in Nigeria, in Nigeria, in the whole of the North Plateau State, Kaduna State, Niger. These are communities that are rich in lithium, communities that are rich in tin, columbite, gold, diamonds. And then now they are pushing towards the oil rich south. Now, right now, they do not have, you know, all the resources. They do not have all of these resources, these minerals, you know, in their control yet. But they have, you know, arsenals, large arsenals and not to take out entire communities.

Now, think about it. What can they do when they have, you know, they get hold of the entire resources in Nigeria? What kind of missile can they not acquire? What kind of ship, what kind of ship can they not acquire? What kind of war jet can they not acquire? And remember, just in January, China launched, you know, what they call a game changer seaport in Lagos.

Now, what do you think will happen? I mean, China is at war with America. And if it decides, I mean, historically, China and the communism are usually, you know, in the relationship. They always, they are always allied with, you know, you know, this Islamic terror. Absolutely.

Absolutely. When they succeed in taking over, you know, Nigeria and the resources, it is likely they would be using, you know, in collaboration paths with China and the communist organization that seaport in Lagos to launch attack on the United States. So we are seeing the possibility of another 9-11 happening. So if the ordinary American Christian, or it doesn't matter, but even if you're not a Christian, at least you should care about religious freedom. I mean, if you say you do not care, I mean, when they come to America, they are not going to be looking for who is a Christian or who is an atheist. They will be only protecting and sparing Muslims. Yeah, they don't care. They don't care.

They will kill you. It's just 6,000 miles from Africa, from Nigeria to the United States. But that distance will be closed up by the time they get hold of all the resources in Nigeria, which is what they are pushing to achieve.

Right. And Nigeria, if I'm not mistaken, Nigeria is like the number six as far as all of the nations of the world with regards to both oil, yeah, with the oil resources. They're the sixth largest producer of oil in the entire world.

Exactly. And the largest country by population and by economy, you know, by GDP in Africa. Now you can imagine, you know, what potential they have to take out, you know, and the entire West, I think, you know, because when they succeed in taking over Nigeria, they're not going to be stopping here. I mean, the remaining states bordering Nigeria are just going to be, you know, conquered.

Gobbled up. You know, I mean, Kenya is just the size of one state. In fact, the economy of Lagos alone is almost twice the economy of Kenya. Ghana is just like one state in Nigeria. No, I have a friend that's in El Doret, Kenya that I've been following for almost 20 years and actually about in 2006, we were in conversation.

He was having to hide in huts, going from village to village hiding because they were they were going and they were burning Christian village after Christian village after Christian village. Absolutely. Hello, Reverend, how are you? Oh, yeah, well, just a moment. Greetings, Reverend. Greetings. How are you?

I am well. Greetings from America. Thank you.

Yes. We have specific greetings with thanks in Nigeria. We are praying for you and and our program this morning. We're almost out of time, but our program this morning has been trying to make people aware of how severe and and how bad this Islamic assault is on Christians there and why we need to get engaged and get involved. So thank you. We're praying for you and we love you. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your concern.

And we trust that the Lord will see us through and take us take us out of these troubling times. Amen. Thank you. You're very welcome. You're very welcome. Thank you.

We're we're at we're at the end of our time together. Masara, thank you, Reverend Dachma. Thank you so very much. I so appreciate it. Oh, my goodness.

Thank you again. I really appreciate it, folks. I I. Amen. Amen.

And folks, Christian persecution. We are coming to the gospel. OK, we'll make it happen. I'm excited to see this. Hallelujah.

I'm excited. We will talk. We will talk.

Praise the Lord. All right. We will be I'll be back. Our number two coming up, we're going to talk about Father's Day and the importance of dads and the lives of their kids coming up right after this. You're listening to Children Generation Radio. I'm your host, Pastor Greg. Back with more coming up right after this.
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